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tv   New Day Saturday  CNN  November 18, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PST

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jared kushner told congressional investigators that they did not communicate with wikileaks. >> i think jared kushner is in trouble. this house of cards is coming down. >> is ambassador kislyak in the room, any russians? anybody been to russia? [ laughter ] >> this is more echo candidate moore he's not going anywhere. >> he will not step down. >> he was full on thought. i mean, he was very aware. >> senator franken has admitted wrongdoing and the president hasn't, i think that's a very clear distinction. >> it's not just a problem in
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the legislative halls, it's a problem of male power over women. >> announcer: this is "new day weekend" with victor blackwell and christi paul. >> top of the hour, good morning to you. the russia investigation is causing more problems for the white house. question now, did the president's son-in-law and senior adviser jared kushner lie to congress about the campaign's communications with wikileaks and russia? >> sources tell cnn, that in testimony to congress, kushner said he never communicated with wikileaks, and that he didn't know anyone in the trump campaign who had. but a new report shows kushner did receive an e-mail about wikileaks and he forwarded to senior officials. >> let's go to alabama have an eighth woman has come forward with accusations against roy moore. she is claiming moore grabbed her in 1991. president trump is still silent there in the matter in alabama. let's bring in abby phillips
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there at the white house. the president, abby, was quick to go to twitter on the al franken matter. >> reporter: that's right. he went -- he sent out a couple tweets over the last few days. as soon as he returned back from asia. essentially saying that he believed that al franken had done something really wrong. he wondered what exactly was going on in pictures 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. a lot of folks who saw those tweets and wondered why didn't the president make a similar state about roy moore? roy moore is accused of making sexual advances to teenagers. and the president, over the course of eight days, has not uttered any words at all about moore. with his own mouth, although the white house has put out several statements saying if the allegations are true, then he should step down. at the same time, this is also reignited questions about the president's own accusers.
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13 women, about 13 women have come forward saying he made sexual advances towards them or touched them inappropriately. the white house still maintains that all of these women are lying and that the president has not admitted any wrongdoing and hasn't admitted anything wrong. >> abby, i know your reporting includes that fleet of mowers behind you but i want to ask you about the president's son-in-law and his senior advise jared kushner. the reporting about the e-mails of wikileaks were forwarded to him to donald junior, and then on to hope hicks. and possible conflicts there with response to questions about communications with wikileaks during his testimony on the hill back in july. >> reporter: that's right, well, lying to congress would be a very serious offense, it would be perjury. so that's why this is such a big deal. now trump -- jared kushner's
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lawyers have responded to the senate judiciary committee in a pretty fiery rhetoric, accusing them, asking their client a classic batch of questions. they said in a statement on friday, mr. kushner was asked if he had contacts with wikileaks, guccifer or d.c. leaks and said no, he also said he did not know of nudsuch attacks to the statement. in over all i know and seen, his state is as accurate as it is now. and demonstrated that had been no collusion between the campaign and russia. so their lawyers are denying that kushner was aware of this -- they're saying he was essentially bc'd on this e-mail by don junior, and he forwarded it. he has made over 100 changes to his security clearance form. and a lot of democrats are
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asking why does he have a security clearance, when he seems to not be able to make clear statements to the federal government about his contact with foreign officials. >> certainly a clear question, abby philips, thank you. and jared kushner played a key role in the russia probe on capitol hill. >> last june, during the height of the campaign, jared kushner and donald trump jr. met with a russian lawyer after don junior was told she had dirt on hillary clinton. >> in september, don junior sent that information to wikileaks and forwarded that to senior advisers. and after donald trump was elected president and the administration said that meeting was just, quote, an inconsequential hello. >> just a few month later,
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kushner submitted his security forms but they were incomplete. he had to add, as you heard from abby, more than 100 contacts with officials. kushner supported the decision to fire james comey in may. and cnn is learning about witnesses to kushner's involvement. >> and on thursday, they asked for the documents to be turned over which brings to us last night when cnn learned that kushner told congress that no one communicated about wikileaks. the deputy editor of the daily standard with us and political analyst deputy chief at the "boston globe," kelly, how much trouble is kushner in with this information that's coming out? >> i think a lot. it seems there is a donald trump quotation out for everything.
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this was uttered during the rally, i love wikileaks, it's amazing that nothing is secretive when you talk about the internet. well, it's true and it seems that's come back to bite he and his advisers. i don't know how people can go to congress and say something without realizing that there's hard evidence that disputes what they've said. this is the weakest washington we've seen in years. you know, everything gets out. and i think the lawyers are really taking the wrong tact here. classic gotcha question. seems like a pretty simple question, did you have contacty do you know if anyone in the campaign had contact? i wonder if they're wondering what the definition of "is" is. it's ridiculous. >> they were dealing with chaos get, how likely this is inadvertent that he really did not know at that time or remembered this e-mail that he passed on?
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>> well, i mean, i think that's possible. and in isolation, you might have that explanation, you know, in a campaign, you're dealing with a lot of issues. you're getting a lot of e-mails. you're forwarding things along and it's a busy period. but, you know, the fact is that this is not the only time where mr. kushner has not been forthcoming on some of these meetings. there's a repeated pattern of him misremembering or not remembering certain meetings. and i guess, in this instance, given the gravity of the accusations and, you know, the amount of investigative power involved here, would you want to err on the side of being more forthcoming, not less and than trying to get it out on technicalities. and ute want to sort of rack your brain about what you knew and should you offer that up. and unless you're trying to hide something. that's where you get sort of questions over why is jared kushner not being sort of more
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forthcoming on these things. >> so, how deep may this go, kelly jane, in the sense that jared kushner, yes, in an active role in the white house with the president, that he is the president's son-in-law, this isn't somebody who is is there for a short time. like carter page who maybe he didn't know very well. what is the likelihood that the president didn't know any of this? >> well, it's an excellent question, christi, looking ahead for michael flynn, as soon as they found out that michael flynn had lied, they cut him off, they got rid of him from the administration. well, it's not so easy to do that with your son-in-law, is it? i think donald trump is going to be very reluctant to cut jared kushner out of the administration even if word comes out and that's bad news for the administration if they can't separate themselves from this. of course, we know donald trump talks to his daughter and son-in-law, regularly, every
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day. according to some reports. so, you sort of have to wonder what he does know and what he doesn't. and the idea that wikileaks contacted trump's son and jared kushner didn't remember that. this is pretty big news. not only did he contact them, he gave them a password for an anti-trump site. this isn't a minor thing that you might just forget, in my opinion. >> and special counsel mueller is keeping more people publicist goldstone is the publicist who set up the meeting in trump tower between trump junior and the russian lawyer. and investigators want goldstone to come to the u.s. they want to talk to him. they have not a date. but what might we glean from the man you see there on your screen, rob goldstone, matt, what might he add to this conversation? and what might he be able to clarify? >> rob goldstone is potentially
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a vital figure in all of this. not only setting up that meeting last year. but as you alluded to, rob goldstone was the publicist for ayman aguilara whose father is close with vladimir putin. and goldstone was instrumental in getting trump to move the miss universe pageant to moscow. he was very close at that point and trying to get that pageant there. he was around the earlier discussions between the agholor family and donald trump. there are discussions about setting up a business development in moscow, in a partnership. so, goldstone was around for a lot of this early periods where mueller might be interested in donald trump's connections to moscow before then. in addition to this meeting, you know, a year ago, where goldstone was sort of the go-between, where he could talk
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about that as well. >> all right, kelly jane and matt vizer, we ran out of time. but appreciate you both very much. thank you. it's been more than a week and president trump has been pretty much silent on the sexual assault allegations. listen to what the accuser is saying. >> it was full-on assault. i mean, he was very, very flirtatious. plus, the white house says there's a big tax cut coming for christmas. independent analysts will question who will receive the greatest benefits. and most americans don't believe it's the middle class. we'll take a look at the plan. plus 15 men exonerated after claiming they were framed by a crooked cop in chicago. well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it.
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family, against the foundation and now against my husband, he will not step down. he will not stop fighting for the people of alabama. in his words, and i quote, i will not stop until they lay me in that box in the ground. >> that's kayla moore, wife of roy moore, as she speaks out about potential allegations for the republican. this as eight women have come forward now. telling cnn moore grabbed her buttocks while in his office in a custody case with her mother. >> she was 21 years old and roy moore was married. listen. >> he proceeded to come to the end the desk and really close up on me. >> you said so close you could
5:18 am
sort of feel his breath? >> right. actually, his knee had been touching my knee. his hands were not only. it was his knee was close to mine or something. and then when it was time for us to leave, my mother had got up and left the room -- you know, went for the door. well, she was going out the door, and i proceeded out, and he grabbed me from behind on my buttocks. and he just squeezed it really hard. and i remember thinking, i'm so ashamed. i felt humiliated in that moment. it took everything out of me. >> roy moore has not responded to our repeated requests for comment and reactions to johnson's allegations. he has, though, vehemently denied other women's allegations against him. let me bring in amy who spoke at the rally yesterday. amy good to you have back. haven't seen you since the
5:19 am
campaign. >> nice to be here. >> what's your reaction to the latest allegation. >> listen, i don't know if he's come out and said anything about this specific allegation. but he's denied all of these allegations i mean, it's a she said/he said, he denies, i think it should be taken to a court of law and tried in a court of law and not in the press. >> yeah, but the statute of limitations have long expired for some of the alleged illegal activity. that's not going to happen, what's the if it's true variable to you? >> i don't know that we'll ever have proof that it's true. but it's like i said, he said/she said, why haven't these allegations come out -- >> it's hully he said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said. >> well, he's denied all of this. why hasn't this come out, it's
5:20 am
not like he's a city council person. he's won statewide races we few from the alabama supreme court, he's been under intense scrutiny and under fire. where were the allegations then? >> there are goes, and the woman there, miss johnson said, at the time, no one wanted to hear it in her words. and now she felt embowlenmbowle because of other women who came out. >> president trump has said that al franken admitted to inappropriately groping her without her consent. but has said nothing himself about roy moore, why? >> there was photographic evidence about al franken. i mean, i don't think al franken would have come out had that photographic evidence not been put out there. so, he had no choice with the photographic evidence out there.
5:21 am
look -- >> he always has a choice. >> do you think al franken would have come out -- >> no, the president. >> no no, at the end of the day, it's not for you or any incumbent on tv, or mitch mcconnell or paul ryan, this man is the nominee for the republican party in alabama and they're standing behind him. >> that has never stopped donald trump, president trump, from commenting in the past. when bill o'reilly was accused the most recent time. he was asked by a newspaper reporter and the president said i don't believe he did it, right? bill o'reilly in that situation had denied it but the president still weighed in. >> bill o'reilly wasn't running for an office. al franken is already a sitting senator. this is an election that should be decided by the people. it's like people don't think that the people of alabama have the wherewithal, the common sense, to make a decision for
5:22 am
themselves. they do. they are going to decide. the evidence put in front of them. >> let me put this question to you in a different way. are the people of alabama, the people that you were with yesterday, i went there and covered the primary race. the biggest victory in the deep south, are they waiting for a defense from this president, just as the president has defended others who have been accused of sexual misconduct? are they waiting to hear from the president? >> i don't think so. i think the people that are standing with roy moore, standing with roy moore, regardless. regardless of what the president does, whether he does that, they're going to stand with him. >> in the race, 50/42 for roy moore. your reaction to these numbers? >> i meaner it's a poll. what matters is the ultimate poll on election day. >> do you believe it?
5:23 am
>> do i believe those numbers? no. >> why? >> because wee se've seen the polling, the last cycle that said hillary clinton was going to win, poll after poll after poll, what matters is what happens on election day. >> good to have you back. christi. did president trump's son-in-law jared kushner lie to congress? his lawyer said he answered questions and he did so accurately. but there's a new report that illustrates a different story. plus, it's being called the first mass skexoneration of coo county in chicago. 15 cases have been thrown out because of a police officer. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. not only does eliquis treat dvt and pe blood clots... eliquis also had significantly less major bleeding
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welcome back. so glad to have you here, i'm christi paul. and i'm victor blackwell. >> we have breaking news in central japan. a tugboat has bumped into a guided missile destroyer. and this is an accident that happened today. >> the japanese boat lost propulsion and terroristed into the "uss benfold" it's reported that it was participating in a scheduled towing exercise at the time. good news, no one is you ared but the ship did sustain minor damage. and there is a new question for the white house this morning, regarding the russian investigation, did jared kushner lie to congress? >> a source tells cnn the president's son-in-law and senior adviser told investigators he did not
5:29 am
communicate with wikileaks and he also said he did not recall anyone in the trump campaign who had. >> a new report says that he forwarded an e-mail from senior campaign officials to donald trump jr. and in that e-mail, according to "the atlantic" trump junior said he had made contact with wikileaks. >> of course, this is coming after the allegation that jared kushner withheld russian-related doubts from a senate committee. >> even as the russia investigation continues the white house said the core focus is tax cuts by christmas. >> gop tax bill heads to the senate floor for debate. here is cnn senior washington correspondent brianna keilar. >> reporter: republicans are hard at work trying to overhaul the tax system. >> we're working to give the american people a giants tax cut for christmas. >> reporter: and it as hey a giant price tag, 1.5 trillioned over ten years. even if republicans argue
5:30 am
questionable that economic growth will help cancel out the big addition to national debt it's a costly plan for house speaker paul ryan who have built their brand on fiscal conservatism. >> we face a brushing burden of debt which will take down our economy. >> reporter: that was back in 2011 when ryan was house committee chairman. and in 2013 -- >> to try to bend on the deficit of our era, until we fix that problem, we can't fix america. >> reporter: but now republicans are championing a plan that many deficit hawks say is anything but fiscally responsible. the tax plan of $1.5 trillion is a low ball figure. it's the price tag they need to come under for a rule requiring 51 votes. the advocate group puts the real cost at $2.2 trillion. >> there's a lot of gimmicks
5:31 am
they're slipping into the bill to make let them look less. >> reporter: here's one gimmick, the tax cuts would expire after ten years on paper anyway. seen though it's expected that congress will make ultimately the cuts permanent. >> on one hand, they're saying, sure, there are all of these expiring tax breaks but don't worry, we fully intend to extend them and you won't have to worry about your taxing going on. you on the other hand, they're saying don't worry about the cost of the bill. sure, we're borrowing $1.5 trillion but we're not going beyond that limit when really they are. >> reporter: some are saying they're not quite committed to the charade such as retiring senator bob corker. >> if i believe it's going to add a deficit, i'm not going to vote for it. >> reporter: critics say it will add definitely to the deficit like the bush tax cuts there.
5:32 am
>> it's unconscionable to leave the next generation with a crushing burden of debt with a nation in klein. washington's obsession of the next election has come at the expense of the next generation. >> there's also a dubious promise that the white house is making about the tax overall. the congressional liaison for the white house mark short said every american will see a decrease in taxing and every working american will see a decrease. that's not true, independent analysis show americans learning less than $75,000 a year over time are going to pay more in taxes. brianna keilar, cnn, washington. >> steven moore with us now, cnn senior economic analyst, and gentlemen, thank you for being here. >> sure. >> the white house has said that the plans could give "american morning"s the solid increase that they face. but i want you to listen to congress and treasury secretary
5:33 am
larry summers, what he said about that claim. >> it's a nonsense claim. yes, there may be some stimulus impact, and some impact on wages but no serious expert who looks at the actual plans on discussion has or will support the 4,000, to $9,000 claim. >> so, steven, i want to start with you on that question with briana's piece there. how can you claim on one hand it's not going to hurt the deficit? because parts of it will expire. and on the other hand it won't help taxpayers and they are set to expire. how are both be correct? >> first of all, in response to what larry summers said, i'm a pretty serious economist, i've been doing this for 30 years. and i was one of the people who helped put the original trump plan together. and the whole idea behind this
5:34 am
that larry summerses and democrats don't agree with, this will go to economy. this saul about making america's economy more prosperous, bring us more jobs, rising wages. and every study, every congressional budget office is hardly a right wing outfit. they say 60% of cutting taxes going to workers. >> beyond that, you can answer the question about how are you going to cut the deficit if the taxes are going to expire? >> right. so, this is an amazing statistic that nobody likes to talk about. every time you increase the economic growth rate by one percentage point taking it from 2 to 3%. by the way donald trump has raised from 1.5% under obama to 3%. if you get more growth, the deficit is going to go down, it's not going to go up, more people are paying taxes, less
5:35 am
people on welfare. that has a profoundly positive impact on reducing debt and deficits. >> sir, i want to ask you about repealing the individual mandates, because that is the crux there. and that is the glue there at the end of the day that holds together the affordable care act. we know that senator susan collins says it complicates tax reform wisconsin senator ron johnson is opposed to the bill as well. there's not a lot of wiggle room here. >> there isn't. >> and i'm going to ask jonathan what do you make of that? >> first of all, i wanted to respond to brianna's original package, this is a freud, it's a freud to the american people. it's been tried before, christi, you remember during the reagan era, the so-called trickledown was a failure that robbed the american people. which brianna pointed out the
5:36 am
vast majority of people making $75,000 or less will see their taxes go up. there is no serious economic fact or report that shows that tax cuts bring economic growth. and the thing is, what the republicans are doing, is they're not addressing the real problem about economic growth. in our economy, which is 70% driven by consumer spending, the real problem in today -- today, is that people's wages are too low. and so if you really want to have economic expansion. what you should do, you should raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour and you should have broad and not give tax cuts to the very rich which is what the tax cuts are going to do. and eliminate the estate tax which gives huge amounts of money to rich people. this is just benefitting the very rich. >> i'm so sorry we're out of time.
5:37 am
but we appreciate your insight into this. thank you so much. still to come -- a chicago judge overturns 18 convictions against 15 men after an investigation uncovered a corrupt police officer. we'll hear from three of those wrongly convicted men about what happened. you nervous? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (hard exhalation) honey? can we do this tomorrow? (grunts of effort) can we do this tomorrow? if you have heart failure symptoms, your risk of hospitalization could increase, making tomorrow uncertain.
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so, this is happening in chicago. it's really rare. 15 men now exonerated after an investigation revealed a corrupt cop on chicago's police force. the men all served prison terms and claimed they were framed by the officer and his unit. >> now that officer and his units are under scrutiny for six cases tied to them.
5:42 am
here's cnn's ryan young who sat down with three of those wrongly convicted. >> reporter: it may be a first in chicago, 15 men exonerated of their crimes on the same day. their felony drug convictions tossed four years after the officer's investigations were first called into question. >> these cases have been concluded. and unfortunately, the police are not being truthful. and we couldn't have confidence in the integrity of their reports and their testimony. and so, in good conscious, we could not see these convictions stand. >> reporter: leonard gibson said officer ronald watts framed him and took years away from his life. >> i went to jail for 2 years, 24 months. came back home and put another case on me. >> reporter: in 2013 watts then a chicago police sergeant was sentenced to 23 months in prison after pleading guilty to government funds. and then another officer stole
5:43 am
money from a federal drug informant. the conviction has led to review of hundreds of cases. gibson, like many other men, whose cases were exonerated said watts printed evidence on him. cnn was unable to reach watts for comment. >> it is a prime example of the phrases we hear, the lynn blue line. the code of silence. never -- i've been doing this work for close to 15 years, there's no case, no situation that i've ever seen that comes close to exemplifying the code of silence than this one. >> reporter: ben and clarisa baker spent ten years apart as ben sat in prison. >> it's torture, because you're thinking like every day, how did this happen. >> reporter: both faced drug charges connected to the rogue officer. at the time, no one would hear their cries of innocence. >> no one would listen. >> no. >> what would they tell you?
5:44 am
>> there's nothing we can do. you need to call your alderman. talk to the alderman. the fbi. >> reporter: help arrived in 2015 when lawyers with the exoneration project took over ben's case and helped overturn his conviction. >> and now i really feel vindicated. >> reporter: the chicago police department told cnn seven officers have been placed on administrative duty while the internal affairs unit looks into other cases connected with watts' team. ryan young, cnn, chicago. is president trump second-guessing a controversial decision he made about an endangered species. he planned to roll back an obama era ban. but now that's on hold. 's open . time to open the laptop... ...and compare medicare health plans.
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well, the trump administration is facing some questions, more questions, about the flying habits of some of the cabinet members. you'll remember one cabinet secretary, tom price, had resigned over some of his choices. well, now, everyone's looking at interior secretary ryan zinke. here's tom foreman. >> reporter: to hear the horse back riding haunting handshaking secretary of interior tell it, his official trips are a model of transparency. >> every time i travel, i submit the travel plan to the eighthics department, and line by line, to make sure that i'm above the law. and i follow the law.
5:50 am
>> reporter: on a probe by his own department's inspector general is casting serious doubt on that claim. our investigation has been delayed. mary kendall wrote in the memo, by absent or incomplete documentation for several pertinent trips. and a review process that failed to include proper documentation and accountability. one of the trips drawing scrutiny, a flight to the virgin islands in late march where he attended a republican fund-raiser and went snorkeling at a national monument. a trip to his native in the in the may during which he attended a political rally and spent a day and a half in his home. in june, a journey to meet with a professional hockey team in las vegas, owned by a political backer before taking to his montana home once again. his office knows he has done some official business on each of these trips. he said he is charters that only
5:51 am
when commercial flights won't work, zinke is make nothing apologies. >> i'd just like to address in the words of general schwarzkopf a little b.s. on trefavel. >> zinke's staff said part of the problem is a paperwork mess they inherited from the obama administration. the inspector general's investigation is not done and they're still addressing that matter. still, several cabinet members are also being scrutinized and one has already resigned over what in some cases looks suspiciously like public private on the public's dime. president trump has decided to put his big game trophy decision on hod. he's enforcing for now, the existing federal ban on the slain elephants from two african nations. the president tweeted his announcement yesterday saying he needs to further review conservation facts. but the trump administration had
5:52 am
lifted restrictions put on by the obama administration and while life conservationist is here with us. how dwindling is the population of elephants? >> i'm always hesitant to bring facts because you have to look at the statistics of who's creating them and where they're coming from. there are reports saying 73%. other reports say 43%. even as little as 6%. however, i would believe personally the dwindling populations are dramatic. >> because you've seen? >> you see it with your own eyes, on the ground, you talk to your friends. you mutt remember that reserve is only so much land. and it's a very simple equation to count how many elephants we have in one area. big populations, you used to see
5:53 am
strong, strong herds of elephants back in the '60s. today, when you see a strong herd, you're literally seeing one, two, three animals. >> so if the president does lift this ban? what would you say to him? >> i would say now is not the time to be discussing the plan at all. because szimbabwe is in huge turmoil financially and politically. and i would also say thank you, this is a time to pause and get your facts in a row. let's look at the money to hunters. this money is important because it goes towards conservation management, it goes towards tourism. however, i'd say alive one bull elephant's value is worth $1.6 million in tourism fees. >> that's what i was going to say, people going to see the elephants as well? >> yes, yes. and also when people see those
5:54 am
elephants they generally feel great awe. one of the things we're privy to, intimacy living with those families, waking in the morning, and you see that dynamic. watching the top elephant with their babysitters taking care of them, when they're being mischievous. all of that leading to a sentient being. if you experience suffering, it means that you concurred, that you have rights, okay? these animals are very aware of this situation and what's happening around them. again, ran into a friend of mine yesterday, sent a very long letter to me he's forming a documentary about an elephant herd down there. he saw a male elephant bull coming to a water hole to drink. instead of walking in his normal straight path passion that he always take, he was zigzagging
5:55 am
behind trees. it was funny, he is like what is his elephant doing, what strange behavior, after a while, thinking, watching, learning, seeing, in his mind, we believe the elephant was hiding. he was trying to hide behind a tree, hide his tusks because they have seen their family members being killed. they look, they learn, they see. >> is that what you would say to the president to try to get him to continue this ban? >> i would say to him we need to do everything possible to ensure that the ban stays in place. this ban doesn't stop countries trading, okay? all it does is limit it. we need to put as many obstacles as possible in front of killing or murdering our wiemenldlife. >> michelle, we appreciate your insight on this. thank you for being here. that's it for us, we'll see you back here at 10:00 eastern for an hour of "newsroom." >> don't go anywhere, "smerconish" is back after a
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♪ i'm michael smerconish in philadelphia. we welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. a torrent of sexual wrongdoing charges continues across party lines. the latest against senator al franken who sum already say should step down. could that happen? should that happen? naomi wolf is here to weigh in. despite additional accusers alabama senate candidate roy moore swears he'll never step down until he's in his grave. but as moore falls behind in the polls, what are the gop's


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