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tv   New Day Saturday  CNN  December 9, 2017 3:00am-4:00am PST

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yes, indeed. amazing speed, coverage and control. all with an xfi gateway. find your awesome, and change the way you wifi. want roy moore. >> and we have a president that's down there telling people to vote for someone where there is to me, irrefutable evidence that he was preying on underage girls. >> we need a republican in the house. we need a republican in the senate. so get out and vote for roy moore. do it. do it. >> it will be alabama that decides whether they want roy moore to be one of the two who are the voice for alabama in the senate and we'll see what happens next week.
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good morning, everyone. >> i'm victor blackwell. good morning to you. in just a few hours president trump will head to the opening of the mississippi civil rights museum. there's resistance from several calling the president's visit a mockery of the civil rights movement. >> trump's visit to mississippi comes just hours after campaigning for roy moore, an accused child molester. roy moore raised more eyebrows this weekend. >> they attempt to discredit the multiple women who accuse moore of pr suing them as teenagers. >> we want to get right to cnn
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white house reporter caitlyn collins who was at that rally. the president not holding back. >> reporter: certainly not. he gave his full endorsement to roy moore last night and that didn't come as a surprise to anyone because we've only seen the president grow louder and more forceful in his endorsement of roy moore in the last few days, just days ahead of that high stakes election on tuesday. so last night though the president was in florida there were several alabama residents in that room. it was just 20 miles away from the state line and the president waited a little bit before he began talking about the senate race in alabama but he surely brought it up. >> we can't afford to have a liberal democrat who is completely controlled by nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. we can't do it. his name is jones and he's their
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total puppet and everybody knows. so get out and vote for roy moore. do it. do it. >> reporter: now, the president also mocked one of the women who have accused roy moore of sexually sexual assaulting them. beverly nelson says she was just 16 years old when roy moore attempted to sexually assault her, groping her and squeezing her neck and she's brought her yearbook forward as proof of her allegation but the president mocked him because she wrote the date and location underneath roy moore's signature in the yearbo yearbook. this is the opening of the mississippi civil rights museum, something that as you mentioned several black leaders are boycotting simply because the president is attending and this comes just hours after he fully endorsed roy moore just 20 miles away from his state and we know that comments have surfaced this week of roy moore asking when he
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was asked the last time he thought america was truly great and he brought up a time even though we had slavery at least families were united. the president will be asked about that today when's at that civil mights museum today. >> let's bring up our panel now. both mark and andre are political cnn commentators. so we'll talk about the yearbook and the museum. but let me start with you, gabby. the alabama voters rejected his candidate by almost ten points. did the president do the job of getting those republicans who have been on the fence since these allegations came out about judge moore to get them to the polls on tuesday? >> i think he did what he could.
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at this point it's up for the alabama voters to decide whether around they want to send an accused child molester to the u.s. senate. but he offered a full throated endorsement of roy moore after several weeks of kind of waivering and now we know if he does get into the senate and the president and the white house and this administration are standing behind him. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has promised to pursue an ethics investigation and whether the white house is going to back that is going to be a big question going forward. >> andre, let me come to you. one of the accused is beverly young nelson yesterday alongside her attorney in atlanta. they revealed that nelson added some notes to what they say was judge moore's inscription and they say that nelson added d.a.
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to remind her who he was, the date and old hickory house location where she was working at the time back in the 730s when she says judge moore signed this yearbook. what does this revelation mean for you. >> >> i don't know for me, you know, i'm not a voter, but i -- it definitely doesn't make it as credible. a bigger question would be, when did she do it? did she do it at that time when he signed? or did she go back here recently and add it. i don't know if that's been answered already, but i haven't heard that. >> i can't say and if anybody in the control room remembers specifically if that happened. >> to me that's a big deal if after she made these accusations she went back and wrote it in the yearbook, that's a major difference. >> and let me come to you, mark. is this a little bit of doubt,
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if some people who had questions up to this point, this gives them maybe the clearance to vote for roy moore even considering that beverly young nelson who were not part of the reporter. >> in the privacy of the voting both, you don't need an excuse. you can pull the lever. but if someone is arguing that this is somehow exculpatory for roy moore, that's an odd conclusion to arrive at that she wasn't one of the original four. it does very little to change the actual narrative here about roy moore. having the president of the united states, however, step in, could be persuasive to someone which is why it's not shocking but still disappointing that he decided to double down on his efforts to support roy moore jr. now in the last week or so in the campaign. >> let me get to something else
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the president said yesterday about the system calling it rigged and sick. here's the president last night. >> this is a rigged system. this is a sick system from the inside, and, you know, there's no country like our country, but we have a lot of sickness in some of our institutions. and we're working very hard. we've got a lot of them straightened out, but we do have -- we really do. we have a rigged system in this country and we have to change it. terrible. >> beyond gabby, the rarity of hearing this from a sitting president, 11 months almost on the job now, do we know what sickness he's talking about? where it is, what he's saying is rigged, who's the they in this equation? >> that's a good question. i was watching this live last night and was trying to figure that out myself. i think he's referring to what
3:09 am
is happening with roy moore. he feels raw and he does feel as though the establish in the republicans and establishment democrats have kind of waged this allout war on roy moore and it's similar to what he went through shortly before last year's presidential election. this claim that this is rigged, that we have a sick system, it sounds familiar to what we heard just about a year ago last november and that seems like it's in reference to what's happening with roy moore and i think that's why you see him out there rallying for him. >> i want you to listen to what the president said yesterday when he noticed a black person in the crowd. this is what he said. >> i love these guys. look at these guys. blacks for trump. i love you. i love you. i love you.
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by the way, now that you bring it up, black homeowner ship just hit the highest level it's ever been in the history of our country. congratulations. >> not true. third quarter according to the u.s. census, 42% here in 2017, more than 49% back in 2004. andre, does it matter that it's not true to the president? does it matter to you? >> does it matter to supporters that he just kind of rift on a lie there? >> it matters, no question there. buzz we all know depending on where you're getting the numbers from, you can pull a number to make about anything true. >> no, you can't make anything true. >> sure, you can. there would be a different way you could decide homeowner ship and so anyway, he may have been
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given numbers that were vastly different than this that said in fact, the amount of people that actually purchased a home since he's been president are up than any president in the past. i don't know where he extrapolated that, but i think more the message he's trying to relay is, look, i was told these group of voters weren't going to support me. i want to change things in places like detroit. he got a bigger share than mitt romney, he's very proud of that and he hasn't given up on producing the american dream. i still think he wants to help everybody out and i think he takes pride in the fact that folks that he said wouldn't be for him are coming out and supporting him. >> there's true and not true and saying that black homeowner ship is the highest in the country is simply not true. the source that he could go to because there's one agency would
3:12 am
keep that is the u.s. census which is where we got the numbers. >> yeah, if you decided homeowner ship also includes things in our homes or if we changed the definition of owning. i mean, yeah, if we change the actual meaning of words i guess we could make anything anything, but at this point with the president having a long history of misrepresenting claims which he has literally done since day one when he talked about how many people were on the mall for his inauguration, because of that long history of lies i would need president trump to show where he got it from. i don't share the good faith belief that he may have made an honest mistake. i need to see some evidence. otherwise, i'm going to assume that it is untrue, not a misrepresentation or misunderstanding, but a flatout
3:13 am
lie. the fascinating thing about donald trump is the need to assert the administration. it's his constant need for a pat on the back based on data that is untrue that really represents a bizarre narcissism and does nothing to unite the american people. >> this mailer that's coming out for the doug jones campaign as he's trying to grow his vote in the black community. it's a picture of the black person with the header, think anyone would try to make him a senator? is this the most effective way -- is this an effective way to get out to black voters? and people may actually make that face when they're saying it but is this the way doug jones should be trying to get votes in alabama? >> yeah, just because he's right doesn't mean it's the right strategy.
3:14 am
he's absolutely collect, b correct -- correct. i think it doesn't just rally democratic voe democratic voters. it also rally it is other side. so it will actually double down on the other side's voting intensity. but i think people are desperate when you have the pot of the united states joining a child molester, it's difficult to fight back. >> they could have chosen different words. thank you all. >> thanks, victor. all right. president trump going to be at the opening of the mississippi civil rights museum this morning but not expecting a warm welcome. protests planned and even some of the people being memorialized in that museum are boycotting the event. >>
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. this morning strong winds and dry conditions are challenging firefighters who are attempting to contain these out of control wildfires in california. >> officials confirm that a 70-year-old's womans remains were found in an evacuation route. still a risk that some of these fires could get even worse today. cnn is live at ventura county and stefani, what are you seeing out there? >> reporter: when you actually come into these neighborhoods and take a look at it and see how these fires just demolished just rows of houses, in some places it's taking out a whole row and leaving maybe one house that firefighters were able to keep. still when you take a become lee hind me and you see all of this devastation, and talked to a man that his house made it, within an hour you see nothing and then you see a red glow.
3:20 am
people are still grappling with how everything changed in this week of fires. take a listen to one man who managed to get out and is grappling with the fact that he's lost everything. >> there are people who are way worse off than us. and how fortunate, we are, really. my wife got out. we have a lot of friends calling. everybody wants to help. >> just the pain you hear in his voice. overall, nearly 170 acres have been burned in the six fires that are burning here in southern california and those winds are expected to stay strong heading into tomorrow afternoon. >> thank you so much. it just seems to keep going.
3:21 am
when is california going to see some relief from those dry conditions. >> we're tracking the weather and allison, it's wind, humid, any potential rain, what's in the cards for today? >> the weather is going to get worse before it gets better. it's not just one fire. we have multiple fires that they are battling out there and you to watch multiple fires. here's the main concern going forward. it's these winds. we expect them to begin the uptick later on this evening and through the overnight hours. 50, 60s even up to 70 miles per hour. this is a view from space showing this smoke extending over a thousand miles. for some perspective that's the distance from new york to miami.
3:22 am
that's how far that smoke is spreading and the one thing they need is moisture and it's simply not in the forecast. the moisture is on the eastern half of the country. all of the snow that has fallen. cross roads, alabama, 10 inches of snow. virginia highlands just outside of atlanta, georgia over 7.5 inches of snow. more snow snow is expected. we have winter weather alerts stretching from alabama all the way up to maine and that's where the system is going to move. the heaviest snow is about to enter the southwest side of atlanta and when i say heaviest snow i mean in the whole country. that's where we have some of the heaviest snow bands that are currently moving and that's going to slide up toward the mid-atlantic and to the northeast. but right now some of the cities that have the highest snowfall total os f the season are in the south. college station picked up
3:23 am
5 inches from this storm. buffalo, new york hasn't even had two inches yet this season. chicago hasn't even had an inch of snow this season. so some of the south eastern cities are dealing with more snow than folks in the northeast. but that changes today. we are expecting 2 to 4 inches of snow stretching from washington, d.c. up towards portland,maine, but there could be heavier pockets of 6 to 8 inches of snow. some people make fun of people in atlanta but they could have even bigger problems in boston and new york as folks in atlanta was yesterday. >> it wasn't easy to get to work. >> when i lived in the northeast, 2, 3, 4, 5 inches was nothing. last night and today the world stopped when snow fell in
3:24 am
atlanta. >> thank you. >> thanks. some civil rights leaders are planningto boycott president trump's visit to the mississippi rights museum. and silicon valley's political divide exposed. that's just ahead. ll swing. ( ♪ ) you are going to be a big surprise. (whining) aww, i see a big puppy. i see a b-i-i-g pu-u-ppy. hey greg! that's ford, america's best-selling brand. now get exclusive holiday offers, with 0% financing for 72 months across a full line up. for a limited time, get an additional $1,000 cash back on top of 0% financing for 72 months. get these exclusive offers during the ford year end sales event. aleve direct therapy. the only remote controlled tens device get these exclusive offers
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good morning to you. >> president trump will attend the opening of the american civil rights museum. congressman and civil rights acon john lewis, he calls the president's visit a mockery of the civil rights movement. >> this comes a day after he campaigned for senator roy moore. he backed the man accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old, molesting a 14-year-old and molesting other teen girls when he was in his 30s saying roy moore is the candidate the country needs. >> we need somebody in that senate seat who will vote for our make america great again agenda. so get out and vote for roy moore. do it. do it. >> and many civil rights leaders
3:30 am
including john lewis a planning to boycott the opening of that mississippi civil rights museum because president trump is going to be there. >> and the naacp will hold a separate event without the president. >> reporter: protests start at the grand opening of the civil rights museum. the say no to hate demonstration she's helping lead will include hundreds of people from across the state. >> some of us will kneel and some of us will turn our backs. we call it turn our backs to hate. >> and brice isn't alone in opposing governor's decision to invite the president. naacp and ceo derrick johnson
3:31 am
denounced president trump's stand. >> u.s. congressman benny thompson from mississippi and john lewis, a civil rights icon are planning to skip the event in protest, writing president trump's attendance are an insult to the people portrayed in this civil rights museum and while some mississippi democrats call on him to defend the president, he defended the move. >> we're very thankful that he is going to come for this occasion. >> i think that would be hon ersly very sad. i think this is something that should bring the country together to celebrate the opening of this museum and highlighting civil rights movement and the progress that we've made. >> president trump has been criticized for racial
3:32 am
insensitivity. he launched his campaign in june of 2015 by bashing mexican immigrants. he questioned a judge's ability to rule fairly in a trump yumpt lawsuit because he was mexican american. >> we're building a wall. he's a mexican. >> and he has repeatedly slammed mostly black nfl@cleats. >> when somebody disrespects our flag, get that son of a [ bleep ] off the field right now. out. he's fired. he's fired. >> you will not replace us. >> but it was his response to violence in charlottesville virginia, that drew the eye of both parties when he acquitted white neo nazis removing a statue. >> we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious
3:33 am
display of hatred, bigotry on many sides. >> he revised those remarks two days later. >> racism is evil and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs. including the kkk. neo nazis and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as americans. >> but then said -- >> and you had some very bad people in that group, but you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides. >> today's event is an opportunity to answer some of his critics. cnn, jackson, mississippi. >> let me bring in our political commentator and several civil rights leaders boycotting the museum opening because of the president. what do you think about the boycott? does this let the president control the nar tirative here.
3:34 am
>> no, i was hoping all along that the civil rights museum itself would put together a last minute addition, a little display on the take a knee movement, the professional athletes that have been demonstrating as civil rights demonstrators often do by sort of disrupting the ordinary flow of things. the president has squared off against them and what better place to show the spirit of the movement. i don't know that the president gets to control the narrative of this. there's too much history in mississippi and the deeds of john lewis and the other civil rights movement leaders i think are etched in our memories and in stone in a way that really can't be undone in one news cycle. >> do you think this is something that president potentially even though there are people not going to this, the president could learn from this or is this some sort of photo op here? >> racial divisiveness has been
3:35 am
at the core of the donald trump brand. that was an excellent sort of summary you just had there, but it left out birtherism which is how he built his political career. it left out the nixon administration back in the 1970s suing donald trump and his father. and the race banning attack that he drove in the 19780s. i think it's going to take a lot more than walking through a museum to turn this around. this is the basis of his power in a lot of ways. >> the president endorsing roy moore last night just across the state line. i want to play some sound for you from roy moore. it was from a couple months ago. it was in response from one of the only african americans in
3:36 am
the audience. he asked moore when he thought america was last great. take a listen. >> i think a great economy, and family, we're united even though we had slifry, people cared for one another. our families were strong. our country had a direction. and we corrected many of the problems. >> so there is a lot to unpack there. in addition to of course the the accusations of child moti molestation, do you think it will cost roy moore votes? >> unfortunately not. what you just heard this is a snip et of kind of a fantasy that many conservatives have told themselves in the confederate states for a long time. there was this thing called slavery but our families were strong.
3:37 am
i'm not sure whose families he's talking about. this is a fairy tale that people tell themselves that there was a glorious past and the bitter inhumane institution on which it was built somehow either didn't mach a difference or went aaway after a couple of protests, but it's a story that one hears quite often that there's this notion that america is all about progress and progress goes from the -- the distant past to the glorious future and what happens in between and what makes its happen is often skipped over. >> all right. really quick i want to get some reaction. doug jones, roy moore's opponent sent out this flyer kind of giving this and looking perplex perplexed. it's not gone over too well. earlier in the hour, it was said
3:38 am
that maybe it's right but wasn't necessarily the right way to do this. it wasn't the right thing to do. what do you say? >> i've been looking atz politics for over 30 years and when people look at a race like the roy moore race and they say the guy's got so many scandals and he's been thrown out twice as a supreme court judge, he's really behind the 8 ball and i say never underestimate the ability to blow a good thing. it has nothing to do with reaching voters where they are and it wasn't done with anybody that came out of any of the communities they're trying to reach. a fundamental flaw that democrats make over and over and over again and it could cost them the election on tuesday. >> thank you for your insight. >> thank you. let's talk about the cultural war that you may not have heard about. white conservative men say their
3:39 am
viewpoints that i can them targets of harassment. >> we're going live to philadelphia where army is trying to bin for the second year in a row after snapping a 14-game losing streak last year. and voting is now underway for the cnn hero of the year. >> yes, one of the top ten heroes, amy wright. >> people with disabilities, sometimes the world just passes them by. having a work place that makes you feel proud of yourself and gives you a sense of community is what we all want. >> we really felt like we wanted to do something and this was like, coffee shop. >> good morning. >> other than our two managers everybody that works there has an intellectual or developmental disability. we figured out when their skill set was and we plugged them in. now we have 40 employees.
3:40 am
>> you made them feel welcome. >> for most of them that have never had a job before, it's really exciting. >> we asa ssay it's more than a of coffee it's giving our employees more respect than they deserve. when given a chance, they can do anything you ask them to do. >> vote for amy or any of your top ten heroes right now at cnn
3:41 am
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3:44 am
well, pliolitical harassmen in the work place is reaching a
3:45 am
height in the silicon valley. >> cnn takes a closer look at the culture war dividing the tech world. >> the real fear. >> he's not hiding his identity because he's committed a crime or he's worried about his safety. he's an entrepreneur who's worked with several big names in tech and it's enough to make him want to go incognito. >> it's saying we want more border security, and people are going to complain to hr. >> reporter: the stakes were simply too high to share their identity. here's another conservative. he spoke with the condition of anonymity. >> i walked into work with the make america great again.
3:46 am
people would take it as a personal affront. i would expect to be out of the company within weeks. >> these are the undercover conservatives or silicon valley. it's playing out in what's long been a mecca for liberal politics. >> these tech companies with more and more control. it means people in these companies are going to have far more power which is why i think it's a sad state where conservatives feel like losing their jobs and can't speak out about some of the editorial decisions that could be made. >> zil rights attorney says she might have recourse. she's been getting calls who think they may have been discriminated against but they are afraid to speak publicly.
3:47 am
>> if you're a young man and you're making a quarter million dollars, do you want to be the martyr of conservative rights? >> an likely poster boy for discrimination. >> it looks like disciplined for innocent remarks it's considered not being considered for job opportunities. >> i this i you could take that exact thing you said and apply that torr women in these tech companies. >> i ov've suffered from sexual harassment as well. >> so be sure to watch the new series, divided we code. it is one of the greatest rivalries in college football, the army/navy game and our coy wire with the best assignment of
3:48 am
the game there live in philadelphia. >> reporter: i know you're a bit jealous being a former military daughter. what an incredible honor it is. i got to run with the marathon yesterday who brought the game ball here to philly. i did have my heart strings tugged. we'll tell you about that inspiring story and more coming up after the break. found in jellyfish,ally prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember. iugh... nothing fits.. you're just bloated from gas. i can see it and i know you feel it. take gas-x®, the #1 gas relief brand. it relieves pressure and bloating fast! so you can wear whatever you want. run, jthe power of in to tempur-pedic sleep with our 90-day trial and being the highest ranked mattress in customer satisfaction by jd power, it's easy to love.
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look at your screen. which city is this? philly, nope. boston, no. >> gnnot a chance. >> put it on the screen for us.
3:53 am
atlanta. yes. snow falling overnight here. >> that is a real snow, y'all. >> this isn't the dusting that doesn't stick to the ground. it's sticking in some placings . >> that snow is actually heading up toward philadelphia toward our coy wire's way. last year, army snapped the winning streak. i thought it was one of the greatest days in college football history. are the mid shipman going to get the revenge? is army going to start a streak of their own? >> coy wire right in the middle of everything in philadelphia. >> i talked to some mid shipman, they want to end the one-game win streak. the snow is supposed to come. we'll talk about how it could play a cool effect already on this very cool game. it's pull of pageantry.
3:54 am
future defenders of our nation play for the the love of country and for each other, but a victory can win you bragging rights for a lifetime. this game is seething with traditions. thursday night members of the marathon team took turns carrying the game fall of about 150 miles through the elements and all finishing in philly just over 12 hours ago. people stopped and gave them food along the way. they said it's an honor to be part of america's most famous sporting positions. >> it was awesome. it's a huge experience that i always love. loved it last year. it was even better this year. can't wait for the years to come. >> we're so excited to beat navy. we're getting pumped up, so we're fired up. >> they put in all the miles to make it through the season and have a great time and run the ball all the way here from west
3:55 am
pointe. it's auz sm and -- awesome. >> one other cool thing to look for today, the uniforms. navy is going to honor the blue angels. the delta formation on top. hand painted helmets and then the army. the pando commandos. they were up training in the colorado rockies. they were in the alps and today they're going to look fresh on the field. even the fashion police, victor blackwell approved of these units. >> i approve. coy wire there in philadelphia. thank you you so much, coy. next hour starts in a moment. my experience with usaa has been excellent. they always refer to me as master sergeant.
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this guy is screaming we want roy moore. >> we have a president that's down there telling people to vote for someone where there is, to me, irrefutable evidence, written evidence that he was preying on underage girls. >> we need a republican in the house. we need a republican in the senate. so get out and vote for roy moore. do it. do it. >> it will be alabama that decides whether they want roy moore to be one of the two who are the voice for alabama in the senate. we'll see what happens next week.


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