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tv   Kickoff in Minnesota A CNN- Bleacher Report Special  CNN  February 3, 2018 11:30am-12:00pm PST

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bottom. >> this is a picture of super bowl coverage coming up. >> and the bleacher are report kickoff from the super bowl is straight ahead. thank for being with us, and more newsroom at the top of the hour. welcome to the special coverage of super bowl lii from are frigid minneapolis. i'm dave briggs alongside hines wa ward, former mvp and coy wire, and the bleacher report lead writer mike freeman and the temperatures are in the double zero digits, and the game is inside, so fellows, let's bring in it. >> reporter: super bowl lii in the bold north and die hard philly fans. >> we are not going to lose this game. >> and the patriots are back yet again. >> let's go pats! >> the 44-year-old legend go g fing for the sixth lombardi trophy. >> i am not thinking of retirement, u i am thinking of
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the super bowl and trying to win the most important game of the year. >> against the backup quarterback who almost quit the game. >> when i think about this journey and everything and i get home, and i -- >> reporter: a hall of famer who knows the magnitude of the moment. >> those are the things that put chills on my body now, because nose are the days that you will never forget win or lose. >> reporter: and now serves a higher purpose, and all of that is ahead and plus the nfl superstar j.j. watt talking houston recovery and his own. "kickoff in minnesota." >> woo! >> reporter: a cnn bleacher report special. ♪ all right. welcome inside of our slightly warmer cnn studios. the rematch of super bowl xxxix
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just over 24 hours away. and when it comes down to the experience factor, that is all on the patriots' side, because they have a combined 60 games of so super bowl experience, hynes, and tom brady to seven which is as many as the entire eagles' team, and how big is the experience on the stage? >> well, the experience factor for the super bowl is overrated n. 2005 we didn't have super bowl experience, but we had a second-year quarterback in ben roethlisberger, and we ended up winning the super bowl with a inexperienced quarterback, but in 2007, we had guys who had played in the super bowl and ended up facing the young green bay packer'sea wm went out there to beat our butts, sohat periences overted. hynes, aines as a defensive gu say it is defens i came to talk to the two-time slayer of tom brady in the super
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bowl and he said it is not me, but it is the defense. you have to get after tom brady especially late in the game. >> and you can't do it for three quarters like atlanta and jacksonville, but four. >> and as the lone casually dress dressed person here on the panel i want to talk about the casual rob gronkowski. i think that few people can stop him. i look for him to be the mvp of this game. >> oh. >> and we are wearing the skwakts for warmth and not style, my friend. >> it is not cold over here. >> and i will tell you that sunday night, it may feel like groundhog day for the patriots franchise, because the only franchise to play in ten super bowls, but for philadelphia, it is 0-2 for them, and they are not taking the moment for granted tachlt ri a passionate and gritty fan base. >> e-a-g-l-e-s -- eagles! >> there is no eagle philadelphia fan lite. it does not exist. >> and new england, you cannot cheat with honor. you are the lance armstrongs of
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the nfl. >> we are not rude, but just passionate. we love our team. >> and the eagles' fanbes are di die-hard. >> badass blue collar working guy. >> and you have to have heart in this town, because without heart, you won't make it. >> we have edge, and other ople don't like it. >> and obviously, incidents o the years, and we know that it happens in other town, but it is over blown here. >>ly tell you if i hear another national sports guy talk about santa claus and snowballs, i am driving up there. >> and we threw snowballs at one of the most innocent american culture two generation as ago, d howard cosell pulls it on television, and we are the worst fans forever. >> and you are profile and you have entered the airport profiled when you are a philadelphia sports phan. >> and the attitude is us against the world and philadelphia against everybody. >> we are under assault as the philadelphia eagles' fans. >> nobody likes the eagles except for everybody in philadelphia and we love them. >> and i am shaking thinking of it, and they are going right to minnesota and kick the crap out
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of the patriots. >> there is a positive attitude. >> i think that negative philadelphia fans, no, they have never won a super bowl, and that is the problem. >> and h-o-p-e in bold letters underscore and three exclamation points. >> they feel that the hope is now. >> the eagles will roll all over them. >> we won't lose that game. >> it is a almost guaranteed win. so you heard it here first. >> go eagles, baby. we are going all of the way. >> and nick foles slayed the top ranked defense in the league, and threw 352 yards and three scores against the top ranked unit in the league in the nfc championship and still, mike, everybody is making this out to be david versus goliath and at quarterback is it? >> well, it sort of is. it is tom brady versus nick foles and i keep waiting for nick foles to turn back into the pumpkin and he has not yet. he keeps playing great, and playing well, but you are going up against tom brady. tom brady beats up everybody just about. >> these minnesota fans, and some of them who you see behind me are not just cold, but they
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are bitter after the vikings' loss last week, and that is why they want the patriots to win. and twitter data shows that outside of new england only one state oddly north dakota that is pulling for the patriots. i think it is that fatigue, and in part, heinines, it is becausf the scandal. >> spygate. >> and you know, what is it that the fans can't see? >> well, i talked to my former teammate james harrison who joined the patriots and he told me one thing that this is the most prepared team that he has ever been on. and so it is no wonder why the patriots are always in super bowl contention year in, year out. >> that is the word. now i covered this word as a local reporter for many years, and what struck me everyday is not the genius of bill belichick, but the maniacal preparation of tom brady. actually, we are getting a glimpse of it this post-season through the facebook doc "tom versus time."
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>> being mental tough is putting all of that bl [ muted ] aside, and all of that hype, and just focusing on what you have to do. it is no excuses. no whining, no complaining, and it is like, did you win or did you lose? when i see myself out, there i feel like, man, i still, i do this and i do it better than i have ever done it, and so why should i stop. why does everybody want me to retire so bad? i don't get it. i am having fun. i know that i am a little bit older than the other guys, but i am really enjoying it. so i am not thinking about retirement. i'm thinking about the super bowl and trying to win the most important game of the year, and it is going to take a lot to do it. >> ooh, i got the goose bumps right there, and we got a glimpse inside of the mind of the greatest quarterback of all time, and he is no physical
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freak, but he will outwork you and sacrifice more than anybody. that is what made him great. >> and the one thing that you are really impressed with tom brady, he is still playing with the chip on his shoulder, and i don't know what it is, self-motivation or whatever you want to call it, year in, year out, this guy plays with the chip on the shoulder. >> he embraces the chip, and the hate, and they all do, that whole organization loves the fact that everyone hates them and picks against them and they feel like it is a big conspiracy, and they feed off of it, and he is the key for them. >> and mike freeman from the bleacher report, you are out of here, and thank you nor being here, and you two, stick around, and coming up, we will talk to j.j. watt, the three-time defensive player of the year is going to tell us who he thinks wins this game, and why. plus, andy shoelz with what makes minnesota such a unique super bowl host city. >> "kick off in minnesota" brought to you by lexus, who encourages you experience amazing and by verizon, join a better network, because better
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whomever wins sunday likely comes down to who gets after the quarterback best. ar arguably nobody does that better than the texans' j.j. watt, the only player in nfl history to record two 20-plus sack seasons. >> all right. welcome back to minnesota. we are here with three-time defensive player of the year j.j. watt on behalf of the fine folks of gatorade and ap preepre it. >> thank you. >> and tom brady, you faced him earlier and he had a decent day with 378 and five scores, and sorry to bring it up.
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>> wow. >> i wish i had something on you to bring up, like did you have is a bad date at some point that you could bring up? that one hurt. that hurt. >> and do the eagles have the personnel to stop tom brady, and does anyone? >> well, there is obviously not many people do when you have five super bowl rings, there is not. and the philadelphia eagles to make the super bowl proves that anything can happen when you get the game like this, but there is a reason that tom brady is the greatest of all time. >> and let's talk about your season cut short again from an injury and brutal and break the leg, and how is the recovery? >> it is coming well, and it is a long progress and gruesome injury and long process, but it is coming along very well. it is one day at a time, and an opportunity everyday to get better and looking forward to it next year. >> and for hines and i, there were so many star athletes who had the season ended early. >> i nknow that the comeback trophy of the year is going to be one of the fiercest troe fis
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of all time. it is going to be a great battle. >> yes. and the irony is that you have had more impact on the city of houston playing five games than possibly 16, because you helped to raise a staggering $37 million for hurricane harvey relief, and the goal was $200,000. >> yeah. >> and the fans see that massive number, and you see personal stories, and what makes that amount of money hit home for you, and that devastation that you saw there? >> i think that witnessing the good in people, and what i witnessed in that time was little kids having a lemonade stand to see people trying to give to the foup day, and big super stars from all over the world, and guys from other teams and different states putting everything aside and any other thoughts aside and doing it for the purely good of the human and that is the special part of me is that people were helping people regardless of the situation. >> j.j., you are up for the walter payton man of the year and i won it for the team, but never made it to this level and what would ut it mean for you to win that award?
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>> it would be special. i think that it would be such an honor and humbling to be mentioned with wall tar payt payton -- walter payton and it would be such an honor to share it with houston who stepped up to help the fellow neighbor in a tough time, and then to win it on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of people who donate nod fund and everything going on in the world. so many tough time, and it is the walter payton man of the year award, but it is so much big over the man, and so i am fortunate to represent all o ese great people. >> and kudos to what you did in the city of houston, and clr 37 million, i don't know if it is possible to raise it, but you did it. and best of luck, man. >> thank you for what you are doing for houston as well. >> thank you very much. >> and all right. keep d kleenex up handy, because coy wire is going to the bring us the emotional journey of the bill's hall of fame quarterback jim kelly. friends, colleagues, gathered here are the world's finest insurance experts. bring us the emotional journey
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we are a long way from pittsburgh, but we have our own hi hines field behind us. [ laughter ] it never ceases to amaze me. >> well, we have the best fans in the world, but unfortunately not playing in the super bowl. >> there are insane fans all over the country, and this time, the city of minnesota hosted the super bowl more than 25 years ago and jim kelly was the starting quarterback for the bills, the second of four super bowls for that team, and jim kelly lost all four, but coy, as you found out, that advsity re really prepared him for the long, painful arduous journey to come. >> jim kelly is tough, contugs cushions, torn ligaments and four straight super bowl losses,
11:50 am
but the real pain in his life, he lost his only son hunter when he was only 8 years old, and he pers veersed through chemo and rebuilt jaw, and because of all of the pain in jim kelly's life, it has made him tough e and ahead of the super bowl sunday, it is also world cancer day and makes him appreciate his blessings more. >> kelly under center is throwing wide open to thomas at the 35. >> great throw by kelly. >> it is no good. >> oh. >> he missed it to the right. >> and an anguished look on the face of jim kelly. >> it is all over. >> another super bowl loss. >> those are the things that even put chills on my body now, because toez a-- those are the days that you will never forget win or lose. the schematics, and the excitement of knowing that you went to the super bowl and knowing that i looked up in the stands and there was mom and dad and my five brothers saying, that is my son and them saying that is my brother.
11:51 am
i nknow that there is people al around the country that are bill's fans smiling and saying, you know what, we didn't win, but we are still proud of you. >> even in the defeat we can find the small victorie >> yeah, you got that right. i mean, i have been through so much in my life, and i have never imagined the word cancer coming into my life and i always look back to my son, and he fought for every day of his life, and i fought every day of my life, but i fought, because i have two beautiful daughters, and i had a wife that sacrificed so much to spend time with that i was all right. >> what did that feel like seeing your big brother, this will legendary football star withered away? >> it broke my heart. i mean, i cried night after night knowing what he was going through, and if i could have taken his pain, i would have. >> and kelly had one goal in the treatment to the walk his dau daughterrin down the aisle on
11:52 am
her wedding day. and on january 15th, he fulfilled that dream? my daughters are my life. i am so proud and so blessed to know that, that dream, and that goal of mine to be able to make it to that day and to be able to walk her down the aisle came true. >> and now, kelly has a new goal. an endless one. >> when i speak, i try to be able to make a difference and even today hearing some of the people for the first time, it made me wake up a little bit, too. >> we wanted to get through it, and with we did. >> he is an inspiration. he is an inspiration on the football field, and now he is a inspiration to cancer patients everywhere around the world. >> i guarantee you that the majority of the people diagnosed with head, neck, kacancer, they don't have anywhere to turn or who to talk to, and so this is the reasonb that we came up with it, because the quarterback, and as you well know, coy, we have game plan, and this is my game plan and to make a difference for others who might otherwise
11:53 am
want to give up, and i came up with the saying that goes like this, make a difference today for someone who is fighting for their tomorrow. >> you guys, i heard one man at the cancer support group say that in his worst moments of chemo down 70 pound, and he said f jim kelly went through this, i can, too, and his story continues to inspire people, and through your cancer game, he is going to keep doing it. >> the toughest dude in the league, and maybe that we have ever seen. still to come, will the eagles make it their fst ever lombardi trophy or will the patri patriots take home their sixth? predictions and plus andy scholes is going to show us what minnesota has to offer the frozen football fans. its technology was engineered (beeping). while its design was meant to be seen.
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and in what other super bowl city can you climb 15 stories and zip line over the mississippi river when it is zero degrees? just minneapolis. oh! ah! woo-hoo, hoo! >> and when you are at the souper bowl in a city that recently got a foot of snow, you have are to do some tubing. >> woo!
11:58 am
minnesota, it is baseball in the summer and ice fishing in the winter. and oh, i got one. oh, yeah. that is what i am talking about. that is how you ice fish. i'm andy can shoelz at u.s. bank stadium and to say it is cold out here in minneapolis is an understatement. tomorrow is expected to be the coldest souper bowl on record. and tomorrow, the forecasted low is below zero for the host city, and luckily, the game is indoors, but getting into the stadium should be an adventure for all of the fans. but they are trying to the help them out. for the first time ever, remote security checkpoints where fans with tickets can go to the mall of and go through security and get a free ride to the stadium inside of the security perimeter, and no matter how they get here to the game, history says it should be a good one. >> all right. let's get the predictions here, andy. who wins and why? >> dave, i said it last year, and i will say it again, and you do not bet gaiagainst tom brady
11:59 am
i am going to go 31-24. >> look, i think that you can't overlook nick foles and philadelphia has a top ten defense and top ten run game, and i really believe that philadelphia is still going to get their butts kicked by new england. i went to the opening night and i knew right away the patriots walked out like machines and had been there before and no cell phone, and the eagles are in selfies and enamored and the bigs onf this week will have them physically and mentally drained in the fourth quarter and it happened to the falcons last years, and it is going to happen agn. >> and it is not so long ago that phil simms the legendary giants' quarterback who took over and jeff hostetler led them to the super bowl, and nick foles is going join jeff hostetler as a quarterback from the east to win the first. all right. that is going to do us, and
12:00 pm
thank you, and coy, and hines, and andy scholes, thank you for watching the bleacher report special. thank you, and enjoy the weekend and enjoy the game. xxx. you are live in the cnn newsroom and thank you for joining us. i'm ana cabrera in the newsroom. and the memo released is call ed a total vindication, but the democrats are calling it shoddy, but now that the nunes memo is out, there are different opinions about what it means. the president says it is absoluti absolution. and it vindicate ss him in the russian probe, and the witch hunt goes on and on and no collusion and no obstruction a


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