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tv   Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs  CNN  February 9, 2018 2:00am-2:59am PST

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something that is important. >> senator rand paul made his point. he also shutdown the government again. it could last just a little bit longer. these are live pictures. nancy pelosi on the house floor at 4:59 a.m. eastern time. the house spending bill is in the hands of the congress members. they're debating. i know there are reports of the chief of staff. he became fully aware of the allegations yesterday. >> what does fully aware mean? the white house dancing around what john kelly knew about the abuse allegations against the top white house aide. and all of the eyes of the world on the olympics in pyeongchang. the opening ceremony a short time away with the vice president and kim jong un's sister both in the building. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm dave briggs. minute by minute updates by folks on the house floor.
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they are voting right now. it is friday, february 9th. 5:00 a.m. in the east. they he a they are trying to get enough votes. the government has shutdown for the second time in three weeks. a couple of hours ago, the senate voted to pass a two-year spending bill to reopen the government. it sailed through 71-28. >> the democrats are weighing options for getting action on the priorities. they are debating on the house floor right now. we expect a final vote this hour. you want to listen in on nancy pelosi on the house floor? >> to compromise to address the military strife and critical issues like opioid crisis and moving forward to resolve the pension crisis. caring for our veterans. making college more affordable and invest in child care for working families. that is what the fight has been about all along.
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we have had to fight the resistance on the republican side to invest in the domestic agenda. >> she spent eight hours on the floor yesterday. she is up all night here. for the latest, we have suzanne malveaux in washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave and christine. we are following the action on the house floor. you saw nancy pelosi again on the house floor. she was there before 4:00 a.m. as well. we heard from a number of democrats calling this maddening unjustifi unjustified. there is nothing for the dreamers in this debate. this debate will last an hour. that is what it is slated for. perhaps a bit less. the voting expected between 5:30 and 6:00 according to our calculations. pelosi again calling for house speaker paul ryan to make a firmer commitment to bring the issue of immigration reform, a deal for the dreamers, daca, to
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the house floor to satisfy her democratic caucus. all of this drama while the government is shutdown for the second time in three weeks. the senate did pass the massive two-year budget deal. 71-28. that was at 2:090 paul disagreeing to move up the timeline on the bill which required unanimous agreement for all senatosenators. he protested over the amount of money the government is spend in the bill and hypocrisy that his own party is driving. take a listen. >> drawing attention to the debt we're waited all week long to p it at the end of the week and let it expire and everybody is
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tired and everybody says you don't want to shut down the government do you. my intention is not to keep it open and borrow $1 million a minute. my intention is not voting for bills to keep it open, but bills that spend so much money that they endanger our security. >> reporter: so live pictures looking at what is happening on the house floor at this rather emotional debate, if you will. it is far from a done deal whether or not it will pass. my colleague caught up with an important member of the house. steve scalise. it is his job to whip up support among the republican colleagues. she asked if he was confident to get the votes. he said yes. you have the freedom caucus against it. republicans need the democrats to support them for this issue. there are some house democrats who we heard who are livid with no commitment to the dreamers here. pelosi mentioned she sent a
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letter to ryan telling him they want that firmer commitment on immigration legislation. we also have a development on the senate side. mick mcconnell will keep to his word and open the debate on the senate side on monday. we are looking at a lot here. lawmakers have to weigh in. some stuff for democrats and republicans with $160 billion in defense spending. $80 billion in disaster relief. raising the debt ceiling. providing $20 billion for infrastructure. $6 billion for the opioid abuse programs. and 10-year reauthorization of the c.h.i.p. most importantly, dave and christine, it allows the government to reopen. that is what everyone is waiting on this morning. >> it adds to the deficits which they did not like in the obama administration. suzanne malveaux, thank you. >> let's turn to greg valliere.
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good morning, greg. let's talk about how this started and the shutdown began with rand paul taking to the senate floor talking about the hypocrisy of fiscal conservatives in the republican party. listen. >> the reason i'm here tonight is to put people on the spot. i want people to feel uncomfortable. i want them to have to answer people at home who said how come you were against president obama's deficits and now you are for trump's deficits? isn't that the definition of intellectual dishonesty? isn't that the very definition of hypocrisy? >> you might see that in 2018. a democrat may run that as a campaign ad. greg, when the president signs this legislation, does he sign the death certificate for fiscal
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conservatives in the republican party? >> what a transformation. this is one of the most dramatic fiscal policy changes in our lifetimes. i really do think that the republicans now are going to be tied to a bill that's a pig-out. when you talk about hypocrisy, rand paul ran for the $1 trillion tax cut. he voted for that. there is enough hypocrisy to go around. his colleagues are furious with him. i think on the heels of the senate approval a few hours ago, the house will probably go along. it is not a slam dunk. you are right. when donald trump signs this bill, it will label the republicans as the party of big deficits. >> the president on the campaign trail said he would cut the national debt in half or get rid of it in eight years. we can balance the budget. i would just like to show you what mitch mcconnell and paul ryan and the president has said
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about what this party's position will be on debt and spending. >> we face a crushing burden of debt. the debt will soon eclipse our economy and grow to catastrophic levels in the years ahead. >> we want to balance the budget. they don't. we want to restrain spending. they want to spend more money. >> we would like to do something about the nation's biggest problem. spending and debt. >> i know more about debt than practically anybody. i love debt. i also love reducing debt. i know how to do it better than anybody. >> how much risk is this for paul ryan and mitch mcconnell and other whos who screamed dur the obama administration and now they lost that fiscal restraint? >> the great irony here, christine, is the bond market has not changed its opinion. extreme levels of debt. we will see deficits go up dramatically. one of the major reasons we have
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the market problem this week. the bond market is freaking out over higher deficits and red hot economy. maybe some inflation down the road. if you live by the sword, you have to die by the sword in terms of debt. the markets are not happy about this. >> because to your point, two of the biggest point drops in the history of the dow occurred in the last four days. we are told the fundamentals of the economy are still strong. are they ? >> absolutely. i have been arguing that the problem for the bond market is the economy could overheat. there's so much stimulus, the tax cut or spending or very, very tight labor market. global growth. you have an economy that could be overheating. >> what i learned covering markets in the last 20 years, when the economy is good, that's when you cut deficits and debt. when the economy is bad, that's what when you spend. upside down.
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go ahead. >> quickly here. a lot of it is about the timidity of politicians. on the cost of living adjustment which has been rejected by both parties and the president. they don't want to try minor deficit reduction. the move on deficits in the next several years will be sharply higher. >> greg, come back. thank you. >> calls the senate bill a pig-out. john kelly's job is safe for now. although mounting frustration in and out of the white house over his handling over abuse allegations against focrmer staf secretary rob porter. he is the last line of defense getting documents into the oval office. kelly's job is still secure because no one can identify a natural replacement. >> cnn has learned that the president is disturbed by the porter scandal. he spent the last two nights
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phones friends and including reince priebus. he got differing opinions on the way forward. on thursday, raj shah was asked about the response to the porter debacle. >> i think it is fair to say that we all could have done better in the last few hours or last few days. >> could they have done worse? sources tell cnn shah's admission of error did not sit well with the boss. kelly became fully aware of the allegations this week, but cnn's reporting shows kelly has known about the accusations for months. now white house counsel was told last january. porter's ex-wives were prepared to make damning accusations. the white house counsel did not ask what the allegations were because porter denied them. >> one of the ex-wives said her ex-husband asked her to take down a blog post last year.
2:12 am
>> can you say what he wanted you to say? >> i don't remember the exact wording, but it was something along the lines of the post does not accurately depict my marriage. there were other things associated with it. that did not feel right to me. it does accurately depict my marriage. another thing he wanted me to say is i had taken liberties with the therapeutic post. i had taken liberties with that. when i thought about it, i didn't. the things i said were factual statements. >> it does sound like he was asking you to deny. >> he was asking me to downplay it. >> kelly sent a long memo to staffers addressing the allegations against porter calling them quote shocking and troubling. insisting the administration takes matters of domestic violence seriously. let's go live to the house
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floor. paul ryan now speaking. he wants the bill to get through the house. they are debating it. they will vote on it shortly, we are told. we will have the latest in the show. next, the games, the protests, the politics. all happening in pyeongchang as the olympics get under way. we have a trio of live reporters in south korea just ahead.
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welcome back. that is a live shot of the house floor in washington, d.c. where voting is under way on the spending bill. folks, the government is shutdown. this is officially a government shutdown here. senator rand paul took to the floor really concerned about debt and deficits and hypocrisy of his party. now the house is voting on the spending bill here. those are live pictures. >> after rand paul finished, it sailed through the senate 71-28. it kicks the debt ceiling for a year. this thing looks like it will eek through the house. there are concerns on the right and far left. we will get the latest for you shortly. also happening right now in pyeongchang. the winter olympics are under way. this is a live look outside of the stadium where the opening ceremony will take place in just about 40 minutes from now. a lot of action happening here on a friday. the games begin in pyeongchang
2:19 am
with momentous political overtones. not just the sports. we start coverage of the games with will ripley outside the stadium. just a short time from the opening ceremonies. hi, will. >> reporter: hi, dave. some people accusing north korean politics overshadowing what is supposed to be the peace olympics. you have u.s. vice president mike pence with the father of otto warmbier. they met with north korean defectors. they posted pictures and standing in solidarity with the north korean people. they called repressive regime. they are calling for south korea to disengage with north korea after the olympics. they are upping the pressure of sanctions and diplomatic pressure. president moon jae-in sitting in the middle here.
2:20 am
the north korean delegation arriving by private charter with kim jong un's sister. she will be having lunch tomorrow with president moon and several sources are telling me there is a good chance she will offer him an invitation to visit north korea this year. that would be highly significant. also potentially could drive a wedge with seoul and washington. the u.s. is saying distance yourselves from north korea. don't fall for the charm. they had a massive military parade on the eve of the opening ceremonies which is due to kickoff. president moon wants to engage with the north and north korea is trying to appear to use diplomacy to warm up relations to extend this period of easing of sanctions and trying to get concessions from south korea and drive the wedge with the u.s. and key ally in the korean peninsula. >> brutal and oppressive north
2:21 am
korean regime. thank you. and the presence of the winter games for north korea is not sitting well. let's go to ivan watson with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, christine. we are close to the entrance of the stadium where the opening ceremony begins shortly. you see spectators coming down the tunnel of light. big smiles on their faces despite the frigid cold here. not everybody is happy. small groups of opposition protesters denouncing north korea's participation in the olympics. claiming that it effectively is apiecement with the country at war. you have the crowd of people from all around the world gathering here in the small ski resort which normally has a population of 34,000 people. the mayor expects 2 million. ticket sales lower than expected. 80% sold as of thursday night.
2:22 am
the target was 90% by that time. we have to see how that unfolds. there is certainly a festive atmosphere despite the political controversy and overtones over the festival of sports. >> sports and politics and diplomacy. thank you, ivan. that being said. let's not leave out the sports. coy wire is here with the update on that. good morning, coy. >> reporter: good morning, dave. baby, it's cold on the siutside. the opening ceremony starts in 40 minutes. the temperatures in the 20s. the mountains in pyeongchang get really cold. on pace to be the coldest winter games ever. edging out 1984. they will get a blanket and knit caps and heated seat cushion and hand and feet warmers.
2:23 am
it will be cold for the 40,000 plus people. what is it like for the athletes? they have been dreaming of this moment for their entire lives. i caught up with gus kenworthy to hear what he thought. >> it takes your breath away. you walk out and it's the massive stadium. everyone is screaming. lights flashing. usa is being chanted. everyone wearing these beautiful matching opening ceremony outfits that ralph lauren made. a crazy sense of comradery. >> reporter: opening ceremony around the corner. events under way. earlier, usa's 18-year-old figure skater nathan chen fell during his short program of the team event. what in the world? this guy is a two-time u.s. champ already. he is young. he has never been on the big stage like. this can he kconquer the demons?
2:24 am
he is a favorite for the individual gold here. team usa in second place after the first day of the team event. you heard gus talking about the ralph lauren gear that the olympians will wear at the opening ceremony. they allowed me to wear this and test it out. i have the sweet suede leather gloves getting mixed reviews on the social media. this is my favorite part along with the heated parka. i feel great. >> coy could still be an olympian. he is in that kind of shape. >> the gloves remind me of the old west. thanks, coy. right now, on capitol hill, the house is voting on the spending bill to end the government shutdown. it began when senator rand wapa used a late night political maneuver to complain about late-night political maneuvers. >> congress waits until the last minute and gloms all of the
2:25 am
spending together in one enormous bill. at the last minute, we are told we don't have time to amend and debate the bill. >> amazing stuff happening right now on the house floor. latest from capitol hill next. ♪ the smoother the skin the more comfortable you are in it and now there's a new way to smooth. introducing new venus platinum. a premium metal handle boosts control so you can reveal up to 100% smooth skin.
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and it won't cost you a cent. this is a free service. call today. a place for mom. you know your family. we know senior living. together we'll make the right choice. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. drawing attention to how much debt we're accumulating is something that is important. >> breaking right now. just about 5:30 eastern time. the house is voting to end the
2:30 am
government shutdown which began after senator rand paul refused to allow a vote. it could last a little while longer. you see the vote count. this could be close. we shall see if this bill to fund the government for two years actually gets through. i know there are reports of the chief of staff. he became fully aware about the allegations yesterday. >> white house dancing around who john kelly knew about the allegations against a top white house aide. what does fully aware mean? and the eyes of the world on the olympics in pyeongchang. opening ceremony a short time away. the vice president and kim jong un's sister both in the building. welcome back to "early start." i'm dave briggs. looks like the bill will eek through the house. >> happening now. no gavel yet. voting happening now. i'm christine romans. 30 minutes past the hour. you see 229 yay.
2:31 am
it would end the government shutdown. while you were sleeping, the government shutdown. now it looks like the house is trying to rectify that. the debate and voting. the senate voted to pass a two-year spending bill. how this vote will turn out is the open question. democrats have hoped to use leverage to force action on their priorities. rand paul's problem was the republican party is hypocritical by spending money it doesn't have and adding to the deficit. let's bring in phil mattingly. i see 234. >> reporter: christine, i want to layout what happened. we knew when the vote was called that things were dicey. nobody knew where house democrats were in the last 12 or 16 or now 24 hours since the day kicked in high gear. what happened when they started the vote, republican votes poured in. democrats, almost all of them, sat in their seats, did not vote and stared at the voting screen.
2:32 am
daring republicans -- seeing how many votes republicans could put up. guys, they knew and republicans knew democrats were needed to come over at some point. the question was how many and perhaps maybe a little bit of how much can you sweat in the vote. that standoff occurred for 10 or 11 minutes with both sides staring at one another or shows how every member voted. at that point, members started giving the signal. at first, a democrat signaling a thumb's down. perhaps the votes go against republicans on the issue. then all of the republicans started coming in. the holdouts. the democrats soon followed. they have the votes. they clearly are going to pass this bill. the shutdown is going to come to an end. the potential crises of spending of debt ceiling we have been dealing with on a self-imposed
2:33 am
basis week after week and month after month, will be pushed aside. that was not a normal vote. that was quite a standoff. while they got it over the finish line by the end of it, there were a couple of minutes where people were worried where it would head. >> i think you are right. democrats really wanted republicans to sweat. we were watching a vote that didn't look like it would go their way. they gavelled. okay. it looks like this has passed the house. phil, the president will sign this bill presumably. when will the government reopen? >> reporter: i think the big question is what was the actual impact of the shutdown particularly one that is in the middle of the night. another thing, when the office of management and budget was reaching out to agencies and informing them to prepare. they were allowing contingency plans to come in for four hours to allow the shutdown if that exists. based on the last 18 days, it is
2:34 am
a regular thing. there is not expected to be a lot of impact. i have not heard from federal workers that furlough notices have gone out. it should be seamless. this was a short shutdown. i want to underscore quickly. the importance of the deal going forward. these moments will be off the table. this keeps the government until march 23rd. setting the top line spending numbers and increasing the spending caps and another $100 billion in disaster relief. that takes out the tools that led to the types of moments in the past. should smooth things out for the next couple of months or a year or two. that is for people who are tired of crises is a positive thing. >> we know we saw the gavel. that is the word from the house floor. let's listen to senator rand paul. this was pushed into motion by rand paul who fill some -- phil
2:35 am
differences. >> drawing attention to the debt we're accumulating is important. we waited all week long to put it at the end of the week and let it expire as people get tired. people then say you don't want to shut down the government do you? my intention is never to shut down the government. my intention is not to keep it open and borrowing $1 million a minute. my intention is not to vote for bills to keep it open, but bills spending so much money it endangers our security. >> the bill raises the debt ceiling. it takes the heat off them to account for that government spending for the next couple years. he said if you were against obama deficits and now for the gop deficit, isn't that the definition of hypocrisy? ouch. >> reporter: you heard that from a lot of people. if you were paying attention to the fiscal battles of the eight years prior to president trump
2:36 am
taking office and they were painful and lengthy and cutting spending. now a bill gets large bipartisan supporting it which has $300 billion in spending increase. it does away with the sequester. it does away with the 2011 budget gaps. the senator makes a point that resonates with those who supported this deal. i think the interesting element here and i want to point out, guys, we knew the house would be an issue and there would be drama. we woke up thursday morning now with no idea of the senate being a problem. we had the votes in the senate. they expected to move forward in the early afternoon. senator paul was not willing to give consent. he could not get amendment vote. they pushed for shutdown. the important issue is why are the republicans going for this? defense spending. $163 billion over two years addressing the short shortcam c
2:37 am
shortcomings lik s like james m has been lepleading for sdplch.t >> phil, we heard nancy pelosi talk about this just like what chuck schumer did in the senate. did they bring legislation to the house floor? >> reporter: they did not. if you watched the democratic caucus over the course of the last day and a half and if you have been speaking to members and aides as i have behind closed doors over that period, you recognize the difficult and thin line democratic leadership was trying to walk on this issue. th their position on daca is not a secret. they wanted something out of this. they wanted speaker paul ryan to remove the four-word clause to take this up. that is the president has to support the bill. he was not going to do that.
2:38 am
he would never do that. what you saw was democrats saying they will hold out the votes. what you heard privately, the leader, i note, her staff was integral part of necessity dpoesh yat -- negotiating the budget deal. we are saying we want to have the public fight, but not twist arms to get you to vote no. we want this across the finish line eventually. by a few votes and not a large margin. it was a complicated dance the democratic leadership was playing in the house for the last 16 hours. you know the democratic caucus particularly in the house is extremely passionate about the issue and outraged about the fact this hasn't been addressed yet. leaders wanted the budget deal, but they had to figure out a way to try to address concerns that weren't going to be addressed by speaker paul ryan. >> nancy pelosi's eight-hour speech in four-inch heels all
2:39 am
for naught. >> and what about the process of addressing immigration in the senate next week? what do we expect? >> reporter: what senator mcconnell will do is what he said. after they passed the budget bill, he filed cloture. he laid out a vehicle. he has kept his promise. that means when mcconnell said whoever gets 60 votes on something will win. every member will have an opportunity to put up an amendment and whip up the votes. if somebody can get the 60 votes on the agreement, that will pass the senate. i will note there is a lot of behind the scenes work from members and groups trying to figure out language to move that forward. it is fascinating on the senate floor next week. in is an actual debate on the important national issue where we don't know the end game. that doesn't happen often up here. expect it to be very interesting
2:40 am
to watch. frankly, good for the country to watch the debate that has been so riled with righeated talking points. they have to prove they can get it done. >> the sausage making is out for all of us to see. >> all of the people streaming past phil mattingly will go. >> reporter: happy members going home. >> they will come back. phil, thank you. >> catch a few on the way out. capitol phil mattingly. >> we call you that behind your back. and to your face, apparently. the president has to sign it before you are official. let's bring in greg valliere. he is watching all of the drama. he is the chief strategist for horizon investments. is this the end of the fiscal conservative branch? >> christine, i agree with phil.
2:41 am
the dysfunction is over for a while. the humiliating budget fights. that's a good story. the second story that is very important for the markets is that deficits are headed significantly higher. i have been arguing for a while if there is a problem with the economy, it could overheat with all of the stimulus and tax cuts and more spending. tight labor market. global growth. you are now in the situation where the bond market which began the stock market selloff. the bond market is worried about the economy which may get too hot. >> all of the stimulus. it is the wrong time for the stimulus? >> in '08 and '09, it was needed. >> they didn't want to do it then. >> now the economy doesn't need it, they want it. >> the dow down 866 points or 3.5% since the tax cut legislation was signed into law.
2:42 am
not related, but bad optics. could be related. paul ryan is celebrating this victory for the gop. quote, he just treweeted a grea victory for the men and women in uniform. we reached a bipartisan compromise to fund the troops and gives the generals the certainty they need to plan for the future. let's take folks back, greg, to rand paul taking his stand. this was past 7:00 eastern time when he laid out the problems for the republican party in the future. listen. >> the reason i'm here tonight is to put people on the spot. i want people to feel uncomfortable. i want them to have to answer people at home who said how come you were against president obama's deficits and how come you are for republican deficits. isn't that the very definition of intellectual dishonesty? if you were against president obama's deficits and now you are for the republican deficits,
2:43 am
isn't that the very definition of hypocrisy? >> you might be seeing that again in 2018 in the mid terms. what does that mean for the republican party? >> well, if by labor day the economy is red hot and unemployment is below 4%, which i think is likely, a lot of voters will say this is all worked out. it is a great sound bite for democrats to throw at the republicans especially if interest rates continue to rise. >> trillion dollar deficits. here we go again. >> if people feel this is a healthy economy, this may turn out well for the republican party. >> greg, thanks for sticking around. have a great weekend. let's talk about the stock market. it is in correction. yesterday was an ugly day. woes spread overseas. asian markets plummeting 3% and 4%. europe has been open a couple hours. it is lower. u.s. futures is up. we have been watching that.
2:44 am
both the dow and s&p 500 tanked yesterday. both in a correction. that is the technical term when the index dropped from a 10% recent high. the dow fell 1,033 points. second time in history it lost more than 1,000 points in a single day. the other time was monday. that move is not in the top 20 of percentage moves. that puts the dow and s&p 500 on track for the worse week since 2008. mostly because stocks have been going up. blame fears of soaring bond yields. it could force faster interest rate hikes. that threatens the bull market and on main street means higher interest rates. mortgage rates hit the highest level in two years. the benchmark 30-year rate is 4.32%. don't panic just yet, home buyers. i want to give you history. that is how it fits in the historic chart.
2:45 am
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2:50 am
is disturbed by the porter scandal, but not sure how to fix it. he spent the last two nights phoning friends and aides, including reince priebus. he got wildly differing opinions on the way forward. on thursday, deputy press secretary raj shah was asked about the debacle. >> we all could have done better over last few hours or last few days. >> sources tell cnn the admission of error did not sit well with the president. kelly became fully aware of the allegations this week, but according to cnn reporting, kelly has known about the acquisitions for months. >> the post reports that white house counsel knew in january. porter's ex-wives were set to make damning allegations. he did not ask the allegations because porter denied them. kelly sent a memo addressing the allegations calling them
2:51 am
shocking and troubling and insisting the administration takes matters of domestic violence certiseriously. across the world in south korea, the opening ceremony kicking off in ten minutes. the games officially begin in pyeongchang with momentous political overtones. we start our coverage with will ripley outside the stadium. will. >> reporter: vice president pence seemed to avoid an awkward moment potentially with the north koreans. he skipped the dinner with south korean president moon jae-in. he attended a dinner with the u.s. olympic team. obviously the political situation here is overshadowing the sports situation. you have the vice president with fred warmbier. father of otto warmbier who died six days after released from the north korean custody. they showed the vice president telling them that the united states stands in solidarity with
2:52 am
those in north korea who yearn for freedom. the vice president announcing on the trip tough sanctions against north korea and calling on the south to disengage with pyeongchang saying don't fall for the offensive. join the united states in the pressure campaign. president moon of south korea caught in the middle here. the high ranking delegation that arrived included historically kim jong un's younger sister. they she is expected to have lunch with the south korean president tomorrow. several sources are telling me it is likely she will offer an invitation for president moon to visit north korea some time this year. that is something that president moon is willing to do if certain conditions were met. the question is what does north korea want out of this. they are trying to drive a wedge between washington and seoul and trying to extend the buffer they have where it will be difficult for the united states to take much action while the talks with
2:53 am
the south are taking place. dave. >> will ripley live in pyeongchang. thank you. at the olympics, there are actual sports happening. coy wire is updating us from all of that. good morning, coy. >> reporter: good morning, mr. briggs. the opening ceremony just moments away. nearly 3,000 athletes from over 90 nations see their dreams come true as they walk into the stadium. one unfathomable dream for the agent ligthletes carrying the f. that was given to four-time olympian erin hamlin. get this, she says her parents almost decided not to come this time. they would have missed this incredible moment. listen to this. >> they always end up going because we're here. let's do it. this time was the same. they are like, it is your last olympics. we'll go. i think they will be glad they made that decision.
2:54 am
they're pumped. i'm sure my brothers will be pumped. we have grown up watching the olympics. we are always like who is carrying the flag. to be that person is insane. >> reporter: we want to give you one athlete to watch in pyeongchang. skiing speed demon on the slopes and one at the 2014 sochi games became the youngest slalom champion at 18 years old. mikaela shiffrin. >> i'm going into the games with the similar mind set from sochi. i have the ability of winning a medal if not multiple medals. i feel more like a veteran going into the olympic games. at the same time, i still feel like sort of a starry-eyed girl. i'm still competing with girls
2:55 am
who are my all-time idols in the sport. >> reporter: all right. mikaela and athletes getting ready for the opening ceremony. one more thing with erin hamlin. she was on the phone before the flight. she was crying and her mom was crying. her brother said don't drop the flag. that's all she can think about. let's hope she doesn't do that. >> coy, we cannot wait to see your reporting. thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> i'm dave briggs. the government will be back open today. it shut down overnight. "new day" has it covered for you. see you on monday. first, we head to vermont. and go to our coffee shop. and meet dave. hey. why is dark magic so spell-bindingly good, he asks? let me show you. let's go. so we climb. hike. see a bear. woah. reach the top. dave says dark magic is a bold blend of coffee with rich flavors of uganda, sumatra, colombia and other parts of south america. like these mountains, each amazing on their own.
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