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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  February 11, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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a bank? >> she must have been forced to do it. >> she's a victim of thought control. >> lapd were determined. >> this heiress is about to be murdered on live television. >> those people that believe i'm brainwashed or dead -- >> we kidnapped a freak. olympic star olympicty, a breakthrough between north and south korea. a russian plane crashes with 79 people onboard. no survivors. cnn has an update. later, revelations. we're learning about the highly-anticipated wedding between prince harry and meghan markle. we're live at cnn headquarters in atlanta. >> cnn newsroom starts right now.
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the trip to south korea may be over, but kim jong-il's sister may have started a new era in diplomacy. >> her visit may have started the media of the olympic games. but it also earned criticism. it earned an invitation for the president to visit pyongyang. it would open a high-level diplomat channel. >> does south korea's warming with the north mean a split with the u.s. and japan? james mattis says no. >> i know that people are watching for a wedge between south korea, republic of korea, and the united states. there's no wedge there. the staffs are integrated in
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seoul. there's no wedge that can be driven between us by north korea. >> general masstittis on the wa back from the games. mike pence cotold josh roga it's all a plan to put pressure on kim jong-un. here's the quote. quote, no pressure comes off until they are doing something that alliance means a step towards denukization. it's going to tonigcontinue and intensity. but if you want to talk, we'll talk. paula hancocks joined us from pyeongchang, where the olympics are happen right now. north korea's olympic delegate n delegation, led by kim jong-un's sister has returned home. not before scoring four meetings with the south korean president. many in seoul protested against her presence in there.
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what was the assessment of her olympic diplomacy efforts and where does it leave the united states? >> rosemary, there's a mixed response to her being in the country in the first place. i just spoke to the governor of the province where the olympics is being held. he met with her three times. he says, that she was polite. she was accurate in what she said. she was speaking for her brother, the north korean leader, kim jong-un. and the relationship between the delegation was very warm. after the most intense few days following her arrival, we don't know much about her. >> her every move is being filmed, analyzed, judged. three days of the media running after the sister of kim jong-un.
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and still, we know very little about the woman who has stolen the headlines of the congress chang he pyeongchang headlines. she is the youngest of seven siblings. she has her brother's absolute trust. the first member of the kim family to venture south since the korean war in 1950s. also, she was the one in charge on this trip, as shown when the kim jong-nam tried to give up the prominent seat to her when they first arrived. he was the son-in-law of the prime minister of north korea. he is known to have contacts with some of the elite in the country. it wouldn't be an exaggeration that kim jong-un is running
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through her. anyone who wants to meet kim jong-un, has to go through his sister. the senior body of north korea's communist party, he manages his events. what does the south koreans think of the first sister? this man says, i hardly know anything about her, except she has direct authority at the man at the top. >> she is the first to come here. i think things will improve now. not everyone agrees. some south koreans are furious that the relative of a man they see as the enemy has been welcomed in their country. >> she is the dictator's sister. i'm sure she's like kim jong-un. she's not looking at north korea's people.
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>> and the north korea delegation may have returned to pyongyang. but they have her as the top story. it was an intense following of everything she did, every move she made over the past few days. >> indeed. that is what we saw. pau paula, vice president mike pence spoke to reporters on his way back to washington and suggested engagement with north korea might be possible in the future. that signals a shift from his hardline approach. what are we to make of this? >> it's what we had heard in recent months from other members of the trump administration. that if north korea was to change its tune, potentially engagement could follow. we had a statement from the south korean unification ministry, saying the u.s. and south korea has maintained consistent stance that talks between north and south korea should follow with talks between
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north and u.s. they have been pushing if north korea wants improved else a ed with the south, they have to involve the united states, as well. the statement pointing out that the u.s. secretary of state, rex tillerson, has publicly stated, they are open to a dialogue. we have had mixed messages, from the trump administration, not least from the u.s. president donald trump himself, specifying there could be appeasement talking to north korea. but we've seen in recent weeks a pull back from that from the u.s. president. potentially, the u.s. and south korea are on the same page, in some respects. certainly, hearing from the south korean point of view they're not going to agree to president moon going to pyongyang until they have a consensus from the united states, as well. >> yes.
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we will continue to watch this. paula hancocks from pyeongchang. thanks. let's get some perspective on this. bringing on dion kim, a research fe fellow at the korea future fo . forum. let's talk about the new development. the united states is open to preliminary dialogue with north korea. how significant do you see this opening, given the invitation from the north to the south? >> thanks for having me, george. this is welcoming news, good news. it reinfonses -- we forget that washington had a policy of maximum pressure and diplomacy. diplomacy engagement has been the pillar of its approach. we've only seen washington play the bad cop and seoul play the
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good cop. we saw that play out at the pyeongchang olympics. it's welcoming now. there's thoughts of issues and sequences to happen before this can happen. these types of issues need to be worked out. also, you know, there's a lot of criticism about holding talks for talks' sake. i think between the u.s. and north korea, talks for talks' sake is what's needed. preliminary talks, explore toto
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talks are needed. you can't get the intentions and opportunities by just reading public statements. >> you touch on this. the theater that we've seen, of good cap/bad cap. looking back at the weekend, who won the battle of optics in your view. vice president vice pence and his efforts to ignore the delegation. and president moon, for his engagement. or the letter opening the talks? >> talking about the p.r., north korea is the winner. with the unusually large entourage, the first kim bloodline family member to visit the south. of course, the media would be on her. the north did. but you know, i know there's a lot of criticism about the optics and now vice president
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pence portrayed the u.s. at the olympics. and there's good reason for such criticism. however, i would imagine that the u.s. is more focused on what happens after the olympics. more focused on how north korea acts. when if military exercises resume. that's another issue that president moon will have to discuss closely with president trump. i can imagine a scenario that president moon might want to be tempted to postpone military exercises until after an interkorean summit, to keep the north engaged and to keep tensions reduced. these are practical logistics and the u.s. and south korea will have to discuss. >> what will be the fruits of the fact that the door has been
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opened for talks? thank you so much for your time and perspective. we'll stay in touch with you, of course. on to another story we are watching. russian investigators are hoping that a flight data recorder will help them figure out what caused a deadly plane crash. all 71 people onboard were killed. you can see a big explosion in the distance. >> the plane had taken off from moscow for the city of orsk. the crash side scattered out of radius. we know they have recovered the flight data recorder. how much closer are they to
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discovering the cause of this plane crash? >> they have been working all night. 4:00 in the morning the russian authorities declared this as a recovery operation. behind me, the roads leading into this crash site are very small. they're completely snowed under. it's one of the unique things about russia, they had to move mountains of snow to start this large operation. it is that flight data recorder they found, hoping to get information from that. not clear if they've been able to find the cockpit voice recorder. that's the other part of the black box that measures the data and shows what's going on in the cockpit. the russians say they will be working at least a week on this recovery effort. one interesting point they made, they found something like an
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impact site. there's a crater about 25 feet wide and less than five feet deep they found. one of the questions we have been asking, is wroernt a crash log was there. but this is very early in the investigation. less than 24 hours ago. >> investigators are looking at all possible becauses. the conditions, human error. does this mean they have ruled out terrorism or foul play? >> so far the authorities are not speaking to terrorism or foul play why this crash happened. all of this is in the early stages. they are looking at mechanical
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failure and weather, as well. yesterday afternoon, the plane took off around 2:20 p.m. there was some snowstorms and low visibility, as well. did that have anything to do with the crash, unclear. there were other planes that were taking off and landing from the airport at the time. very much at the begins as the investigators piece this together. but they have the new technology and the webest experts, they sa working to get to the bottom of this. the plane did crash on land. it's not submerged. it should be easy to retrieve the debris. and the voice recorder. >> still a lot of questions. they're working on this investigation. near the crash site near moscow
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at 10:15 in the morning. many thanks. a lot to share with you on "newsroom." this white house in the united states on the defensive. how the president is fielding criticism to his abuse allegations against a former staffer. the state of new york is suing harvey weinstein and his company. and the lawsuit could undermine a deal to sell his former film studio. we'll have that and more. (phone) maddie... you have everything you need right inside you. 9 out of 10 u.s. olympians grew up drinking milk. it's got natural protein and balanced nutrition to help your kids grow strong and milk life. td ameritrade select securitiestrade 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. so i can trade all night long? ♪ all night long... let's reopen the market. ♪ trade 24/5, only with td ameritrade.
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the white house is scrambling to handle the fallout of rob porter. he resigned over domestic violence allegations. >> the keeping porter employed despite knowing about some of the alleged abuse allegations for months. >> reporter: sunday was a day for spin as the white house, as the myriad of white house advisers went to sunday talk
11:21 pm
shows attempts to explain away how the white house allowed allegations of abuse of two staffers. they are no longer on the job but it was not until alleged stories about porter came up. it goes back to the role that john kelly played in this situation. and some question whether kelly's response was enough. but kellyanne conway said kelly is going nowhere. >> i said i would be with you today. he said, tell jake i have full faith in chief of staff john kelly. i saw that all over the news today. i have faith in him. >> there's probably some lack of communication between different elements in the white house. >> i don't know, to be honest.
11:22 pm
>> i think the stories about replacing general kelly are being fed by people unhappy they lost access to the president. i'm pleased with the job the chief has been doing. the president is, as well. >> reporter: part of the reason that kelly is on the hot seat is because of how he handled this situation. kelly said when he learned the full extent of the allegations against rob porter, he swiftly removed him to remove him from his job. early of this past fall, kelly was made aware of the concerns and specifically that rob porter was accused of violence against his ex-wives and decided to do something about it. kelly said he confronted porter about the allegations. and porter denied them. even though kelly is trying to
11:23 pm
paint a new picture, there's many people within the administration that are questioning the vid validity oft point of view. the state of new york is suing harvey weinstein, complicating a deal to sell the he weinstein company. victims must be compensated for any sale to go through. >> weinstein's attorney says many of the allegations don't have merit. more than 60 women have accused sexual harassment and accusations that including rape. israel says it launched attacks against syrian and iranian targets. much of the latest action is taking place in the skies above
11:24 pm
the golan heights. >> reporter: military hardware litters the golan heights. deadly reminders of israel's last two wars with syria. in 1967, it was captured by israeli forces. ever since, the international community has regarded this high plateau as israel-occupied territory. war erupted once again in 1973. thousands of syrians and hundreds of israelti tis hundreds of israelti tiraelis d. in ancient times, this was the crossroads from the m mediterranean going to damascus. both roads are gone but it holds the importance to lebanon on my right and syria to my left.
11:25 pm
these days, the cameras do the shooting here. the proximity to danger draws the tourists. >> the trees in the distance, they are in syria. >> reporter: the u.n. monitors tasks to keep the peace have become part of the attraction. a jolt from the past truck the golan last saturday. they brought down a fighter after a drone was shot down over israel. but even that couldn't dissuade tourists. >> i feel safe. i think the israeli army is going to take care of us here. >> it is not what i expected. we have u.n. people here. it seems safe.
11:26 pm
>> reporter: a sense of security israel hopes remains. a day later, tensions seem to have eased. no one here desperate for a fight. but all are affair of the dangers if the ghosts of the past catch up to the present. >> and we'll take a short break here. still to come, weather conditions are wreaking havoc at the olympics. >> how snowboarders fared in the fierce wind there's, as cnn newsroom pushes on. money managers are pretty much the same. all but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers.
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we're on coast-to-coast
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across the united states and on live this hour. you're watching "cnn newsroom." i'm george howell. >> i'm rosemary church. the north korean delegation led by kim jong-un's sister has returned to pyongyang. south korea's president met with her four times. hundreds of people in seoul protests north korea's visit. in russian, investigators hope a flight data recorder will help them find the cause of a deadly plane crash. all 71 people onboard that plane were killed. the jet disappeared from radar shortly after takeoff. authorities haven't said if weather was a factor. a deal to sale the weinstein company is in doubt after the state has filed a suit against
11:31 pm
harvey weinstein and his company. his attorney says many of the allegations are without merit. more than 60 women have accused weinstein of sexual abuse, including rape. residents of puerto rico are experiencing a blackout at, after a fire after a mechanical substation. it's unclear how many people are without power. puerto rico has been struggling to recover its electrical system snce hurricane maria knocked out most of the power. after trading in the united states and around the world, most of the markets are starting this week on a positive note. >> the nikkei is closed, but the hang seng is up 6.5%.
11:32 pm
the shanghai composite also up. and seoul, up 1% there. investigators will be watching for key economic reports in the u.s. this week and whether inflation is picking up the pace. ♪ day three of the olympics and pyeongchang, south korea, is under way. and the stiff wind is not letting up. amanda davis has more from pyeongchang, south korea. >> it is all about the winds here today. once again, we knew it was scheduled to pick up. gusts approaching 40 kilometers an hour here. that is up to 75 kilometers an hour, up at the alpine center. for the second time in two days,
11:33 pm
the ski racing events have been cancel canceled. after the men's events, it has been the women's slalom is now. the 22-year-old americans expected to be one of the stars of these games and was scheduled to be competing in the first of her five events. but she described the delay as a bummer, and is feeling good. the women's slope style has gone ahead. that's left some commentators asking big questions of the organizer. after qualifying was canceled on sunday, it went to the finals shoot-out this morning with 5 of the 25 riders making it to the end of their first run without a fall. it was the defending champion from the united states, jamie anderson, who took gold.
11:34 pm
she was not affected by the wind. her winning score significantly lower than the 95.25 that won her gold in sochi four years ago. we knew that canada had a good figure skating lineup going into the games. to take victory in the team event, their first gold of the games. >> amanda davis with the highlights. now, a look at the medal compound so far. when it comes to notal medals, norway is at the front of the pack with eight. let's get the latest on the strong winds and the cold temperatures at the olympics. iv ivan, it's so bad, it's
11:35 pm
impacting events. >> not just strong wins but cross wins. all but five falling. expected with 40 kilometer to 60 kilometer winds. let's look at the forecast and talk about what we can expect in the next few days. we will be in better shape. a bigger area of low pressure will cause the winds to relax. we're gusting to 25 and 30. these are the highest gusts we've seen. atop the slopes, with less friction, the winds are stronger. you can add a few to these. we're going the right direction, as the low pulls away. you'll see the yellows going out. and then, 15, 25 kilomete kilometer-per-hour winds. then, we'll have some snowfall. by wednesday, right back in. tuesday looks good.
11:36 pm
wednesday, right back in to 25 kilometer, 30 kilometer wins. it's cleared out as far as the cloud cover. and that's headed out along with the wind. a lloittle cluster of snowfall moving in by wednesday morning into wednesday afternoon. we could be talking about a centimeter. my concern is not the snow, but the wind that will pick back up on wednesday. 35-mile-per-hour winds. a little higher on top of the slopes. on thursday, we'll see improvement. the temperatures will continue over the next few days, to be right between 5 and 10 below zero. to leave you on information on tropical cyclone etok. this is going for the capital. this is the equivalent of the atlantic or the western pacific
11:37 pm
of the philippines of a category 4 storm, with ferocious winds. with the circulation here, the quadrant will be seen to the nor north. we're focusing on the area that will be most impacted. 250-mile-per-hour winds. that happens in the next 12 hours. we don't have to wait long. they have battening down the hatches across the island. guys? >> glad you're keeping an eye on that, ivan. this next story is about a homeless man in france. a man using social media to show the daily struggles of living on the streets of paris. and his followers are paying attention. >> he is calling out french authorities for their treatment of the homeless. melissa bell reports. >> reporter: he's a homeless man who has become a twitter
11:38 pm
sensation. but it's not his improbable change of fortune. he used to be a summit here until he was led to a life on paris' streets three years ago. the hardest thing he says, is the isolation. to avoid that, christian uses free wi-fi and twitter to become a star. he describes it as a homeless man's diary, to tell of his daily struggles, while he waits for authorities to find him proper housing. like where he's tried to sleep. and how authorities have placed
11:39 pm
flower wapots to keep him from coming back. christian shows the lengths that authorities are prepared to go to, to keep homeless people away from spots they might find comfortable. the heat from the metro attracts people from here. the spot was removed after christian's tweet allowing proof that twitter is making a difference. including, as his profile, he receives gifts, like rechargers for mobile phones that he shares. twitter is a medium that's allowed him to share love and angry outbursts. but just to share with others once again. >> social media making a difference. >> yeah. it seems that way. let's take a short break. coming up, volatile markets are the focus as people from all
11:40 pm
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♪ 140 countries are represented at the world summit at dubai. >> and the focus is on future trends and the countries that need to advance. with the new trading week under way, the market jitters are taking precedence. let's go live in dubai for the latest. john? >> reporter: thanks, george and rosemary. you hit the nail on the head here.
11:44 pm
it's navigating the future from technology and global risk. you can't overlook the near and present danger, the market correction of 9% on wall street, 2,400 points on the douw industrials, though we see a leveling off of that. that goes to inflation and interest rates around the world. let's welcome in the ceo of seimens. it's great to get you read on inflation, particularly in the united states. is it really the threat that we're worried about the last two weeks? >> absolutely not. the exuberance of the volatility in the marketplace. just because of concerns about inflation, i believe that, if
11:45 pm
you look, it has been favorable economic environment. so, labor costs going up, process has been going up, which is natural because growth has happened. i'm not dconcerned about inflation. >> you're hiring during this cycle. there's been concerns about artificial intelligence, for a baseline. 400 million jobs by 2030. you have concerns about managing that transition. how do you do that? >> that's the major topic at hand today. there will be millions and millions of jobs being lost. but probably more millions of jobs being created. the challenge is that the current jobs are different from what we need in the future. this is about requalifying our people. at siemens, we spend $600,000
11:46 pm
every year to requalify our people. that's an important topic. this will determine the future and how we manage the revolution. >> we talk about the revolution. but you have concernss about social unrest if it's not managed correctly. you think a whole generation is not prepared for the fuch pertu. >> my company just announced job cuts of about 3,000 jobs in germany. by the same token, in the same period of time, we're going to hire like 15,000 new people. so, that means that the topic is not about concerned about the 3,000. the topic is how can we take the 3,000 and help them become employment for the remainder 15,000 that we're going to create? that's the topic at hand. i'm concerned about managing that timely because we have a
11:47 pm
very, very dig difference in the solution as compared to the first three. that's connectivity. everyone knows about issues. so, people will communicate and come together. we need to be sure that we create a fuss about the public discussi discussion. >> very good. it's interesting. you had a power agreement here in dubai. you assigned a couple solar contracts in india. >> right. >> a guest country speaker. there's emerging market growth in this environment, even though oil prices are around $60 a barrel. >> it's about twice as much as we have in the old time low. >> 2016. >> 2016 lows. people start spending.
11:48 pm
the regent is vivibrant. there's a lot of visionary leaders. think think of dubai, abu dhabi. i'm optimistic about the region. >> the results were down slightly because of the gas business. i thought gas would be the transition fuel here as we go to solar and wind. but we're going the have it for the next two or three decades. why the softness now? >> it comes more from the fact that the manufacturers have been, i believe, overly optim t optimistic about biuilding the capacity. we need the right size the capacity. on the other hand, with the renewable energy becoming not ecologic ecological, and feasible, you
11:49 pm
have a competing source of energy. >> not a bad thing. just managing the transition. thanks for your time. the ceo of siemens. we'll be talking with the executiver of the expo 2020 in dubai. for now, back to you. >> thanks, john. insightful interview. the royal watchers join us after the break. >> we'll have details about prince harry and meghan markle's big day ahead. you'll want to stick around. it's time for the 'ultimate sleep number event'
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welcome back. kensington palace is sharing details about the upcoming wedding. >> we know the date. the date is may 19th. and the majestic location. now, we know more about how it will go down. >> max foster is live in london with some more details. what are you hearing? >> the wedding will start at midday on the 19th. it will hit primetime lunchtime european audiences, also on the
11:54 pm
east coast where you are. it will be in the breakfast time and primetime starts of asia in the evening. it will have the biggest possible audience you can have. the forecast operators are g getting all their plans together. it will be in st. georges chapel. there will be a carriage procession through windsor. they want the public to be involved in the day. they will be winding through the streets of windsor. then, up the long walk, which is a grand straight path leading up to the castle there. once they get back, there will be a reception, at st. george's hall. that will be for members of the congregation and the couple, of course. in the evening will be a private reception hosted by prince charles. >> i can't believe that you're
11:55 pm
not invited with your connections. how big will this wedding be and how will it compare to his brother's wedding? >> williams' wedding is much bigger. he's in direct line to the throne. he had his at westminster abbey. harry will be in windsor in a castle. it is easier to secure. he is a target, not just for being a royal, but for being a serving member of the military. this is a big landmark event, as well. it will be easier to secure in windsor than in central london. that's one thing. certainly, it's becoming a big affair. there's logistics to make sure all of the cameras can get in, for example. a lot to organize, not like your
11:56 pm
average wedding. >> strategic timing there, a noon wedding. max foster on tdetails of the wedding. >> thanks for watching here. >> cnn newsroom continues after this short break. don't go anywhere.
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diplomacy on stage at the winter olympics. a breakthrough with north and south korea. where does that leave the united states? a russian plane crashes with 71 people onboard. investigators hope the voice and data recorders tell what happened. we're live on the scene. we're learning new details about the highly anticipated wedding between prince harry and meghan markle. >> hello to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. i'm rosemary church.


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