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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  March 2, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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said, around mr. porter's resignation and strongly suggested that this should have been handled differently. >> and rob porter, it's important to note, was central in these internal white house debates over the tariffs donald trump just announced. is that right? >> yes. this whole porter saga is striking for a number of reasons. one is the staying power this has had. here we are in the first month of march. one controversy leads into the next and the next news cycle on a weekly or daily basis and we're still talking about the porter saga. it has led to a rewrite of the security clearance issues. it's intensified the area of disagreement between jared can kushner and john kelly and we reported in "the wall street journal" last night it had a direct correlation to the trade policy yesterday morning that
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mr. trump announced. rob porter played a role as a gatekeeper of the oval office. one of the jobs there was to run point on trade policy. rob porter, along with gary cohn, using shorthand here called globalists when it comes to trade. they effectively had isolated some of the protectionists like peter navarro. with rob porter out of the building, peter navarro has worked his way back into the oval office. a promotion ag a week ago and yesterday signed off on one of his top priorities, which are the tariffs on aluminum and steel which caught a lot of white house officials, including gary cohn, by a lot of surprise. >> michael bender, thank you very much. i want to talk more about this with abby philip, also in that meeting with chief of staff john kelly and our chief political analyst gloria borger, who has an excellent piece about all of this chaos we've seen inside the west wing this week. you were in this meeting, abby.
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so, you actually heard the chief of staff give this defense of himself with this timeline. does it add up? >> i have to say it was extraordinary in that room because the timeline doesn't really even comport with what we publicly know. it doesn't comport with what we know over the sources of the last month. john kelly is saying february 6th, the day that the daily mail came to the white house with this story is the first time that he heard that the allegations of domestic abuse against rob porter. and that he blamed a mix-up for a press mix-up for the fact that the following day the white house continued to not only defend porter, they claimed that he would be staying on at the white house for several weeks and then kelly continued to have his name on a statement praising porter. they didn't even try to retract the statements of praise that the white house had collected for members of congress for porter that were out in the public on wednesday, after the photos, one of porter's ex-wives
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was published in the daily mail. john kelly said today that rob porter resigned twice on the day that the daily mail came to them. the next day they continued to defend him. the next day sarah sanders went to the podium and said he would be staying on for several weeks longer. it doesn't add up at all. we also know from our sources that multiple people in the white house were told that there were serious problems with his security clearance process due to abuse allegations in his past. kelly didn't address that. staends by his comments on a somewhat legalistic ground that the office that deals with these issues didn't tell him that there was a problem with domestic abuse in rob porter's clearance file. >> gloria, great column out today. >> thank you. >> fantastic. it's so well sourced. you're talking to people who are in donald trump's corner. they want him to succeed.
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they do. yet they are looking at what they worry about as an unraveling, especially as they see the president become increasingly isolated by these departures this week and also in previous months. >> yeah. and i think what was striking to me is that they were sort of concerned about the velocity by which all of this is moving, the intensity of it and the public nature of everything, of this unraveling as i call t one person said to me donald trump processes things differently from the way we do. that he thrives on this kind of chaos. but then there's a but. and the but is from other friends saying, look this past week feels very different to them. the reason it feels different is that it seems a little bit out of control. you know, you had the hope hicks' resignation, the president lashing out again at his attorney general at the justice department. >> toch the president's chagrin. >> exactly.
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the whole problem with jared and his security clearance being downgraded, which was an indirect result of the porter controversy. and all of this coming at him at the same time. and then, of course, the president surprising people, endorsing gun control after he seemed to unendorse it last night after meeting with the nra but on trade and tariffs and calling a meeting and announcing a policy that had not even been vetted. so everybody is thinking things have become a little unhinged here. >> and it's all moving so fast. >> yeah. >> there's this stunning report. you know, you always get the sense maybe no one is safe around president trump, that everyone can have an expiration date. you certainly have this idea that his son-in-law jared kushner and his daughter, ivanka, were immune from that. maybe not the case.
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maggie haberman has a story about chief john kelly being asked to push them out. >> this is all people taking attacks at me on to my daughter this is terrible. however, jared kushner is someone with whom he is now frustrated. he goes back and forth between feeling bad about what has happened and then being irritated by the fact that jared kushner has become a liability of sorts in his own right. he is getting a ton of negative headlines on his own, all about the meetings he has taken. there's a lot of focus on investigations. he'll talk about jared is getting killed, jared is getting killed and he's not always saying it with any self reflection or this is an extension of how they're look at me. he doesn't like when people attract negative headlines that could be a problem for him. now a member of his extended family is getting that in
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droves. >> what do you think about this, gloria, as you watch this? >> well, i think that the president has said eefr and over again to friends that i talk to, jared and ivanka are having a really tough time here. i'm not so sure they should have come to washington. it's by me that by extension they get attacked. however now jared is getting attacked or stories are being written about him. special counsel, from our reporting, is asking questions about his conversations with foreign leaders and his business dealings and suddenly the president says, whoa, wait a minute. he could be a liability to me. you can't tell jared to leave without having both of them leave and one source said to me this week, you know, maybe what will happen is that they'll end up becoming very active in the real act end. >> the path that could be open for jared and ivanka to leave
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washington and leave the white house. clearly people around the white house that i talk to, gloria talks to, the stories about jared having meetings with businesspeople and then turning around and offering loans to his private companies are genuinely damaging. they are genuinely approximate beyond the approximatepale of s this white house. they've gone beyond just sort of what the president often characterizes as a witch hunt to him and people around him to something that on its face is hard to explain. that's why we are where we are today. >> it's amazing. what an amazing week. abby philip, gloria borger, thank you so much. next on what's already been a chaotic week in the west wing, why the president's daughter, ivanka is having trouble getting security clearance. it may have to do with an ongoing fbi probe. details on that noncht big deal, wilbur ross uses a can of chicken noodle soup to justify and defend president trump's
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first daughter and white house adviser ivanka trump now at the center of an fbi probe. sources tell cnn the fbi is zeroing in on ivanka's role for securing a row tail deal for the trump tower in vancouver, canada. this extra attention could make it more difficult for ivanka to get the full security clearance she needs to be a full adviser to the president. i want to bring in shimon prokupecz. tell us what you know. >> reporter: there are some concerns over ivanka trump's overseas contacts with this one particular business deal, the trump vancouver tower in
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february 2017 just after the president was in the white house and ever since then the fbi has been going over some of her meetings, some of the people she's been talking to for that deal, some of the financial arrangements and there has been some concern. we don't know exactly what that concern is but certainly the concern has been raised by the counter intelligence investigators and analysts at the fbi who have been pouring over her security clearance and the background check and have noticed something, and this has certainly concerned them and has caused some hurdles for her in getting the clearance. much like her husband, jared kushner, at this point they both do not have top secret security clearance. i want to read a statement to you from her attorney where basically he says she's done nothing wrong. it says cnn is wrong, that any hurdle, obstacle, concern, red flag or problem has been raised with respect to miss trump or her clearance application, according to her spokesman for
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her attorny and says that nothing in the new white house policy has changed ms. trump's ability to do the same work she has been doing since she joined the administration. it's also important here, brianna, to note that ivanka trump is not the target of any investigation or is going to likely face any troubles as far as we know because of this. nonetheless this is just a continued pattern and continued concern for fbi counter intelligence investigators. >> all right. shimon prokupecz, thank you so much. first, jared kushner's security clearance being downgraded. now it's ivanka's turn with this fbi probe. josh roguen with us as well, cnn political analyst and washington post columnist. you heard about this vancouver deal and how it pertains to ivanka trump and her role in the white house. as a former federal prosecutor, what would the questions be that
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you would have about this? >> well, i think in his contacts we're seeing a lot of norms, rules that have been broken by this administration from the day they walked in. things that they just took the position this doesn't apply to me. we're seeing that the rules are there not only to protect the integrity of the process and make sure that people are secure this their jobs -- that is, they cannot be manipulated or bribed, so to speak, but also to protect the president and the white house itself. if we follow these norms and rules that were developed over many, many decades, we don't have this unnecessary drama. to the extent to which there's a question or even a scent of a quid pro quo, that's a problem. >> and with jared kushner it's really problematic because he had meetings with people in the
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white house and right after those meetings his family business gets big loans, loans that are larger than this management company would normally give out. you look at that josh, look what's going on with ivanka. how much of a liability is it for them that they have this drama around them? >> there's no question that the knives are out for the jarvanka. >> i thought it was jivanka. >> either one can work. depends who you talk to. now they're getting a lot of stories leaked about them. it's not a coincidence. they're vulnerable. they've lost friends inside the white house recently. top two spokespeople just left the white house. so we have to sort of understand why this is happening. it's because in this environment a lot of these stories are meant to sort of create a vulnerability that hopefully trump will respond to in one
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faction's effort to push out another faction. will that be enough? i don't think so. they have a trump card, if you will. they're related to the president of the united states. >> you don't see this discussion of maybe there's an off-ramp and even leave washington you don't see this a real thing? >> no, i'm sure that's what one faction is pushing. i'm not sure that the president has made that decision. until the president makes a decision nothing is really real. last week it was h.r. mcmaster is about to leave. we'll wait to see if president trump actually maeks that decision. what we're seeing that these internal battles spill out into the public in a very ugly way. it's just jared and ivanka's turn. that's not to say that they didn't commit some impropriety. they failed in the appearance of impropriety, which is the role of a public servant but don't count them out just yet. >> ivanka trump said she had not been interviewed by the special
12:19 pm
counsel. this is ongoing. doesn't mean she's not going to be. but did that surprise you? will you expect she will? >> yes shall i expect she will. she has been involved in a lot of decisions by the president leading up to the election, the campaign. but one thing i do remember from being inside the whitewater investigation is the massive disconnect between what's happening in the investigation and what's being reported. it's very difficult. it's like reading war and peace every 20th page. >> she said that recently. we would probably take her at her word for that. when she does do that -- we're keeping our eye on live pictures coming to us. the president is arriving in florida. he's going to be spending the weekend at mar-a-lago. that's what we're keeping an eye on right now. when it gets to that point, kim, where ivanka is being interviewed by the special counsel, what does that signal to you? >> that the mueller investigation is getting closer and closer to the president and
12:20 pm
i think the fact that jared kushner's security clearance was downgraded demonstrates there's some vulnerability there. the other thing we need to keep in mind is the fact that this investigation is ongoing puts people within the white house in a compromised situation. any conversation they have with this president about the russia investigation. and he tends to sort of talk off the cuff. it makes them vulnerable to a grand jury subpoena or another interview. you know, lawyers aren't paid for by these public servants. they cost hundreds of dollars an hour in washington and it's a really difficult, difficult job to do in the best of circumstances. right now it doesn't really surprise me that people are leaving. >> the drama this week involving jared and ivanka is just part of this week of chaos, josh. as we head into the weekend, head into next week and look back on what has been so much turmoil. what's on your mind as you think how this is ultimately going to
12:21 pm
play out? >> there has to be a coming to terms with these factions where they realize that their infight something harming the president and the president's agenda. if they're not working for the white house they're working against the white house. we see a lot of people throwing other people under the bus in front of the press in order to distract from their own scandals. we see a lot of stories that are meant to sort of create facts on the groun, as much as cover facts on the ground. they've got to cut it out, settle down and get their act together. the big question is can this kind of chaos go on? some people say no, it's leading to something. or something drastic is going to happen or we're going to get to a crisis, some sort of emergency where that chaos system won't function. i'm of the view we might see this chaos in a constant way for a long time. >> oh, wow. okay. >> get use d to it. >> next week will be interesting, then. josh rogin, kim wehle, thank you
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12:27 pm
world. you can see the trade breakdown here. we asked reporters all over the globe to share the reaction from where they are, starting with matt rivers in beijing. >> china doesn't want a trade war any more than the united states does. some analysts say that china could be more exposed to potential damage am a trade war because the economy is slowing down here. and the economy relies on continued exports to the united states to make sure there won't be a hard landing in the future. because of that, a lot of voices that cnn has spoken to today here in china predict that china won't overreact to this proposed set of tariffs. all that said, though, china continues to say it will protect its interest and retaliate when necessar necessary. >> there has been a very angry response in berlin to the
12:28 pm
possibility of tariffs saying it's a clear violation of wto rules and foreign minister saying, quote, it's incomprehensib incomprehensible. germany produces about 3% of steel going to the u.s. it is the largest steel producer in the eu. the vow from berlin is that germany and the eu is being unfairly punished with these r tariffs to the benefit of china and if they're imposed europe may have to put up its own protective barrier. >> i'm paula newton in ottawa. when the president talks about those tariffs and steel and aluminum, he has to be talking about canada, who exports more steel and aluminum to the united states for any other country. here they are calling for exemptions, part of the american military structure. all of that coming from the president himself to prime minister justin trudeau.
12:29 pm
now they're hearing from the worst. the president has changed his mind and no exemptions will be on the table. justin trudeau saying to president trump, look, a trade war will hurt the united states just as much as it will hurt canada. back to you. >> joining me now is stephen moore, former trump economic adviser, senior analyst. how wilbur ross is defending the new steel and aluminum tariff. take a look. >> in campbell soup there's 2.6 pennies worth of steel. if that goes up by 25% that's about six-tenths of one cent on the price of a can of campbell's soup.
12:30 pm
who in the world is going to be too bothered by .6 of a cent? >> alexis, you first. what's your reaction to the commerce secretary's defense there? >> it's probably always a bad idea to send a billionaire, as wilbur ross is, hey, it's not a big deal if prices go up. that's just not great appearance. trump says one thing and republican congress does another. this is essentially about helping american workers and too los angeles long there's been glut of steel and lup. does he know next week paul rmi will bring a bill to roll back rules on banks like deutsche and
12:31 pm
ubs? the whole thing is confusion to me. >> what do you think, steve? >> i told president trump i don't like tariffs on steel and aluminum. i told president trump that. he knows i disagree with it. dishwashers and solar panels, it's one thing to put a tariff on that. but steel aluminum is contained in so many products including a c can. all the manufactured products we produce in states like michigan, ohio, pennsylvania and iowa, west virginia, states that trump won, those will be now more expensive. it's actually going to hurt our auto industry, manufacturing industry, our metals industries and so on. much better if you want to save jobs, what i always told donald
12:32 pm
trump was go aggressively with, ofb, the tax cut, tremendously pro jobs. deregulation effort which has had a huge impact on reducing the cost of businesses here. we don't need steel and aluminum ta tariffs. >> you don't agree with this. no one agrees with this, it seems. >> almost no one, i should say, who was in donald trump's corner thinks this is the move that he should be making. so why on earth is he doing it? >> to be fair there was a very -- >> he campaigned on it. >> number one, he did campaign on it. this shouldn't come as a price to people. he said if elected he would put ta tariffs on various things that he thought was a threat to job security.
12:33 pm
it's ultimately much better to pursue these other ideas he had. there were a number of voices, by the way, in his own economic cabinet that were opposed to these ideas. wilbur ross and some of the others, peter navarro, was very much in favor of. i think he came out on the wrong side. you see what's happened with the stock market, now at 1,000 points. >> it's not down that much. there are people who think this is a good deal. steelworkers, afl-cio thinks it's a good idea and sherrod brown has been talking about how china has done these illegal subsidies. where i have a bone to pick and where stephen will probably disagree with me, i don't think this is the way to help the american worker. there are some things that they're doing like proposing regulations, rolling back the overtime rule which helps americans who make overtime
12:34 pm
ensure they get that money. tariffs could be a piece of this. of course wall street doesn't like this because they want free flow of capital without rules and conditions. for too long, america has been at a disadvantage in a lot of ways. it has to happen in concert with other pro-worker policies and trump does in the have a good track record of doing that. >> what are you talking about? this has bane pro worker president. >> he has been talking about the stock market and now it's tanking. half of the americans aren't even in the stock market. >> wait a minute. i want sfr single american to be in the stock market. great way to make some money. afl-cio, even they're making a ms. take. think of all the workers in auto manufacturing and all sorts of other kinds of manufacturing in
12:35 pm
the computer industry and so on that are negatively affected. i don't even think, alexis, this will create jobs for americans. on balance we may end up losing jobs. now steel will be 20% more expensive in the united states than it will be in china, mexico, germany and the other countries we compete with. i don't see the logic. i hope that trump draws back on it. >> we'll have to leave it there. alexis goldstein, stephen moore, thank you to you as well. >> thank you. up next, president trump at odds with his attorney general, national security adviser, top economic adviser and tafs all this week. i'll discuss it all with former adviser david axelrod. [burke] vengeful vermin.
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at the bass pro shops' spring fishing classic! with all the latest gear. and huge savings! like bass pro utility boxes 5 for $10. and bass pro hi-back boat seats for under $60. welcome back. white house chaos reaching
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levels and it's not over yet. senior white house aide rob porter who eventually resigned. it comes in the same week the president sent shock waves by announcing steep metal tariffs, giving conflicting stances on gun control, had more departures from senior staffers at the white house. the situation so turbulent, his allies are worried about him. they say he's becoming increasingly isolated and angry. joining me now to discuss this is a maven who knows all about life inside the white house. david axlerod is a former adviser to president obama. david you look at -- gloria borger had an excellent column today where she's talking to people who want donald trump really to succeed. they support him. they support his agenda. yet they look at just, as she put it, the malocity of all the chaos and they're worried about his stability.
12:41 pm
should they be concerned. >> yeah. >> should we be concerned? >> they should be concern ed. i'm familiar with white houses, you say. no one is familiar with this kind of white house this as you know chartered waters. the concern is that the more pressure the president comes under, and even in a normal presidency, pressure is a daily thing. the more pressure he comes under, the more ad hoc his actions become. so, we've seen this bizarre week in which he had this gun event. and you get the feeling he uses televisions as a television event. representatives on both sides, he met quietly with the nra and jerks back and forth between decisions. the trade decision, which apparently was done without -- against the advice of most of his economic and national security adviser s advisers.
12:42 pm
people says he loves chaos and that's how he managed his organizations. this isn't the trump organization. this is the government. when you behave in an erratic way it can have dramatic consequences, as we've seen in the last few days. >> i want to ask you because, actual actually, some of the -- we've had a lot of news over the last few weeks but some of the most important national security news we've seen, robert mueller indicting russians for attacks on the u.s., then american intel chiefs say the president hasn't given the order to stop the attacks currently ongoing. then you look at where the president is on all of this. he's silent. he hasn't condemned russians, despite these indictments. he hasn't condemned vladimir putin. what's your takeaway from that? >> i don't know what to take away from it. it's really, really baffling. members of his own
12:43 pm
administration have said the acts of putin and russia and their incurgence on our democracy are acts of war. he has not instructed his security cabinet to repel these efforts. it is insplikable. it adds to the concern that something is not right. i have other national security concerns, tabletop exercises to model what a war with north korea would liook like. i don't want to minimize at all north korea. a thorn in the side of many administrations and no one has solved that problem yet and it's getting worse. we know that. when you see how casually the president slid into a potential trade war yesterday you worry about on what basis he might enter an actual shooting war that could have catastrophic
12:44 pm
consequences. this why his allies are concerned. i suspect one of the reasons that so many details of this north korea leak was because there were people around his own national security apparatus who want people to know this is actively being pursued because they're worried about the president making a decision. >> this week on the ax files you are going to sit down with retiring republican senator jeff flake. you asked him his concerns about democratic institutions if the russia investigation finds damning evidence against the president. here is what he said. >> i'm really concerned. what will happen with this president if bob mueller comes up with something damning? >> do you think this congress would do anything? >> that's the concern i have.
12:45 pm
i do think that enough of my colleagues will stand up when they need to. but right now it is concerning to see so many simply say let's go shirts and skins on this. >> what did you think about that? he is retiring. he is one to break with republicans on this. he may be certainly right in his assessment of what he thinks his party will do. what's your reaction to it? >> well, i mean, let's note the fact that he's not retiring with -- voluntarily so much as that he's concluded that he can't win a republican primary and be critical of this president. that is what his colleagues have seen. some ways jeff flake a negative example for his colleagues who, after all, are most concerned about retaining their seats and power and live in fear of turning up in a donald trump tweet. so the question becomes if there is -- i'm not saying there will be, but if mr. mueller comes
12:46 pm
forward with -- as the senator says damning information, information that really does rise to the level of an impeachable offense, what will the congress do? they haven't exactly shown gumption to stand up to him. i think he raises legitimate concerns. >> david axelrod thank you so much for being with us. you can catch david's full interview with senator flake. that will be on the ax file this is saturday 7:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. right now, 80 million people are in the path of a bomb cyclone slamming the northeast. thousands of flights canceled. amtrak has stopped service from new york to boston. we are live along the east coast ahead. hange, causing a lack of sharpness, or even trouble with recall. thankfully, the breakthrough in prevagen helps your brain and actually improves memory. the secret is an ingredient originally discovered...
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a massachusetts police officer is putting his passion to good use by teaching free boxing classes to hundreds of at risk youth. how he's changing lives and going beyond the call of duty. >> my name is jj jones. i'm not in uniform here. it's a police program. i'm a police officer. in here i just want to be jj.
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>> work on your form! >> tucked away in the basement of the ymca, for him, the ring was an escape. >> i was going through a lot of difficult times. i was homeless. >> when he came in here, it was obvious that he need someday guidance. >> the relationship between jj and alfonso took several rounds. >> i'll never forget. i don't know why. it was just that time and i opened up to him. i said this is what i'm going through. basically, help me. it became that place for me. for those two or three hours that i was here, i was actually happy. >> that's a feeling alfonso didn't expect. >> sometimes, you run. i didn't know. why he was the first person that made me see beyond the uniform. beyond the blue.
12:53 pm
if they can connect with me, maybe that builds a trust with other officers and patrol. >> to date, jj has trained nearly 750 kids and teenagers over eight years. >> good job! >> he's never miss ad tuesday or thursday class. not even for vacation. a commitment that is not only changing lives but saving them. lisa gold's mother said her daughter was self-harming before she found this program. >> over the week, i get a lot of stress. coming here, i can get that off because it helps. >> they aren't used to anybody giving them individual attention. they also let me rant sometimes. it was never about fighting and winning. it was about growth. boxing brought me in but jj made me stay. >> he's not anything close to the person he was when he first
12:54 pm
came here. he's a star as far as i'm concerned. >> why do you think kids keep coming back? >> i don't know. but i'm glad they do. >> cnn, cambridge. a republican senator calling people who support obamacare the quote, stoupidest and dumb ass people. we just got a response. we need your help as we begin a new season of cnn heroes. today you will meet a woman who successfully nominated her personal hero to be a cnn hero. thanks to her, sister teresa fitzgerald was honored for giving thousands of unkars rated women a fresh start. >> it was through her love and her support that really helped me regain my life. >> hi! >> i'm happily a cnn hero thanks to her brave recommendation of
12:55 pm
my credentials. >> i was like, oh, my goodness. for everything that she's done for me, i did something for her that no one else did. so it felt really good. >> and you can nominate someone to be a cnn hero right now. just to go cnn -- captions by vitac -- ♪ ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. (avo) get 0% apr financing on all new 2018 subaru forester models. now through april 2nd.
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1:00 pm
support obamacare. >> that was the stupidest dumb ass bill that i've ever seen. now some of you may have loved it. if you do, you are one of the stoop he haddest dumb ass people i've ever met. >> the republican says in part that he made a poorly word joke and it was not reflective of his actual feelings. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. they say blood is thicker than water so jared kushner and ivanka trump have nothing to worry about. "the lead" starts now. a new report says president trump is urging his chief of staff to show ivanka trump and jared kushner the door. while telling them to their faces that he wants them to stick around. and this is not even the most troubling white house story of the week. now that vladimir putin is trotting out his brand new nuclear missile that he says cannot be stopped, are we on the brink of a