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tv   New Day  CNN  April 6, 2018 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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what went wrong or what paxton was wearing. he played it cool. how would you handle that? >> i would not have been that cool. the wing span alone on that bird would freak me out. >> let that will do it for us, folks. >> thanks for joining us. i'm rene marsh. >> i'm dave briggs. "new day" starts right now. have a great weekend. >> this is another step in the wrong direction. >> president trump threatening another wave of steep tariffs on chinese exports. >> there's no trade war here. we don't have a tariff enacted yet. >> i think scott has done a fantastic job. >> he promised to drain the swamp. this is not consistent with that pledge. >> i did not know about the pay raises until yesterday. >> are you embarrassed?
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>> it should not have happened. >> did you know about the $130,000 payment to stormy daniels? >> the president just shot himself in the foot. we have known he would have shot himself in the foot. >> this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and chris cuomo. >> chris is off this morning. david gregory joins me. >> still bleary eyed. you do this every day? >> every day. president trump amping up the rhetoric, now atlantaing china with an additional $100 billion in tariffs. beijing is vowing to fight the u.s. at any cost. we will discuss who has more to lose in this escalating feud. >> the white house facing an ethics scandal involveing the president's cabinet. officials at epa were demoted or
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sidelined after being questioned about scott pruitt's spending. because there wasn't enough going on, president trump is breaking his silence on stormy daniels. now it could have legalism indications. the president said he did not know about the $130,000 hush payment to the porn star made by his personal attorney, michael cohen. and president trump tosses out the script, feeding his base plenty of red meat, resurrecting some of his fact-free hits and debunked claims. live in beijing with our top story is ivan watson. ivan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. the chinese government is calling president trump's threat
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for more tariffs a provocation. on monday, they imposed $3 billion -- tariffs on $3 billion worth of u.s. goods in retaliation for tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. the next day the u.s. threatened $50 billion on on tariffs for alleged intellectual property theft. the next day china threatened $50 billion tariffs on u.s. goods. now, president trump has threatened tariffs on another $100 billion worth of chinese goods. the u.s. is china's biggest export market. this would amount to if he follows through on the threat, hurting 40% of china's exports to the u.s. but the chinese threats are threatening important sectors of the u.s. economy, including agriculture. soybean exports, last year amounted to $14 billion for u.s. farmers selling to china.
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this is alarming some voices such as ben sasse of nebraska, republican, putting out this critical statement saying hopefully the president is just blowing off steam again. but if even he is half serious, this is nuts. take on chinese bad behavior but in a plan that punishes them instead of us. this is the dumbest possible way to do this. president xi is presses for life and president trump doesn't have that and may anger some of his base. the president stands by the embattled head of the epa. cnn's abby phillip live with that part of the story. good morning, abby. >> reporter: good morning, david. this white house is battling one scandal after another when it comes to epa tkpheupb strau
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administrator scott pruitt. >> i think scott has done a fantastic job. i think he's a fantastic person. >> reporter: president trump telling reporters despite a growing list of controversies he thinks pruitt will be fine. cnn learned thursday that multiple senior officials were sidelined or demoted at the agency after raising concerns about pruitt's pricey travel, management of the agency, allegations an epa speaksman disputes. separately, multiple sources tell cnn, after pruitt took over at the epa, he asked his 24/7 chief to use lights and sirens
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to get through traffic. after tell him no, he was reassigned. and a pay raise of $80,000 for two of his closest aides. he said he was not aware of the raises until this week. >> i did not. my staff did. and i found out yesterday and changed it. >> reporter: and renting a d.c. condo for $50 a night from a lobbyist who donated to his past campaign. president trump was asked if he was poerd about the reports. >> i'll have to look boo it. i hear different versions. >> reporter: as recently as this week, the president floated the idea of replacing attorney general jeff sessions with pruitt. >> scott is doing a great job
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where he is. >> reporter: this has president trump breaks his silence on stormy daniels and the payment to keep quiet days before the election. >> no. no. what else? >> then why did michael cohen make those if there was no truth to her allegations? >> you have to ask michael cohen. he's my attorney. >> the president has just shot himself in the foot, thrown his attorney basically, michael cohen, under the bus in the process. >> reporter: mr. trump literally tossed out his prepared remarks about tax reform. >> that would be a little boring. >> reporter: choosing to
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resurrect some of the rhetoric used on the campaign trail. >> everybody said, oh, he was so tough. i used the word rape. yes, they came out where this journey coming up, women are raped at levels that nobody has ever seen before. >> reporter: well, the president has announced he wants between 2,000 and 4,000 national guard troops to the border. this is all happening at a time when relationships with mexico are getting worse and worse by the day, not helped by the president's own rhetoric. he also has no public events today. sarah sanders is going to brief the press this afternoon. there are a lot of questions, alisyn and david. >> yes, there are. thank you, abby, very much. we have our cnn analyst john avlon. the new tariffs on china, i'm not sure this is what larry kudlow meant by deescalating.
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the markets were quelled after his advisers came on and said this is a negotiating tactic. we're going to deescalate things. and then the president does? >> yeah. those two things would be in contradicti contradiction. i think the president's supporters has a point. nobody has gotten tough with china. the problem is the escalation people worried about seems to be occurring. those can get out of control very quickly. >> they may have already gotten out of control. >> there is another side to this. you obviously saw the president is spooked by what happened in the markets. there's something in the criticism about all of this that is perfect for trump. the establishment doesn't like his way of approaching china.
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>> this is what he really meant. >> this is a consistent point of view on trade. it is hard to be unhinged if you have never been hinged. people were able to put a damper on him, keep him from saying stuff. now they can't. you're right. >> but there are no tariffs actually in place. this would cover china. >> china exports more to the
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united states than we export to china. we have a real imbalance. they have a different situation. xi has basic live lifetime power. they have a surplus. look, the president is probably doing the right thing by going after ip theft. it is dangerous to american companies and hasn't been addressed. >> those who support the president are saying about this. here's a compilation of those. for instance, congressman steve king of iowa, they are not as concerned about trade deficits as they are about this emerging trade war. talking about his voters. pat roberts, very is unfortunate outlook that we have protectionists advising the president. it seems he has an intrinsic
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belief of protectionist. jodie he ernst of iowa. i need for him to understand that we're hurting in the midwest and this is not helping. what i thought was particularly interesting is you can hear how they are going to spin it. this is not don't blame the president about this. blame china. so listen to this. >> we have a situation where they have been punching us in the body, in the face for years. all we are doing now is self defense, defending ourselves. and the way they expect us to react is punch us some more and basically try to hit american farmers most directly. and i don't think the american people are going to respond very well to those kind of threats. >> so it is china punching. >> what are the results going to
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be? at the end of the day if they can flip the blame how long is that going to last if you are coming home with less money in your market and you are distressed by the policies of this president. that is the question. >> it is a nationalist argument, protectionist argument. there is a lot of evidence to support over on the years. there will be short-term pain. it you may be more. i see a president with consistent thinking but gets incredibly jittery when the markets tank. not only the the establishment but financial markets see the prospect of a trade war and get completely spooked to the point of correction territory. is he going to stick by it and absorb the pain? probably not. >> this is a president who has taken comfort that the market
3:13 am
has surged. at the end of the day what he should be most concerned about is main street not wall street. >> you're coming home with less money. it's going to be four years. >> let's shift gears to scott pruitt. >> china, scott pruitt. >> when you think you have heard all the possible ethical entanglements, there is a new one. "new york times" is reporting that five of his staffers, four high ranking aides and advisers, have been reassigned after raising questions about husband spending and management. it sounds like retaliation against people who try to sound
3:14 am
app alarm that something was not ethically passing muster. >> that's not news what is being done in the epa. when he first came in to the epa, scientists were being kept from voiceing their concerns and is sequestered. that's a pattern of behavior that the president still is supports and says he's a fantastic man. >> here's the thing. this is the tension. you know this president doesn't like somebody who gets this kind of negative publicity, who is stealing the the spotlight from president trump. this is reckless behavior. but he is a hero at the epa. >> he said coming back from west virginia yesterday. he's a hero in coal country.
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he is very good for the industry. environmental advocates, not so much. you have awe series of stories, shady behavior, arrogance of power. the lobbyist renting this $50 a night apartment, was lobbying the epa contrary to their original statement. and this pattern of punishing people dissenting inside the organization all against the larger back drop of policies whether you approach the gender or not. inside stain teufbg agencies saying they can't use the term climate change. >> you were right. at the end of the day, don't overanalyze it either. this is the president of the
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united states who doesn't like people stealing his thunder. that's what it boils down to. >> so the question is can he survive? what he's got is someone extremely popular with his political base, with the business base that the epa regulates. he could say this is overblown. i'll stick by. >> and the president could change his mind and look for a new epa director. >> well, stay tuned. thank you both very much. now, to this. stopper daniels's attorney believes his case just got much smarter after president trump denied knowing about any hush money payment. did he expose himself legally by breaking his silence. we'll discuss that next. 's time . wakey! wakey! rise and shine! oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it.
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and tuberculosis. tell your doctor if you have an infection or have symptoms such as fever, sweats, chills, muscle aches or cough. before starting tremfya®, tell your doctor if you plan to or have recently received a vaccine. ask your doctor about tremfya®. tremfya®, because you deserve to stay clearer. janssen wants to help you explore cost support options for tremfya®. did you know about the $130,000 payment to stormy daniels? >> no. no. >> why did michael cohen make this if there was no truth to her allegations. >> you'll have to ask michael cohen. michael is my attorney, and
3:21 am
you'll have to ask him. >> john avlon is back with us. areva, let me start with you. stormy daniels's lawyer is saying aha, the president has said no and therefore he violated the terms of this hush agreement. everything is off. >> well, you can't have an agreement between two parties when one party acknowledges that he didn't even. >> have knowledge of the material terms of the agreement. if trump is saying he had no knowledge of the $130,000 payment, there was never a meeting of the minds between trump and stormy daniels. that's the argument that stormy daniels's attorney has been making throughout the last several months. this agreement is not valid. it is not valid for several reasons. one, he energied trump never signed the agreement. and if trump didn't know about the payment, there was never
3:22 am
mutual consent between the parties. that was a major admission. >> they never said the agreement was with michael trump. they said it was with with michael cohen and stormy daniels. so the president said i didn't know anything about it, confirms, or at least agrees with what michael cohen has been saying that he didn't know anything about it. >> one problem with that, alisyn, donald trump joined in the lawsuit that michael cohen is a part of to remove the case that stormy daniels filed in state court to federal court. so you are is not party to an agreement. you have no knowledge about this agreement. why join the lawsuit to enforce a agreement you are not party to. it makes no legal sense. you can't have it both ways. either you're party to a lawsuit or you're not. by making the statement that he had no knowledge of the payment, where it came from, the fact
3:23 am
that the payment was made, he is undermining his lawyers's position and makes it difficult for him to move forward with the position he's taken. and most importantly, really what stormy daniels's lawyer wants to do is depose donald trump. >> right. >> they created this big ambiguity about who knew what or when. and i can't see them refusing the opportunity to have trump and cohen testify under oath. >> john? >> look, this is a great example of the costs of shooting from the lip. and the president can't help himself. he's on air force one. he talks about it 25 seconds. you can tell he is trying to say as little as possible. but in that he would seem to play into stormy daniels's defense, which is if you didn't know about the contract and you didn't sign it, is it really binding. and setting up a situation where
3:24 am
he could be deposed. >> let's talk about that timing. why did he, after all of these weeks of silence and discipline, why did he respond? >> i would not overthink it or assume there was strategy. it was moth to a flame. he walked back, got a question, couldn't bring himself to say nothing. >> this is a striking aspect of the president. he likes to talk. he likes to be available. he likes to take questions. it is a rolling conversation that he is in charge of. the problem is you become exposed in those things. it is hard to remember, no, no, i can't answer at all. here's the other piece. ultimately the he potential to depose him. that's what they want. clearly stormy daniels and her lawyer want that attention. >> a judge already shot that down, areva.
3:25 am
>> no. he hasn't shot it down. he said it was a premature request. >> but today is it, is today a still premature request? >> it is clear to me there will be a deposition if this litigation continues. they did not say he won't be deposed. they said we need to make some determination whether this gets is sent to private arbitration. >> to me the is striking aspect of this story is the biggest pit fall is obviously a legal pit fall. we have seen it with clinton. he doesn't get to a point where he is deposed and becomes part of the purview of special counsel. i don't think anything is in
3:26 am
despite despite what the president says i don't think anybody cares. this might be the least surprising part of trump for the voters. >> bill clinton sort of berthed this argument. nobody thought they were electing a saint for president but he could still get the job done. let's not get snowed in but the storm, no pun intended. the president and the porn star is a headline for the ages. even if the 28%, it's not moving no matter what, if they don't care. >> it is not just the base. we have polls that 70% of americans believe this happened. but everybody is moving along with their daily news. >> life went on during the lewinsky scandal. it will have real world
3:27 am
implications. >> speaking of moving on. >> masterful. areva, thank you. thank you, john very much. coming up in our next hour, we will speak live with michael avenatti. we will get him to answer these questions. ufc conor mcgregor arrested for going on a rampage after a media event in new york. details coming up.
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that's more speed than at&t's comparable bundle, for less. call today. prosecutors obtaining a warrant to get information connected to five at&t phone numbers. the information is reportedly not related to the criminal prosecutions of manafort. former trump campaign chairman faces indictments in virginia
3:32 am
and washington, d.c. related to his foreign lobbying business before the campaign. he pleaded not guilty to both cases. in other law enforcement news, ufc conor mcgregor charged with one count of assault and one count of criminal mischief after an alleged attack, that's alleged all right, on a bus of rival fighters. a passenger was injured. mcgregor was arrested following the incident in brooklyn thursday. he is due to appear in court this morning. i mean, shocking only -- he's a ufc fighter. this is not the most uncharacteristic behavior of this guy. >> it looks like he is a member of the new york city ballet. >> he was mad. he wanted to wobble back to his corner. remember when he said that this summer? were you watching the fight?
3:33 am
>> no. but i did hear about it. it is ringing a bell. president trump goes off script literally and the facts are the first casualty. he again makes false claims about vote or fraud and some alarming statements about violence. can i get some help. watch his head. ♪ i'm so happy. ♪ whatever they went through, they went through together. welcome guys. life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you. the kayak explore tool shows you the places you can fly on your budget. so you can be confident you're getting the most bang for your buck. alo-ha. kayak. search one and done.
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new example of president trump tossing red meat to his base in west virginia and ramping up immigration concerns by making alarming claims of women coming to the country from central america. listen. >> remember my opening remarks at trump tower. i used the word rape. yesterday it came out where this journey coming up, women are raped at levels that nobody has ever seen before. >> the president in west virginia yesterday. what is he talking about? >> what crisis is he talking about? >> without any information?
3:38 am
what is he talking about is the lens to put on much of his public comments. he famously said mexicans were coming into the country and raping women but some of them were good people. >> not in this caravan, they're not. that's why they are traveling in a caravan is, for safety. having patrolled the border, it's a euingenuous deflection.
3:39 am
let me just go to there is a buzzfeed reporter traveling along with this caravan. here's what he reports. i've been with the caravan 12 days. haven't seen or heard of anyone being raped at levels nobody has ever seen before. to be clear, i haven't heard of anyone being raped. >> here's the problem. what we know about a lot of particularly women with kids who are seeking asylum from central america is that they are in mexico as well. they are trying to escape abusive situations. >> nobody in the administration says, well, we have to patrol the border and enforce laws. we have a real concern about what happens when these folks are turned around. >> let's talk about how this all came about. >> he took one question from an
3:40 am
american reporter. and the issue he decided to talk about was the border. he switched gears and started talking about the border and said, hey, we're going to ring in the military. afterwards, reporters said what about the act. you can't use the military to police the border. there are exceptions for the national guard. several people did not know what that act was. they said, hey, well, on account of national emergency, surely, no, he could not. they went and did their research and then he came out with the national guard. he doubled down with the border. and it all conflated itself. this is typical trump behavior. >> and other misinformation. >> which is why it is important to reality check the president's comments every day. look, illegal crossings have been declining since 2004.
3:41 am
that's important. so the urgency around this is political. it is too off he plays the fear card rather than dealing with the facts. we are deploying. he is deploying national guard. >> he has not done it yet. >> it is called proclamation. this will almost certainly occur. but numbers that seem to be between what president obama deployed, 1,200, and bush, #,000. >> the president brought back up something that has been debunked over and over. that is that millions and millions of illegal people voted in the election, 2016 election in california.
3:42 am
here's what he said. >> in california the same person votes many times. you probably heard about that. they say, oh, that's a conspiracy theory. not a conspiracy theory, folks. millions and millions of people -- >> that is a conspiracy theory. that is the definition. >> and i have but one question. if in fact, this occurred, does it in validate his election. >> no. because he said they voted for hillary clinton. >> that he knows, right? >> he lost the popular vote. so he said california had millions of people voteding illegally. if you take that into account -- >> let's focus on the facts. he had a commission, they came up with nothing. he had to shut it down. the most important thing people can take away and there is no factual basis for a claim. this is also the guy who came in national political prominence claiming our first african-american president was not born in america. this is a problem.
3:43 am
>> i want to pair him up with the society. perhaps they will come up with something together. >> i have done these voter panels where they vote that back to me. it is part of their reality now. they have read it. they heard it. they heard the president say it. so they believe that. >> people stay inside their own philosophical cul-de-sac. whatever they hear echoed back to them reinforces it. >> it is important that the president has some fidelity of facts, and this one doesn't. unfortunately, that decreases faith in our democracy. add agriculture ballast that this is a rigged system. >> i will go further than that. it destabilizes the entire world. i'm sorry. that's the bottom line. >> thank you both very much. >> serious stuff.
3:44 am
after a two-year hiatus, tiger woods returning to the masters. details in the "bleacher report" next.
3:45 am
an expectation to surpass. burden. but that's the point. ♪ bring us doubt, and we'll bring you the first car with true hands free driving for the freeway. bring us a challenge, and we'll reinvent what it means to own a car. ♪ bring us all your expectations, and we'll defy them. again, and again, and again.
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okay. watch what we're about to do. david gregory is here for the assist. tiger woods is the main attraction at the masters. but the other co-favorite sits at the top of the leaderboard, whatever all that means. >> your content for sports. >> i is suffer through this. go. >> he played 17 rounds and has been the leader or co-leader in over half. nine times. he was on fire. especially on the back nine yesterday. he only took 10 putts. he made five straight birdies.
3:49 am
that is a career best for him in majors. he was the runner-up at the masters in 2014 and '16. he won it all in 2015. thursday he finished a 6 under 66 with a two-shot lead heading into the day's second round. what's up with tiger woods? he appeared frustrated at times. calling some of the shots terrible during his first round. his game could have gone completely off the tracks. he pulled it together seven behind the lead after shooting 73. that's one stroke better actually in his opening round the last time. he won in 2005. we'll see how he does today.
3:50 am
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and capillary leak syndrome have occurred. report abdominal or shoulder tip pain, trouble breathing or allergic reactions to your doctor right away. in patients with sickle cell disorders, serious, sometimes fatal crises can occur. the most common side effect is bone and muscle ache. so why go back there? if you'd rather be home, ask your doctor about neulasta onpro. the students is at marjory stoneman douglas are still trying to cope with the aftermath of the february 14th massacre. freshman kyle layman returned to school for the first time this week after he was shot in the foot and endured three
3:55 am
surgeries. kyle came face-to-face with the shooter and gave a description to police which eventually led to the gunman's capture. he is joined with his mother marie layman. kyle, how are you doing? >> i'm good. how are you? >> i'm doing well. what is it like for you to go back to school this week? >> it was really overwhelming. mostly fun. i had a carrier with me. >> what do you mean you had a carrier? what does that mean? >> someone pushing the wheelchair. >> so you had the officer month rescued him, jeff. he was pushing him. and also one of the friend of ours now, the city council
3:56 am
memb member. he spent the day with kyle and pushing him around. so they took turns pushing him around. >> what was it like? what did your classmates and frie friends do? >> they were really comforting and talked to me. >> everyone was very excited to see him. >> i can imagine. kyle, you haven't been back to school in these -- you know, it's almost been two months. your foot was almost destroyed. tell us what happened. >> you were shot in the foot. >> yeah.
3:57 am
>> and i know you ran on it to get away. that's where you encountered the sergeant who helped you. and then, i don't know, were there times that you thought that you might not be able to walk again or have use of your foot again? >> when i was in more of the ambulance i thought about it. but it wasn't really in my mind at the time. >> and you were the person who came face-to-face with the gunman. tell us what you were able to tell police about that. >> i was able to tell the police the type of clothing he was wearing, the type of gun, the optics and the magazines that he was using purchase. >> where he was located. >> yeah, where he was located.
3:58 am
>> that really helped them. marie, what have these six weeks been like for you? >> it's actually been kind of nice. i feel we're getting back to the new normal. everything has been so surreal and overwhelming. we have been concentrated on his healing. it is nice because we miss that, our normal. >> is it nerve-racking to be back at school? >> not really. it is is more comforting than it is nerve-racking. so many people who have been through a lot of stuff. they have seen things. we are all here. and i'm here for everyone. it's all a big comforting place now. >> that is so nice to hear that.
3:59 am
kyle, what do you think of what's happened since then? the movement. how so many of your classmates have taken up this cause and how florida has listened. and lawmakers have changed things as a result of you guys. >> i think it's great. it means that we have a voice. now we can make a difference. i think this turned out to be for the best. not in that way but i think it turned out like there's so much good rather than negativity. >> we are trying to make it as light as we can. everybody has been so good to us. we haven't expected anything. the hospital was amazing. the school was amazing. the community was amazing.
4:00 am
our doctors are amazing. i mean, everyone i feel like has been just above and beyond, so kind to us and helping us. it is a horrible situation, but you see so much more good in the world than you do bad. it stinks that it takes something so tragic to see all that, but, i mean, we do try to stay positive. i try to keep him upbeat. we try to keep everything as normal as possible. it is is sometimes a little bit challenging. >> you have a go fund me page. we will put it on the screen is. i'll put it out on facebook. it is hard for me to read the


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