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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  April 20, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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and we'll reinvent what it means to own a car. ♪ bring us all your expectations, and we'll defy them. again, and again, and again. good morning, everyone, i'm john berman. new this morning, an international dispute about whether the russian president and u.s. president held a conversation about the relative merits of their nation's prostitutes. seriously, the kremlin has weighed in. just one piece of the fallout from the release of the memos written by fired fbi director james comey last year in realtime after various meetings or exchanges with the president. memos that republican allies of the president pushed to be released but memos that indicate that president trump had questions about the judgment of his national security advisor, michael flynn. memos that reveal that the president was told that parts of
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the controversial dossier had been corroborated. memos that don't draw into dispute really anything james comey has said publicly, that the president asked if he could back off the flynn investigation. unclear if the release of the memos served the purpose the trump allies thought it would. it is clear, they haven't changed the president's mind. overnight he wrote they show clearly that there was no collusion and no obstruction. wow. cnn's shimon is in washington. the memos were released after i went to sleep. they're an interesting read. >> i was still up, john. i started to read them. really they give us an insider account of those meetings, some seven meetings that the president -- conversations that the president had with the former fbi director. and some new details. comey has talked a lot about this on his book tour now and tv interviews but there are new details that we learned. one of those you mentioned is that the president in one of
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those conversations was questioning the judgment of michael flynn. and here is what according to comey the president said. quote, the president pointed his fingers at his head and said, quote, the guy has serious judgment issues. now, as you recall, this is perhaps in relation to the president's conversations concerning the investigation of michael flynn. one of those where he said, and as this has been reported and as comey has testified to letting flynn go. comey wroiites in the memo thate then returned to the topic of mike flynn in one of their conversations saying that flynn is a good guy and has been through a lot. he misled the vice president, but he didn't do anything wrong in the call. and this is in reference to the phone call with the russian ambassador. he then said i hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting flynn go. he is a good guy. i hope you can let this go. then comey says i replied by
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saying, i agree, he is a good guy. and then comey says he said no more to the president. and then finally one of the new things we did learn is concerning reince priebus, the former chief of staff to the president in a conversation that he had with a former fbi director. now, this is new where he was asking also questions about michael flynn and whether or not the fbi had him under surveillance, a wiretap. we've all learned about these fisas by now. he was asking -- priebus was asking comey if michael flynn was under a fisa. here's what he wrote in the memo about that. he then asked me if this was a private conversation. comey says i replied that it was. he then said he wanted to ask me a question and i could decide whether it was appropriate to answer. he then asked, comey writes, do you have a fisa order on mike flynn? now, john, this is new. this is the first time that we're learning about this.
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certainly some new interesting details in these memos. they're certainly going to be a topic of conversation for some time to come. >> thank you for piecing that together. joining me now is phil mudd and caroline, criminal defense attorney. phil, i want to start with you here. just big picture after all this lead-up. you read these memos, memos that republican allies to the president wanted released, and you thought what? >> one simple thing and that is credibility. if you look at the contemporaneous detail, the thing that struck me here was not any particular fact, we knew a lot of this before, but the level of detail in this series of memos that goes on over time, not only in-person meetings but telephonic conversations between the former fbi director and the president. the level of detail going into the mueller investigation suggests to me to comey is credible. you don't sit down there and just come up, especially for a career prosecutor whose whole career is built on credibility in front of a judge and jury,
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you don't sit there and say let me spin this detail out of thin air. when i saw that detail, i'm saying mueller is adding that to all these getting from other interviews, from financial and phone records. that detail i thought was pretty remarkable. >> remember, this was written in realtime contemporaneously while james comey was fbi director. he thought he was going to be fbi director for years to come. caroline, the president writes this morning the james comey memos so clearly there was no collusion and no obstruction. does it show either of those things? >> no, it doesn't. i agree with phil that, you know, there is -- there is more to the picture here in terms of an obstruction case, but i don't think there's any bombshells here. it's largely consistent with james comey's prior testimony from the senate intelligence committee and so i don't see anything new coming out of this in terms of an obstruction case but i don't think that it disproves one either. there's nothing new, nothing lost here. >> it doesn't prove collusion.
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>> right. >> it doesn't prove obstruction, although it gets to the issue of being asked to back off michael flynn but it doesn't clear him on either of those fronts. >> absolutely. if you get to that february 14th closed door oval office meeting, definitely you get a peek into president trump's psyche at the moment. when he asked comey to steer clear of the flynn thing, let the flynn thing go, the key issue there for mueller is whether or not trump knew at that time that flynn had already lied to fbi investigators. that's going to be a key portion and we don't know the answer to that. >> we still don't know that. what we do know, phil, that we didn't know before is that the president was questioning michael flynn's judgment. his national security advisor, a week into the administration to his fbi director. that's interesting. >> it is. it looks -- and fast forwarding now whatever it is, 14, 15 months, it looks again at the issue of the loyalty of the president who's demanding loyalty of james comey to his own staff. there are two specific mentions in there that struck me. one is that comment that you just referenced about michael
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flynn. the other one is the president saying at one time he differs again later in the conversation, but at one time that the chief of staff doesn't even know he's having dinner with the fbi director, which suggests to me that the president already doesn't trust his chief of staff. the contrast between the president saying he demands loyalty and hammering people who have come on, mike flynn, pretty striking to me. >> it is interesting. one other interesting thing that has received some attention and it seems like it's salacious but it does tell you about the president's state of minding is his fixation around the salacious details in the dossier, the alleged incident with the prostitute. this was in the memo. the president said the hookers thing is nonsense, but that putin told him we have some of the most beautiful hookers in the world. you know, so, caroline, is this just, a, strange or, b, legally important or, c, all or none of the above? >> i can't believe we're
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actually having this conversation. it's a sad state when it comes to that. i think when you look at james comey's interviews that he did yesterday where he said that it's possible that the russians may have had dirt on president trump, sort of dangling that possibility, that's really the legal question. the legal question is whether or not president trump could be blackmailed by this information. i think what comey said was, you know, he can't say for sure, but the fact that somebody just in his sort of experience as a prosecutor, when someone continually brings up something and continually denies, denies, dough ni denies, that could be an indication there could be something there. >> and claims that he had a conversation with the president of russia about it, according to james comey's memos. let me just play you, because i think this plays into it also, the various versions of how the president had described his relationship with president putin over the years. listen to this. >> i spoke indirectly and directly with president putin, who could not have been nicer. >> i have nothing to do with putin. i've never spoken to him. i don't know anything about him other than he will respect me. >> so both those things, by the
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way, phil, it goes without saying, both those things can't be true at the same time. so the president has made up things about conversations with vladimir putin in the past, so we just don't know if he's making this thing up with the prostitutes. >> i mean i look at this and the first thing that occurs to me, of course, is that vladimir putin, who's been a strong man around since his days in the kgb has got to be looking at the president of the united states and saying i can work this guy. if the substance of our conversations is about prostitutes and not crimea, that tells me about this guy's attention to long-term strategic interests of the united states. talking about prostitutes? i looked at this and said the president of russia has got to be saying my counterpart is sort of a con guy and i'm going to as the kgb guy from decades ago, i'm going to con him out of syria and out of crimea. that's how i interpreted it. >> and one last thing, caroline, according to james comey's memos, comey told the president that parts of the dossier had been verified. >> right.
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i think one of the things that's so noteworthy about these memos is not necessarily what's in them but what is not in them. and the fact is and comey has been stating this, the president never pushed harder. he never followed up with james comey asking, well, what were the allegations or what did happen in the 2016 election? which is shocking by all accounts that the president of the united states wouldn't want to get more information about what by all accounts the entirety of the intelligence community agreed was meddling in the election. i think the dossier issue goes to that point. >> caroline, phil, thanks for being with us. guys, stick around we have more to discuss because there's a whole lot of news this morning. he was known as america's mayor. he is now the president's attorney. rudy giuliani joining the legal team to help, quote, push to an end of the mueller probe, but can he pull it off? plus a reporter claims that donald trump posed as his alter ego, john baron, and lied to him to get on the "forbes" 400 list. we have the audio. this is remarkable. and new reaction this
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new this morning, the comey memos are out and we're left with this question, why did republican allies of the president want them out so badly given what they say. here now to discuss, cnn political analyst, jackie kucini kucinich, molly ball. this was allies of the president pushing and pushing, pushing, subpoenaing, cajolincajoling, d anything they thought they could do. do you feel in their heart of hearts this morning they're pleased with pushing so hard? >> it is really an interesting question because this doesn't seem to help anyone but validate what james comey has been saying all along and a lot of what he's outlined in his book. it also shows the president's continued preoccupation with
6:16 am
russia. it redigs up all the -- all of the hooker talk and not to mention it reveals that -- it's redacted but we've come to find out that the president even talked with vladimir putin about hookers. so i do wonder if they're waking up with some regret this morning. >> it is interesting, molly, because the white house has been spinning to all of us all week that they're pleased with how they have handled the comey storm, the release of the book and all the interviews they have done. they felt that they fought him to at least a draw if not had the upper hand in the public relations battle. it just fields like they might be wondering if they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. >> that is actually the way i feel about it. i do think in political terms the white house and the republican party succeeded to a great extent in turning the narrative back on jim comey, making it -- making his whole book tour a referendum on his character and on his credibility and that's what so much of the conversation about him turned into. instead of the substantive allegations that comey makes in
6:17 am
his book, the allegations he makes about trump's respect for the rule of law and the specific things that he witnessed. and so by releasing these memos, ike they have turned the conversation back to those topics, back to the things that most of this is in comey's book, but if you believe that these memos are authentic and were written at the time, it greatly substantiates the allegations that he's made and i think turns the conversation back to that. >> so, matt, this morning the president not only did he write overnight these memos prove no collusion, no obstruction, which they don't address at all, but also going on the attack again against michael flynn. sorry, go on the attack against james comey. so general michael flynn's life can be totally destroyed while shady james comey can leak and lie and make lots of money from a third rate book that should never have been written. is that really the way life in america is supposed to work? i don't think so. you can almost see him trying to turn the focus back to where he let it slip away from. >> it's interesting his defense of michael flynn given some of
6:18 am
the questions, new questions that we know from president trump raising about michael flynn and his judgment, which is one of the few newer elements out of these memos. most of these things have been forecasted, they have been in james comey's book, they have been previously reported. but him questioning the judgment of michael flynn was a new element. it's always been somewhat baffling why he stuck by michael flynn for so long, and it's similarly baffling why now he's coming back to michael flynn's defense other than, as you said, to sort of change the subject to something else. >> we learned in the comey memos that he was questioning the judgment of the national security advisor days into the administration. now he is defending michael flynn in relation at least to james comey. i want to read another quote from the memos because it's interesting and gets to the president's state of mind and what james comey thought about it at the time. the conversation which was pleasant at all times was chaotic with topics touched, left, then returned to later, making it very difficult to
6:19 am
recount in a linear fashion. you can see the clash here of styles between the two men from the very first time they met, jackie. >> right. and that's totally believable if you've ever listened to one of the president's speeches that he would have a private conversation that reflected a lot what we hear in the public sphere. but yeah, it was abundantly clear from the get-go that these were two very different individuals. you're seeing that again in the memos. but again, as molly and matt pointed to, it really is -- it's curious why you would want to rile the president up, also with those tweets. the memos can't both validate the president and be lies. so i don't know how he's squaring that or if he even cares to. it also is important to point out michael flynn pled guilty to lying to the fbi. so they're kind of on different legal footing as well. >> no, you put out an internal contradiction in the president's logic, which is either he thinks
6:20 am
the memos are real and prove no collusion or obstruction or they're fake memos which he has said over time. there's another aspect here, molly. while there's nothing in the memos to dispute any of the claims that james comey has made over time, there are things here that paint him in an unflattering light and i didn't want to let this pass by because james comey's memos, he basically says that he and the president had a good laugh over the notion of reporters being raped in prison. they were arguing about leaks of material that were coming, and this is what comey wrote. he wrote i said something about the value of putting a head on a pike as a message. the president replied by saying it may involve putting reporters in jail. they spend a couple days in jail, make a new friend and they're ready to talk. i laughed as i walked to the door reince priebus had opened. so james comey admits he was laughing about what would happen with reporters in jail. >> i think that's how a lot of people in the fbi probably feel about reporters.
6:21 am
i would just like to go back to trump's tweet for a second and say if anyone ought to know about making tons of money off a book of questionable value, it ought to be donald trump. it seems to me that's exactly how america works, at least the publishing industry. yeah, i think that's been the story of comey's entire book tour. this is a flawed human being. this is a person who's made a lot of questionable decisions and that's part of the reason why he hasn't gotten much backup from democrats, even as republicans are savaging him, is because he still has declined to say that he made a mistake in his handling of hillary clinton during the campaign. and so you do see certain things about comey laughing at a joke like that, but i think that also adds to the authenticity of the memos, that he would record that encounter and share his impressions at the time in a way that seems believable. >> no, absolutely. you put this in its totality here, comey doesn't seem to be brandishing himself at times here, he's just laying out things that happened as they
6:22 am
happened. matt viser, we're going to talk about rudy giuliani coming onto the legal team in a moment. where do you think the president is today based on everything you're seeing, reading and reporting? rod rosenstein is the deputy attorney general, still is, despite the fact that people said he was on the way out. does any of this make it more likely that he will be pushed out soon? >> i mean you -- the rudy giuliani thing seems to be an effort to mend fences with at least mueller and his team in a way that signals some type of cooperation, hiring somebody that has a relationship with bob mueller. so it does seem heading in a more, you know, potentially cordial direction in that regard. but i mean the walls continue to close in. the michael cohen stuff i think is very troubling to this white house and to this president and the pressure on michael cohen. we've seen some sort of
6:23 am
extraordinary talk from some lawyers who have been close to president trump, one of his long-time lawyers saying that the chances of michael flynn flipping are very good. and so i mean i think that that aspect of the investigation is probably what the president and his team are more worried about at this point than the mueller investigation, which is somewhat striking given the severity of mueller's investigation. >> matt viser, jackie kucinich, molly ball, have a great weekend. we do have some breaking news. deputies are responding to a school shooting in ocala, florida. this is at forest high school. we are told the suspect is in custody. one person is injured and being treated by medics. people are being asked to avoid the area. we will bring you updates as they come in. we're getting new reaction this morning from russia about the released comey memos and it comes just as the kremlin says it is ready to set up a meeting between president putin and president trump. i want to go to cnn's senior international correspondent, sam
6:24 am
kylie. sam, some of these statements from the kremlin the type of being we thought we would never hear. >> reporter: yeah, this is not the language of international diplomacy, but then the trump administration has subverted quite a lot of the norms of politics and international relations. now, in response to a question from cnn to the kremlin spokesman, dimitri peskov, specifically asking whether or not it was true that the russian president had boasted about the quality of, and i quote, russian hookers in conversation with donald trump, the kremlin spokesman came back with this response. he said president putin could not say such things and he did not say it to president trump, taking into account that they had never communicated before trump became president. now that is going to prove fairly awkward perhaps for mr. comey, depending on what conversations were had not
6:25 am
face-to-face but over the phone during the trump presidency. there may be some wiggle room to show this was a remark made in a phone call, not in a man-to-man meeting, so to speak. john. >> the white house now says that the new national security advisor, john bolton, met with the russian ambassador to the u.s. what were the fruits of this meeting? >> well, i think this was the first meeting between john bolton, himself pretty a hard driver in terms of international affairs, and the new russian ambassador to washington. not in itself remarkable but it has produced a statement coming from sergey lavrov, the russian foreign minister, in an interview to one of the state media outlets saying that vladimir putin would gladly accept an invitation that they say they have had from donald trump to visit the white house. now, this comes of course amid
6:26 am
extremely high levels of tensions between the two countries and between russia and other american allies. the invitation is not formal, it was made probably in an off-the-cuff trumpian remark by the u.s. president to vladimir putin upon his re-election to office back in march. but it also comes at a time when tensions could be exploited here by russia, it's typical maneuvering. for example, the british have just set up a parliamentary committee to monitor all russian activities across the board inside the united kingdom, so they would not be -- to see a presidential handshake on the white house lawn. i want to give you an update on the story we reported from ocala, florida. we have learned that one student was shot. deputies are responding to the shooting in ocala to forest high school. one student was shot we believe in the ankle. there is a suspect now in custody. we are getting new details on
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6:32 am
this is really crazy. >> and this evis rates of trump's claims of wealth over the years and goes back to 1982 when "forbes" was putting out the first edition of their richest people in america, the richest 400. trump obviously wanted to be on this list so he contacted greenberg and said that his family was worth some $900 million so he deserved to be high on the list. "forbes" eventually decided he was worth around $100 million and greenberg discovered that trump was worth only $5 million. which is nothing to sniff at but is far lower than trump wants you to believe. fast forward two years later and "forbes" was putting out their third edition and greenberg got a call from john baron who was encouraging to put trump higher on the list. take a listen. >> most of the assets have been consolidated to mr. trump. i'd like to talk to you off the record if i can just to make it easier. is that all right? >> yeah, that's fine. >> but i can you can really use
6:33 am
donald trump now. i think last year somebody showed me the article and you had 200 and 200 and it's been pretty well consolidated now for the most part. as i also think somebody had mentioned that you had asked about that or somebody had and it's been pretty well consolidated, okay? >> all right. so that of course sounds a lot like mr. trump. >> yes. >> what he's saying in that clip was that most of his father's assets were in fact his, so he in fact deserves to be higher. of course we know that trump has been accused of using this name over the years. in fact in 2016 when he was running for the presidency, he admitted to jimmy kimmel that he has used this alias barron and he has an affinity for the name because that's what he named his fifth child, his son. now, greenberg says that it took him 35 years to realize that he had been conned and he has some pretty harsh words for donald trump, which he -- and he spoke to new day this morning. let's listen to that. >> he is a consummate con man.
6:34 am
he understood what i was doing, going around the country, asking people, and he figured out what he had to do in order to deceive me and get onto that list. and he did it very well. and he maintained that persona of just sort of talking about his assets without any sense of debt and lying about it. >> now, trump of course during the campaign claimed that he was worth some $10 billion. we have no proof of that because he has not released his tax returns. john, we have reached out to both the trump organization and the white house and have not yet heard back. >> donald trump lied about who he was and lied about how much he was worth. >> by a substantial amount. >> alex, great to have you with us, thanks so much. so rudy giuliani, no known aliases, has finally landed a job with the president as a liaison to special counsel robert mueller. our abby phillips standing by in florida with the latest on this. abby. >> reporter: well, good morning, john. rudy giuliani, one of the president's outside advisers and
6:35 am
someone he talks to fairly regularly is joining the legal team he confirmed this week. now, this latest edition comes after a slew of departures and false starts when it comes to the president and his lawyers but it also represents a change of strategy here. giuliani says he's joining the team in part to bring this mueller investigation to a more rapid close and he's going to start by asking the special counsel what they want in terms of documents and trying to provide them to them as soon as possible. now, giuliani is not just the former new york mayor but is also a former u.s. attorney and says that he knows robert mueller personally. he told cnn that he believed that mueller is really the best that they could do in the scenario and he characterized him as fair. now, that is a far cry from what we've heard from president trump, who in the past has said that mueller has all kinds of conflicts and has called the investigation on its face a witch hunti. giuliani says his role will be
6:36 am
fairly limited, but the president is also kind of in dire straits when it comes to stacking his legal team. john dowd left the legal team a few weeks ago. he's also this week adding two more lawyers, two florida white collar lawyers to his team. he has ty cobb in the white house and jay sekulow as well, so the president is trying to get as much firepower as he can, especially now that he is also dealing with this matter involving his personal attorney, michael cohen. >> and on the subject of michael cohen, cnn learned, abby, that the deputy attorney general, rod rosenstein, told the president he wasn't a target in that investigation, correct? >> reporter: that's right. we've learned that in this meeting rosenstein told trump he wasn't the target. now, of course that can always change, but that was at least to the president something of a relief considering how much this ohen matter has really others around both the special counsel investigation and the investigation into michael
6:37 am
cohen. >> all right, abby philip, thank you very much. appreciate it. back with me now phil mudd and caroline polisi. rudy giuliani was a u.s. attorney, an accomplished prosecutor, but hasn't tried a case in 20, 30 years. what do you make of this situation? >> he's a big name, big personality, former united states attorney for the southern district of new york which is now prosecuting the michael cohen investigation. i think that's an interesting issue. but look, he's living in a complete dream world if he thinks as has been reported that he's going to wrap up this case in a couple of weeks. he's not a magician. that is the most ludicrous thing i've ever heard. federal criminal investigations move as a glacial pace and this one has been moving at a break-neck pace. we have active indictments with paul manafort going on, so the idea he's going to come in here and wrap this up is ridiculous. >> it seems like he's trying to
6:38 am
leverage his past relationship with robert mueller. he's going to walk in and say, hey, bob, remember how we worked together? let's figure out a way to reach a conclusion pretty quickly. based on your experience working with robert mueller, do you think that will be effective? >> absolutely ridiculous. that is not why he is coming on. he's not coming on to work with robert mueller and he's not coming on to the legal team. look, he's got a couple of characteristics. he's got a face that's recognizable to americans. he's got a long-time history with donald trump, including serving as one of his surrogates during the campaign and maybe most significant, when you go low, he'll go lower. the man is willing to dish dirt. he's coming on to be a surrogate for trump i believe to trash robert mueller, to trash the investigation and to cooperate with the president and try to undermine the department of justice and the fbi as they try to -- as they try to continue the investigation. i think miss polisi is absolutely right. i hope if i ever get in trouble, he represents me. you think he's going to walk in the room with robert mueller and say why don't you guys just wrap
6:39 am
up this federal investigation at a pace that i think is appropriate. that's never going to happen and mueller is never going to listen to that. this guy is a junkyard dog and that's why he's on the team, ending of story. >> i will say up to this point as far as i can tell he's been careful about what he says specifically about robert mueller and has spoken about mueller in fairly glowing terms. caroline who will represent phil no doubt quickly, from what i can tell phil is probably in need of representation. the fact that the president is told that he's not a target in the cohen investigation -- >> meaningless. >> well, it's better than being a target. >> it's better than being a target, but in my line of work as a criminal defense attorney, these distinctions, subject, target, and especially target, subject distinction are without a difference. really they are on the ground assessments at the time and the fact is it can change at the drop of a hat. so i wouldn't be popping the champagne bottles if i were president trump at this moment. i think it means nothing. >> phil, i wanted to get your
6:40 am
take on the john barron tapes just because. i want to know what you think when you listen back to these tapes of donald trump back in the 1980s reporting to be somebody else talking about his money to this reporter in false ways. >> come on, what's the surprise here? the president during the campaign built an image as he was trying to build an image back then by claiming that barack obama wasn't an american and the president himself was a representation of true americans. he then went on to say i'm one of the best presidents ever in terms of the inauguration. sean spicer told us that was a lie from day one. the president tried to portray himself as a victim of the deep state by saying that his offices, his trump tower was wiretapped by the feds. a complete lie. the only thing that's changed in the last 30 or 40 years is not the dog. the dog doesn't change his spots. it's the fact that now the president has twitter and social media to continue to portray an image every day as a victim of the deep state and as a representation of america. the guy hasn't changed since those days. >> phil mudd, caroline polisi,
6:41 am
thanks for being with us, appreciate it. >> thank you. there is now a criminal investigation under way in florida after two deputies were murdered in broad daylight. we have a live update from the scene, ahead. does your moisturizing romine does. an mvp? aveeno® skin relief. with oat oil and natural shea butter, it softens very dry skin and lasts for 24 hours. aveeno®. it's a game changer. let's take a look at some numbers: 4 out of 5 people who have a stroke, their first symptom... is a stroke. 80 percent of all strokes and heart disease? preventable. and 149 dollars is all it takes to get screened and help take control of your health. we're life line screening... and if you're over 50...
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before starting, tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures and any kidney or liver problems. learn all you can to help protect yourself from a stroke. talk to your doctor about xarelto®. this morning investigators are searching for a motive after two florida deputies were shot and killed in an ambush-style attack. the two deputies were eating at a restaurant when a lone gunman walked up to a window and fired two shots directly at them without warning. the gunman was found dead outside the restaurant. officials say the incident is under active criminal investigation. our nick valencia outside the restaurant. nick, i understand you just got new details from an eyewitness? >> reporter: yeah, good morning, john. the scene still here in trenton, florida, is still very fresh. peering inside this window, the chinese restaurant where the two deputies were shot and killed, the styrofoam cups that they were using to drink out of while having lunch are still sitting on the table.
6:46 am
there's blood still on the ground there inside. i just spoke to an eyewitness directly across the street. she didn't want to be identified but she said that she saw the gunman after he fired those fatal shots and said he wasn't in a hurry. he wasn't in a rush. he actually was peering inside the sheriff's deputy vehicle and made his way behind the business, reportedly that's where he shot and killed himself. deputies found him inside a car with what they say was a gunshot wound. it is still a very emotional scene here. the community here is caught off guard because it's just such a small place. in fact it was an emotional press conference yesterday by the gilchrist county sheriff who said that these two officers were the best of the best. he didn't go into detail about what could have been the motive but suggested what could have played a part is the demonization of law enforcement in america. >> sergeant ramirez and deputy lindsay were the best of the best. they were men of integrity, they were men of loyalty, they were
6:47 am
god fearing and they loved what they did and we're very proud of them. >> reporter: the gilchrist county sheriff refused to give more details about the shooter, just calling him a coward. he said the focus should be on the heroes, these two deputies. ramirez, a seven-year veteran of law enforcement, and taylor lindsey, 25, who had more than three years of law enforcement experience. the fdle will be the lead investigating this case. john. >> how awful. nick valencia for us in florida. nick, thank you very much. moments from now, students at thousands of schools across the country will walk out of class on the same morning we are learning about a new school shooting. stay with us. m on the move all day long... and sometimes, i don't eat the way i should. so, i drink boost. boost high protein nutritional drink has 15 grams of protein to help maintain muscle and 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d. boost high protein be up for it
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we do have breaking news. one student has been injured after a new school shooting at a florida high school. we know the student was shot in the ankle. the shooter is in custody. this is in ocala, right now. forest hills high school. students are being led to a church nearby that school to be reunited with their parents. this shooting comes just minutes before students across the country are expected to walk out of their schools to rally for more gun control, a rally to try to prevent the kind of shooting that happened earlier this morning. diane gallagher joins us from parkland, florida. the students are scheduled to be in their walkout basically right now. >> reporter: that's sort of the plan right now, john. we should be starting to see students leave the campus here
6:53 am
at marjory stoneman douglas high school. the plan was for them to leave at 9:50 a.m. they're going to walk to an area and then have a moment of silence for about a minute at 10:00 a.m., thinking about gun violence victims. and they're going to add 13 seconds at the end of that to remember those 13 who were killed 19 years ago today at columbine. now, this is a little different than the walkouts of the past. this is called a national school walkout. there is about 2500 schools that have -- students who have signed up across the nation saying they're going to participate in this. they chose this day. a student used the columbine anniversary as the date. in colorado, at columbine, they mark this day by not going to school and by choosing to operate as a day of service. the principal who is the principal at the time of the shooting sort of sent out some messages to the school saying,
6:54 am
we don't want this just to be a walkout, a political statement or anything like that, please do some kind of service if you will, if you need to walk out. so that's also going to be offered at the school for those students who kind of want to respect those wishes, don't want to walk out. i talked to a lot of kids here at marjory stoneman douglas, they feel conflicted. they want to respect columbine, respect their wishes, but also want to continue this movement. we have seen so much going on with this never again movement. so i'm not sure what we're going to see in the next couple of minutes coming out here. their teachers were out this morning supporting them before school, protesting as well, saying we have to end gun violence. >> we'll watch closely, diane, as it develops over the next several minutes. we'll bring new updates on the new school shooting in a different part of florida. thank you very much, diane. james yocomey in his own words, the memos with donald trump on everything from michael flynn to russian hookers. we're following it all. hi.
6:55 am
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now more businesses in more places can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. good morning, everyone. john berman here. we're following breaking news out of florida where one student has been injured after a new shooting at a high school. these details are still coming in. we know the student was shot in the ankle. this happened in ocala, florida. the shooter is in custody. right now students are being led to a nearby church to meet their parents. the shooting happened just minutes before students across the country were expected to walk out of their classrooms, rally for new gun control laws. those walkouts are beginning right now, planned in the wake,
7:00 am
of course, of the school shooting in parkland, florida. and scheduled for today to mark the 19th anniversary of the shootings at the high school -- the columbine high school in littleton, colorado. cnn's ryan nobles is in washington, d.c. where a crowd is forming at this moment. what are you seeing? >> reporter: yeah, that's right, john. we're in lafayette park, of course, right across the street from the white house. you can see the white house from where i'm standing right now. we h


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