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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  June 5, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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you wouldn't accept from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase. good morning, everyone. i'm poppy harlow in new york. >> i'm brianna kielar in washington. stars and stripes, check. five and drums, you bet cha, eagles, well not a chance. six hours and counting until celebration of america formerly a celebration of the philadelphia eagles winning this year's super bowl. >> the president's revoked the eagles' white house invitation when he learned only a small number of players were actually planning to show up at the white
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house this afternoon. now the president claims the team disagrees with him on his anthem kneeler stance, even though no eagles' players knelt during their championship season and one player tells cnn, the issue never even came up in a teamting about the white house visit. also, this morning a stunning admission from president trump's suggesting he would've picked another attorney general if it would have stopped the investigation into russian meddling in the 2016 election. the president writes, quote, the russian witch hunt/head coach continues all because jeff sessions didn't tell me he was going to recuse himself. let's begin our coverage this morning at the white house. that's where we find our kaitlan collins with more on the eagles' canceled visit, what have you learned? >> reporter: this seems to be what happens when you throw a celebration and people decide not to show up. the president instead of canceling it has changed the theme of this afternoon's celebration and instead of honoring the eagles who won the super bowl, it's going to focus on the country and the national
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anthem specifically. i'm told behind the scenes that when the president were told that very few players were attending he was infuriated. it's unclear how many players the president was told had made the decision to come. some staffers insidehe white house heard that only ten people were going to come and some heard only as few as four players were going to attend the celebration this afternoon. something that infuriated the president, he was well aware of what the optics would be if the president was posing with less than a dozen players and staffers during a celebration that typically includes dozens of players and is typically a nonpolitical event. that is not the case here today. the presidentweeting this morning about the celebration they're going to have this afternoon, saying it's for the national anthem but then there at the end he makes a point about the eagles saying that they're honoring america today. nfl, no escaping to the locker
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rooms. that's a mention of the new rule. if the players are going to kneel during the national anthem, me must stay in the locker room or risk being fined. none of the philadelphia eagles last year knelt during the national anthem nor did any of them stand in the locker room during the national anthem either. they sail that's not what this is about. it's simply that some of them did not agree with the president's policies, that's why they did not come to the white house. the president is turning this back into something about the national anthem. now the mayor of philadelphia issued a blistering statement about president trump saying, that uninviting the eagles from the white house only proves, quote, that our president is not a true patriot but a fragile ego maniac obsessed with crowd size and afraid of throwing an embarrassmea party to which no one wants to attend. i'm told by staffers inside the white house that they could easily see it being just a few
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dozen white house staffers here at the white house today. >> one thing we know, the national anthem will be played at 3:00 at the white house today. kaitlan collins, thank you very much. let's discuss this now with christine brennan here with us. you have actually been covering these where the winning teams go to the white house since the '80s. and have you ever seen anything like this? >> never, never. i guess if you call them s.o.b.s in september, the players, their peers, their colleagues, you probably shouldn't be surprised that they don't want to show up at your house in june. >> to be clear, no eagles' players took a knee in protest during the regular season. so why is the white house making this about kneeling? >> because this is apparently a winning issue for donald trump. we know from his conversations with nfl owners that he said this is a good issue for me and he wants to keep doing this. this is something as you mentioned, i've covered them
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since ronald reagan, they're fun. they're a delight to cover. they're a joy for the president to get away from the oval office and have fun as opposed to bringing the weight of the world into these celebrations. it's one of those things that you can't believe he's dng this. if the president makes this political, then you reap what you sow and here you are with the invitees now of course saying we don't want to be apart of this. >> after the white house, after the president made it about kneeling, a lot about report this had out. we point out, they didn't kneel during the regular season and then he tweets, staying in the locker room for the playing of our national anthem is as disrespectful to our country as kneeling, sorry. no eagles stayed in the locker room. >> right. >> so what he's saying doesn't match with fact. >> and that has been the case almost throughout this entire battle that he's had with the nfl and it really did start in
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that alabama senate race in september, last september, and as he has said, as we know from conversations within owners this is a good issue for him. it doesn't appear that the facts about this team, the fact that he's picking on the eagles, that that, as you said, none of the facts stand up to what his problem is with the eagles and yet the eagles i think are more of a symbol for him of the nfl and the anthem even though as we knowaepernick was never about the anthem, it was about social injustice. >> it seems like it just came down to the players not want to go come. some of them did. some where between four and ten, this was what the white house was told yesterday would be in attendance. clearly not enough for president trump who personally said, that's not -- that's not going to cut it, i don't want to do this. but those four to ten players, plus the coaches and others on
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the team, other coaches on the team, they might have enjoyed coming and they won't have that opportunity now. >> if we're talking photo ops and the players did not want to be a photo prop for the president, those who don't like the president. you would've so many staffers, coaches, assistant coaches that the picture itself if the president was worry bd what it would like like, the picture itself would hed fine. most people going about their day would have paid no attention to what that picture looked like. oh, the eagles are at the white house. the same way the olympic team was at the white house even though many were missing. the same way nfl teams and hockey teams and college teams have gone. i have watched -- i watched george w. bush go team to team with spring sports teams including my alma mater northwestern withcrosse. it was lovely. i don't think he was going there's four players missing or three missing. trump picked this fight and now
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he has to live with the consequences, which we see now in display hereis is only june. thel season, of course, starts in september, but even in august with preseason games. so when we talked a few weeks ago about the whole anthem rule for the nfl being a huge deal, this is just a precursor for what we'll be seeing in the fall. >> kristen brennan, thank you so much. poppy? so to the ongoing russia investigation this morning, the president is blaming his attorney general jeff sessions for recusing himself and going as far as to say he would have quote, quickly picked a different attorney general had he known. this tweet comes just hours afteert mur has moved to jail the former campaign paul manafort for allegedly tampering with witnesses. really serious, serious charges here, allegations against manafort. >> reporter: that's right, prt a judge to consider revoking paul
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manafort's bail for what they witnesses to lie in this to case. he's awaiting trial in washington and in virginia in federal court on financial crime charges. the special counsel robert mueller said in court filingsn manafort used encrypted what's app t to encourage witness tosz purger themselves. prosecutors cited contacts that manafort allegedly made including one in late february when manafort, quote, repeatedly contacted two unnamed people who may be witnesses against him. those two people had previously assisted in manafort's lobbying and public relations effort in the united states and in europe on behalf of the pro-russia government that was in power at the time in ukraine. manafort'syers have commen these allegations and he's pleaded not guilty in the charges that he faces here in d.c. and virginia. the allegations, of course, add
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to the pressure for manafort to possibly cut a deal and cooperate with prosecutors and as you mentioned, president trump has taken to twitter to repeat his attack on this investigation. you can see the tweet that says the russian witch hunt/hoax continues all because jeff sessions didn't tell me he was going to recuse himself. i would have quickly picked som i won't read the rest of the tweet because what's the point, but he's referring to the eneral jse who's recused and you got to be -- you got to think that people at the special counsel's office, poppy, this morning are printing out that tweet because they're looking into whether or not the president had any intention to obstruct this investigation when he repeatedly asked jeff sessions to unrecuse himself and this tweet is going try to prove thata there as they >> tha a very good point. >> thank you. let's go through all of it
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with david gergen. glad you're here. very glad you're here this morning. let's just talk about the significance of that statement from the president this morning forte house that has a clear credibility issue, if not a lying issue, the preside is being remarkably truthful and candid this morning. >> about jeff sessions. >> but showing what prosecutors could argue, mueller could argue, is intent in obstruction charge. he's saying there, if you translate this, he's saying, i would've picked another attorney general if it would have stopped the russia probe, is he not? >> sure. that's exactly what he's saying and he's been dancing around obstruction charges for a long time and many lawyers think he's already obstructed. the significant development overnight was charges against manafort. here's the situation. manafort had already been charged with several federal crimes. he was going to go to jail unless he got a pardon or something like that. he after having all these
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charges against him, then committed new federal crimes, according to the briefing by going out and trying to tamper with witnesses. that's a big deal in the criminal law to go tamper with ation where the try to put him in jail. you have tode, first of all, thathad something big to cover-up. he wouldn't have added additional charges to his list unless he had something really serious -- >> put him in jail before his trial. >> and when heoes to jail that's going to increase the possibil flipping him. >> on the white house andhecred house, the dishonesty that's coming out of the white house. listen to this exchange between josh dawsey and sarah huckabee sandersyesterday. >> how are we supposed to know whatbelieve? how can we believe what you're saying from the podium? >> i can't comment on the letter from the president's outside counsel. i direct you to them to answer
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it. john? >> the words are literally -- you said he did not dictate. the lawyer said he did. what is it? >> i don't know. i can only respond to the letter's outside counsel. i would refer you to them for comment. >> is it beyon crebility crisis now? >> what johnson usedo say, he didn't have a credibility crisis, he had a canyon. there's a canyon here growing that is very awful for the president. they went before the american people and to us and everyone else saying the president had nothing to do with this letter and he just wasn't involved with it, now we know through his own white house counsel what they were telling us was a lie. >> what rudy giuliani says in this interview last night with chris cuomo is, quote, the most important thing there was no testimony under oath to that affect. at what point -- okay. it's not criminal to lie to the
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american public, although it could be used in an argument for intent toward obstruction, but at what point, david, do voters, do republican voters hold the president, hold the party responsible at the polls? >> i'm sure at some point the republicans t hold the republican party accountable to voters. they are playing with fire on this question because increasingly you have a variety of republicans like john kasich and others come -- and john boehner, this is not a republican his is a trump party and guess what who's going to be voting in the future on the republican party, it's the millennials. the millennials are turning against the president. there's no way the republican party can command majority. >> let me ask you one question before you go quickly on former president bill clinton since you served as an adviser to him in the white house. the way he's handled the questions about the me too movement, the monica lewinsky affair in the last 24 hours. he tried to clean up the mess
6:15 am
that was made last night. here's what he said. >> the truth is the hubbub, i got hot under the collar because of the w questions were asked, the suggestion was that i never apologized for what caused all the trouble for me 20 years ago. so is, i did. i meant it then and now. i apologized to my family, to my lewin and her family and to the american people. the is, that i supporte too mov it's long overdue and i have always tried to support it in the decisions and policies that i' advanced. >> did he sufficiently clean it and more importantly and broadly, is he a liability for democrats to run with in 2020?
6:16 am
>> it'smid. i don't think he sufficiently cleaned it up. he's much more artful. the younger have nailed that in a better way. he does have a point and now i'm biased. i thought president clinton was a good president, and i worked for him. but i do think on this issue, he stumbled right from the beginning. he's had a hard time coming to grips with it, coming straightforward with it. he would be so much better off if he'd just come clean to begin with, you know, and hadn't gone through the whole mumbo jumbo and depends on what the meaning of the word is is and that sort of thing. he's got a point about the fact that as president on issues he was very steadfastly in favor of thempowerment owomen. he appointed a lot of women. so but his personal behavior, especially with monica, obviously objectionable.
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>> appreciate your time. a lot more ahead on the president's attack on his attorney general, jeff sessions. many legal questions we have to get to. our experts are and just days before president trump is set to try and make nice with north korea's, sources telling cnn he can't keep the peace among two key members of his national security team. will tell you about the growing rift? plus minutes from now, harvey weinstein is back in a new york courtroom set to plead not guilty we'llt to you live. there's a new place with daily laundry service. a ace with a day spa. a place where seniors get the care they need in the comfort of home. home instead senior care. wearing powerful sunscreen?
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manager of tampering with witnesses. >> joining us now is mike rogers. laura coates is also here and a former federal prosecutor. i just discussed with david gergen severe he thinks the potential -- whatever manafort was trying to tamper for, it could be very severe that he was willing to risk being thrown in jail even before his trial. could you talk to us about what tampering with a witness allegedly, two witnesses, in this case according to mueller could look like? >> certainly. you have two phrases, one is called influencing or intimidating, the others supporting perjury -- >> i can't hear laura, can you guys? >> there's two different schools of thought in terms of tampering with a witness. one is the idea of subvorting perjury. you're trying to get them to provide false testimony in an effort to get your story straight that's other than the truth. the other notion is to intimidate or try to influence
6:23 am
them or try to ensure that they're not able to give a comprehensive or truthful testimony. it can be in the form of physical violence or intimidationften times you're talking about a case like this, it's much more about trying to secure that false testimony, saying, listen, here's what i have said, i'd like you to say the same thing, therefore i am not accused of lying and we have our stories straight, neither o us will be able to have a problem. we can both fall on our swords here. that's likely what's going on here. either way, it's a form of obstruction. it's under that umbrella of terminology and violations of the law that says you were trying toint fear with the administration of justice. you're trying to undermine the ability of an investigator to get information, a grand jury to have all the information they need and court of law to be able to try you fairly. >> and charl rogers, i wonder if you agree with adam schiff. let's listen to what he said to chris cuomo last night. >> the special counsel team is not going to do this unless they
6:24 am
have pretty darn iron clad evidence that manafort is trying to essentially corrupt these witnesses. it's a big development and i think awe sign that manafort is willing to try anything/do anything and he's facing serious time. >> he's the ranking member on the intel committee or former committee and he's also a former prosecutor worth noting. do you agree with him? >> well, in this case i think he's right. if you read the application, two things struck me. one, it appears that the people that manafort was talking to or cooperating with the prosecution. they used statements that they believe, the people that manafort was talking to, they both believe that he was trying to influence their testimony. that's pretty damning in and of itself. and the fact that they kept coming back at him and then used a cutout to try to go back at those folks to influence their testimony. i think he's in real trouble as
6:25 am
you read the application that was provided by mueller. >> what do you mean a cutout? >> they had a third person. he had somebody -- manafort -- it was identifiesed as person a. he was using person a to also deliver the message that here's what he's been saying, this is the kind of testimony and he wanted t to understand his idea of what that meant, meaning that only the money that they were talking about in this case was g to th eu, not the united states. well, that is the same thing. you're still trying to influence someone to influence the people's testimony as they would go in either to the grand jury or even an interview by an fbi agent. it's really serious. there's a lot of documentation there. i would be surprised if he doesn't go directly to jail and doesn't collect his 200 bucks before this is over. >> yeah. >> this isn't monopoly.
6:26 am
laura, to you on the president's words, what he wrote just moments ago about his attorney general jeff sessions. i don't need to read you the whole tweet, but he says that he would have got -- picked a different attorney general if he knew that sessions would have recused himself and he -- what makes it different, laura, he ties it directly to the ongoing russia witch hunt or investigation. evan points out that mueller's team will be looking at this tweet incredibly carefully and it will be exhibit a for them. you've got to think, intent and a potential obstruction charge. what stands out to you? >> both of those things. when you're pointingour finger to somebody, three at least point back to you and the president of the united states fails to understand that very, very elementary thought process because as he's talking about the recusal of jeff sessions, this was all anticipated had they understood or read the regulations and the codes that dictate that had somebody who
6:27 am
was a part of a campaign could not oversee an investigation into that campaign. it's the simple matter of vetting. it's also an issue of i believe the person that is overseeing the executiveh of government, who's job it is to make sure the laws are faithfully executed would like to have an execution that goes under way, that's not tampered with or influenced in an undue manner and would not have somebody whoas a basis for recusal to remain because it would taint the entire process at least in the eyes of the american people and in a court of law. on all fronts, these are self-inflicted wounds that further delays, frankly, poppy, the investigation because with every single tweet, every single statement the president of the united states invieds further scrutiny and he will get it. >> thank you, guys, so much. laura coates, really appreciate it and former house intel chairman mike rogers with us. thank you. from the coffee house to the
6:28 am
white house, howard schultz is stepping down later this month. that is fueling speculation he may be considering a bid for the white house. we asked him that on this show just last week. >> is 2020 out of the question for you, howard schultz? >> a we going to go thereagain? >> in any way, not just as president. is the any way that serving in the government is still in your mind for 2020? >> what i would say i'm as concerned an american citizen as i ever have been. possibly can as a citizen to help the country. i don't know what that's going to mean in the future. >> it has long been thought that he may make a run for the white house. there he is on the cover of "time" just a few years ago. the box unchecked. candidate 2016. christine romans, he be candidate 2020? >> he's been asked this question so many times, in part because of his progressive stances on so
6:29 am
many things. for a long time ceos in this country just cared about shared value. where does he channel that energy on things like gay marriage, immigration, workers' rights? those are the kinds of things that he's been a championing of that have fueled these political questions. also, fair to say that this environment today donald trump a businessman as president has changed the narrative here and that's something that howard schultz even mentioned on cnbc. you had herbert hoover the only real businessman president and donald trump. it's raised this question, will you run for president? we've heard it asked of so many business leaders, howard schultz, you've asked him, i've asked him. bob iger, mark zuckerberg, opera winfrey. mark cuban and there are others in part because almost democrats on the left are looking for
6:30 am
their donald trump equivalent but with their worldview and values and they've started to look at corporate america for those faces. howard schultz is the one we're talking bg today. he does want to serveis country in a public service capacity. he's not ruling it out here. we'll see what the future holds here. opening bell, very flat. good rally yesterday. record high. tech stocks did very well is this rugging off concerns about trad wars focusing instead on their business which is doing very, very well here, poppy. >> thank you so much. appreciate the reporting. bolton benched tension escalating. we'll tell you why next. let's begin.
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6:36 am
he immediately started making changes. so it's been pretty surprising over the last several days leading up to this big trump/kim jong-un summit. to not see john bolton to anywhere, it's been mike pompeo, the secretary of state who's been next to the president, who's been going on the trips and making the statements and john bolton has seemed to be quite silent all of a sudden. now we know from multiple sources that that is because of those comments he made referencing north korea but calling it the libya model and making a comparison there, which we know from other sources, angered the north koreans to the point that they didn't want to talk to him. they didn't want that model used because gadhafi gave up his nuclear weapons and years later he was killed by rebels supported by the united states. the libya model was actually mirrored in words by the president himself and the vice president, but it was john bolton that really brought that
6:37 am
up and that led to a heated exchange we're told between bolton and pompeo at the white house, one of my sources told me that bolton is now cut out of the process on north korea. that, of course, could change over time, but those words and that comparison caused enough tension within the white house for this to be something of a shake up in whose leading the team and whose out front in north korea. >> really did not take long for him to fall out of favor there. thank you so much. welcome to the jungle that is what today's primary in california is being called and a lot of democrats are worried that their candidates may not survive.
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so today we get a little bit of a preview for the november midterms. eight states hold their primaries. voters head to the polls in new jersey, new mexico,
6:42 am
south dakota. the big drama could be in california. good to have you my friend. what's happening in california is called the jungle primary and that's because the two top vote ers no matter their party advance to the midterms. some democrats look at this and fear what they're calling a potential disaster, why and are those fears founded or unfounded? >> what you have is these three congressional districts, all of which are currently held by republicans and all of which voted for hillary clinton in 2016 and democrats believe these three seats could be big for them in order to take back the house in the fall if they can win them but because you have so many democrats running in these districts, it could be the case that two republicans advance despite them getting cumulative less votes than the democrats. >> a lot of data out there in polling just doesn't tell us a lot? >> no. we don't have a lot of data. there's one public polls this those three districts. just not a lot going on there. > in california, there's also
6:43 am
concerns that the republican party as a whole could be locked out of the governor's race there and the broader concern for the party is what will that do in terms of -- if that were to happen in terms of getting people to the polls to vote in the midterms and that could effect who holds the majority in the house. >> correct. the big fear was the gaveen newsome is the leading democrat. then the thought was the former mayor of los angeles was also going to get in but the late polls indicate that john cox is going to sneak into that second spot which could alleviate those fears. >> if he doesn't. >> then you coua major problem for republicans. seven districts in california that voted for clinton in 2016. >> the story here is largely women, especially female gubernatorial candidates. >> yeah. alabama, iowa, south dakota, you are looking at a lot of women who look like they're going to win the big nominations and be favored in the fall and that's
6:44 am
part of a larger store we've seen where women candidates are doing very well especially in the democratic side. >> speaking of women and the me too movement, let's talk about the former president, bill clinton who has addressed multiple questions on this book tour he's on about the monica lewinsky affair, had he apologize today her, the me too movement. then he tried to clean it up last night and even his former adviser david gergen just told me he didn't clean it up very well. what are you seeing whether democrats running in the primaries think that former clinton is helpful to them or is a liability to them in this environment? >> i would say he's certainly a liability. i would advise democrats probably not to have him on the trail. we've seen nationally his numbers have dropped in the past few years and it does seem that since he was last president, every single time gets involved in a major campaign whether it's 2008 or 2016, he opens his mouth and his numbers decline. >> thank you. i know you have a long night. so from the studios of holiday to a manhattan courtroom
6:45 am
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i we worked with pg&eof to save energy because wenie. wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know
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you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california. disgraced hollywood producer harvey weinstein is set to appear in a new york courtroom just minutes from now. his lawyers says that weinstein will enter a not guilty plea to charges of rape and criminal -- and criminal sexual act. the charges are stemming from allegations by two different women, though dozens have come forward in recent months accusing weinstein of various forms of sexual misconduct. brynn gingras is outside of the new york supreme court for us. brynn, tell us about what we're
6:50 am
expecting today. >> reporter: yes, brianna. this is the next step in the criminal proceedings of this case. like you said, harvey weinstein is expected to enter a not guilty , even tho he was in court a few weeks ago, two weeks ago, this is really he ac plea for those charges and we expect it to be a not guilty according to his attorney. a little color inside the courtroom, we're ten minutes outside -- ten minutes rather from the actual proceedings beginning in front of the judge and we know that harvey weinstein and his lawyers are actually not in the courtroom yet. we know the d.a.s are there and the courtroom is full, but he's not there yet. we haven't seen him arrive. it is possible he went in through other entrances. we expect it to happen on time. we expect it to be a quick court proceeding but a not guilty plea for those three charges including rape. the strongest of those charges coming from a woman who says that she was raped by weinstein back in 2013. and it is possible, we know, from sources, that even more
6:51 am
indictments could be coming down in the future as detectives continue to work to bolster this case and a grand jury continues to hear testimony in this case as brianna? >> 80 women who have come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct. brynn gingras, we know you'll be watching, you're outside the courthouse in new york. i want to bring in joey jackson, criminal defense attorney. this sounds like a -- a procedural day, but anything involving harvey weinstein is of such interest to so many people, joey. even as he's there, and he appears this is a key part of the process, right? he'll be saying not guilty when he is informed by a clerk of the charges. but it is also a time where the prosecution has to reveal to the defense, right, through discovery, the goods that they have on weinstein. >> good point. good morning to you, brianna. that's coming. what happens is, just to bring us to today, we know a grand jury convened, right.
6:52 am
a grand jury consists of 23 people and defense attorneys like myself are quick to say it is an accusation. those 23 people, a majority, that's 12, have to vote two things, number one, that there is reasonable cause to believe that a crime was committed, and number two that harvey weinstein committed it. that takes the case from where it was before, to the supreme court, where it is now. and so to your point, what happens in court today, as part of this formality of due process, he's informed of the indictment, he formally will enter a plea of not guilty as to that indictment, and then thereafter, the defense will get discovery. certainly there will be a request for information in terms of exactly what they're alleging, what do the police reports say, what do the witness statements say, how many witnesses are there? i would suspect that request for discovery will be made, although we're always arguing defense attorneys and prosecutors as to exactly when we get it, sometimes a judge orders it. if not, you have to wait for some period of time. and then, of co would suspect that mr. brafman, who is
6:53 am
the defense attorney, will make certain motions including a motion to dismiss and thereafter there will be negotiations and thereafter there may be a trial. >> there are, i believe these are live pictures coming in, these are live pictures coming in as we're awaiting harvey weinstein there with his lawyer, let's -- here we go. this is harvey weinstein coming into court for a procedural day, but really important day, joey, as you mentioned, where the clerk will inform him of the charges and according to what we have on our reporting he's going to issue a plea of not guilty. can you imagine, joey, a situation where you don't have this case -- before the court today has to do with allegations by two different women, from 2004 and 2013, but there are about 80 women who have come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct, as we're watching harvey weinstein enter the courthouse here. can you imagine not having more
6:54 am
women, more charges, more of this playing out even maybe in other courts? >> you know, it is a great question. so let's address it this way. we know london is undertaking an investigation at this point, right? we have instances in lifornia, investigation there as well. additional investigation here in new york and the federal government is investigating and so there certainly could be additional charges down the line. the more immediate issue as it relates to his appearance today and the instant case for which he's charged is how many if any of thoseitiona accusers wi, should there be a trial here, be permitted to testify as prior bad act witnesses. we saw that in the cosby case, for example, where the judge went to trial, right, allowed five provider accusers. that's very compelling testimony. defense attorneys always trying to keep it out, trying to suggest that this case is about what's before you in the indictment, but, of course, the prosecution brianna will say, no, it is fair game, it goes to motive, intent, opportunity, allow it in.
6:55 am
i think that critical to this case and theandscape of it will be how much the judge permits based upon the prosecution's request any of those additional accusers to offer testimony should there be a trial in this particular case. >> you can only imagine how compelling that would be as you said, joey. thank you so much, joey jackson, cnn legal analyst with us. bye, eagles, bye. the white house disinvites the super bowl champs after as few as four players planned to show up. >> vo: they're getting more out of life
6:56 am
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good morning, everyone. i'm poppy harlow in new york. >> i'm brianna keilar in washington, where he's had patriots and penguins, tigers, astros and even cubs. but president trump has no time for eagles, even those who want to spend time with him. so instead of a routine visit by the super bowl champs from philadelphia, the white house is scrambling to host what is being called last minute a celebration of america at 3:00 p.m. eastern, just five hours from >> the eagles invitation was abruptly canceled when the white house learned that ten players at most and sources tell us as few as four players were planning to show up. the president blames the flap over anthem kneeling, though no eagles knelt last season during the national anthem. one player tells cnn that issue never came up. another blistering assault from the president on his own attorney general, whom he blames for what h


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