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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  June 6, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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harlow and brianna kielar starts right now. good morning. i'm brianna kielar in washington. >> and i'm poppy harlow in new york. if you listen really hard you can hear dem breatng a sigh of races still n final but in california so-called jungle primary it looks as if democrats will finish in the top two in each of the house races. the party most hopes to win in november. that's important to note that in california, the top two primary finishers face-off in the general election regardless of party. republicans voided a big shutout of their own. john cox winning the right to face democratic lieutenant governor gavin newsome in the governor's race. miguel marquez has been following all the action. >> reporter: the big question is who is number two in california under this jungle primary as they call it. so gavin newsome, the republicans were worry that had they were not going to have any
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candidates at the top of the ticket to cross the state, and they wouldn't have many voters come november. republican forgovernor. ace a that isery good n republicans out here in california. they may also have a republican in the senate race, feinstein, sheily went through as the democrat, but it's unclear whether she will face kevin de leon on her left or jim bradley on the right, but those votes are still being democrats also had great ctation abouts picking up seats in california. the national democrats targeting ten seats. seven of those seats are districts that hillary clinton won while republicans now serve. those were very intense where you had tons of democrats go into those race senate intelligence committee they split up the vote so much that it wasn't clear that democrats were going to get through in all those races. they might have one -- perhaps as much as three races that
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would only advance republicans. it looks like democrats will ge in californi ten, there re two that are close still. there's a republican in thnumbe counting votes on that and in california, 48, dana rohrabacher's seat he'll advance to the general but there'sthrew democrats and alican in that one and we'll see where that one goes. all of this against the backdrop of how long it's going to take to get those votes counted. california, nothing is easy in california. you can mail-in your mail-in ballot on election day. it has to get there in three days. a lot of people drop their mail-in ballots off. 118,000 people in l.a. county who were not on the rolls at all so they had to fill out paper ballots. all of that means it's going to take time to count all those final votes and figure out who's who. who's number two in california. back to you guys. >> who is number two, indeed.
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thank you so much. i think miguel was up all night covering this. let's bring in harry emton and mark preston. let me begin with you, not a blow out for dems. of relief this morning. not a blue wave either. >> i think there are two major perhaps 50,000 foot looks at ths can the democratic party now come together? the great untold story because donald trump seems to suck up every bit of oxygen in the room is that the democratic party is very much in disarray. you have progressivesy much pushing against the middle, the more centrist part of the party and the establishment. as we're heading into november, can we see the democratic party come together. donald trump's still has a great influence in these elections down in alabama, for instance, last night we s that martha roark who is a republican who was very critical of donald
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trump after the release of the hollywood access tape, republican who should easily fail to -- in fact, is now going to go into a runoff against a , bobby bright, a former determine congressman. donald trump certainly has a role and an influence in these elections in the case of bronze medal it was negative for the incumbent. >> the california's governor race, harry, john cox, what's your take away there? >> my take away is that john cox was basically an unknown candidate and antonio vil vil looked like he was going into second place. cox sort of spiked up was because of donald trump's endorsement. in fact, the cox campaign apparently didn't even know it was coming and as soon as it did come, cox jumped right up into second place and is there in november. >> what's the take away as other republicans are looking at that?
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>> i think the take away there and you connect it had to alabama too, is that if you're a republican, you do not want bad trump. republican voters really love donald trump. he right now has an approval rating in the high 80s. even if he's not too popular in the middle, they need to be careful. they want to reach out to independents but at the sa time they don't want to get too far away from h you lose your base. >> mark, if democrats flip the seven california districts one by hillary clinton b currently in republican hands, they're going to be almost a third of the way to that magic number for them which is 23 seats if they want to retake the house. doable? >> oh, no question. i'm probably more bullish on this than i think most analysts are. i know that theer is shifting back towards the republican side but it's absolutely doable because what wee seeing in california with
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the enthusiasm of the trump voters, we're see that on the democratic side which ties back to the fact can the democratic party and the progressives types can they come together and meet at the table to try to win in november. perhaps they may not need to based on historic analysis that democrats are likely to take back the house, but certainly i know party leaders are hoping they would come together. >> you as bullish, harry? >> i don't know if i'm quite as bullish but democrats are favored in the house in november just historically speaking, you see usually waves or mini waves in midterm elections and with the president still having an approval rating, it's still in the low 40s that translates into a big gain for the outparty. >> yes, he has low approval and it's better than a three for any president in the front of that number in polling, but, you know, it's still -- it's high i guess on the trump curve if you
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will, harry. >> yeah, it's high on the trump curve but historically speaking the presidents who i most associate with this approval rating at this point are presidents like jimmy carter, presidents, you know, ronald reagan going up into the midterm elections, even bark obama in his second term and most of those president saw their parties do quite poorly. so for me, looking at a low 40s, that may be good for trump but not good for the republican party. >> mark, if you're one of these democrats in the senate trying to hold on to your seat going into the midterm elections andy last night desperately trying to read tea leaves here, what are you thinking? >> couple things. let's just look at a couple of them. john tester or joe manchin, you walk a very fine line. joeanchin in west virginia, you know, it's a republicastate don't think the voter rolls necessarily show that. it is a republican state and a
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reliably republican stat is service to the state running while not trying to upset the trump voters. when you go out and see what's happening with john tester, he's walking a very fine line but he's being more careful not to alienate his progressive voters. each race is differently. i know that's cliche to say. each race is different, though. >> the story of women, we talked about this going in to the primary and it played out last night. >> it absolutely played out. look at the governor's races. alabama, south dakota, new mexico, iowa, women candidates for the major parties that are favored in the poll won in all four of those states. look at the congressional races. new mexico on the democratic side. she looks like she's going to be the first native american woman ever elected to the congress.
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iowa's third district, sydney was down in the polls by a point. she ends up winning by 30 percentage points, that to me is an illustration that women candidates are doing very, very well especially on the derm side this year. >> thank you, both. we aciateit. > a leading republican is now saying that scott pruitt is, quote, as swampy as you get. the controversies mounting against the epa chief and the l plus a white house contractor wanted for attempted murder gets arrested by the secret service just stepsway from the white house. we have the latest on that. there's this. >> here's what i want to say, it wasn't my finest hour. president bill clinton talks about thatnterview and his tone deaf comments on monica lewinsky. melatonin is the body's own sleep ingredie
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th morning the hief scotttt. keep coming from show that pruitt had won of his aids reach out to chick-fil-a about a possibl businenity for wife. it's just the latest in a list of his actions in first travel, costly securityexpenses lobbyists that are raising just a few eyebrows. kaitlan collins is live us at the white house andli to this. tell usbout this, senator joni ernst, this is a republican that says this is as swampy as it gets. >> reporter: that's right. the problems are growing for a scandal on his plate. scott pruitt repordly t enlist an aidt theepa to help him with a personal task, the task of securing a potential businepportuni his wied to become chick-fil-a franchisee owner, the aide reached out to chick-fil-a to the ceo of
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chick-fil-a to set up a call between pruitt and she said it was a persol request on behalf of mr. pruitt. this is becoming just something else added to the list. at opportunity never actually materialized, but it's one more thing we're seeing scott pruitt do here as he's und 12 federal investigations right now for a including his travel expenses, flying first class on taxpayer dollars living situation, his coziness with lobbyist, his blatant disregard for the taxpayer dollar and we' seeing this pblem continue to add up where it's become a running joke that he has another ethics scandal added to his list. sarah said she hadn'ted it with t but they were concerns. lawmakers are now piling on the president to do something abo scott pruitt. joni ernst a republican issue a blistering statement about scot going after him for all of these
6:16 am
issues saying that he's abouts swampy as you can get and it just goes t show, that this is oneesident's most powerful cabinet member. if the president wants to amp, he needs to take a look at own cabinet. that is a promise the president made when he came to washington and there does seem to be a deal of irony now. >> and we're also learning about the white house aide, kelly sadler, who joked about senator john mccain'shealth. she's no longer working at the white house, but is it possible that she could still be working in the trump administration? >> reporter: it is and the administration has me that quite clear. as kellyanne conway just confirmed what cnn reported yesterday that two weeks or so the white house has been strategizing a way for her that would be right here at the white house and the executive office building next door where other s where sadler worked but she could still stay
6:17 am
on in another administration and kellyanne conway made that quite clear with her intview with john berman. listen to what she had to say. >> to be clear you're not oo're r to an administration job because of what she said abo jn mcc pure and simple, correct? >> kelly sadler has been told that there are administration jobs that fit with her skill set and her experience and that the rest is really her choice, what sh would like to do next. >> reporter: so what we are seeing here is the white house not pushing kelly sadler out because she made that crassremae was dying any way. she outed one of the communications director telling ercedes was leaking information about the administration. that is what led us to this point here what we are witnessi is the white house letting sadler leave the administration quily without ever having to condemn the remarks she made about john mccain. >> she promised megan mccain
6:18 am
that she would do so publicly as well. thank you so much. so joining us now is democratic con jer connelly of virginia. he sits on the oversight and fo nice to have you here, sir and >> good morning. >> you've been incredibly outspokenou outspoken on this. you sit on house oversight. you'll hear from two key members of pruitt's team as they come forth from testy, both his chief-of-staff and his former policy adviser. we're hearing republicans now more vocal on this, like senator joni ernst of iowa, who said this is as swampy as it gets and she went as far as to say it's time for the president to let him go and get rid of squat. do you see the tide turning here among republicans saying its enough? >> i sure hope so. i think there's pressure
6:19 am
building on the republican side because pruitt, who may have been seen an asset because of his policy views, now clearly is going to be an albatross going into the midterm elections for republicans all across the counnd it doesn't help president trump -- >> but do you think -- you think pruitt is going to hurt republicans running in the midterms >> i he becomes the image of the swamp creature. it's exactly the opposite of what trump promised in the campaign. this guy's an original. he puts to shame many of the swamp creatures that were here when trump was elected. >> you know that there have been those who said it's going to be too hard for us to get someone else confirmed through congress if you do choose to replace him. let me move on to the primaries -- >> can i just say about that, though? that doesn't exc his ethical >> i'm putting it out there as one of the facts and why the president may be keeping him.
6:20 am
>> right. >> right. the primaries, overnight, california in particular, yes, democrats can breathe a sigh of relief this morning and republicans certainly can in the governorace there. this was not a blue wave. do you think that your party is still trying to really get its footing heading into the midterms? >> i think it was a pretty good night last night. we did what we had to do in new jersey and i and california to set ourselves up for some serious electoral -- >> is that enough to retake the house just doing what we had to do, right? >> i believe it sets the stage for being more than enough. i believe a wave is building. we see that all across the country. we won a special election last night that didn't get a lot of attention in a red district in kansas city. so i think it was a good night for us last night. is there an absolute guarantee we'll win in november, of course not. >> there is no guarantee as
6:21 am
we've learned. you have been very critical of this president. you tweeted recently that he's quote spiraling of control in regards to the russia investigation and his attacks on it. it's congress that has the check on that, right, and that's the power of impeachment. however you warn against that and say impeachment should be a last resort remedy. do you think that your fellow democrats should be wary heading into the midterms of running too much on impeachment? >> absolutely. i believe that voting for a democrat should not be seen as vote forimpeachment. if it is we'll lose elections we otherwise might win. even trump voters agree in many cases that this president needs adult supervision and that means democrats and they're willing to vote for democrats or at least entertain voting for democrats so long as we separate ourselves from the i word. >> in terms of jobs, overnight we learned that u.s. steel will reopen one of their plants in
6:22 am
illinois. they're going to hire 300 more workers and they specifically cite the president's tariffs, se 232 for these jobs. does the president get credit? >> he may get credit in that one instance but the retaliatory measures taken by allies andtra that they're going to put out of work a lot of americans and they're going to hurt huge sections of the economy like agriculture. there are winners, like that one plant, but there are also going to be an awful lot of losers especially throughout the midwest. >> we do know about 80 times as many jobs in this country are because of imported steel and supplies that use steel than jobs creating steel in this country which is to your point. on trade, republican senator bob corker is going to propose a bill today that would tie the president's hands somewhat on trade, that it would have to go through congressional author
6:23 am
l says noting a freestanding bill like that to the floor. do you support that legislation? >> i have to take a look at the des, b i am in general supportive of that kind of legislation. i don't think any president ought to be able to unilaterally disrupt the trading patterns all across the globe because of his private/personal view. there should be a legal process that involves both branches of government. >> yesterday finally on immigration, aeraljeff sessions hewitt's radio show and he was asked about the administration's policy that separates children from their parents c across the border illegally. if their parents are, you know, to be put in the justice system, prosecuted that separates the children, most of the time, here's his defense. >> the law requires us to keep children in a different facility than we do for adults and every time somebody, hugh, gets prosecuted in america for a cri
6:24 am
they go to jail, they're separated from their children. we don't want to do this at all. if people don't want to be separated from their children, they should not b them with them. >> you say this practice is cruel. you're proposing legislation to prevent it. do you have any republican support on that? >> not yet. it's very hard to get republican support on anything with respect to immigration as you know -- >> that's not trueok at the dis on daca, they're trying to force a vote. >> before you said that, i was just going to say with the exception of 21 brave republicans who signedhe discharge petition, so trying to get other aspects of immigration addressed legislatily with republican support is difficult. this is an inhuman policy. this. rican can be proud of you're breaking up families, you're scaring children, you're doing terrible pain to parents and grandparents. there's a better way of doing
6:25 am
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apartment and according to authorities she addressed her daughter and her husband in that note of the cnn correspondent brynn gingras is in new york. she has more deta what you tell us, brynn? >> reporter: yeah, brianna, we mayet that autopsy report later today and that will give us the manner and cause of death. it's very likely that investigators will also send out for toxicology reports which will take much longer to get. as far as the investigation goes, there's not too much more that detectives can do. certainly they will be talking to family members, trying to understand the circumstances that surrounded this tragic death. there was a suicide note that was left behind and in it her words were address today her daughter, who's 13 years old and her husband of 24 years and investigators will really try to get an idea of why this happened, however, we may never actually know that answer. what we know, though, is that she was a fashion icon and everyone has been talking about the impact she has made on their
6:31 am
lives. this is an empire she started in 1993 in her new york city apartment with six d bags and then it just grew and grew. she recently sold her latest shares in 2006 of the company, we're told to spend more time with her daughter who she leaves behind dieing at 55 years old. i want to point out some of the responses that we've seen through twitter, other social media. chelsea clinton is a notable one because it says this, my grandmother gave me my fir kate spade bag when i was in college. i still have it. i'm holding kate's family, friends and loved ones in my heart. that's something we've heard reiterated over and over again. this is also important to know is how kate spade says she wanted to be remembered. she spoke to "glamour" magazine back in 2002 and said this, quote, i hope people remember me but not as a good businesswoman
6:32 am
and great friend but a heck of a lot of fun. she's just a kind person. >> thank you for that, re brynn gings reporting from new york and for anyone suffering out there who may need help we just want to remind you the number for the suicide prevention lifelong is 1-800-273-8255. they provide free and confidential support f anyone in emotional distress and that is a line that is open for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. explosions intensifying at guatemala's volcano. 75 people have passed away. emergency crews are still searching for nearly 200 people who are missing since this volcano erupted on sunday and starting today, some of the injured will be transferred to mexico and also to the u.s. to be treated for severe burns. officials are saying the conditions there are now extremely critical. it wasn't my finest hour. former president bill clinton's
6:33 am
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they had to, you know, distill it and it looked like i was saying i didn't apologize and i had no intention to and i was mad at me, nonetheless, i realized, there are a lot of people that don't have any memory of that and all they saw was me mad and you seemed to be tone deaf to put it mildly. people need to know. i mean it now and then. i think we need to keep trying to do better. bill clinton continuing his apology tour. joining us now errol louis and caitlin huey-burns. thank you guys for being here. a lot has been written about and debated whether or not the
6:38 am
president is a liability for democrats running in the midterms. i just want to know where you think bill clinton stands now in u.s. politics given how much everything around him and society has changed and being in the midst of the me too movement. >> reporter: absolutely. i was thinking back to just late last year when democrats pushed outl franken from the senate because they didn't want to have that liability of sexual harassment and assault in their midst. they wanted to claim the moral high ground issue. bill clinton reemerging plays to the heart of what me too is, which is that all of this behavior that had gone on for so long has -- the country has now faced a reckoning on how we face this issue. if the president - if the former president was aiming to be in cleanup mode in that interview he did really the opposite of that. he had a long runway, really, to
6:39 am
come up with something that was at least a little bit more thoughtful, especially against the backdrop of monica lewinsky herself, having her own reflections about this whole entire saga that really changed the course of her life, even admitting, acknowledging that she suffered from ptsd because of this. so when you're looking at the bigger picture, i can't imagine many democratic candidates are going want the support of bill clinton because it is going to bring that up when they're trying to change the course of the conversation. >> it's hard t see errol, where he is a benefit at this point in time. >> yeah, that's exactly right. look, he can be deployed strategically in specific places in which case he could do a great deal of good depending on the district you're talking about. let's keep in mind, this is bill clinton helping bill clinton. the reason he was on television was not to advance the me too movement but to help sell his next book, so if he wants to be part of a national conversation
6:40 am
and put himself out there in a hollywood context, then all of bill clinton era come back as opposed toto, you know, for example, a tour of some of the forgotten places in the economy that were helped during the clinton years, maybe go there and help some determine candidates, not sit on national television talking with comedians about why what you did was okay 20 years ago. >> he's doing this to sell the book that he wrote with james paterson. let me get you both on something that is striking and that is how the education secre betsy devos chose to answer a question her congressional testimony yesterday when asked about, errol, the role of guns in schools. >> will your commission look at the role of violence. >> that is not part of the commission's charge, per se. >> i see. so you -- so you're studying gun
6:41 am
violence but not concerning the of guns. >> we're studying school safety and how we can assure our students are safe at school. >> guns, errol, are not part of the charge of the federal school safety commission. >> except when they are because we heard secretary devos on the record talk about the possibility of teachers being armed in the clas good >> she's right of a very convoluted position that this administration -- this line this administration is trying to walk in which they are in obedience to the nr a-line and at the same time she's clearly dealing with a public that is fedup with the prospect of our children beinge today this kind of violence. what you get is the kind of incoher rensi you just heard. >> we know watching the "60 minutes" interview, she's not very good sometimes at answering questions. it's really bad, right, and that's what we saw there, the concern, of course, is that
6:42 am
that -- that sort of being very bad at answering that question, how does that -- how does that effect how the commission is actually going to look at what a very pressing issue for people, democrats and republicans? >> right. the headline coming out from that answer just that answer that exchange that you played really startling to say that guns will not be considered in a topic about school shootings that involve guns. this administration, remember, the president tried to paint himself as someone willing to talk about gun control measures only to walk it very soon after and he gave a speech to the nra not too long ago just a few weeks ago really touting the second amendment, talking about his administration being the top proponent of the second amendment and denigrating democrats for that. so the administration -- this is reflective of the administration's position on
6:43 am
this issue. >> so guys,elly sadler, the white house aide that made that crude joke -- she says it was a joke about john mccain dieing and why does his opinion matter in any of this, didn't get fired because she it. it's been a month since then. didn't issue a public apology that was promised to his daughter now she's out of the white house, errol, but she's not according to kellyanne nway, john berman pressed her on that just this morning and it seems likeng to the g, apparently she of the white house because she got into a fight with mercedes schlapp and pointed to her in the oval office and said she's a leaker. what does this tell us about what matters most in the administration? >> there seems to be some real chaos as far as the management of the staff and these stories have continued really from day one of this administration. you compare it to the prior administration, you never heard about these antics and animosity
6:44 am
leaking out all of the time. it seems to be a daily occurrence. the other thing it tells you, though, is that they may be trying to find their way to some rational compromise whe, you know, clearly this person doesn't belong in the white house, clearly this person shouldn't be in high level discussions where the kind of cruelty that she displayed would be deployed in decision making. people have to make a living and if she wants to be a public servant, there's got to be some where where she might be able to the publ perhaps they will find their way to some rational place, get her out of that building and into a place where she can serve the public. >> errol louis, caitlin huey-burns, thank you very much. a contractor at the white house who is accused of attempted murder was arrested when he showed up for work. joe johns here now with this. tell us about -- who this is guy? what does he do at the white house and how did theret rvice get involved here? >> low level administrative worker at the old executive
6:45 am
office building which is the building adjacent to the white house. as you know, this is an ongoing problem for secret service and others who vet the staffers who work at secure facilities especially the white house. it does raise some questions about awareness of people who have had serious run ins with the law and when the secret service became aware of the prm, thers name is mar tis edwards, a low level. his arrest stems from shooting on may 3rd in maryland. detectives said the shooting was domestic in nature, there was a male victim we're told from prince george's county police in maryland. that victim transported with life-threatening injuries. edward faces attempted fir degree murder and assault charges. now it's the time line that is concerning. this individual certainly had the event that occurred on mayor 3rd, arrest warrant in the
6:46 am
middle of the month and then the individual finally is taking into custody on tuesday. some questions there for the secret service that we are reaching out now. >> the event may 3rd but the arrest warrant -- it's over two weeks since this guy should have been on the radar. >>recisely right. when you have contact with authorities and the case is an allegation of attempted murder that's serious. >> right across the street from the west wing. joe johns, thank you so much for that. for sharing users' private data this time to a chinese company that'seen called a u.s. se
6:47 am
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welcome back. the president is gearing up for what looks like a contentious meeting with key allies after hitting them with new tariffs on aluminum and steel here at home. a possible success story for u.s. steel announcing plan to hire 300 more workers, setting more demand for u.s. steel partly because of the tariffs from the president. our chief business correspondent christine romans has more. >> reporter: steelworkers celebrating in granite city, illinois, just outside of st. louis. this entire city idle back in 2015, but the president's steel tariff announcement back in march led steel to restart a blast furnacee back 500 steelworkers. u.s. steel will restart another blast furnace by october 1st hiring the companies says, another 300 workers. david burr in a statement after careful consideration of market conditions and customer demand
6:52 am
including an impact of section 232. res of the two blast furnaces at granite city works will allow us to serve our customers. mexico just announced retaliatory tariffs on $3 billion worth of u.s. goods on steel, pork, cheese any bourbon and there's concern from business executives and the powerful business roundtable is worried about trump's overall trade strategy and that uncertainty means they are scaling back plans for hiring and spending. 85% of america's top ceos worry trade policy will slow the economy. 90% think it will lead to higher business costs, but poppy, looking at a win like granite city, that's important for the optics of this president even as many other allies and business leaders are concerned about the president's trade policies overall. poppy? >> christine romans, thank you
6:53 am
very much for that. buckle up for this breaking news. mexico is slapping $3 billion on tariffs on u.s. goods. this is in retaliation to what president did to mexico just days ago, our u.s. ally. here's anmportant reminder. mexico is the second largest market for u.s. exports. they're the second biggest consumer of goods we make here in this country with american jobs. they buy $345 billion worth of u.s. goods and services according to the commerce department, brianna. you know what? this is what trade war looks like. >> that's the big question. is this the kickoff to it? it sure is looking like it, poppy and we'll be exploring it throughout the hour. facebook is not getting the headlines it wants and the socialedia giant is taking heat for data sharing partnerships that it has with the chinese tech giant. why? u.s. intelligence officials have called that chinese company, huawei a security threat to the
6:54 am
u.s. marco rubio tweeted this overnight. this could be a very big problem. if it had access to social data of americans it might as well have given it directly to the government of china. joining me now we have cnn money tech correspondent sam burke, and sam, facebook is saying there's no issue here. there's no problem, but they're ending the program which speaks volumes. what do you this? >> absolutely. people waking up saying where is my facebook data and what facebook is saying is quite intesting and this is from a bygone era, so thephonemakers like apple and huawei, but take a look at this, brian a the details they were handing over to some of these companies about us, starting with your education and work status and political
6:55 am
leanings and it begs the question. if i invite you to lunch, brianna, i might need your phone number and why would i ask for your social security number and type of information. if you're designing apps, why u.s.gence agencies have said for many years is a security threat. why would they need all of that information about us? let me put up on the screen what facebook is saying in response to all of this. they're kind of shrugging it off. the vice president saying, quote, facebook along with many other u.s. tech companies have worked with huawei and other chinese manufacturers, to integrate their services and facebook could have our data in a vulnerable position. >> very good position. samuel burke, thank you very much for that report. >> they averted disaste in one of the most consequential primaries of the season. what does this mean for the possible blue wave? we're going to discuss that
6:56 am
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the answer is simple. i'll do what i've always done... dream more, dream faster, and above all... ream gig. all... now more businesses, in more places, can afford to dream gig. ♪ ♪ >> all right. top of the hour. i'm poppy harlow in new york along with brianna keilar. we begin with breaking news out of the white house. sources tell cnn that the white house has assembled the paperwork to pardon dozens of people. the president is poised to exert his constitutional power to intervene in some cases where he believes the department of justice has overstepped. brianna? >> this is a very big deal, poppy. >> let's bring in kaitlan


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