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tv   Wolf  CNN  June 8, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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to deliver up to 7 hours of sleep support. number one sleep doctor recommended remfresh - your nightly sleep companion. available in the natural sleep section at walmart. hello, i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. wherever you're watching, thanks for watching us. the president has arrived in canada for the g7 summit. the gathering comes as tensions clearly escalate over trade. before leaving washington for quebec, the president defended his decision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. listen to this. >> we have massive trade deficits with almost every
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country. we will straighten that out. and i'll tell you what, it's what i do. it won't even be hard. and in the end we'll all get along. but they understand, and they're trying to act like, well, we fought with you in the war. they don't mention the fact that they have trade barriers against our farmers, they don't mention the fact that they're judging almost 300% tariffs. when it all straightens out, we'll all be in love again. >> the president was supposed to meet earlier today with the french president emmanuel macron. the meeting did not happen. officials say potentially it could be rescheduled. the president also meets later today with the canadian prime minister, the host, justin trudeau. his relationships with trudeau and macron specifically have been rather strained in recent days over the tariffs and other related issues. let's go to jim acosta.
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the president told aides he would go in swinging. give us a sense of what we can expect from this rather contentious gathering among allies. >> reporter: wolf, it sounds like he's already swinging and landing some punches. as the president was leaving the white house earlier this morning, he said russia could be invited back into the g7, making it the g8 again. you might be wondering why the president was kicked out of g8. it may be because of their meddling in the election of 2016 and poisoning in the u.k. of course, there is this whole trade issue that's popped up with the president slapping tariffs on canada. the president also saying, you
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have to remember why russia was kicked out of the g8. yes, wolf, this was a president when he comes to summits like this, it's sort of surreal and unusual to be covering an american president who is somewhat unwelcome at these meetings, and you have. it's sort of a g6 plus 1. covering an american president, he is only here for a short time. he's leaving the sut mim earlier before leaving. he suggested he hadn't really been preparing for the summit with kim jong-un, they. of course, wolf, as we know
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before donald trump became president of the united states, he was, it was difficult to know how much preparation he was doing during his real estate days for pulling off some kind of agreement that's in. >> he was supposed to meet on the sidelines of this summit with frerchl president emanuel macron. . of course, they were going after each other yesterday. man wel macron was basically saying many. for donald trump, this is obviously a chilling we saw in the white house when mr. macron showed up. they were wining and dining, out
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to help and hurt us. the french didn't exactly come to see march. it's not been made clear to us yet, wolf. they did talk to us briefly in light of the g7 summit, but it's not clear at this point when they'll get together. the president also met briefly with justin trudeau who is the host of this summit. we're expecting a bilateral meeting between those two men, but we've seen, as we reported the last couple days, that report reporter. it's essentially on the rocks issue and he had that trade meeting late last month, wolf. >> they will discuss climate change and other unrelated
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environmental issues in order to sed over to singapore. jim acosta is in quebec city. a photo opportunity coming up at the top of the hour. we'll have kovrnl on that. a president security adviser for president obama. there are always some disagreements from allies. does this to you, and you attended a lot of these. >> for a couple of reasons. number. it's very personal diplomacy that the president engages in. it also has the attribute of our twitter feed.
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and what the president and the use has been for decades is the leader. in the lead-up it's going to be a g6. >> strak. we come out even better. canada charges the u.s. a 270% tariff on dairy product. they didn't tell you that, did they? not fair to our farmers. what irritates canada and mexico, these are the number one and number two trading partners of the united states, is that the trump administration cited national security concerns for imposing these tariffs on aluminum and steel. you heard prime minister trudeau. he's very upset. >> it's wrong on the politics if we just keep fighting for the nra. they helped russia really kind of divide the alliance to deal
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with china on these issues. on the trade arguments sut. it resulted in fewer jobs,. he was advised this would lead to lower growth, and the basis they're bringing these on is national security, basically saying to our closest allies, we don't think in an emergency you can be relied on. . once again he became the g8. litzen to what he said upon leaving the white house this morning. i would recommend, and it's up to them, but russia should be in the meeting. it should be a part of it. whether you like it or not, and
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it may not be politically correct, but we have a world to r run. they threw russia out -- they should let them in because we should have russia around the negotiating table. >> the g8 became g7 in 2014 when russia invaded crimeashls. they we they have thrown out russia. they have done nothing to earn their way back to the table. russia has become, i think, more hostile. it strikes me when watching the president this morning as he was leaving for quebec is why is it that the president feels he should be chief in the united states, whether they really have
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undermined our trust. there is no basis in which you could bring back the paper towels. >> why do you think the president is all of a sudden raising the prospect of g7 instead of. why would the president consistently violate the russians given they've been hot across the board. again assassinating people on the territory of the united kingdom. >> didn't necessarily succeed. thank you for joining us. appreciate it very much. president trump questioned why he should remember. aide told him if he many.
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here's some more prospective. . the president told his advisers he would go in swinging. what do you make of his attitude, first of all, toward this summit in canada right now? >> it's not how i would be. but this president is unique, he's different. my hope is we're not going to lose recall that will outland. the president wants to negotiate a better deal. i think there are some areas where he's right to see that in terms of, as you mentioned, the milk tariffs and everything else, where we negotiated something 30 years ago and, i don't think this will provide
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the president going in swinging a little bit will probably lead to a better deal. we must remember 15% of the world's economy is to be airline, too, we've earned it, we protected the i don't think. they should be readmitted to the g7. you think russia should be admitted? >> heck, no. when you look at what the russians have done, as your prior guest was talking about, they were eliminated from the g8 when they invaded a crimeyara t. there are 50,000 dead children, 5,000 syrians that are dead and many millions displaced because vladimir putin many.
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there has been nothing that russia has done to show they want to rejoin the world community and these issues and they should not be gifben the. i hope it was just kind of wolff to be pretty hawkish on rushl. democratic leader in the senate, majority leader in the senate at. >> president trump is turning our foreign policy into an international joke, doorg. the president's support for inviting russia back into the g7 just after they meddled in the election to support his campaign. we'll leave and suspicions. do you want to respond to senator schumer? >> yeah, he's being kind of
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dramatic to be because i've. i don't think the president is destroying our foreign policy everywhere. i remember when george w. bush or ronald reagan was president, because you come in tough people say you're defending allies. you don't want to do it but to come back and say, we want a fire deal. you loobl. i disagree, of course, about russia joining the g7. disagree where areas. but also give credit to the president where the credit is due. we're heapfully on the.
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do you think canada presents a national security threat to the united states um. >> i would rely on him if we had an emergency. but the president has to do it under a subsection of the national security, and their point is our lack of steel production in the united states is a national security threat. i wish we had more steel production in the united states, but unfortunately we don't. >> but you understand why prime minister trudeau is so angry, why they fought with the u.s. over all of these wars going back decades and decades and decades. they're arguably the closest ally the united states has, and for the trump administration to cite massive concerns about importing steel and aluminum
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many. . maybe they've done it, we just haven't teen it. . there could be a day we view canada, lkd be a lay. these tariffs lack of steel production or steel poses the national security threat. >> congressman, your thoughts so much for joining us. >> anymotime, wolf. thanks a lot. when we come back, cnn loses a truly loving member of our family. a man who inspired millions is gone at age 61. i'll never find a safe used car. start at the new
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the death of anthony bourdain. he was found in his hotel this morning, death by suicide. anthony bourdain was 61 years old. we here at cnn have been fans of his for two decades, and for the last five years plus we've had the pleasure of him as a member of our family. he was a rising chef and television personality, but he was also a brother, friend and trusted professional taking us around the world at the food in wide-eyed wonder. even though he was surrounded by sights and exotic foods, he was always quick to share his love of the simple things, like his home state of new jersey. sdp >> look at that beauty. oh, yeah. i come here and feed my soul. the cultural wellspring that is
10:22 am
new jersey. the antidote to every other place. these dogs are amazing. there are not a lot of people in this world courageous enough to match this. >> anthony bourdain was an open book even when it came to battles he had with personal demons, sharing his successes and failures. just a few days ago he prouded talked about adding this new paint to go his collection. it's called "the sky is falling, i am learning to live with it." there has been an outpouring of sadness over the news from people all over the world. this from his long hifr time girlfriend asia argento. quote, anthony gave all of himself in everything that he did. his brilliant, fearless spirit touched and inspired so many, and his generosity knew no bounds. he was my love, my rock, my
10:23 am
protector. i am beyond devastated. president trump also weighed in. >> i think it's very sad. in fact, i want to extend to his family my heartfelt condolences. that was very shocking. when i woke up this morning, anthony bourdain is dead. i enjoyed his show. he was quite a character, i will say. >> finally, former president obama who filmed a segment for the "parts unknown" series in vietnam with anthony. he wrote this, quote, low plastic stool, cheap but delicious noodles, cold hanoi beer. this is how i'll remember tony. he taught us about food, but more importantly, about its ability to bring us together. to make us a little less afraid of the unknown. we'll miss him. anthony bourdain's suicide comes just three days after
10:24 am
designer kate spade takes her own life. from the cdc, from 1999 to 2016, 20 states had increases of more than 30%. researchers found that more than half of the people that died did not have known diagnosed mental health conditions. let's talk a little bit more about this report. i'm joined by our cnn medical correspondent, elizabeth cohen. very sad indeed. let's talk about the study, elizabeth. did the study give us any reason about why there has been this dramatic increase in suicides? >> wolf, there is not a very clear explanation, but when we talked to experts we found there were two trends happening during the time period covering the report, '99 to 2016. one of them is that encompasses the economic downturn of 2008. that was a very difficult time for some people. secondly, it encompasses the time when opioid use was on the rise. substance abuse can also commit to suicide.
10:25 am
we don't have a really, really great answer, but we think those two trends have something to do with it. >> so what's being done to try to curb this epidemic? >> first of all, the department of health and human services last week increased funding for suicide programs, giving lots of dollars to various programs around the country to prevent suicide. more places people can go to, more outreach to say it's okay to talk about this and there is no shame in having these feelings. the veterans administration in particular and separately has been doing their own work in increasing funding for these kinds of programs, because veterans are at a particularly high risk for suicide. >> are there certain things people should be on the lookout for when talking to a friend or loved one given what's going on right now? >> right, there are things you can look for. for example, any big change in behavior. when someone took great pleasure in doing something and all of a sudden isn't taking that kind of pleasure, talking about feeling
10:26 am
despondent. you can do everything right and you can still sometimes not be able to detect when someone even very close to you is thinking about suicide. i think that's important to know because there is a lot of guilt around it for the survivors. they shouldn't feel guilty, because even the best of health professionals commit suicide. it does happen. >> thank you for that. i want to put up the suicide prevention lifeline number. 1-800-273-8255. cnn also, by the way, shares the life of chef, storyteller and colleague anthony bourdain. later tonight, remembering anthony bourdain. a cnn special. it will air later tonight, 10:00 p.m. eastern. on an additional note, anthony bourdain was a very, very
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dream more, dream faster, and above all... now, i'll dream gig. now more businesses, in more places, can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. president trump is at the g7 in canada who over the last few days has had a lot of the pushback from world leaders. he expects them all to be friends again, but the face-to-face meeting with emmanuel macron was postponed because president trump arrived at the summit, apparently, an hour late. my panel, samantha win grad,
10:32 am
da -- samantha winegrad, and gloria bori borger. you hear this said that this is different. >> it's different because he's thrown a grenade unlike he has in other meetings. he put on tariffs. you heard macron saying the president might not mind being isolated, but neither do we mind signing a six-country agreement if need be. today you have the president saying somehow russia should become a member here and seeming to forget about the annexation of crimea and the invasion of ukraine. so i think that this is a president who is isolated. i mean, usually we go to these meetings, we have differences,
10:33 am
but we are the leader of this summit. now the president is in a corner for a timeout. at least that's where they would want to put him. he was asking aides as late as yesterday whether he actually had to go. so it's very different. >> all of a sudden he leaves the white house, dana, and he suggests, you know what, it shouldn't just be the gd 7, it should be the g8. and russia and putin, they should be invited weas well. >> for people who might not remember, it was just a few years ago that it was the g8. that did happen and russia was kicked out after annexing of crimea and ukraine and everything else that had happened there. at the time the president's own party was very, very supportive of the notion of getting russia out of the g8 and making it the g7 because of their aggressive actions. now you have the leader of their party doing the opposite, and he
10:34 am
certainlily got obviously he is no fan of vladimir putin or russia of saying, this is absolutely the to not only be at arm's length with the rest of the six or seven countries of the g7 but even suggested when that's happening to move back in. >> going back to other g7 or g8 summit, have you seen anything like this before? >> i haven't, and i can tell you they're incredibly tense, but the president saying russia should come back in, russia got out because he thought they
10:35 am
weren't especially prevalent, so he doesn't even want back in. we heard a description of russia before their attendance was suspended. we're talking about violations of international law. so i'm wondering at what point does the president put out a commumique. >> this is a fear among people who are remotely internationalists and respect active of international alliances like this one. that when president trump elected that the u.s. would be completely put aside because of his actions. and that's what's hamg. we talked about john mccain, he spent the first six months of
10:36 am
2017, trump's presidency, trying to reassure allies that this, that this was the beginning of an even more tense relationship with the u.s. and these western countries that we have never seen in our lifetime, and frankly, for 100 years. >> trump keeps saying, come on, we're going to love each other. these are leaders of independent nations who have to protect their nations as well. this isn't just a little spat here. this rift is much deeper, i fear. >> samantha, i'm looking at the list of the g7 leaders who are in canada. prime minister trudeau is the host from canada. french prime minister trudeau,
10:37 am
angela merkel, japan. he's only been in office for a few days. except for conte and. >> hey, guys, maybe that's why he wanted. or at least that part of it i get. this begs the question in life and in national security. right now over trade matters, when does macron say i'm upset with your move on trade. i'm not willing to work with you on other things due to the trade space. >> the president has met with macron. the diplomats always say this is
10:38 am
on the sidelines of the summit where he's having a little one on one. they're having a little conversation speak rg at least they're talking. >> macron tweeted this, i'm just seeing this. dialogue over and over again. exchange. try to wear down france and try to get. >> i'm trying to send this message to donald trump is, which you can't grow focus over the years when he was a candidate, when he was a businessman and trade for a long, long time.
10:39 am
he thinks all the previous administrations, or the eu or japan or korea. he thinks. >> he certainly has changed his positions big time on some social issues to become a republican. this is not one of them. his argument and what he still, that people get messed over. i'm trying to be polite. >> he hates it but he does say he supports bilateral, so one on one. the question is, and maybe you can answer this because you've been in these situations, whether or not any of these potential bilateral trading partners from macron in france to trudeau in canada are going
10:40 am
to want to deal when they had the pressure of spending allies a & miracle. why would you take his word this time? why would you trust that he'll negotiate in such an unpredictable deal? >> he's very unpredictable. that's the problem. >> thanks very much. re the medical center was considered routine procedure, but the president this morning called it a big procedure that went on for hours, she can't fly for several days. learning new information. we'll be right back. bring the smell of nature wherever you are. at&t provides edge-to-edge intelligence,
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a new characterization today, the medical treatment the first lady melania trump underwent last month. up until now, the first lady's office said mrs. trump was hospitalized for, quote, a procedure. today the president used a different word entirely. listen. >> the first lady is great right there. she was ready to go. can't fly for one month. the doctors say she had a big operation. it was close to a four-hour operation. she's doing great. right there. >> our white house reporter kate bennett is here to discuss the president's comments. he says it was a big operation. >> right. using the word operation is something that's new. we were told it was a procedure, not even to sort of use the word surgery. we were sticking to the record there. but apparently he sort of spilled the beans today by saying the length of the operation, which was almost four hours. it sort of lines up now a little
10:46 am
bit more with how many nights she spent in the hospital with how much down time she did have those three weeks. it does make a bit more sense, certainly, but i don't think her office or the first lady herself, she's very private, i don't think she wanted those details perhaps made public. >> a procedure on her kidney. what does the first lady's office say? >> the statement the president said was correct, what they put out was correct. it was an embolization procedure. it was successful so they're certainly not pushing back on what the president said. i think he just revealed more details to the breadth and scope of what this procedure was. the first lady seemed fine to me, looked well, shook hands with some workers there, was present for the hurricane briefing. she couldn't travel for 30 days after the procedure, surgery, operation, whatever you want to call it now. certainly i think we'll see her back on the schedule soon. up next, she's just 11 years
10:47 am
old but already sadie keller of texas has made history getting congress to take action helping kids like her fight cancer. super sadie, as she's called, also got to bend the ear of the president. sadie and mike mccall of texas, they're about to join me live. at office depot office max. where we're changing withs? contemporary make-overs. then, use the ultimate power handshake, the upper hander with a double palm grab. who has the upper hand now? start winning today. book now at why is dark magic so spell-bindingly good? it's a bold blend of coffee
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i'm a small business, but i have... big dreams...
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and big plans. so how do i make the efforts of 8 employees... feel like 50? how can i share new plans virtually? how can i download an e-file? virtual tours? zip-file? really big files? in seconds, not minutes... just like that. like everything... the answer is simple. i'll do what i've always done... dream more, dream faster, and above all... now, i'll dream gig. now more businesses, in more places, can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. a major commitment to fighting childhood cancer. this week president trump signed what's called the star act to expand funding for childhood cancer research and to help with quality of life for cancer patients undergoing treatment. listen to this. more than 10,000 children here in the united states were diagnosed with cancer in the last year alone. here with us right now is cancer
10:52 am
survivor and advocate sadie keller, who you saw in that video looking over the president's shoulder as he signed the bill. also here, one of the sponsors of the bill, mike mccaul. sadie, how does it feel, the president of the united states signs into law this really important legislation that has an impact on kids like you? >> it just makes me feel so amazing and just happy because i know that this law will help so many more kids survive. that's like one of my goals is to just help more kids with cancer just, like, get better treatments and not have to go through a lot of really bad things. >> what you went through. very briefly, just tell us, what did you go through? >> i went through a lot of hard times and i was diagnosed when i was 7 and in the second grade. so it was just like really hard having to go every week to get
10:53 am
chemo, getting my pore accessed and just like that was my life for two and a half years. and it was just like so weird to think that i had cancer and it was -- i never thought that i would get cancer, and i just want to, like, help kids like me who were going through worse things. >> and how are you doing now? >> i'm doing very good. i'm actually one year off chemo now, which is awesome and, yeah, i'm really excited about that. >> we're really happy about you. congressman, tell us about this legislation and why you decided to get involved. >> i met sadie three years ago. she's in remission right now and we've been -- she's really the best advocate on the hill. they can say no to me, members of congress, but when i brought sadie into their offices, she and the other children got this bill to where we got it on tuesday to be signed into law.
10:54 am
it's the most comprehensive childhood cancer bill ever signed by congress. it's called the star act. sadie is probably my biggest star. but to see her go from the beginning when you introduce a bill all the way to the president's desk where he signed it into law, it was just an incredible journey we experienced to the and just so proud to be a part of this movement. >> there's a lot of political differences, sadie, here in washington as the congressman and i can testify, but because of this, republicans and democrats, liberals and conservatives, because of people like you they got together and they did something very special. it's going to help a lot of kids. you must be so, so proud. >> yes, i'm very happy that, like, i feel like i'm making a difference in the world, which is what i want to do. and i want to help kids be happy. that's what i tried to do with
10:55 am
my foundation, the sadie keller foundation. i just want them to be happy for once instead of just thinking about their health all the time. so i give gifts to them to make them be more happy and just not have to worry about their health like 24/7. >> what's the most important message you want to leave our viewers with right now? >> i want them to know that childhood cancer isn't rare and that seven children die every day from childhood cancer and it's awful and there's kids who are younger than me and older than me who have worse cancers and i just want to say that. >> it's the number one killer of our children right now. we wanted to do something about it. she's so inspiring. she said i want to take a bad experience and turn it into a positive one. that's such a great life message to all of us i think. >> we are so grateful to you and to you and your co-sponsors and
10:56 am
the president for signing it into law. stay in touch with us. if there's anything we can do, we would like to help. you're a wonderful young woman. >> thank you. >> part of the u.s. long-range bombing fleet grounded today. we'll be right back.
10:57 am
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this is cnn breaking news. >> hello, i'm erika hill today in for brooke baldwin. happening today, the only group photo president trump would not give a thumbs up to. he's in quebec for the g7 meeting. all those in attendance is about to take what may be known as the family picture. he's in many ways staying alone. on the iran nuclear deal, on the paris climate accord, on the u.s. imposing trade tariffs, which has led to a twitter spat with france and