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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  June 11, 2018 2:59am-4:01am PDT

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john. so obviously you'll bring us all the developments as soon as they break in singapore. meanwhile, president trump is escalating his war of words with america's closest allies. after pulling out of this joint g-7 statement. as the president's top economic advisers claim that justin trudeau of canada betrayed president trump. they also go as far as to say, there is a special place in hell, that's a quote, for those who engage in bad diplomacy with president trump. so much has happened, john, in terms of allies versus the president sitting down with a man regard said as a dictator. i mean, this is the paradox of all of this is not lost in all of our foreign policy experts, who we will be speaking with throughout the program. >> no question about that. the president getting ready to
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sit down with one of the greatest adversaries even as he leaves behind closest friends who he has greatly offended in the last few days. let's get to our top story we just did. kaitlan collins, what have we learned now? >> reporter: that's right, john. secretary of state mike pompeo just left the room after briefing reporters. he took a few questions. essentially gave us an overview of what the president has been doing the last few days. he said he did speak with the leaders of south korea and japan. we are less than 24 hours away from the firsthand shake between the two of them. during this briefing with reporters, the president is confident about tomorrow, he is eager about it. he highlighted what kind of historic seutddown this is going to be. but once again, he did go back to what does the united states want to get from north korea here. mike pompeo said the goal has always been the same and it
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still is. complete denuclearization. >> no potential agreement will fail to adequately address the north korean threat. the ultimate objective we seek from diplomacy with north korea has not changed. the complete and verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula is the only outcome that the united states will accept. >> now, two more things there that pompeo said during the briefing. he was asked what kind of safety assurances is the u.s. prepared to offer north korea? he did say they are prepared to offer the north korea ans these security assurances to ensure that denuclearization does not end poorly for them. now, a reporter asked does that mean potential troop withdrawal from the border in the korean peninsula. 25,000 u.s. troops are there. mike pompeo said not to read
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into that. but he did say they would be unique and different security options for the north korea ns f they show they are committed to that. he was asked about the cop ten shouse g-7 days of talks and diplomacy that have gone on. the tables were turned. instead of asked how the united states is supposed to ask north korea and whatever commits they make, he was asked how is north korea supposed to trust the united states and president trump after seeing the way president trump is now react to go united states' allies. mike pompeo said he doesn't think those are the same. he said it was a ludicrous comparison. he said essentially both of these leaders will have to come together and trust each other here. when they meet tomorrow, they will be meeting one on one. only translators will be in the room. we'll only have two people to
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give us accounts, kim jong-un and president trump. the only other people in the room will be the translators. that undermines what the objective for the meeting tomorrow is. that is president trump wants to establish a personal type of relationship with the north korean leader, john. >> all right. kaitlan, stand by for a moment if you will. as noted, there is irony that the president is here in singapore, reaching out to this long-term adversary even though he creates friction with some of the closest allies. they are launching this all-out assault against canadian prime minister justin trudeau. we have that side of the story. it has been a remarkable 48 hours in this very, what was once, i should say, paula, a very close relationship. >> reporter: yeah. i'm surprised that i can even talk to you, that the transmission, the communication
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is still working. it is incredible to me, john, as the president left that summit in canada, when he woke up in singapore after all of those hours on the airplane, he started with a tweet storm he started 36 hours prior. he skaobg is square aim at justin trudeau. when the president left the g-7 summit, he thought he was being mag nam muss, helpful. then he heard justin trudeau say they will retaliate july 1st if the american tariffs also go in. apparently that just set him off. and what peter navarro and larry kudlow, two of the president's advisers said, he said what the president said came from air force one. the sentiment was from air force one. that makes the following comments even morin credible.
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take a listen. >> he really kind of stabbed us in the back. he actually, you know what, did a great disservice to the whole g-7. >> there is a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with president donald j. trump and then tries to stab him in the back on the way out the door. >> reporter: both of our countries, john, that's what we refer to as trash talk. having said that, the president seems like he is hell bent on making it clear he was not happy. justin trudeau refuses to respond to this. the shame here, john, i heard from both american and canadian officials during the summit that real progress had been made. now they wonder if the president may pull out of nafta in the coming weeks. >> all right. paula newton in ottawa.
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we heard from secretary of state mike pompeo facing questions about what happened in canada. i want to bring back kaitlan collins and jim shuuto. there is a connection between the g-7 summit and this meeting between the united states and north korea. according to larry kudlow, the president's chief economic adviser, let me remind you what he told jake tapper yesterday. >> he is not going to permit any show of weakness on the trip to negotiate with north korea, nor should he. >> so this was about north korea? >> of course incident was in large part. >> because trudeau said that as trump was going to singapore. >> one thing reads to another. they are all related. kim must not see american weakness. >> kim cannot see american weakness, jim. so the president flexing on his way here. so how do you reconcile that?
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that flexing with what we just heard from mike pompeo, who really again seemed to lower the bar for the summit. the goal is to set conditions for future talks. we are willing to give guarantees we have never given before. >> well, listen, it is hard to see any intellectual consistency in the argument that kudlow is making. if you're talking about showing strength, what's odd is in the preceding 24 hours the u.s. showed strength by attacking its closest ally and neighbor but making a friendly gesture to russia. president trump talked twice about readmitting russia into the g-7. the reason it was kicked out, the an exation of ukraine, crimea. you would want to keep unified going into a nuclear negotiation you would imagine that they agree a nation is a threat to our peace, north korea. but at the same time with a
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nuclear russian power. the west believes is unified in believing a threat to western security. you offer an olive branch to him. you know, that show of strength -- at least it's not consistent in the previous 24 hours. sit an odd argument to make. on north korea, the words from pompeo that stood out to me in his press conference a few moments ago is he said we are still waiting to see if north korea is sincere about denuclearizing. similar comments were made last week after he met with his counterpart in new york. the president said the same. typically when you have leaders sit down, you have had a commitment. you are convinced you are sitting down for a reason because the other side has assured you we want to go this path. you have the leaders sitting down. when trump walks into the room, he apparently, at least as of right now, doesn't know if north korea is serious about
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denuclearizing. >> in the working group, there is a united states working group led by an american still meeting at this moment as far as we know. he said that will reach its logical conclusion much faster than anticipated. we don't know what that means. >> we we don't know. i'm told one of the sticking points now is getting north korea to commit on paper to denuclearizing. not a general commitment but what the words are that are written down. so it will be a valuable takeaway to say, yes, we have this. the president can show it. we have this commitment in writing. and it sounds like from secretary pompeo's public comments there, they don't yet have that comment. >> he said they want to set the conditions, presumably they would hit that point. on the subject of strength that jim brought up, that is apparently such an important thing for this administration. i was struck by the fact that mike pompeo, u.s. secretary of state, made a point to say there are 5,000 members of the media covering it. almost to announce there is a
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crowd size issue here. he loves crowds. there are 5,000 members of the media here. and the white house making clear it will be a one-on-one meeting at first. kim and trump alone with translators forum to two hours, making clear the president is up to this in their minds, kaitlyn. >> we got a vague idea of what tomorrow will look like but not a lot of details there, john. we didn't really get a readout who is going to be in the meeting after they meet one on o one. will it include john bolton, sarah sanders and other officials working on behalf of the president. we didn't get a lot of details of what that is going to look like. he did make clear they are still waiting to see what they are seriously about, what they are willing to commit to. a lot of buildup to the meeting happening in less than 24 hours. jim is right. he didn't really say they
3:11 am
already have an agreement there. it seems as if this administration has heard the criticism that they haven't done enough preparation for this because we refuted the report that said they didn't have the technical expertise to deal with this. he said that is flat-out wrong. but also he was saying the president is going into this with confidence, eagerness, he is looking forward to that. but didn't really give a lot of concrete examples of what they want to walk away from this with and what would be unexpected when they leave here if they didn't get what they wanted. he left it open for anything to happen tomorrow. and i think we have seen that from them in recent days, a dangling of the next meetings happen between the president and j kim jong-un. he said sanctions will remain in place if north korea doesn't show they are going to denuclearize. so that is worth noting. he said economic sanctions could increase if north korea doesn't
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make the right steps here. he talked about potential u.s. investment in north korea saying that could also happen if, quote, north korea takes the right steps. we are seeing how the fallout from the g-7 summit is following here. i can't stress enough how unusual that is. that is a submit that is supposed to be by the books and not a lot of news coming out of it. the way the president followed up with it, he was getting several questions about it, which clearly irritated him a little bit, mike pompeo. >> the secretary of state should not have been irritated by that question. he should have known it was coming. there is something is symbolic about the fact that president trump will be alone with kim jong-un. he is alone on the world stage by his own making. he has pushed away the closest allies the united states has. >> he has. at a time when you need those allies, right?
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there is strength in unity when you're facing north korea. i don't know how his advisers feel about that. but there are diplomats in this region, as you know, many interested parties, china, south korea as well, equally, japan, who are concerned about how far trump will go without their agreement. north korea -- south korea and japan, rather, they are much closer. they have skin in this game, no question. rightfully so is. but they have concern. will he give up more than we are comfortable with? and there are, tprabgly, folks in the u.s. national security sreurp, will they give up. >> there is great concern how the president feels about those troops. he suggested he could pull out u.s. troops even before the idea of negotiation with north korea were anywhere near a possibility.
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alisyn, back to you in new york. >> okay, john. obviously we'll be be following all the developments there in singapore. we'll have lots of lawmakers to talk about this disruption of the international order. meanwhile, back here at home, robert de niro sending a profane message to the president from the tony awards. what you did not hear if you were watching at home. that's next. we had long deployments in iraq. i'm really grateful that usaa was able to take care of my family while i was overseas serving. it was my very first car accident. we were hit from behind. i called usaa and the first thing they asked was 'are you ok?' they always thank you for your service, which is nice because as a spouse you serve too.
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a federal judge in new york temporarily blocking a pizza delivery man from being deported. he was detained by immigration officials when he tried to deliver food to an army base. polo sandoval is with us. >> reporter: he is a 35-year-old new york delivery man who tried to make a delivery at a brooklyn area army base when they ran a background check on him to be able to access that facility. automatically they were able to notice this pending deportation warrant after he failed to self-deport eight years ago. i.c.e. detained him. an emergency was granted over the weekend. his lawyer telling me this is not the first base visit for him. and despite knowing that he lived with this constant risk of deportation, he didn't expect it
3:19 am
would go down on the 1st of june. he doesn't have a criminal record. he was in the process of a green card. the order no police action against him. it is just administrative. no word whether he signed off on the army base. i.c.e. insisted that he did. this case is getting extra attention because of the location of the arrest, at an army base. he hopes to stay in the united states. he has about five weeks to get with his attorneys to try to present this case. i.c.e. will of course try to remove him. his family hopes will be be able to stay in the united states. >> polo, thank you very much for all the developments on that story. now to entertainment and politics. politics took center stage at the tony awards with actor robert de niro unloading on president trump.
3:20 am
all right. the reason you don't hear anything there is because de niro's words, which included an f bomb about the president, were bleeped on the cbs broadcast. so the tv audience did not know what this crowd, the live audience, was cheering about. robert de niro making that gesture. meanwhile, one of the emotional highlights of the night were these students from stoneman doug hand high school from the drama department. they performed "seasons of love" from the musical "rent". >> i remember february 14th, a perfect day where all of these lessons in my life. >> that was their teacher, nellie hertzfeld who was awarded excellence in education.
3:21 am
harry potter and the cursed child won best play. meanwhile, horse racing fans, now to sports, had to wait 37 years for a triple crown winner. now we have had two in the past four years. lindsay czarniak has more in this morning's "bleacher report". >> it was a fantastic weekend for horse racing. both were horses on of trainer bob baffert. when he unloaded justify, the other horses went nuts. it was like they could feel his greatness. justify did not run his first race until february of this year. now he is the 13th horse to ever win the triple crown. justify dominated the belmont stakes is leading wire-to-wire. he joined seattle slew to win undefeated. baffert is now just one of two trainers in history to win two
3:22 am
triple crowns. he explained the adoration of justify after the race. >> i think everybody wants to see this happen because he's a beautiful horse. and it's like he's just so tough. an imposing horse. >> he's the greatest of all time. he just won a triple crown, man. he's my champion. >> so now what happens next is he heads to churchill downs later today. justify will get a week or so off before figuring out what's next. breeding rights worth a record $75 million. don't expect a lot of alone time, in other words. coming in second at the belmont was gronkowski, the horse named after rod gronkowski. the patriots tight end owns a small stake in the horse. this was awe huge upset. watch gronk here as he is watching him klum up.
3:23 am
odds of him of winning was 24-1. he went all the way from last place to take second. there was a moment he thought maybe his horse would do it. you know how enter taping he was doing. >> that was entertaining. >> that was more entertaining than watching the horse run around. that was great. lindsay, thank you very much. >> thank you. with president trump about to meet kim jong-un, you would expect cabinet members like energy secretary perry to be fully briefed on the president's plan. or maybe not. we have a cnn exclusive behind the scenes is next. ♪ heartburn and gas? ♪ now fight both fast new tums chewy bites with gas relief all in one relief of heartburn and gas ♪ ♪ tum tum tum tums new tums chewy bites with gas relief dependability award for its midsize car-the chevy malibu. i forgot.
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3:28 am
exclusive interview. what did you learn, renee? >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. the department of energy will lead the technical aspect of any nuclear agreement. they are in charge of maintaining the nuclear stockpiles. the scientists have the unique expertise. they know how these nuclear weapons work, how they're made, the components that go into them. on the heels of the president's comment that he doesn't need to prepare for the summit, i asked energy secretary rick perry how is his agency preparing. take a listen. >> the framework is in place? >> there has been planning going on for this for some time. >> framework is in place? >> the department of energy will play an integral role. they are the lead agency. if we're successful, as we hope the president is to allow for the denuclearization of the
3:29 am
peninsula, the department of energy will play a significant role. >> so the framework is in place? >> the have been being worked on for weeks. >> all right. you see there he didn't directly answer whether a framework exists. two former officials say at this point a framework of all the technical information that the u.s. needs from north korea, like information about their nuclear reactors, should exist. it's unclear if perry was playing coy or there is no framework in place just yet. he told me in doing that interview he wasn't quite sure what the president was going to be presenting in that meeting. it is important to note he is a member of the national security council. perhaps again it is an effort to protect the process. perhaps he is playing coy as far as these negotiations.
3:30 am
one former national security adviser told me that if that's the case, the better answer would have been no comment, saying that he doesn't know indicates perhaps he could be getting shut out of the process. if that is the case, that person said it would be quite troubling. >> he really didn't want to answer your question. i mean, you tried. >> yeah, he didn't. and we don't know why. again, is it because he doesn't have a lot of information or is it because he is trying to protect the process? unclear. u.s. foreign policy experts have maintained the denuclearization is the goal of this summit. now, interestingly, north korean state media agrees this is awe top priority at the trump/kim summit. barbara starr explains. was this a surprise to read this in north korean state media?
3:31 am
>> reporter: well, it was what was the u.s. was looking for. you saw secretary of state mike pompeo a short time ago reemphasized all of that, calling tore complete and verifiable denuclearization. the big question for kim jong-un, what does that mean? what does he have to do? cameras captured the moment north korea said it blew up underground nuclear test items. satellite imagery shows another test site appearing to be dismantled. was this the beginning of kim getting rid of his nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles that could hit the u.s., or was it all for show? president trump demanding denuclearization. >> it means they get rid of their nukes. very simple. they get rid of their nukes. and nobody else would say it. >> reporter: dismantling ballistic missiles is one thing, but there is no guarantee that
3:32 am
kim jong-un will tell donald trump his nuclear secrets, covert sites buried deep in mountains. >> what's even more important is this vast complex they have spread throughout the country that is able to produce enough material for six to seven nuclear weapons every year. getting a grip on that, the entire supply chain that feeds that complex. >> mr. general secretary, though my pronunciation may give you difficulty, the maxim is trust by verify. >> reporter: 30 years after regan and the soviets, it's still complicated. just one example, kim's nuclear war heads can be moved. >> we don't know the safety margins north korea uses. it involves a lot of high explosives, at least the ones the north koreans are building. i'm not sure i would want to see that put on an american ship or plane. >> but if there is an agreement,
3:33 am
north korea would have to declare both known and secret locations and inventories of ballistic missiles, nuclear war heads and plutonium and uranium. weapons and equipment would have to be disabled or destroyed. weapons and inspector inspectors on the ground, and u.s. satellites and aircraft overhead keeping secret watch. the nuke inspectors already are getting ready. >> we will be ready to act promptly and play an essential role in very fine north korea's nuclear program if an agreement is reached. >> reporter: one of the crucial things will be the north korean secret nuclear sites the u.s. has longed believe they have secret uranium enrichment. that is key to understanding how much nuclear fuel to put in bombs to threaten the united states. that's just one thread here that
3:34 am
will be very much worth watching to see where all of this goes. alisyn. >> barbara, we will be watching. thank you very much for that. so it was a con then shouseconts summ summ summit. our foreign policy experts discuss this next. every baby can have the freedom to move their way in pampers cruisers with three-way fit. they adapt at the waist, legs and bottom for our driest best fitting diaper. pampers with the right steps, hasn't left my side. 80% of recurrent ischemic strokes could be prevented. a bayer aspirin regimen is one step to help prevent another stroke. so, i'm doing all i can to stay in his life. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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itthat's why i lovel the daily fiber wfiber choice,ood alone. with the fiber found in many fruits and vegetables. fiber choice. the number one ge recommended chewable prebiotic fiber. loved ones and nearers around the world are mourning the death of anthony bourdain. alex marquardt has more. >> reporter: this impromptu memorial has been growing since word of his passing has quickly and sadly been spreading. it only makes sense that the
3:39 am
memorial was here at les halle is he. it is so closely associated with bourda bourdain. this is where he made his name. in 1998 he was named executive chef. incident was here he wrote his book "kitchen confidential." the last four days people have been coming here leaving bouquets of flowers, bottles and cans of beers. you get a sense how pro foundly he touched them. i talked about you in therapy. we never met. this is the sentiment that you are hearing. thank you for showing us the world. it's not just americans who have come here to leave their tributes to bourdain. it is nonamericans. i want to read this beautiful note. thank you for your tireless purr suit to make the world a smaller place brought together by food and love. you have been an inspiration in
3:40 am
my life and i will miss everything that you had left to offer this world. and how the love that he showed for their country. if you see this, thank you for bringing a respectful view to the people of pal line, libya, iran and more. alisyn, from here in new york to the highest offices in the land, presidents, celebrities, fellow chefs, everyone has been paying tribute to anthony bourdain. he touched so many different lives. alisyn? >> alex, a hope he knew a fraction of the effect he had on so many people around the globe. thank you for showing us all of that this morning. so the president, with another major summit after this contentious end to the g-7 summit. so what will the president's state of mind be when he sits down with kim jong-un? what's going to happen here? our foreign policy experts are standing by, next.
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welcome back. john berman live in singapore.
3:45 am
the president heads into this historic summit with north korea. he has picked a fight with america's closest allies. he has had a senior adviser insult another world leader from canada, no less. and the same advisers say it is all in part not to look weak here in singapore. it does beg the question, what is his state of mind going into this important meeting with kim jong-un? joining me now is david rowe and josh rogin. in my mind, peter navarro and larry kudlow would never say these things i'm about to play unless the president dictated it to them. >> he really kind of stabbed us in the back. he really, actually, you know what, he did a great disservice to the whole g-7. >> there is a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy
3:46 am
with president donald j. trump and then tries to stab him in the back on the way out the door. >> all right. stab in the back, david. a special place in hell. let's assume the words were essentially dictated by the president of the united states, if not spoken and repeated. so what does that tell you what he's thinking as he sits down in singapore in about 12 hours. >> to he me it's a sign of a lack of confidence. i don't know if he dictated these terms to his aides, but there is clearly an effort in this administration to go on tv and saw things that will impress the president. the overall reaction trudeau's statements show president trump is nervous about this meeting. he felt that trudeau might have undermined his toughness somehow. this isn't a good sign before these critical negotiations with north korea. the president should be sort of calm and very, very confident. >> yeah. looking strong is so important to this president and not
3:47 am
looking weak equally important. that is the sense we got from the advisers. josh, crucial for this administration to stress the fact that president trump will be sitting one-on-one with kim jong-un. why do you think they want that and what are the risks? >> well, very simply they want to, first of all, establish the personal relationship between president trump and kim jong-un. secondly, they want to bridge this gap. okay, if you read all the reporting, and i think it's true, there is still a gap between the two sides. that gap involves what comes first, what security assurances the united states is willing to provide, and what does north korea mean by denuclearization and are they really willing to commit to it? the risk is there are only going to be two versions of what happened in that meeting, one by kim jong skpupb one by president trump. both have a tenuous relationship with the truth. it is a historic event and we may never know what happened.
3:48 am
we don't know what president trump is offering. mike pompeo wouldn't say. so you're going to have this gap in the historical record. and that could present itself in interesting ways as we move forward with this process. >> establishing a relationship is something that mike pompeo, the secretary of state, stressed. it is now one of the things that north korean state media is stressing in different language but establishing this bilateral relationship with the united states. is that achievable in a one-on-one meeting? david axelrod said potus hopes they like each other. he is meeting with a dictator who threatened to nuke the u.s., the world's leading human rights abuser, and he describes it like a first date on >> i think the administration is
3:49 am
playing down the expectations here. this is a process. looking for a framework. the original was total and complete denuclearization by north korea. that means giving up their nuclear weapons. maybe they are smart to play down expectations, but, i -- all of these are signs that this will be a protracted process. the longer this goes on, the more this drags out, the more it is a win for north korea. >> all right. david, josh, thank you for being with us. i appreciate it. democrats demanding north korea produce actual concrete actions, denuclearize before sanctions are lifted k. they force the president's hands? we'll discuss next. for the powe5 turbo-charged horses. the lincoln mkx, more horsepower than the lexus rx350. and a quiet interior from which to admire them.
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3:54 am
summit in canada went south. joining us now is senator ben card in, a democrat from maryland, and a senior member of the senate foreign relations committee. good morning, senator. >> alisyn, it's good to be with you. thank you. >> good to have you here on this important morning and trying to make sense of what happened at the g-7 summit and what we're about to see tonight. let me play for you and our viewers, in case they missed it yesterday, what the president's top economic advisers said about canada's prime minister justin trudeau and the g-7 summit. listen to this. >> he really kind of stabbed us in the back. he actually, you know what, he did a great disservice to the whole g-7. >> there is a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with president donald j. trump and then tries to stab him on the back on the way out the
3:55 am
door. >> senator, what do you make of those comments? >> well, i think president trump is the one who is the outsider in the g-7. the manner in which he has treated our closest allies is really difficult to understand. we need canada's help and support. we need the support of the g-7. these are democratic countries that share our values and yet the president seems to want to go alone when it comes to working with our closest allies. >> it sounds like -- the way i interpret what they're saying, is that they think that prime minister trudeau said one thing to president trump in private and said something different at this press conference. it sounds like they feel hoodwinked somehow by prime minister trudeau. >> everything i have heard on the trade front is that the canadians and the mexicans, our european allies, all have been extremely disappointed by the way president trump has brought
3:56 am
up the trade issues. so to say that canada stabbed the president in the back, i just think that's creative criticisms. it just doesn't exist. what we need to do is work together. a major effort in singapore. you have to listen to each other and try to bring together. but we start from strength. that is working with our closest allies. we don't pull them apart. president trump, throughout his presidency, started criticizing our closest allies when he became president. he questioned the transatlantic partnership. >> senator, on a larger picture, just explain how peter navarro can say, quote, there is a special place in hell for canada's prime minister trudeau but not have any harsh words for dictator kim jong-un, who starves his own people, murders
3:57 am
his own cabinet. and the president is saying he wants russia to be rein stated as part of the g-8. explain this sort of cognitive dissidence for democrats? >> i can't explain it. to avoit russia, and rewarding mr. putin for his conduct, you just can't explain that. it makes no sense at all. kim jong-un is a dictator. kim jong-un is a person who created horrible human rights violations against his own people. we're going into diplomacy. we want the president to succeed in singapore. succeeding means that north korea gives up its nuclear weapons program. the peninsula becomes denuclearized. we want the president to succeed. but recognize you are dealing with kim jong-un. you're dealing with a dictator,
3:58 am
a person who has killed a lot of people. his human rights record is the worst in the world. >> lindsey graham said yesterday if diplomacy doesn't work he wants to be prepared for the use of military force. and he asks democrats to get on board. here's this moment. >> i appreciate you telling the president what a good deal would look like, but the country needs you to back the president up to get that deal. so here's the question for my democratic colleagues, if diplomacy fails will you support authorizing use of military force as a last resort to convince north korea and china things will be different this time, a bipartisan effort would make that letter much more credible. and if diplomacy fails, as a last resort, democrats and republicans need to put the military option on the table or we'll never get a good deal. >> do you support senator lindsey graham's plan? >> i support diplomacy working.
3:59 am
and diplomacy can work. the president cannot give up too much too early. you know that kim jong-un will try to drag this out as long as he possibly can. we know that he initially will be resistant to giving up his nuclear weapons. he wants to protect his regime. there are ways we can give him those types of assurances. but it has to come with denuclearizing the peninsula. so be tough with north korea. be tough by not making any concessions up front. >> senator cardin, thank you very much for your perspective. obviously we'll all be watching what happens and what unfolds this evening. thanks to our international viewers. for you cnn talk is next. for u.s. viewers, "new day" continues right now. >> i think very quickly i'll know whether or not something good is going to happen. >> the president has gone into a high-wire act without a seft net. >> president trump is not from the classic al political playbook. let's see what happened.
4:00 am
>> there is really only two options. peace or war. >> canadians are polite, we're reasonable, but we also will not be pushed around. >> he really kind of stabbed us in the back. >> kim was not see american weak stkpwhrp weakness. >> the president is driving our allies away from us while welcoming in the russians. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> all right. good morning, everyone. welcome to your "new day". alisyn camerota is in new york. i'm john berman live in singapore. we are just 14 hours away now from this historic meeting, this historic summit between president trump and north korean leader kim jong-un. and there is already breaking news on this meeting. we just learned a short


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