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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  June 26, 2018 2:59am-4:01am PDT

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finding 1,500 pounds of marijuana in the car. the driver was transporting the marijuana from chicago to california. the driver is 42-year-old jason tanner. he was arrested and charged with drug possession. he was taking it where it was legal. that's it for us. thanks for joining us. i'm romans roimchristine romans. >> i'm dave briggs. "new day" starts right we're allowed to disagree, but we should do so freely. >> president trump is not the poster child for civility. >> i believe in very peaceful protest. >> it's the party of maxine waters. >> do you believe her? >> the situation is a real humanitarian disaster. >> we're going to continue to prosecute those adults who enter here illegally. >> this is "new day with alisyn camerota and john berman". >> welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world.
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this is "new day," tuesday, june 26th, 6:00 in new york. alisyn is off. erica hill joins me now. also with us john avalon. and with your permission i want to start with a pop quiz if i can. with 2,000 children still separated from their parents, this is the kids, from the trump white house decrying the lack of civility in politics, you know, a, they desperately want to change the focus, b, democrats have handed them a golden opportunity, c, irony is dead, or d, all of the above? the correct answer is? >> "d." >> got to be "d." >> all of the above. white house press secretary sarah sanders says we are allow to disagree regardless of politics and she said that out loud. it's not that she's wrong, it's just that she said it on the same day her boss accused the u.s. senator of being drunk, he said democrats want crime, and he blew a punchline on a joke attacking a congressman for infidelity. to an extent democrats asked for this when california representative maxine waters called on people to confront
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administration officials, but the president responded with his own loaded rhetoric, saying be careful what you wish for, max. >> throughout all of this, there is still the question of the children. reports that customs and border protections agents will stop referring migrant families for prosecution until a policy in place to keep parents and children together. that decision revives the obama administration's so-called catch and release policy which president trump has repeatedly slammed. at a rally in south carolina last night the president talking immigration. he sees the uproar as an advantage for republicans in the elections. his claim that democrats want in his words open borders. the president also insisting the detention facilities are better in his words than they were under president obama. we begin our coverage with abby philip live at the white house. abby, good morning. >> good morning, erica. president trump last night seeking to capitalize on some of the hostility that has been shown to some of his employees,
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most notably sarah huckabee sanders, the white house press secretary, asked to leave a restaurant over the weekend, but all of this is happening while democrats are struggling to figure out how to counter president trump ahead of what will be a tough fight in these midterm elections should they counter him with his own type of rhetoric or take the high road. >> it's the party of maxine waters. do you believe her? >> reporter: president trump ramping up his feud with democratic congresswoman maxine waters, just hours after press secretary sarah sanders called for political civility after being ousted from a virginia restaurant. >> i was asked to leave because i work for president trump. healthy debate on ideas and political philosophy is important, but the calls for harassment and push for any trump supporter to avoid the public is unacceptable. >> reporter: sanders is the latest in a string of trump backers who have been publicly rebukds for the support of their administration.
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>> shame on you. shame on you. >> shame. shame. shame. >> reporter: the confrontations dividing democrats who have struggled over how aggressively to challenge the administration, particularly in light of the president's own history of inflammatory remarks. >> sleepy eyes chuck todd, he's a sleeping son of a -- >> they call her pocahontas. >> see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them. >> i don't know about if i would have done well, but boom, boom, boom beat the -- >> reporter: congressman waters encouraging her supporters to protest over the weekend. >> if you see anybody from that cabinet you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them. >> reporter: president trump responding by insulting waters' i.q. and falsely accusing her of calling for harm to his supporters before seemingly issuing a threat of his own. tweeting, be careful what you wish for, max. waters denying she encouraged
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violence. >> i believe in peaceful, very peaceful protests. i have not called for the harm of anybody. this president has lied again. >> reporter: democratic party leadership also denouncing her behavior. >> no one should call for the harassment of political opponents. that's not right, that's not american. >> reporter: democratic leader nancy pelosi tweeting a rare rebuke, trump's daily lack of civility has provoked responses that are predictable but unacceptable. as we go forward we must conduct elections in a way that achieve unity. the firestorm coming as president trump continues to downplay the outrage over thousands of children who have been separated from their families by his administration. >> our facilities are cleaner, better kept and better run. that's the one thing i learned. i saw them. what we have is two extremes. i liked it. this is fine for us. >> reporter: president trump abruptly halted that practice last week, and on monday,
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another key element of the president's zero tolerance immigration policy was scaled back. the head of customs and border protection telling reporters that agents have stopped turning over adults with children for prosecution. a decision that will at least temporarily revive the catch and release approach used during the obama administration that president trump has repeatedly criticized. >> this will only last a short amount of time because we're going to run out of space, we're going to run out of resources. >> reporter: and the department of homeland security is asking the pentagon to approve plans to potentially hold immigrants and their families at two military bases in texas. meanwhile here at the white house, president trump has another meeting planned with republican lawmakers today. john and erica. >> abby philip at the white house. joining us political analyst david trucker, political commentator michael smerconish. we want to talk about the discussion of civility in light
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of what's going on at the border, 2,000 children still separated from their parents. the first piece of sound i want to call on is from another cnn political analyst, listen to this. >> it's a trap. >> david drucker. it's a trap. democrats walked in with both feet and now a discussion of civility, from all places, this white house. >> yeah. look i think democrats have to understand where their political success lies and where the path to that success lies. they have spent the last couple years focusing on the incivility and cultural divide that president trump drives every day and if they want to offer voters another choice, that many voters are looking for, it's not going to work. they're not going to do it as well as him. if you're an independent, and we've talked about where
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independents are and you're looking at the midterm elections for another choice let alone what they will be looking for in 2020, offering them more of the same is going to be a turn off and as far as they're going to be concerned it's going to be the choice that they don't like versus the choice they thought they might like, but it's all the same. they will throw up their hands and not vote or not deliver their vote for the democrat and that's what they risk with this behavior. >> sounds like he's saying it's a trip. >> i think he's saying it's a trap but using more words. >> what we heard from marco rubio. he knows better than anybody when you try to play trump's game, it backfires on you. michael, he was very clear about that. recently as well. >> right. and we remember it was the hand reference that marco rubio tried to use against candidate trump and it went absolutely nowhere. look, it's not as if the democratic party as an institution put these events in motion. it was a restauranteur in rural virginia who started the very
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recent cycle and i think there is a consensus that it was wrong for sarah huckabee sanders to be asked to leave that restaurant. i base that largely anecdotically on what i heard from radio listeners on what i heard across the country yesterday. the question becomes, okay, what are the party officials then going to do with those facts and i think that maxine waters really did throw gas on this fire, make it a heck of a lot worse. the president's response to with waters is a bit of a roarshack test. was he saying maxine, be careful what you wish for because you might be the victim of violence or harassment or was he saying, this is terrible, you're going to bring about the harassment of public servants. i happen to think it was in the latter category. apparently chuck schumer heard it. >> i'm going option a. given from what we heard from the president before and he always uses that phrase, be careful here, when warning people. >> yeah. that's an old-school like, you
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know, threat. that's what that is. look, this is -- this president is not an yav va tar for civility. the first president in modern history who is proudly a divider, not a uniter. whenever they trot out a fig leaf or a little rhetoric about civility it is in contrast to what the president does. that may put the press secretary in a difficult situation, but that is the facts based on what he said last night at a rally in south carolina. >> not enough pots here to signify how black the kettle is in some cases. i mixed up that metaphor but walk you down some of the things that this president has said before. listen. >> get him out. try not to hurt him. if you do, i'll defend you in court. if you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them, seriously. i would like to punch him in the face. i don't know if i would have done well but i would have been out there fighting. i don't know if i would have done well, but i would have been boom, boom, boom. beat the --
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>> so michael, you're still sticking with option b, that when the president saying be careful to maxine waters what he's saying is that the rhetoric is getting too hot here. >> john, john, i run that same highlight reel on my own program. i defend none of it. please don't misunderstand where i'm coming from. i'm all about civility. the question here is, what's the proper democratic response to that and i don't think engaging him at his level is a winning strategy. if it's maxine waters who is the spokesperson, all you're doing is inciting those high school educated white guys in rust belt states who don't like her, see her as the face of the democratic opposition and they will be there in november. conversely you have to ask what's the impact on suburban moms, those soccer moms, that the democratic candidates are going to need when sarah huckabee sanders gets thrown out of a restaurant? i'm just trying to assess here the political ramifications of it. please don't put me in a
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category of defending the president on any of this behavior. it's not the way i roll. >> yeah. but i think the point michael is making, it's important here, feeding arguments of what about that we hear about from the president and his defenders. the president may see these things but what about. puts democrats in a tricky position. should they hold themselves to a higher standard to cut that clear contrast or give into the temptation to fight fire with fire, politics, every action compels an equal and opposite reaction. a moral equivalence about civility and bitter tribalism in politics today. >> the problem is the democrats are trying to get ahead politically by criticizing the president's behavior and you're not going to do that and be successful if you're doing exactly what he's doing. and i think it's important for public officials to be smart about this because maxine waters is trying to say she did not incite anybody to violence but if you're telling people to go surround people at all sorts of
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places and protest them, this is the kind of thing that could get us out of control. it's why when the president trolls the press saying we're the enemy of the people. he loves us and loves the attention. >> he did last night after the press secretary was talking about somebody. >> correct. the danger is somebody is going to hear him say, we're the enemy and they're going to do something he would never sanction and that's why public officials need to watch their words carefully. >> and we'll have more of that, but we have to take a short break. nobody go anywhere because we're going to solve the issue of civility. >> can we hear from admiral akbar one more time. michael and i are not disagreeing. i agree 100% and so does admiral akbar as we go to break. >> it's a trap! when we were dating, we used to get excited about things like concert tickets or a new snowboard. matt: whoo! whoo! jen: but that all changed when we bought a house. matt: voilà! jen: matt started turning into his dad. matt: mm. that's some good mulch. ♪
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more than 2,000 migrant children still remain separated from their parents. the white house is trying to turn our attention for this plea for civility. it's one this country desperately needs. this, of course, comes amidst the president's launching of a flurry of insults. back with us michael smerconish and david trunker. we started off with it's a trap. >> admiral akbar. >> new cnn analyst recently signed. in all seriousness, it may be a trap to not only change the conversation but to distract from the very real questions, michael, about where these children are, how they're going
3:17 am
to be reunited, what the plan is, all of those answers are still very murky at best. >> erica, you remember that we've learned the president views every day in the oval office as another episode of a reality show, and i think you're really putting your finger on something significant now because he likes it when the narrative is one of the president versus maxine waters or the president versus peter fonda or robert de niro or jimmy fallon, whatever the issue of the day might be in his mind. look at what's going on at the border, look at this iconic american brand in harley-davidson, now saying we're going to have to move overseas some of our responsibilities, and so you're right, all of these substantive issues that should be taking our attention the other stuff is much more fun and you don't have to read in so deeply to take a position in donald trump versus maxine waters, et cetera. so there's a lot of real news going on out there that he
3:18 am
probably doesn't want us focused on, including what's going on with the border kids. >> yeah. look, as far as i can tell, there's been no progress from yesterday or the day before about how to get these 2,000 kids reunited with their parents, david, and the administration doesn't seem to have the answers. >> no. they're not exactly sure how they want to handle this because you have a disagreement between the white house that wants to put an end to illegal border crossings and allowing people to stay in the country by gaming u.s. asylum laws and an administration, agencies, who do not know how to carry this out with the zero tolerance policy. the biggest problem the president has, you can change the law but republicans are paralyzed when it comes to immigration in part because they feel like they have no political cover from him, when is he going to tweet and blow everything up and make them look bad just before a big midterm election and the fact that the republicans on the hill cannot agree among themselves and they run the hill, even though they're not getting a lot of cooperation from democrats, a lot of voters are not going to look at it that way. >> no.
3:19 am
look, let's separate the style from the substance. i think smerconish makes a good point about the president wanting to have these sort of celebrity slap fights to distract from the substance and the substance is really, you want to talk incivility, let's talk policies that put kids in cages and separate them from their parents. that's the essence of incivility. so let's make -- let's take a distinction. we can do both but never dets distracted from the substance of the policies that get put in place. >> i keep saying it's a trap. this is a trap, a trap for democrats because, you know, they fall in and, you know, they get into the sandbox and they can't win that sandbox fight tan it's a trap you're not focusing on the bigger things. >> where you want to know nervous republicans are about this, mitch mcconnell has vowed not to put any immigration bill on the floor that the president has not said he will sign, they are moving ahead to narrow fix with the family separation issue, will it go anywhere, hard to tell. >> sarah huckabee sanders among the things she said in her press conference was saying to the
3:20 am
effect that due process does not require seeing a judge. all right. that's building on the president's tweets from the other day in a way that really does have constitutional policy implications. >> smerconish, we happen to have a lawyer with us, michael, what do you make of that, the due process argument? >> if you're here you're entitled to due process regardless of whether you're a united states citizen. that's the view from the supreme court of the united states, that's the view from the legal intelligence. i think the white house is flat out wrong on that. i mean what they're struggling with here, you can't keep kids in detention indefinitely. you can't hold families together wait that they're saying they would like to try do, even though there's news today that has suggested they've gone back to a catch and release, there's no simple solution here. one other thing, john, you don't want to get played, right, by those who are coming here who bring a child with them, just so they have these additional protections and i think that's a part of this as well.
3:21 am
>> there's also, joe biden wrote an op-ed ignoring part of the larger problem which what is these people from central america are fleeing. we know the obama administration tried to address it and did in certain ways. some of that worked. you know, i was reading a piece yesterday about how moving the border to the southern border of mexico did not work in that time frame when they brought mexico in to work on it. but there's a part there, too, we're also not talking about, about the funding that used to go to some of these countries to try to help stem the violence there, and in turn, stem the flow of migrants. >> senator marco rubio was tweeting this morning when you have people who find it more preferable to be in a jail in the united states than at home in central america, you have a problem that will not be fixed if you do not fix what's going on in those countries. >> george w. bush ran an entire campaign as a compassionate conservative saying family values don't stop at the rio grande river. that was 18 years ago, might as well be 180 years ago based on the language we're hearing now.
3:22 am
you were talking about this, not only is president trying to distract from the civility discussion but the harley-davidson thing, which is absolutely his base. he has brought harley-davidson to this white house as much as he possibly can. you know, exchanged the beast if he could for a harley-davidson and ride that if he could ride it, who knows. the point is here, harley-davidson is moving jobs overseas, moving production because of the president's trade policies, michael smerconish. pure and simple. >> well, you know what's interesting to me, it's not some obscure, hardware manufacturer for computers that we're talking about. i cannot think of -- unless you said it's the ford f-150 or maybe the ingredients that go into apple pie are now going to be made in china, it's harley davidson for crying out loud. everybody gets, you know, the identification of a harley with the united states flag and because of the president having brought your call, the harley-davidson executives to the white house, it's really
3:23 am
significant. it will play and he's going to have to address it. protectionism has consequences. that's the lesson. >> yeah. >> i do -- we only have a minute left in this discussion and i don't want to let something pass that happened last night at this rally. sort of ties up what we're talking about here. the president went to south carolina the home state, the former south carolina governor mark sanford, current congressman who lost in a primary. the president has been attacking him again and again and again and he tried to do it on stage last night. i want to play this moment for everybody. >> never liked him too much. i wasn't a big fan. the tallahassee trail. it must be a beautiful place. he didn't go there. >> you know why, there's no tallahassee trail, a. b, there's an appalachian trail which people go back and look at the story of mark sanford had a relationship with a woman he denied it saying he was hiking on the appalachian trail, he wasn't. if you're going to make a joke about someone you have to nail the punch line.
3:24 am
>> nail the punch line. pot meet kettle when it comes to infidelity judgments. and also, just to bring up one thing, south carolina is my home state, my folks live there, and he also went on trade, went against german automakers. guess who is one of the biggest employers in south carolina, bmw. know your audience, nail the punch line, and be careful of your own problems, people. >> and to your point and know your facts on your american companies you're talking about and how this affects them. >> bmw is handled well on the tallahassee well. they take those corners very well. >> bmw motor bike or car. >> the answer is yes. >> d. >> d. all of the above. >> all right. still to come, we are talking about secretary mattis in china today. all of this we're talking about harley-davidson, worrying about twrifts the eup what about the tariffs with china. that's ahead.
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. defense secretary james mattis is in china today amid strained tensions over the president's new tariffs on that country. among the key topics set to be discussed this week, the denuclearization of the korean peninsula and how china could possibly help. will ripley live in beijing with the latest. hey, will. >> hey there, secretary mattis, john, touching down here in beijing overnight and he faces some very tricky discussions in the coming hours because he has to convince chinese president xi jinping to keep up the pressure on north korea. the united states knows without china enforcing the economic sanctions the maximum pressure campaign would not be able to continue and without that pressure, the u.s. really has no way to kind of force north korea down the road of denuclearization. he needs china to stay on board with the sanctions at the same time, though, the united states is citing national security as one of the reasons why the trade
3:30 am
relationship between the u.s. and china, this trade war, continues to escalate. we're expecting an announcement in the coming days. the trump administration expected to block chinese investment in key areas of u.s. technology. the united states feels china has been stealing or would stealing potentially in the future. chinese president xi jinping was speaking to group of american businessmen and said china will punch back against the u.s. a new round of tariffs, $50 billion, set to kick in next month. the defense secretary has to convince the chinese president and his counterparts here to keep up the pressure on north korea even as the trade situation and other tensions in the region, including the south china sea, continues to escalate and, of course, all of this happening after reports that secretary mattis has been shut out of president trump's key decisions on many areas of national defense, including north korea, for six months since december. erica? >> and what can that mean. so many looking at that and trying to read into it. just ahead, a little closer at
3:31 am
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rorschach,. there might be tension between the president and a different cabinet member these days talking about defense secretary james mattis. nbc news reports that the president has kept the defense secretary sort of out of the loop on key issues of global importance, key issues that relate directly to the defense department, including whether to stay in the iran nuclear deal. ultimately the president decided to get out of that deal. want to bring in national security analyst, former director of national intelligence, james clapper, also the author of "facts and fears, hard truths, my life of intelligence." there are a number of issues where, at a minimum, it seemed like there was a disconnect between james mattis and the president. we talked about the iron nuclear deal but it started way back with the issue of transgender troops, canceling military exercises with south korea as well, national guard, putting national guard at the border and then this creation of a space force, an entire sixth branch of the military where the defense secretary didn't seem completely read in there. what does that tell you?
3:36 am
>> well, first, john, i think that history is replete with examples of where there have been, shall i say, communications gaps between the white house and the pentagon and that was certainly true during the last administration and the four secretaries of defense that i served with, but, of course, it's a particularly acute issue here with president trump who i think as more time has elapsed in his tenure, feels more and more confident that, you know, he doesn't really need any advice from anybody and he's smarter than everybody else. i think for secretary mattis' part, i think he knows what the deal is here, but i do think even he, as dedicated as he is to this country and particularly the me and women of the armed forces that he leads, even he would at some point i think
3:37 am
would have a tipping point if he's completely cut out of things. >> what would it mean to you if james mattis, general mattis, is being circumvented here? a lot of people have looked at mattis and others gone from the administration, as being quote/unquote adults in the room, i'm not saying i necessarily agree with that, but we have heard that analysis from a lot of people. >> well, i think if this trend continues and secretary mattis reaches a point where he may feel irrelevant, that that would be, you know -- and takes the plunge, i think that would be a huge, huge loss for the country and certainly for the department of defense. he's a great patriot, a great american, and, you know, it would be terrible. >> from where you sit knowing what you know, would you be fearful if secretary mattis were no longer part of this administration? >> well, i would be very concerned about it, put it that way. of course a lot of that would
3:38 am
depend on who might succeed him, but the pentagon, the department of defense, is a huge institution, and it kind of has like a big aircraft carrier, has its own momentum. >> at the very beginning the president bragged, seemed to bask in the glow of what he called my general, of course there was general michael flynn at the beginning, he left pretty quickly, but general mattis as defense secretary, general kelly homeland security secretary, and chief of staff and general mcmaster who came in after michael flynn. the president was so proud of what he called his generals, he seems to be drifting apart from them. why do you think that is? >> well, as i alluded to before, john, i think as time has gone on, i think the president has gotten ever more confident in his abilities and his intelligence and his smarts and feels less and less of the need for advice from anybody.
3:39 am
i think there was initially a certain fascination, perhaps, with generals and i think even that seems to be wearing off. >> what do you think would cause james mattis to leave? there's no reporting he's on the way out. let me make that clear. if, in fact, there is this discord or tension or just space created between general mattis and the president, do you think general mattis would stay from a sense of duty? >> well, i think if it reached the point where he himself felt that he was just ineffective and had no voice, no influence, i don't know how long he would linger. other cabinet members, notably attorney general, doesn't seem to bother him, but i don't know about secretary mattis. i think he would have a tipping point and only he knows what that is that would maybe cause him to say that -- to feel that
3:40 am
perhaps he would be less effective if he stayed on. >> general mattis is in beijing at this moment and, obviously, china policy toward the u.s. and u.s. policy toward china right in the middle of the news, not just with north korea, but also on the issue of trade. if you're a stop trader and investor this morning you care very deeply about that relationship. what do you think the chinese make of what's happening right now between the u.s. negotiations with north korea in this hardening trade stns th-- stance that the white house has taken. >> >> i think, you know, it's kind of the mixed bag syndrome. i think the chinese welcome the detant, if you want to call it that, with north korea and it will probably be supportive of sustaining it. one issue you didn't mention which i think certainly would be on secretary mattis' platter to talk about would be chinese military activities in the south
3:41 am
china sea. so i think the task for him, which is no small one, would be to try to separate these issues. the national security issue, as opposed to trade and tariff and tariffs and all the consternation that's causing, and try to work on those issues that are actually germane to his portfolio. >> director clapper, always a pleasure to have you with us. thanks so much. >> thanks, john. >> i think one thing is crystal clear here. early on in the administration the president would talk about james mattis whenever he could. mad dog. now i can't remember the last time he has. >> yeah. i mean you talk about how he talks about my generals, right, also the sense these were the so-called axis of adults, that they provided a degree of continuity that would balance the president's charisma, but more erratic nature. mattis being sidelined does send a different signal. clapper kept pointing out is it because the president feels more confident about his own intelligence, but confidence and
3:42 am
actual knowledge of the bureaucracy of the pentagon is a totally different thing. if you're creating a sixth branch of the milt, so-called space wars, without notifying or consulting your defense secretary that's a problem people. >> space force. >> i'll work on it. >> the possibility about this is the rise of mike pompeo as secretary of state and john bolton as national security adviser in their roles. >> this is still an important part of that relationship when we talk about james mattis and he can't be completely moved out of that equation. to keep someone like that in the dark when he's in china when this is a delicate dance. all of the tariff issues, trade issues as we're trying to work on the denuclearization and china a part of that,. >> yeah. >> all right. >> 2,000 kids still separated from their parents, all around this country. the president engaged in a full-force fighting match with late night comics. the president was at it again overnight. jimmy fallon firing back. my mom's pain from
3:43 am
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voters head to the polls with primaries in new york, oklahoma, and utah. where mitt romney is expected to win a seat. michael grimm fighting for his old job after doing prison time for tax evasion and a runoff in south carolina where the president is all-in trying to help governor mcmaster keep his job. mississippi holding runoffs for two federal offices. jimmy fallon firing back at president on "the tonight show" after the president slammed him on twitter. the president mocked fallon for addressing this moment, the hair messing up moment, in an interview with "the hollywood reporter," jimmy fallon had the interview. this is what fallon said overnight. >> as you may have heard last night, the president of the united states went after me on twitter. so melania if you're watching, i don't think your anti-bullying campaign is working. it's not working.
3:48 am
when i saw that trump insult med on twitter i was going to tweet back immediately but i have more important things to do, and then i thought, wait, shouldn't he have more important things to do? he's the president. what are you doing! you're the president. >> as if on cue, the president seemed to answer jimmy fallon's question by saying no, no, i don't have more important things to do. at this rally overnight in south carolina, the president went after jimmy fallon again and just for good measure, he sort of covered the full late night, you know, panoply. >> jimmy fallon apologized. he apologized for humanizing me. the poor guy. because now he's going to lose all of us. he's like a nice guy. he's lost. he looks like a lost soul. the guy on cbs is -- is -- what a low life. what a low life. i mean, honestly are these people funny? jimmy kimmel would meet me, before the election, i'm telling
3:49 am
you a true story, i don't think he would deny it, no talent, there's no talent, he's not -- they're not like talented people. johnny carson was talented. some of these guys -- seriously. >> the president did give the incredibles 2 one thumb up and one thumb down. >> maybe i'll check it out. >> yeah. >> this was a rally last night in south carolina, not clear to me how it helps elect henry mcmaster of south carolina. it does show where the president's mind it. >> it showed in all seriousness, it was a recycling of what the president has used to be in many ways his greatest hits. you attack the press, the enemy of the people, saying all he wanted was honesty, this from a president who many americans would like some honesty from on a regular basis when it comes to things -- >> this is the president's arena rock tour. he plays the greatest hits, he digs it, but he does enjoy opining on late night talk show hosts including colbert who he refuses to name --
3:50 am
>> like the val da mort -- >> that's how much of his psyche it occupies. than dealing with real policy, substance let alone civility. he's ripping off his greatest hits but a departure from anything resembling a tradition of the presidency and not helping henry mcmaster in south carolina. >> as we've said all morning and said some time now, it's a distraction, a distraction to the legitimate answers needed about where these kids are, policy, lots of stuff. >> those late night comics, by the way, focused for the last week on those children separated from their families as well. >> yep. >> still to come, we're going to take a look at the impact of this trade fight now growing between the u.s. and europe. harley-davidson, now the poster child in many ways. >> hitting the road. >> oh. >> get the motor running. >> head out on the highway. cons or a new snowboard. matt: whoo! whoo! jen: but that all changed when we bought a house. matt: voilà! jen: matt started turning into his dad. matt: mm. that's some good mulch. ♪ i'm awake.
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[children crying] tom steyer: terrible things happen when you leave a lawless president in power. donald trump is unfit for his office. call congress now. if they won't stand up to him, they're just as responsible as he is.
3:53 am
3:54 am
a threat by president trump to impose tariffs on cars assembled in europe is a
3:55 am
backfiring? harley davidson says it's shifting some production overseas to avoid new tariffs from the eu that in retaliation for the president's tariffs on steel and aluminum. christine romans joins us with more. when the president said with china there's going to be a little blowback. >> harley davidson is a quintessential american brand and the president has brought the harley team to the white house and praised the harley team for being this american iconic company, but when you have tariffs on steel and aluminum that means harley has to pay more for the stuff that it's importing to make its bikes, right. its motorcycles. they're exporting it to a country where there are these retaliatory tariffs. the eu motorcycle tariff up 31sts from 6% in response from the president's tough trade rhetoric and policies. the cost of $2200 per bike to export, europe is a big growth market, second largest market overall. it's going to move production, move production, that will mean jobs in wisconsin, move
3:56 am
production somewhere else over the next 18 months to compensate for that. harley davidson believes the tremendous cost increase if passed on to its dealers and retail customers would have an immediate and lasting detrimental impact to its business in the region. this is what happens when you start messing around with tariffs. companies pay the price and companies make business moves to counter it. >> whoever would have predicted something like this might happen? >> everyone. and the president, interestingly, he sort of hit harley davidson back and said, who would have thought they would be the first to wave the white flag. he said they just need to be a little bit more patient. well, it's hard to be patient when you're a company and looking at $2200 difference here. this what is ben sasse the republican senator from nebraska said, this will go over like a ves pa at sturgis, very funny guy, the problem isn't a harley is unpatriotic it's tariffs are stupid. tax increases on american and don't work and apparently we will see more of this. another example of the trump steel tariffs could mean about 200 jobs this summer at a
3:57 am
missouri nail plant company, company that makes nails, use steel, importing, the cost means they will have to start laying people off and they could be out of business by labor day. >> who is next is the question. does this last? could something change? if this really does hit home with the president? >> saying be patient, but "the wall street journal" editorial board is saying, who is next, it could be a november issue. if you're going to try to campaign on tariffs and the president getting tough on the bad actors hurt the united states on the trade policy but looking at wisconsin and looking at missouri and looking at some of these places where companies are saying hey, i got creamed by chinese competition for years and now i'm getting creamed by the retaliation to the chinese companies that hurts. >> the markets hated this yesterday and the white house was falling inwards all over itself to -- >> i'm not sure what they were doing yesterday to explain. yesterday i heard the treasury secretary saying don't worry, we're not trying to single out
3:58 am
china and then i heard peter navarro, a trade representative, trying to say, no, i think we are trying to signal out china, not trying to hurt anybody else. i'm not sure what the message was there, the message from the stock market they didn't like it. if you look at the market yesterday, all of the tech stocks tumble, they're also concerned about this part two of the u.s. strategy against china, in particular, which is going to be export restrictions. we were told reporters, we've been told for a few weeks now. we're going to hear more about it for sure on friday. now i think will the white house keep that tough tone? i mean tech companies are concerned about this as well. >> well look, i mean the china trade stuff i think probably plays well, but politically harley, in wisconsin, a state the president picked up, this goes to the heart of his vision of america, harley is an avatar for america, if harley starts pulling out that has political implications and perception implications. >> europe and asia a big market for harley. the biggest fastest growing markets. american iconic motorcycles,
3:59 am
it's china and europe. the white house has been saying publicly and privately the past -- the trade officials in the white house saying publicly and privately for the past couple weeks the economy is so strong now this is the time to take a little heat near term in some of these companies and some of these industries because the economy is so strong, this is the time to make these changes because overall they think the american economy can absorb any kind of hit. >> tell that to harley stew tell that to a nail company in missouri. >> great to have you with us. >> thanks to our international viewers for you. for you "cnn talk" is next. "new day" continues right now. >> i was asked to leave because i worked for president trump. >> last time i checked, being a liar working for a liar was not a protected class. >> our country is strongest and best when we respect each other. >> we should throw the republicans who have these policies out of congress. >> the president here is setting a very negative tone. he's a big bully. >> they want to protect ill heels much more so than -- illegals much more so than they
4:00 am
want to protect you. >> it is inhumane and cruel and the american people don't like it. >> our laws should be changed so removal is expedited. >> sending people back means for them a possible death sentence. >> this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> good morning. welcome to your "new day." alisyn is off. erica hill joins us. also here is john avalon and admiral akbar will make an appearance at some point today because it is a trap. 2,000 children still separated from their parents by the u.s. government and overnight the president complaining about late night comic in the white house, complaining about a lack of civility. yes, the pot exploded while calling the kettle black, however, the kettle does have some issues here. democrat maxine waters over the weekend called on democrats to confront the president and people who work for him on different


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