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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  June 27, 2018 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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mitt romney picked up the republican nomination in utah. >> also breaking overnight, a federal judge in california issuing a nationwide injunction to stop the trump administration from separating families at the border. the judge also ordering families be reunited within 30 days if a child underage 5 was separated. that reunification must happen in two weeks. we have learned from the government in the past week just six children, six out of more than 2,000 who remain separated will from their parents. >> it was an earthquake last night. 14th congressional district. there it is. the big winner. alexandria ocasio-cortez defeats the number four man in the house leadership. joe crowley. he has been there two decades.
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she didn't just beat him by a squeaker. 57% to 42%. he was soundly defeated last night. many things a lot play here. general racial politics. a shift going on inside the democratic party. liberal grassroots energy seems to be driving all the fuel inside the democratic party last year. this is the year of the woman, which has been dominating this year. some of the results to tick through, very good news for donald trump in a couple of races. south carolina, mcmaster gets by with 54%. the president went down to south carolina to campaign for him. mcmast or was one of president trump's earliest supporters in that key state. so the president taking some credit there. he is going to take credit back here on staten island.
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michael grimm was trounced. it seems some rules in politics still apply. this is our second ex con to emerge in a republican primary and go down in defeat. some political baggage still matters here. and back in maryland, another win for a progressive wing of the party. ben jealous he is the democratic nominee in maryland. mitt romney won in utah. 28% for mike kennedy. mitt romney is very likely headed to the united states senate in november. >> another major story breaking overnight. a legal setback for the trump administration. a federal judge issuing a
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nationwide injunction to stop the u.s. government from separating families at the border. >> reporter: they do not have much time to come up with a plan. federal officials are ordered to stop detaining children from their parents. all children younger than 5 must be returned to their parents within 14 days. older children now have to be returned within 30 days. aclu filed this case against the trump administration months ago but recently ramped things up as the president's zero tolerance resulted in the 2,000 children being separated from their parents at the border. this judge in california did not pull any punches. he blasted the trump administration for what he called a chaotic circumstance of the government's own making.
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he says in part the government readily keeps track of personal property of detainees in criminal and immigration proceedings. then he goes on to say, the unfortunate reality is that under the present system, migrant children are not accounted for with the same efficiency and accuracy as property. now, this order was issued of the object skwrebion of the jus department while they roll out the president's executive order last week keeping families together. >> laura jarrett, thank you very
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much. joining us now chief legal analyst many jeffrey toobin, david chalian with us. we will get to the immigration in a moment. this political earthquake overnight with the far left 28-year-old democratic candidate overturning joe crowley. we talked about the soul searching in the republican party for years. >> this is the party of bernie sanders. the energy is on the left of the democratic party. this could not have been a more stark wakeup call. this candidate ran a great campaign. a viral ad in which he didn't highlight the fact that she is a socialist but highlighted she was a grate fit for her district, running on themes of income and equality, and did so in a compelling way. joe crowley, not a great fit for the district as it stands. buff he has outspent her 10-1. he has not had a primary
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challenge in 10 cycles. she came out of nowhere. it is a message people in washington are waking up and taking note. the left is ascending in the democratic party. she represents a new generaticg. >> politics really is local. we spent so much time talking about what does the broad america think. we are reminded what matters is people who are voting in their districts and who appeals to them. >> and who shows up. there is no doubt about that. john was referencing this notion of what we observed for the better part of a decade. the democrats had to furriigures out. h being pulled so far to the left they become unappealing to the middle of america in awe general election. and you saw republicans have struggled time and again the
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last 10 years of this phase of this intraparty battle. how do we harness the energy that is this moment in time with awe different kind of progressive liberal brand that is fueling our success and not actually make the party unappealing. >> hang on. the "washington post" posted, they are laughing at owe k ocasio-cortez reminds him of when people laughed at donald trump. >> she supports medicare for all, free college tuition. those are popular proposals with lots of people. not just the far left of the
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party. i think it is worth examining what she stands for rather than what label is attached to her. those ideas may spread in the entire electorate. those are popular ideas. >> joe crowley was establishment but not a blue dog democrat. before bernie sanders became an avatar, there was a third rail. the key point is if the american people, the swing voters, folks in the center are given a choice between the party of trump and sanders, that will leave even more folks feeling politically homeless. and it sends a difficult signal about consensus government going forward. >> interesting you point out the policies. i want to throw this to you. she is very much in favor of
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abolishing i.c.e. and we have seen more democrats fully start to come over to that way of thinking. >> this has been a big movement. although bernie sanders, who she worked for, wouldn't go that far and wouldn't completely support that policy. so it's not one that is completely taken over that wing of the party yet but clearly yet another -- i wouldn't say it is a full-on litmus test yet, but it is a calling card for which wing of the party you're representing if you say i.c.e. should be shut down. >> talking about immigration, counselor, if i could go to you with this federal judge that ruled that the administration needs to reunite the children. if you're younger than 5, in 14 days. older than 5 in 30 days. >> here you have this george w.
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bush appointee, this judge just completely outraged at what's going on here. but if you look at the level of chaos that's going on, even if the government were to try in good faith to reunify, could they do it in this very tight deadline? if they don't, what's the remedy? is the judge going to hold donald trump in contempt? i don't really know. i think it underlines how this situation, this completely -- this complete situation that is not a natural disaster entirely the result of the trump administration's change in policy has created chaos. and this order will presumably inspire the trump administration to do something other than appeal to actual little expedite these reunifications. but if they don't, it is far from clear what happens. >> will it cause them to expedite it?
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they have he reunited six children. >> maybe they will get into double digits. >> that alone, though, is remarkable. we keep saying this every single day on this show and throughout the day on this network. it is remarkable there are more than 2,000 children, and it's still not clear -- we can't get the answers. if they even know where they all are. if they know who their parents are. laura was pointing out, the judge wrote there, we keep better track -- and i'm paraphrasing -- of things we take when people go to jail. yet we don't know where children are. >> we take better track of property than migrant children. six people. top millions. the president forced to backtrack. all of this time we have been discussing this. it is callousness, chaos, and
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incompetence. the human cost is massive. >> it is hard to imagine it is just incompetence. it is hard to imagine it is not incompetence and will. if they wanted to reunite the children with their parents, you would think, you would think they could. when i talk about will, when i talk about intention, one of the reasons you do question the intention is because of comments from the likes of the attorney general jeff sessions who was speaking to a group. and he made a joke, an actual joke about the separation of children from their parents. listen approximate. >> the rhetoric we hear from the other side on this issue as on many others, has become radicalized. we hear views on television today that are on the lunatic fringe, frankly, and what is perhaps more galling is the hypocrisy. these same people live in gated communities, many of them, and are at events where you have to have an i.d. to even come in and hear them speak. i would like a little security around that ourselves.
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if you try to scale the fence, believe me, they will be even too happy to have you arrested and separated from your children. >> it seemed like that joke was written for him. >> how moronic is the comparison? >> gated communities. >> they shouldn't care about migrant children? it just doesn't make any sense. >> to your point about will, the president has been all over the place since he issued that executive order. he issued it. he went to a rally in minnesota. that was not something he touted. he gave it a one-line mention. it was being tough on the border. and there was reporting in the "new york times" that he regretted it. then he said, no, i didn't regret it. this has not been one of donald trump's actions that after he holds up the thing and shows it to everyone, that he is out there touting every single day.
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that gives credence to your nation. >> he thinks this is a political winner. getting whip flash from the flip tphrots. the attorney general's remarks were scripted. you can see they are scripted. it highlights will, callousness, as well as incompetence. >> and it also speaks to the planning here. we have talked so much about, oh, there is no communications director. the president is his own communications director. he is getting his message out there. i think we can make the case that that is likely a message president trump wanted out there that we are hearing from attorney general jeff sessions. >> if they're on speaking terms today. >> that is a point. >> someone told us they aggressively dodged and ignored the question about whether they
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are still separating children. i guess we don't even know whether or not more children are being added, not subtracted, to that lift of 2,047. more than six reunited with their parents. #. this was a big night for candidates backed by the president. two of his chosen candidates did preva prevail. corey lewandowsky joins us next.
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4:20 am
they won. what does that tell you? >> the president continues to be exceptionally popular with the republican electorate, those people who voted him into office. mcmaster was a very early supporter of candidate trump. president trump was down in south carolina over the weekend, assume sorry, monday. this is a race where they wanted to make sure the people of south carolina knew henry was on the trump agenda. they went down in full force. voters turned out in full force. >> you say the president continues to have success. this is different than what we saw in alabama. . he was a two-time loser in that race. in pennsylvania he lost the special election race when he came out against conor lamb. >> i don't think so. if you look across the board, i
4:21 am
believe the president is going to north dakota to do an event for heidi hide camp. although she voted against the historic tax cuts to help working class families. when you're a republican in a primary race and trying to decide whether to support or oppose the trump agenda, it is very clear the trump base is holding strong. it's continue to go he grow. in the republican primary races, donald trump continues to be very, very successful. >> cory, how is it that hhs has only reunited six children that the government separated from their parents? six children within the last week. does that represent competence to you? >> look, i don't know that number to be accurate. i don't know where it comes from. >> it comes from hhs. hhs itself tells us they have reunited six children in the last week. there are 2,047 under hhs custody right now.
4:22 am
one week ago it was 253. >> so 253 people in custody -- >> 2,053. >> okay. i don't work for the administration. i'll be clear, i don't think parents should be separated from their children. but i don't think parents should come to the country illegally. so we have to look to the problem. a federal judge said children cannot be separated from their parents for more than 20 days. it is a policy this administration is going to follow and adhere to because that's what the federal law says. what we need to do is make sure people understand if they come to the country illegally -- >> i'm were asking about basic competence here. you said you do not think parents should be separated from their children. i'm not talking about the
4:23 am
policy. i'm talking about the competence here. >> again, i don't work for the government. if you want to interview a government employee, you're welcome to do that. >> are you impress bid that number? >> look, we can have a conversation about what is right and what is wrong on the border. like i said, i don't think children should be separated from their parents. if they were in any other country and they came in illegally, they would be separated. so we have to understand that first and foremost. number two, you are putting the children in grave danger by bringing them in, through coyotes, all the problems they face. let's get the problem solved by giving people an opportunity to come to this country legally stphrfplt this is america. let's just establish we are talking about america, the country that both you and i live in and the country that separated these children from their parents. a federal judge ruled children younger than 5 have to be reunited in the next 14 days, older than five in the next 30 days.
4:24 am
under the present system, migrant children are not accounted for with the same efficiency as property. >> well, look, that's a terrible thing. but we also have a significant problem. >> so fix it. so fix it. fix it. fix it. >> okay. if you would like me to answer, otherwise, you can do the interview yourself. would you like me to answer. >> go ahead. >> number one, i don't work for the government. number two, you can't tell me how many illegal immigrants are in this country. that is a problem. we don't know within 3 million people how many illegals are in this country. that's a problem. it is a problem that persisted for a long time. and this administration, which i do not work for, has finally tried to do something, which is sign an exec order which did not exist under the previous administration of stopping parents from being separated from their families. >> we are saying we don't know how many illegal immigrants we have. >> we don't know. >> we do. hhs tells us overnight 2,043 children have not been reunited
4:25 am
with their parents. there's a 25%.
4:26 am
that's not most. 25% rate. i want to shift gears and get your take on another thing. the republican party, the president fund-raising off the issue of civility and maxine waters talking about the comment that maxine waters made. that democrats should confront her in public, in protest. do you think the republican party should be fund-raising off of this? >> i think what they talked about also is the abuse that sarah huckabee sanders took. it looks like she will be provided secret service protection to make sure her and her family are safe. that is a sad state of affairs. >> she was asked to leave a restaurant. >> john, tell the whole story. what happened after she left the restaurant. >> she left the restaurant. she went to another restaurant. >> what happened with the owner of the previous restaurant? >> are you calling them liars in her and her father are being
4:27 am
dishonest? >> i know she has secret service. i know she was asked to leave a restaurant. >> why have secret service protection? >> i also know, cory, that the president of the united states, if we talk about civility and threats, knock the crap out of him, just knock the hell out of him. i promise you i will pay legal fees, i would like to punch him in the face, i would have been boom, boom, boom. >> john, thank you it's okay that sarah sanders has to have secret service because of credible threats against her? >> i leave that up to the secret service as to what they do. that is a secret service decision. >> john, they wouldn't make that decision. >> i'm asking about the issue of civility in this country. i'm asking about the president's role in this country. when the president has physically threatened people from the podium for, is that not the same thing or worse than
4:28 am
suggesting to leave a restaurant. >> if we're talking about what maxine waters said, words that were used, clearly there is a problem in the country, and it's only getting worse. sit shameful that a government employee who is trying to do their job with their family is not only asked to leave but followed to the next restaurant and heckled again. we have seen it on one occasion, but we have seen it with secretary nielsen. >> is it okay, corey, if you're worried about permanent safety, is it okay for a presidential candidate to threaten someone at a rally? >> when did this happen? >> so it's okay. >> john, i'm asking when did the president make the comments? >> he made them for months during the campaign. and just yesterday -- i don't have the dates when he made them -- >> john, here's the difference. maxine waters -- >> hang, on corey.
4:29 am
20 hours ago president trump said you better be careful, max. which sounds like as much of a threat as maxine waters made if not more. >> that's right. maxine waters has been referred to the ethics committee about pushing back on employees. >> we talked a lot about maxine waters. >> and her review to the ethics committee. >> whether or not that was the appropriate thing. >> her ethics is in accord with what it should be for a member of congress? >> i don't like anyone threatening anything. i will leave it up to others to interpret. if she said people should push back. i don't think it needs much interpretation when the president says boom, boom, boom. >> do you think she should be referred to ethics committee? >> it's not my decision.
4:30 am
if they dorks they will look at it, they will weigh it versus other things and against the rhetoric we are hearing. if you think that's what she did. >> not me. play her clip. you can play it any time. >> did the president threaten the government employee when he said be careful, max? >> no. i think be careful is not a threat. >> it sounds like a mob boss. be careful. i wouldn't want anything to happen to you. >> he didn't say that. >> he said be careful. it could be interpreted easily as that type of thing. >> and what she said is a clear indication. >> we are talking about civility. you and i can both agree. there is responsibility to go all over the place when it comes to being more civil. you have come up in this discussion as well. do you regret anything you have said on television, last week when you said womp womp about a
4:31 am
discussion about a child with down syndrome. i'm asking you now. you didn't say you were sorry about it. >> john, here's what i said. that was not directed at a child who was not separated by her mother because of the government policies. that is not what it was. and the notion that the individual who said that was inaccurate was never corrected. >> do you wish you hadn't said it? >> john, would you like me to answer the question or would you like to have the interview yourself. >> corey, go ahead. >> let me know how much time i have. >> do you regret it. >> if you would let me answer the question. >> go, go, go. >> the incident i discussed was not directed at a child. it was directed at a left wing activity. he said the child was separated from her mother because of trump policies. but the truth was that 10-year-old separated at the
4:32 am
border was separated because her mother was a member or awe potential member of a child smuggling ring. >> okay, corey. >> let's get the facts straight. >> all i was asking is if you thought womp womp was the right response or if you had any regrets. >> my answer is it wasn't directed at a child. it was directed at a left wing democratic activist trying to use a child as a political tool. >> you travel with the president this weekend. did he have any concerns that you said that? >> like you, i don't discuss private conversations i may or may not have with elected officials. >> let me ask you about this judge, t.s. ellis, the judge from virginia. the president himself called a very special thing. ellis decided in a case against paul manafort can proceed.
4:33 am
this judge has been held up by supporters of the president has someone who had been very fair. he questioned the special counsel's case. now the judge says, go ahead, robert mueller. you can go ahead and charge manafort. >> not only one judge said that but a second judge said that. i believe it is in the district of columbia. mr. manafort appealed the ruling to be incarcerated to the district court, circuit court in washington, d.c. and that case is now pending. as far as it stands, both federal judges say there are ample charges against mr. manafort that will continue. >> and they do continue. always a pleasure to have you, sir. >> thank you. all right. so a lot there. issue of civility, i'm not sure we moved the ball very forward on that. there seems to be different interpretations as to who it should apply to. >> and when. >> and though he doesn't work
4:34 am
for the government, there is no explanation for why the children have not been reunited with their parents. >> no. >> that was a master class in what about ism. it was civility for thee but not for me. a degree of deflection. no assumption of responsibility for solving the problem on the part of the president or the government. he's not a member of the government. that's fair. has he advised the president to put forward or back a specific immigration plan. the constant fixation is designed to absolve himself and the president any culpability. >> as we know, it's a trap. >> moving forward, election results. what they mean for the future of the the tkraic party. van jones weighs in next. -♪ he's got legs of lumber and arms of steel ♪
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a huge upset shaking up the democratic party this morning. joe crowley of new york suffering a stunning defeat to
4:39 am
alexandria ocasio-cortez, the 28-year-old democratic socialist, supports the abolition of i.c.e. van jones is in baltimore because he was attending the rally for ben jealous who picked up that state, maryland. and this night progress if's did quite well. what does it all mean, van? >> thunder on the left. i'm telling you, there was -- in 2016, there was a rebellion against the establishment. bernie sanders got 47% of the vote in the democratic party against the clinton machine. 47% of the vote. and the progressives standing up
4:40 am
didn't stop on election night. in fact, it accelerated. so what you are seeing now is people who are not afraid of two things. on the one hand, they have in common with the right and the left saying there's too much -- the people in d.c. are out of touch. the establishment isn't working for us. concerned about what's happening when basic needs are not being taken care of. but they are not afraid of american being a diverse base. there is a concern that the moderate wing of the party has been soft spoken. maybe they don't embrace african-americans the way they should. taken latino votes. all of that is coming to an end. what you are seeing now is at least within the own party, those passionate about diversity are winning and they're winning
4:41 am
big. people who moderate and say the business committee, we like them a lot, we just want small changes, let's not talk about racial issues, those are the can't dates getting their heads handed to them. >> go ahead, john. >> van, just a question for you. you make a great point about a rising generation, inspiring figures who fit their district. ben jealous winning is maryland is certainly a harbinger. they are decided to the left, for example, of barack obama. this isn't just about the clinton establishment. to what extent is it a decided ideological shift of the party significantly to the left of barack obama towards bernie sanders? >> it is. listen, you've got people sitting on a white-hot stove. and hurt people holler. the polls are starting to move apart. the right is getting further to the right, the left further to the left. and everything is getting shaken
4:42 am
up. why? for ordinary people, i'm proud that the unemployment rate is coming down. but wages are not coming up. health care costs are coming up. you have people sitting on a white hot stove. they don't feel the status quo. people are starting to rebel. you have a complete rebellion. it used to be top versus bottom, outside versus inside in both parties. trump has been able to masterfully position himself as an outsider as a tv star and billionaire. but that is the positioning. listen, when a ben jealous, who has never held public office, the youngest president of the naacp, quite well-known in the black community, when he can come and knock off two or three establishment can't dates in montana, just knock them off, out of nowhere, supported by
4:43 am
bernie sanders and supported by lots of individual grassroots donors, there is a new model. authenticity is more important than credibility. you have to run for dog catcher, this, that, pay your dues inside the party for 20 years before you get a chance to say something, those days are over. if you are an authentic, passionate advocate you are going to get a big hearing. if you're not, if you have been mainly trying to figure out how to make the party like you, you are in trouble in the modern context. >> you bring up an interesting point of top versus bottom. this upset had changed all the jockeying within the democratic party about speaker of the house, which is a further reminder of perhaps a lack of focus of what the top of the party should be talking about today. how much do you think, though,
4:44 am
they are doing it in a different way. talking to constituents on a level where they get it. is there enough momentum there for them to really grab hold of the top of the party and say, now you're going to listen to us. >> listen, if you didn't get the telegram, you didn't get the e-mail, you didn't get the facts. if the carrier pigeon didn't get to you and you are still thinking, hey, everything is fine, i don't know what else has to happen. you tphaoefd smoke signals is? >> even just in terms of the machine in terms of the elections, do you need that support? >> no. that's part of the problem. the tools that are available to a young woman in her late 20s who literally -- this is going to go down in history books, this election. the knocking off of a top democrat with a great story.
4:45 am
she believes in this agenda. nobody had to give her a talking point. she believes in this stuff. that went viral. her campaign budget offs fraction. ordinary people actually look more suspicious lu at the super bowl issued, super slick campaign ads. the establishment has less to offer and more to fear. >> van jones, thanks so much. >> elected officials joining calls for justice after the shooting death of a pittsburgh teen. we have more on this and we will speak with a close family friend. can you love wearing powerful sunscreen?
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>> this young man lost his life for nothing. and i will not rest and neither
4:50 am
will my family until there is justice. a family and a community calling for justice after a police officer shot and killed a pittsburgh teen. police say the officer opened fire when the 17-year-old ran from a car which had been connected to a shooting. rose was hit three times. he was unarmed. the district attorney is expected to make a z-ermgs on charges against the officer today. joining us now the mayor of due cain pennsylvania who grew up with antoine's mother and has been a close family friend. thanks for taking time with us. you last spoke with your dear friend antoine's mother last night. how is the family holding up. >> the family's holding up the best that they can under the circumstances. >> we just heard from antoine's aunt there, there have been calls for justice and charges. there have also been calls for the county district attorney to
4:51 am
step down because there are concerns about bias in this case. is that a legitimate concern? >> yes, i definitely do think he should be removed. >> why do you think? >> i also believe that -- i believe that there are too many -- in these communities in allegheny county they are too also usually someone is friends of friends and i definitely think that there needs to be some type of outside intervention. >> there have been calls for that intervention to come from the state attorney general or the justice department. what do you think is appropriate here? >> i think that the justice department should actually come in and review. >> there's a lot of talk every time there's a shooting especially when it involves an unarmed young black man. where is the conversation lacking that you're seeing at
4:52 am
this point? >> he understand for a community such as the -- most of the position which is are held are from some type of friendship or relationship. for example, in east pittsburgh, the chief of police is the mayor's daughter, like-wise that was the same result within the administration prior to me taking over in the city of duquesne. >> i just want to play what he had to say of ed gainy. >> the reality of the situation is if you're going to continue to extend the olive branch and say trust us, trust us, we'll do better, the only way the community can believe that is if you're willing to discipline one of your own. if you're not willing to
4:53 am
discipline one of your own, how can we trust what you won't discipline. >> as we mentioned we have learned the decision on charges is expected later today. when it comes to have that message of trust us, there needs to be more outreach in the community to encourage young members of the community to perhaps pursue a career in law enforcement so that there is not only a more broad representation among law enforcement but that, to your point, it's not all people who know one another. >> that is correct. i know for tmy city, i had corrected an ordinance to do away with the residency requirement to hopefully increase the minority police officers in the area. we had 33 applicants, 28 passed the test, 23 came in for an interview. we only had two that were african-american males and two were females, but they scored at
4:54 am
the bottom when ranking. so again, we should encourage more people to actually participate in law enforcement. >> there's a poem that ant wwon wrote when he was a sophomore called, i am not what you think. i'm confused and afraid. i hear there's only two-ways out. i see mothers bury their sons. i want my mom to never feel that pain. i am confused and afraid. a poem that would have been difficult certainly for a mother to see at the time, those words, have much more meaning obviously today. what does the family -- they want justice, what else do they want people to know about their son? >> he was a beautiful young man. he played the saxophone, he constitutered his friends in geometry, he skied, he
4:55 am
snowboarded, he swam -- he enjoyed life. i think that's most what the family would love everyone to remember about ant wwoantwon. >> we appreciate you taking the time for us today. we'll continue to follow these developments. it is a tough story to say the least but one that brings up a lot of important conversations. thank you. >> thank you. >> indeed, you do feel for the people involved there. >> awful. a big political night, a stunning upset, one of the most powerful democrats in washington upset, what does this mean for the democratic party? big developments. we'll discuss next. you introduce the all-new ford ecosport and surprise people with how much they can get in a small suv. that means more standard features and more upgrades for a lot less than expected.
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5:00 am
new york city primary. joe crowley the fourth ranking democrat in the house once seen as a possible house speaker he was beaten and beaten badly in his district. the upset winner, first time candidate just 28 years old, supported by the democratic socialists of america, she ran to the far left in this race so what does that tell you about where the energy is in the democratic party and its chances in november. other big results overnight. mitt romney picked up the republican nomination in utah and the candidates the president specifically supported they prevailed. a federal judge in california issuing a nationwide injunction to stop the trump administration from separating families at the border. families be reunited within 30 days unless there's a child under the age of 5 who is separated, the reunification must happen within two weeks. we've alsoea


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