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tv   State of the Union With Jake Tapper  CNN  July 1, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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feel like 50? how can i share new plans virtually? how can i download an e-file? virtual tours? zip-file? really big files? in seconds, not minutes... just like that. like everything... the answer is simple. i'll do what i've always done... dream more, dream faster, and above all... now, i'll dream gig. now more businesses, in more places, can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. ncht supreme politics. president trump prepares to pick his second supreme court nominee. >> we have a very excellent list of great talent. >> who could solidify con sefbtive control of the nation's highest court. >> i always look for judge who is respect president. >> a republican who could be the
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deciding vote. susan collins responds live, next. immigration outrage. protesters take to the streets nationwide. as lawmakers and a judge demand calls to reunite families faster. >> i could only imagine what it would be like to have my breast-feeding child away from me. >> what is trump administration's plan? is there one? trump's golden age. president trump celebrates a week of political and judicial victories. >> the red wave is happening. >> as democrats face a growing activist left. >> we have to create a lot of pressure. >> tis the trump presidency reshaping the democratic party even more than the gop? hello, i'm jake tapper in washington where the state of the union is gearing up. trump is taking a working
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weekend at his golf club. he plans to announce a candidate to replace anthony kennedy on july 9th. saturday the president spoke over the phone and is expected to interview one or two candidates for that seat. this weekend democrats warn the president's choice could put abortion rights, same-sex ga marriage at risk. the president hosted a group of senators whose votes likely will decide whether his nominee is confirmed. three are democrats facing tough re-election battles in red states that trump won in 2016. two are republican women. they support abortion rights and have voted against the president's agenda in the past. susan collins of maine is joining me now. senator, collins, thank yous so much for joining us. i want to start on the white house meeting you had with
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president trump on thursday night. it's no secret that you could be a, if not the deciding vote on this nomination. what did president trump tell you to try to get your vote? >> the president really was soliciting my views on type of nominee i'm looking for. i emphasized i wanted a nominee who would respect precedent. i encouraged the president to broaden his list among the potential 25 nominees that have been published for some time. >> let's talk about that list. are you confidentabmfortable wi one on that list? >> no, i am not. some of the people on the list i have not vetted at all at this point. one of them i voted against years ago.
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>> president trump said he's not going to ask the candidates whether they would vote to overturn roe v wade today. i want you to listen to what he told me about this issue during the very first days of his candidacy on his show. take a listen. >> i know you're opposed to abortion. how important is that issue to you know when president trump picks supreme court justices? would that be a litmus test? >> it is. >> he was saying abortion is a litmus test for him. you say roe is settled law. given the president's comments, is it fair to expect that any nominee he selects will vote to overturn roe v wade? >> the president told me in our meeting that he would not ask that question. that is what he has most
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recently said on the advice of his attorney. i think what he said as a candidate may not have been informed by the legal advice that he now has that it would be inappropriate for him to ask a nominee how he or she would rule on a specific issue. >> with all due respect, the supreme court overturns its own rulings all the time. it's overruled 200 of its own decisions. once just last week. it is stated goal of president trump and vice president pence to appoint supreme court justices who will vote to overturn roe versus wade. it's a stated goal. take a listen to vice president pence. this is him campaigning in 2016. >> we appoint strict constructionists to have the supreme court of the united
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states as donald trump will do. i believe we will see roe v wade consigned to the ash heap of history. >> a lot of women are looking to you right now, almost 7 in 10 women want roe v wade to stay in tact. what do you say to those women? how are you going to protect that right? >> let me say there's a big difference between overturning some presence dents such as plessy v ferguson that was overturned in brown v board of education versus overturning a ruling that's been settled law for 46 years, 45 years. it involves a constitutional right and hand been reaffirmed by the court 26 years ago.
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indeed, justice roberts has made very clear that he considers roe v wade to be settled law. i would not support a nominee who demonstrated hostility to roe v wade because that would mean their judicial philosophy did not include a respect for established decisions. established law. i believe that's very important, fundamental tenet of our judicial system helps to promote stability and even handedness. >> you will not support anymore who has demonstrated hostility to roe v wade. there are plenty that will vote to overturn roe v wade but they
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don't have a record of hostility. >> don't you think neil gorsich will probably vote to overturn roe v wade given the chance? >> i actually don't. i had a long discussion with justice gorsich. someone who devotes that much time to writing a book on precedent, i think understands how important a principal that is in our judicial system. there are many judge who is have said to me that if you are not unhappy with some of your decisions then you're not a good judge. i think judges have to have the ability to put aside their personal views and rule on the
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facts of the case with fidelity to the law and the constitution. >> i don't have to tell you this but you're going to get a lot of pressure from groups and individuals who support abortion rights and one of the things that they think about you is that you get played by these judges and that ultimately if you vote to support whoever president trump nominates, presuming that person comes from this list of 25 that wone of yor longest legacy will be that you voted for a justice who will tip the power and voted to overturn roe. >> i know that's what the left is saying. that's at otdds with my record. i've been named the most bipartisan member of the whole united states senate. i proved my senate. i cared deeply about who serves on the court.
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i have voted against judges and i voted for them. i supported both of president obama's appointments to the supreme court. i always have the same kinds of discussions in any offimy offic. i do a lot a work on the record of the appointee. i ask probing questions to determine whether they will be an activist judge with an agenda which i don't want on the left or the right. i want a judge who will apply the law to the facts of the case with fidelity to the constitution. roe v wade is a institutional right that is well established and no less than authority than chief justice roberts said that repeatedly at his confirmation
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hearing. >> i want to get your views about this new report saying american intelligence agencies that says north korea does not intend to denuclearize and they are working on ways to conceal how many wes it has. this comes fewer than three weeks that president trump declared the nuclear threat is over. what do you know about this and do you think the president is getting played by north korea? >> this is a very troubling robert. there's no doubt about it. north korea has the long history of cheating on agreements that it's made with previous administrations opini administrations. i supported the president talking with the north korean dictator because i believe it has the potential for increasing our safety and eventually leading to the denuclearization of north korea. there's no doubt that in order to achieve that goal we need
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verifiable, unimpeded reliable inspections. without those inspections we can have no guarantee that north korea is not cheating once again. >> are you concerned that he's getting played? >> i don't think the threat is over. i think that the president has advisors who will come to him, brief him about these alleged new findings and that he will be cautious in proceeding. he should be because the record of north korea is one of broken promises. i will point out there's not been tasks of nuclear weapons nor ballistic missiles since the president met with the north korean dictator.
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>> thank you for your time. senator and mom said the president's immigration policy is deeply personal. joins a protest with her baby in her arms. senator tammy duckworth is demanding answers. has she gotten any response? we'll ask her, next. (siren wailing) (barry murrey) when you have a really traumatic injury, we have a short amount of time to get our patient to the hospital with good results. we call that the golden hour. evaluating patients remotely is where i think we have a potential to make a difference. (barry murrey) we would save a lot of lives if we could bring the doctor to the patient. verizon is racing to build the first and most powerful 5g network that will enable things like precision robotic surgery
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a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! welcome back. thousands of protesters across the nation took to the streets demanding an end to the president's zero tolerance immigration policy at the border which has resulted in more than 2,000 children being taken from their parents. chants of we care and abolish
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ice even rang through a senate office building. in the crowd, democratic lawmakers. including tammy duckworth who brought her newborn baby. >> we need to rebuild our immigration system from top to bottom starting by replacing i.c.e. with something that reflects our morality. >> joining me now, democratic senator of tammy duckworth. thank you so much for your service. i know that july 4th is not specifically a veterans day but a day when i think a lot of other people who fight for the freedoms. thank you so much. let's start with your fellow democratic senators have joined the rally cry to abolish and replace i.c.e. do you agree?
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>> i think it reflects the policies of the white house, of the president. you abolish i.c.e. now you still have the same policy wiresidente same policy. >> you don't support it? >> i think there's a lot of other things question do before we get to that point. you have somebody in these poliwhite house with the whorrendous policies. >> you sent a letter demanding answers on how they will reunite these children with parents. asking for plan to have these families in touch with within 72 hours. today marks the deadline of your demand of the administration. have you heard anything back? do you think they have plan to reunite these families? >> that's precisely my concern that they don't have a plan. that's my suspicion. i don't know they even know
9:19 am
where these children are and who they belong to. some are so young they adopt know their parents names. we could end up with kids who are separated for a very long time. many are entered into the foster care system. i've not heard in the administration. i'm deeply concerned that these children are going to remain separated from their parents. >> will you support senator ted cruz to keep the families together and double the number of judges to move the cases along more quickly. wouldn't thatsoev solve the pro? >> i haven't seen the details. we should process that case. many the meantime we should not be separating families. >> you pulled out this tweet taking a swipe at mitch mcconnell using his own words for 2016 arguing delaying the vote. you wrote "the american people should have a voice in the selection of their next supreme
9:20 am
court justice." that's what mcconnell said except he did hashtag scotus. you used the hashtag scalia. mitch mcconnell said you and other critics are using that against him are all wrong. this is very different from then. take a listen. >> this is not 2016. there aren't the final months of a second term constitutional lame duck presidency. we're right in the middle of this president's very first term. >> how do you respond? >> i think mitch mcconnell is someone who is very cynical and do whatever he needs to do. i think he's demonstrated that. who i would want to talk to are my colleagues who are casting those votes. lisa murkowski, you said this should not be done before a major election back when it was
9:21 am
merritt garland. this would be a political football. let's listen to that. we're talking about someone who could end roe v wade. could help to overturn the legislation that protects not just a woman's right to choose but health care. there are many cases right now. don't just trust that what somebody says in a conversation trying to get your vote is what will happen when they're on the supreme court. >> what did you think of susan collins? she doesn't think that chief justice roberts would vote to overturn roe v wade because he's assured her he respects precedent. >> he has voted against precedents just this week with the janice case. this president, this administration is allover
9:22 am
turning precedents. let's get through the election. that's four months away. >> there's a lot of democrats from red states, states that trump won who are up for re-election this year. there's going to be a lot of pressure on this. some of them are opponents of abortion rights. what do you think. should they vote the way that they need to vote to win re-election, if it comes down to that or should they vote the way their party wants them to vote. >> i'll tell you what i learned in my short time here. all three vote in whatever they need to do to take care of the people of the their state.
9:23 am
they put their constituents first. i've seen some real bravery from the three of them as well. mansion said he will protect health care for the people of west virginia. same with heidi highcamp. who they put first is not themselves, not the party. they put their con stistituents first. they will know which way to vote. >> there are obviously a lot of shock waves in the democratic party when tuesday night 28-year-old socialist alexandria beat joe crowley. is this the future of the democratic party? i think it's the future of the party in the bronx where she is. i think we need to listen to our constituency and get out there. she did the hard work. she was out there talking to every one of her constituents. i think that's the different.
9:24 am
she turned out her voters and reflected the needs of her district. >> are you concerned your party is going too far to the left to either win in the midterms or win back the white house? >> i think that you can't win the white house without the midwest. i don't think that you can go to far to the left and still win the midwest coming from the midwestern state. you need to listen to the people there. in order to win an election nationwide. >> this is the last day of your maternity leave. >> it is. >> you just had a baby in april. you pushed for change to bring your baby on to the floor. how are you male colleagues adapting? >> they are great and been very bipartisan about it. i hope they will keep that in mind when we start look at the supreme court nominee. roe v wade is not important to me. i would not be able to have my beautiful children and newborn daughter without ivf. the abolish of roe v wade could
9:25 am
prohibit us to seek fertility treatments. >> thank you for your service. >> good to be here. >> this week is supreme court ruled in favor of trump's travel ban and gave him another pick for if high court. could it come back to hurt republicans? we'll discuss. stay with us.
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a year and a half ago they said i was an interloper. how bad is that? now they say, a number of polls that he's the most powerful, most popular republican in the history of the party. a little while ago i was an interloper. >> that was president trump at rally discussing his value to the gop after a week in which key court decisions positioned trump to become one of the most consequential republicans ever. let me start with you. you're a republican and frequent critic of president trump. does the fact that he will have a legacy by the midterms of tax cut and likely to supreme court justices make him somebody that the republicans rightly are rallying around? >> even for trump skeptical
9:31 am
republicans you have to say was it worth it and to change the course of the court for a generation or more causes people to rethink things. for every bad trump tweet, you can look at the future of that ben ch and make an argument tha it's worth it. >> we saw the court uphold the president's travel ban saying he had the right to do it. what impact might that have and what impact might this new supreme court fight have on democrats? demoralizing or getting out the vote. >> i think it's getting out the vote. we already see a momentum already with the democratic party and the base and this is base election when you think about midterms. i think this is one more thing. i have to say, to be honest, the scotus pick has not ginned up the base. we have to really put that out there as a party, as candidates are out there and make sure that folks are aware that everything
9:32 am
is at stake. everything we have worked for decades is at stake. abortion, workers rights. everything. same-sex marriage, lgbtq rights. everything we have worked so hard for could be gone. >> what's your argument to republicans? what's your argument to republicans who say i'm not crazy about his tweets. i'm not crazy about his personal behavior but he is very consequential and doing a lot of things i want him to. >> i'm not hearing that from my republican colleagues. a lot of them expressed concern about the tweet. what happened with the tax is creating a difference between the have and have notes. it's creating an era of disenfranchisement. i'm hoping the voters are going to look at this and this will
9:33 am
motivate them because if this will not, i don't know what will. >> you've been a supporter of the president from the beginning. >> today the front page from the new york times touk taalking ab this. dirk durbin says hooee's re-shag the democratic party. that's a top down function. it's going to lose that support as well. the president dana bash, your colleague had a report up on the website, had a piece done where 12 judges in 2017. no other president has appointed more jundges in one year. he's 88 in the senate waiting to
9:34 am
be confirmed. they did about 50 of 45 more on the circuit in the district courts. in terms of re-shab iking the judiciary, totally reshaped. >> one of the reasons why the trump presidency countinues to give his supporters is there might be a big and a out right falsehood. take a look at this tweet on saturday. any further pushed the republicans in the house to vote for the immigration bill. three days before that, another tweet, same account, house republicans should pass the strong immigration bill. just a complete contradiction. i know this is one of the things that you as a conservative republican are concerned about the standard of truth being ero eroded. >> someone that wants to see stuff down on immigration.
9:35 am
it's chaotic, confusing. there's no game plan to secure the border but to play politics with this issue on both sides. as a tea party type republican who has worries about trump, i know people held their note and went for him because they blooeed he wiblooe -- believed he will build the wall. those tweets show he has no point of doing that. it's obvious he's lying out right. he came down to talk to republicans in a closed door session. trying to talk to the president about this policy. i saw firsthand the press conference where one of my colleagues talks about the immigration plan. this is the hard part in dealing with this president. his constant lying and what can we trust and not trust. >> the tweets are complete contradictio contradictions. >> i'm not going to focus on the tweets but what he proposed. path for centuitizenship.
9:36 am
>> even republicans are concerned about trying to negotiate with him because he contradicts himself. >> he's a negotiator here. that's what he's doing. where are the democrats? where are the house republicans on the president's proposal? the washington post said should have taken the deal. >> they gave him that. >> they didn't. >> first of all, donald trump created the crisis with daca. >> no he didn't. barack obama created the crisis. >> let me finish. you had your turn. let me finish. he created the crisis by saying it was working and he decided i'm not going to do that. then he asked for a bipartisanship. he was given bipartisanship. senators on both sides came to him and said here is what we have. he wanted a bill of love. they proposed that and mentioned
9:37 am
th tps and we hear from african and brown countries. he doesn't know what he wants. he is so contradictory when he says one thing and changes to another thing. he gets -- they gave him what he wanted. let's not forget where we are today. we're in a humanitarian crisis. >> to say this president created the daca crisis is false. >> he did. >> my turn. president obama unconstitutionally put forward the daca program. he even acknowledged it. probably can't do this. we can't get dreamers through so this the is what i'm going to do. true or false? >> it worked. >> it's unconstitutional. >> it worked. >> what that action will be will be decided by congress. >> the court struck down daca for parents and they were in the process of striking down daca.
9:38 am
>> they upheld it. >> let's let the congresswoman have the last word. >> there's a current bipartisan solution. we can't get a vote on it in the house. >> back to the point. the president didn't create the crisis. >> he said i'm fine with doing clean dream. three hours later he took it back. >> he did not create the crisis. >> he's not fixing it. >> let's take a quick break. we have a lot to talk about depositions in the democratic party after a progressive outsider toppled the leader. >> i'm female. i'm progressive. what's your problem? two out of three ain't bad. healthier pet in 28 days. purina one. natural ingredients, plus vitamins and minerals in powerful combinations. for radiant coats, sparkling eyes, and vibrant energy. purina one. 28 days. one visibly healthy pet.
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of a movement. it's not just one district. >> nobody's district is representative of somebody else's district. it's a sign of the vitality of the the party. we're not a rubber stamp. >> the new generation and the old singing different tunes. is the division a sign of the new movement or just as pelosi said vitality. congresswoman, you were alexandria ocasio-cortez been she was. you beat him in the primary or the run off and you are now the president of the freshman class. my question for you, does the democratic party, especially in the house, need new leadership. >> i think the democratic party is diverse. i think there's a lot of young members of congress who would be great in leadership positions. it's something we have seen
9:44 am
nancy pelosi try to get in this last term. there's no doubt there's hunger for new faces. there's no doubt there's hunger for new voices. we're a party of inclusion. we're pretty diverse whether it's on age, race. it's so great to see women taking over this cycle and women coming ahead. we saw that in what happened to alexandria. she started early. she knocked on doors. she spoke to the voters in her district. something i have a lot of experience with. >> the congresswoman is being diplomatic. maybe you won't be. >> does the democratic party need new leadership? >> i think they need to work on it, absolutely. you have a situation where when you look at alexandria, you see that young people are not waiting anymore. they're not going to wait their turn. they've been told -- >> they've been waiting a lot long time. >> she took a chance be p she knew i'm going to talk about the issues that matter in my district and it worked.
9:45 am
she spent time in her district. she shook hands and the district has changed in the last 20 years which we'ring in a lot of districts across the country. that matters. talking ining to the voters an issues that matters. the issues only mattered in her district. she talked about fair wages and health care and equality. that matters across the board. >> i want to get your reaction. one of the things is not just generational. a lot of these candidates are more progressive. president trump seizing on number of number of prominent democrats moving to the left. some calling for the abolish and replacement of i.c.e. president trump wrote in the tweet "the liberal left also known as the democrats want to
9:46 am
get rid of i.c.e. crime would be rampant and uncontrollable." is this opening the door for republicans to fends off a blue wave. >> i love that movement. i'm happy we have a new congresswoman from the queens. it ensures that gap closes. when you're connor lamb in western pennsylvania, it becomes much harder to win with an abolish i.c.e. movement. it's much tougher for the democrats to take over in 2018. >> i would say we have to talk about the s word and i mean socialist. we have leaders of the democratic party, bernie sapndes
9:47 am
who campaigned on that. >> they call them socialists. >> how far left is the party going? what gave the pause were the mass i arrests on capitol hill. do people have the right to protest? absolutely. is the family detention party outrageo outrageous? absolutely. there were 570 arrests. when the party tolerates that and the democratic senators are sitting with them and encourage them, i think it's a step back. >> are you concerned the party is going too far to the left? >> i'm not concerned. what i'm concerned about is what's happening at the border and the separation of families and the reality is this president will do anything he can to stop the conversation about our children being ripped apart from their parents and we need to keep a focus. the focus has to be sure that i.c.e. has been misused and abused by this president. doesn't help to have a zero
9:48 am
tolerance policy. we should be focused on ending that zero tolerance policy. let's look at it and re-examine it. let's keep focus on the prize. >> doesn't the changing of the subject from zero tolerance policy to abolishing i.c.e., which democrats have led that change of conversation, not president trump. doesn't that help president trump? >> i think it's all related. yesterday there were hundreds of thousands of people who came out against the ripping of chimldre from their parents across the country. in red states and blue state. in rural america many came out for the first time. many saying they have not seen that large in their small area of town. people are talking about the immigration policies. when it comes to i.c.e., this is what i have to say about that. donald trump during his election said that he wanted to a
9:49 am
deportation force. that's what i.c.e. has become. a deportation force. there was a letter that came out just last week that was from 19 of the 26 crime investigators who are part of i.c.e. who have asked to divorce themselves because of the immigration policy is so hard line. >> it's telling when the congressional hispanic kau issukau issues and members like this fine woman here who say we should not end i.c.e. no borders, no nation. that's not the chant. >> they need to push to have access. >> that's all the time we have. happy fourth of july to every one here. god bless american. conservatives are waiting with baited breath to hear who president trump will pick. my lineage was the vecchios and zuccolis. through ancestry,
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in just eight days we will know who president trump is nominating for the supreme court. it's one thing we have learned is we should expect the unexpected. that's the state of the cartoonion. the supreme court is front and center once again. president trump needs to make a ruling fast. >> we have a very excellent list of great talented, tremendous people. >> still president trump is hardly known for sticking to his script. >> go to the barbershop. grab something, make them a judge. >> here's a short list that might appeal to the president's more trumpian sensibilities. the biggest judge in television is judge judy. >> you're an idiot and a scammer.
9:55 am
>> toughest judge in reality television is simon cowell. >> i think you're the worst singer in the world. >> knowing how president trump values loyalty, michael cohen might be in need of a job. >> michael is a businessman. he also practices law. >> of course president trump might just pull from one of his most trusted hiring pools, fox news. weekend justice janine is ready to rule on the you havest of cases and don junior ruled she would be u sm. >> i'm looking for hillary. i can't find her. hillary. hillary. come out. >> perhaps the president will go with the most trumpian choice of all. >> i alone can fix it. >> is the world witnessing the end of a post-cold war order? fareed has that next. stay with us. healthier pet
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welcome to all of you from around the world. today on the show, trump and putin. as they prepare to meet in helsinki, trump throws cold water on concerns that putin meddled in elections. nato and eu continue to be targets of his criticism. what is going on and how does it look from this side of the atlantic? all that and more with a power house panel. the ed


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