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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  July 5, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> it was a team effort. campeda's boyfriend was a state trooper who called 911 while she herself was performing cpr on the toddler. the young girl is expected to make a full recovery. >> cpr is so important to know. just saying. >> maybe we need to renew our lesson on that. >> time for "cnn newsroom." christine romans and dave briggs are running the show this morning. take it away, guys. good morning, i'm dave briggs, hope you had a wonderful july 4. >> and i'm christine romans in new york. mike pompeo is on his way to north korea facing mounting pressure to produce some kind of progress on denuclearization. sources say pompeo knows he must return home with a concrete plan for the next steps. >> satellite show foes show the
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regime is expanding some weapons facilities and some experts say they don't believe kim jong-un will give up his nuclear stockpile. will ripley has been to north korea a 18 times. plenty of reasons to be skeptical. >> hi dave and christine. absolutely. let's look on the bright side. mike pompeo seems to have a good rapport with kim jong-un. just saying that sentence alone is astonishing considering where the u.s. and north korea were when we seemed as if we were on the brink of war, now they'll have banquets together in pyongyang so they're slowly building trust and trust is slowly earned but there are still a lot of walls up on both sides that need to be broken down and the americans will be going in with big asks.
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secretary mike pompeo is about to ask for full transparency about north korea's nuclear program. are there facilities the world doesn't know about? will the inspectors be allowed in and then an aggressive timeline for dismantlement. but you've heard the state department saying they're not talking about a timeline which indicates they know it will be a long haul. and the north koreans said in singapore they would return the remains of u.s. service members killed in the korean war. officials have been on standby. they sent in kas pets to accept the remains and it hasn't happene happened. >> all right, will ripley for us this morning in beijing, thanks. joining us to talk about this, yosow joseph yuan and max.
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joseph, let me begin with you. how much pressure is pompeo under to get tangible results? real results? >> i think he's under tremendous pressure. what we've seen from singapore is rather an empty joint statement and and now we have to make something out of it so we've seen the administration move away from what was initially fire and fury to cooperati cooperation. what initially was an all in one effort. so what are we looking for from mike pompeo when he goes there? i think we're looking for a complete listing of what north korea has in terms of nuclear capabilities. if we don't have a listing they have nothing to negotiate and they have refused to give that.
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>> max, given this is pompeo's third trip to north korea and the vague agreement to work towards denuclearization, what is a reasonable expectation for something concrete? >> well, as the ambassador said, i think it's imherrive the we get a full and complete accounting of the maken nuclear weapons program which they have not provide d that's step numbe one towards complete verifiable denuclearization. that was something the administration put out there as their goal that they have stopped talking about in recent weeks. there's no sign that north korea has any intention of denuclearizing. just the opposite. we've seen intelligence leaks from the intelligence community suggesting north korea is arm ing and upgrading their nuclear and missile programs so if there's going to be get any hope
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of kim jong-un carrying out his so far empty promises it has to begin with an accounting of his nuclear program including locations that have not been revealed and hopefully locations that we are not aware of and again that is a bare minimum to show genuine progress and to put some substance behind these empty words we have heard. >> ambassador yun, the intelligence agency thinks kim has no intention of engaging in a full denuclearization. where does that leave talks? >> we don't know. president trump and kim appear to make good contact but that's about it for now. what to me is for sure is that kim jong-un has made the decision to change the direction of his economy but as yet we don't see any evidence he's made a decision to denuclearize so we
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need to press him. this is a hypothesis that must be tested and mike pompeo has will mentioned has a tough, tough job. he has to come out with something. >> is anything short than a concrete assessment of what they have a failure and is there any sense of what north korea wants if theyedne denuclearize? >> i don't think there's much indication that north korea is serious about it. all the indications we have is that kim jong-un wants to string donald trump along. i believe he sees the goal of these talks as to take the pressure off north korea and to legitimate north korea off the world stage and kim jong-un has been 100% successful in achieving those goals. remember what happened at the singapore summit. donald trump agreed to unilaterally suspend u.s./south korean joint military exerciss.s
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he praised kim jong-un to the skies and as a result of that meeting de facto sanctions have been relaxed because china isn't enforcing them the way they were in the past, the maximum pressure policy has become minimum pressure so kim jong-un's interest is in keeping this going and making more empty assurances that will allow donald trump to say we're making great progress as in fact president trump did on twitter because trump seems to see talking as a huge victory in and of itself but he's not achieving his stated objective and we're seeing kim jong-un is getting what he wants which is to make his regime more powerful without having to give up their nuclear weapons. >> and china got what it wanted after that singapore summit. no question.
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tonight we will get the first of the retaliatory tariffs in the u.s. where does china stand on this? we're not talking about china vis-a-vis pompeo in north korea but it's clearly a big player. >> china is a huge player. kim jong-un has met chinese president xi jinping three ti s times. kim jong-un went to singapore on a rented chinese plane so you can see the influence. and chinese are not going to let this go. they are going to control their destiny and, in fact, i think we should all begin to question how cooperative china is on the whole project of denuclearization. there are several issues they prioritize over denuclearization and one of them is controlling northeast asia. >> and they do control that entire situation as of right now. thank you both, appreciate it.
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british officials saying the nerve agent used to poison a couple saturday was the same poison used in the attack against a former russian spy and his daughter. >> it happened in amesbury a few miles away from salisbury what the original attack took place. cnn international diplomatic editor nic robertson is live in amesbury with the latest. nic, is this left over from the prior attack and these people happened upon it? >> that seems to be the case however when we heard from the home secretary earlier today when he was asked that specific question, is it the same batch of novichok, does it have the same precise chemical signature, the same amounts of tiny chemical components that make it
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up he wasn't able to say yes because, of course, if he was able to say yes definitively almost one could say this was a leftover of that previous attack and that's what concerns people here. number one that they don't have clarity but the idea of an almost-deadly nerve agent attack on their streets eight miles from here wasn't adequately cleaned up by police, there are still two sites in salisbury and more in aim bri where the police continue to search after this latest use of rnovichok so peope are concerned their children may be at risk and this is something the home secretary tried to allay people's fears by saying neither of these victims visited a site where the former russian
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secret agent had visited with his daughter back in march so try to draw the conclusion that perhaps this wasn't a fumbled cleanup operation. we've heard the prime minister addressing that as well saying her sympathy and support for the victims but outreach to the community around here saying the police are doing their job so there is a political price as well. >> they have to be on edge in amesbury. the british home secretary says there's no other explanation other than russia was involved. let's bring in matthew chance live in moscow. matthew, any chance russia cooperates with this investigation?
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>> what the russians say is they are happy to conduct a joint investigation to get to the bottom of what is behind the novichok poisoning, the british have rejected this because they say their intelligence gathering is based on secret intelligence but there's no shortage of explanation as far as the russian government and authorities are concerned. russian diplomats are taking the lead on social media in proposing alternative theories. one diplomat from the south afterc aftercabrican said it's near th portondown embassy. he says what pre-text could lay
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blame this time? saying this is the work of the british authorities to basically target their own citizens to make russia look bad and that's the kind of theory many russian officials are trying to push in instances like these, david. >> fascinating. >> sounds like fake news. all right, matthew, thank you, my friend. >> thanks, matthew. the president finished all his sport interviews and is said to finalize his pick as soon as today. we have the latest from the white house. plus, dna testing under way to help reunite children separated from their families. one group calls the move deplorable. and more rain will bring more problems for rescue teams in thailand, the latest to evacuate the boys trapped in a cave. for years i've trained dogs for the marines -
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president trump might settle on a supreme court as soon as today. >> it's believed but by no means certain that when the reveal comes the nominee will be within of these federal appeals court judges whom the president met this week. we know the vice president has met with some of the candidates and many white house allies and members of congress are weighing in. abby phillip at the white house. good morning, abby. >> good morning christina and dave. we are down to the wire on the supreme court pick right now with the president hoping to zero in on a decision today or tomorrow. that's set off a frantic lobbying effort by people outside and inside the white house to make their views of the candidates known. two of the main forces we are hearing about are beat cavanaugh and amy coney barrett. there are concerns about both of these candidates on the conservative side. kavanaugh we have been hearing about a lot. he has backers in the white house but some people are concerned maybe he's not
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conservative enough. concerns about a decision he made on the affordable care act has been brought up. and we know coney barrett is intrigued by the prospect of appointing a conservative woman to the supreme court. while she is viewed as conservative, outsiders believe she has far fewer opinions to her name and all of this is being taken in by this president who has you know likes to take in opinions from his friends and allies. white house aides believe he will settle on his choice but they will hold that decision close closely and work to get the candidates ready for a rollout by next monday in prime time. it's likely there will be two or three names worked on in case the president changes his mind but the idea is to keep this
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pick closely held and have a prime time decision ready for announcement before the president heads to europe on a big trip, he has a lot of meet meetings slated the world leaders up ahead. >> thank you, abby. the government won't give updated figures on migrant childr children being held apart from their parents and now federal officials say dna is being used to reunite families. >> nick valencia is at the port isobel detention center why is dna being used. >> it wasn't the feds we first heard this information from. initially this came from an immigration attorney named sofia greg who has clients inside the port isabel detention center.
6:21 am
she says her clients were approached in blue military-like uniforms and began taking blood and saliva samples from mothers to take dna of children. she says she knows those officials were from the office of refugee resettlement, this has caused outrage from immigration advocates. they question intent and privacy and they want to know if these samples are being stores for larger purposes. >> is it being used because they've lost track? because the system is a mess? >>. >> well, that could be one reason, this has been a painstakingly slow process, we have repeatedly asked for numbers, we've repeatedly asked the trump administration for figures breaking down how many children have been reunited. they have refused. what they have provided is the total number of unaccompanied minors in their care.
6:22 am
the problem is some children have come across the border without their parents, the issue is the children that came across with their parents. how fast they will be reunited and july 10 is a day the federal judge gave the trump administration to reunite children under the age of five with their parents. the federal government has until july 26 to reunite all parents with their children. >> one of the explanation wes heard for using the dna was so the government could protect the children from falling into the hands of traffickers or people who aren't their parents. critics would say it's because they lost track of the kids. hhs, health and human services says the lawmakers visits to those facilities when they come with cameras in tow that that's slowing the reunification? they're getting in the way of government business? >> that's what they're saying. we've seen visits from senators
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and congressmen and the trump administration is saying it's the visits that are slowing down the reunification process. but from what we've seen covering the story those visits are few and far between and come mostly on the weekends. there's work that could be done during the week. we've been asking for answers as to how this process is going, show us the step by step process but it's nothing the separation is not doing. >> nick valencia, thank you so much. >> up with would think if that is taking away resources so, too, is the visit by the first lady who made two visits there. a woman is in federal custody after she climbed on to the base of the statue of liberty to protest the separation of migrant families police say she refused to move until all migrant children in government custody were released. earl kbler the day a group of
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so this is the week that could mark the beginning of a trade war. on sunday canada slapped tariff on $12.6 billion on american imports and then overnight mexico doubled its tariff on pork imported from the u.s. to 20%. that's huge for american pork producers, the european union slapped 25% taxes on u.s. soybeans, ketchup, whiskey and motorcycle motorcycles and at midnight comes the showdown with china. beijing has vowed to dominate the high tech industries and china promises to retaliate on cars, crude oil and cash crops like soybeans. the big unknown, will the white house follow through on its threat to draw the auto industry into the trade dispute? something car makers say would hurt consumers. >> let's talk about that with mark preston, cnn's political
6:30 am
analyst, matt lewis, senior columnist at the daily beast and the author of "the great revolt, inside the populist coalition reshaping american politics." selena, let's start there with your book and these trump supporters who may pay thousands of dollars more for american made cars that's hitting soybean farmers. at what point does this hit trump supporters and do they hold the president accountable? >> it's an interesting scenario. a lot of people are looking that the and 30,000 feet and saying this is going to make trump supporters not be happy, it will make them walk away from him because it impacts their pocketbook. but you have to look at it from their point of view. this is something that was very important to them, not just small business people but also farmers and manufacturing workers and people that have had
6:31 am
to patchwork jobs together because they believed this is what part of hurt the economy in their small communities it wasn't just tariffs, it was automation, that had a big impact but what i think will happen is a lot of these voters i've talked to some are in a wait-and-see attitude. a lot are like look, economists told us nafta was going to be great and it wasn't. we don't trust economists, we're willing to wait and see how this plays out. >> the people who live in rural america who i'm related to and talk to they're concerned that ag is being sacrificed for steel workers and the republican president of the united states is picking winners and losers in the economy. that's so against the republican play book. >> that's right, this is a problem both philosophically in terms of being the you're a
6:32 am
traditional modern free market conservative, this certainly goes against the grain but also it goes against the populist sentiment of wanting to be there for the farmers and the ambassador to china is terry branstad, the long-time serving republican governor. i'm wondering what he's hearing at home in iowa. i don't think the average person is going to notice the tax which is a transfer on gootds buying in america but the exporters, the farmers in the midwest who are not able to sell their goods to china that is where i think you'll see the big uproar. >> the trade hawks in the white house get sort of peeved about that argument because they say
6:33 am
soybeans are f s ars are fungib. but farm value is going down. >> but even karl rove has written in the "wall street journal" that all of this together more than potentially erases the tax cut benefits voters are seeing. how will this play as a political issue ahead of the midterms? >> let me tie together the economics and politics. i spoke to a friend of mine who has built a business within the auto industry. he took it from five or ten people up to almost 70 people right now. i just spoke to him and asked how are these tariffs in china going to hurt you? his first response was it's not just china, also what's happening with canada. what's happening is they are taking this material coming into the united states is being used by him to create a part which is then sold to a warehouse this is
6:34 am
then told an autoparts store which is then sold to the consumer. so this adds a 15% cut to his bottom line which will result in potentially him playing off workers. politically what does that mean? right now we're talking about what the effects could be. let's get into the fall when we hit the midterm elections when the effects take hold. that's where it will be difficult, maybe not for mr. trump because he's not on the ballot but for republicans across the country. >> the white house is confident the economy is so hot, so stron strong. >> let's talk about the supreme court. we're told the president will make the pick and by monday there will be an announcement. matt lewis, where are the winds blowing? >> i think donald trump and his team are trying to make this
6:35 am
dramatic, i see people saying it's down to these two. i think there's disinformation being fed out there. i'm a booster of amy barrett which i think would be the pick conservatives would find inspiring. donald trump might like this pick, too, because it will spark controversy but it's controversy i think he wins in the court of public opinion. i think she's a good judge. >> she might be tough to get susan collins and lisa murkowski depending on how they view her work as related to roe v. wade. but where is the conservative divide? will they support whomever? >> it's sort of like picking a team for your country to play another country. you have all the choices and you want the best of the best of the best so people have been satisfied to different levels of people on the list made by the
6:36 am
federalist society for the president. they work together along with mcconnell before the elections. most conservatives would be happy with just about everyone. everyone has their favorites they like better for personal reasons or ideological reasons but it will be hard to say there's going to be a pick within the conservative populist movement that they just say well, that's it. >> i think it will be a buzz kill at this point. >> the president is in montana tonight. how difficult will it be will it be for president from trump
6:37 am
states to vote for hiss pick? >> talk about being between a rock and a hard place. in order to win you need to get all the liberals to get you to whatever it may be, 48%, 49%. it will be difficult for senators who voted to put her on the appeals court to turn and say that they don't think she should be on the supreme court. we're looking towards a nasty confirmation site but the votes are in the senate. they're better off today than two years ago or a year and a half ago to get a judge through the court. >> a lot going on. thanks so much for being there. mark preston and matt lewis. thanks, guys. rescuers racing against the weather to save the boys trapped
6:38 am
in the flooded cave. a live update from thailand next.
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it's 9:41 eastern time. weather remains a major concern for rescue workers trying to rescue the trapped boys in thailand. heavy rain in the forecast is on top of the water inside the cave. workers pumping water out everyday but the flooding is still dangerous. >> we're learning rescue teams have an emergency plan if the situation becomes critical. what is the emergency contingency plan? >> i'll be honest. from what i understand i think the emergency contingency plan is an accelerated plan of their plan "a." plan "a" involves putting full-face oxygen masks on the boys, bringing them out on what
6:43 am
is a five-hour journey for an experienced cave diver through is what an underground assault course back to the cave entrance, you can probably see what's going on in here right now. there are a bunch of people trying to prepare fiber optic cables to put in the cave system. they've had an unsuccessful attempt to establish a communications link to allow them to talk to their boys up here. that hasn't happened yet so that's going on as we speak but the situation is critical. it's nail-biting. they have a small window to extract the boys before this forecast deluge of the monsoon which is likely to start again on saturday. >> we've seen this video of these kids smiling in a video they made for their parent which is makes you think they're in decent condition but it would be hard to imagine. what do we know about that?
6:44 am
>> well, it is extraordinary these boys' resilience, they are smiling and sharing the odd joke with the navy seal divers, they seem to be in reasonably good shape. the doctors are happy. a couple are said to be malnourished which is hardly surprising after being nine days in the dark and their coach, a 25-year-old, was giving some of the food he had with them to the boys and is in worse condition than any of them. we don't know other than what we've mean? the videos but the boys have been given high energy biscuits and other foods to gather their strength for what may in the end be a last dash out before the rains hit and the torrential torrents flow back down into the cave system. >> those smiles on their faces because they were proof of life for their moms and dads to show them here i am.
6:45 am
keep us posted on the progress. >> kids as young as 11, as old as 16. republican jim jordan facing reporters and doubling down on his denial that he knew anything about sexual abuse at ohio state university and never reported it while he was an assistant coach. the world is full of different hair. that's why pantene, the world's #1 conditioner brand, has conditioners for every hair type. from air-light foam for fine hair, to nourishing 3 minute miracle for thick and curly. and the moisture-infusing gold series collection. giving more women great hair days - every day. pantene. world's number one... conditioner brand. you might or joints.hing for your heart... but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement
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minutes ago, jim jordan speaking out, defending himself against accusations he ignored sexual abuse while he was a wrestling coach at ohio state.
6:50 am
>> absolutely untrue the things that have been said about me. if there had been any reports of abuse, i would have reported them. the coach said the same thing. you know, for anyone who -- for anyone who was victimized, we want them to receive justice. there's just no place for this kind of stuff -- there's no place for it. stuff that's being said about me is just plain false. >> do you think it's politically motivated? >> well, i mean, look, i don't know. but the timing is kind of interesting. it's right after the big hearing with mr. rosenstein. it's when there is talk about a speaker's race. >> a lot of layers there to peel back. >> we have gotten new information. do you remember that the law
6:51 am
firm that is in charge of the independent investigation in ohio did tell cnn that they had reached out, communicated to the congressman's office, because they wanted to interview him and they never heard back from him. the congressman has just said that his office has been researching -- we knew this -- all their communication and they couldn't find anything. he has just said that they have realized and found out that the e-mail it was sent to didn't exist. that was why they didn't get the communication. >> his office says that, not the law firm? >> at this point. we're getting this information right now. just minutes ago. he did say yesterday that they are willing to help and assist in any way and they did not get the original communication. it appears it went to a non-existent address. >> is it one man's word versus another? >> there's so many layers here. the sexual assault investigation that's going on now amongst 15
6:52 am
sports at ohio state university for a two decade period -- so the amount of people involved that may have known, that didn't say anything, the amount of abuse that allegedly occurred to all of these male students and others, because he had a private practice, he had a practice that saw others. this could be massive. it's just beginning right now. then you have the added layer of mike desabato said that jordan knew about it and he didn't say anything. he is saying he never knew. i think at this point it is he said versus he said. cnn did receive portions of an e-mail that mike did send to jim jordan in april. remember, april is also when the investigation began. it became public.
6:53 am
he did talk -- the former wrestler talked to the congressman about the abuse, alleged abuse, that he wanted his help in any way possible. then it goes on to talk about your brother, the congressman's brother, that there was a contract with the university and he wasn't being treated fair, the former wrestler, in regard to this contract. it went into personal things, too. they have known each other for a long time, 40 years is what mike says. >> we know jim jordan was an assistant coach from '86 to '94. >> during part of the time -- thank you so much. right now, secretary of state mike pompeo on his way to north korea. can he make any progress despite u.s. intel concerns that kim jong-un has no intention of denuclearizing? we're following it all for you next.
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we let you keep an eye on your business from anywhere. the others? nope! get internet on our gig-speed network and add voice and tv for $34.90 more per month. call or go on line today. this weekend, relive the decade that brought you "is "sopranos" and many more. >> it's a flashback to the platinum age of tv. >> it was 2004. john kerry was the democratic presidential nominee facing george w. bush. i thought watching it, this is going to be a funny show. >> can i say something quickly? why do we have to fight? the two of you, can't we just --
6:59 am
say something nice about john kerry. >> i care about john kerry. >> and something about president bush. >> he will be unemployed soon. >> i think anyone who enjoyed paying attention to the news and watched "the daily show" will remember john stewart going on "cross fire" and reading those guys the riot act. >> you are doing theater when you should be doing debate, which would be great. it's not honest. what you do is not honest. i will tell you why i know it. >> you had john kerry on his show and you sniff his thrown and you accuse us. >> absolutely. >> you are on cnn. the show that leads into me is puppets making crank phone calls. what is wrong with you? >> comedians and satire will take on hypocrisy no matter where it cops from. . >> watch sunday night at 9:00 eastern only on cnn. the next hour of "cnn newsroom
7:00 am
starts now. good morning. hope you had a wonderful fourth of july. the big question this morning, can the secretary of state, mike pompeo, get north korea to commit to concrete plans to denuclearize? he is on his way to meet with kim jong-un right now. his third trip to north korea. as one official tells cnn, some experts growing more skeptical the regime is ready to give up its nuclear stockpile. >> will ripley has been to north korea 18 times. he is in beijing this morning for us. evening for him. bring us up to speed. >> reporter: secretary pompeo is on his way to pyongyang. it's a trip he made three times. when he hits the ground, he has a huge task ahead of him. the pressure is on to deliver on the vague promises made in


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