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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  July 9, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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them for decades. a 5-4 majority on the highest court in the land. the finalists include three men and one woman. the newer contender was the runner up to the supreme court nominee. also of note, jim as to ta has been reporting that brett kavanaugh is getting more attention for his 2009 piece in which he wrote that the indictment and trial of a sitting president would cripple the federal government. the supreme court pick kicks off a huge week ahead for this president. after he shapes the court's future, he moves on to meetings with nato, the british prime minister and queen and his summit with vladimir putin. so with me now is cnn senior political analyst david gergen. good to see both of you.
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we were chatting about this it earlier. you said looking ahead tonight, there are two things that president trump wants to come out of this. surprise and positivity. explain. >> we know he los suspense. so this is playing out. we're guessing and he's thrilled about that. but he also wants it to be positive. the expression you're hearing is gorsuch 2.0. what was the best day of his presidency? the day neil gorsuch was picked ask he would like that again. we're also hearing he's concerned that it be a good, safe, easy confirmation. and that he had this conversation with mitch mcconnell. so going into this, that's a big factor as well. >> i want to come back to the much mitch conversation. but to you, sir. we know that kavanaugh and ha hardiman are physically in washington today. that doesn't mean someonen couldn't hop on a plane from
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indiana, michigan. do you have a prediction? >> hardiman. >> why? >> first of all, the reporting seems to suggest that it's narrowed to two of the four. barrett is no longer in the running. kethled kethledge was found boring by the president. and of the two remaining, mitch mcconnell said if you want a smooth confirmation, hardiman b is your guy. and given that -- >> he's not an ivy league guy. >> and very importantly, he's from pennsylvania. and i think that matters to this president in terms of thinking about his own future politically. it would help him in the key state and it's the fact that his sister is support iing him and hardiman came in number two. . he was the runner up to gorsuch. there are all sorts of things that would favor gorsuch. kavanaugh is more controversial
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within the conservative base. i think that that makes one more reason why you want to go for somebody that's safe and easy. i don't think it has as much drama as gorsuch. which i thought it was best role in the presidency. but it has star significant. it's going to create a majority. >> one of the reasons i agree with david that it hasn't had as much drama as gorsuch, but there's been more chaos. gorsuch we had the sense that he made a decision and moved on. up until this morning and certainly over the weekend, we were hearing names coming up, going down, that et we weren't sure that he really knew who he was going to pick. >> why do you think interested that it you say hardiman. why do you think kavanaugh might be a problem? >> this has been fascinating because all four of these
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nominees are very conservative. they are going to be to the right of kennedy. but it's clear there's been a split among republican conservatives and who they like and there are some people who simply do not like kavanaugh and have been lobbying against him and the other factor here is what i call the bush factor. >> david is nodding. >> it worked f eed -- george w.. that's not something that is going to tip him in. it's going to tip him out more than anything. >> what about looking ahead? he has this huge supreme court tonight. nato summit, england, queen, putin. one week, this is this president. he's already been ripping nato. does nato survive this
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putin/trump meeting? >> nato would like to know if it's going to survive. >> i think he's under cross pressures within his own administration. his ambassador to nato and jon huntsman both want him to come out of the nato meeting emphasizing positivity, strength, being united. the president's own instincts are to start throwing hand grenades. >> you saw what happened with the g-7. >> no one thought the president would walk in and blow it up. which is what he wound up doing. the feeling is that he won't listen to his aids. he will go in and throw hand grenades. he told a big rally i'm going to tell these people they are not paying up enough or no more free riding. and they are either going to pay up or split up. and i think then going on to see
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putin as widely believed within the national security community in this country if he goes and attacks our allies -- >> will join in otherwise divided court and immediately obtain the ability to affect the laws of the united states and the rights of its citizens for generations to come. et enormously important issues hang in the balance. the right of workers to organize. the influence of dark money in our politics, the right of americans to marry whom they love, the right to vote. two issues of similar and profound consequence are the fate of the affordable health care and a woman's freedom to make the most sensitive medical decision about her body. these two rights, affordable health care and women's freedom to make sensitive health care decisions, hang in the balance
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with this nominee. the views of president trump's next court nominee could very well determine whether the senate proves or rejects this nomination. now president trump has already made up his mind. president trump has repeatedly said that he believes roe was wrongly decided. he's promised in his own words to normminate only pro life juds whose selection will result in the automatic overturning of roe v. wade. those are his words. pro life judges, automatic. he also said that chief justice roberts has been an absolute disaster, his words, for voting to uphold the health care law and said his judicial appointments will, quote, do the
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right thing unlike bush's appointee john roberts on obamacare, unquote. it is near impossible to imagine that president trump would select a nominee who is in hostile to our health care law and health care for millions and millions and millions of americans. who is inhostile to a woman's freedom to make her own health care decisions. we can be be sure of this because president trump during the campaign asked leonard leo, the founder of the federalist society, to assemble a list of possible supreme court justices for him to pick from. mr. leo was not only aware of candidates trump preferenced for a supreme court that would reverse roe v. wade. he himself spent his career in pursuit of it. that's not just my view. according to edwardway lon, one of the most prominent legal
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conservative activists and scholars and bloggers said, quote, no one has been more dedicated to the enterprise of build. ing a supreme court that will overturn roe v. wade than the federalist society's leonard leo. no one has been more dedicated to overturning roe v. wade than the very man who chose the list of 25. that's why america is on hooks so worried about any choice from this list. let me repeat again. mr. leonard lee et owe is the man who assembled trump's list of supreme court nominees and no one has been more dedicated to overturning roe v. wade than leonard leo. now normally in the senate, we have a process of advising
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consent on the supreme court. in the old days, the president would consult with republicans and democrats in the senate on a qualified judge and then after careful deliberation nominate a jurist to get bipartisan support. what we have here is the exact opposite. the president has gone to two hard right groups, the heritage foundation and the federalist society, and asked them, not the senate, to advise and consent on a supreme court nomination. whomever the president selects tonight, if that nominee is from the preapproved list selected by leo and the heritage foundation, everyone ought to understand what it means for the freedom of women to make their own health care decisions and for the protection for americans with
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preexisting conditions. those rights will be gravely threatened. mr. president, we're going to hear a lot this summer about precedence. the traditional question on these matters has been will the nominee defer to president. nominees will be asked if they respect settled law. this is known as the principle. the nominee always answers that, yes, he or she will respect and defer to precedent. senators nod their heads having received this rickety assurance that the nominee will not rock the judicial boat and turn the clock back decades. but for two reasons. this standard settled law is no longer an adequate standard by which to judge nominees. why?
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first, we have ample example tr the past several years of judges who have sworn this their confirmation hear togs respect precedent and reverse their stand once on the court. for example, in his confirmation hearings, gorsuch said that precedent is like our shared family history of judges. it deserve ises our respect, unquote. last week, just last week now justice gorsuch voted to overturn 41 years of precedent in the decision relying on flimsy and fabricated legal theory. it was so flimsy, in fact, that judge kagan wrote that the maujty overruled precedent for not exceptional or special reason but because it never liked the decision subverting all known principles of desigh
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sis. justice roberts said he called balls and strikes as he saw them rather than interpret law. sorry. justice roberts said he would call balls and strikes as he saw them, that he would interpret law rather than make it. of course, it was justice roberts who was then responsible for overturning 40 years of precedent in the citizens united decision that so set back our politics. that so deepened the swamp that so many americans despise by allowing huge amounts of dark money, unreported to cascade into our political system. on two of the most important rulings, 81 years of precedent were thrown out the window
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despite the earnest promises of justices roberts and gorsuch at their hearings. so when they say they will obey settled law, you can't believe it. you can't believe it. because it just hasn't happened in this new conservative court. that's so eager to make law, not interpret it. and there's a second reason, maybe even more important why the principle quote. i'll follow settled law no longer works. that's president trump. we already know that president trump's nominee will be repaired to overturn the precedence of roe v. wade. we know that because president trump has said so. when the president has a litmus test for his nominees and only chooses from a preapproved list
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of nominees designed to satisfy that litmus test, it is certainly not enough for a judge to prove his or her moderation by invoke iing desigh sis and respect for precedent have become a meaningless bar to set for a supreme court nominee. at this critical juncture with so many rights and liberties at stake, u.s. stharts and the american people should expect an affirmative statement of support for the personal liberties of all americans from the next supreme court nominee. the american people deserve to know what kind of a justice president trump's nominee would be. president trump is the one who made the litmus test for his nominee, not us. the honous is on his nominee to
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show where he or she might stand. considering the ample evidence that president trump will only select a nominee who will undermine protection for americans with preexisting conditions give greater weight to corporate interests and the interests of our citizens no matter what precedent says and vote to overturn roe v. wade, the next nominee has an obligation to share their personal views on these legal issues no matter who president trump selects tonight. now briefly on another matter, the on negotiations with north korea -- >> you have been listening to senate minority leader chuck schumer. we were shchatting and listenin. the fight has begun.
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we don't officially have a name, although as we have been listening to leader schumer, we now know that the president has now officially selected his p k pick. >> we have been told cnn has two sources at the white house who told our colleagues that he has made the pick and that plans are now underway for his selection and their family to be at the white house this evening for the announcement. i had to laugh at our report at the end it said that a white house official said president trump may tweet about it beforehand but he won't give away the name. classic, stay tuned, after the commercial, you'll get the rest. >> the other bit of the reporting. the president has been fielding calls throughout the day on the pros and cons of the leading contenders but a person close to the process said the decision making is over. david, just listening to chuck schumer, do you think he knows
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who it is? >> i have no idea. i don't think so. i doubt it because it would leak like that. and i don't think the white house would tell him. and i think he's throwing down the gauntlet after the speech, which shows how much our politics have changed throughout all of this. it's really interesting to hear the president has been teelding these calls. he's been talking to friends, people at the golf course, republicans, he has not been talking to the democrats, but more importantly he's not been talking to the american bar association. which traditionally and historically has been the group that has vetted nominees for the court. you want to get their views about the quality of the judge. now we have the federalist society serving the same purpose. i think that just underscores. we just weaponize the court. we have made it a kplpolitical institution. that's deeply troubling about the future of the court. . . >> the president knows, the
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world waits. 9:00 this evening, stay tuned. he will reveal his nominee to become the next justice of the supreme court. thank you so much. coming up next, is president trump's former lawyer and fixer michael cohen sending some sort of signal to the president? what we're learning about michael the ko hadn't's state of mind. you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. almost $800 when we switched our auto and home insurance. with liberty, we could afford a real babysitter instead of your brother. hey! oh, that's my robe. is it? when you switch to liberty mutual, you could save $782 on auto and home insurance. and still get great coverage for you and your family. call for a free quote today. you could save $782 when liberty stands with you.
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we are back. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. sources close to president trump's former attorney say that he is, quote, hitting the reset button in the case involving his finances and possibly the president. i'm talking about michael cohen. he hired a new attorney who is lashing out against the president's lawyer. this is what rudy giuliani told dana bash. >> i don't know. what i do et know is there's no evidence of wrong doing with president trump. so we're very comfortable if he believes it's in the best
12:24 pm
interest to cooperate, god bless him. et he should cooperate. the man has been horribly treated by the man who he's going to cooperate. i not expect he's going to lie. i think he's going to tell the truth as best as he can given his recollection. >> in response to that, let me read you a tweet. this is cohen's new attorney. did rudy giuliani really say on sunday shows that michael cohen should cooperate with prosecutors and tell the truth? seriously? is that trump and giuliani. 's definition of truth. stay tuned. let me bring in gloria borger, our chief political analyst and glen keshner to go through all of this. gloria, you have been working sources who are tell iing you hs seconding a signal to donald trump. what is that? >> the signal to donald trump is the truth is not you orr your
12:25 pm
clients friend. i think what michael cohen is trying to say through his emissaries and sources is, in fact, that they believe they are kind of being bullied by rudy giuliani. they believe that rudy giuliani and the president are trying to send him a message. that message would be if cohen were to cross them, then they will continue their attacks on him and on his character and they believe that they want cohen to mimic what the president wants him to say. the clear message is i was told that cohen will not be. a punching bag for anyone's defense strategy. >> taking all that in, let me go to you for a second. what's your read on cohen's state of mind in this whole signal the truth is thot you or your client's friend. >> based on my 30 years of
12:26 pm
experience as a prosecutor, i tend to agree with everything gloria just said. i can't tell you how many times i have listened to either covertly recorded conversations or even more frequently jail calls. i have had so many defendants say to witnesses, now listen, you need to tell the truth and let everybody know i didn't do this. the message is clear that the defendant is saying, look, i did do it and you need to stick up for me. and i'll say even if it we look back to what seems like ancient history, paul manafort just a few weeks ago, he was caught in messages saying things like, listen, you need to say that et we never lobbied in the united states, which is the truth. there was evidence that it wasn't the truth. and that ended up resulting in additional charges being brought against paul manafort and he got stepped back into the jail to boot.
12:27 pm
when i hear him say things like we just want cohen to tell the truth, that to me sounds like basically encouraging michael cohen to tell the same truth that the president or there could be repercussions. >> let me come back to you on another oipoint. why do you think he's angry? >> you read through our story on and his associates are sort of saying, look, this is somebody who publicly said he would take a bullet for this president. who was the ultimate boloyalist for this president who has taken hits time and time again for him. i think he feels that he has been sort of cast aside by the person that he has protected so many times over the years. i think we should also say that we have absolutely no knowledge of whether prosecutors are interested in michael cohen about whether his attorney has
12:28 pm
even met with prosecutors. we don't know the answers to the questions, nor do we know quite frankly what, if anything, michael cohen would have to tell the prosecutors because our sources are not telling us so there's a lot of unanswered questions here. there's a lot of signals going back and forth but we don't know what the attorneys know and what they are saying to prosecutors , if anything. >> got it. moving to another piece of giuliani on the sunday shows. he also contradicted the president on whether or not the president months ago asked james comey to stop the investigation into michael flynn. so let me play for you what rudy giuliani said and jogging back what the president said. >> he didn't direct me to do that. he said can you -- >> he says he took it as
12:29 pm
direction. >> by that time, he had been fired. and some of those things have been untrue. >> did you at any time urge former director james comey in any way, shape or form to close or back down the investigation into michael flynn? and also -- >> no, no, next question. >> so could giuliani's remarks end up hurting the president? >> i don't think those remarks can help, but one thing that we have to keep in mind is that an attorney's comments, particularly when they are in this sort of public relations phase, are generally not admissible evidence at trial to prove that his client acted in conformity with the comments. but words do matter and i think because giuliani has been fighting in the arena of public opinion more than in the arena of court of law, those sorts of
12:30 pm
statements could come back to hurt the president. when it comes to what statements the president actually made to comey, words matter. presidential words certainly used to matter. and what we have is when you have a president who is the chief law enforcement officer of the country telling the director of the fbi i want you to back off, those are dramatic and it sure sounds like words that could support an interference in the investigation. >> thank you both so much. coming up next, could the british prime minister theresa may's job be in jeopardy? she's under pressure as two senior cabinet members resigned over brexit. this days ahead of president trump's highly anticipated visit to the united kingdom. stay tuned. ♪
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we let you keep an eye on your business from anywhere. the others? nope! get internet on our gig-speed network and add voice and tv for $34.90 more per month. call or go on line today. after more than two weeks of fear and worry in thailand, a sense of hope is begin ining tot emerge. eight of those 12 soccer players who were. trapped inside that cave have been rescued. evacuations started sunday. four boys were pulled out at first and today four more made it out. plans to rescue the remaining four boys and the coach will happen tomorrow. the better news about this whole rescue effort is the weather has cooperated. water levels have remained low, which helped divers cut several hours after the operation.
12:36 pm
>> translator: the four boys rescued today now are hospitalize used or are in good health condition. i do pray for the rain gods to have some mercy for us. actually, i did for three days without rain. i don't want to ask for more than that. that would be considered greedy. >> officials said the divers rescued the healthiest boys first. remember, some of these boys can't swim. so let's bring in a dive team trainer and head of the utah department of public safety. thank you for coming on. we saw you talking about the challenges of navigating a cave such as this. but on the note of get iting th
12:37 pm
healthiest boys out first, put yourself in the boots of these rescuers, who do you think the strategy is behind that? >> to make sure that the boys coming out first had optimal ability to make the journey more as a test case to make sure that they can actually follow the plan that has been set up. >> now, it's monsoon season and everyone is worried about this cave getting flooded. it hasn't happened so far, knock on wood. if the heavy rains move in before the other boys were able to get out, tell me how that affects the rescue technically speaking, considering the weaker boys remain. >> of course, it make it is more technically challenging. however, the fact that the first eight boys came out so well and so much ahead of time of the original plan, it just makes it all the more possible that the remaining boys will have an excellent chance of making their
12:38 pm
way through. >> a lot of people following this so closely are wondering why don't they hurry up and get the rest of them. how i understand it is that we're being told divers need this chunk of time. they need 20 hours to prepare in between rescue operations. do you know what's happening in those 20-hour chunks? >> it's my understanding that the scuba cylinders that they are filling with breathing gas are being refilled because this type of dive to this extent requires a lot of breathing gas and so the scuba tanks what they have on scene is all they have. it just takes time to refill them. >> four boys and a 25-year-old coach to go. all thinking positive thoughts for all of them. sergeant, thank you for joining me here on cnn. i want to move on to this
12:39 pm
turmoil in the uk. days before president trump's arrival, the prime minister there theresa may's government is in chaos right now after a stunning turn of events in the last 24 hours, which saw not just one but two key cabinet members abruptly resign over may's blueprint for britain's exit from the european union. they vote d to leave in the referendum. at the time theresa may suppo supported staying in the eu. we want to bring in richard quest, our international business correspondent. richard quest, boris johnson, the high profile foreign minister, the top brexit negotiator left. what's happening? >> it was an inevitability at some point the whole thing was going to come down crashing. simply because they would be putting sticking plasters over the disagreements. the raem and fundamental disagreements that still exist at the top of the british government between those who want the a hard brexit, stay
12:40 pm
good-bye to europe, like it or love it. and those believe we have to be more careful and stay in a bit and keep friends. that finally blew up and ruptured over the weekend. but this is pretty catastrophic for the prime minister, who loses two major cabinet ministers at a time when she's just about to put her final offer on the table when the europeans are playing the ha hardest ball. and britain remains split is. >> so much of this is to do with immigration. we saw side note what's happening with angela merkel in germany. you have the u.s. president c e coming to the uk at the end of the week. is this his moment where i remember back during the campaign he talked about brexit and you have theresa may who would be more of a soft brexit fan. is this trump his opportunity to say i told you so? >> it would be most unwelcome if
12:41 pm
he chose to be that undiplomatic. however, let's face it. when he arrives in britain, there will be massive demonstrations against the u.s. president. the police are saying they are not sure how they are going to cope with the numbers who will be objecting in england and scotland. and do not forget every time donald trump has managed to talk to angela merkel, he seemed to manage to make a bad situation worse for them domestically when he held theresa may's hand on her first visit to the white house, that went down badly in britain. i promise you this. an element of diplomacy is required if he's not to make her political position at home from disastrous to catastrophic to calamitous. >> we'll be watching friday. richard quest, thank you. breaking news. cnn confirms president trump has officially made his decision on who will be his supreme court
12:42 pm
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the name of the federal judge anthony kennedy. after president reagan nominated then judge kennedy to the court in 1987, these far left special interest groups impinged his character ask cooked up apocalyptic warnings about the terrible things that would happen to americans if he were confirmed to the court. of course, the american people didn't buy it and a majority of senators is saw through the hyperbole and hysteria and con
12:45 pm
tirmed that qualified nominee. and believe it or not, the sky didn't fall. it didn't fall. but decades later our democratic colleagues still haven't tired of crying wolf whenever a republican president nominates anyone, anyone to the supreme court. we have seen the same movie time after time after time. less that be three years after justice kennedy's confirmation, president bush nominated david suter to the supreme court. get what left groups said about him? that's right, the very same things you're hearing today. the same things you have heard from the same corners about every supreme court nominee named by a republican president.
12:46 pm
one organization proclaimed that justice soouter might undo the advances made by women, minorities and other disadvantaged groups. that was about justice suter. and they assail ed the nominatin of john paul stevens. they said he liked impartiality and imposed women's rights. that was said about john paul stevens. so these far left groups have been at the same scare tactics for over 40 years. the consistency is is quite amazing. decade after decade, nominee after nominee, the far left script hardly changes at all. anyone and everyone, a republican president normminate
12:47 pm
is some kind of threat to the republic. according to the hysterical press releases that inevitably follow. no matter their qualifications, no matter their record, no matter their representation, it's the same hyperbole, the same accusations, the same old story. tonight president trump will announce his normminee to fill e current supreme court vacancy. we don't know who he will name, but we already know exactly what unfair tactics the nominee will face. it won't be new and they won't be warranted. we can expect to hear how they will destroy equal rights or demolish american health care or ruin our country in some other fiction al way. justice kennedy's resignation letter barely arrived in the
12:48 pm
president's hands before several democratic colleagues began declaring their blanket. opposition to anyone at all that the president might name. one democratic senator stated she would resist any attempt to confirm any nominee this year, quote, it doesn't matter who he's putting forward. it doesn't matter who. earlier today, another democratic senator issued a press release declaring preemptively that he plans to oppose whomever the president thom nominates tonight, no matter who they are. another of our democratic colleagues offered this assessment. we're looking at the destruction of the constitution of the united states as far as i can tell. it's hard to keep a straight face when you hear stuff like that.
12:49 pm
there's not even a nominee yet. justice kennedy just announced his retirement and they are talking about the destruction of the constitution? please give the american people some credit. this far left rhetoric comes out every single time. . but the apocalypse never comes. americans see beyond the mongering. this kind of fear mongering they tried over and over again for 40 years. senators should do the same. we should evaluate this president's nominee fairly based on his or her qualifications. we should treat the process with the respect and dignity that it deserves. the judiciary committee under the able leadership of senator grassley will hold hearings and the nomination will come to the
12:50 pm
full senate for our consideration. one more round >> all right. so, as this is all about who the president chooses to be his next nominee, ultimately pending confirmation, the next justice of the supreme court, just in -- to think about legacy building not just for the president but the man you saw speaking there, the senate majority leader because he kept merritt garland, president obama's choice, before he left office to be that pick. he kept him from being -- any of the hearings to happen and that, therefore, led to president trump, led to neil gorsuch, the justice, which led to, for example, most recent decision on the supreme court, the upholding
12:51 pm
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puerto rico still struggling to recover from hurricane maria bracing for what's left of a storm barrel, losing strength and forecasters warn it poses a flooding threat to the fragile island. nearly 13,000 people currently without power. some of whom haven't had power since last year. and may rhria.
12:56 pm
let's go to live to laila in puerto rico. >> reporter: as people here were bracing for first the hurricane and then a tropical storm and now remnants of barrel, a little bit of a sigh of relief. yes, there is water, barrel did bring several inches of rain, continues to do so in parts of the island. this is minimal compared to what they saw during hurricane maria. the main concern here, a lot of the homes with tarps. we were in a home with a family, a couple we were with them as water started dripping into their home. listen to what our conversation was like. he's saying this tarp is for 30, 60 days and they have had it on the roof now for 9 months so that's his concern as he hears the thunder, as we sees the rain coming down. he's saying he's scared because if this roof does not hold the rain will come down and it'll ruin the little that they have
12:57 pm
left. the little that maria left them. ten months ago. and you can take a look. the ocean is pretty calm right now. but again, the concern was flooding. that's been minimal in this area and still 60,000 homes according to the governor with blue tarps on the homes right now. and on top of that, there's also the power situation. right now, as you mentioned, brooke, there are 13,000, nearly 13,000 customers without power right now. and on top of that, there was a peak of about 47,000 clients without power when the remnants of barrel started coming in. ten months after hurricane maria. >> that is crazy that those tarps are still on people's homes and the least of it for the people of puerto rico. leyla santiago, thank you so much. moving on, just learning of
12:58 pm
a subpoena involving one of the former fbi officials who sent anti-trump text messages. those details next. does your business internet provider promise a lot? let's see who delivers more. comcast business gives you gig-speed in more places. the others don't. we offer up to 6 hours of 4g wireless network backup.
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1:00 pm
to get him after text messages surfaced showing strzok not only criticized trump but even said, quote, we'll stop him from becoming president. a source tells cnn paige is subpoenaed and will face the house judiciary and oversight committees on wednesday. i'm brooke baldwin. we'll send things to washington. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. if you live in d.c. or work in politics, your summer vacation is going to end at about 9:00 eastern time tonight. "the lead" starts right now. he's decided. president trump has made his choice on whom should replace justice kennedy on the supreme court. but with battle loins drawn, will the nominee survive? what may be the most bruising fight of the trump presidency. just four boys and the coach remain trapped deep inside that thai cave after two days of what's been described