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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  July 26, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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perfect. that was the nature, oh, great, great, great. let's do it one more time. >> can we sipping the "michelle impossible"? . >> no go see the movie "mission impossible, fallout." you will enjoy the movie, lots of action. i do my own stunts. thank you for watching. erin burnett "out front" starts right now. "out front" next. alternate scenario, will he spill the family secrets? this the bob mueller scrutinizing trump's treats. trump says he will get a deal with the farmers, but this deal is starting to be negotiated. will it make up for the trade war he started with china? we have the numbers. they deep add up. she's been a republican for 40 years, now, switching parties, what was the last straw? let's go "out front." good evening, i'm erin burnett,
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"out front" tonight the ultimate nightmare scenario. the chief untilosis for the trump organization, he has been subpoenaed to testify before a federal grand jury in the criminal investigation of trump's former lawyer, michael cohen. now, this is according to to the wall street jourp journal this meerpg evening. fact, a source close to the trump organization says quote there wasn't a big deal that didn't get approved without alan. in fact, here is alan appearing on an episode of "the apprentice" with mr. trump the subpoena is the ault ultimate nightmare subpoena, he knows where all the until bodies are buried. he apparently is ranging to pay the there are 35,000 retain tore cohen, who made daniels $130,000
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for her sigh leps about her alleged one-night stand with trump. they talk about paying off a playboy model shows how important he is. >> we need to open up a company for the transfer along with that info regarding our friend david. you know, so that i'm going to do that right away. i've spoken to alan weisselberg about how to set the whole thing up with funding. >> alan weisselberg, the washington post now reporting that the government has seized more than 100 recordings that cohen made of conversations, which relate to trump. cnn caught up with cohen today. >> what else is on the tapes? >> cohen's silence comes as we are learning bob mueller is scrutinizing trump's twitter
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account. according to "new york times," mueller's team is investigating president trump's tweets and statements about tomorrow jeff sessions and the former fbi director jim comey to see if they amount to obstruction of justice. mueller is now looking at it reportedly the-to-see whether the president one intimidated witnesses or two tried to pressure officials to end the russia investigation. we know mueller wants to ask trump in particular about this tweet. it was posted on may 12th. a year ago. three days of trump fired comey. james comey better hope that there are no "tapes" of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press. better hope, it sounds like a threat the white house incysted at the time it was meant in no way to intimidate comey. like i said, it sure sounds that way to allay person. especially when we learned comey running the russian investigation at the time said trump demanded of him in those private conversations. >> so he asks you what you want. then says what he wants?
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>> that i expect loyalty. i need loyalty. >> jeff zeleny continues our coverage tonight. you have breaking new details about the president's reaction to all of this. what's been called this ultimate nightmare tonight? >> reporter: we do, the president in the mid-west today, trying to change the subject and talk about other matters. i am told about someone familiar with him, he was new jersey when he was leaving washington. he is coming back angrier. he has been watching these news accounts all day long as he is traveling on air force one and holding four events. this is someone as you are describing. there is no one who knows more about trump finances than mr. weisselberg. so i am told by a republican close to the white house said this to me. it's getting closer and closer to his inner circle. how do you think he feels when i was asked about his reaction. it was pointed out he is subpoenaed to be a witness, she
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not a target of the investigation. this did not likely come as a surprise to the president. i am told he was alerted by his lawyers before he saw that report from the "wall street journal." but that does not make it any less worrisome in the sense it is someone who knows all of the trump finances. it is someone who the president worked with most intimately in trump tower. so as the president flies back here in washington, arriving at the white house shortly in this hour, we'll see if he has anything to say about this. if past is prologue, he will not answer our questions about this, erin, but that does not mean he is still not seethin. >> silence does not mean not paying attention. in fact, probably means the opposite in this case. thank you. now i want to go to a former district attorney for the southern district of new york. that's where this is all playing out. political editor for the "new york times," patrick haley. anne, we start with you. former trump organization employee, you know, said that
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the subpoena happening in the words of weisselberg, because he knows, quote, anything and everything, including where all the until bodies are buried. how scared should the president be right now? >> i think this is an enormous problem for the president. if you think about following the money trail this man it leads directly to him. this is the trump inner circle and the trump organization, all these questions and the financing come back to him. so the fact that he has been subpoenaed to provide evidence and will be taken an oath to testify truthfully. >> that means a lot. so obviously, it has to be something that's potentially deeply problematic for the president. >> here they are reporting to the inner circle and they point to weisselberg the most senior person in the organization besides trump. >> that is a big thing to say. that's the person as close as can you get. >> yep. hired by the president's father, something like 40 years ago. >> and i think that, look, we
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corner, as they said in the intro, we don't know whether he has any exposure of his own to fear, but in a way, that could be worse. because he is being compelled to testify in the grand jury, the only way to avoid testimony in the grand jury is to invoke the fifth amendment right against self-incriminatio self-incrimination. so if he has no liability of his own but only can point the finger at others, in a way that's even worse. because he has to go and answer the questions. he may do that voluntarily in a proper session. his recollection may be at issue because of how many transactions he will be involved in. but he will be asked about the tape we have been listening to in the past three days. >> we hear him saying i talked to alan weisselberg the tone is, don't worry, mr. trump, i've gone through it with the guy. >> alan weisselberg's name, it condition not connotes, this is the guy that happenedments my frngs knows how
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to -- owe finances, knows how to organize it the way i like. he has been with the family for many years. it's not just stormy daniels and karen mcdougal. this is a guy thinking early on how the trump organization can get into russia in the first place in terms of the deals he has knowledge of. >> what this tape does, it puts him in the middle of playoffs and russia deals and shows this guy was involved with everything. >> in president trump's mind, michael cohen was the fixer. he associated cohen with sort of handling his problems. but weisselberg, in a way a much bigger figure. he's the one who is handling the money, who is handling the deals. >> weisselberg, harry, somebody seemed to respect much more than cohen. sources are telling us, friends of conhe desperately was trying to get a sign, i'm going to be here, don't wire weir.
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-- worry. this is a guy that cut his salary in half in the year 2009. he knew what trump thought of him. disdain on some level has to be the worst that comes to mind. >> he knows how often the president has been reported to treat very close associates that's dismissive when it serves his purposes. it's not clear that weisselberg will get that treatment when he goes into the grand jury. >> anne, when it comes to mueller the twitter account is public the question is what does he glean from it legally? obstruction of justice is one of the issues. >> we just looked at his twitter this spring, since may, nearly 40 tweets. anne way, they all -- anyway they involve witch hunts and hoax. can they hurt him legally? >> there is no question, all of this is fair game. we have reason to believe the president personally tweets. so these are his words,
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essentially he is giving us an issue and they're fair game. we saw his attorney rudy guiliani usually obstruction of justice and witness tampering is not public. the truth is, it can be. part of the information will be to get information from witnesses and then to marry that with what trump is saying publicly, overall look at what impact would that have had on influencing witness or impeding their testimony or preventing their testimony. so it all goes together in this question about -- >> it's interesting, we have never seen talk about precedent. when you think of a twitter account aligned in this way. on the obstruction of justice count, i mentioned james comey, he tweeted last month the russian witch hoax continued. jeff sessions didn't recuse himself, i would have picked somebody else vls so many likes ruined. sessions knew better than most, there was no collusion. you know, i'll play a few other
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times he's gone after sessions. that's a tweet. here's his public record. >> sessions should have never recuse himself and if he was going to recuse himself, he should have told me before he took the job, i would have picked somebody else. >> i'm disappointed with the attorney general. >> the attorney general made a terrible mistake when he did this and when he recuse himself. he made what i consider to be a very terrible mistake for the country. >> all public. but is that an obstruction case right there? >> it absolutely can be. this is a reverse. usually you see actions. and then you are left to wonder, what was that person thinking when he took those actions? here, it's almost the reverse or at least the messing piece of puzzle in most cases. the state of mind of the person who may have obstructed justice is laid bear over and over again through tweets and public comments that absolutely can be used against him as anne just
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said. >> psychologically, he is so different than other people. all of a sudden, there is a whole almost to this. it's different. is the mueller probe looking at pardon offers? whether that was dangled out there to influence things. trump has been asked about pardons. he has dangled it out there again, it's a public record. here it is. >> i don't want to talk about pardons from michael flynn yet. we'll see what happens. they haven't been convicted of anything. it's far to early to be thinking about it. >> that's a dangle. president trump, let's put it gently, does not watch his words. he never has, he likes to say what he thinks, say what he feels. what he doesn't understand, maybe he does, is that he's exerting political pressure, personal pressure. he is putting almost feelers out there in a regular way on twitter, on camera, which he is
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clearly trying to influence the game. whether that rises to obstruction of justice, i think we have to wait for bob mule tore say. he is exstrordary. he created a paper trail. i the ever to the prosecutors. you would think that lawyers would tell their clients, stop. >> as a final word, what do you think is more important here? the public record we can all see or the finances that weisselberg would know? >> i suspect the latter. again, this is all a part of one conversation, at the oepdz of the day we will be looking and thinking of this altogether. >> its so unique to the individual we are talking about. almost nobody else would have done this in a public way. thanks to all three. next the white house talking points, about banning a reporter after she asked questions. plus the president stops the trade war. but we looked at the numbers him they do not add up. plus, an elected official from oregon a life long republican.
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. today the white house bill shine not blocking down from caitlin collins covering an event in the rose garden. >> did you ask her if she we ever used the word banned? >> what word would you use? >> you ask her if i ever used
4:18 pm
that word ban. you ask her, focus now, you ask her if we have used the word banne banned. >> those are the things you see on the bottom of the screen and mr. shine banning. here's the truth, banning, baring, restricting, not inviting. frankly, this is a matter of semantics. we stood by she was told she was not allowed to cover a open press event you hosted after asking the president questions about michael cohen in the oval office. this all comes as cnn reports bill shine's influence is rising in the white house him there are days the former fox executive sees the president much more than the chief of staff john kelly. joan walsh and cnn political commentator, steve cortez, mr. trump's 2020, reelect
4:19 pm
advisory council and okay. thanks to all of you, joan, let me start with you since you are sitting next to me, does the word matter as bill shine obviously is saying it does? >> no the word does not matter. we're all journalists here. let's be honest, bill is a journalist. we shorten thing. we might have the open third. we don't say, she was uninvited, she told she could not come. the message was communicated, she was not welcome there, so she did not go. this is ridiculous this exjournalist is playing word games, it's not working. >> steve, presidents get questions shouted at them all the time. yesterday the president wanted to talk about trade. indicate lip asked questions about the vladimir putin putin summit and the michael cohen tape as it was a question everyone wanted to ask. i wanted to make the point for the viewer this is the way it goes. here's how i'm going to make
4:20 pm
that.i'm going to show 2000 presidents who aren't trump. >> i'm looking forward to working with the new congress. thank you for your time. >> mr. president, do you think saddam's execution was handled appropriately in. >> thank you for the outstanding work that she is doing, making sure that millions of americans can get health insurance. thank you. >> mr. president, you won't negotiate, how can you get a solution? how can you bring an end to this? >> so, steve, this is how it goes. they say things, they want to talk about one thing, they get asked a question about another. george bush didn't want to talk about saddam's execution. what was he talking about? oh, yeah, the new congress. what happened with caitlin collins, this is how it goes. did shyp make a mistake? >> listen, erin, i think he did. yes. i really do. journalists are supposed to ask questions and they're supposed to ask tough questions and that
4:21 pm
happens all the time and it happened in these shouting, you know, match, which we have. i also say this. i think part of the reason, though, also, to defend the white house on some of these issues, the white house believes and i think correctly so, that the generally the media is so antagonistic towards the white house and literally so biased. >> ha, ha, ha ha ha. >> well, you can laugh, it is literally so biased antagonistic. >> i'm laughing to keep from crying because you believe this foolishness. this president came out saying we are the enemy of the people. we did nothing to him. from the moment he was elected president, even before that, when he thought he was going to be president. he did not want us in the white house. so the antagonism started with this administration. do i do not want the tough questions. steve, don't drink cool aid. don't drink it. you understand a free and fair
4:22 pm
press the first amendment. don't play that game. we were warred possible we were not warred upon him. there is not a bias. a lot of this stuff he is doing. no, steve, don't go there. he's tweeting things. >> april, that's ridiculous. >> no, it's not ridiculous. this is what the president is doing. we have a right to ask. we have a right to ask. and this president and this administration and bill shyp of all people is going to play these, have his war of words on caitlin collins. she is a credentialed member of the press in the pool. and i'm going to say this to you. and i think senator mccain was absolutely right, when you start oppressing and censoring the press, it starts a dictatorship. steve, don't drink the cool aid. >> no, that is a response, dictatorship? dictatorship? >> yes.
4:23 pm
. >> are you so far from reality. >> let steve respond. >> what makes us different from china and russia? >> steven, let me give you a chance to respond. >> okay. now we're china and russia. all right. when you talk about a dictator. >> what makes us different, free press, free and fair independent press. >> do you realized how divorced are you from reality? and no american out there by the way, cares about this nonsense, cares about this. >> that's not true. >> the press briefing room nonsense. >> yes, they do. yes, they do. . >> let steve finish his response, everybody. >> the american people -- if this president suppresses us, the american -- it's not us. it's about the person people getting information. >> oh god. >> let me say this to you. >> what do you mean oh my gosh? let me say this we are the first lean of questioning an american president. if he can't take a serious question, he is thin skinned.
4:24 pm
maybe she should rethink the job. >> what does that say you about the press? >> april, april, well, you have shown, what you have shown and what the entire white house briefing room. >> not what i have shown. >> is that yeah, is that you are not honest brokers in this debate. what you have shown. >> i'm not hoppest? i'm not honest? i'm opposition. >> no, you are not. >> i have been warning to do -- i'm not warred upon. i have been told stop stake i shaking my hid head to get the black caucus together. >> you can change your lack of honesty in covering this president -- >> my lack of honesty -- what have i been the dishonest about? >> you don't care. >> i guarantee few they try to ban me, there will be a problem. i have not lied -- i have done a report on etching he's doneful everything he's done. >> you had it out for him since the beginning. >> there are people that don't care about what goes on in the
4:25 pm
briefing wii room, which is, by the way, 99% of americans. what they care about -- . >> the reality of it is the whole point is it's supposed to be a controversial adversarial relationship. obama picks people he likes, bush picks people he likes. that's how it goes. when you get these opportunities, people ask tough questions. that's the way it's supposed to go. when it comes by this president, he didn't want to talk about it. he clearly looked livid. there are times he's asked questions when he's thrilled to jump back in on it. let me play some of those. >> no, no, the executive oefd was great. >> mr. president -- >> we will be announcing that on monday. monday. >> mr. president, wto? >> wto has treated the united
4:26 pm
states very badly. i hope they change their ways, thank you, everybody. >> helsinki? >> or vienna? >> the point i'm making there joan, is bill shine is saying you were asked to leave and then you asked a question, that was disrespectful. >> that is what happened right there the president was happy to answer, that's just q1 of many examples whether it's with this president or other presidents. >> right. the other problem here, erin, is that this president has given one official news conference. one regularly scheduled news conference. his whole term, with groups of people. >> ha, ha, ha. >> stop laughing, steve, that's disrespectful and don't call my friend april dishonest. >> i was laughing. i'm sorry. >> i was laughing at the one, yeah. >> that is the truth. that's when people get together. they send their reporters with questions. they have a strategy these pool
4:27 pm
sprays where people don't know who will be called on, maybe one reporter from each journalistic frame is in the room. those don't count. and maybe he wouldn't get so many hostile questions if he actually sat down regularly with a cross section of reporters than people at fox. >> what do you say to that, steve? >> that's true. >> listen, i would like more press conferences. i think the president the more he gets in front of the optional press the better he does, actually i think he should be on cnn. i really believe that. . >> the free and fair press is speaking truth to power. that is holding them to account and asking them questions they don't want to ask, when you use the job of a free and fair press you are doing a great disservice to the country? >> really, i totally disagree. you know what -- steve, you just -- >> a disservice to the country. >> go ahead. >> is when the press pre tends
4:28 pm
that they are objective. and when i watched that white house briefing room, it is not, you can say, oh my god, you can beices a prated. >> i am going to say are you delusion am and a liar. >> that is not, really, i'm a liar,? really. there's thing also. >> you are not the worth the gop. the g in your op. >> we won in 2016 because we saw beyond and what you saw. >> you played on race. you played on division. race and division. >> racism? really? >> vladimir putin and james comey. >> by the way the very people that won our election in michigan and ohio and wisconsin and pennsylvania, those very same voters have twice voted. they voted, those voters have
4:29 pm
twice voted for barack obama. >> because russia helped you. >> oh, really? really? russia won the election? really in. >> yes. >> really, do you want to hang your hat on that that russia won the election? >> that's what your justice department is saying. you owe me an apology, you are trying to slappeder my nature. i want to see something. you are kidding, you are not worth g if our pp. >> if you believe russia won this election, have you no business being in this same -- >> there is no evidence that russia's meddling actually altered the election. at least thus far that have been the conclusion. thank you all very much. next, trump claims victory. >> we have reached a break through agreement yesterday with the european union. >> but we looked at the numbers and guess what, they do not add up. and this is all about numbers when it comes to tariffs and americans, plus the breaking news the deadline to reunite
4:30 pm
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declaring victory on trade. here he is. >> i am very proud to reported we have reached a break through agreement yesterday with the european union, commonly referred to as europe. >> now, you heard him saying it's a done deal. really as he admitted just yesterday, negotiations are actually just starting. >> so we're starting the negotiation right now. but we know very much where it's going. >> look, the reason why the president wants us all to feel like the deal is done is because there are americans being hit hard now by the tariff war. those americans include the farmers that trump addressed directly yesterday by saying this. >> soy beans, it's a big deal and the european union is going to start almost immediately to buy a lot of soy beans a tremendous market by a lot of
4:34 pm
soy beans from our farmers in the mid-west, primarily. >> look, the implication of what he is saying is clear. he is picking soy beans for a reason. so many soy beans that they will fill the massive hole from chosen, which, of course, is fighting back against trump's trade war by slapping massive tariffs on soy beans by 25%. if it's true, if they can fill the hole by china, it would be good for the president. we decided to check the numbers. guess what, it turns out it does not add up. last year they reported 12.3 billion. europe, can you see that skinny thing on the bottom, 1. billion. europe could buy as the president said a lot, lot more. a tremendous amount and it would not each come close to fixing the hole left by china the president knows the truth here. his white house says it will
4:35 pm
give $12 been billion by the trade war. >> that number adds up. "up front" now, in texas, the chairman of the house services committee, he met with top economic advisers today, larry kudlow and peter navarro. it's been a while. let me play if i could, something the president just the said today. >> we just opened up europe for you farmers. you will not be too angry with trump, i can tell. >> you so what do you make of it? china buying 12.7, china 1.. if you triple that, are you not close to china's buy. how does the math work out? >> well, i think we have to wait for the math to unfold. i don't know the answer to the question. what i think is good news is we have now called a truce is on the trade war with the eu. this is a good thing.
4:36 pm
and the other good thing is. at least we now have both the administration and the eu claim to have a mutual goal, and that is zero tariffs. zero non-tariff barriers and zero subsidies. we may not get there. this is the first time for the eu to articulate this. sometimes theed administration stated different goals. i was hardened and frankly, i don't know what the math will be on soy beans and lng. but turning the corner and increasing trade. you know, as a matter of trajectory, this was a good day. >> right. obviously, lng. we don't have the terminals. i see your point. >> it won't happen overnight. directionally, you want to go to the right. >> when you ha ter $12 billion. this matters for the president. this is the mid-west, these are crucial votes for him the soy beans is a crucial one. today secretary mnuchin was
4:37 pm
asked if this money was a bailout, the $12 billion subsidy. he responded very passionately. chairman, here he is. >> we're not bailing out any form. >> a billion dollars. >> that's a ridiculous comment. it's not a bailout. >> it's not a bailout? >> to the extent other countries unfairly target our farmers, we will stands up and fight for them. this is not a bailout. >> $12 billion of subsidies, would you agree that is not a bailout? >> well, listen, i think highly of our secretary of treasury the role he's played in tax relief in this economy. but you know i grew up working on a farm. my dad was a farmer, my granddad was a farmer. we want trade not aid. i believe this is a bailout. as the bailout from these policies. listen, when all is said and done, i hope the administration's trade policies prove to be brilliant. the goal has got to be to allow americans to export more, not
4:38 pm
import less. i don't know where it's all headed and there is a lot of nervousness and anxiety. a lot of nervousness. we're at the start of the process. i also think it's encouraging with the eu that maybe we can all focus on the legitimate target, the serial violator, the wto provisions in the nation that by hook and crook is taking our technology and intellectual property. >> that is china. i've encouraged the administration to work with our allie, eu and canada, and focus on the real problem. that's china. >> i know i sound like sesame street. saying 12, i bring it up this way, $12 billion sounds like lot of money. when it comes to a subsidy, not economically distorttive. it is a big number. but it's a drop in the bucket for the united states? >> listen, i disagree with the policy. i made that very clear. >> you made it extremely clear right now.
4:39 pm
i want to put it in the context of the deficit, in 2019, it was $409 billion. you have been very vocal about. this year it's projected to be $800 million. you are talking a double. next year $1.1 trillion. what the heck happened? this is under a republican congress with a republican president. >> well, again, congress doesn't control this particular credit commodity corporation funding. i wish we did. i certainly wouldn't vote for it. apparently the president has the .tore do this. again i have been public at disagreeing with this. the good news is that we actually have more tax revenues coming in. but that's a part of the challenge, but ultimately, well, look, months, months, year over year, tax revenues are up. if we have 2.85% economic growth, the tax relief pays for
4:40 pm
itself. if it doesn't, then it doesn't. but right now, we're expecting the new gdp figures soon. you know the consensus appears to be in the high high 3s, perhaps 4. anyway, set that aside what we have to do is reform current entitlement programs for future generations. i'll say it until i'm blue in the face. it's the most foreseeable prices in america's history and i regret that we as a nation haven't come to grims with it in a $12 billion bailout to farmers is not helpful. >> so let me ask you this. have you done something many have not expected. you have teamed up with your representative, maxine waters. a democrat and a republican working together. >> i'm not sure i expected it either. >> but this is the point nobody expected anybody to be working together across party lines. the two of you had a piece of legislation, that eases regulations, packed the house, bipartisan 406 to 4 him the white house is recommending the senate pass it.
4:41 pm
but worse, you are working with her. this is who the mr. president has said about her most recently. here's what he said. >> yes, she is a low iq individual, max i'm waters. i said it the other day. i mean, honestly, she's somewhere in the mid-60s. i believe that. >> what do you think of that? >> well, the truth is, there is a number of thapgs the president says that i don't necessarily agree with. there is a lot of things that max i'm waters says that i don't necessarily agree with. but he had an opportunity to work together. it's hard, it's tough lifting. but i think we did something that ultimately will be good for entrepreneurs, small businesses, in capital formation. you can't have capitalism without capital formation. so again i believe try to becism, respect. . again, max 18 water said some
4:42 pm
incendiary things the president said some things. >> i guess i just -- >> again, i looked in the constitution i am not constitutionally obligated as a bheb of congress to comment on everything the president says. >> that would keep me very busy, nor am i obligated to say a comment on everything maxine waters says as well. again, she says a lot of things and does a lot of things i disagree with. i agree with much the president does. i don't understand much of what he says or why he says this. i do know this, for many americans we're having the best economy of our lifetimes, it's mainly due to president trump. i hope we don't blow it all on a global trade war. >> thank you. next, breaking news, more than 700 children separated from their parents tonight with hours to go to the unification deadline. why is the government claiming it has met the deadline? plus a republican for nearly 40 years now turns democrat.
4:43 pm
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4:46 pm
breaking news, fuzzy milwaukee theed a pin straegs anoupd 1432 children have been reunited. this is a big but, 711 have thought been reunited. instead of admitting we are 11
4:47 pm
shy, the administration is claiming they are ineligible for refooun unification, can you claim all families are back together? they're not, they're giving an excuse, what itself the truth? >> right. so that 711 number fits into several categories. the children remain here, the parents remain here. some of them, the government can't account for another parents signed away their right to be with their kids and were deported outtheir kids, on that question there is some controversy. some claiming they were more worried about their kids than the asylum process and the lawyer says they didn't have a fair understanding during the time they were asked to sign documents, to do stuff, while their kids were missing?
4:48 pm
in some cases saying all their clients could do is dry through their initial asylum haemplth the incredible fear as they call it. it was in that backgrounds that these numbers were made. the government saying it has now reunited some 1442 children. but this was out of a total number of 2500 that were left after the under 5s are done. it is a policy, bad, uncoordinated, perhaps inhumane from the get go. it remains that way. >> it comes from the department of homelands security is investigating how the department handled the situations. so you do have a attorney general report. that's commencing. what more can you tell us about that? >> reporter: so this investigation started before zero tolerance. so there was a test program in the el paso sector where parents were separated before the zero
4:49 pm
tolerance was talked about. that's being investigated. the process now of zero tolerance and how the government got to a situation where it separated these parents without any thought at all how they could get them together and only under a judge's order have they been forced and that was at the request of 120 house democrats. so it's going to be months and many, many months before we get final answers on this. >> miguel, thank you very much. now, after 40 years in the republican party, one elected official in year ago is saying enough. >> i wanted to share some great news and i wanted you to be one of the first to know that i have changed my political party. >> she is out front. she's the, the county commissioner in oregon.
4:50 pm
i'm sorry if i didn't get the full fame right. you have been a republican your whole life, okay? >> yes. >> in a yupt you are an elected official. it's been a brilliant part of yours. why are you now switching parties? >> well, that's an excellent question. it hasn't been just one thing. it's been a combination of so many things that the trump administration has come down upon the american people. for me, i'm an orphan, an immigrant. with the family separation of children, that was really the final straw for me. so, it was something very personal to me. >> i mean, i can hear the emotion in your voice. trump has said, when he said
4:51 pm
they're rapists, let me play a couple things he said well before the separations at the border. >> i'm automatically attracted to beautiful -- just a kissing -- when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. grab them by the [bleep]. >> we have a very hostile judge because to be honest with you the judge should have thrown the case out on summary judgment and because it was me and because there was a hostility toward me by the judge, tremendous hostility, beyond belief, i believe he happens to be spanish. >> unbelievable. what you're saying, all that added up but really what was happening at the southern border that made you change your mind, your party. >> yeah. the trump administration and president trump, the misogyny, the racism, i serve on a board
4:52 pm
of all women, the county commission board, our board is the first majority minority board in nearly 165 years. i'm the first asian-american, i'm the first korean american to ever serve on the board. this is not the ideals our country, a country i know and love, it's horrifying and that more people aren't doing what we need to do. we need to speak out, we need to stand together and we need to call out the inequities and the horrible things that are happening at the hands of our current federal administration. i for one, as an immigrant, i want people to understand this is the face of an immigrant.
4:53 pm
we are all immigrants. i came to this country at 6 months old, adopted by a loving family. i put myself through college, started my own business. i have lived the american dream. i have a responsibility to pay it forward, and there were so many people that i have never met that have given me this opportunity. honestly if not being able to come to america, i would be dead. i jokingly say, i turned out pretty good. but i say that in all seriousness, because if you give people the same basic humanity and kindness and love that we all deserve we can all thrive. >> lori, i appreciate it. thank you so much. >> thank you.
4:54 pm
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4:58 pm
omarosa's new book, called "unhinged." who is it referring to? jeanne moos. >> reporter: no more nodding at the president's words and no more smiling alongside him. omarosa is on the attack with "unhinged." when she left the white house she said -- >> it is a profound story i know the world will want to hear. >> reporter: profound isn't how the publisher described it. stunning take-down, explosive, jaw dropping. >> she has a story to tell, i'm sure she will be telling that story. >> we will see. >> reporter: she sold to it for under a million dollars a source tells cnn. as for the title, it's word omarosa once used about a fellow contestant. >> she's losing it. she's completely unhinged. >> reporter: "unhinged" might be aimed at the white house, but full props for her
4:59 pm
autobiography. online commenters commented to degree they couldn't care less. i can't wait to not read this and will be first in line to not buy this book. teasing out her experience on celebrity "big brother" could stoke interest. >> i was haunted by tweets every single day. it was not going be okay. it's not. >> would you vote for him again? >> god, no. >> i feel like i gottfried up. >> unfortunately, we don't have any advance excerpts from omarosa's book but one comment mentor noted this sneak peek. me, me, again, more me. remember amoomarosa's immortal words? >> every detract tore will have to bow down. >> reporter: she may have to bow
5:00 pm
down next month but his supporters seem proud. >> nobody kicks omarosa out of the white house. >> i just have this flashback to one time when then donald trump said to me, what do you think of omarosa. people hate her and i kind of love her. i think they love watching her. and guess what, they do. >> "ac360" starts now. good evening. it's been nearly 48 hours since the secret recording made by michael cohen of donald trump was made public, nearly 48 hours the campaign lied about his knowledge of the deal to buy the silence of a playboy model who alleges a 10 month affair. no one has owned up to the lie. the silence is deafening. the president is feeling the heat and one official saying it's getting