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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  August 9, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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parents had been living here in the united states as permanent residents with green cards. congratulations to the family on this very important day, new u.s. citizens for the parents of the first lady. that's it for me. thanks for watching. i'll be in "the situation room," amanpour is next. newsroom with brook baldwin starts right now. all right, wolf, thank you so much. high, everyone, i'm brook baldwin, you're watching cnn on this thursday, count with me, 889 days until election day, get ready for a showdown, not only at the polls, but with special counsel robert mueller. rudy giuliani is the one setting up the stakes here negotiating if the president will do an interview with mueller. and giuliani on both sides of
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the argument here on whether the russia investigation will actually be a drag on republicans in november. because just hours after he insisted that mueller should wrap this whole thing up by september 1, inaccurately saying that the department of justice dictate that, not true, giuliani posited this, the republicans could benefit from prolonging the november elections. when i first got involved, i would have told you not testifying would have been the right legal strategy, then hurt politically. now i'm thinking the continuance of the investigation would actually help because people are getting tired of it. and the president needs something to energize his base. nothing would energize republicans more than, let's save the president. now m. barrett burger, a former federal prosecutor, at the
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united states district of new york. on this notion that giuliani is saying that this would actually help republicans come november, can you explain that for me? >> well, republicans having looking for every day to energize their base, and they have been looking out for this so-called blue wave. i think it's apparent, and they were talking about this earlier, what giuliani is doing now is trying to negotiate his way past labor day with mueller, with the expectation that after labor day and before the midterms, mueller will not present his case, but under justice department traditions and rules, you're not supposed to interfere with elections. but if they can push the conclusion of this investigation past labor day --. >> if he's able to do that and push it past that goal post, this would get more republicans
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out? >> and i think that's what they're playing to. they haven't found anything really energizes, save the president, save trump? i think that would energy sneeze them. >> let me play a clip, this is giuliani saying the special prosecutor must finish this investigation 60 days prior to the election. >> well, i think if it isn't over by september, then we have a very, very serious justice department rules that you shouldn't be conducting one of these investigations in the 60-day period. he's got plenty of time to either decide -- we offered him an opportunity to do a form of questioning. he could say yes or no. >> so i suppose it is an unwritten rule that one would not want to drop an investigation bomb right in around the election. at the same time, though, there is no rule on the books? >> there's no rule on the books, there's no written guidance on
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this. i think the closest thing was a 2012 memo by attorney general eric holder in which he discussed the idea that you don't want to drop political bombshells close to an election, we don't want to take any actions that could be seen to be trying to influence a political election, but there's nothing in writing. i think tradition is, we probably would have this quiet period before an election. i think it would be unlikely that the special prosecutor's office would have an announcement come down, or a plea. but this investigation can continue, there's nothing barring them to continue to interview witnesses or gather evidence. >> i think he's very likely to bring a report and wrap this up after labor day, might he go ahead and indict others lower down? >> i would be surprised if there
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was any big indictment that came closer to the election. but remember, his report is not going to the general public. his report is going to rod rosenstein, so it kind of puts it in his boat then as to when he would choose to make that public. i would be surprised if any of that comes down before the election. >> but you can't control the leaks. >> exactly. >> something that trump's attorney said, to another addreardent trump supporter, devin nunes has done the most to try to get in the way of? who this russian investigation. now the role he thinks he should be playing in protection of the president. we're going to go to our senior political correspondent, manu, what needs to be said? >> nunes has wielded his gavel
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atop the intelligence committee to try to protect the president from the mueller investigation and revealing in rather stark terms that the house republicans need to keep their majority in order to protect the president from mueller. here's what he said. >> there there lies the catch-22 situation where we see a probleproble problem. i mean we have -- to. >> so he appeared at a fundrai e fund-raiser of kathy mcmorris-rogers. i have reached out to her office to see if he agrees with this assessment by nunes.
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paul ryan also has not commented on this, but this comes after a long line of tradition of going after -- as part of the house intelligence committee's probe, so these comments undoubtedly are going to feed those accusations that nounes will us his power to help the president. >> this is what i would call a record scratch moment where you have a member of the house of representatives, which is seen as talking to these folks at this dinner, paying a pretty penny with his donors, saying we in the house of representatives need to protect the president, save the president, really doing his duty of oversight over this administration. >> sometimes the truth actually emerges and you get a pretty clear sense of what people believe. >> it's stunning. >> but what also is very
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distressing, it's very clear the next three months are not going to be about governing, about doing good things for the country, it's going to be a hand to hand combat, everything is going to be colored by how do we win the midterms. >> one of his quotes, just drilling back down barrett, if sessions won't unrecuse, and mueller won't end the investigation, we're the only ones who can clear trump. >> this should be shocking to all of us that he's publicly commenting that his goal is to clear the president. but this isn't actually that surprising, this is just a public acknowledgement of what they have been doing this entire time. the sole focus of this investigation, i think we can put air quotes around that now, is to discredit the special
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counsel's investigation. >> i think they have succeed beyond their dreams in discrediting mueller. and i think that's one reason why they want to keep down this path. it's not pretty, but it's working to some degree. in that amount of republicans are turning against mueller. >> and david, to you, what he said about supreme court nominee brett kavanagh, the senate will have to take that up and the senate he said needs to be focused on confirming cavanaugh, cavanaugh, a, is the senate really -- >> i can't see that, they're on two different tracks and if there is an impeachment proceeding which would be unfair and inappropriate. if there is an impeachment
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proceeding, it will go on for some time. >> it won't derail what's happening with kavanagh? >> from the democrats point of view, they obviously want to hold the house before they start impeachment proceedings. but it's becoming more apparent that it's in the democrats' best interest to stop talking about impeaching the president until after the midterm elections. coming up next here on cnn, the judge in the paul manafort trial admits he messed up after repeatedly clashing with prosecutors. the judge admitting that he made a mistake in the trial. also a nightmare scenario for two young children flying by themselves, their flight ended up diverted to another city because of bad weather, how these kids under the age of 10 ended up in a hotel room overnight. the father says both parents were left in the dark. the airline disputes that and is
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ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. you finayou know it! chair? woah! (laughter) hahaha-aaaahhhh! gorilla glue. of course. gorilla glue expands into the materials to form an incredibly strong bond. for the toughest jobs on planet earth. a stunning admission from the judge in the trial of former trump campaign chairman paul manafort. this judge is t.s. ellis conceding today he was wrong for scolding prosecutors. let me remind you that the
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special prosecutor, mueller, paul manafort pleading not guilty to 18 counts of bank fraud. so with me now, correspondent randy kaye, covering this whole trial and in particular this judge is back with us. and the apology, the mea culpa, what does that stem from? >> the prosecution has this irs agent that was supposed to testify and was testifying for the prosecution. but they allowed this expert, an expert witness to sit in on the trial and hear other witnesses. they say that the judge had agreed to that, that the judge was well aware of that, but still the judge criticized them in front of the jury for allowing this expert to remain in the courtroom and listen to the other witness' system, he
11:17 am
admonished the prosecutor in front of the jury and then the prosecutors said they were going to file a motion to clear tn upe record and clear the air requwi the jury. and the judge said this morning, in front of the jury, i was probably wrong in that, this robe doesn't make me anything other than human. that was his apology. is it possible do you think that he just forgot? how crazy it is that you have a judge in this megaimportant trial apologizing? >> i have never had a judge apologize to me. there's a first for everything. i think he just did forget. i don't think we can attribute any bad motive to that, but it was a pretty shocking admonition of the prosecution. this was a role thule he had ma before the trial, that he could sit in the courtroom can during the trial, it's not common for
11:18 am
judges to do that, but i think he did the right thing in this situation. >> this judge is known for keeping the train rolling, for keeping the train on the tracks. >> the judge has a reputation for being a docket rocket. but he has cut off witnesses, he's cut off attorneys, he's said next question, he's butted in to them as they're questioning the witnesses, but he also hassed a m ed a moadmon, he's told them to rein in their facial expression, stop rolling your eyes at me and indicating to the jury that you're having to deal with this idiot judge as he put it. and then he said to the prosecutors, he said, look, i just don't want to give away my facial expression. he basically accused him of having tears in your eyes. and then he said he did not have
11:19 am
tears in his eyes. >> he's been a judge for years. this is judge t.s. ellis. >> thank you so much for that. next here, she says, quote, the america we know and love doesn't exist anymore. massive demographic changes have been foisted on the american people, and they're changes that none of us ever voted for and most of us don't like. >> yeah, didn't in there. going on to partly blame legal immigrants for her unwanted shift in american demographics, let's discuss that, next. are you taking the tissue test?
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the build the wall sentiment of this trump white house is once again morphing and fox news host laura ingr ingram put hers smack in the middle of that conversation. from what we heard recently from the white house, she complained about legal immigrants as well. listen to what she said. >> in some parts of the country, it does seem like the america we know and love doesn't exist anymore. massive demographic changes have been foisted upon the american people. and they're changes that none of us ever voted for and most of us don't like. from virginia to california, we see stark examples of how radically in some ways the country's changed. now much of this is related to
11:25 am
both illegal and in some cases legal immigration that, of course, progressives love. >> let's have a conversation. with me now cnn political commentato commentator, mary catherine hamm and cnn opinion writer ronald reyes. so welcome to both of you. and mary catherine, just starting with you, when you watch laura ingram say what she just did, she comes across as ignorant and racist. so can you help me understand what she was trying to say? >> well, actually i did look through all of germher monologud tried to reason this out in the most charitable way possible, but i couldn't do it. because she says demographic shifts both legal and illegal, demographics matter, and then later she says it's not about race or ethnicity, it's about understanding that american
11:26 am
citizenship is a privilege, and understanding about the rule of law. except she lalso notes that legl immigration is not actually the rule of law if you say both of those things. >> that is preskicisely what i wanted to ask raul, because she's painting this picture and talking about not only illegal immigration, she's blatantly talking about legal immigration as well. >> >> what she's talking about is these demographic changes that we didn't vote for, there's a collective we that she presupposes we don't want. in fact three-quarters of imgrai imimmigraimi immigrants are here legally. the majority of these immigrants they came over legally and by a system of laws that our congress and leaders elected. so we did have our say in the
11:27 am
types of people that we want here. what she seems to object to is the type of immigrants that are coming. >> like what? >> it's very interesting that this segment began with her criticizirant about immigrations and then this undocumented immigrant that was accused of this crime. >> what's she saying that she doesn't like? >> it appears as if she's complaining about the latino population in the country. the fastest growing immigration population is asians not latd te lat -- latinos. >> normally we want to avoid any sort of trying to translate or interpret what they're saying over there at fox.
11:28 am
but this is a big deal because it was recently shared by the white house. steve miller is out there pushing this plan to punish legal immigrants who receive benefits like welfare. >> yeah -- oh, sorry. i thought you had a question. >> no. >> there used to be delineation speaking about legal and illegal. but when you're speaking only about illegal immigrants. but this is a clear blur of the line in both cases and it seems explicitly linked to demographics. i think there's a subsection of those that they ignore, is that people that have been accused or even convicted of crimes in some cases and that affects real americans. but when you look at actual
11:29 am
stats about cultural assimilation and whether they are taking on the values of america, by second generation it's the same as other generations of immigrants have been, when you look at crime statistics for new immigrants, those neighborhoods have sometimes less crime than native born americans. there are problems we need to deal with and can name, but it's not about this entire community, and this entire community is part of what makes america great, if i may steal a phrase. >> raul? >> there's in stephen miller and his comments. he's talking about legal immigrants, like she said, that is different than what we're seeing before. but this summer we saw from gallup that support for immigrants is at a record high,
11:30 am
which might be a push back against the trump administration, 75% of americans say immigration is a good thing. there's 85% democrats and 25% republicans. >> i do have a question for you on this gubernatorial race in kansas, chris koback, still locked in this gubernatorial recount. this is just another example, and we're talking about a few folks in the last couple of weeks. allies in the trump world who are pretty swaptastic. >> if you know, especially if you have been a secretary of state for a long time, and you have people in place who you know well can do their jobs professionally. part of your job is creating that environment, let them
11:31 am
handle it and handle it fairly. i think we all depend on the governors to do that and especially the secondary retary state. while we were discussing immigration, we now have news that a federal judge has blocked the trump administration from deporting asylum seekers who are challenging the rules of jeff sessions. what's the story? >> reporter: that's right, a bit of breaking news, we understand that a federal judge has just blocked the trump administration from deporting a group of immigrants who have brought a lawsuit challenging some new rules established by jeff sessions that basically make it much, much more difficult if not nearly impossible for immigrants who have suffered from domestic violence, gang violence, that type of thing from qualifying for asylum in the u.s. what's particularly dramatic is that this lawsuit was fwililed y this week, but the american
11:32 am
civil liberties association went to court and got the judge to order them not to deport immigrants during this lawsuit. the trump administration had put one of those immigrants on a plane for deportation. and upon finding out about this the judge was infuriated and ordered the plane fto be turned around. a bit of a dramatic moment in federal fourth today regarding those rules that jeff sessions has put into place. >> got it. thank you for that. coming up next, a father's fight with an airline, his two kids flying across the country alone, but what exactly happened when their flight was diverted to another city and those two children were taken to a hotel by an airline employee. it dad says no one said a word to him. let's get the full story coming up next.
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imagine this as a parent. a concerned father clashing with a major airline disputing the airline's treatment of his two
11:37 am
uncompanied kids. he said his two kids boarded a frontier airlines flight headed for orlando. the flight got diverted because of bad weather, so they stopped in atlanta that night. the dad claims a frontier airlines employee using her own personal car actually drove his kids to an atlanta hotel without letting their father know and spent the night there. the airline says they were in contact with the mother before taking them to the hotel. the according to frontier policy, the kids were attended to at all times by a frontier supervisor placed in a hotel room overnight and provided with food. >> chad, the father of the kids, along with his attorney. and chad, first, on your emotions. talk to me about what it was
11:38 am
like going through knowing that your kids, both under the age of 10 went through this? >> yeah, hi, brooke, thanks for having me. you know, very good question. i think the emotions are obviously running very high, the frustration levels were running very high. regardless of whether jennifer and i should have put the kids on the plane as unaccompanied minors is really besides the fact. once you decide to make that decision, and frontier decides to take responsibility for these children and then when they don't follow the protocol to let the parents know that, hey, here's what we're doing with your kids, we're actually going to take them off airport premises and put them in a hotel and we're actually going to drive them to a hotel in an employee's vehicle. >> let me jump in. when did you first hear from the airlines what was happening with your kids? >> we never heard from the airlines whatsoever. so i think the statement said
11:39 am
that the children were in contact with us. and that is correct, my son called me around 12:30 at night to tell me that they had been diverted to atlanta and waiting do see what was going to happen. and then 2 1/2 hours later i heard from my son from another una uncompanied minor's phone, and that the flight had been cancelled and they're trying to decide what to do with the other kids. >> you only heard from your kids because they happened to borrow a cell phone from one of the other kids on the plane, so you were not in contact with the airline? >> that is 100% correct. >> this is what frontier says, our records show that the children were in contact with their mother before being transported to the hotel and
11:40 am
that their father was aware of. we understand how an unexpected delay caused by weather can be stress follful for a parent. >> i think the mother tried to contact frontier at the orlando facility and there was no information. so the issue is the communication between the airline and the parents. >> and chad, frontier is also saying that you went to the media to complain about this happening to your kids before you went straight to the airline. why did you do that? >> well, for one, we actually tried to go through the appropriate channels first, when trying to deal with frontier. jennifer carter's mother contacted them after the ordeal and they gave them a 1-800 number that only gives recorded
11:41 am
messages. i did zweereach out to them on twitter, and they gave me a recorded response, with the previous dealings we had had with them at the airport, it was clear they weren't taking the necessary actions they should to try to reach out to us. that's why we actually went to allen and then from there, you know, we went to the network. >> i got it. al allan, what is protocol for unaccompanied minors like this, when they're diverted to another city, is plrotocol putting them in an employee's car and taking them to a hotel? >> no there is not. this is an ad hoc procedure taken by airline employees
11:42 am
because there was no policy they followed. >> so what they are they supposed to do with the kids? >> delta actually has a policy and procedure for? situatio this situation, but the other airlines don't. >> what do you want from the airline? >> i don't know that i want necessarily anything from frontier in regards to a excellent or a statement. but i would like to see changes in policies and procedures being put into place. like allan mentioned, i think delta is the only airline that has a strict procedure in place, other airlines have come forward and said they have some type of procedure. and i don't think it's industry wide through aviation, but i would like rules and policies and procedures put in place so this incident doesn't happen
11:43 am
again. so next time if it does happen again, it may not end well for the kids. >> thanks so much for your time, thank you, guys. coming up next, a rookie police officer was involved in the fatal shooting of an unarmed man, reportedly todaying that he f'd up and didn't know what he was doing. we'll tell that story next. to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you ♪ ♪ our new, hot, fresh breakfast will get you the readiest. (buzzer sound) holiday inn express. be the readiest.
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- (phone ringing)a phones offers - big button,ecialized phones... and volume-enhanced phones., get details on this state program. call or visit monitor their blood glucose every day. which means they have to stop.
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and stick their fingers. repeatedly. today, life-changing technology from abbott makes it possible to track glucose levels. without drawing a drop of blood, again and again. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest. and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit four years ago today, michael brown was shot and killed by a police officer in ferguson, missouri. it set up weeks, really months worth of protest. now in pennsylvania, a rookie
11:48 am
police officer, a man by the name of jonathan roselli told the other officer that he f'd up when he shot and killed joseph san tho santos that month. f'd up? >> yes, and you mentioned pennsylvania, that's the -- let's go now to july 28, this happened in sort of a few hours o outside of pennsylvania. a woman was approached by a man
11:49 am
who said he was going to get into her car. she goines a little farther and encounters this victim, victor san santos, he was going all these dramatic movements. ro roselli calls in and says he thinks he has a mental patient on the ground. he fires five shots killing this man right there on the street. so it's an unbelievable story and what's sad about it and i think most tragic is that the d.a., after filing these charges, says this was not racially motivated, this is inexperience, but i want you to hear more about what the d.a. said. >> sure. >> there's no evidence that mr.
11:50 am
santos was armed with any weapon and no evidence that he had committed or attempted a forcible felony. i have approved the charge of manslaughter rather than murder in the first-degree because murder requires malice. >> we are thankful for today's decision, and we will continue to show up and hold d.a. martin accountable, because we know an indictment in no way means a conviction. >> i want to read a statement from the attorney of officer roselli, who says officer roselle believes now, as he did on july 28, that his actions were justified and appropriate based on the facts and circumstances evident at the time. but he said to another officer that he f'd up and he didn't know what to do. so it just brings to light how inexperienced these officers are
11:51 am
in dealing with these situations. >> what is the death count right now? 16 people, certified. 16 people, versus in the thousands. >> that was ten months ago. today, the government of puerto rico is quietly admitting something unusual happened in the aftermath of that storm and the death toll, the subject of great controversy may be far higher than it first thought. a live report next. e this. crisp leaves of lettuce. freshly made dressing. clean food that looks this good. delivered to your desk. now delivering to home or office. panera. food as it should be. aah! ...i would have said you were crazy. but so began the year of me. i discovered the true meaning of paperless discounts... and the indescribable rush of saving drivers an average of $620. why does fear feel so good?
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nearly one year later, officials in puerto rico have not yet finalized the death toll for hurricane maria, they are now acknowledging that more than 64 people likely died as a result of that catastrophic storm. here's a new estimate. more than 1,400 people died. this is a new report that asks congress for billions in funds. let's go to layla santiago to talk us through, 1,400, that is quit different from 64. why isn't puerto rico's governor updating that official number? >> reporter: so the official response, brooke, and actually we just received a response from the governor of puerto rico on this is that they are waiting
11:57 am
for the study they commissioned from george washington university to be completed before they even touched that number 64. now, i want to read to you just one portion of this statement that they put out from the secretary of public safety, hector viskara saying this is not the official number of deaths attributable to maria. ad they're talking about that figure 1,400, where does that come from? it comes from here, it went out to congress last night in which you mentioned they're asking for money for recovery efforts s i puerto rico and what they're acknowledging there, in the month after hurricane maria, if you look at the statistics, there is in excess of 1,400 reports, but they said they are not prepared to tie that directly to hurricane maria, and that is why the number remains
11:58 am
at 64. so new mexico that g.w. report is done, they're saying yes, we acknowledge there's an excess of deaths, we're not ready to touch the death toll. so what's the problem with that? that report commissioned by the government of puerto rico from george washington university was due in may to have findings. and they did put something out about the methodology in establishing the death toll, but we haven't gotten what we expected to get from that report. according to the officials i spoke to this morning, they are expected to get some information later this month, we'll have to wait and see when that happens. let's get to the bottom of why this happens. you have heard me say this before, not only is this about closure from the families of loved ones they have lost
11:59 am
because of hurricane maria, this is about understanding the numbers so you can possibly prevent it in the future. any expert out there will tell you if you don't understand who died, what, when, where and how, there's no way of preventing in the future. that's why those numbers are so important, especially right now because we're in hurricane season and historically september is the month in which puerto rico tends to see some of these stronger storms come along and do some damage, so the timing of this is important to understand how puerto rico can possibly prevent this. one more thing i want to add in terms of timing. the government of puerto rico this morning as i spoke to them, made it a point to say these numbers have been out there before, but these numbers came out a day before the government of puerto rico had to release those numbers after cnn and thi journalism sued them, many of
12:00 pm
those actions have been forced. >> so now we know. layla, thank you. all right, we roll on, i'm brook baldwin, thank you for being with me. here's what i've got for you at the top of the hour, the president's attorney is getting ready for a showdown with the special counsel, robert mueller. rudy giuliani, will decide whether trump will sit down with robert mueller. he says the investigation should be done by september. but dragging it out could offer an up side in november for republicans. when i first got involved, i would have told you not testifying would be the right legal strategy but then hurt politically. now i'm thinking the continuance of investigation would actually help because people