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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  August 15, 2018 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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the wortd. >> a president should not be speaking like this, he made omarosa into a sympathetic figure. >> did trump know about the e-mails? >> yes. >> not true, he didn't know. >> this is not a vendetta against the church. >> credible allegations were found against more than 300 priests. >> a priest would abuse you? this is tgoing to help people. they say there are no guarantees in life, the white house would
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guarantee the president of the united states has never used the n world, but that is not the case. if that doesn't fan the frames, they're says she violated a nondisclosure agreement. >> democrats are embracing diversity. in vermont, democrats are nominating their first transgender candidate for governor. tim pawlenty who was critical of mr. trump is trying to stage a political come back. >> it is the second straight day
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of not having any public events. >> the white house taking on attentio allegations of racism against president trump. sarah sanders unable to deny that the president has ever used the n word. >> i can tell you that i have never heard it. >> you can't guarantee it? >> i have not been in every room with him. >> omarosa says it is not in her book because she heard it after it was written pierson initially conditioning the conversation
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took place. >> that did not happen, it sounds like she is writing a script for a movie. >> asked if he could remember any time it happens, and she says no. >> your viewers, i'm pretty sure, have run into a individual that is the complete epitome of annoying to where you have to give in to get on with your day, omarosa is a bully. >> pat ton saying she never denied the conversation took lace, but she was not confirming in the call that he used the n word. >> there is a lot of times we caulked about it because she was obsessed with it and she brought it up constantly.
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>> i have to be careful because as of today, donald trump is bringing litigation against me to silence me. this comes at the president says on twitter good job to general kelly for quickly firing that dog. >> this has slously nothing to do with race. the president is an equal opportunity person that calls things like he sees it. he always fights fire with fire. >> one republican senate sere responding to the president and pushing back on that controversial tweet. senator jeff flake sending out his own tweet saying this kind of language is unbecoming of a
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president. in the meantime, voters going to the polls in four states. governor scott walker who was ultimately endorsed by president trump is considered one of the more vulnerable high profile candidates. >> and a rough night for him and that untucked shirt there. >> and the first democratic nomination for an openous see for the first somali-american to possibly join congress. and also the first openly transgender candidate for
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governor. >> in the fifth congressional district, hays would become the first black woman to serve in congress. >> there is also a lot to discussion in terms of the white house. cnn political commentator, joe lockhart joining us. it has been 23 hours and i still think it is remarkable. it is remarkable, but i want to know this year, more americans than not, believe the president of the united states was a racist. >> and they have a reason to
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believe it, when we keep questioning it as if it is not born out by the facts, we undermine the facts. he has given decades of interviews, said all manner of things when he was not a politici politician, that is part of the record. we keep having a strange stra e standard. they want us to restart every week, month, and year. they want us to start over even though he has never apologized about anything. the only thing he apologized about was the "access hollywood tape." he says i should not have done that, maybe it is not even me on
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the tape. when you see a person that has done this is, never apologized, never walked away from it, how do you expect me or others not to take that into calculation about his behaviors and run everything he does through that filter. not doing that is a point of insanity. we would be insane if this was a matter of opinion. no it's not, that is deductive reasoning. he is, he is. and people have put that into the books. i think if you found the tape of him using the n word, it might increase his support among his base. this does nothing to them, they believe whole heartedly in this
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approach, and none of these insults to people who look like me hurt them because it is not -- there is not a betrayal of their believe in him, there is not a betrayal in what they want him to do, this is what they want him to do. if you're still supporting him after charlottesville, after haiti, what he said about them, this is what you want from him. this is not a debate, this is who he is, this is what they accepted, this is what they want. >> do you think his support, all 42% are supporting him because of this rather than in spite of it? >> does it matter? that is the question. it if you can burning a blind eye because you don't have quinn in that game, literally. your skin doesn't look like that, that means you're part of
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it, you're come police sit in it. it doesn't mean you have to wake up every day hating someone. people think you have to hate in order to arrange people in a hierarc hierarchy, but you don't, you can just believe it is true. you can simply believe racism and white supremacy produce better outcomes for everyone. if you just follow this an and what he wants to do, you will be better off. that 42% have turned a blind eye and they are chiefing him. they're part of it. there is no separation from me between the person with the racist philosophy and the person
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who supports the person with the racist philosophy. >> and that is a question that is debated regularly. it does happen with other candidates in other ways, but they will say not everyone that supports is president is not a racist. but there is a lot to talk about in that and you make a point that it is something for people to think about. who may not have looked at it that way. your point is can you? >> not all of the germans that stayed silent while you dragged jews into the gas chambers hated jews. they had them, and they didn't say a word. there is no middle ground. you have to take a stand.
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when there is hatred in the world, you have to take a stand. when there is not -- between people are not given everyone a fair chance, you to take a stang. i can take the policy without the poison, you're telling yourself a lie to get something without giving anything. life is about -- you have that option in life. you give something, you stand for something or nothing. and that is the option, and these people are choosing, if you think you're standing for something, and you want what they're doing on criminal justice -- you don't have it that way, that is not an option. that is not what will happen in oat, you're giving in your silence, you're come police sit and your ak --
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>> there are networks that will show that you have a liberal commentator saying you're all racist to fire up the base. it has worked for them in the past, so there is that, and also from the podium, you have sarah sanders yesterday trying to move beyond this. i think trying to move beyond it, but i'm not sure what she was trying to do up there yesterday when she was answering those questions. it is a strange box to get yourself into. making incorrect claims about
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unemployment. he has clearly insulted the intelligence of black people way more than white salespeoppeople. >> i will not try to be more el yent than charles, but they have made every political pr mistake that you can make in the last 72 hours. sarah didn't need to get into what she knew and touching for the president, she could just say that the president denied it and leaves it there. the story could have gone away very quickly because people don't believe omarosa. but trump's inability to not jump in and have a cat fight, a
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dog fight in his words, with anyone who criticizes him, has elevated this now to a major, major problem for them. and then to take the step yesterday to move to a league forum, this is the publishers dream. it now put the president of the united states on equal footing with omarosa. and the idea that -- it has, the message it sends to most americans, maybe not the group that charles was talking about is boy, there must really be something on the tapes and we don't even know if there are tapes, but we will spend the next couple weeks trying to figure out what is on the tapes. they should have ignored it, finding a couple things they could prove was prong. >> it is fascinating on a number
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of levels, that this is where the president's focus is, fighting fire with fire, that he continues to go after omarosa. that we're talking about two people going after one another that have significant issues when it comes to credibility and that there is a discussion of race that is not going anywhere. what we said looking back at the polls, when does this start to matter. as charles was laying out, you know at some point you to take this into account. at what point does all of this really start to resonate with the american public? >> you have to think of the american public as a bifurcatet.
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there is people who, now at this point, believe anything he says and will not be changed and will yell fake news, and say you're playing the race card, and others will view him as fundamentally an important bad break from the way we have thought about president's in the past. there is trump people and not trump people. charles is right. this stuff won't impact them. the reality is that donald trump has praised omarosa repeatedly, he hired her four times. he likes her. he tweeted about it many times before, or he liked her. the fact that he turned on her, and that he talks about her in racialized terms quite purposely will not bother, and for a
4:18 am
decent chunk of his supporters, it will make them happy. i don't know that it will have a massive impact. joe talked about the people who are 23409 in that group, which is that whatever donald trump says they don't want to hear, it is a small group of people who are on the fence-ish. that is who this could impact overtime. after the first 18 months of his presidency, is feels like you may have an apartment on another planet. there are, apparently, according to polling a few people that feel that way. >> thank you for joining us, thank you for sharing your thoughts and heart. appreciate it. >> just ahead, a shocking grand
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a disturbing new report in pennsylvania, more than 1,000 childr children. they are actively protected and covered up. joining us this morning, sean who was abused. the abuse by that priest was in a separate grand jury report released in 2016. thank you for coming in. i know you have been waiting for this report to come out, and now it is finally out there. >> yesterday was the end of a very long journey that started
4:24 am
for me in 2012 when i first gave a statement to the county, district attorney's office in johnstown. i came here, and we had just purchased the property. my mom called and said there was a picture in the paper and the district attorney was asking people for information. i phoned an old friend of mine that i had not spoken to in a long time that gave a shared experience, and we agreed to go back and give a statement. i'm one of nine children. everybody knows dougherty in
4:25 am
johnstown. like the assistant district attorney that was siding next to him. a week after i gave my statement i received a phone call and was told it was being turned over to the state attorney general's office. in 2016 a huge surprise to me, my abuser was in it and my statement was in it. i am at piece, i have gone through, you know, i'm a veteran of the navy. i felt obligated to speak up. it was hard for people to understand that. plus we learned they groomed the entire community into that. i feel that i have fulfilled my
4:26 am
duty yesterday since coming forward. now 350 some priests. and now since i have been public about it for two years i'm standing on the shoulders of many, many before me that unfortunately many are no longer with it -- us. >> what do you feel is the proper recourse. what should happen to these priests, is there such a thing as justice for you? >> sure, justice is -- there is a crime and there must be a punishment. the catholic faith is raised on sin. we're all sinners and we're all due forgiveness.
4:27 am
first you to stop the sin, and to this point, the church has refused to do that. they fought this report to the very last minute, so statutes of limitation reform, legislation. again, i'm a military veteran, i don't understand how an organization has more say and sway in the state that i swore to defend than i do. there is a bill in the house being debated now that could bring justice, plus the retro active window portion of the bill that would give someone like me an opportunity that timed out when i was 15 years old. i had to say something. i wasn't old enough to drive a car but i had to do this at 15, that would give me an opportunity, is being debated. >> is remarkable that there is a
4:28 am
question in some ways, that there is a question that there should be -- >> that is the power and control side. >> in terms of power and control, there is power and control in the vatican. and they said in terms of a comment on the grand jury report, they're comment right now is no comment. what should pope francis do in this situation, and he received mixed reports on how he has handled allegations of abuse by priests in the past, what can you do in your eyes? >> i'm a business owner, this is an opportunity for me, i was in harrisburg yesterday. we are trying to push this legislation through. i'm exhausted. yesterday was a trying day, i have to work tonight, and i got in the car and drove from harrisburg to here for the spot, the pope should have landed in pittsburgh or harrisburg or
4:29 am
philadelphia by the time i touched back here in long island city last night. he hasn't. bishop gainer from harrisburg just came forward, 71 names, she so sorry, it is all about the victims, he didn't say he is the head of the pennsylvania catholic conference of bishops, which is paying the lobbying effort against the victims for the statute of limitations. so he is saying he is working with the attorney general's office while simultaneously fighting the recommendations that the grand jury just put forth yesterday. >> if you could speak to the pope at this point, what would you say directly? >> you have a serious public relations problem. from a business end. i mean -- >> what about from the moral end? >> what am guying -- i going to
4:30 am
tell a pope, they're supposed to tell me morality. what do you tell an institution that teaches morality but has none? what am i supposed to say to them, i have to deal with them and the way they treat their organization. they're not treating it as a moral, faith based organization. so as a business, i own a business, i can give them aud vice on that. you have horrible public relations problems and they understand money. because when a priest embezzles, they prosecute them to the full essset extent of the law. when you rape a child, you get transferred to a new flock of kids. money has been their presser
4:31 am
their whole time in my opinion. so this, right now, is a public relations problem for his business. he is the ceo of that business. >> sean, thank you, thank you for coming in this morning, thank you for speaking up for so many. >> thank you for having me, i really appreciate it. the first transjagender nominee for a governor's office. alright, i brought in new max protein give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. i'll take that. [cheers] 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. new ensure max protein. in two great flavors. bundle and save big,
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christy history made in vermont. christine hallquist was nominated and she will fate paul scott. this is history. you had a night, a chance to sleep and reflect on it all, what do r you see as the cig chance? >> we were working hard every day and i didn't think about
4:36 am
what it would look like to win, but it is starting to sink in, the historic significance of this nationwide. vermont has office been a very loving and welcoming state, but i was definitely proud and honored to be making his tire for the nation. >> it is interesting, no, as historic has it is that this is not really the reason you jumped into the race. you were not jumping in getting in to make history, were you? >> not at all. it is -- in fact that doesn't even necessarily occur to me or many vermonters. i'm in here because of what happened in 2016. in the world of physics we say for every action there is an on sit and opposing reaction. i'm definitely a reaction to
4:37 am
2016. >> my understand fmeeting overnougt ove overnight is that you voted for paul scott. >> i'm reacting with surprise that our governor is using the same tactics of the nationist party. i was kind of naive. in 2017 i was in denial because i didn't think it could happen, but i look at what our governor has been doing, focusing on fear and division, and going after our public education system. >> one of the things he has done, and the reason he has run into problems recently is sign some gun control measures. his popularity has dropped among his own party for some of the active measures he has taken on guns. >> yes, and i commend him on his
4:38 am
courage for signing that bill. i don't think that the governor and i differ too much in terms of our view on gun control and gun safesafety. >> the major issue driving your candidacy is what then? >> it is rural economic development. if you look at rural vermont, it is the same thing that happened in rural america. an ageing demographic and we can change that. it is about economic growth for the bottom 20% on the economic ladder. >> i'm glad you said that, becomes and democratic leaning voters were asked about their view of capitalism and socialism. and for the first time more democrats viewed socialism fa r
4:39 am
favorably than capitalism. >> i'm not big on labels, i find labels are used to separate people. i look at the platform of a living wage for all, that is called civilized society. i don't know how that became republican or democrat, let's be a civilized society. >> do you support capitalism? >> the history of increasing ourselves by gross domestic product is a flawed measure, it encouraging consumption, and we see what consumption is doing to our world. >> so i know you don't like labels, and it didn't ask people to choose between capitalism and socialism, but when faced with the two of them, you look more
4:40 am
favorable on the ideas behind socialism. >> yes, and i'm not sure i even know what socialism is. i don't have the background to answer that question. >> so going back to the beginning here which is this morning you sit her having made history as the first transgender candid of a major party. some of it are looking at it as the rainbow wave. lbgt candidates around the country having more success than in the past. what do you attribute that to? >> i attribute that -- if you look at the number of women that have jumped in it is incredible as well. i'm going back to the fact that we're all reacting to 2016. i hope our children and children's children will look at 2018 and say that is when we made history and we can be proud of our democracy because it will have survived.
4:41 am
i think we all have to rise up and get involved. our democracy is threatened. >> thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> she is the target of republican attacks on the campaign trail, will democrats have nancy pelosi's back if they win the house? win the house? a reality check is next.
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nancy pelosi, if you think she is frustrated who is looking to take back the gavel, you're right. john avlon joins us now. >> democrats have their own growing divisions and lately nancy pelosi is sounding a little trumpian. nbc released a story on 50 democrats running for office that don't want to see her be speaker again. >> i know they have been on a priority to undermine by prospects as speaker. that is the at least important question of all, with all due respect. >> pelosi who ran for speaker nine times and held the gavel
4:46 am
for two terms says critics hate her because they're sexist, ageist, or scared of her political skill. that doesn't explain away her unfavor ability among democrats. pelosi also rejects the notion that the party needs new blood. more than 40 of the 51 democrats opposing pelosi are party nominees. a rising generation of democrats at the center or left of their party but they don't see her as an asset. take rashtalib. >> will you vote for nancy
4:47 am
pelosi? >> probably not. >> ashe is the leader of -- she is speaker, leader pelosi, we'll see, she is the current leader of the party, i think the party has it's leadership in the house, we have our leadership in the senate as well. >> not exactly a ringing endorsement from the new guard. and all of this has republicans sensing weakness, of course president trump could not resit piling on. he said democrats, please do not distance yourselves from nancy pelosi. republicans brought against san francisco democrats since 1984 when pay area democrats, but
4:48 am
pelosi is a bay area democrat. is a lot of the progressive democrats running to the left? something that pelosi doesn't necessarily embrace? definitely. on the switch side, they see pelosi as a viability in their effort. but one thing that pelosi can't blame for her troubles? the media. that is your reality check. >> also one of the few people left in washington that can count votes. that is the very thing you need to be able to do as party leaders. it is also undeniable she is being used in these elections against democrats and to some extent is is working. >> it is evidence in campaign ad after campaign ad, but she can count the votes and raise the money. a mother and her son reunited after being apart for
4:49 am
more than three months because of the trump administration's zero tolerance policy. you see him hugging his mother, elsa. michael avenatti was granted temporary custody of the boy and travelled with him for the reunion. nearly 400 children are still in federal custody after their parents were deported. >> glad they are reunited. what a story. millions of people on wednesday had their information exposed online. but the state is insisting the voting system is secure. unlimited ways to be you. unlimited ways share with others. unlimited ways to live for the moment. all for as low as 30 bucks a line. unlimited for you. for them. for all. get unlimited for as low at 30 bucks per line
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good morning mrs. jonhson. benefiber. trust your gut. new concerns about election security after the records of 6 million georgia voters were breached on line. despite that, they insist the voting system is secure. it should be noted, kemp happens
4:54 am
to be running for governor. drew griffin has more. >> reporter: right around the same time russians were trying to penetrate state voting systems in the summer of 2016, cyber security expert and part time hacker logan lamb decided to check out how georgia's centralized voting system was holding up. he found an open window. >> there were documents with election day supervisor passwords, a voter registration database with 6.3 million records of all of georgia's voters. >> reporter: including full names, dates of birth, even driver's license and partial social security numbers all wide open to anyone snooping around. now we know during this same time russians were snooping around, according to the justice department's special counsel investigation that included snooping around web sites of certain counties in georgia to
4:55 am
e identify vulnerabilities. lamb didn't kn lamb called georgia's center for elections systems run out of this house on the campus of kennesaw state university to tell them. six months later, everything was still unprotected. >> everything was still available. what does that tell you about the secure election of the state of georgia? >> ga's election systems should not be trusted. >> reporter: eventually kennesaw state closed the loophole. a lawsuit was filed challenging the security of georgia's elections. then shockingly evidence of what took place vanished. i.t. workers wiped the election system's computer hard drives clean, deleting any potential evidence of tampering. >> i blow up government spending. >> reporter: the person in charge of georgia's elections is
4:56 am
georgia's secretary of state brian kemp. he is the trump-styled republican now running for governor and the voting mess under his watch has turned into a mild campaign issue. kemp's office says the secretary of state had no idea georgia's voter information system was so vulnerable to attack until months after logan lamb's warning. kemp blamed ke in,nesaw state's center for election systems for the entire debacle, ended the state's long-running contract with the center and shut it down. on facebook, he called the actions of the election center exployies reckless, inexcusable and showing undeniable ineptitude. then he hired the director to work with him at the secretary of state's office. and to assure everyone this didn't mean anything, he posted georgia's elections are safe and our systems remain secure. how could he possibly say that? >> he cannot possibly say that with a straight face. >> reporter: marilyn marks, a self-funded advocate for
4:57 am
improving election integrity is part of a group that has sued georgia. she says the state system is easily penetrable and if the system is hacked or infected with malware, there would be no way for georgia to double check the votes. in part, she wants a paper ballot backup for the upcoming midterm elections. the state says no. >> when told that, hey, you've been exposed to bad guys, you've been exposed to viruses, you've been exposed to every known bad thing that could happen to an election system they just say "okay. next election." >> reporter: that pretty much sums up when georgia's secretary of state is saying, "we'll take care of this in 2020" after he becomes the next governor. the georgia secretary of state's office says it's too late to switch to another system of voting saying it would lead to voter confusion and possibly suppress the vote and in trump-like style, brian kemp is blaming the press for overhyping
4:58 am
georgia's voting problems, saying any report like the one you just saw is fake news. drew griffin, cnn, washington. >> drew griffin, a sis tudistur report. something to think about. we're following a lot of news this morning. let's get to it. >> omarosa is an actress playing us all. >> had i heard it while i was working in the white house i would have left immediately. >> the president is racist. we don't need to have the tape to know that. >> he's told me he never said this word, i take him at his word. >> the president repeatedly targeted people of color and women. >> this has absolutely nothing to do with race. the fact is the president's an equal opportunity person that calls things like he sees it. >> the day i met him i was around 18 months old. the largest report of child sexual abuse within the catholic church. >> they target med because i was
4:59 am
fatherless. >> he abused it and the church covered it up. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. welcome to "new day," it's wednesday, august 15, 8:00 in the east. alisyn is off, erica hill joins me this morning. if you want a direct answer from the white house on whether president trump ever used the "n" word or whether there could be a recording of it, you're out of luck. press secretary sarah sanders says she can't guarantee it. >> can you stand at the podium and guarantee the american people they'll never hear donald trump utter the "n" word in any recording? >> i can't guarantee anything but i can tell you that the president addressed this question directly. i can tell you that i've never heard it. >> reporter: just to be clear, you can't guarantee it? >> i haven't been in every single room. >> there you go. that's the response just hours after the president called his former aide omarosa
5:00 am
manigault-newman a dog. sarah sanders says that isn't racist. why? because the president, as you heard, is an equal opportunity person. the trump white house taking legal action against omarosa saying she violated a 2016 confidentiality while working for the campaign. omarosa shooting down claims saying she doesn't believe she violated it at all. joining us, maggie haberman, the white house correspondent for the "new york times." joining us now is maggie haberman. the trump campaign calls this a warning shot but also somewhat therapeutic for the president. >> right. this is a president, i think it's important for everybody to remember when they look at how he handles himself in the white house, he was incredibly litigious over many decades as a real estate developer and private citizen. he liked deploying lawyers against his rival business partners w


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