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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  August 20, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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probably the only reason she survived after ten hours to be in a croatian sea and maybe the seas warm. she doesn't have any, any frozen parts of her body. >> incredible. ten hours. bianca, thank you. i'm brooke baldwin. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. thanks, brooke. first lady melania trump says kids know more than grown-ups than the perils of social media. president trump raging and rattled after learning that the white house counsel talked to robert mueller's team for 30 hours and no one in the west wing is quite sure what he said. he cooperated with prosecutors to expose watergate but to president trump that means he's a, quote, rat. nixon white house lawyer john dean here to respond. plus, well, this was
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awkward. just moments ago, president trump introduced a hero border patrol agent by saying this. >> come here. you're not nervous, are you? speaks perfect english. >> yes. he speaks perfect english. wait, what? good afternoon, everyone. i'm jake tapper. we begin with the politics lead. president trump lashing out on twitter as the lawyer spins an alternate reality. a jury is in its third day of deliberations in the trial of former trump campaign chairman paul manafort in the case brought by robert mueller. michael cohen could be facing criminal charges any day now sources tell cnn. for months if not years the president offering a view of what can be called a different reality. you'll recall he and the inner circle denied any contact with
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russians. they said that contact fine and perfectly legal. whether you call it orwellian or upside down, this is a place where facts are not facts and the president's lawyer rudy giuliani just offered the latest iteration of this yesterday speaking of president trump to talk to special counsel mueller. >> when you tell me that, you know, he should testify because he's going to tell the truth and he shouldn't worry, that's so silly. it's somebody's version of the truth, not truth. he didn't have a conversation -- >> truth is truth. i don't mean to go like -- >> no, it isn't truth. truth isn't truth. >> truth isn't truth. a statement made by president trump's lawyer rudy giuliani. likely saying that the version of the truth by james comey that would likely be believed by the special counsel doesn't square with the president's version. the truth as the special counsel sees it is not so. that's what he was trying to say and not what he said. he said truth isn't truth. which would be more shocking if this had been the first time we
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heard something like it. >> our press secretary gave altertive facts. >> over time, facts develop. >> statements like this pop out when all the president's men and all the president's women try to explain and justify why president trump is not tethered to facts. the same president who according to "the washington post" averages more than seven false or misleading claims every day. >> just stick with us. don't believe the crap you see from these people. the fake news. just remember, what you're seeing and what you're reading is not what's happening. >> now, what the president's seeing and reading which is happening has led to him launching more attacks against robert mueller whom the president today called disgraced and discredited and an escalation of rhetoric after the white house counsel cooperating with bob mueller and the president's personal legal team
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doesn't know everything that mcgahn has shared according to a source telling cnn. cnn white house correspondent kaitlan collins picks up our coverage. >> reporter: president trump rattled today after learning that white house counsel mcgahn spoke with investigators from the special counsel's office for more than 30 hours and never provided a full readout of what he told them. trump attempting to downplay the revelation on twitter noting he approved the sit down as he lashed out at robert mueller for questioning mcgahn for so long. writing, anybody needing that much time when they know there is no russian collusion is just someone looking for trouble. sources tell cnn, trump wasn't aware of just how long mcgahn's interviews lasted until "the new york times" published a report this weekend detailing the extensive cooperation. while publicly blaming mueller, trump privately complaining to allies that the report made him look weak. mcgahn is at the center of
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several incidents mueller is examining including trump's attempt to fire the special counsel last summer. trump has often blurred the line on what mcgahn's role is. believing at times that he's representing him when really he's representing the presidency. asked today if the meetings were a mistake, mcgahn staying silent. >> mr. mcgahn, was it a speak to have you speak without limits to special counsel muler? >> reporter: the president's agitation growing as the legal team scrambles to figure out what he said. rudy giuliani admitting he's relying on the former attorney john dowd told him. >> i'll use his words rather than mine. mcgahn was a strong witness for the president. i don't need to know much more about that. >> reporter: dowd resigned from the legal team five months ago. chris christie blasting the decision to allow mcgahn to sit down with the special counsel voluntarily. >> this shows what a sea level
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legal team the president had in cobb and dowd. once you waive that privilege and turn over the documents, don mcgahn has no choice but to go in and answer everything. every question they can ask him. this is not in the president's interest. >> reporter: jake, in light of the new reporting from about don mcgahn, the white house is trying to portray the relationship with the president ironclad and the truth is it is tortured than athat and two months without seeing each other face to face and since there's an opening on the supreme court, we are seeing with statement saying they have a great relationship, a statement we're told president trump dictated to sarah sanders for reporters and see the white house trying to get on top of this narrative. >> we also know that not everything this white house says is accurate. let's talk about wit the experts here. let's start with you. i want to read a key question of "the new york times" reporting.
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mcmcgahn and the lawyer could not allow why the president was so willing to law him to speak freely to the special counsel and feared he was setting up mcgahn. that's stunning and undermines the idea it's being done in partnership with president trump. >> well, as a former prosecutor from the southern district and a 28-year white collar criminal defense lawyer, it is beyond stunning. it is unbelievable. it is fundamentally just wrong. i could see the set-up ala dean of the nixon years but the reality is going in and you don't exercise privilege you are stuck with waving the privilege. when's more unbelievable is that the lawyers and mcgahn have not shared, if that story is correct, have not shared with white house counsel private counsel and others what questions were asked, what documents were produced and what were they talking about because mcgahn is even more important than cohen in the sense that
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mcgahn can give context, timing, thoughts, writings, musings of donald trump. he could give corruptible intent, the only reason why the mueller wants to interview the president. mcgahn has the insight and the -- and as general counsel, he has those insights. that's powerful. i'm not sure anyone, donald trump or the lawyers, want him in there sharing that. >> amanda, if the president is nonchalant about this, he wouldn't have spent a few days on twitter attacking bob mueller, attacking the investigators as angry thugs. i mean, that doesn't sound like somebody copacetic with that. >> no. you have to wonder if they're way in over their head. "wall street journal" wants to give trump credit for waiving executive privilege for mcgahn but why is there not someone keeping tabs on him and asking for the debriefing? that's confused to me. this idea of executive privilege, not like it came out of nowhere. jeff sessions going to the hill,
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he was preeffortively invoking executive privilege for the firing of james comey. i won't talk about it and let mcgahn go freely? that's mind boggling. >> perry, last june 2017, yeah, 2017, when "the new york times" reported that mcgahn received an order to fire mueller and he suggested he would quit before that. >> particularly that moment, talking about obstruction of justice initially, this firing of comey has a lot to do potentially with what happened afterward and he's an important witness. we should emphasize we have no idea what he said. he could have been favor to believe the president. we don't know. that's one of my concerns is where did it come from? was it leaked by mcgahn's allies on some level and what he testified we don't know the answer to. >> we're told that mcgahn's attorney is saying that the white house is fine with this.
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and he didn't say anything that would incriminate the president but the truth of the matter is none of us, everybody at this table and president trump, none of us has any idea. >> yeah. that's what they're hoping. they could have learned a lot of things they would not have learned if they did not sit down with him for 30 hours, an incredibly long period of time for the white house counsel to sit down with him saying we're not worried about what he said, sure that he was there as a good witness for the president. that's what they're saying but rudy giuliani is saying that he only has secondhand information of what he said. he is getting it from john dowd, the former attorney that left five months ago and don't have a read on what he said and he was there for the key events like perry was saying and scrambling since it came out and the new reporting shows that the president is bothered by the notion he doesn't know what mcgahn told them and no one said, every question, what did they say to you? here's the detail. >> of course, the white house denies it but as we also know and come to learn this white
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house or president trump operates in his own version of reality and the people around him try to share that version of reality or justify it. let's turn to rudy giuliani talking about truth and facts just the latest version of all the president's spin. >> i don't know if they knew she was rush an at the time. a woman with a russian name wanted to meet with them. they didn't know she was a representative of the russian government. >> that's rudy giuliani saying that they didn't even know that she was russian at the time. but giuliani says that -- we know it's not accurate because be from the e-mails of donald trump jr. it's simply not true. i mean, she is identified as a russian lawyer. >> completely not true. they say on behalf of the russian government's efforts to help president trump. that is in the e-mail laid out. we all read the e-mail. we saw it ourselves. but this is another instance of rudy giuliani trying to shape the narrative, trying to change what their perception of it is swaying the public opinion of what really happened so we are seeing them muddy the facts here and changing things we know
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aren't true into saying it's something different. >> i think there's a valid question coming to rudy giuliani. is he lying straight up? or, is he just not bothering to learn the case? look at the e-mails sent and he says, on national television, this was a meeting to get dirt on hillary clinton. i wish someone would show him the e-mails. have you never read this information or are you lying? >> it's not a crime to lie to the american people or the press. could this be used by bob mueller to prove nefarious intent? >> persuasive evidence, absolutely. stack it against the other side. here's the case with rudolph giuliani. he's not read the case or the documents but not preparing for legal defense but for a political attack back on the mueller report because they know that they can only go to the house and senate. that's shortsighted for this reason. the midterms are coming up. if the house goes to the democrats and senate goes to the democrats everything changes and i mean legally, politically, everything changes.
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whether he gets impeached for not. they have a political response and they can lie all they want. but the reality is, if politics change and those houses change, then you could be looking at impeachment or beyond. >> all right. everyone, stick around. he's the man whose watergate testimony helped bring down president nixon. >> i began by telling the president that there was a cancer growing on the presidency. >> now, president trump is calling him a rat. john dean joins us do respond next. then, president trump's former fixer could be facing criminal charges any day. could this spell trouble for the president? stay with us. got directions to the nightclub here. and if you get lost, just hit me on the old horn. man: tom's my best friend, but ever since he bought a new house... tom: it's a $10 cover? oh, okay. didn't see that on the website. he's been acting more and more like his dad. come on, guys! jump in! the water's fine! tom pritchard.
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house counsel john dean in 1973 after initially participating in the watergate scandal, the cooperation of investigators ultimately helped to expose it. four decades later, the man that has the former dean job white house counsel don mcgahn cooperated and in a report he said he was determined to avoid the fate of john dean who pleaded guilty. and the watergate scandal. to this, president trump took to twitter denied that mcgahn was a john dean-type of rat. your reaction to president trump insisting that mcgahn was not a rat like you were. >> i'm not surprised. he thrives on insulting people. this was typical trump. he also evidences he doesn't really understand what happened back then. >> how do you see your role? i mean, obviously you don't see
1:19 pm
yourself as a rat. >> well, what i did -- i tried to internally end the cover-up as the tapes would later show. and when i failed at that, i advised the president that i was going to hire a lawyer and i was going to go see the prosecutors and stop the cover-up. so they were very aware of the fact i was going to do that. in fact, their tapes were saying the smartest thing dean can do is go down and appear to cooperate with the prosecutors. he didn't realize i was going to tell the truth. >> that's the other thing is that i have seen a lot of historians on social media noting that it's unusual that president trump believes that you are the villain of the watergate story, at least based on that tweet. >> exactly. i didn't snitch. i advised them what i was going to do. i do that to encourage them to do likewise, we had to end the cover-up, it was going to be a cancer on the presidency. i had told the president that.
1:20 pm
so, i failed. the cover-up would go on. nixon would, of course, fire my pro superiors and myself as he tried to accomplish the impossible which was to get through what he'd done. >> mcgahn was not on the campaign and presumably mueller is seeking information not about russia but about potential obstruction of justice charges and he might be in a position to know a lot being the white house counsel. >> i think he is in a position. that's -- when i responded to trump's tweet, i said that he clearly didn't understand what was going on. that this is an invaluable witness. he's a realtime witness. you can't -- you can infer from that article that he might have been actually testifying at very shortly after the events when they were fresh in his memory, he had knowledge of them. he had been asked to do things that were not proper. he knew why he was being asked. he resisted.
1:21 pm
so this is -- this is pretty important testimony and it's taken trump 48 hours almost to understand what's going on here. >> the president said he allowed mcgahn to speak with the mueller team and it's true that the initial legal team let it happen but as somebody who knows how this type of thing works, does three days and 30-plus hours worth of conversation sound like a reason that the president maybe shouldn't be so nonchalant? >> i think that's a lot of testimony. that's a lot of visiting and that's just the bottom of what they know. it could well have been much more than that. it was appears to have been ongoing. so i think trump has got a real problem here. and i'm not sure how he's going to handle it. >> a source told mcgahn did not provide incriminating information against the president. obviously we have no idea what he said. do you believe that? >> well, you know, what's incriminating? it's incriminating sometimes just to provide a timeline which he was in a position to do.
1:22 pm
it could be incriminating to explain what was happening that didn't appear to be wrongdoing but when you put in it a larger picture it completes parts of a puzzle that the prosecutors couldn't get elsewhere. so, you know, i don't think we ought to pre-judge what he did or did not do until we know what that is. >> and a source said mcgahn's attorney did not give trump's legal team a full account of what mcgahn did tell the special counsel and told the white house never asked. does that seem fishy that the legal team doesn't want to snow or plausible deniability? >> i think they were out-lawyered by mcgahn's lawyer. who's a very savvy criminal defense lawyer, knew what he was doing. wasn't going to put his client in jeopardy with his colleagues. and they just did what they had to do. they answered the questins honestly and i think they probably caused the trump white
1:23 pm
house a lot of trouble. >> one other story related to trump but not related to mueller. you confirmed that you have been talking to michael cohen's attorney lanny davis. cnn learned cohen could face bank fraud charges soon. do you get the sense that cohen could be close to telling his truth to prosecutors and making a deal, causing some trouble for president trump? >> well, i have never talked to cohen himself, only lanny davis, who i have known for years and he was just been probing me on how watergate unfolded. looking for factual information, not for legal advice for anything of that nature. rather, just to understand that history and the parallels that exist with my situation and potentially exist with his client. >> he should pick up a copy of your book "blind ambition." john dean in the nixon administration, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, jake. president trump invites a border patrol agent to the microphone but only after it's made clear that the agent speaks
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1:29 pm
so -- how did you -- come here. you're not nervous. right? speaks perfect english. come here. i want to ask you about that. >> speaks perfect english. perry, this seems like the kind of thing that is an unnecessary thing to say. >> trying to insult her. he's trying to praise this person. he can't figure out a way not to say something that's vaguely racist. two thirds of the latino population in america was born in the united states. i assume more than 62% speaking english and the idea any time you see someone is latino to announce they speak english well is distressing and not learning anything. >> amanda? >> it's obviously offensive and a day when trump says something offensive and doesn't put the white house in a legal jeopardy is -- >> judging the standard. >> silver lining here, jake. >> silver linings. interesting. days away, charges being filed against president trump's former lawyer michael cohen.
1:30 pm
we're anticipating. cohen's sending every signal to the special counsel that he's prepared to share information and potentially flip on president trump if he could get a deal. cnn is following every detail of this case. >> mr. cohen, how are you doing today? >> great. yourself? >> reporter: preparing federal charges against michael cohen, president trump's former fixer an the charges could come in the next ten days. cohen spotted in the lobby of the lawyer's office hours after "the new york times" broke the story of looking at $20 million in loans stemming from cohen's taxi business. >> when you're talking about anything over a million, it's significant. and you're definitely looking at jail time. >> i look forward to giving all the information. >> reporter: cohen's under a microscope by federal prosecutors ever since the fbi raided hi home, hotel room and office in april. it's not just possibly lying about loans for his taxi business. investigators are also looking at cohen's involvement in the
1:31 pm
stormy daniels payout. just weeks before the 2016 election, cohen arranged a $130,000 hush money payment to the porn star who allegedly had an affair with the president. >> the one most dangerous for the president is actually the campaign finance issue because that can lead to the president's knowledge or direction of cohen to do this. >> reporter: cohen signaled he would be willing to talk to prosecutors to protect himself and his family. quote, my wife, my daughter and my son have my first loyalty and always will. i put family and country first. the shift in tone from the man that once said he'd take a bullet for the president heightening tensions of trump and cohen. the president's lawyers continue to fire back. >> the guy is unethical. he is a scumbag. a horrible person. >> reporter: but as of now, what cohen can offer investigators is
1:32 pm
unclear. sources tell cnn the southern district of new york is keenly aware that midterms are approaching. we could see the indictment or perhaps a plea deal soon because prosecutors don't want the decision to influence politics, jake. also possible the sdny wants to wait until after the november election to make their move. jake? >> bryn, thank you. first of all, let's just ask you as somebody who's worked for or tasked out from the southern new york's d.a. office, do you think it's in their nature to wait until after the midterm elections or do you think they'll do it in a few days before labor day? >> despite the doj manual, it really covers specifically candidates, not affecting political outcomes. the president is not up for re-election. the midterms may affect it. but this is really discretionary on the decision makers' part. what michael cohen is trying to do now, though, now that this is leaked out, that he wants a deal. look for a deal in the next 15 to 20 days.
1:33 pm
because if he can deliver trump to the feds, then he's going to get a deal on this 20 or 30 million of loans that may have been inflated and may have been misleading to the banks and what have you. that's really what this is about, credibility is at issue. but that's why he released the tapes, why he said that trump knew about the russian meeting beforehand. because he's showing the feds he's willing to share without a deal on the table. look for that deal, whatever he gets for them to say i shared even without a deal, that adds to my credibility. >> speaking of tapes, let's go back a few days to when cnn got a copy of the secret trump/cohen tape. >> so i'm all over that. and i spoke to alan about it. coming time for the financing, which will be -- >> what financing? >> well, i have to pay -- >> pay cash. >> no, no, no, no. i got -- no, no, no. >> now, it was after that that the trump team -- trump team
1:34 pm
sending negative signals to begin with and then after that they went nuclear. was that smart do you think? >> we can see why they were so angry. president trump is so angry about the michael cohen stuff all along ever since april when they first raided his house, office and hotel and because of things like michael cohen is saying lately that the president knew about that meeting with russian officials beforehand and that michael cohen would be willing to tell that to this special counsel robert mueller. the white house is really struggling with how to control this, what to say about the cohen/trump relationship and trump himself is so angry about this, angrier than the special counsel himself and that investigation knowing that he and cohen have a relationship that goes back so long and cohen knows a lot about the president and about his family, about his business dealings and such. a and that's why we saw the anger from them and michael cohen signaling willing to testify against the president and putting the family first and it's clear they're sending signals here and why we have seen president trump so angry when people asked about michael
1:35 pm
cohen. i and other reporters have done and whether to pardon him. >> some of the issues here is how much michael cohen is involved in paying off women with whom president trump has allegedly had an affair. >> right. >> not during his presidency. but during the time he was married to melania. >> payoff is campaign finance violation potentially. when's cohen know about k0 2016 russia? he knows potentially to me collusion. seems to me cohen and mcgahn hugely important people and the fact we learn that maybe both of them to talk and maybe have talked is hugely threatening to the president because they know all the details. they worked with him during the campaign, at the white house, in important decisions he made and potentially illegal things he did. >> and, you know, these are close associates and it does seem like when it comes to mcgahn, cohen, coming to other people, the walls are closing in. i can understand why president
1:36 pm
trump would feel stressed. >> what's interesting to me are the different paths that michael cohen and paul manafort are staking out. paul manafort essentially seems to be rolling the dice, waiting for a pardon. didn't mount a defense to 18 counts in virginia court. going to did d.a. court on additional counts after this suit concludes but michael cohen on the other hand as soon as they raided his office seemed to say, hey, i have information. i need a deal which is strange considering that michael cohen seems much closer to the president than paul manafort. >> yeah. although -- >> not going to go down for the president. >> yeah. >> that's the biggest difference. >> but also, michael cohen has been cast aside more by the president and the team than manafort. they haven't really said anything negative publicly about manafort. they have kind of distanced themselves and lied about how big a role he played on the campaign. you heard rudy giuliani in the piece earlier calling michael cohen a scumbag on national tv. >> called him a very credible person two or three weeks before the tapes came out.
1:37 pm
that's another hypocrisy. michael cohen decided to be for michael cohen. lanny davis is his lawyer. that's a purposeful decision. not to send a message but lanny davis is a well-known democratic fund-raiser and a democratic lawyer. since hired lanny davis, he's taken an independent approach as they begin these negotiations. there will be a proffer and lanny is going to proffer what michael cohen knows. the reason michael cohen wants to cooperate right away once they raided their office, the best of trump but he knows the worst of trump. >> that's the other thing. combine it with omarosa manigault-newman also taping the president and has tapes. what kind of people is president trump surrounding himself? >> all the people that president trump is willing to surround himself with, michael cohen never known as the stellar attorney that everyone had to have. it was president trump who hired him and a lot of people didn't know why and didn't understand the relationship and president trump also -- wasn't the coziest
1:38 pm
relationship you have ever seen and president trump quite cruel to him in some cases and seeing the power dynamic changed. the same with omarosa. something he himself admitted why he kept her around. but then it's also paul manafort is someone the president chose to surround himself with. these are all crisis -- the president has made for himself because he hired these people. he kept them around and now these are people turning on the president. >> can't be true. he only hires the best people. i'd like to remind you about that. >> he was never warned about these people either by anyone. >> you need to think about qula you said. president trump daring a former cia director to sue him over stripping the security clearance. stay with us. hopes you drive safely.
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president trump responding furiously to former cia director john brennan's threat to take legal action after the security clearance was revoked. president trump tweeting, quote, i hope john brennan brings a lawsuit. it will then be very easy to get the records, texts and e-mails to show the poor job he did and how he was involved with the mueller rigged witch hunt. he won't sue. and rudy giuliani egged him on tweeting, to john brennan, president trump granted the request. sekulow and me, to handle your case after threatening it if you don't like it just like obama's red lines. come on, john. you are not a blowhard? brennan was backed up by former 75 officials in a new letter to the president also objecting to brennan being fired.
1:44 pm
so, perry, why is the president sending this message of bring it on to john brennan? does he really mean it? >> i think he does. if they depose brennan, he would have to say something in a lawsuit and talk about things, brennan doesn't want to talk about. this is among the more authoritarian things trump has done. the idea of attacking someone this way, you know, trying to -- security clearance and now giuliani pile on. this has been heinous. this is one of more aggressive behaviors they have done and see the reaction of that where you have seen people senior in the military generally don't get in politics being like, this is the line that's way too far that's crossed but trump is not backing down and a better fight whether you use the n-word i guess if that's how he's trying to change the subject. >> he brought it out as an issue to distract from omarosa. they seem to like john brennan
1:45 pm
as a foil and as a crazy left winger. >> it raises the question of how the white house moves going forward revoking anyone else's clearance. what will they say? with john brennan they point to television, most notingly after the summit with vladimir putin nothing short of treasonous but others didn't say anything that vocally critical of the president. so that's raising the question of what to say going forward to justify it, revoking other clearances and on friday the president said bruce ohr is next. it's unsure if they're serious of revoking the clearances and the president making clear not about national security but a personal fight he is having with john brennan and more than happy than to use the presidential powers. >> does brennan have the legal case? >> he certainly has the discretion but he can't violate
1:46 pm
the constitution or the rights of anyone. vis-a-vis a security clearance. there's 14 requirements for a security clearance. right? okay. brennan and none of the other 14 or 16 on the list violated those. this is not tested in court. here's what the lawsuit would look like. if he brings the lawsuit, whatever they have on john brennan, they get on donald trump. and all of his businesses. it works both ways. so this is really false bravado. the lawsuit would say you v violated the first amendment rights because you took the security clearance base and the political disagreement an you don't have the right to pull a license based on the public rhetoric or the first amendment. secondly, i did nothing to disqualify myself for security concerns in order to pull my license. and they would ask the federal judge perhaps here in d.c. to either restrain the -- restrain the white house from taking his license, right?
1:47 pm
or to give him the license back based on the first amendment as well as the federal regs to bar -- what i would argue bars it. >> amanda, part of the letter, more than 175 former government officials signed disagreeing with the president's decision to revoke brennan's security clearance. former government officials have the right to express their unclassified views on what they see as critical national security issues without fear of being punished for doing so. retired general michael flynn with clearance in 2016 criticizing president obama and really harshly criticizing secretary of state hillary clinton and president obama did not revoke his security clearance. how does this letter strike you? >> well, when president trump was threatening to take away brennan's security clearance rye ranking republicans like paul ryan dismissed it as trolling and this is provoking among the
1:48 pm
security community, listen, republicans have a problem with brennan but what about the hundreds of other people telling the president i will not serve you and give you my expertise, take away the clearance if you continue to strike out at us this way. this is making america less safe. people have to stop dismissing it as trolling. going along with it because you think it's kind of funny. because these people are saying we will not serve you anymore. that's a huge problem not for trump or republicans but for america. >> for america. and, kaitlan, i asked former cia director general michael hayden if the attacks president trump has been making against these intelligence and national security officials has destroyed the president's relationship with the national security community, what he said was striking. take a listen. >> it's interesting, close to being broken and badly injured and has to be harder and harder each day as the administration takes these kind of actions. >> i mean, that's rough. he obviously, general hayden, who worked at the nsa, the cia, has a lot of friends still in
1:49 pm
government. he didn't say to us what any of the things they had said but he's reflecting the concern of people who are in government right now trying to keep us safe. we might disagree with what they do and say sometimes but they work for president trump. >> and how does president trump recover a relationship like this with the national security community? likely he can't after he's done things like this. these people are people who could easily be in john brennan's position one day and they don't want this retribution back at them and so unusual. it's really hard to understate how unusual it is they're making this public statement of the president. we never see this from people of this -- in this position. certainly not cia directors and we have a collective group of them coming together signing a statement rebuking what president trump is doing. that is so incredibly unusual to have them come together. these are people who had the world's secrets, typically very quiet. they do not make a public criticism of the president but the fact they're so concerned about what president trump is doing, that they're all getting
1:50 pm
together to put this out is not just to be showy or to do whatever. they're sending a warning signal they're concerned about what's happening. >> all right. everyone, stick around. they live under the same roof. but i'm starting to wonder if they see eye to eye. failure look like? it looks like this. entresto is a heart failure pill that helped keep people alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. ♪ the beat goes on. yeah! timeit should be measuredsured byby how long steak & lobster is back at outback. back by popular demand, steak & lobster starting at $15.99! and limited, so hurry in today. outback steakhouse. aussie rules.
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there the air? fly, eagles, fly. not the super bowl champions. the band the eagles they have the top selling album in the history of the world. ♪ ♪ i'm running down the road trying to loosen my load ♪ ♪ i got seven women on my mind >> the eagles greatest hits 1971 to 1975 passed michael jackson's "thriller" on the list with 38 million in sales and streams of the album. the eagles have two of the top three spots on the list with hotel california in third place. politics lead, cnn is crunching the numbers. turns out president trump directly assaulted, attacks or maligned 97 people on twitter since taking office. 75 men and 22 women from celebrities and nba stars to politicians such as congresswoman waters and
1:56 pm
canadian prime minister trudeau and even "tonight show" host jimmy fallon and me. despite the fact that donald trump might be the biggest cyber bully of all time, his wife decided the platform is to combat online bullying and after a rare speech today, her husband then launched a series of insults on twitter against former cia director brennan. kate bennett reports on this split screen marriage. >> reporter: when first lady melania trump unveiled the be best initiative in may. >> it is my pleasure to call my husband to the stage. >> reporter: it appeared husband donald trump was on board. >> today we pledge to be best. best for our families. best for our communities. and best for our nation. and now, i am proud to sign the be best proclamation and i think you all know who's going to get
1:57 pm
the pen. >> reporter: she might have gotten the pen but she also got the message this is a platform to be pushing forward independently. because she would be acting alongside a president who doesn't always use social media for good. in fact, today, as the first lady gave remarks as an anti-cyber bullying summit in maryland -- >> it can be used in many positive ways but can be distractive and destructive and harmful when used incorrect bring. >> reporter: and stayed to listen to a panel about kids and kindness online his husband tweeting calling john brennan the worst cia director in history. "the new york times" reported the president wasn't necessarily on board with his wife's decision to combat cyber bullying as part of her platform but she did even in the face of what some view as the peak of hypocrisy, milan yeah trump acknowledged the elephant in the room and she's doing it anyway. >> i'm well aware that people are skeptical of me discussing
1:58 pm
this topic. >> reporter: the first lady has said before she's tried to control her husband's bad habits. >> do you tell mr. trump to not tweet so much? >> yes. but that's his decision. he's an adult. he knows the consequences. >> reporter: her spokeswoman has told cnn the first lady is now focused on the next generation. hoping children will be best and learn that social media is not for bullying. >> let's face it. most children are more aware of the benefits and pitfalls of social media than some adults. but we still need to do all we can to provide them with information and tools for successful and safe online habits. >> reporter: now, the first lady is branching out with the independence even more. this afternoon it was announced she will be traveling to africa, this fall in october. taking a trip and probably taking her be best message there, as well.
1:59 pm
a first sewly trip as first lady to the continent of africa, a country that her husband criticized if we remember several months ago using a particularly -- >> be best, kate. be best. >> particularly challenging word that's starting with a "s." >> thank you so much. kate bennett, appreciate it. the pope is finally weighing in on the pennsylvania sex abuse scandal expressing shame for abuse allegations against predator priests. a pennsylvania grand jury released the report accusing the church of covering up some 70 years of abuse by priests. after saying nothing about this in his sermon in rome yesterday, today pope francis said in a letter, quote, no effort must be spared for a culture able to prevent the actions from happening and quote showed no care for the little ones, we abandoned them. the pope did not call for specific actions against predator priests or those that helped cover up the crimes nor anything about the powerful
2:00 pm
archbishop of washington, d.c. who faces pressure to resign given the many examples cited in the grand jury report of his ignoring or helping cover up abusive behavior back when he was bishop of pittsburgh. you can follow me on facebook and twitter. you can tweet the show. our coverage continues now with one mr. wolf blitzer. he is back and better than ever in "the situation room." thanks for watching. happening now. extensive cooperation. sources say president trump is unsettled after learning white house counsel don mcgahn met for more than 30 hours with robert mueller's team without revealing to the president's legal team what was discussed. is the president's latest fri d frenzied attack on mueller a sign that the russia investigation is closing in on the oval office? verge of charges. cnn has learned prosecutors are preparing charges against president trump's former lawyer and fixer michael cohen and those charges could be announced within days.