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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  August 21, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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this is cnn tonight, i'm don lemon, you want to pay attention to this hour. we have a lot going on, it's 11:00 p.m. on the east coast, live with breaking news tonight. a source tells cnn that white house staffers are stunned by today's news. the man who led the president's campaign for five critical months leading up to the election, found guilty in federal court. paul manafort guilty of eight financial crime charges. victory for robert mueller, in the first trial, to come out of his investigation. the president continues to push the lie that the case against manafort wasn't part of the special council's original mission, i want you to look at what the trump appointed acted attorney general wrote. mueller is authorized to investigate any links and/or coordination between the russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of president donald trump, plus any
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matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation. there you have it. prosecutors laid out reams of evidence highlighting, how manafort made millions at advising ukrainian politicians. then there's the other huge legal story tonight, president trump's one time personal attorney admitting his role in paying for the silence of an ex-playboy model and adult film actress who alleged affairs with the president. michael cohen into the only copped to his part in coordinating hush money payments one month before the election, but directly implicated the president as well. saying he broke campaign finance laws in coordination and at the direction of a candidate for federal office. let that sink in. a man who once said he would take a bullet for donald trump now says he broke a federal law with the same man a white house
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source telling cnn this was not a good day for the home team. and trump has been stewing all day. so let's bring in michael cohen's attorney. have you spoken to michael? what does he say? >> a combination of relief. suffering for his family, his children, the life he's been forced to lead with the cloud of doubt facing criminal prosecution. >> this is a man with a very big heart, who loves his family, loves his country. and has been unable to speak because of this cloud after the massive search warrant was executed including even his children and telephones. he stepped up to the line and he
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can now speak begun. and he feels liberated. >> how far is he willing to go? because i just want to ask, because for years, he's been saying, you know, i will protect this president, i'm very loyal to donald trump, i'm not going to flip. now we've come to this. >> when i first spoke to michael cohen and took several weeks for the two of us to get to know each other on the phone before we met, we talked intensely about what caused him to change his mind about donald trump and the only way to put it was patriotism and love of country. caused him to to recognize the danger of this particular president. his lack of suitability to be president of the united states. and his decision as he said to
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me late one night, to hit the reset button on his life and liz previous loyalty to such a man that he considered especially after helsinki to be a danger to our country. as president of the united states. >> so do you know what giuliani has been saying? he's a liar, this is nothing more than a series of lies, he's a liar, liar, liar, liar. what do you say to that? >> the man who said truth is not truth. the man who takes away any dispute of fact that donald trump committed a crime when he directed my client, michael cohen to pay the money to miss daniels. it was rudy giuliani who broke the attorney/client privilege, contradicted president trump's lie on air force one who said,
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mr. trump reimbursed michael cohen for the advance money paid to miss daniels to keep her quiet. that is rudy giuliani saying that donald trump knew, directed and paid michael cohen. >> there is no allegation of any wrongdoing against the president in the government charges against mr. cohen. this is giuliani speaking here. it is clear that as the prosecutor noted, mr. cohen's actions reflect a pattern of lies and dishonesty over a significant period of time. >> let me repeat. i am talking about a fact not in dispute. mr. trump's attorney submitted a letter published to the special council, in which they said mr. trump directed mr. cohen to make this payment. whatever giuliani wants to invent, that truth isn't truth or to say what's on the tape
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that isn't on a tape, so i went on this cnn network and said don't believe me, listen to the tape. giuliani doesn't know the difference between a lie and a fact. here he's caught in his own words. he said that mr. trump lied to the press when he denied knowing about the stormy daniels payment, and giuliani said, and his lawyer said that mr. trump knew and directed mr. cohen as mr. cohen said, under oath today in federal district court. there is no doubt that donald trump committed a crime, and more than that, a cover-up of the crime, because he did not want to write the check to stormy daniels, which mr. giuliani admitted he directed mr. cohen to do, why didn't donald trump write the check himself? he covered up what he knew was wrongdoing? >> this is all going to come
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down to proof, where are the receipts, right? where are the receipts? that michael cohen has? >> and speaking to chris earlier, chris said he has no reason to lie, it doesn't behoove him to lie, because then he's in more trouble than he's already in. does he have the proof? does he have the receipts? so first of all, yes, the wire transfer from the trump corporation to the account that michael cohen set up that then went to stormy daniels is recognizable and provable. let me repeat, the proof is president trump's own lawyers wrote the special council and used the word directed. there doesn't need to be proof when the lawyers have acknowledged that the client directed michael cohen to make an illegal payment. making the payment as guilty certainly as the lawyer, an in my judgment, more guilty because
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he was trying to cover up and hide his own role in the situation with ms. daniels by having cohen do the deed rather than himself. there is no dispute, there is no need for proof. his lawyers have admitted that fact. >> everyone knew that the president knew. and when he got aboard air force one, we know, he knew about this payment. you say michael cohen has information that should be of interest to the special council, and he's more than happy to tell mueller all that he knows. does this mean that cohen will say what cnn reported a month ago, that cohen told friend s trump knew of the trump tower meeting ahead of time? >> there's certain things that an attorney and client share that i can't divulge, unlike rudy giuliani, who waived attorney client privilege when he spoke about what donald trump told him. i'm not allowed to do that.
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there is a certain complication in that story that we were never able to correct. but i do, to answer your question know that michael cohen has information that would be of interest to mr. mueller in his probe of a conspiracy to corrupt american democracy, very similar to the indictment of the 12 russians, i believe that mr. cohen would be able to provide information useful to the special council. i won't call it a smoking gun information, someone else will have to judge that. i believe that he does have relevant information. >> he has relevant information, and do you think that information pertains to that trump tower meeting or could it pertain to that trump tower meet something. >> it pertains to something else that i can't divulge right now, but it would be of interest to mr. mueller in his probe of the
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russian -- the conspiracy to included as well as actual knowledge of a crime that most people would call the fbi about, and we'll see what develops with mr. mueller's investigation, i think he knows a lot more than we think he knows. >> if michael has all of this stuff as you say, and there's no reason to believe that he doesn't. why would the president and the president's team, the administration work as hard almost every day to throw michael cohen under the bus and keep backing up over him? or as one of our analysts said, you know, on air force one, throwing him under air force one. why would he do that? >> or they do that? >> it's impossible to understand rudy giuliani's conduct. truth is not truth, throwing a client under the busby admitting essentially we now know a crime
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by saying he reimbursed a campaign contribution that was above the limits and didn't disclose it in his 2019 -- 2018 report, rudy giuliani simply doesn't understand the law or doesn't care about the law. and this particular culture of lying we know, that it was rudy giuliani who said that when donald trump lied to the press on air force one -- you've done that clip, i've seen. it's not a crime to lie to the american people. well, giuliani's right about that, but it is an impeachable offense. to use the office of the president to abuse the powers of the presidency and lie to the american people. >> i'm not going to hold you too much longer, but again you say, michael cohen has information that does what as it relates to conspiracy and collusion? >> i think it would be of interest to mr. mueller, and i
8:13 pm
don't want to go any further than that. mr. mueller, in a book that's about to come out in paperback version that i wrote, i liken mr. mueller to a silent deadly submarine under the surface, leak proof with the fuel energized by one thing, facts. facts. something that rudy giuliani doesn't think exists, and that donald trump literally doesn't care when he ignores. and we'll see what mr. mueller comes up with, but i do believe that michael cohen will tell the truth to rudy giuliani and will tell the truth about donald trump. >> appreciate your time. lanny davis, thank you very much. when we come back, stormy daniels attorney says the president's fingerprints are all over the crime scene in collection with the violation of campaign finance laws.
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michael cohen pleading guilty to eight criminal counts today. cohen admitting then candidate donald trump directed him to make those payments. here to discuss the attorney representing storm my daniels, michael avenatti. you say you believe lanny davis dropped a bombshell in that interview. >> lanny davis just made an admission that has never been made before. it's the first i've heard of this, he just stated on your show moments ago. where are the receipts, vis-a-vis donald trump's involvement. lanny davis just stated there was a wire transfer directly
8:19 pm
into the account that michael cohen had established. this was the essential consultants account in order to pay my client the $130,000 payment. that is a huge problem for the president. it would be direct conduct by the trump organization to reimburse that payment. that would constitute campaign finance violation, and would basically make donald trump a co-conspirator. that is directly contrary to what rudy giuliani told sean hannity a few months ago. what he told sean hannity was, the payment was reimbursed by way of invoices, i think he said laundered -- or used a similar word when describing how the 130,0$130,000 was uses.
8:20 pm
>> funneled. >> that was an interesting word. if there was a $130,000 payment that went out to my client which we know there was. and there was a $130,000 wire that came into that account. the president's in a lot of trouble. >> how so? explain. >> because i think it's an open and shut case. relating to the fact that this $130,000 payment was paid by michael cohen with the understanding that he was going to be reimbursed directly by donald trump or the trump organization. that would have had to have been disclosed. >> another part of the interview. i said, i followed up, and he -- it would be good for -- okay, this is not verbatim, it is notes. some things i can't divulge, attorney/client privilege, certain complications, we are unable to correct michael cohen. has information that we would be -- that would be of interest to mr. mueller. this is paraphrasing here, i
8:21 pm
won't call it a smoking gun. someone will have to characterize it, but he does have information that would be of interest and it pertains to a crime most people would call the fbi about. >> don, i think the big effort problem right now for donald trump is, that he has lost control. he's lost control over manafort, he's lost control over cohen. these two individuals now are going to be looking to do whatever they can to cut their own criminal sentences, to protect their families, and there's not a lot that donald trump is going to be able to do about it, and i will just tell you, though, if there's a wire transfer receipt for $130,000 payment directly from the trump organization. that is nothing short of a bombshell. i want to say one thing, i respect lanny, but i disagree with him about what we just heard, i think it's complete nonsense and spin. michael cohen did not all of a sudden find love of country and did not all of a sudden become a patriot. did not all of a sudden conclude
8:22 pm
after having known donald trump for 12 or 15 years that donald trump would not make a good president. here's what happened, michael cohen realized he was dead to rights, he was in the crosshairs, whatever metaphor you want to use, as it relates to prosecutors from the southern district of new york. he took the steps he's taken for no other reason than to save himself and his family. let's be clear about that, let's not try to call it anything other than what it is, just so everyone understands what happened. this season the about love of country or patriotism, michael cohen waited until the last possible moment, you've witnessed it over the last five months. he's been practically begging for donald trump to lead him out of the dark force for months now, it became clear it wasn't going to happen. >> he was waiting on some help in the president. >> no question. >> i think he was waiting for loyalty and it never developed. >> it's a lengthy sound bite, but this is what you were referring to earlier, when it comes to the alleged wire
8:23 pm
transfer if that is what happened. watch this. >> does he have the proof? does he have the receipts? >> first of all, yes, the wire transfer from the trump corporation to the account that michael cohen set up, that then went to stormy daniels is recognizable and provable. let me repeat, the proof is president trump's own lawyers, wrote the special council and used the word directed. there doesn't need to be proof when the lawyers have acknowledged that the client directed michael cohen to make an illegal payment. making the client as guilty certainly as the lawyer, and in my judgment more guilty, because he was trying to cover up and hide his own role in the situation with miss daniels by having before cohen do the deed rather than himself. there is no dispute, there is no need for proof, his lawyers have
8:24 pm
admitted that fact. >> the first part of that is, you say what? >> that's a bombshell. if what lanny davis just stated is true, there's a $130,000 wire transfer directly into that bank account that was used to pay my client. and that is a direct reimbursement from donald trump or a company controlled by limb, which is what lanny davis just said, it is a stunning piece of evidence and stunning admission. it runs counter to what rudy giuliani said and it also runs counter to david schwartz. >> he defended cohen. >> used to defend michael cohen. you'll remember all the things that david schwartz told the american people that ended up being absolutely false. >> you've made a lot of predictions, and a lot of them have come true. i'm wondering what this means, i'll get to that -- what does this mean for your case? does this mean that you will possibly get to depose a sitting
8:25 pm
president? what are the chances of that? >> i think the likelihood of us being able to depose first michael cohen and second donald trump, i think those odds went through the roof today as a result of the plea, as a result of the language in the plea, and the facts that michael cohen pled to. i think there's little question as to whether we're going to get a deposition of michael cohen, and i'm going to be permitted to ask him specific questions about what happened and the level of communications, and i'm going to get to the details relating to that and then i am guessing. i'm not guessing, i'm speculating, i'm on solid ground i'm going to get a deposition of the president of the united states. >> zero doubt that michael cohen is already cooperating and has been cooperating with investigators, do you mean the special council or the southern district? >> i'm referring to the southern district. it does not sound to me that he has cooperated with the special council. >> i don't think they've offered him the queen for a day thing.
8:26 pm
according to our source that i know that has not been put on the table. the queen for a day, to talk to the special council. you also have said that you think this president will resign before his term is -- what is your proof, what's the indication of that, and how do you feel about that now? >> i said that a number of months ago, and i feel even more strongly about that statement today in light of what lapped with paul manafort and with michael cohen. i think the walls are closing in on the president, i don't think he's going to serve out his term. i want to be clear about something, there's a lot of things that have to happen. there's a dynamic situation. we don't know what the southern district of new york is going to do that is provided by michael cohen. i stand on that prediction. >> rudy giuliani tweeted, buckle up, buttercup, you and your client completely misplayed this. >> i tweeted that out, because i meant it. >> you tweeted that to rudy giuliani? >> he's an absolute walking disaster of an attorney.
8:27 pm
he's destroyed liz legacy, he's done a disservice to himself and his client. and he's committed legal malpractice in the way they've handled this. donald trump should have brought michael cohen into the tent a long time ago. >> i asked lanny that question, why did he keep him and giuliani -- >> they don't understand the sense of loyalty unless you're last name is putin. then they understand loyalty. >> your client tweeted this, how you like me now? #teamstormy. >> how big of a day is this for your case? >> it's a huge day. she's ecstatic, she feels vindicated. there are a lots of legal pundits that took a fair amount of shots at her and me, and our legal strategy, how we use the media. as of today, it looks okay. >> yeah, all of that reporting we were doing was fake news, remember? >> all fake news. all facts are fake news. >> thank you, sir, i appreciate it. we'll be right back.
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paul manafort spending the rest of his life in prison. the judge declaring a mistrial on 10 other counts, also michael cohen pleading guilty to eight other counts today as well. i want to bring in renata mariati and arriva martin. you have heard lanny davis. lanlny davis said he believes that michael cohen has information that the special council would be interested in. michael avant atty believes that lani dave dropped a bombshell when he talked about the possibility of a record of a wire transfer from the trump organization. what do you make of this? >> there's a popular saying, that justice rides a slow horse, she eventually gets there. i would say today she got there. you know, just overwhelming news on the legal front for the trump team. what happened with paul manafort in terms of eight counts where
8:33 pm
he's found guilty of bank fraud and tax evasion. and now, you know, michael cohen, the long time fixer and personal lawyer for the president pleading guilty to eight counts, two of which directly involve the president of the united states. clearly an unpress dented day for the government, for the president. shocking revelation by lanny davis that this isn't over, when i looked at that interview, what it said to me is, we have a long way to go, and more shoes are going to drop, whether mueller decides that he can indict a sitting president. clearly enough information has come out today just from what we saw michael cohen plead to in federal court to suggest that there is a case that can be made against donald trump for criminal activity, and it's so ironic that donald trump said during the campaign, that hillary clinton would be the most scandal ridden president in
8:34 pm
the history of this country. and now we have donald trump, his campaign adviser, his long term personal adviser, his personal lawyer, his fixer, both pled guilty and one convicted of felonies. unprecedented. >> and then this mueller case. let's see, one sentence five guilty pleas. one person found guilty, 35 defendants, 191 criminal charges, there it is up on the screen. what do you think? >> i will tell you, don, my mouth dropped when i saw that michael cohen went into federal court and under oath said that he was directed by donald trump to commit a crime. i mean, that is serious, the folks at home don't need any of us to tell them that that is a very very big deal. when you direct someone to commit a crime, you are guilty of that crime, whether you are a mob boss or a drug dealer or something else. >> does that make him an
8:35 pm
unindicted co-conspirator? >> yeah, it makes him -- there's something called agency liability. when you are telling somebody to do something at your direction, you are responsible for that crime. whether he agreed to do it with cohen, it's certainly one way of looking at it. he actually is responsible for the crime, as cohen was his agent. either way, if cohen is telling the truth, donald trump has committed a felony. full stop. that is serious business. there's no way to explain that away as a witch hunt. this isn't the mueller team doing this, this is a bunch of prosecutors doing their job in new york. this isn't about collusion. there's no discussion one way or another about collusion or the dossier or any of that other nonsense we've been hearing about on fox news or the president's team talk about. this is a federal crime, and the president's own former lawyer is the one who says he did it under oath. >> wouldn't it be interesting.
8:36 pm
and you can say whatever you want after this. if -- whatever comes out of the mueller investigation, let's put that aside. but if what comes out of something that mueller actually referred to the southern district is the thing that trips this president up the most? >> that would be incredibly interesting, don, i don't want to put the mueller investigation aside. i think we should settle -- >> just for -- >> i think that would be amazing, it's important for us to note, this is a president that has ridiculed, has taken pod shots at the mueller investigation, has called it a witch hunt a hoax, has tried to demean it in the most aggressive way possible. and to date, out of that mueller investigation, came the referral to the southern district of new york, which led to michael cohen pleading guilty to those eight counts, trump can no longer try to delegitimize the mueller investigation because it's clear today that mueller and his team
8:37 pm
know what they're doing, they're experts and they're getting at the bottom of what happened, not just with donald trump and other people in his orbit, it says to me today too, jared kushner, other individuals that are in that personal circle of donald trump, we may be hearing something from the special council and his team of investigators as it relates to those individuals as well. i don't think they're out of the clear by a longshot. >> thank you, i appreciate your time. when we come back, both the president's former campaign chairman and his personal attorney headed to prison. that makes five members of trump's circle who have been convicted of or pleaded guilty to crimes. what happened to trump's law and order presidency? what happened? with our largesty of crab all year! like new crabfest combo. your one chance to have new jumbo snow crab with tender dungeness crab. or try crab lover's dream. but hurry in. 'cause crabfest ends september 2nd.
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the president's former fixer michael cohen pleads guilty to eight criminal counts on the same day paul manafort is convicted of eight financial crimes. remember when donald trump said he was the law and order candidate? joining me now to discuss is mike shields, the former chief of staff at the rnc and rick wilson, the author of the book, everything trump touches dies. gentlemen, good evening. my sources are telling cnn white house staffers were stunned and rattled by these legal bombshells and the president has been stewing. what's your reaction to what we saw today? >> well, it's obviously not good. you don't want your lawyer to be pleading guilty and also to try to implicate you as he's trying to plead himself out of the sentence that he has or his wife
8:43 pm
might get into trouble. i thought it was interesting watching michael avenatti disagree with lanny davis on his motives, he was ascribing michael cohen's motives as patriotism. no, it's not patriotism, he's trying to save himself. i think that's a real interesting take, it puts into perspective when someone is already admitted to being a criminal, a lot of the things they say really are at that point self-serving. this is something that has to be proven before anyone can reach conclusions, and so the tease was a law and order president. the president ran on that because of things like what happened today in iowa, where we saw an illegal immigrant committed murder, those are the kind of law and order things. he heent been convicted of anything or found guilty of anything, there's someone who's going to jail accusing him of something many. >> what do you think, rick? >> look, i think that the joke
8:44 pm
that was making the rounds tonight is right on point. maga now stands for my attorney got arrested. his campaign manager is now a convicted felon. his personal attorney today is pleading out in federal court and implicating the president directly while he was a candidate in law breaking. we've got a whole constellation of other trump people who have plead guilty or cooperating with prosecutors because this is a guy who was standing atop a gigantic mountain of corruption. he's standing atop a gigantic mountain of obstruction as well. all these things that have been slowly building up for donald trump, that this is an unfair witch hunt by hillary's angry minions is falling apart. people are seeing this now, you can't spin away the fact that paul manafort, who was donald trump's campaign manager is going to spends the rest of his
8:45 pm
life in jail. michael cohen is going to jail. and for things they did. both before and during his administration, and his campaign. >> so listen -- >> go ahead. >> i'm old enough to remember being on here with rick, where rick specifically made the point to me, that the cohen investigation had nothing to do with the mueller investigation, and so i think that's an interesting point. because in the manafort case, they're not looking at russia collusion of the trump campaign, they're looking at tax fraud and payments that he had, and he hid, and in the cohen case, that was not a part according to everyone of the mueller case. >> can i jump in here real quick. and ask you -- >> we're nowhere near the end of the road. >> can i ask you, though. does that change since michael cohen directly implicated donald trump today? he may have said that yesterday or five minutes before michael cohen did that. doesn't that -- >> make a difference? >> not in -- when you -- what
8:46 pm
rick was saying is that the president calls this whole thing a witch hunt, what he's referring to is the mueller investigation trying to create a conspiracy case around the president's campaign, and he's repeatedly said there was no such thing, and now we're saying, oh, my gosh, two people around him have gotten into trouble. neither one of them has anything to do with what that was originally about. and what democrats talk about every time they can, about mueller, which is russian collusion, neither one of these two things has anything to do with that. >> go ahead, rick, what were you saying? >> this is the first couple steps in a long waltz. and this is never going to get better. and robert mueller is circling around closer and closer, the cohen thing was ancillary. because it was ancillary, the individual charges and case issues were ancillary to the overall investigation. mueller's charter was to explore russian interference and the role the trump campaign may have
8:47 pm
played with it, any other crimes that may emerge from that, they have a duty to go ahead and push through on these things. this is the first couple steps in this dance. this isn't the end for donald trump, it doesn't get easier after this, it gets harder, it gets worse, they're going to close in soon. roger stone's going to be staring up at a gray ceiling and a jail cell pretty soon. there are a lot of these guys that are going to be facing continued pressure on this. and the fact of the matter is, i think it speaks to the president's character, the man who promised he was a law and order candidate, it seems like for a guy who's going to hire the best people, he seems to be hiring the best felons, and there's a long trail of these other people that are already caught up in this, and it's -- it's disproportionate to any other president in modern history, including richard nixon at this point, it's kind of remarkable how many people around donald trump seem to be in legal trouble many. >> okay. don't go anywhere, we have much more to discuss. we'll be right back.
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and may stop treatment. other side effects include upper respiratory tract infection and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you. so back with me now, rick shields, rick wilson. so, rick, with manafort convicted, michael cohen pleading guilty, lindsey graham said the american legal system is working in the paul manafort and michael cohen cases. thus far there have yet to be any charges or convictions for colluding with the russian government by any member of the trump campaign in the 2016 election. it's important to let the process continue without interference. i hope mr. mueller can conclude his investigation sooner rather than later for the benefit of the nation. what happened today caused congressional republicans to rethink their support for the president. >> well, it should.
8:53 pm
but i think we've seen a lot of behavior already where they're going to do everything they can to avoid the mean tweet from donald trump and, look, senator graham, as i tweeted back to lindsey today, i said you don't want to grab the fecal end of this stick. this is a president who will leave you hanging. he'll absolutely abandon anyone and anyone that supports him. you will -- they will be stuck with all of the radiation and the fallout and the stink off anything that happens to donald trump legally because he requires they defend him so passionately. and that's a bad bet. donald trump refuses to tell the truth to anyone about anything ever and they believe that donald trump says there is no collusion, nothing there, no conspiracy. and there is no contact with russia. we know there was contact. this is a guy who -- this is a guy who lies to his friends, allies. he's lying to members of congress right now and they're buying it like a bunch of mooks.
8:54 pm
>> listen, a bad bet is what democrats and people who just hate the president like rick have done which is spent a year and a half now telling the american people russian collusion, russian collusion, russian collusion. that's what this is all about. putin, they colluded with the russians to win. that has been the democratic party message heading into the midterm. it's what wall to wall media coverage is. so then when something like this happens, a lot of the public goes well this isn't russian collusion. >> it is also about corruption going on. >> you spent so long going down a conspiracy path. look, i work for newt gingrich in the 09's when president clinton got impeached. there was a white water investigation and then it ended up being about something completely separate. he committed purjury under oath.
8:55 pm
the american people didn't want to have him impeached on that. that's what happens when you set something up as a russian collusion case and then watch things like this happen. you watch if, democrats win congress, they go to impeach the president. that's what they're going to run on. >> i'm running out of time. i just want to -- i don't have a lot of time. do you want to respond to that? >> look, the situation right now with donald trump is the only easy day was yesterday. more evidence will come out. more things will be revealed. you're going to look at donald trump p's money, longer relationship with this the denials will ring hollow. everyone else will get the stink on them that has been a trump defender because they believe a math that is a pathological liar about everything. why is he telling you the truth about this one thing will thing in the universe. >> the one thing i know for sure is tomorrow is a new day and there will be new developments. >> you bet. >> thank you both v a good night. >> thank you for watching. our coverage continues.
8:56 pm
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only remfresh usesody's ion-powered melatonin to deliver up to 7 hours of sleep support. number one sleep doctor recommended remfresh-your nightly sleep companion. good evening. of all the days we have seen, we have not seen a day quite like this. the president's former attorney and long time fixer stood up in court today and said he broke the law. he broke the law to make money for himself and he said he broke the law to get president trump elected. he broke the flaw what he said was coordination and at the direction of donald trump. the man who once said he would take a bullet for donald trump was calling his old boss and client now the president of the


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