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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  August 27, 2018 2:59am-4:01am PDT

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>> i love the sheer joy on their faces. >> i barely missed a game of the tournament. that was one of the few misses there for hawaii in the tournament. missed the coach with the water. a great tournament in our sports today. thanks for joining us. i'm laura jarrett. >> i'm dave briggs. "new it is tough to imagine the senate without him. >> he went every play, places no one else would go to stand up for america. >> if you were his friend, he would stand up for you, he didn't like the personal attacks. >> the one draft statement -- >> i'm very happy with what i have been able to do. i have been able to celebrate a
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beautiful life. >> it is "new day," august 27th, and leaders from around the world are remembering senator john mccain's life today. he will be honored for five days in various cities this week. a schedule that john mccain planned himself knowing it was coming. memorials in arizona, and later in the week he will lay in the u.s. capitol. throughout the morning, we will be speaking with john mccain's friends and colleagues. >> people with empathy and compassion. on the other hand, the white house prepared a statement about
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john mccain that we have not seen. the president did not want it sent out. he rejected it, the post says. instead he sent out a short tweet that did not mention his service. the feeling of loss around the world, and a sense of gratty to a man that tried to make the world better. to the mccain family, we're sorry for your loss, to america, we're sorry for our loss.
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first go to minnesota. >> reporter: people here are coming to the capen to drop flags and other items in memorial of john mccain. groups of people gathering along the road to pay their respects as the two-time presidential candidate was transported to phoenix was succumbing to brain cancer. >> it is tough to imagine the senate and politics without john mccain. >> he will lie at the alcohcapin what would have been his 87th birthday. >> john is a man of significant intellect. deep conviction, and unmatched
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character. >> departing arizona for the last time, the late senator's body will be take ton washingn n dc where he will lie in state at the capitol. sources say his two past rivals, former presidents george w. bush and barack obama will euolgize the decorated lawmaker. >> before i leave, i would like to see our politics start to return to the purposes and practices that tdistinguish our history from the history of other nations. >> sources told cnn months ago that mccain did not want him there. on sunday, a private memorial before he is laid to rest at the u.s. navel academy senator
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mccain's death prompting a outpooring or lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. >> we will really be missing such an important voice for national unity. >> he has a joy and love for his country that was unmatched. >> senator minority leader chuck schumer saying he will rename the russell summit building after him. >> i hope that kids will ask who was john mccain and they will remember him. >> a number of world leaders praise his commitment to international alliances like n.a.t.o. a number of aides honoring hymn despite his contentious
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relationship with president trump. and from the president, one sole twe tweet. the white house did draft a statement, but as the president spent sunday golfing, it never went out. >> while it is worth noting there was that one short tweet from president trump directed to mccain's family, all other living presidents have come out with lengthy statements about john mccain, the man he was, and the patriot he was. he did not always agree with those presidents, but they felt the need, and compelled, to honor him. >> stephanie, thank you for being with us, really appreciate it. john mccain and ted kennedy came from different political parties, different views, but
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they had a great affection for each other. so much so that mccain spoke at his funeral service nine years ago. >> he was good company, excellent company. i think i will miss him more than i can say. we disagreed on most issues but i admired his passion for his convictions, patience of heart and the dull work of legislating, and his uncanny sense for when differences could be bridged and a cause advanced by degrees. joining me now is patrick kennedy, thank you for being with us. i know that senator mccain died nine years to the day after your own father. this has to bring up many emotions for you and your family. for that, i'm sorry. i was in the room when he euolgized your father like that. what jumped out is "when i think
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i'm going to miss him more than i can say" and you felt that he meant it, and this morning i think america feels that way about john mccain. what are you going to miss about john mccain? >> thank you, john, you're really pointing to the heart of john mccain, the institution, and the kind of statesmanship that he offered was so appreciated and missing that voice in a time when so many people appear to be so petty will be something that i think all americans mourn. they mourn the man, but they mourn what his message was to this country. and that was that we ought to strive to be better. and no one could deliver that
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message with more authenticity than a great american war hero that dedicated his life on behalf of his country. he articulated a message of values and you knew they were not platitudes to john mccain. they were heart faelelt. that is what people connected to. they knew he spoke from a place of integrity. he didn't -- i served on the armed services committee with him, and we had members that wanted to beat their exist about being tough on vietnam 40 years after the fact, and john mccain was like no, we need reconciliation. he was not looking for quick popularity. he was really in it for the real
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essenti essential. on that issue, it was campaign finance reform. he understood that money was destroying democracy. he focused on the issues that were really under mining what made this country great. and that is why americans so mourn this man, and why we will always remember him for who he was. >> your far was a real old fashioned liberal, john mccain, a true reagan republican in every sense of the word. how do you explain their genuine friendship and what do you want
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people to know about it? >> they both recognize and loved each other's passion. everyone knew how passionate he was. he really loved the fight, but he never let that get in the way of respect. and that is what was missing in today's politics. that genuine respect for democracy. and for the people that dedicate themselves to democracy. he knew that my father cared for this country. he knew that my father lost his brothers for this country. he knew that my father respected that. these. and it is example that even though we disagreed, they were
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serging for ways to put their country ahead of their party. it sounds so trite, but these days, we really need people to have that as their goal. both of them to take their issues and find out where they overlapped and then knew they had to overlook on those issues. and they worked together. >> and no one would be surprised that your father and john mccain became friends, the joy of laughter and they were a joy when they were together. that is what you're talking
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about, the ability to find ways to get something done even when they're in disagreements. as i'm looking, can this ever exit again? it absolutely can. the founding fathers of our country and graum, and all of those -- it was the cup, the saucer that held the cup so it would not be too hot. we need some cooling off, and better minds to prevail. so we can come to compromise. compromise is a substitute for
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violence. america is the longest surviving democracy and it's not that long of a period in the total history of the world. so we cannot take for granted that the normal in this country is democracy. i hate to say that, but i think john mccain would want it constantly said, that the area heros in this those not scoring points, but to have national interests prevail over partisan ones. and he was a fierce partisan. i appreciate your comments about them laughing. they had a great sense of the reverence for the thought that the thought that you could have
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a great personal relationship and still fight it out on the politics. >> congressman patrick kennedy, thank you for being with us. thank you for sharing your memories. appreciate having you here this morning. >> i appreciate being on, john, thank you very much. >> the symmetry of their death dates, and the fact they died of the same disease, i don't know, i think symmetry like that is i think that happens, and i have heard a lot of people noting it. >> when he got his progress know sus some ten years ago, senator mccain always very close. there is a symmetry here. and decency is the norm, or should be, everything else is an
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aberration. >> president trump is taking a different tact, we'll explore why.
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>> he served his country, and not always right. i made a lot of mistakes and errors, but i served this country and i hope they can add honorably. >> now, after his death on saturday, dozens of statements from leaders around the world honoring him, but the white house drafted a statement of prate, that president trump did not want released. joining us now, john avalon. and cnn political analyst david gregory. it is great to have all of you. can you share with us your thoughts today? >> i'm devastated, i noo it was coming, but it is still a huge blow. i'm not a young guy any more,
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but it is hart for me to imagine an american without john mccain. he didn't just stand for the principals, he exemplified the principals, and he just towered over politics in my lifetime. he is one of the greatest men i ever knew. it is hard for me to wriep my mind around the fact that he will not be here any more. >> you think it passing is even sadder now? >> yes, you have a president who, appeals to the lowest among us, that divides us, that caters to isolationism and
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protectionism, and kowtows the dictators. john mccain was a freedom fighter above all. he knew how presh it was because he himself had been denied his freedom for more than five n five-and-a-half years. he stood up for america. he truly did, he did not serve his ego or narrow self interest. it was not just his body he hut on the line. >> and with honor, you heard him say there, he hoped, with honor. it is a word that has gone out of our politics, and not just by
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president trump not putting out that statement. you see the outpouring and the tributes from leaders around the world. his former captors. >> and court and jury you have covered john mccain and george w. bush. some lives are so vivid it is hard to think of them as ended. it is hard to think of them stilled. john mccain was a friend to me whom i will deeply miss. we send our heartfelt sympathies to the family. they had a very contentious
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battle for the presidency, there was dirty tricks used against john mccain, and he was able to get on board with the agenda of what president bump at the time wanted, and here is president trump's tweet, not a statement, my deepest sympathies and thoughts go out to the family of senator john mccain. >> the nastiest part of the battle was in south carolina, they wrote a piece for a cover story called hardball. they employed some really nasty stuff to go after john mccain. and there was a time in the course of the campaign when their reconciliation politically
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mccain had his own independent power lace. they came together, they were allies, of course, and president bush gave his his statement in the rose carden, but what was striking about jaump, and that was true in the bush and obama years, is that he believed that you had to be a check, as a senator, on any administration. you see that with such eloquence and passion. now in his death, and how he will continue to speak to the country, and how it all runs counter to what john mccain
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stood for. sometimes it made it unpopular, but he always did it. and i think that is a lasting legacy. also, jaums as a senator, as a presidential candidate, the republican now knee in 2008, he had a ring side seat to the populism that was growing in this country. and in many ways he was contributing in some ways to it by elevating sarah palin who was a ka facanary in the coal mine trump. i guarantee you that statement written by george w. bush was not hard for him to write. it was easy for him to come up
3:26 am
with nice, easy, warm genuine things to say, even though i have heard him swear about john mccain, when during the campaign they did not like. your area of expertise, i'm just blown away by the outpouring of sentiment around the world. freedom fighters around the world, as mark noted in his piece over the weekend, these are people that always knew they had a champion in john mccain. >> that is truly what he devoted his life to. championing freedom. he did it and he was tire increase that cause. during congressional recesses when other members are going home, he was going to ukraine, georgia, afghanistan. he believed in tending to
3:27 am
alliances. he believed it was so incredibly important to attend to that world order. he also believed that not just to tending to our democratic allies, but standing up for embattled democrats. he was someone that always knew they had a champion in john mccain. that is why it is so tragic. today we have a president that has nothing but kind words for dictators, and has nothing to say, just a few days ago, he tweeted warmest reca esest rega respect for kim jong un, so donald trump has warm regards and respect for kim jong un, but nothing positive to say about an
3:28 am
american hero like john mccain. >> he was an early warning system for some of these forces. he said in 2000 that neither party should be defined by pandering to the outer reaches. he was able to embody ythem without ever dopts false action. he was authentic in a way that didn't require that populism, but was just about heroism. >> we're going to talk more about this in just a second. we're going to talk about what politics looks like without john mccain. what his passing means. could the republican party have already moved way past senator
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we owe each other respect, as long as we share for all of our differences, for all the rancoruos debates that enliven our nation. we are all created equal, and liberty and equal justice are the natural rights for all. he read a few chapters of his audio book welcome and it is so good to hear his voice. he calls on one another to treat each other with respect, a call
3:34 am
that is needed right now. what's the future of politics after john mccain, what's the future of the republican party? david, i ask that question but i have to say i think the republican party for some time has been after john mccain. post john mccain. i think the donald trump republican party is the republican party moved on from senator mccain. >> i think that is right. look at immigration alone. i remember mccain having to run for reelection, i think it was in 12 where he had to project strong image against immigration. and yet, as much as he would vote with his heart, on an issue like that he could also lead consensus to push for pardon me
3:35 am
reform. so he had the ability to go big. even in the middle of the difficult fights, but you're right. how about in 2008, the standard bearer, a supporter, he was tough on the administration about what was going on in the world, but he wanted the surnl. it was in a difficult position be in, when there was such a deep desire for change in the country by 2008. so i think that he was kind of out of step with the politics at the time, but true to his principals. now you have to wonder, the defender of the liberal order in foreign policy, weather that
3:36 am
part of the republican party has moved away from him and moved toward donald trump. i don't know that we know that answer for sure. whether or not trump is truly the beginning of something or a sidest sidestep. >> is this an anomaly, or -- >> i wish to god it were an anomaly, but i'm afraid it's not. and we don't know what will happen in the future. for right now donald trump has captured the republican party. people like sarah palin, who john mccain regretted picking, but they have been building and turning the republican party away from the kind of party they envisioned. they saw it as a party of idealism, the party that would stand up for the international
3:37 am
world order, free drad, immigration, the finest principals of america. and now it has become a deep, dark, pop list, white nationalist, quazi party. 90% of republicans approve of donald trump, and about 41% approved of john mccain. >> donald trump won the presidency, john mccain, mitt romney, did not. >> that is a fact, there is a lot of other rs going into it, but mccain represents a tradition in the republican party that goes back toize
3:38 am
eisenhower. but that tradition will age well. it will be something they look forward to to inspire them. it may not be partisan. already i think it is fascinatias ifascinat fascinating that the russell building being renamed for john mccain. right now it is politically homeless. that is it's own kind -- >> and it is -- i was just going to say that what is interesting, too, is that this tradition of bridging the divide on campaign finance reform, on immigration, it will stand as part of his legacy, but so did the politics that did make him popular. remember he got in trouble for saying maybe troops will be
3:39 am
there for 100 acquires, or in korea, those things were true to his principals, but reflected a hawkishness that fell out of favor. especially at the time he ran for president. >>. >> kirk adams, karen tailor robinson. cindy mechanccain, and sometime daughters do, megan mccain, john kyl kyle. >> this is the shotgun stage of spemlation. he said he will not make an announcement until after the funeral. cindy mccain had been named, and
3:40 am
there is a tradition of wives succeeding their husband. the former speaker of the house. they would have a mayor impact on politics. this is all stirring the water. they are talking about a republican. >> yeah, the only republican that he could appoint would be cindy mccain, but there is no mccain republicans left in a place -- >> make jeff flake.
3:41 am
>> that would be, that would be great if it happened, but i don't think it will. >> and a more trump like person that speaks volumes. >> david gregory, your thoughts? >> i agree with them. the politics of arizona, the republican politics. look at what the president is tweeting about. his approval rating for republicans. they did very well, they have to be thinking about the future of the state, and the drend litrenf the politics. i suspect that is where he will end up unless he wants to u put -- to put up a firewall. >> there is a plolarity for
3:42 am
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for all the inspiration all the laughter kevin heart if you change one letter in 'cancer' it becomes 'dancer', what!? all the stars tom hanks keep this movement going strong. every network every star kevin bacon dream big with us. one night to save lives get ready to see it all tune in live, september 7th 8/7 central jacksonville police have identified the gunman that open fired in a video game tournament. investigators are trying to figure out why. what do you know, rosa? >> hearts are heavy as authorities announce the names of the victims.
3:47 am
27-year-old taylor robertson. the name of the suspect, david cats from baltimore. here we know shots rang out at 1:30 yesterday at a video game tournament. the chilling moments were captured on audio. i have to let owe know this audio and video is disturbing. >> it's not a tough out -- it's not an easy out. [ gunshots ] >> what did he shoot me with? >> seven jacksonville
3:48 am
firefighters were training in front of that complex where the shooting happened and they responded immediately. four of them started treating the injured out here on the street, the other three flagged a police officer. there was 13 victims, two have died and the other 11 were injured. the suspect took his own life. >> rosa flores, thank you for staying on that for us. pope francis was told about sexual abuse allegations years ago. >> they come from the former papil the pope was in ironland
3:49 am
on the return flight last night. he addressed the allegations and he said i will not say a single word on this. i read the statement this morning read the statement carefully and make your own judgment. he said he will not speak on it now, but he will some time in the future. this comes after he visits ireland. it was a somber visit. he apologized several times for sex abuse. john and alisyn, that they would like action, not just words. they may have to wait until they see that.
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. the father of mollie mollie tibbetts is asking people not to turn the page of his daughter's death. neil simon, one of the most prolific play writes has died. he died of complication of pneumonia. he snagged 16 tony nominations, he also had a pulitzer prize. a team from hawaii can say
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they're the best in the world after winning the little league world series on monday. they beat the team from south korea 3-0, this is the first time ever. the former president and hawaii native, barack obama, tweeted a congratulations. it is nice they have this to celebrate. >> that last hit could have gone from oahu to maui. >> well done. >> when i lauck in sports references i make up in hawaii references. heartburn and gas? ♪ now fight both fast new tums chewy bites with gas relief all in one relief of heartburn and gas ♪ ♪ tum tum tum tums new tums chewy bites with gas relief
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but we can protect your home and auto at, we can't guarantee you'll good at that water jet thingy... but we can guarantee the best price on this hotel. or any accommodation, from homes to yurts. booking.yeah there are few that have sacrificed as much as john mccain. >> he was fighting and working
4:00 am
until his last day. >> white house staff proposed putting out a statement calling mccain a hero, and trump nixed it. >> he was trying to sound the alarm. >> he faced his prognosis the way he did everything else, with a sense of humor. >> i have had 60 years of service to this wonderful land. and i'm so grateful. >> there was three deceased individuals at the scene. >> this is "new day." >> good morning, everyone. welcome to your "new day." hearing john mccain say how grateful he was to serve. >> he had hue nor and humility and that was such a winning combination. he won six terms. i think that was just the mark


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