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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  August 27, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning. as the nation begins a week of farewells for one of the most indomestic inable public figures, one voice has remained characteristically statement. president trump hasn't issued a formal statement since the passing of john mccain. sending sympathies to the wife and family on instagram, featuring a photo of the president him sflt. this is a country john mccain loved so dearly. plans to remember him at multiple locations over the next six days. stephanie elam has more.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning. over the last year as he knew he was battling brain cancer he was instrumental in planning out how he would be memorialized in the week after his passing. we have more of an idea now what's going to happen starting here in phoenix here in his home state and that will begin on wednesday on what would have been his 82nd birthday. he's going to lie in state here at the capitol here in the city. and then on thursday, there will be a memorial service at the north baptist -- north phoenix baptist church. and what we're learning from the "washington post" is that former vice president joe biden is expected to speak there. and then the senator's body will leave the state for the last time and head to washington, d.c. where he will lie in state at the u.s. capitol. followed up by on saturday a funeral at the national cathedral and where we understand he'll be eulogized by two of his former rivals, george w. bush and former president barack obama. both of those former presidents are expected to speak there and remember him. and then they will be a private
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ceremony, a private funeral service there in annapolis before the senator is laid to rest at the u.s. naval academy. it will be a very prolonged but well deserved series of events that are going to be happening here through this week to remember him. when you take a look at someone like john mccain, always spoke so humbly about all he managed to do. if you look at any one chapter of his life. in and of itself would be something to remember. but when he spoke with cnn's jake tapper about how he wanted to be remembered, this is what he had to say. >> how do you want the american people to remember you? >> he served his country. and not always right. made a lot of mistakes. made a lot of errors, but served his country and i hope we could add honorably. >> reporter: and one thing the
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senator was known for was believing at the end of the day all politicians all americans are americans and that should be the focus. he believed in reaching across the aisle and you can see that playing out in how he wanted his memorials to be thought of, how he wanted to be remembered, with people from the democratic party, the republican party and independents as well. you can see that was what was still important to him, even as he was planning how he would be remembered after he was gone. >> yeah and that is what many of them are celebrating as well as they talk about john mccain. stephanie elam, thank you. john mccain as we know was one of this president's fiercest critics and the president made his feelings clear while still a candidate famously summing up his feelings towards john mccain in 2015 in iowa. >> he hit me -- >> he's not a war hero. >> he's a war hero, five and a half years. >> because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured, okay? i hate to tell you. >> joining me now cnn political analyst, "washington post" white house reporter josh dausey, you
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wrote the story about the president spiking a white house statement that had been written out ready to go. the president decided he didn't want to put that out, why? >> the statement from the white house that cast john mccain as a hero and talked about service as a prisoner of war and over the past four decades, six decades, the president saw the statement on saturday and instead said he would tweet and then tweeted condolences to john mccain's family but no comment towards the senator's life itself. it was a frustrating moment for a number of aides in the white house who would have preferred a more full some statement that gave john mccain credit that they thought he deserved. >> we're hearing pushback about this decision. mark short, former director of legislative affairs here at cnn said it's a no win situation for the president. if he put out ee fusive praise
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it would have been rejected. how is that being -- >> mark to some degree is mark. the president made clear he did not like john mccain and derisive and critical his entire time as president. the statement may have been seen as disingenuous by some. a lot of critics of the president are saying this sort of statement official white house statement is not about your personal feelings for someone. you represent the country, representing the presidency and government and you have to put personal feelings aside and a lot of president's critics are saying that in the past 24 hours. the president though was not willing to do that, did not want toi issue the statement and mad clear how he felt about john mccain repeatedly. >> we know john mccain from all that we have learned did not want the president to attend his funeral. and any response from the white house on that? >> not particularly. the white house has not decided the president's schedule this week. obviously john mccain will be in state at the capitol here.
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the funeral will be in washington. and it would be a bit awkward for the president when you have barack obama, george bush and joe biden and republican senators and democratic senators, people in his cabinet and all sorts of people in the funeral and the president not invited. it's unclear whether the president will say anything. i think it will be a difficult week for the president because there's going to be an outpouring of many deserved tributes to john mccain. talking about his life and service to his country and military service. and the president is not going to participate. >> josh dawsey, always appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you. >> my next guest, a vietnam veteran who personally knew john mccain. national president of vietnam veterans of america. it's good to have you with us. >> thank you. >> first of all, when you think of your friend, senator john mccain, what is it that you think of? >> i think of a war hero and
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somebody who went through incredible hardships. i mean, i had gone through pow training as part of my training to be a crew on a plane. and just that little taste of it was enough for me to say, how could anybody go through this and come out as he did and go on to lead such an exemplary life, to keep himself busy and do so much good out there. >> and to encourage others. >> absolutely. >> which we've heard a lot about in his fellow pows in those moments, how integral he was for them. vietnam's foreign minister released a statement which reads in part, john mccain has always been a symbol of the generation of lawmakers. veterans of the vietnam war leading in making great contributions to healing the wounds of war, normalizing and promoting comprehensive partnership between vietnam and the u.s. when you hear that about healing the wounds of war, this was so important to senator mccain. we saw the many trips he made back not only to vietnam but of
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course the hanoi hit on. what's the message that sends? >> i think it sends a very good message. it's because of his work in conjunction with senator kerry at the time to open up vietnam to us, was very helpful in a lot of different ways, particularly with the pow mia issue. it's enabled my folks in my organization to go back and forth to vietnam for over 20 years now working with various aspects of the vietnamese government, both private and governmental to get finalization on the lost that we've had over there. when we first started, there were over 2700 listed on the kia mia list. now it's under 1600 thanks to a lot of different efforts amongst the vietnamvietnamese governmen people. we work a lot with the vietnamese veterans administration. people can't understand that but it's fact. he opened that up.
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>> his decades of service really offered him unique insight and perspective as a lawmaker too and not just service as a lawmaker but obviously his military service. is there smub someone in your eyes who can't really fill that void but is there someone who you see now who can continue that part of his legacy in this way? >> well, i think it will be interesting to see this new generation. we had seen a lot of iraq/afghanistan veterans being elected, both republicans and democrats and we're heartened by that. and it will be interesting to see who rises up from the group. so we'll see how that goes. >> we know the president and senator mccain had a contentious relationship to put it mildly. the fact that the white house as we learned the president decided not to put the statement out -- >> i guess it's under the old rule, if you can't say something
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nice, don't say anything at all. >> does it bother you at all? >> no, i can't let that -- that's you know, the typical political nonsense that we don't get involved in. we have one care and that's about what happens to the veterans and their families and so along those lines, i would love to see the blue order navy bill which would expand the agent order benefits to all those who served with mccain in the navy in the waters off of vietnam, to pass the senate and pass the house waiting for the senate. they should put his name on that bill and maybe we can get the president to sign that one. >> we'll watch for that. really quickly before we let you go. we talked about his service, about what a strong courageous brave man he was and he was also a man of humor and humility. how important are those things in the legacy of john mccain? >> i think that's very important to his persona. he was kind of a gruff guy.
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wasn't the simplest guy to deal with in a lot of ways. we used to buck heads on issues from time to time, didn't always see eye to eye but it was okay. he was one of us so it was good. we could deal with it. >> appreciate you taking the time. >> pleasure to be here. thank you. >> senator mccain leaves behind a legacy of service and an empty seat. it is now up to the governor of arizona to fill that seat and a lot of is at stake, plus a shooter opens fire at the video game tournament killing two and injuring several others. this morning investigators trying to figure out why. a former vatican official is calling on the pope to resign over his handling of sex abuse allegations. he says the pope knew about allegations of sexual abuse against an american cardinal years ago and did nothing about it. the pope's response? stay with us. fidelity is redefining value for investors.
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why would a 24-year-old man open fire at the video game tournament. that's what police are trying to answer this morning. it happened while the tournament was live streaming around the world yesterday. on live streaming you heard the gunshots and people screaming as the gunman open fire. take a listen. >> this will be hard to get them on stream. >> it's not a tough out -- [ gunshots ] [ screaming ] [ bleep ]. >> somebody is shooting. >> calls flooded into 911 and police were on scene in two minutes. the gunman also a kbamer took his life. why did he do any of this? rosa flores is in jacksonville this morning with the latest. rosa, we'll get to the why in
6:17 am
just a moment. can you update us on the victims at this hour? >> reporter: you know, there are 13 victims here, two of them their lives cut short. their names 27-year-old taylor robertson from west virginia and 22-year-old eli clayton from california. 11 others were either shot or they were wounded as they were fleeing the scene and at latest check five of them are still in the hospital and erika, we're also learning more about the gunman here. his name katz, 24 years old from baltimore. he was a known gamer. he was a champion in 2017 for the madden tournament then. and he was here in jacksonville, florida, for this tournament and at this hour, investigators are trying to figure out exactly why they are trying to figure out a motive. his home scrubbed in maryland as investigators from the fbi and atf collecting evidence there trying to connect the dots.
6:18 am
then here authorities also searching a vehicle trying to figure out if there was any evidence there. but we're also learning more from the victims in those intense moments when the shots rang out. take a listen. >> i turned around and actually saw the flashes from the gun and at that point just -- it just went survival mode and i wanted to make sure i was out of there. it really breaks my heart to see guys that i care about as much as i do, hurting and see their families grieving. it's just really something i don't want anybody to ever have to deal with. >> reporter: we're also learning from the first responders who were there ke scene, erica, you've been at these scenes before. we're learn from the jacksonville firefighter soer s association, there were firefighters doing training in a building behind this camera. they ran to the scene not knowing exactly what was going
6:19 am
on but they ran to try to treat people and save lives. >> wow. we also know, rosa, that part of what's happening in this investigation is the gunman's family home was searched in baltimore. any word on what they may have found? >> reporter: we're still waiting for word from authorities but again, a lot of the times they keep those details very close to the vest. we know from covering other shootings that normally authorities look for computers, cell phones and they also usually look for internet accounts, social media, any indication that will lead them to a motive. but as you know, erica, investigators still trying to figure out that main question and that is why. why did he fire at these individuals at a video tournament here in jacksonville? >> rosa flores with the latest. thank you. also with us cnn law enforcement analyst art roderick.
6:20 am
as we look at this as rosa points out -- >> good morning. >> good morning, we know authorities need to keep certain details close to the vest. if you're an investigator there though, what are you looking for this morning specifically when it comes to what could be on the phone and on the computer? >> yeah, i think there's a couple of things. rosa is exactly right. the overall digital footprint is important here but once the situation -- once you knew tralize the threat, which is occurred fairly quickly yesterday, you take these crime scenes down so you have several crime scenes going on, i think the main thing you want to look at -- this guy was a gamer and went by the name of bread or sliced bread on gaming devices. the first thing i'm sure they grabbed any of the gaming devices, xbox or playstation and start to look at the individuals. when you get on these devices you can play in teams against one another. i think they are going to start looking at who he was communicating with on these types of gaming devices. that means they've got a lot of
6:21 am
people to interview here. but did he -- that might come up with a motive, did he talk about doing this? what was his psychological makeup at this particular time? did he simply do this shooting because he lost in the tournament or was there some other reason why he targeted this particular tournament to go ahead and do this? so i think they probably got a lot of questions answered already and keeping it very close to the vest. we will hear hopefully they can come up with a motive and we're not still asking why like we did after the las vegas shooting where we still don't know. >> what stands out based on what we know right now? >> i think what stands out to me is what is the psychological makeup of this particular individual? did he have issues in the past? you know, when we look at all of these active shooters and look at these incidences that involve someone pulling a firearm out in a public place, i think there's a big mental health issue here.
6:22 am
we talk about it unfortunately every single time. we almost go over the same information. but to me, the thing that's -- that sticks out is this whole gaming issue. and what did this gaming issue play in this particular crime. >> to your point about how often this is happening, governor scott saying same thing, talking about why does this keep happening in the state of florida, you bring up the mental health issue and how we continue to talk about the same things. are you seeing any real progress? >> i think that we're hearing a lot of talk about them changing some of the gun laws. the problem is the gun laws here in the united states are very, very complicated. you have state guidelines and you have federal guidelines and they are different in different states. so it's very difficult to bring these together. but i think there has to be something done with some of the loopholes in the law and i think they are working on that. the problem is, you know, it's very difficult to get everybody to agree politically on what should be done and it makes it
6:23 am
very difficult on law enforcement to respond in these types of situations but hey, in this particular case, you had fire men at the scene within two minutes, you had jacksonville sheriff's office there responding. but a lot of times two minutes is a long time in these types of scenarios especially when you deal with a soft target as we are dealing with here. >> right, well thankfully we were able to get there quickly and in the two minutes. able to get across the street as you point out. art roderick, always appreciate your insight. thank you. >> thanks, erica. >> moments ago the new york stock exchange holding a moment of silence for senator mccain in honor of his years of service. we'll talk about some of his key policies and the void he leaves behind. at&t provides edge-to-edge intelligence, covering virtually every part of your retail business. so that if your customer needs shoes, & he's got wide feet.
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♪ senator john mccain long known as a political maverick, championing conservative causes but unafraid to reach across the aisle or even buck his own party. his colleagues remember him. >> his voice was important and has been for years but never more important than the past year. it's tough to have a voice like that silenced. >> he didn't try to score partisan points as he worked on issues. he would work with anyone who wanted to accomplish the goal that he shared. >> he was an amazing man. he'll be missed.
6:29 am
i want generations in the senate and in the world to remember him. >> let's bring in chief political correspondent dana bash and former deputy chaampai manager for the 2008 presidential run. it's great to have both of you here with us. dana, i've listened so much to what you had to say over the weekend. you spent years of course covering senator mccain. >> he would say we're older than dirt, a mccain quote. >> we're getting right to the point. not unexpected to see this outpouring of support for the senator, much of which started when we first heard about his cancer diagnosis, it's great toe no hear all the little moments that people are bringing up and i loved earlier this morning you were talking about when you were first called a little jerk by senator mccain. >> many times. and that was a term of endearment. i mean, so many of his friends and colleagues reminded me over the past year that if you
6:30 am
weren't ripped by john mccain, if you weren't chided by john mccain, it means you didn't have interaction with him or just -- it didn't matter. that's just the way i was. the more he made fun, the more he loved because that was his humor. he was cracking jokes all the time. and it was -- it was a way i think he either realized consciously or sub con shousely to temper the other moments that his passion got the best of him. but even when those happened, he was usually really quick to apologize because what this says about the man is that he was -- he felt feelings very, very hard. and most of those feelings were on the subject of what he could do for the country. and it sounds so trite andal
6:31 am
cliche but it was the slogan as reed knows of 2008, country first, but with him it really, really was more than a slogan. it is how he lived his life from the day he was born to -- and to the five and a half years he was in a prisoner of war camp in vietnam to his whole political life. >> and touching on 2008, reed, we keep going back to that moment where he corrected a woman in the audience. no ma'am, no ma'am. he's a good family man, talking about then candidate barack obama. in that moment, and in the moments that followed, i mean what was the discussion with senator mccain about that moment? did he see it in the moment as an important point in his not only his career and life as many others do now. >> the thing about those types
6:32 am
of moments they are so organic. there's an awareness that that type of rumor was going around or that kind of talk was going around at about then senator obama. senator mccain couldn't have possibly have known that that question was going to come up but i think those are the moments that i think made john mccain so real to so many people, whether or not it was that moment at that town hall meeting or the previous year when he was on the state with eight or ten of the other republican as spirants and young woman whose husband had been killed in iraq, stood up to ask a question. he came out behind the lek turn and went down in the crowd to engage her personally. those are things you can't script and only someone like john mccain could have understood that moment instinct you'lly and really made an impact on those people to whom he was speaking and so far beyond. >> if i may add to that, one of the reasons was his instinct is because of his own experience. it's -- it wasn't sort of the code of honor and duty that he
6:33 am
has had been taught by his father and admiral and grandfather an admiral but what he went through himself in his 2000 campaign. he and his family were smeared by fellow republicans particularly in south carolina. it was incredibly ug ly and he came out of that not only disenchanted with those in the party but promising he would never return a campaign like that and try to avoid that kind of campaigning. what you saw and what reed was talking about in those moments were part of his attempt to keep that promise. >> and also, that lays out to we know some of the things that were most dear to senator mccain. we had reporting from jamie begangel, when it comes to the relationship between mccain and trump, what bothered him the most not necessarily the comments that then candidate trump made about how he feels about his heros. but it was the way that donald trump as a candidate went after the gold star family and reed,
6:34 am
that that was a breaking point for him in terms of the way he looked at this president. that's what really bothered him, reed. >> no, i think so. absolutely. look, as dana mentioned, this is someone who meant five and a half years in conditions that most of us couldn't possibly begin to imagine. you know, had friends and colleagues and his own grandfather passed away four days after world war ii ended. so he was someone who very well understood and personally understood what that loss was like. and to him it was just simply unconscionable, unconscionable that the potential leader of the free world and the current commander in chief would so just base -- in such a base manner insult those people because they had taken him on. if you're going to stand in public life as john mccain knew better than anybody. you will suffer the slings and arrows that the american people have for you. that is part of the bargain you make with the american people and certainly senator mccain couldn't understand why anybody who wanted to lead the american people would ever make a comment
6:35 am
like that. >> well said. there was also an interesting moment that i read about over the weekend, tim cain talking about when he had to go back to work, it was john mccain who came up to him and said, listen, the two of us are the only two people here who get what it's like. now that you're back here, here's my advice to you, put your head down and go to work. and dana, in that moment, you know, you see there's the reaching across the aisle and hey, we've got this thing together. what's most important, we're here to do a job. dana, that was so important to senator mccain. >> and the humanity of that. the fact that senator mccain got that there aren't a lot of people on this earth who understand the intensity of being on a presidential ticket and then losing and coming back to do your day job. the day job being a pretty good one, the united states senator. but there's a culture shock. there's kind of a coming back from the orbit to earth feeling. and the fact that he understood that he was pretty in that small club of people who understood that and went to tim cain and
6:36 am
talked to him about it unsolicited says something about bipartisanship but i think more about the decency and humanity of john mccain. >> the character of a man. >> exactly z. >> and the life being celebrated. thank you both. >> thank you. >> hope francis speaking out for first time since an arch bishop called for the leader. catholic church to step aside for his handling of the sex abuse scandal. it's absolute confidence in 30,000 precision parts, or it isn't. it's inspected by mercedes-benz factory-trained technicians, or it isn't. it's backed by an unlimited mileage warranty, or it isn't. for those who never settle, it's either mercedes-benz certified pre-owned, or it isn't. the mercedes-benz certified pre-owned sales event, now through august 31st. only at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer.
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a lot of paints say ordinthey can do the job,ver. but just one can "behr" through it all. behr premium plus, a top rated interior paint at a great price. family friendly, disaster proof. find it exclusively at the home depot. the hope says he will not say a single word after a former vatican official calls for him to resign. saying the pope failed to act. the accusation comes as as the pope is wroapping up the trip t ireland. vatican correspondent delia gallagher joins us now. delia, the pope being fairly
6:41 am
clear and yet not saying a lot at the same time in that response. >> that's right, these allegations coming out in an 11-page letter on sunday from the pope's former envoy to the united states. and we had a chance to ask the pope about them on the return flight from ireland last night. this is what the pope said to journalists about those allegations. he said, read the statement carefully and make your own judgment. i will not say a single word on this. so essentially the pope neither confirming nor denying he did say, erica, that he might speak about it at a later time. essentially the pope's message was he's not going to engage in the allegations contained in this letter, sort of saying to the journalists, you read it and consider the source sort of thing because of course this has been written by an archbishop who is a conservative,
6:42 am
ideologually opposed to pope francis, some saying he has an axe to grind, this is the man who set up the meeting in 2015 when the pope was in washington with kim davis, the kentucky law clerk who wouldn't sign same-sex marriage licenses. so some are saying this is politically motivated. others are saying there are some easily verifiable allegations in there if the pope wanted to respond to it. so we'll have to see if these allegations gather steam or if people are satisfied, with the pope's response. >> it is definitely getting a fair amount of reaction over here in the states for sure. as you mentioned, this was -- the response came on the plane back to the vatican from ireland. how did that go this weekend? because there was a lot being made leading up to it in the light of the grand jury report that came out here in the united states and whether that would influence what the pope said or didn't say. >> right, it was a difficult trip going in.
6:43 am
it would have been anyway because ireland has been dealing with its own for decades now revelations of sex abuse. pope francis mentioned many times afollow gis and asking for forgiveness for the role in sex abuse. people say we heard that before and want action. we have heard that in ireland and united states, people want full transparency from the vatican, who knew what when. most importantly, they want to know there is a system in place across the board in all countries that is going to call bishops to account to justice and of course ensure safety for minors in the future. >> that's what survivors have been telling me as well. it is time for action, they say. good to see you, thank you. >> one of the strongest supporters of the military and champions for intervention overseas, who on capitol hill can fill the void left by the passing of senator john mccain? we'll discuss. pah! that will never work.
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john mccain was a prisoner of war for more than five years in vietnam. his cellmate says mccain managed to inspire his fellow prisoners. >> the single most important thing that i learned from john mccain is summarized in a statement he often made to me when we talked about military leadership. and that is, it's the mission
6:49 am
and the men. the mission and the men. in the prison camp, it was resisting exploitation by the communist north vietnamese. and at the same time, caring for those of us that inhabited that place. john had a great geopolitical sense about the destiny of humankind, if you want to put it that way. and he very often spoke of those things. i think that's why he got along with people of the other party or of other points of view. >> throughout his career, mccain was a champion and guardian of the military. he pushed, of course, for support. he pushed for strong relationships overseas. his death leaving a foreign policy void also within the republican party, which is being discussed this morning. rear admiral john kirby joins us
6:50 am
this morning. always appreciate you joining us. this does leave a bit of a void. john mccain spoke in 2017 about this country, why it's so important. i want to play a little bit of that. >> with all its suffering and danger, the world still looks to the example and leadership of america to become another better place. what greater cause could anyone ever serve. tha thank you again for this honor. i will treasure tit. >> you wrote an op-ed referencing that speech. mccain charged us all to continue leading and that means set aside our bickering and that means being willing to set aside our fear. with john mccain gone, what do you see as the future there? >> well, i am worried about it
6:51 am
just because of the bitter partisanship that we see on capitol hill right now. but i do hope that from his death people on both sides of the aisle will pick it up and drop the fear and start to work across the aisle with one another to find real solutions to the problems that are plaguing not only us but our allies and partners around the world. this is the time for leadership -- for humble leadership. that's what really to me john mccain represents. i also think it requires bravery. i don't -- i guess i don't understand, erica, all the fear out there. and i don't understand why certain people play on that fear. we have nothing to be afraid of. yes, there's lots of challenges and threats out there. but this is still the greatest country in the world. senator mccain believed that her greatness was still to come if only we could be more courageous in the face of these threats and challenges and not so afraid. >> the amount of travel that senator mccain did is astounding internationally. and he would often travel with someone from across the aisle.
6:52 am
he was continually going out there speaking with different leaders. why was it so important that john mccain made that a significant portion of his job? >> because i think -- this is a fundamental thing about being a naval officer. when you are a young naval officer, one of the things they teach you is you have to hit the deck plates. to understand what's going on on your ship, you have to be out and about with your sailors. he wanted to be on the deck plates. he wanted to talk to the troops. he wanted to talk to the commanders. he wanted to see all the missions, warts and all, all the good things and he wanted a blunt assessment of all the bad things we were doing. it was just as critical to him to bring people as you said from across the aisle so that they could see it, too. so his colleagues on the other side of the debate could also see the same things that he was seeing. it was really kind of an unbelievable statement of transparency. he wanted full transparency in everything we were doing. just as critically -- we forget
6:53 am
this so much. he wanted full transparency for the american people in what he was doing, the positions he was taking and the legislation that he was helping write. >> he would talk about it, too. dana bash talking about, you could always tell when john mccain went with his gut. then when he didn't. things didn't work out the way he thought they would. he would talk about that. he would talk about his regrets. he would apologize for those bursts of passion as we can call them. there's been an outpouring not just in this country but from around the world. president macron writing he was a true american hero. he devoted his life to his country. his voice will be missed. o our respectful thoughts go to his beloved ones. we heard from justin trudeau, from a number of others around the world. the president tweeting his condolences this weekend. there was a statement drafted by the white house, a lengthier statement, that talked about john mccain's career and his service. the president decided not to release that. what are your thoughts on that
6:54 am
decision? >> yeah, i'm really sorry to hear that. it's very disappointing. while i do think it's noteworthy and it says a lot of things about this particular president, i think we should be, like you and i have been, focusing on john mccain and what he did for this country and the service of his family, that's what really matters, not the fact that somebody had a small opinion or a small view of how to hon they are -- honor this great man. three core values of the united states navy, honor, courage and commitment. >> always good to speak with you. thank you. north korea's state run newspaper claiming the united states is running drills on invadining pyongyang and hatchi a plan to unleash a war. are the president's plans for denuclearization crumbling? ♪
6:55 am
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a possible trade deal between the trump administration and mexico could come as early as this afternoon. the president seeming optimistic, tweeting out a big deal looking good with mexico. disagreements between trump and mexico's president have posed a major hurdle to renegotiating. the talks have made significant progress on automobiles, labor costs and energy. the little league world series championship game, talk about starting off with a bang
7:00 am
yesterday. hawaii hitting the first pitch by south korea over the fence, home run out of the gate. hawaii went on to win, 3-0. and emotional time for the players because, as they were approaching their home state. congratulations. good monday morning. i'm erica hill in today for poppy harlow. formal tributes await the late senator john mccain in three states as the nation salutes the vietnam war hero who went on to command the political stage for decades. president trump, whose open hostility toward mccain has allowed him so far just a couple of social media posted directed at mccain's family. there's not been a mention of mccain's lifetime of service to his country. the senator will b


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