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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  September 7, 2018 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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to affecuate change. we're trying to move past what was right, what was wrong, and focus on the issues in our communities. >> i asked jenkins after the game if he would continue to do what he did last night. he didn't give me a yes or no, he just said he will continue to do good work in the community. >> i'm just wondering if that rain delay is a metaphor for the entire stormy season. the storm clouds. >> a fascinating thought. thank you andy and thank you to our international viewers for watching, "cnn talk" is next, for the u.s. viewers, "new day" continues now. the failing "new york times." >> if you're not interested in helping the president, you should not vote for the president.
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>> if you think the president cannot do his job, invoke the 25th amendment. >> he has utterly failed to give us any assurance that he would do that. the independent judiciary. >> i'm a judge. >> running for president is no excuse for violating the rules of the senate. >> the public has the right to know where he stands on the issues. >> this is new day with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> they have a list and they're talking about lie detectors. it has come to that. 12 suspects that may be behind that blistering op-ed of a senior administration to official. now senator rand paul says that everyone should take polygraph tests, and the white house advisors have discussed that.
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look at this screen, they're all lining up saying it's not me, i didn't do it, i didn't write it. as you look at that secrcreen, it possible that one of those people is not telling the truth? >> at a rally in montana last night, the president continued to claim that the "new york times" op-ed was troeason, whic is not true, and he tried to frighten his supporters. >> you're going to have a country that will turn into a third-world country. because if the opposite party becomes president, every time before it even starts welcome before you even found out whether or not he or she will do a great job. they will say we want to impeach him and they will impeach him. it will be so ridiculous. worry about that if it ever happens, if it does happen, it's
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your fault because you didn't go out to vote. >> cnn global affairs analyst susan glasser, not to obsess about the poly graph, but senator rand suggested it out lou loud, but they have discussed it. what might happen if it was brought inside the white house. is there one with enough power, force, and torque to dot job required? >> my guess is our professionals might advise the president against using it on his own staff. if you're already paranoid, it will not make you feel any better, it will also not make you feel any better to put them in front of your aides and have
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some of them fail, who is he going to hire to replace the people around him. the turn over is already as historic and unprecedented levelest. it is at 61% of the senior officials that have come and gone. trump doesn't have a lot of options left except to be alone and wonder who he can trust. >> now this op-ed. just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that people aren't out to get you or talking about you. u ep yesterday, we spoke and he thought it was real deja vu. >> and he is amply fieing his attacks on the press.
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and it is largely hostile to trump, she largely hostile to the press. he is after him. the truth is there is no president that would not endure withering scrutiny under these circumstances. when they are wrietting about a resistance against the president, people are grabbing papers off of the desk, they're signing them. they are trying to even out. the progress is you have the president who is being rain strained. what we have is all of the good work by the administration, all of the positive signs of the country and they are overwhelmed. and the dysfunction in the white house is almost unfair to the
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word dysfunction at this level of how they're operating. there is nobody that would question what they're doing given these set of circumstances. i understand the anger. that smart justified, but they're really going in all of these directions that are not productive. >> and we have all of these parallels, and the author of this growing list. i mean -- >> for years and decades. >> you would think if you did write that and you didn't, you could say no. you have written about this overnight in the "new yorker." and you say this is a crisis that began in the white house on january 20th, 2017. >> donald trump is the crisis. there is many, many different
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man fes stations of it, even this op-ed for example. we're talking about mark phelps. the book suggests it's not just one anonymous official, it is a large number of people across the administration that cooperated with bob woodward that have, for many of these stories, the stories have started basically from the beginning of the administration. they fundamentally are a believable reality. i read the whole thing, not just the excerpts. we already knew that he has a problem with the truth and that he is a callous person that insults his advisors, who is very difficult, we already knew those things. what we're starting to learn is what are the people surrounding
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him going to do about it? it is not just a problem of one op-ed. this is the constitutional crisis at various moments in the legal investigation. you have people, this will be the riecrisis. in my view, they are all incidents, they are all in a crisis, and they have been in one since january 20. they are in the government, they believe that it is not really capable of carrying e out the office, and that is just unprecedented and it never happened with nixon by the way. >> we have to put on the table a couple things, it is an incredible act of power that someone could do this. if u you want to have your
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affect, you have just fed all of the dark instincts and arguments of the president. >> their argument is that they're staying to try to keep the country from his impulsivity. >> because again, first of all, the idea that they alone, to use donald trump's word -- >> not exactly. >> maybe there is, and maybe there isn't. we have a much fuller accounting of that. we have more than we have seen from this op-ed. it is fair to say that if you're part of the resistance then resign. one of the pieces of this is for those people that don't like the president, this is a process. instead of wris perring about the 25th amendment, if you think he is unfit, you have to
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exercise that. ghie to t they go to the polls and vote and they want to get him out of office. i agree that he invites so much of this because he is completely an open book. i think the question for the times in all of this, i presume, because i know the people over there, especially the op-ed editor for whom i have great respect, i assume it is a senior person or they would not want to take the heat. but i'm very curious why they allowed this to come forward anonymously. >> i can hear from inside the west wing. but hypothetically here, we're going to get jobs numbers, and i bet they are quite good, if this
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is a crisis, bring on more of it, i can hear the president saying. >> i'm not sure how much more of a crisis they can take. it seems to anyway when we're talking with people, it is like an administration on the verge of a break down. even with the internal fighting, even with the sense that the president is very isolated. even from witness his own. he didn't come to office with bheem could help him, really, that were trusting, and also experienced enough to do the job. the wood ward book is really an amazing portrait where the president is both a unique combination of toxically
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ignorant, and impulsive, nonstrategic, and unwilling to be hampered by his own decisions or decisions on the people he hired to advise him. that makes him almost impossible to work for, and again i'm struck be the fact that these are the people he hired that agrees to go work in the trump white house. and again, i think that it goes to the sigh cloelg. by the way, this is the eight president, trump, that has been subjected to the bob woodward treatment. i found it amazing when sarah sanders said i have not read many woodward books. that's the trademark of these
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folks, they are not prepared and they should have been prepared. these are not sources from outside of the administration. they are inside of the building calling us and telling us what happened. >> at the end of this, how does the president move on giving this setting now. >> i feel like if i learned anything now watching and chronicling this presidency so far is is that he will not move on. he wants to live in this muck and drama. it is so self-sabotaging. there is things to worry about, of course, but what all of this dysfunction speaks to is what would happen in a real crisis or
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financial melt down. what the president wants to do is live in the specter of impeachment. i think democrats are afraid of impeachment and they should be. he wants to live in this drama, he wants to live here railing against the "new york times" and the democrats to rile up the base. that is his m.o. >> thank you both very much. >> so what does a witch hunt look like inside of the white house? what is life in the west wing looking like? >> apparently like show motion. >> so what happens when the
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the "new york times" is reporting that the white house has a list of suspects that could have written the op-ed. joining us now, a form eer spee writer for george w. bush, and jim mecina. i think we under sold that. great to have you both, jim. this happened in the white house from time to time, in the obama white house, there was something not exactly to this level, but it was a national security space that started a snarky twitter account and had to be removed. what half. what happens when you discover someone like this?
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>> nonof the last eight presidents has been free of a woodward book, right? rahm emanuel said you have to figure out who is doing this, and president saying let's not worry about other people this is what we're talking about lie detectors. >> did you try to out them all? >> you look around, you ask questions, you say to folks hey, let's all be on the same team here. and sometimes you have figured it up. >> yeah, you have to be really down, it was what i figured out after two years in the white house. you have to be really stupid. >> what do you think the president is feeling so put
4:21 am
aupon by all of this. what is going to happen? >> white houses do not, in the white house, they are probably not. white houses do not protect their security punitively. they protect their security by inspiration. people believe in the president, and people who believe in each other. presidents are politicians, they rise to the ability. and what has been true about this white house is because of the president's utter lack love leadership. recording devices are now pretty small, but the reason that no one checks is because they trust them. they don't check if they have a pen recording device. there is a sign to remind you if
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you regret. remember the story about a white house staffer saying hurtful things about each other, that was leaked by another staffer, they were just trying to setting a vendetta. >> and the author of this op-ed will soon be outed, is it dangerous? >> i don't imagine, it is hark to crack they are dealing with a number of false clues. we may assume they are going to stay currently employed. they may not be employed now, it
4:23 am
may be more than one person. so there is indirection here. it is hard to track down these. i think the another of the author is more important than what the author tells us. important people, mostly important people. >> you know how this works, if you worked for president, can that president deploy the access of the nsa, the cia, to try to figure out who this is in. >> in worst case they absolutely could. they are saying let's spend all of this time on a pitch hunt. they absolutely can. normally they would not do this to each other, but when you have v two thirds of the party quit,
4:24 am
as far as these guys go, it is getting to the point of insanity. >> he wants to know who it is. it is the president's progresstiprogress ti -- prerogative. president obama says rahm emanuel came to your office and wanted you to find out who it is. >> i did, and you can't figure it out, but the bigger problem is if you read the woodward book, everyone is out to stop this, right? an internal white house that spends a lot of time trying to slow down the president from his worst basic instincts. it's not just one person, it's a whole bunch of people saying the same thing. david gregory said this earlier, everyone is saying the same thing. the white house is broken because of the leadership at the top that is broken. >> so why are you suggesting
4:25 am
they should resign if they're keeping the train from derailing? >> because they're not. the obama expansion since 2010. just today, a rapid decline, the decline in global trade volume. the trump trade war is biting, the tariffs are hurting. and the people who are congratulating themselves in this article, are missing the believe that we are having more global economic troupe. the president has been talking about it with troops. they have not been as
4:26 am
successful, but the record of this administration, i really restrain the back padding. if you feel as he directly feels, they can go in a group, make your resignations count. the risks of this administration, russia, and north korea. >> i don't agree. i think if mark phelps resigned after the first story, we would not have gotten a bunch of information. there are patriots that are trying to do their job especially in the national security realm. >> here is what the article says, david. others read it as a warning
4:27 am
siren, right? they are getting off topic and off of the rails, he engages in rants. and they have to walk back. the erratic behavior would be more concerning if it wasn't for the unsung heros around the white house. if he says he wants to do one thing, but he is trying to reign in russia. congress imposed sanctions, and this white house tried, we're glad the people on the job were not compromised by russia, but it is what i find that people go, like gary cohen, who snatched off of his desk a
4:28 am
paper, the idea that he would leave the white house, and culminate about this months after, but not a word at first, we're on the verge of economic trails. that kind of behavior is a disservice. if you are alarmed, make your resignation could wan resignation count. >> want to hear something to make you more unsettled overnight russia issued a warning to the u.s. military. what was it? what will the impact have? how will the u.s. respond? next. your insurance rates skyrocket after a scratch so small
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right now breaking news, a meeting to discuss the war in syria. as fears grow for the mill stair operation against the last rebel stronghold there. russia has been warning the u.s. military that they're ready to
4:33 am
attack in an area where dozens of u.s. troops are stationed. barba barbara starr with the latest on this. >> yeah, u.s. officials say they see evidence that chemical weapons could be used in that area. down in southern syria. in the last week, russia notified the u.s. twice, as recently as wednesday, they're planning to move against militants in an area of southern syria where there are dozens of u.s. troops. the borders of syria, iraq, and jordan all come together. the russian warning not going over well with u.s. troops. the pentagon says troops are not leaving the area. if the russians move against the militants there, u.s. troops could be caught in the cross fire. they have aircraft, they have missile ships, they have ground
4:34 am
troops they support, regime forces. they are warning the russians not to do, they don't want u.s. troops caught in the cross fire, and they don't want this to all come to the point of a gun. alisyn? >> thank you for bringing this important warning to us. meanwhile, the news of this op-ed and the woodward book has spread internationally. what does it sound like there in london? >> there is no question that both of the boost and this anonymous op-ed have made real ripples particularly here and france. two of the closest alleys who are feeling cut off by the president. the white house civil war, and
4:35 am
looking at one of the french newspapers within donald trump a president out of control. and also one of the german daily newspapers, trump enraged by betrayal in his government. the word that you don't hear in the coverage of this is shock. a lot of people are concerned but not necessarily snok. when you talk to allies of the u.s., they are expecting this kind of dysfunction from the white house. just because you don't hear shock doesn't mean there is not a great deal of concern. we're seeing that in germany. a new poll came out 69% of respond don respondents said they were very concerned.
4:36 am
63% said they were very worried about a refugee crisis in germany. this gives you a sense they may not be shocked but but they are certainly upset. >> thank you, do you want something new to worry about, a storm, florence, expected to be a hurricane by this weekend. >> that's right, take a look in the last 24 hours it weakened down to a tropical storm, it hit a higher sheer environment, but it will be entering warm r waters.
4:37 am
where will it go from there? there is a discrepancy for where it will hit, some that hit towards south and north carolina, others go further to the north like jersey or virginia. one thing that has come into much better alignment is now almost every model has it hitting south of bermuda that puts it on a better track towards the u.s. we're talking tuesday to wednesday of next week, but we still want to keep an eye on it. in addition, you will have these two invests right here that just came off of the coast of africa that could in turn be our next two named systems here. >> thank you for the warning. you will be keeping an eye on th
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okay, now we have our reality check, john avlon joins us with more. >> let me tell you, democratic establishment did tul opull off primary win last night. but delaware is not the norm this year. there is a revolution in the party. and mement incumbents have not seen it coming. ayanna pressley took out mike
4:42 am
capuano who has a very conservative record. in florida, hard to the left for governor on a platform of legalizing weed. his victory was even more remarkable because just one week before the election, one poll showed him trailing by nearly 20 points. let's go over to harz remarylan. in the end, she beat baker by ten points. and it comes on the heels of the win in new york that was a victory so surprising even she could not believe it. she beat joe crowley who had her down 36 points. she won by 15 points. see a pattern in in politics the
4:43 am
establishmented can suffer from over confidence, now over the past decade, we we v seen the gop take over president on the other side of the aisle, 50% identify as independent. there are 19 white democratic members of congress that represent the majority-minority house districts. being male doesn't seem to be an asset this cycle. there is still a few big ticket primaries to go, notably in new york, cynthia nixon is running against governor cuomo. in a recent debate, nixon got under his skin.
4:44 am
>> can you stop interrupting? >> can you stop lying? >> when it comes to the general election, republicans will try to face democrats as extreme. the longer they talk about identity plucolitics, i got the. if the left is focused on racism, we can crush the democrats. still a long way away, democrats may be tempted to nominate someone that plays to the left. at the expense of reaching out to the center like bill clinton in 1992. if history is a guide, it could help in must win midwest swing states. that is your reality check. >> thank you, john. the establishment taking control, as well as the smart screen, but you wrestled it back. one person has been arrested
4:45 am
for the stabbing of a top presidential candidate in brazil. the attack was caught on video. we want to warn you it was very disturbing to a watch. you're about to see him attacked as he was carried through a crowd on the shoulders of supporters. he was rushed to a nearby hospital. she in stable condition, but very serious condition this morning after undergoing surgery. she known as the brazilian trump. she in he is notorious for racist, sexist, and homophobic comments. right now, children detained at the border must be released within 20 days, but the trump administration is proposing a regulation that would sidestep that settlement that set standards of care for the past 20 years.
4:46 am
they say they exist to protect churn. they will kick off a 60 day window for public comment. >> twitter has permanently banned far right conspiracy theorist van jones. they say it is based on videos that violate their abuse policy. it comes after he accosted him and live streamed the encounter through periscope. >> if only there had been some tine that this guy. if only a signal say like suggesting that the shootings at sandy hook was a false flag operation. >> everyone says what took so long, and that one is one of the most repugnant of a whole soerz
4:47 am
of repugnant things. >> an op-ed bringing skacathing punch lines. >> it has launched a guessing game like the other games, like pin the crime on the don junior. >> we are all shocked there was a secret group of officials in the white house that say they are trying to stop trump from being trump. that's right. they're taking him down from the inside. to witch kfc replied "i thought that's what we were doing." >> people think it is pence, but pence is pushing back. right after the speculation started, he denied writing the op-ed. he also denied having a close
4:48 am
ett full of stickers that said mike pence 2020. i wrote the op-ed. hey, don't worry, literally no one thought it was you. we didn't even know you were awake. >> but if you're surrounded by snakes, mr. president, you only have yourself to blame, you hired them. if you find out who they are, i think i know what they said. >> you knew damn well i was a snake before you took me in. >> that is funny. the president tells that story very often at his rallies. i think that ben carson one is so funny. you look at the vocabulary for the op-ed, and you can rule some people out, and i would say that carson is one of the people that
4:49 am
can be ruled out. >> the president tweeted before that the woodward book quotes me saying things "i never talk like that" -- really? interesting. interesting. we have to give you a update on this story, the catholic church has been under the microscope. a new investigation popping up, allegations of abuse by priests and decades long coverups. that is next.
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time for cnn money now. wall street focused on the upcoming jobs report which means we get a double helping of romans because there's also trouble in the tech sector. christie romans with all of that. >> well, how hot is the jobs market? we'll find out. the government releases its monthly jobs report. economists expect 187,000 new jobs created in august. the jobless rate is likely to be below 4%. what we really want to see is wage growth. it's been hovering around 2.7% for years. that's not much of a raise for workers. the real concern on wall street is the tech sector. the nasdaq riding a three-day losing streak. a big drop in twitter stocks sparking anxiety. shares down 12% in the past two
4:55 am
days after jack dorsey faced lawmakers on capitol hill earlier this week. and check out the losses for the so-called fang stocks -- facebook, netflix, google -- all with big losses to start september. the concern is regulation. will the government put new regulations on tech firms or s will internal policing be enough to stop election interference. alisyn? >> thank you, christine. new york's attorney general has subpoenaed all eight catholic diocese in the state as part of a civil investigation into a potential child sex abuse coverup. new york is now one of at least five states investigating the catholic church. rosa flores is here with us in studio with more. rosa, what's the latest? >> alisyn, the attorney general here in new york issuing, launching an investigation into the catholic church's review and, quote, potential coverup of
4:56 am
child sex abuse. this is a civil investigation led by the charities bureau at the attorney general's office. because here's the thing, the attorney general has jurisdiction over civil matters not criminal matters. as you mentioned, she issued subpoenas to all eight archdiocese across the state. we've reached out to them, here's what they had to say. quote, archdiocese of new york and the other diocese across the state are eager to work with her in the investigation. in new jersey, the attorney general launching a task force that will be headed by an expert prosecutor on sex crimes. they will be presented evidence before a grand jury. all this comes in the heels of
4:57 am
the pennsylvania grand jury report which revealed systemic child abuse and also coverups. now the attorney general there saying our work in pennsylvania has spur add movement. the time for institutions to place their own interests above protecting our children is over. josh shapiro has been contacted by more than a dozen attorneys general and also by the u.s. doj. alisyn, in talking to survivors, that i feel all of the action by attorneys general around the country gives them hope that justice has a chance. >> rosa, we've heard you speaking to these survivors, we have as well and they keep saying they want action so thank you very much for the update on that story. we're following a lot of news so let's get right to it. >> nobody knows who the hell he is. the "new york times" should publish his name at once.
4:58 am
>> other officials were tripping over each other to put out denials. >> this white house has mastered the art of deflecting attention. they do it very well. >> it would be accept to believe use a lie detector test and ask people whether or not they're talking to the media. >> it's stretching our democracy to a breaking point. >> no country can survive a president who lies like this. >> i broke the senate rules by reading that e-mail. >> it would be a mistake for any member who say here's how i will vote on a case. >> voifd is an important precedent of the supreme court. >> announcer: "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. good morning, the "new york times" reports the white house has a list of 12 suspects they think could be behind that blistering piece. senator rand paul suggests perhaps everyone should be forced to take a polygraph test.
4:59 am
that was supposedly discussed by the president's advisers. meanwhile, one administration official after the other has come forward to say they didn't do it. you see their pictures there. the president is said to be closely watching their denials. >> at a rally in montana the president claimed the "new york times" op-ed amounts to treason. does not. he also tried to frighten his supporters about what could happen. >> you'll have a country that will turn into a third world country because if the opposite party becomes president, every time before it even starts, before you've even found out whether or not he or she is going to do a great job, they'll say we want to impeach him and you'll impeach him. but worry about that if it ever
5:00 am
happens. but if it does it's your fault because you didn't go out to vote. >> we have van jones osteoporosis of "the van jones show" and senior political commentator rick santorum. rick, i want to start with you should be everybody suspected around the white house be given a lie detector test? >> no. the hunt for this -- i think a horrible person who would do something like this, orable in a lot of levels because if you care about protecting the country you don't put a letter out there that you know will cause more turmoil within the administration. you don't do something that will further undermine those who you say are actually trying to work together to keep this


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