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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  October 2, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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she went to south africa and botswa i thin the line. >> great to hear from you. thank so much and thanks so hour. inside politics with john king i'm john king. thank sharing your day presid hits the road to the booming economy today. one key witness said his
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key gop senators welcome releva the republican blames but republicans are the can keep this bold promise. >> one can only imagine what new but here's what we know, madam presid one for sure. the senate will vote on judge kavana >> can leader mitch mcconnell to make a friday vote happen, he would need to file cloture connel timeline is
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listen to chuck schumer. we are he because louisa murkow susan collins and >> who caused that? who caused this delay, i would not the democrats. we don't have the ability to do it. it was three members on his side who sincerely were seeking >> it is true that a republican line by week's end or at all for that matter. last week's agreement was simple the fbi investigation runs its can file the motions to proceed. the fbi is done interviewin
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they said their client has not anothe question, who does said the witness list should withou their consent. that seems to be the big questi how lo will it take, who will >> no question about it. will they be satisfied with the invest will go to the depths they what we are hearing from the key senato is the white house
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colleg earlie moments ago, we caught questi the fbi look commit here's how she responded. >> should they look into whethe colleg >> i think the fbi is doing what we tasked the fbi to do. that's all i can ask for. >> rep so not answering
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filibu will they be okay by all huge questions are looming flake' comments are significant saying agreement was that we will see if mcconnell adheres he doesn't want to jam his member a lot of conversatio still in the coming days. >> uncertain to say the least. apprec the reporting here in studio to share their reporting. mcconnell is trying to say his lisa murkowski sounds reasonably happy so far, but won't see if
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nor should she. listen jeff flake this mornin the question is what standard is it just can you corroborate behavi here's senator flake. >> there is evidence that story, of us will look at it that way. any nominee tha lies to the >> lying about your drinking is if he lied on particular things
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disqua >> what's the standard? >> this underscores the invest connel has to make a tough choice they want a finalized fbi report all before the senate moves to mcconnell wants to do this on friday but to do it friday, he the f, about i is still calling >> is blaming the democrats
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those three republicans are. until they are satisfied because as this debate is happening, we are assuming that people like collin murkowski were yeses to begin with. we don't know that. >> that's a great point. >> not clear in this did, that the dynamics of the if flef flajeff flake went in a
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that's the senator for senator as he is trying to satisfy the >> that's why you saw the white the scope is incredibly import if they are just talking about if they talk about perjury minds of those who could be the when you put it into the bucket,
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it appear that is that's why the white house case. >> if you are interviewing b, do they have to check back? the fbi should do what they aggres how mu is that relevant, if at all. with him there, somebody who the white presented as a key i never saw brett kavanaugh do cnn confirmed he was arrested. there no evidence he was charge but in a bar fight.
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mitch mcconnell saying really? why are we going here? >> last night the "new york story. get this. judge kavanaugh may have been mid-19 talk about a bombshell. one only imagine what new >> if you view this through i you sa he was 18, 19, 20 years this i republicans have to fear if you want to come at it profes ford said they were sexual assaulted her. he was blind drunk and took his
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i would call it assault. other people say misconduct. if you get into the record, five and six people say you didn't assaul does that become part of the standa >> i think it does. the response from a number of blacko the response was somewhat hearin from more friends and roomma it potentially add to a these are what the various >> the ice throwing incident is you can't take these stories indivi what a lot of repu
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colleg becaus it goes to the and sexual assault that he was >> that a switch was flipped. we will see where this goes and how does mitch mcconnell deal breaki news just in we need to get to. defens officials say a piece of mail delivered t the pentagon's mail facility has tested live from the pentagon with the detail >> we are just getting the additi tests will be conduc the fbi would b the initial testing at the
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a piece of mail that contained ricin. the suspicious piece of mail nobody has been evacuated from this i a screening facility out in the parking lot that would be famili to many people now in mail and packages are routinely screen any deadly items in them before if the fbi finds it does test how ma handleded i and we are expecting a formal
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it is emphasized to us there is no evacuations planned. again, the suspicious package manufa we are told it is almost this i something, if it's positi that someone would >> disturbing indeed if it comes apprec reporting o the
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>> that's democrat joe manchin for you. he is wrestling with whether he reelec from where the kavana voters want to >> i am still holding, i guess mr. kavanaugh. we have that fbi background we will see how that -- i
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>> i did, too. i thought there was feedback. >> a reminder in this national a majority of voters do want him confir >> conservativ voters are joe manchin and heidi hide camp the judicial will pressure them they are waiting until the last
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will not have to take a positi that's probably wishful thinking at thipoint. >> i think that the extent to countr a red state democr even though the state is red, they have to this, could a joe manchin lose court because the women and the it's hard to imagine the dynami >> they know those dynamics.
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they say there are so many in the end, they have to make a there a republican argument forced withdraw, that would they would come rushing out. here's rush limbaugh saying >> it's very easy to sit here not sworn in. take that moment where kavanaugh is not sworn in and not think it's going to be easy for
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we are in the majority and we you need to vote fus. you need to vote for us. how does that work? >> how does that work? >> pretty good point. i don' that any of the don't have to worry about losing their base. i do think that's an impo >> it's big to have an
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uncert weeks from the electi this may not be decided this it's tough call, but good more about the campaign. five weeks from the campaign. americ congress is at stake. the democrats have the lead, but
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lifeti >> the president is correct. it is incredibly consequential brand- polling show the the fi for control of congre 42% said they will back the republ at seven-point advantage now and last it was double. that's the race for the house. that shows the democrats are ago. the senate is also in play as we head into the final play. the cnn rankings right now have
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the new polling, we moved new that used to be solid. bob menendez in a horse rac that is a statistical tie with that is an unlikely, but welcome opport republicans. watch that one in new jersey of a cnn poll in nevada shows the dean heller is the most vulner that's within the margin of error, but a slight democratic critic here's one more. republ entered the year but another race that is neck contro the last time we talked about
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blue. >> i know that the democrats wave coming, but let me tell you someth mr. president, when that blue and that ends. >> that's one of the more you ha a full trump republican and a look at these new numbers
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they have democrats plus 14. that would be a blowout and democr and the fight about it makes it more race the numbers, quinnipiac has 50% wanting the democrats to i want to caution you, if you plus 7. senate races are state by stat bepts defense in indiana and missou we into the final five weeks. wow. >> that's a reminder that things can change drastically in a points democr are looking and saying this i not over. we have to keep working and
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here. out there, they are alienating need to show up to vote for them >> we are seeing voter it's a massive number. that in theory would look good o'rour but it's more likely in those very marginal seats again, i would look at voter state. the national polling may not the map is still very hard for democr in the state by
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>> the kavanaugh nomination adds more unsrpcerta you are not sure how it wil electi looked normal for the the president's approval 41 and that is a recipe for republican disast that's lower than obama in 2010 1994. in the age of trump, do the >> i was in west virginia at his rally it was a reminder if
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the calculus is to expand beyond that base. the rhetoric whether it was yester folks come out. that overall approval number is >> we have seen going further for the president. in some polls more than 50% that speak to the enthusiasm that is likely to impact the we hear about the young women voting than normal. even though there is not a whethe the trump base he will be doing a lot of
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>> wherever you are, if you have days, your vote matters. whethe you are a trump or far left, matters. if you can register, register. if you registered, vote. we have been talking about the leader nancy pelosi is sitting dow
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her goal is to talk to the mid-te message and moments ago, this message. house and if kavanaugh gets confir would house democrats try to impeach him? >> let's focus then on that. >> that are would not be my plan. >> what would not be your plan? >> impeachment. i have enough people to impeach inform that comes forward that the senate will do the >> it is an interesting answer anyway but particularl because of themoment. there are a lot of people in is that the right answer?
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it's responsible answer. see what the senate does. i have people on my back for someone who is trying to is it the right political answer >> listen to your friend, nancy becaus what else are >> it threatens to miss the mood and fury that might be in left. it's unclear, but it's one of later. >> it's a risk she by she wants to raise her profile lead, but some of the more the reviews for president trump' and improved trade
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callin new trade agreement by its name might take even in >> you are if a car dealer, you i shouldn't call it nafta. usmca. i have that down. woman: life? honestly, it's a struggle.
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traffic and roads... a mess, rents going up, friends and family moving out of state, millions of californians live near or below the poverty line. politicians like gavin newsom talk about change, but they've done nothing. sky-high gas and food prices. homelessness. gavin newsom, it happened on your watch. so, yeah. it is time for a change. time for someone new.
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the trump administration improv trade deal with canada a victory for all parties. as with most complex trade deals, christine said it's not >> john, you will hear from all this w a win-win-win, but an canada gave in on wheat and dairy.
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indust but just a little bit, openin up the dairy market was farmer are calling thi a win the change won't mean much on it opens up the canadian dairy canada prevailed to resolve canada wanted it to be permanent and the u.s. wanted it to be revisi after a few years. on tariffs, call it a draw. cars can be sold duty-free if to make the car is at $16 an this i good for canadian and mexico it could lift wages and
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import those will be handled separa expect canada and mexico to >> breaking down the numbers. apprec that. what is fascinating is the respon republ normally the party what do they grow or make or joinin us this morning, she was in the front row and said anyone joining us on tele i most of this. >> one of the things i stressed
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he was able to succeed in that farmer >> so she is okay for now. you have other people if the it's not so great for others. >> what did you give up. i conceded myself. for some, they are happy that states it's giving a number of these when look at the text of the deal, it appears that there are
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indust the president was able to get gettin before the it is seen as a major victory. >> producing the tensions before the election. you can't get the deal passed there question whether you >> whether symbolism and there are clearly individual for trump, it's a branding it's banner that sits behind him.
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promis made, promises kept. all really wants ahead of get rid of this terrible thing else. he did that. if that's what people come away >> this gets lost. they agreed with changes in the transp partnership because that w by the obama admini a lot of people say this looks like t with a few changes and >> thought you had heard the last of the stormy
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a quick claverication. we susan collins's office they said they want to broaden to determine who will do that work. presid was personally
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electi 2006. daniel ignored tha restraining order. her book, full disclosure is out today. joinin us live from new york, >> john, we spoke with the presid asked cohen to said to cohen something to the the reason you mentioned this going to do interviews with the months ago. a couple other quick details in
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erictrump, the president's son saying about how all of this john? >> contradicts the president in thanks for joining us. wolf starts righ now. >> it's 1:00 here in washington. democr including the senate allega >> get this. judge kavanaugh may have been


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