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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  October 12, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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missing an entire home. there's a home just mind me where two parents and two kids rode the storm out. their neighbors close to do the same. there is one man that was in this home who stayed, who is no longer. they tried to coax that man to come into their home. he never did. he hasn't been seen sense. today is different in the sense that the clean-up has begun. i've seen front loaders, caterpillars here trying to begin to pick up this. the death toll from this hurricane is now up to 13. it is expected to rise. the scope of just the utter devastation is beginning to come to light, and many, many homes just wiped away. the story here was the storm surge. some of the momenhomes that do remain, you can see on the wall the surge reaching up about 13 feet. we've got pictures from noaa and
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you can see from far, far away the utter devastation and damage. coast guard search and rescue are still under way. here in mexico beach they're still going door to door. i saw a man with a canine earlier walking through with rubble. we drove through panama city beach on into mexico beach, saw convoy after convoy of trucks trying to restore electricity where they can. the fema chief, brock long, said so many areas are still unsafe and he will travel here to florida tomorrow. those who did survive who are injured obviously need to go to the hospital. patients are having to be medivaced to other locations. we drove through tyndall facebook earlier today. it is severely damaged. we have before-and-after pictures. military officials, to quote
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them, say it really took a beating and that every single building was severely damaged but they assured us it was open for air traffic. this storm recovery will take some time. >> this is a really big storm. we think this is about the third most powerful storm to ever hit the united states. it was a tremendously large storm. as you know, it rapidly, rapidly increased in strength. our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected and those families who lost loved ones. it's going to take a while to recover. we're on the ground, still doing search and rescue. we're working on power restoration. unfortunately we won't have power for a couple weeks. of course we're always worried about the hospital and making sure they have power and that we have ambulances on standby. >> with me here, tammy and joey poland.
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thanks so much for taking a break from your clean-up. you got your clean-up gloves as we pulled you away from your home. you all lived in georgia. this is your second home. this was -- is your second home. you came on down on monday thinking it was a category two and rode it out. >> yeah, i come down and thought everything was going to be fine. >> reporter: and then what? >> then sometime about 4 a.m., she called me and said it has gone to a category four hurricane, you need to leave. by then the bridge was closed. >> ride it out. >> reporter: were you terrified for him? >> very terrified. >> i had no communication with her because the towers were down. nothing. >> reporter: it was you and the dog. >> me and the dog.
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>> reporter: yesterday i saw a lot of people exhausted, dazed and confused, trying to figure out if their home still existed, today, bam, clean-up. >> and they're not letting a lot of people in. i got lucky to get in here today. i want sure if i could get in here, but we did take it in. it took us normally five hours to get here but it took us ten. there was devastation from georgia to here so it was hard to get here. i was really glad to see him standing, not hurt other than a few scratches. >> reporter: did you give him a big pinch or big hug and big kiss? >> it's the worst thing i've ever seen. there's destruction everywhere. >> reporter: it's one thing for i'm sure your loved ones, now that they know you're okay, but to see ton tv is one thing but to stand here and as far as the eye can see it's just flat. one of the reasons officials don't want people to come back,
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if you even try going deep in here, as we did yesterday, there are nails and glass. >> there's dead fish. >> we have a tub under our garage. another reason we have to come down here is because our truck. we had our garage, it's one you drive under. he had our truck parked up under there. i think he tried to secure it before all this hit, but it didn't -- >> reporter: where did your truck end up? >> in thecanal. >> reporter: how far was that from your house? >> 75, 80 feet. straight across down the boat ramp. >> reporter: it's hard to put into words. i saw a home that was waterfront. we see the beautiful gulf of mexico here. it had been tossed like the wizard of oz, flipped on its side and landed a football field away. >> that's why people say if you're in these kind of things to get out of your vehicle.
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who would have thought that could have happened that fast. i think he went downstairs and was going to try to secure it and do something with it -- >> it went from just rain residue to probably flood stage in 10, 15 minutes at the most. it went from zero to however high it got, the bottom floor of my house. >> reporter: are you scraped? >> i'm cut and scraped and everything else. i'm alive, i'm alive. >> reporter: you are alive. >> i finally got word to her by satellite radio. she was so happy. >> reporter: did you cry? >> oh, yes. >> reporter: what's next? what are you able to salvage from your home? >> we just tried to pick up a few items, hold on to some of the stuff that she liked. she had a planter shaped like a dog's head, had some little h r hairy grass growing in it.
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>> just a few little things like it used to be. >> reporter: you are one of the lucky ones where you can actually go back into part of your home and grab a little bit of what was to then -- >> whereas other people -- ours is in one spot. the stuff under the garage isn't but the inside stuff is still there where these people don't have anything. >> reporter: thank you so much. >> even though their stuff might be right here, it probably not right here. >> reporter: i appreciate both of you. i met your dog earlier. i don't think your dog liked me too much. i think your dog's been through the ringer so i forget her. thank you both so much. i appreciate it. and from here to mexico beach to gary tuchman, he is live at st. george island here with just the first pictures there of the devastation from the storm surge. gary, how does it look where you are?
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>> reporter: brooke, there was some great footage of water rolling in. it came from this security camera that hasn't been broken. the water came through here and now you no longer see any water but you surely see the damage. this is a barrier island. st. george island, florida, four miles off the coast. it's 28 miles long right here, one mile wide, about 250 people live here around the year. but 50 people decided to stay behind and once they made that commitment, they could not leave. there's a four-mile long bridge that connects the island and that was closed. most of the homes have been heavily damaged, some complete lich completely destroyed. but the most important news is there don't appear to be any casualties. we talked to one woman who came here the day before. the hurricane was coming, she
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couldn't get off, and she ended up staying. there's a restaurant that everyone goes to, she stayed in a little apartment on top of the restaurant, she told me she thought she was going to die it was so violent. but she was here to talk to me about it today. there do not appear to be any casualties. when everything gets back to normal, you should come here to visit. lots of trees and beautiful homes, middle class homes, higher class homes, expensive homes but a wonderful place to visit. they will rebuild. they know they're vulnerable. we do believe we're the first news organization to be here since the hurricane came. it does not appear that there are any casualties. >> reporter: thank you. i cannot believe those cameras withstood those category four hurricane force winds. gary, thank you very much. we'll be here for the next two
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hours for this show coming to you live from plmexico beach he as the clean-up has just begun. for now let's go to washington d.c. and breanna keilar. thanks to you, brook. we're back to the turkish government. it says it has shocking evidence that explains just what happened to a "washington post" contributor who has vanished after entering the saudi continent. the backlash is spreading across the globe, and the white house faces mounting pressure over its own hesitant response. we're going to discuss that. also, a significant development in the russia probe. after months of negotiating, president trump's legal team is now drafting responses to robert mueller's written questions.
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welcome back, i'm brianna keilar. we are seeing a major turn of break being developments between the u.s. and turkey. an american pastor whose 2016 arrest in turkey was condemned by president trump has been freed and is expected to leave turkey tonight. we have video coming to us. the release of pastor thomas brunson is coming as officials are revealing gruesome new details about what happened to a "washington post" columnist purportedly at the hands of the saudi. we have much more on saudi writer jamal khashoggi in just a moment. let's talk about the pastor. brunson had been living in turkey for 23 years when he was
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arrested in july of 2016, accused of trying to plot a coup. u.s. officials believed they were close to securing brunson's release. another source says brunson is expected to leave turkey at 9:00 tonight local time. now, as the president celebrates the release of the pastor, he's under mounting pressure to respond to what happened to jamal khashoggi. a source says turkish authorities have audio and visual evidence showing the father of four was killed inside the saudi consulate after walking in the door as this video shows. this evidence described to the source was found to be, quote, shocking and disgusting. two republican senators are now pointing fingers at the saudis as well. >> instincts say that there's no
11:17 am
question the saudi government did this, and my instincts say that they murdered him. it will hugely undermine that relationship, at least with congre congress. the administration will have to pay attention to that. >> i've never been more concerned about his well being than i am right now. all the indicators point to saudi arabia. and if it turns out to be saudi arabia, as i've said before, there will be all hell to pay. >> now saudi arabia says at that it has no involvement in the disappearance of khashoggi and today a assad saudi team arrive turkey to investigate. the saudi nation had little to say today. check it out. >> reporter: ambassador, can you give us two seconds to explain on the saudi view of khashoggi, what happened to him? what is the view?
11:18 am
>> that's really an image, michelle kosinski, that says a lot about where the saudis are on this. tell us, though, where the evidence is leading. >> well, we haven't seen this evidence. it's unclear if any u.s. officials have seen it or heard it. but what turkish officials are saying is because that consulate, it's on their territory, it belongs to the saudis, but the turk have bugged it. so first it emejrged of khashogi actually being murdered. there are sounds of a confrontation by saudi officials with khashoggi, that he's interrogated, there are sounds of him being beaten and then of him being murdered. they believe there have evidence of him being dismembered on the property of that saudi
11:19 am
consulate. now today from the turk, it is emerging that they also claim they have video of this. we don't know if the audio and video are of the same moments. but we've been asking u.s. allies, too, who are operating on the assumption that this evidence exists, but we haven't spoken to anyone who has said their government has seen. so when the turks are going to share this with the u.s. and its allies is not clear. it's unclear what are the turks sharing. now saudi arabia is coming there to have this joint investigation with the turks. well, how is that going to work? so there's a lot to wait for in this case that is nothing but chilling and disturbing. >> it certainly is. thank you so much for getting us up to date on this. we appreciate it. a business backlash is erupting against the saudis since khashoggi vanished.
11:20 am
the list is growing of businesses and business leaders who are saying the future investment initiative, cnn is one of the media sponsors, no longer taking part in this event. richard branson has said he's pulling out of an economic development project in saudi arabia. today the president's top treasury official said this -- >> well, first, let me just say we are concerned about what is the status of mr. khashoggi, although i haven't had direct conversations with the saudis. i know other people within the executive branch have and those discussions are under way. i am planning on going at this point. if more information comes out and changes, we could look at that but i'm planning on going. let's wait and see what information comes out in the next week. >> i want to turn now to cnn
11:21 am
business emerging markets john defterios. >> as one representative told me, it could take them years to recover. this is the crown prince, promising the world, going to challenge moderate islam, allow women to drive, diversify the economy. i saw secretary mnuchin say he's going to stay engaged. he has no choice. i think in terms of the western know how that saudi arabia was looking for, not for oil because they're going to produce about 11 million barrels a day, about the same as the united states, but the diversification to open up entertainment centers, red sea island resorts, a high-tech
11:22 am
city worth a half a trillion dollars, they needed the united states and german companies, for example. they're not going to have them there right now. it will be interesting to see companies like jpmorgan chase and blackstone, they're still on the agenda for saudi arabia. they have billions of dollars at stake. but will the shareholder and u.s. congressional pressure force them to change their minds in the days ahead? that's going to be an interesting challenge. >> and also this line from saudi arabia where they're insisting that they have no involvement but you have reporting that the turks is saying there is audio and video evidence, not just of him entering, not just of jamal entering the consulate but of him entering and being confronted and tortured and killed. will the saudis have to pay a
11:23 am
long-lasting price for this? >> this is a huge challenge. they remain in denial about the charges, despite all the evidence you've been presenting on the program this evening. these are the two side of the crown prince. he says he's going to open up society and at the same time does very serious crackdowns. less than a year ago, he arrested 300 saudi businessmen and extracted $100 billion from them. it all leads to turkey here. it hasn't been proven yet, but if that is the case as you're suggesting here, it's going to take years for saudi arabia to recover. and president trump is trying to protect what he's earned over the last year in his view, $300 billion worth of contracts, a third of those in the military
11:24 am
context. the u.s. congress is going to put a lot of pressure to dampen down defense expectations, who are already complaining this evening they're at risk of losing those contracts and having competition, for example, from russia and china. >> thank you. some in florida are returning to their home for the first time from the storm, and some are realizing there is absolutely nothing left. we will take you there live. plus, we'll take you to the largest hospital in panama city that could not evacuate people from panama city. see what they're doing now with the patients. - at afor the financialt's time world to stop acting the same old way. you need a partner that is willing to break free from conventional thinking.
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welcome back. i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching special coverage, day two, mexico beach in florida. you're seeing me straight on. we also have a drone that's able to give you an enormous perspective of what mexico beach really looks like from the air and how much of it has been taken out. as we fly this drone overhead, you can get a better scope of just the devastation. i was talking to miami fire and rescue task force 2, and they were giving me a little more on numbers yesterday. we're talking to them yesterday as they were still going door to door. he was telling me of the 200 people who they believe would be riding out the storm because they had gone to see how many people would be accounted for for when they came back after this hurricane, 200 people decided to ride it out here in mexico.
11:30 am
he was saying after the hurricane blew through, they had to extricate one person, try to get this person successfully out of the rubble. he told me six people got taken to the hospital, 15 were evacuated. of course i asked what about the missing? i've talked to people who say, well, we saw my neighbor and i don't know where my neighbor is, that number is really still up in the air. when we were hear yesterday, i talked to scott botwell, who was wondering around carrying this dirty, wet brief case, when i was the only thing he could salvage from his mess out here. he totally lost his home, the bridges closed and he ended up riding out this category four hurricane. here's part of our conversation as he was walking back near what was his home. >> it's gone. everything's gone. my friends, everything that lives here, their houses are gone. if you look from here to the
11:31 am
beach, everything's gone. the houses behind me piled up here by my back door. >> reporter: how does it make you feel to look around at everything just leveled? >> well, the thing is, you know, this is a small little town. this is our little town. every restaurant's gone, every store's gone and all of my names, everybody's home is gone. when you think about it, all of their lives are gone here. so how do you -- what do you do, you know? where do you start? where do you start? because i came here and i walked inside and i'm like there's somebody else's couch in my house that's not even mine. so the stuff that i thought i h had, the stuff i thought was of value is even gone here. anyway, it's hard to talk about it. >> reporter: i can't even begin to understand that this is -- this was your home.
11:32 am
it's okay. >> anyway -- >> reporter: let me just say you have you. >> we woke up this morning and that was the first thing we said we're okay. that's the biggest thing. all this other stuff is gone. it's sinking in a little bit, it's all gone. >> reporter: what was it like being in the middle of this category four storm? >> you have know idea. it was so, so strong. you have no idea. it came in and it stayed. the water stayed and all you could see was people's houses floating by you and cars and stuff. it was just like the wind didn't stop. all you could hear was things crashing into the house and the building. all you could see was all just debris. there's a refrigerator and stuff. at first we started seeing people's garbage cans flying up in the air, started seeing debris going.
11:33 am
and metal from roofs started flying everywhere like a tornado hit or something. when we saw the water come in, the surge come in, it didn't stop. it came in and that's what destroyed everything was the water surge. >> reporter: how did you survive? >> like i showed. i don't know. i don't know. i just thank god i am okay. >> reporter: what do you do next? >> i don't know. like i say, i just -- i need to just call my family, get out of here and stuff and then come back and try to piece things back together, you know. >> reporter: mm. after we were talking with him yesterday, we handed him our satellite phone so he could communicate with his little brother and leave a voicemail for his sister to let them know he survived this hurricane.
11:34 am
we ran into him today. he was wandering around mexico beach. i obviously threw my arms around him and say how are you? he said, no, how are you? i said, no, no, no, scott, how are you? one of the people with the graciousness of the people here. the president said he will be here at some point at the beginning of next week. >> he'll get a look at it as you are getting a look at it. brooke baldwin, thank you so much. coming up, we're going to discuss the politics of kanye west in the white house. and georgia's secretary of state is being accused of voter suppressi suppression.
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doesn't say #2018, nothing will. a rapper endorses and praises president trump while a country crossover pop star tells her red state to vote blue. with just three and a half weeks left to the midterms, we are in the final push and there is a lot of stake. van jones sat down with comedian dave chapelle to talk trump. listen. >> you said you wanted to give trump and chance and wanted him to give disenfranchised a chance. do you feel that he gave disenfranchised people a chance? >> it's hard to tell where trump end and his constituency begins. i think the rhetoric of his politics is repugnant. i don't like the way he talks. we're living in a time where there's got to be a little more
11:40 am
cultural sensitivity. even a guy like me writing jokes, i have to listen more than i've had to listen. i'm not dismissive of people's gripes. might sound like it when i get on stage but i listen. and as president of a country as eclectic of hours, it's like a patchwork of people, i think he's speaking to a very small choir. just the way he engages is abysmal. i don't like talking bad about the president. i say we should give him the chance because he's the president of the united states. what choice do i have? >> i think you also apologized for that joke, didn't you? >> i don't ever apologize for a joke. >> what i said is i said i shouldn't have that that [ bleep ]. >> the host of the van jones show joins us now.
11:41 am
thanks for being with us. this was such an interesting interview. you have taylor swift and kanye west 25 days away from the midterms weighing in on all of this. what does it say about where we are as a country that things seem a little topsy-turvy. >> you have taylor swift supporting the male democrat and you've got kanye supporting t m tru trump. and chapelle has never supported anyone and because ben jealous is his god brother and he's known for a long time, he's judge -- jumped in. i think it reflects the society. i think everybody now has a political opinion. five years ago, ten years ago you can take a pass. you could talk about sports or
11:42 am
the weather. i think in the era of trump everything is political. football is political, everything is political. so the artists are reflecting that in their stances. >> it's such an interesting point. i also want to get your perspective on the georgia governor race that we're seeing neck and neck. you've got your democratic candidate stacey abrams. they are saying brian kemp should resign in an uproar of voter registration. a new report shows georgia has put a hold on more than 53,000 voter registration applications and nearly seven out of ten of those belong to african-americans. that's in a state where about three out of ten people are african-american, just to keep how disproportionate that is in mind. in is because they failed to clear what's called the exact match standard. abrams said the law is being used to suppress the minority
11:43 am
vote. as you look at this, what do you think? >> well, it's a real outrage. can you imagine running or being in a competition and your opponent is also the referee. i mean, that's the situation that stacey abrams finds herself in. the secretary of state has responsibility over the election and he's running it. it doesn't make any sense. clear conflict of interest there. there's been a huge uptick in african-american voter registration, which they say we're supposed to do. if you want to be a part of the process, black, white, whoever you are, first you got to register and that shows you can be a part of the system. you had a bunch of people who went and registered. and the guy who they're going to vote against says never mind, we're going to throw out your entire registration, you don't get a chance to vote.
11:44 am
that's dangerous for democracy. suppose this guy actually winds up winning. people will feel like he cheated and it was an illegitimate election. when you have this air of illegitimacy hanging over so many parts of our government now -- people don't believe that donald trump won fair and square, like congress isn't being constituted properly, there's no a cloud being held over the supreme court. how much damage can we do to our institutions? if i was in his shoes, i would go out of my way to make sure if i became governor, everyone would know i won fair and square. he's doing the opposite. >> let me ask you about eric holder. let's listen. >> it is time for us as democrats to be as tough as they are, to be as dedicated as they are, to be as committed as they are. michelle says when they go low, we go high. no, no.
11:45 am
when they go low, we kick them. >> so you have critics who say eric holder is endorsing violence against conservatives or against opponents. he's saying, look, this is fake outrage. he tweeted i'm obviously not advocating violence. i'm saying republicans are undermining our democracy and democrats need to be tough, proud and stand up for the values that we believe in. the end. this isn't the first time he's had to go back and talk about and explain wa he said. he's certainly feeling some heat on this. the gop has come around to embracing president trump and his rhetoric. now they're taking on eric holder as being uncivil. >> yeah. look, i don't want to hear anything from the republican party on the question of civility, on the question of choosing your words properly. they have a whole stack of comments they've got to work through first before they get to anything eric holder said. eric holder obviously was making -- he was using
11:46 am
hyperbole, using a metaphor. here's what's interesting is there seems to be an acceptance on the part of republicans that they are going low. he says if they go low, then you kick them. looks like they're accepting that they are going low. here's what i think. i fundamentally agree with michelle obama's basic position. we can be can can't outhate hateful people. i do think we should go high but we should work hard. there's not going to be a blue wave without blue work. people being upset all the time and up in the outrage cycle, people need to be registering people to vote, volunteering, donating. eric holder is speaking for a lot of people that are frustrated that the republican party used these hardball ta tactics. we're not fating back hard
11:47 am
enough. we should fight back hard in a way that doesn't feed what we're fighting. we don't want to become what we're fighting. we can fight back with love and dignity, the way that the obamas always have. i think that's where most people in the democratic party still are. >> van jones, thank you so much for being with us this afternoon. doesn't miss van's interview with dave chapelle tomorrow here on cnn on 7 p.m. >> president trump's legal team is now drafting responses to robert mueller's written questions. >> plus, back to the aftermath of hurricane michael in florida. we'll take you there live next. names of my grandparents first.e i got a leaf right away. a leaf is a hint that is connected to each person in your family tree. i learned that my ten times great grandmother is george washington's aunt.
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live pictures from our cnn drone as it is hovering above me as we are coming to you from miami beach, from mexico beach, florida. this has been described as ground zero for the hurricane, hurricane michael that blew through two days ago and left utter devastation in its wake here. for some e evacuation was not an option as hurricane michael washed ashore. that included patients at the sacred heart hospital in panama city. the hospital suffered extensive damage and did lose power, leading to the evacuation of the
11:53 am
patients in the hospital. diane gallagher is in panama city for us. tell me what you are seeing there. >> you know, brooke, they couldn't evacuate, but judging by what the rest of panama city looks like, it may have been good, though terrifying. when hurricane michael came through, some of the damage that came through is horrifying. especially when you think about the fact that 15-00 people and we are talking doctors and nurses and staff and as well as their families and pets. you have the patients and their families. and we had to move people to another side of the hospital because the ventilators started to get them over with. they were afraid that this might go south really quickly and they had to keep their game face on.
11:54 am
they are setting up a government-run facility. and that is the only trauma center. pensacola and tallahassee where you are. this is where they would be sent if they needed trauma and care that way. that's not an option here. >> just thinking about the doctors and the nurses and the staff there, some of whom are probably reeling from their own lives and own loved ones and putting patients first. i know the patients and their families are grateful for that. diane gallagher, thank you very much. special coverage continues in just one moment.
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we could be looking at a major development in the russia probe. cnn learned after a year of negotiations, president trump is about to answer special counsel robert mueller's questions. we have chief analyst gloria borger. part of the cnn team that broke this story. she is with us. what do we know about the questions mueller's team has given to the white house? >> there are questions about collusion and about events that considered preinauguration. they have been talking about doing this for months and months and months. finally bob mueller handed them
12:00 pm
a bunch of questions because you can't claim executive privilege preinauguration. the lawyers are busy writing these responses like a tame home test they are doing for the president using documents submitted to bob mueller. the big question is, what are they going to do about obstruction and the question that comes after he became president? >> does this mean there is no way the president is going to sit for a face-to-face interview? >> not at all. in this arrangement, the special counsel reserved the right to go back and ask more questions and they are doing it in two parts. so it's hard for me to think on the obstruction issue when it goes to intent and what is in your mind at a certain point, the special counsel won't say we need to sit down with the president. they are taking it one step at a time. negotiations went on for a year and that was about