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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  October 18, 2018 2:59am-4:01am PDT

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>> he makes the catch. >> that was something. >> what a play by benintendi. boston leads the series. boston can close it out tonight. what a gutsy play. dodgers one win away from the world series. clayton kershaw dominated in game five. game six is tomorrow night in milwaukee. thanks for joining us. it is that time. i'm christine romans. >> i'm dave briggs. "new spinney. i'm not giving cover at all. saudi arabia has been an important ally. >> we need to send a powerful message. >> the trip was more about getting stories to coordinate within a fact finding mission. >> sources leave there could be
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more criminal indictments. >> they brought in paul manafort -- >> people cannot imagine he will be indicted. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is n"new day." alisyn is off, and erica hill with us this morning. great to have you here. >> yeah. >> saudi arabia is trying to get their story straight, literally according to the "washington post," trying to explain away a murder. they are searching for a mutual agreeable explanation of the death of journalist jamal khashoggi. so what exactly does that mean? mutual agreeable version,
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especially giving reporting in the "new york times" that agencies are increasingly convinced that crown prince of saudi arabia is culpable. >> i don't want to talk about any of the facts, and they didn't want to either and they wanted to have an opportunity to complete the investigation in a thorough way. >> leave the facts out of this. in a few hours secretary pompeo will brief the president on his meetings with turkish and saudis. and a source claimed pompeo told the saudi crown prince's king is in peril, and it's a consistent
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dismissive tone from the president himself. >> a reminder this morning that special counsel robert mueller's investigation is still quietly moving ahead. in just the last month, mueller's team has had nine meetings with manafort and his attorneys. white house insiders are expecting more indictments, and a report to be released by the end of the year. and there was a rare interview with others. cnn white house correspondent, abby phillips, and john avalon and "new york times" contributor frank pwraoupby. abby phillip, a mutual agreeable
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look at the events, and another way is to say cover story? >> that's another way of saying that, and it's a huge risk of the administration being seen to help the saudis cover up a alleged murder, a dismemberment in their consulate of somebody who is a journalist, a columnist that wrote about free speech and wrote about being able to speak freely in that part of the word, and it's all happening because president trump is not comfortable of blowing up this relationship over this, and he's fixated on the fact that khashoggi was not an american citizen, and fixated on the fact
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that we need the saudis for financial reasons, and those issues have prevented the president from trying to look at the broader picture here and that's why we are in the position. mike pompeo is over here, he is adviser to the president and he is known to be able to carry out the president's objectives, and that's exactly what he did when he said we want the saudis to investigate themselves, which is not a likely scenario for a fair and thorough investigation. >> it's also fascinating, too, that this pushback in the seaming reversal in some ways from the administration came after the blowback, frank, for those smiling pictures and let's leave the facts out of this, and all of a sudden they are starting to realize that's not the picture they want out there in terms of how the administration is dealing with this, and that's somewhat head
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scratching. >> from the beginning we have got the sense that what the president and his aides want to do is help them launder their representation, and it's a lie. what i find is confounding here is president trump would not be the first president to put strategic interests over human rights. why is he not denouncing the saudis in public, and then picking up the phone and saying, guys, you know i have to do this, you're okay, but he's saying i want to help them find a way out of this, and i want to say all this ridiculous stuff about being innocence until guilty, but he's in public actually showing us how much he wants to help the crown prince find a way out of this? >> why? why is the president doing this?
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>> because he's not a strategic actor, he's impulsive and so he is transparent about his relationships. this is the key to what they thought was going to be the big east peace, but we don't have an ambassador to saudi, and that has been outsourced to the president's son-in-law. where is jared kushner? will we see the alleged conversations he has had with the crown prince. this is a laundering affect. this is a cover story. the administration is complicit in a way that would be the stuff of pulp fi pulp fiction. >> who knows if he is still messaging with nbs, which we learned he may have done, but at
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this point he is not. >> the jared whisper, that's when we know they are doing something. we heard how jared was managing this relationship with the crown prince, and now we are hearing nothing. this is the classic jared kushner wanting to have it both ways, and whenever there is not egg on his face he is not seen. >> frank, nikki haley said jared kushner is a genius -- >> there's no hidden agenda there. >> some said jared is intentionally drifting back in the drapes when it comes to the
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saudi arabia situation. why? >> because he knows it's a risk for him personally and the administration. one of the things we learned erlt in the process is there was a phone call between jared kushner and mbs early in the process, and mbs called him to pry and prespin the situation. also on the phone call was john bolton, the national security adviser. that's in part because the administration was aware as not being able to be seen as having back channels in the case, and they needed to signal to mbs this would be a problem that needed to be figured out, and kushner is stepping back, a perhaps there's another explanation, maybe there's not a get out of jail totally free card here, vis-a-vis jared kushner, and by stepping back he's reducing the opportunities for these kinds of back
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channels, but it could be too little too late. this has been a relationship that has been going on for so long, and it has created this environment in which the saudis believe they could get away with a lot of things, including this with this administration. >> this is all happening in a terribly inconvenient time, and you can't just spin away a dismemberment of an individual. it's tough to put that genie back in the bottle. so what abby is describing is make your own wrist slap arrangement with the saudis, and that's no longer possible. they are betting big this will somehow pass and they can contain the damage. this is the crown prince, and it's not like he is subject to international law here. the plans of having this all go
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away as efficiently as they disposed of the body of khashoggi, that's not going to happen anymore. >> i think it's important to remind people that this is a kingdom, as you point out. what is fascinating on another level is whether there's a real belief within the administration, if there was tough talk on the part of secretary pompeo that they would listen in saudi arabia, okay, so you are telling me, i am the guy with all the power that has been allowed to do whatever i want, okay, i am going to listen now and shape up. the reality of that -- i am not trying to be flip about it, but that reality is, what are the chances? >> these are the same people that thought they could get away with murder, allegedly, depending on how the story plays out. frank, again, u.s. and european intelligence increasingly convinced of the crown prince's
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culpability, and i don't think that's surprising. the president was asked directly if the fbi would go, and he dodged the question in such a dismissive way? he said, why would the fbi go, it's not an america. and josh campbell knows they do it if they want to. >> there was a moment yesterday when he said possibly it exists. >> let's play that. >> yeah. >> you have asked for this audio video intelligence -- >> we have asked for it, if it exists. we asked for it if it exists. >> are you surprised they have not turned it over? >> no, i am not sure it exists. >> there's a dismissiveness in the context of a journalist that
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was seemingly tortured and dismemb dismembered, and i am not sure why the president doesn't know how traverse this looks? >> because it's not a priority from a position of moral principles. this is getting in the way of big deals getting done. >> i think he is reading this one really, really wrong. yes, many americans are tuned out, but if you are tuned in there's no way you look at this behavior and say our president is a strong man. >> he also doesn't think that this is in the grand scheme of things necessarily worth it. i think the president -- every time he is asked about, you know, what about vladimir putin, you know, silencing his critics. he says everybody does that. the president views this as just one more thing, one more of the dirty tricks that people all over the world play and he's actually included in the united states in that, and he's not wrong about that, but he does look at it that way. i think for him this is one
3:13 am
person he's not even an american, why should i -- he literally said, this is not me making this up, and he said it in the oval office yesterday, he said we would make a mistake to potentially sacrifice u.s. jobs just for this one thing, that it would only be hurting ourselves. that's why he is reacting this way. it might be callous or short-sighted, but i think the president views it, as in his words, putting america first by prioritize certain things over the life of a person that was not an american. >> abby mentioned vladimir putin and what trump said about putin, it's by saying things like that and shrugging off the brutality of north korean dictator, or vladimir putin, they could do something like this and get away with it. >> and putin's world is consistent, by saying i am going
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tight-lipped, but that doesn't mean things are quiet when it comes to the russia investigation. a flury of activity is happening in the courts. i want to start with just based on the few things we learned here, in just the past month because this guilty plea was september 14th for paul manafort, nine times he and his attorneys have gone to mueller's office for meetings. is that high in terms of the number of meetings that they have had in your view? >> it is, because, of course, remember, up to that point they were able to build a case against him for at least two trials. they were able to get rid of one, but they had a conviction involving manafort so you can
3:19 am
imagine all the documentation they had before about his own culpability and his own cases, and now they have to have nine additional meetings in addition what they already know from the trials, and it would be about things involving other people. to have somebody vest that amount of time, nine separate meetings, that's a high number a especially in that amount of time. >> we don't know what is happening behind the scenes because unfortunately for us the mueller team doesn't leak. we know what we see. we see the remarkable flury of activity, and then you see out of the blue, "the wall street journal." rosenstein, who doesn't talk or sit down for interviews, all of a sudden invites a "wall street journal" reporter in his office and says i would say the
3:20 am
investigation is right, and rosenstein said i believe i have been faithful to that. a lot of things happening all at once in plain view. >> a lot of things have been happening at once, and we turned away, focusing on brett kavanaugh and the saudis over the last week, and mueller has never stopped working and he continued to chip away at this. nine meetings, that's a high number, as laura notes. and mueller has been able to get cooperation from everybody singing, and so not only are we getting closer to the moment when he finally releases something, he will release something spectacular thorough. so yeah, this flury of activity is something we are paying attention to now, and i think the flury of activity goes back weeks but we were just looking in other directions.
3:21 am
>> i think he kept things on ice in terms of new convictions, new indictments around the midterms, and there was a space where he did not want to be accused of influencing the election through new information, but once election day is over, you will see a flury of activity with possibly far-reaching consequences. >> there are other hints we have, and two of the prosecutors have now gone back to their jobs at the doj. we are learning prosecutors are likely done with michael flynn, so perhaps we could see movement on the michael flynn front, and these negotiations with the white house over the questioning, which all points to we are nearing a finish line. >> it won't be later than february. i think it will be sooner. >> the question is like november 10th. >> there's a problem with that. >> why? >> what if mueller comes out -- he clearly can't release anything now, and what if he
3:22 am
comes out after the midterms, and on november 6th, republicans fair better than is expected. people are going to say wow, if voters had this information they would not have behaved as they just did, and they think we are seeing harmonious -- >> you don't want to have the repeat of james comey who was putting his thumb on the scale. mueller acts as if there's no regard to partisanship. there are fourth coming indictments, you need only read rosenstein's comments that you need evidence that each person on the team is dispensed with,
3:23 am
you have another box checked, and if you tell me there's evidence coming forth are mare taurus. it's in direct contrast with what the president has said about this being a witch hunt all along, so perhaps rod rosenstein is saying if i am leaving and sessions is leaving after this mid-term election is over, i want the american people to know there should be faith about the forthcoming report and indictments. >> didn't bring up michael cohen, and he has been meeting with investigators including questions about the trump organization and finances there, and when michael cohen is in the news the president can't help but comment about it. listen to what the president told the associated press. he was not in trouble for what he did for me, but what he did for other people. he represented me little, it's a
3:24 am
very low level -- i am having a hard time reading this because it's not complete sentences. now if he wants to try and get a little lighter sentence for what he did, dot, dot, dot, totally uninvolved. of course the problem with that is that michael cohen pleaded guilty to something he did do for the president, paying off women to stay quiet about their alleged affairs and he testified in open court that he did it at the behest of the president. >> also, don't forget the president says he is lying. >> which time? >> he's absolutely lying, and even though before he said he was a small time pr. >> yeah, paul manafort had nothing to do with his campaign, and now michael cohen, he spoke
3:25 am
to him while on air force one, but barely knew the guy. that's just what we are going to be confronting, the president and the country will confront of results of of this. >> don mcgahn, the former white house counsel, last day at the white house without a go away party, as far as we know. i think there are a lot of people in the republican world that will look at him as a legacy, however he also testified for some 30 hours maybe about the president and what went on there. >> we are wondering what was said. that may have something to do with why there was no going away party. >> laura, as a white house counsel who has been
3:26 am
cooperating, is he in a different position when he no longer works at the white house? >> he is. he will not have to have the same ideas of placating, and he can now be self interested if he was not already after the 30 hours of interviews that he did not tell the president about, and remember, his legacy, is also the idea that the white house counsel is not the personal attorney of the president of the united states, and their role is not to placate and ensure that his particular hyde is saved. he will not have to feel like he is being watched by other people, and having said that he has not left -- it's not a great job he's leaving behind for the future of the white house counsel, he has been the liaison for the robert mueller investigation up to now, and
3:27 am
somebody that advised the president against firing robert mueller and against trying to fire or dissuade jeff sessions, and that person may have been a gatekeeper and i wonder what the next person will be facing, if that person will be an ardent supporter and advocate for the office of the presidency? >> thank you very much. texas congressman, beto o'rourke trying to unseat ted cruz. both candidates stepping up their game as we enter into the final days of the campaign. we have a live report on the showdown in texas. next. we've transformed this home to show the new keurig k-café brewer makes any house a coffee house. just pop that in for a coffee or brew a shot and froth milk for a latte or cappuccino.
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3:32 am
close but it's definitely a new level of mean when you have the democrat quoting the president to go after a republican, you know something is up. beto o'rourke, ted cruz, the texas showdown. we are live with the latest. ed? >> reporter: john, this is a state that is not used to any kind of close elections or any kind of a state-wide election getting this much attention. beto o'rourke, the democratic darling and savior are texas released a new round of ads saying ted cruz is selling paranoia and fear instead of solutions. ted cruz mastered the political punch. if you want a big government gun-grabbing liberal, the democrats have given you one. >> reporter: the rapid fire jabs are there.
3:33 am
>> he's for them, i'm against them on taxes. he's for them and i'm against them. >> reporter: in the last few weeks ted cruz unleashed television ads painting beto o'rourke has liberal, and o'rourke says he is not firing back. the laser-focused message seems to have halted o'rourke's march forward in the polls. he is behind in the polls. he has barnstormed in every corner of state, we asked him how he would respond to the cruz
3:34 am
criticisms, which seem to be working? >> are you worried those will stick? >> yeah. >> reporter: are you fighting back? >> i think people are stick of the pediness and partisanship and smallness. >> reporter: can you take the gloves off and fight tougher and dirtier if you have to? >> we are not fighting against anybody, it's not against another party. >> with early voting starting next week, o'rourke is shedding the nice guy approach. >> he is going to make up positions and votes i have never held or taken, and he's dishonest, and that's why the president called him lyin' ted and why the nickname stuck, because it's true. >> one of the last democrats to hold an officer in texas, he said he has to sharpen up. >> you can be high minded while
3:35 am
drawing a contrast between yourself and opponent. >> reporter: there has not been enough of that? >> he has not done it yet and he needs to get on it because it's time. >> anti-cruz pac said once that the texas senator never did anything for texas. >> if somebody called my wife a dog and my dad was in on the kennedy assassination, i would not be kissing their ass. >> reporter: in recent days, it has changed. he ripped into cruz for shutting down the federal government and rolling back health care protections and even unleashed his sharpest criticism yet of the texas senator for campaigning with the president. >> senator cruz will put his political ambition, his prospects in the next election ahead of anything else, including his family and those he is sworn to represent here in
3:36 am
texas. texas lost its voice in the u.s. senate in senator cruz. >> the showdown will continue for another three weeks in a race that is captivated a state not used to this kind of political clash. >> erica and john, cruz is focused on conservative voters across the state and he feels if he can turn out those voters that will be enough to carry him to victory, and o'rourke is focussed on generating new voters and frustrated perhaps trump voters disappointed in the administration, and cruz feels confident that o'rourke is too liberal for texas voters, and a campaign manager said a few days ago that beto o'rourke made his liberal bed and tucked himself in it. >> there you have it, and it's taking that metaphor --
3:37 am
>> yeah. >> be sure and watch the live town hall tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. a similar invitation was made to senator ted cruz. and then there's a similar state for republicans like texas. stick around. and then apologizing for a campaign ad, and one of the women named in the ad joins us ahead. alright, i brought in ensure max protein...
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thr heard from republican invaders the last few weeks is look at new jersey. bob menendez is in trouble there. he could go down in that traditionally blue state. is that true? harry enten is here for if not a cold shower for republicans, a room temperature shower.
3:42 am
>> let's look at the latest poll from the state, and this race is actually surprisingly close in this poll. we have 51% for bob menendez, and the republican at 44%. that's closer than a lot of us expected at the beginning of the year. bob won by 20 points six years ago, and he is vastly under performing where he was six years ago. the question is why is that? part of that, if we look at the favorable ratings, menendez is not a well liked individual. he favorable rating is 36 compared to 52%. as we know there was the corruption trial, and it came out as a hung jury, and clearly that stuck with menendez because he's not popular. and how is it that menendez is winning given how unpopular he
3:43 am
is? sometimes politics are not a referendum, they are a choice. with a do what do we have here? even if they don't like him, they approve of his job, but the president of the united states is really disliked, and his approval rate something just 35 compared to 46 for menendez, and i am not that good at math, but from what i can tell 46 is better than 35. >> you are just telling us that now? >> slightly higher than the poll, but not that strong of a victory. >> nine is not that close, but in new jersey it's kind of close. >> it's especially close. i will ask you a question now and i will ask you, what was special about the year 1972?
3:44 am
>> i was born that year. >> my parents got married that year. >> the watergate break-in. >> a lot going on. >> yeah, and what also was special about 1972, it was the last time new jersey elected a republican senator. that's the political history we are going up against. more than that, let's take a look at another interesting forecast. remember yesterday i showed you the graphic about when cnn rates a race leaning towards one party, they win 96% of the time. guess what? that's exactly where cook and cnn right now are rating this race, leaning democratic. there's a lot of political history that bob menendez is going up against. >> let me ask you, you have your daily forecast. where are we today? >> let's take a look. right now we have democrats at 227 to republicans at 208.
3:45 am
republicans gained a little since yesterday. why is that? the generic ballot slipped slightly towards the republicans. if that continues to move, if we get a point or two movement, that could tighten even more so. >> there's also the senate forecast. >> yeah, the senate forecast right now, it's the same as it was, no change since yesterday, kind of a little boring, but republicans at 52, and democrats at 48. that counts a win for bob menendez in new jersey. here's the thing i keep pointing out, and that's there's a wide margin of error in this assessment, and so democrats, if -- let's say they were able to sweep the board and win all the close races, they could get 53 seats, they could, it's just not that likely. by the same token, if republicans sweep all the close
3:46 am
races, they could get 57. that's a huge majority. let's say the house forecast is right and the democrats get more saetsz, what type of message is that? donald trump defied political gravity? >> i suspect you will hear two different arguments. two days ago we were at 229, and that's not a huge change but the way you do your forecast, it's a little bit of a change. the trend is not a positive one for democrats, and if that continues over the next few weeks -- >> yeah, we have a little less than three weeks to go and if we continue that way, we could look at a close election race. this is the bottom baseline. >> that's still a democratic pickup. >> yeah, they need 218. >> there always something about harry. his forecast is available each
3:47 am
day at 9:00 a.m. the powerball and the mega millions jackpots are soaring, and that means you have a chance, we all do -- >> you do not have a chance. >> that is not true. >> you don't have any chance. >> berman, way to dash peoples' dreams at 6:46 in the morning. new theraflu powerpods.
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it's true, it's officially time for the cold weather year, the coat and maybe a hat today, personally i am a mitten girl because i have poor circulation, but that's a story for a different day. >> earmuffs. >> yeah. bottom line, it's getting cold outside and we know it's fall except it just feels a little abrupt. jennifer gray is here with our forecast. we are here with cold season. >> yeah, the cold temperatures
3:52 am
will be here to stay for a while, and temperatures will continue the swing of getting cooler every couple of days. cool air settled into portions of new england, and a cool 43 degrees new york, and 40 in boston. temperatures above freezing. we did have reports of snow in upstate new york, and some of that did accumulate just a little bit. we are definitely feeling the season just change. a high of 48 today. your average is 63. well below normal. boston, 61. burlington should be at 56, and temperatures below where they should be this time of year. we will have a reinforcing cold air by the end of the air. >> thanks very much. the death toll is rising to 21 at an attack in crimea.
3:53 am
dozens of people were injured and remain hospitalized. authorities say the 18-year-old suspect went on a shooting rampage and detonated a bomb before killing himself. new surveillance shows the attacker buying shotgun shells days before, and investigators are looking at possible accomplices. and then the texas district attorney says nassar is awaiting extradition back to texas if convicted and could get up to ten years in prison. there were no winners in wednesday's powerball drawing. the jackpot is soaring to $430 million for saturday's drawing, and that's less than half of what a mega millions ticket to be worth, and that jackpot is worth a $900 million drawing, and you have to choose which
3:54 am
ticket -- >> you can buy one of each. >> buy one of each and not win both? >> i am going to -- >> you are not going to win. >> you can't win if you don't play. john berman, not participating in the office pool when -- >> nobody ask me, which says something about me in general. >> again, discussion for another day. trump says he will not accept the blame if republicans do poorly in the midterms. he says winning elections is not his responsibility, it's vladimir putin's.
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ask your rheumatologist to severe rheumatoid arthritis was intense. my mom's pain from moderate i wondered if she could do the stuff she does for us, which is kind of, a lot. and if that pain could mean something worse? joint pain could mean joint damage. enbrel helps relieve joint pain, and helps stop irreversible joint damage. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious sometimes fatal events
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including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders and allergic reactions have occurred. tell your doctor if you've been some place where fungal infections are common, or if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if you have persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. since enbrel, my mom's back to being my mom. visit and use the joint damage simulator to see how joint damage could progress. ask about enbrel. enbrel. fda approved for over 19 years. so the late-night comics had fun, and they have friends also, but fun with president trump. >> trump says he will not accept the blame if republicans do
3:59 am
poorly in the midterms. he says winning elections is not his responsibility, it's vladimir putin's. >> our president sat down with the associated press and it started on friendly terms, and they said thank you for doing this, to which trump replies, what are you going to do in the next 6 1/2 years with a normal and boring person here? i don't know, dance in the streets? >> trump went on to defend his knack for science by explaining he had an uncle that was an mit professor for years but never talked about climate change. thank you to our international viewers for
4:00 am
watching, and for you "cnn talk" is next, and for the u.s. "new day" starts right now. >> we need saudi arabia and our fight against terrorism, we will get to the bottom of it. >> i cannot imagine anybody doing that without mbs having said make this happen. >> pompeo told the crown prince it's his responsibility, he has to own it. >> they are giving him a free pass at this point. rosenstein said the mueller investigation is appropriate and independent. >> that's rosenstein building a wall to protect mueller knowing trump may move in. >> he has been with the special counsel team nine different times. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> good morning and welcome to your "new day." alisyn is off. erica hill joins me this morning, which is awesome.


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