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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  October 19, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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maybe she should keep her day job, whatever that is. >> president trump praises the congressman for assaulting a journalist. let's start with that. any guy that could do a body slam is my guy. >> president trump praising a reporter's assault as the world waits for answers about a journalist's murder. >> we are to give them a few more days so we too have a complete understanding of the facts. >> this is a time for the saudis to make a narrative. >> the administration has given a blank check to saudi arabia. >> president trump clearly wants to turn the border question into a midterm elections issue. >> they refuse to change the laws. they also figure everybody coming in is going to vote democrat. >> people coming into this country will be in bad situations. unless you address that problem,
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we are not going to stop people from coming over the border. >> this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> welcome to your new day. it is friday, october 19th, 8:00 in the east. last night the president praised a republican congressman for assaulting a reporter last year. >> i had heard that he body slammed a reporter. any guy that could do a body slam, he's my kind of guy. >> congressman was convicted of assault for grabbing a guardian reporter named ben jacobs by the neck with both hands and slamming him to the ground. the president is glorifying that attack while at the same time trying to figure out how to respond to the murder of jamal chas. the washington post reports that
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some lawmakers are planning to defend the president by mounting a smear campaign. >> the president also rolled out -- i guess you could say it was the rest of his midterm message. listen. >> this will be an election of brett kavanaugh, the caravan, law and order and common sense. that's what it's going to be. it's going to be an election of those things. >> all right. not subtle at all. also not subtle is the shouting match between john kelly and john bolton. it was so loud we're told it could be heard throughout the west wing. reportedly john kelly was so upset he left for the rest of the day. we'll tell you what that fight was about. not at all disconnected to the message the president is trying to send. van jones and s.e. cupp.
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>> van, when we were playing the clip of the president mimicking the body slamming of an american journalist, you were shaking your head. >> yeah. you know, i actually hadn't seen -- i had heard it, but i hadn't seen him acting it out like he's a wrestling federation kind of thing. i also fell back to kids. i also go back to young people watching this sort of stuff on television. i used to want my kids and my nephews to watch the news. i'm not sure that that's a good idea anymore. that's literally the kind of thing that, if you saw it happening on a playground, someone making fun of somebody who got body slammed, it would be a teachable moment for everybody on that playground. it is not just the president doing it. it is the people laughing behind him. something is happening where ordinary people, decent people who in other circumstances would stand up for what's right are
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laughing and laughing and laughing about something that everybody knows in their heart is wrong. >> so s.e., i had naively thought a conviction for assault would take it out of the punch line repertoire and take it out. this congressman had to plead guilty for assaulting a journalist. i didn't know it was going to make a comeback as a comedy skit. >> that might burnish it. let's be honest about one thing. when the president goes to rally on behalf of a candidate, he usually doesn't mention the candidate very often. he doesn't know much about the candidate. i am imaging this is the only thing he has known about him, so he went for it. but van is absolutely right. the appalling part of this was the crowd reaction, to me. i wasn't sur viprised that the president went there. this is perfectly in keeping
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with his m.o. i was shocked at how rev la toir the crowd was to hear him talk about a member of congress beating up a reporter and the crowd eating this up. i have heard this described as tone deaf in the midst of the saga. that implies he is not aware. he is not hearing what we are all talking about. i think he's very aware and i think -- i think he sees no daylight between these two things. he does not see one as a problem for the other, in fact. >> talk to me more about that. what do you mean exactly by that? what are the implications? people are asking every day doesn't the president care? >> no, he does not. no, he does not. i think he realizes that is a political problem. but the president in his bones does not feel an affection, deep
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or shallow, for the democratic institutions that make this country great. one of those being freedom of the press. and that assault on the journalist was not just an assault on a man. it was an assault on an idea, freedom of the press. he does not have an sbintrinsic understanding of that. he is told he must care about that for political reasons, but it's an affect. he is wearing it to get through a scandal that, according to reporting, his son-in-law jared kushner is telling him to wait out because he believes the outrage will die. >> that leads us to what president trump will do about this, van. one option is to just wait it out. this news cycle churns and heats things up and chews them up and spits them out at a really rapid pace. >> which jared kushner is saying will happen. >> yes, as s.e. said. that's one option.
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another option is to believe what sounds like may be the new saudi narrative, which is somehow a general misunderstood the instructions. they were to detain, not dismember all of this. this it was a mistake. >> that's why spell check sometimes. there you go. >> we don't know what the president is going to do. thus far, he has believed the saudi denial. >> look, i think it's pretty clear that the trump white house would prefer for this to go away. is willing to hear any kind of ludicrous excuse. the excuse we have right now doesn't make any sense. i accidentally killed somebody. afterwards, instead of calling them an ambulance, i called the bone saw people. who accidentally kills someone and doesn't call an ambulance? >> who brings an autopsy expert with you to detain someone?
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>> yes. it is ludicrous. and the white house, you know, wanting, begging, wishing, praying that they will come up with something that makes sense is ludicrous. i'm glad you have folks in congress, including republicans, who are saying this is a bridge too far. it's just not acceptable for this kind of stuff to happen in broad daylight. do not forget that this was someone working for an american news organization who was murdered and dismembers. america's government, america's president should be sticking up for that kind of person over anything else because the signal that it sends to other governments is that it's open season on reporters, including reporters working for american news outlets. >> s.e., in addition to do, which i do think is a feature of the president's midterm message. going after the media is something he wants to do, we
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also got a few things of what he will hit. immigration, the caravan coming from honduras to the u.s. border as much as he possibly can and he unveiled a new slogan on twitter, jobs not mobs. what do you make of it? >> when he talks about two things lights up the republican base, brett kavanaugh and caravan. i'm not sure who said it first. he's not wrong about that. people tend to underestimate the amount of emotion and passion and in fact anger the brett kavanaugh hearings stirred up in republicans. i am predicting a silent majority will be motivated by what happened in that hearing, right or wrong, to get out to the polls. immigration, as we know, has always been a feature of this president's campaign and presidency that motivates
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republican voters. when it comes to jobs, not mobs, i wish as a republican that he could talk mostly about jobs because he actually has a fairly good record there. incontrovertible, in fact, when you look at the fact when we're at such low unemployment. the mobs part of it is really to the culture wars. that's what's going to animate some of these people who are very angry at the way brett kavanaugh was treated in their minds, the way that others have been treated in their minds. they see themselves in this quote, unquote persecuted man. and, so, i don't agree with it, but i don't think it's going to be ineffective. >> van, i have a theory that's been shot down every hour by every one of our guests, so i'm trie going to try it again. i think he may talk about the caravan because obviously that begins up the base. but i think the numbers are not
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working for the president because they have gone up. family illegal border crossings or family unites have spiked since he had to change his hideous family separation policy and individual border crossings have gone up in 2018 over 2017. my point is whatever he's doing is not working at the border and won't that be disappointing to his supporters? >> wow. >> yeah. >> and you're sticking with that? >> i'm sticking with that. i'm sticking with it. i'm going with the numbers. >> here's what i like about it. i like that it shows a faith in rationally, in reason, in numbers. and in the idea that somebody might ever hear what you just said and care. he's such a nice guy. >> i like that. i like that. >> but what i would say is that, no, that is not how it's going to work. if he ever admits the numbers are going up, he'll just blame the democrats. >> that is what he's doing.
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>> but the republicans are doing -- the government -- >> alyson,ston wi stop with you! >> i'm glad you have so much faith in people and reason. that's a good thing. my experience so far is that that's less powerful. what's more powerful is the narrative. and the narrative is i'm doing everything i can. i'm trying to build this wall. i'm trying to drop nuclear bombs on these families and destroy them and the democrats won't let me. i think that in trump world, every single fact gets turned into an argument for trump to have more power. >> the fact is, again, illegal border crossings are at a very low point. >> van didn't throw a glass of cold water in my face. >> i want to end, if i can, on john kelly and john bolton who apparently had a shouting match so loud and so heated that john
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kelly reported went home in a huff afterwards. it was over this subject. it was over the subject of what the secretary is doing about it. what are we supposed to do with this information of the shouting in the white house over the subject. >> i was surprised it's not a more regular occurrence. i can't imagine how frustrating it must be to work in a white house, especially when, like i said, there is actually a lot of things going right for this administration, but they tend to step all over those things at every turn. so how do you effectively message the prop and then how do you effectively staff, right? that's a chief of staff issue. how do you enforce policy? all of those things are, i would imagine, impossible with the principal, president trump, running every show, running the staffing, running the policy.
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it must be a very frustrating place to work. i'm surprised these blow-ups don't happen daily. >> thank you, s.e. thank you, van. thank you for not throwing a glass of cold water in my face. >> we get doughnuts on friday and we get van and s.e. >> be sure to watch s.e. cupp and van jones back-to-back tomorrow night. 6:00 eastern and 7:00 p.m. eastern. van talks to vets who are running in the midterms and former obama adviser. that will be a great show. >> i like van more than doughnuts, and i like doughnuts a lot. president trump gives saudi arabia more time. can we actually trust the saudis to investigate themselves? we'll discuss with a key member of the foreign relations committee next. nology leaders working behind
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pai'm open to that.medicare? lower premiums? extra benefits? it's open enrollment.
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time to open the laptop... ...and compare medicare health plans. why? because plans change, so can your health needs. so, be open-minded. look at everything - like prescription drug plans... oh, and medicare advantage plans from private insurers. use the tools at or call 1-800-medicare. open to something better? start today. open enrollment ends december 7th. president trump says he believes that jamal khashoggi is dead. the president met with secretary of state mike pompeo at the white house to get briefed on mike pompeo's meeting. listen to this. >> i told president trump this morning that we ought to give them a few more days to complete that so that we, too, have a complete understanding of the facts surrounding that, at which point we could make decisions about how or if the united states should respond to the incident surrounding mr.
5:19 am
khashoggi. >> how or if the u.s. responds. joining us now is a member of the foreign relations committee. thanks so much for being with us. if the united states responds? what do you think that means? >> well, it means the administration is trying to find a way through this in which they don't disrupt the relationship with saudi arabia in any fashion. we have seen time and again the president essentially giving saudi arabia the space to investigate themselves, and it will, more or less, accept their investigation, which i'm sure they are working to work out a detailed cover story to sell to the world. >> are you willing to disrupt the relationship with saudi arabia? >> i am because this is an issue of the united states standing up for human rights. it is not just this individual issue. it is a set of things, including the saudi arabia's support for terrorism around the world and their war in yemen.
5:20 am
and this is a war they have drawn us in. we have cooperated. we're refuelling their planes and providing the ammunition. we are in a place where it is now transactional. they buy our stuff so we will let them do whatever they want without criticism. that is unacceptable for the united states as leader in the world. >> senator, one of the things the washington post is reporting that is increasingly out there in the media world is the idea that maybe jamal khashoggi brought this on himself. i guess that's the argument. he is an islamist. maybe he has a shady past. he interviewed osama bin lauden. should that matter? >> people do not bring their murder upon themselves. when you are seeking a certificate or paper so you can get married and that is an excuse for potentially, we
5:21 am
believe, he was tortured or killed, no, he is a journalist. he's an american resident who resided in virginia. he writes for an american newspaper. there is no excuse for what appears to have happened. >> so, senator, i want to shift gears to immigration if i can because this is a subject you talk about quite a bit. there is this group of migrants coming from honduras headed to the united states. there have been reports the numbers reach 4,000. do you believe they should be stopped from getting here? >> mexico has put forward the request for the united nations to assist them in sorting out those who have legitimate fear of returns, who have a foundation for potential asylum. i think that's probably a very useful step. we have security at the border. we have a process for addressing migrants when they arrive. what we cannot do is proceed to treat children who arrive in the
5:22 am
united states and inflict trauma on them, treat them as criminals and even today the administration is still pursuing a plan to establish internment camps, family internment camps. this is something that's totally unacceptable. we are ashamed of what happened in world war ii. we cannot allow this to be recreated. and certainly this fundamental idea that inflicting trauma on children as a political message is an okay thing is not okay. and i think americans have made that very clear to the administration. but no one there appears to be listening. >> you are talking about the child separation policy, which was leaked to members of the both parties. but is there some way short of, as you put it, inflicting trauma on children of keeping these people from crossing the border? is it a goal? is it a democratic goal? is your goal to stop the flow of
5:23 am
migrants from countries like honduras? >> we understand a lot of people are freeing drug cartels and the united states is tied up in this. president obama worked to have a program to help address the issues in central america so that those conditions would improve and not fuel this type of migration. i think that's a very, very smart way to proceed. but this administration seems to be uninterested. in fact, they almost want there to be an immigration challenge because they are looking for some way to create something to frighten the american people during an election. we should be talking about the things that really frighten the american people. that's a health care people in which the administration is routinely undermining and sabotaging its cost effectiveness and inflicting the challenge of pre-existing conditions on the american
5:24 am
people, that you can't get insurance. you know, they are running a sideshow for the election. we need to focus on the things that affect the american's quality of life. >> as i said, this is an area you have focussed on quite a bit. is it safe to assume you do believe that some number of those 4,000 people who want to get here should be allowed into the united states? >> you know, i met a young woman from honduras who had arrived with her 65-day-old infant. she could not get across the border until she proceeded to pretend to wipe windows, wash windows to get across the car bridge down there. and she said, here's the situation. the drug cartel that controls the neighborhood, my family took a loan from them. we couldn't repay it, so, therefore, they targeted me and said when your child is born, you will be shot if this loan hasn't been repaid.
5:25 am
they didn't have the money. she was targeted. she fled. she delivered her baby en route to the united states. i think that's somebody who would have a very strong case for asylum. she has to be able to demonstrate it. and the challenge is that it's very hard to do that. four out of five families who argue they have a good case, but they can't demonstrate it, they don't get into the united states. but we have established systems for addressing this. and immigrants have family histories in which immigrants have been a strong reason we're here fleeing persecution, fleeifle fleeifle fleeing famine. we could not treat them as criminals and lockup the children behind barbed wire. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, john. new details about president trump's roll in scrapping plans to move the fbi's headquarters
5:26 am
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so new this morning internal remails reveal that president trump was more instrumental than previously thought in stopping the fbi headquarters move out of washington. democrats contend there is a hidden financial move out there. i want you to pay attention to tom foreman here. >> reporter: overcrowded, outdated and crumbling. plans to relocate fbi headquarters has been in the works for years. it could be moved from downtown d.c. to one of several possible sites in maryland or virginia. the cost $3.6 billion tax dollars. but a different plan is calling for the center to be rebuilt right where it is, even though it would be smaller than the suburban alternative, likely have security risks and be more
5:31 am
expensive. $3.8 billion. so who came up with that? >> i'm a real estate guy. i build buildings. >> a study by the inspector general traces a series of meetings in which the suburban plan was pushed aside by the trump administration amid claims that keeping the headquarters downtown could be cheaper. the report shows team trump's math is wrong. nonetheless, press secretary sara sanders insists the president wanted to save the government money and the fbi leadership did not want to move its headquarters. skeptics, however, suspect a hidden motive. for years donald trump had been all for freeing up that fbi land downtown for priechvate developt with his brand-new hotel near by, even talking about getting in on the action. but congressional democrats say something important changed. after he was sworn in as president and became ineligible as a federal employee to buy the
5:32 am
property, he became dead opposed to the government selling the property, which would have allowed commercial developers to compete directly with the trump hotel. he was directly involved with the decision to abandon the long-term relocation plan and instead move ahead with the more expensive proposal. there is no proof so far, and the white house insists once again house democrats have it all wrong. but those democrats are demanding the paperwork to prove it. >> the government won't turn over the information on the president's exact reasoning. why is the president doing this? >> reporter: why? we just don't know. but the inspector general found one of the president's team members may have misled congress about the president's role in all this, and it is all reignited concern about potential conflicts of interest for this billionaire president. tom foreman, cnn, washington. >> our thanks to tom for that. meanwhile, usa gymnastics is
5:33 am
struggling to recover two years after the sex abuse scandal involving larry nassar. this week, the former head of the usa gymnastics was arrested for tampering with evidence relating to the case. and the interim president resigned five days after taking the job. let's discuss all of this with usa sports columnist. christine, great to talk to you about this. you and i have talked to you about this in the past. i thought it was going to be resolved or go away. but the tentacles of this scandal and the ripple effect, are you surprised two years later, we're still seeing all of these events? >> i am. this is the worst sex abuse scandal in u.s. sports history, and the worst scandal in olympic history. it only gets worse. why is that? the national governing body for the sport is in charge of the
5:34 am
well-being for the athletes and put them out there for the olympics. they have had three different ceos, including two in the last six weeks. mary bono was named a week ago and resigned by tuesday. this is a game that can't shoot straight. it's just plain awful because we're talking about the sexual abecau abuse of hundreds of young women and girls at the hands of larry nassar. and they still can't seem to get it right. >> why can't usa gymnastics after all the lessons they have learned, why can't they get it right? >> certainly mistakes and missteps. i have to say i don't think that the adults in the room, be it the u.s. olympic committee, the previous leadership there or any
5:35 am
leadership they have had, i don't think they have taken this seriously enough. i don't think they realized the magnitude of the trouble. now, interestingly, the board of directors, the previous, one left. this is a new board of directors. they still gave us mary bono, who was gone in four days. what that would mean is the u.s. olympic committee would take over. that hasn't happened yet. there is a search firm now looking for a new ceo, the same firm that found the present ceo of the u.s. olympic committee. they will hopefully do the right background check. but they have to find someone else who is so squeaky clean who has nothing to do with gymnastics or the law firm involved with usa gymnastics. there are tens of thousands of people that would fit the bill. they need to find one of them who also has the knowledge and the understanding that this is such a huge issue, and they
5:36 am
cannot get it wrong again. >> you said their goal should be to protect their athletes. i want to read this facebook post about what she thinks is now justice, the idea that this former president of the usa gymnastics, the head of it, has been arrested. she wrote, steve penny has been detained for charges related to tampering with the larry nassar investigation. this is for every little girl who could have been saved from larry and for every coach that penny received warnings about and did nothing. may justice continue to be done. that's the feeling today, christine, of some of the athletes. >> that is true. and steve penny of course was the ceo for many years and the allegations are incredibly troubling. he's been arrested and the idea of evidence tampering and taking files out of the ranch where they all train before the authorities showed up. the tentacles are deep. it looks like they are getting to the people who did these terrible things and the leaders
5:37 am
that failed our young gymnasts. that's the good news. the bad news is that it's taken so long. we're talking decades of abuse. not only in usa gymnastics, but michigan state. it's just horrible. good news is they're getting to it. the bad news is, of course, the countless young women and girls whose lives were changed forever. meanwhile, simone biles is out there competing at the world championships. there she was tweeting about mary bono, helping to get mary bono to resign and now she will try to win her fourth world championship. >> the perseverance of these young women. wild swings in the stock market could be testing your portfolio. plus, the absolute worst
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build attendance for an event. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. and got them back on track. get started at . time for cnn business now. volatility is back on wall street, leaving stocks to fall around the world. is the saudi arabia crisis affecting the market? christine romans with more. >> it's been a rough october for stocks. the dow lost another 300 points yesterday. the nasdaq fell another 2%. high value tech stocks like netflix, facebook and amazon have been hit really hard. selling accelerated after steven
5:43 am
mnuchin backed out of that conference. of course, you have got this u.s.-china trade war. china's economy is growing at the lowest pace since the financial crisis. 6.5% in the third quarter. the chinese economy faces loads of debt and pressure from u.s. tariffs. the u.s. targeted 2$250 billion in chinese goods but threatens 200 billion in chinese experts. u.s. stocks mostly lower. u.s. futures are higher. we'll see if we could have a little bit of a friday bounce back here. >> thanks very much. the mega millions jackpot is at a record high. $970 million. it could hit one billion dollars. if losing once isn't enough for you, you can lose twice on
5:44 am
lottery tickets. you can try your luck with power ball. estimated jackpot of $430 million. >> chump change compared to tonight. the odds of winning are 1 in 350 million. why is president trump so hesitant to blame the saudis for the murder of a journalist? we get the bottom nine next. ine next. elp. line next. ♪ i'm so happy. ♪ whatever they went through, they went through together. welcome guys. life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you. get mentally prepared... could listening to audible bring out your best? i want you to own it.
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5:49 am
world. >> let's get the bottom line. great to have you here. in this column on this subject is entitled a president kowtowing to a mad prince. >> that's right. look, i knew jamal for 15 years, and i'm heart broken at what happened to him. but i'm also horrified at what appeared to me to be a white house reaction that seemed to down play the horror, the situation in which the white house seemed to emerge as an apologist for saudi arabia. i think it is important to note that this prince, the crown prince, who i call the mad prince, this is only the latest reckless action that has been mad for saudi arabia and bad for the u.s. he kidnapped lebanon's prime minister. he attacked yemen and brought eight million people to the brink of starvation. in every case there has been no
5:50 am
consequences. my theory is if there is no consequences this time, then what will happen next? >> in fact, your friend, jamal khashoggi, was on the air talking about this just a year ago. he was on a different news network, and he was talking about the kidnapping of the prime minister of lebanon and talking about how brazen the crown prince was being. so let's watch this moment. >> why does saudi arabia feel right now they could be successful in lebanon and can they really? >> we argue about that. it made the prince feel empowered to this behavior in foreign policy. it is dangerous. >> i mean, first of all, it is chilling, obviously, to just listen to him talk about the trump effect emboldening the crown prince. and now his death is what we're talking about, whether president trump has emboldened the crown
5:51 am
prince. >> it seems to me that the white house and president trump have mistakenly believed that saudi arabia has leverage over us and the crown prince is fundamentally reflecting american interests. in fact, everything is crown prince touches he crescrews up. he kidnapped the prime minister. he confronted and created this crisis to hurt quatar. it pushed them closer to iran. now he, i believe, ordered the killing of jamal to silence criticism and in fact created this huge uproar which i hope will end up unseeding him. we have power. it is in our interests of upholding global warms if we send a message to saudi arabia that the crown prince who orders
5:52 am
killings should not be at state dinners but would probably be in a prison cell. >> i found it chilling to hear jamal khashoggi provide the direct linkage we all know is there between the trump administration and the crown prince of saudi arabia. he brought it up right there. and we know that jared kushner, who has a relationship with the crown prince is preaching patience to the president, "the new york times" reports, because he thinks this will blow up. he doesn't think this is a big enough deal to change u.s. policy. >> i think we have our fingerprints on this in a few different ways. one is that jared kushner and president trump essentially picked out the kroucrown prince before he was a crown prince and helped elevate him to a role. there is an argument, maybe not certain, but certainly an argument that when you have an american president denounce the media as fake news, denounce the media as enemies of the people, then allies pay attention.
5:53 am
and you see dictators from saudi arabia to the philippines to cambodia adopt that same rhetoric and take it somewhat further. and it's sad. i watched american presidents were years uphold global norms about supporting a free press. it's painful to see an american president erode that norm in ways that can kill people. 44 journalists have died so far this year for their work around the world. substantially more than last year. and rhetoric matters. >> having known khashoggi for 15 years as you did, are you surprised by the conservative talk that emerged in the last 36 hours basically trying to somehow tarnish his background because when he lived in saudi arabia he, i guess, knew islamists. he was possibly in and out of the muslim brotherhood.
5:54 am
>> i find this infuriating. jamal is dead. he had his fingers cutoff for his writing. he was tortured and killed. now people are trying to smear him. and i mean, it is also false. it's true that as a young man he was an islamist. he moved in a more secular direction. he championed free expression. he invited people to speak up. now that he's dead because it's inconvenient to blame the crown prince we want to smear him as some kind of a jihad or terrorist, that's shameless. >> do you think human rights has any role in the american first policy of the president? >> i certainly don't think it does. if you look around the world -- indeed when president trump visited saudi arabia, he famously said, look, we're not going to be looking over your shoulder at actions.
5:55 am
some of the first actions they did were to imprison people, including human rights activists. one thing we could do right now is tell the crown prince, look, if you want to show it, it is too late to save jamal's life, but you can release the journalist in prison for proposing to let women drive. and, you know, at least that would be some progress, something that jamal would appreciate as a legacy. >> thanks so much. >> thank you. time for cnn heroes. nearly 10% of homeless adults in the u.s. once served on the u.s. forces. chris is this week's cnn hero. >> what branch are you? >> after starting to work with veterans, i realized there is a huge gap in services. if you have ever served, you
5:56 am
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a very good friday morning to you. i'm jim sciutto in new york. >> and i'm poppy harlow. president trump warning of severe consequences if the saudi leaders are tied to the murder of jamal khashoggi. it is less clear what the president might consider severe. >> turkish officials are promising to release their findings to, quote, the entire world while the saudis are vowing to investigate themselves by themselves. and the president just hours after calling the apparent t torture killing bad, bad stuff, he applauded a republican office seeker


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