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tv   Wolf  CNN  October 22, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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hello, i'm wolf blitzer. thanks for joining us. we start with major political news. the final sprint right now to the mid-term elections. we are just 15 days away and president trump is moving full steam ahead holding rallies across the country. four stops this week as he fights for republicans to hold control of congress. he is squaring off against former president obama and both
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parties of sending out their strongest politicians. these rallies are all being held alone. let's check in with the national political reporter joining us from iowa right now where kamala harris of california is stumping for democrats. what can you tell us? >> reporter: so this is a fascinating first visit for kamala harris. one of her first auditions. she looks at the 2020 race and whether she will run. she is here in iowa campaigning for down ballot candidates including a tight race here in the tight congressional district. that's pumping up millennials and early voting is under way in iowa and the students here are excited to see her, but also about the mid-terms. there is just an electricity around the country that you see at these races as they are
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tightening here and in other competitive states. this is the first time that harris has been back to iowa when she campaigned for barack obama in 2008. back then she was a district attorney out of california, just a nobody. she is coming back as one of the potential big contenders for 2o 20. >> i suspect we will be seeing her in and nevada and other states fairly soon. thank you very much. we will get back to politics in a moment, but major developments in the case of jamal khashoggi. a body double and new interrogations and a cnn exclusive. we uncover more clues and the mystery of what happened to the murdered journalist, jamal khashoggi. video appears to show one of the men leaving the consulate dressed in jamal khashoggi's clothes. our chief international correspondent uncovers the background of this body double.
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>> this man could almost pass for jamal khashoggi and that's the idea. these are the last known images of jamal khashoggi alive. moments before he entered the saudi consulate. take a look. same clothes, same glasses and beard. similar age and physique. everything except the shoes. a senior official told cnn the man on the left is a body double, one of 15 saudi operatives sent to kill jamal khashoggi and cover it up. surveillance cameras capture him arriving at the consulate in a plaid shirt and jeans with an accompli accomplice. two hours later jamal khashoggi arrives and was killed inside shortly afterwards. while his fiance waited in front of the consulate, he came out through this back exit.
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disturbingly, he appears to be wearing the actual clothing of the murdered journalist. the intent? turkish investigators was to perpetuate the lie that he left the consulate unharmed. the apparent double and his com pannian take a taxi to a mosque. one of the main tourist attractions and an easy place to get lost in a crowd. the men head to the bathroom and the accomplice carries a plastic bag. when they emerge, he is wearing his own clothes again. just like that, jamal khashoggi disappeared forever, or so the saudis would have the world believe. little did they know turkish authorities would uncover the cover up. >> from the next stop at a nearby restaurant where he appears to have ditched his fake beard to a dumpster where they dumped the plastic bag. investigators believe it likely
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contained jamal khashoggi's clothes. the pair appear visibly relaxed. their mission is complete. >> joining us live from istanbul. amazing reporting. thank you so much for doing that excellent work. update the viewers on another important potential development. turkish police say they fountain abandoned saudi consulate car today. what do we know about that? >> that's right, wolf. what we are learning from turkish media reports is that police have cordoned off a parking garage in istanbul, not in this area where the consulate is. there is believed to be an abandoned saudi consulate vehicle. this may somehow be related to his murder. it's not clear how also today
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wolf, they interviewed a number of people and more than 20 employees of the consulate behind me going over statements. trying to get their stories straight and tomorrow this will be an important day. the turkish president said he is promising he will reveal the full truth of what happened to jamal khashoggi. >> getting back to that body double, do we know why the saudis didn't release pictures or video of the body double leaving the consulate and hope that people would assume it was jamal khashoggi? >> that we really scratched our heads over. for days the saudis insisted that jamal khashoggi had walked unharmed out of the consulate and you would think if they wanted to bolster that argument, they would release footage of the double doing just that. there could be a number of reasons for it. one possibility is that they already knew their plot had been exposed by turkish officials.
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because jamal khashoggi's fiance was waiting outside for him and she called government advisers here, sounding the alarm after a couple of hours of him being inside, we know turkish intelligence rushed to the airport and boarded one of those saudi private jets that was taking half of the operatives back home. that may have tipped them off that the turks were on to them and changed the calculation about releasing the footage. >> great reporting. thank you. donald trump's son-in-law jared kushner breaking his silence speaking to cnn about the investigation about the death of jamal khashoggi. kushner cultivated a close relationship with the crown prince, mohamed bin salman. he was asked if he trusted the account of what happened to jamal khashoggi. here's his answer. >> we are more in the fact finding phase.
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we are obviously getting as many facts as we can from the different places and then we will determine which facts are credible and after that, the president and the secretary of state will make a determination of what we deem to be credible and what actions we should take. we have our eyes wide open. the president is focussed on what is good for america. what are our strategic interests. >> what advice would you give him in this situation? >> just to be transparent. the world is watching and this is a very, very serious accusation and a serious situation. >> joining us now from congress, a republican house member of the house ways and means committee. thanks for joining us. we have a lot to get through. jared kushner said while they collect facts on the story, the president is focussed on what's good for the country right now. what's in the best interest of the united states. do you believe it's in the best
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interest of the united states to accept saudi arabia's explanation for the death of this journalist? >> no, wolf. i do not believe america can look the other way. obviously get all the facts and all the evidence. accountability needs to be imposed here. you cannot allow a killing like this to go unaddressed by america. we have a strategic interest that has to be taken into consideration. >> do you believe the saudi explanation that there was a fist fight that got out of control and he wound up being killed? >> we will have to see. no doubt he was killed with saudi arabian officials and wait for the final details. being able to impose sanctions. now that we are the largest exporter of oil, we don't have issues that will restrain us from taking appropriate action here. i'm so pleased we were in this
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position as a country. >> should they salt arm sales at least temporarily as they are complete. germany has already done. >> i respect germany's decision, but we need to get further evidence. obviously having relationships with saudi arabia and something in our strategic interest, but sanctions need to be imposed and we have to be sensitive to the fact that if they don't buy arms from us, who will they buy it from? that has to be taken into consideration? >> sorry there a moral consideration other than the nuts and bolts of arm sales and potential revenue coming into the united states? >> absolutely. that's why morally and from diplomatic perspectives, there needs to be action by america and i'm glad we are not restrained by the oil dependency relationship we used to have. we control our own destiny and
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that also frees us to make additional sanctions on the table that otherwise would not have been. >> i want to move to another issue, but do you believe jamal khashoggi was murdered in the saudi consulate and the crown prince bin salman was aware of what was going on? >> i believe the murder did occur within that area. who knew what when is something we have to wait for the evidence. my understanding of the saudi arabian relationships is very unlikely that they didn't know about the situation. >> let's talk about the national security adviser in moscow. he is discussing the intention to pull out of a missile treaty with russia. and also reserve the right to respond. do you believe this is the
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beginning of a russia arms race. all those who indicated this administration is buddy-buddy with russia. here's another example where the administration is putting american is interests first. if you are not going to abide by this agreement and stand in and allow you to take advantage of it. what's being done is what needs to be done with russia. hold them accountable to the agreements they agreed to and if not, we will talk away and hold them accountable in the future. >> put on your hat as a member of the ways and means committee. tax cuts and increases and all of that. the president over the weekend told reporters that republicans are working on a major middle class income tax and goes so far as to say he hopes to have it early november before the mid-term elections. house of representatives is not even in session. there is only 10 days until november. when are you planning to be back in washington with the other 234
10:13 am
republican members of congress to vote on this proposed tax plan that the president has? >> what i anticipate is a proposal coming out, working on tax reform 2.0 and tax cuts 2.0 and targeting. >> let me interrupt for a second. will the president release a formal little class tax cut proposal before the mid-term elections? >> we have been working on this for months. there is a proposal to reduce taxes on individuals as well as small business america. we hope democrats will join us as they indicated in their rhetoric that they support that tax cut. let's join hands and get it done for the american people. >> has the white house told you it will be formally introduced and all the details by the at this time before the mid-term elections? clearly you are not going to be able to pass anything for a while. >> that's accurate. obviously voting on a bill before the mid-term elections in
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just 14 or 15 days and getting it through the senate and the president's desk, i don't see that as a likelihood. a proposal is coming forward and student. >> thank you very much for joining us. >> always a pleasure, wolf. >> we have live pictures of the caravan of asylum seekers. the president sending out a warning, including a claim that the group includes and i'm quoting the president, unknown middle easterners. we will take you there live. one mother said she sold everything and took three children and joined the caravan. you will see her dramatic attempt hanging from a bridge. a plan that would reportedly roll back protections of transgender americans. the reason and the backlash is coming up.
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>> pretty astounding numbers of people marching through mexico and moved through honduras, guatemala and now southern mexico. the goal is to make it to the border. near the guatemalan border, it looks like you are walking with folks in that caravan. they are on the move. what's going on? what's the latest? >> just in the last few minutes, the caravan has begun to get on the move once again, heads north to the town. the next stop on this journey that is only about 20 miles away. people have to walk. previous caravans have been in busses and hitch hiking. there are so many people.
10:20 am
more than 7,000. it's not possible. the mexican police have been shadowing us all along the way and have not intervened. they let the people continue to stream north because there are so many people. last night they slept on the ground in the town. they were given food here and water. but these people don't have much. many said they have run out of water and they are exhausted and have so far to go. they carry belongings and the few things they have, people are traveling with children, carrying children. i saw a man pushing a stroller. just think, they have come so far. some traveling more than a week and have weeks more to go before they reach the u.s.-mexico border. they say that is their destination. >> the president said unknown middle easterners have mixed into this caravan. you speak spanish and have been talking to a lot of these folks. you have seen middle easterners amongst them? >> no.
10:21 am
take a look over here. i have been talking to people for three days and walking with them and traveling with them and seeing where they are sleeping at night. the vast majority of honduran migrants. i have not seen anybody who is not central american. they just want to go and either reunite with family members. a lot of them have been deported previously or looking for economic opportunity and the vast majority, 95 to 99% are hondurans and i have not seen anyone who is a middle easterner or appears to be going to the united states to cause trouble. they all say they want better economic opportunity. the faces of the people here, this is how we are traveling. walking along as cars drive by. you see people carrying children and see people carrying belongings and let they are hundreds of miles ahead of them.
10:22 am
>> patrick is walking in the caravan and covering the story for us. thank you very much. let's discuss with our political anchor for spectrum news. cnn commentator, the host of se cup unfiltered. the president's tweet said it looks like menxico's police and military are unable to stop the caravan. criminals and unknown middle easterners are mixed in. this is a national emergey and i think he meant emergency. what's your reaction to that? >> it's not even a dog whistle. this is fear mongering at the most naked. what's unfortunate is for republicans and conservatives, there are policies, conversations, discussions, debates to be had about illegal immigration. there are problems that stem from illegal immigration that we
10:23 am
should be talking about from sanctuary cities to a humanitarian crisis. we should be talking about it as a humanitarian crisis. instead, the president is choosing fear to just keep people afraid. i don't like it when democrats do that. i don't like it when republican dos that. the point of politics is to solve problems. there is a broken immigration system. he is just talking about fear. fear doesn't be get solution. fear begets more fear. >> when he said unknown middle easterners mixed in. that raises fear. >> it's fear and if you think about it for a half minute, that's a to disconnect people from their own logic and process something logically. if you were a middle easterner who wanted to get to the country, you would take a tourist visa and fly here at the end of the stay. you would just stay. there are easier ways than
10:24 am
walking thousands ofliment of p document your journey. it's silly in a way. this is part of the education of donald trump. not just him, but any president. they issue commands and lift the red hotline. they tell the military what to do and what they find out over and over is by and large nothing happens. he doesn't have the powers constitutionally, militarily, logistically to order 7,000 migrants to turn around and go home. it takes a policy and a strategy, all of which is lacking if you want to solve it. we are two weeks out from an important election. she playing politics. >> he wants to cutoff aid to these countries. if it's poor over there, more people want to leave. >> it's not just a lack of a
10:25 am
strategy, but a bad strategy. he is doubling down on a bad strategy if we are concerned about thousands of illegal immigrants spilling in. maybe we should address the root cause of this problem in so far as we can. that would include leaders in guatemala and honduras and mexico to come up with a solution that doesn't bring this problem to our borders in the first place. instead of just telling people on twitter to be afraid, be very afraid. >> let me get your thoughts before we take a commercial break. a lot to discuss in this "new york times" report saying there is no report to come up with new guidelines rolling back federal protections for people who identify as transgender and define sex as solely male or female at birth and could be presented by the justice department by the end of the year. groups are fiercely pushing out. >> if there were any independent
10:26 am
attorneys who handled this, they will say look, you can't do this. after somebody has transitioned, you are not going to find them 15 years later and say we now invalidate everything you did which was legal. we're not going to turn you back into something that you, the courts, your local post office and everyone else acknowledged. i think what they find once again, a case of part idea logs trying to accomplish what was their stated agenda. >> plenty of people do not believe the federal government should be in the business of transgender identity. that's a legitimate position. this just feels mean. the federal government has done that. to take it away feels like the politics punishment instead of politics of prudence. >> stick around. there is a lot more we are
10:27 am
working on. they called each other everything from a liar to a sniffling coward. tonight the president stumping for ted in texas. we will discuss the complicated relationship. robert mueller is zeroing in on trump adviser, roger stone. specifically stone's conflicting accounts of what he knew and when about wikileaks. give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. [grunting noise] i'll take that. 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. ensure max protein. in two great flavors.
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with the mid-term elections two weeks away, we are watching the state of florida. andrew gillum has a solid lead over ron desantis. both faced off in a fiery debate last night, making one. final pitches to voters and president trump was a central talking point. watch this moment. >> congressman desantis, you featured your children where you are encouraging them to build a wall oust blocks and reading a story saying you're fired. do you think president trump is a good role model for children? >> my wife and i were poking fun at ourselves and i'm proud of my family. i don't read the art of the deal to my son, mason. he's a great kid, but that's not his cup of tea. i was passionate about moving our american embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem.
10:33 am
>> still with us. he didn't really answer the question about whether or not the president is a good role mod model. he talked about moving the embassy. >> talk about a nonsequeter. it is not hard for somebody who made the decision to be a big cheerleader. it's in part why he won the nomination. it's not hard to answer that question. you say of course he is a role model. not everybody president is beloved, but for him to completely side step that was just -- i don't know. a real -- aim shocked by it. >> it emphasizes that every candidate as a trump republican is going to face you can alienate a lot of people by failing to call out donald trump or by calling out donald trump. he was stuck. he can't afford to alienate his republican base and he needs
10:34 am
every last one if you are going to close the gap. he can't afford to inflame the many, many people going in a different direction. >> the president is in texas at a rally for senator ted cruz in a fight with beto o'rourke. that relationship between cruz and the president is complicated. watch what they used to say about each other in the campaign. >> lyin', lie in ted. >> he's a nasty guy. nobody in congress likes him anywhere once they get to know him. >> donald yells and screams and curses or insults. >> i think he's crazy. honestly. >> you are a sniffling
10:35 am
>> that's easy stuff coming out of trump's mouth. this is not the end of it. if ted cruz pulls it out, donald trump am take the credit. if ted cruz loses, he will say i tried to help that loser and he will go back to his talking points. >> se cup unfiltered. saturday night is the new show. i watch it every night at 6:00 p.m. eastern. we are proud of you. >> thank you very much. >> surveillance footage appears to show a saudi body double leaving the consulate in turkey
10:36 am
and murdered journalist jamal khashoggi's clothes. georgia's republican candidate for governor responding to claims he is is you pressing voters in his role as secretary of state. a lot more news, coming up. liberty mutual saved us almost $800
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georgia is fast becoming ground zero over voter suppression. that pits the secretary of state against state representative, stacy abrams who, if victorious,
10:41 am
would be the first african american woman elected governor of any state. he is being sued in federal court for purging as many as 700,000 voters from the polls over the past two years. some have fallen victim to state laws whose name on the voting role doesn't exactly match the name on their driver's license. many don't know they can't vote until they show up on election day. he is responding to a lawsuit in one county where 595 absentee ballots were thrown out because the signatures didn't exactly match the signatures on voter registrations. kemp said the voters can still submit new ballots before election day. this congressman is a democrat and a member of the judiciary committee and the black caucus. you have heard similar stories
10:42 am
elsewhere? >> unfortunately we are seeing intense efforts at voter suppression. one of the thingses we realized is while jim crowe may be dead, he has nieces and nephews who are alive and well. this is a classic playbook effort to deny the ability of people in this case or often african-americans the ability to vote. >> the president's warning about voter fraud in the mid-terms, illegal immigrants voting. is that a serious issue? >> it's not a serious issue because there is no real evidence of voter fraud in connection with the 2016 election. trump's own commission was a phony effort and revealed nothing and no longer exists. just like there was no evidence of voter fraud, there was no reason to believe that will be an issue. >> what if anything can you do of efforts of voter suppression? >> as many of the civil rights
10:43 am
have done, it's important to vindicate the rights of these voters and hopefully you will have realmly just judges who will preside and open up access to the ballot. voting is fundamental to the integrity of our democracy and we need to make sure that every american who wants to cast a ballot is able to do so. >> former president barack obama is campaigning in las vegas for democratic candidates. this energizes the republican base and potentially hurts the democrats? >> i don't buy it. barack obama is very popular with the american people. the coalition that we need to put together, plus independents where barack obama is polling at very high factorability numbers and even moderate republicans in suburban communities all look at the tenure of barack obama's presidency and know he made america a better place. >> getting to the caravan of
10:44 am
migrants making their way from honduras and guatemala up through mexico to the united states, president trump said every time i you see a caravan like this, he said think of and blame the democrats. you are a democrat. what's your reaction? >> that's ridiculous. we want immigration reform. it's a broken system and we want to fix it. this is an example of donald trump as master of distraction. one day he wants to talk about the caravan and the next day the transgender community and tomorrow it will be the nfl players. we are not taking the bait. we are focussed on lowering the health care cost and fighting for the people, no matter what distraction donald trump tries to put before us. >> he's raising a lot of fear in his tweet and he said criminals and unknown middle easterners are mixed in. i heard that this was a national
10:45 am
emergy. he meant emergency. must change laws! people down there hasn't seen any middle easterners. >> no reasonable person can believe anything he has to say. once democrats take control of the house of representatives, we will be able to focus on doing the business of the american people and stop taking the bait from all of these shiny objects that donald trump tries to put forward to energize the hard right in his base. >> let me get your quick thoughts on the murder of jamal khashoggi. the jared kushner, the president's son-in-law said they are still collecting the facts. what should the u.s. be doing as they continue to collect the facts? >> the u.s. needs to conduct their own independent investigation. we have the highest level of intelligence capabilities in the world and the opportunity to work with the turkish authorities who have good insight into what may have taken
10:46 am
place. we can't white wash this investigation and excuse the brutal behavior that took place, probably at the direction of the crown prince. >> you have no doubt about that? >> we will see what the investigation reveals, but every sign points to the fact that this was a high level operation filled can escape plans and body doubles and no reasonable person can look at the situation and conclude that the crown prince was not likely involved. >> thanks for joining us. >> thank you, wolf. >> a polio-like virus continues to spread among kids and doctors don't know how or why. why robert mueller's special counsel is deepening its investigation to roger stone and his ties to wikileaks.
10:47 am
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all right. just into cnn, cases of a rare polio-like illness paralyzing children across the united states, they are on the rise right now. the cases. the cdc says they're now investigatie ining 155 cases of what's called acute flaccid myelitis in nearly two dozen states, up from 127 cases reported just last week. so far, not a lot is known about afm or what causes it. the disease affects the nervous system and is mostly found in children. symptoms include sudden weakness in arms or legs, trouble breathing and slurred speech. there's other news we're following. roger stone in the crosshairs right now. the special prosecutor, robert mueller. "the washington post" reports that the longtime ally of donald
10:52 am
trump is being looked at over possible ties to wikileaks and whether he had prior knowledge of the release of hillary clinton's e-mails. joining us now, cnn legal analyst, joey jackson. so joey, what do you think? what kind of -- what are they really looking at right now? how significant is this? remember, this is not new. certainly, he's been in the crosshairs for quite some time. and you know that by virtue of the associates that they're looking at. they're not only looking at him, but in looking at him, they're looking at everybody with whom he associates, whether it's his social media director, whether it's the person with which he lived with for a longtime, sam nunberg. so at this point, you know, he has given information, he testified in 2017, as you know, in front of the house intelligence committee. and at that point, he said he had no knowledge in terms of the wikileaks, the contact and the connection with him and julian assange. he pretty much denied that. i think there's a few things they're looking at.
10:53 am
number one, they always look to the lie. whether or not you give misinformation. as we know, if you testify before congress and give misinformation, you need not be under oath, it would be a lie and it would be a crime. number two, they look at issues, if you did give misinformation, does it rise to the level of obstruction of justice? number three, if he did know about any type of dump of this information, as he's bragged about and said, oh, i really don't know anything, you look towards conspiracy. and i think there's a fourth prong. when the special counsel looks and investigates, it's not only what they're investigating, it's any other financial information that could embroil you in any illegality. i think there's exposure here and it could be highly problematic. >> let's just be precise. if he knew in advance of the wikileaks release of these e-mails from hillary clinton and others, is that necessarily a crime? >> well, it depends upon where you fall. if you know about the information and that's it, okay, well, there's a lot of things you or i might know that, you know, that doesn't necessarily amount to a crime. the issue is whether or not he colluded. to what end did he know about it?
10:54 am
it seemed like he knew an awful lot. these are questions of fact. remember that any indictment simply means two things. that there's reasonable cause to believe that a crime was committed and that he committed it. could it be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that, with ""a knew in advance and number two, he coordinated? that's another matter. but if you get to the matter of coordination in releasing that information, then, yes, it would be a crime. >> he has said several times that he expects to be indicted. do you think he will be? >> and he's raising money for it. i do. and i want to predicate that by saying, not because i believe he's guilty, he may not be. that's going to be an issue for facts and due process, but because the standard is so low, reasonable cause to believe that a crime has been committed. look at the statements he's made, look at how he's pretty much reserved from those statements. i think that there's reason to believe that he may have had information about wikileaks and what they knew, and he will be indicted as a result. >> and we know that robert mueller and his team have interviewed a lot of his associates. >> yes, we do. >> so we'll see where this lines up. joey, thank you so much for joining us.
10:55 am
joey jackson. >> of course, wolf. just in, the house minority leader, nancy pelosi, said democrats would handedly win the upcoming midterm elections and take the majority in the house if the election was held today. but you're going to hear her caveat. and as we know, the election isn't being held today. plus, stunning new cnn reporting, exclusive new cnn reporting, the saudis appear to have used a body double in the apparent cover-up of a murdered journalist. you're going to see what we found. ♪ (electronic dance music)♪ ♪ ♪ when i was shopping fothe choice was easy. i switched to geico and saved hundreds. excuse me... winner! that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched.
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click or visit a retail store today. i'm erica hill in today for brooke baldwin. 15 days. 15 days until the midterms. an election former president obama is calling the most important of his lifetime. but there is energy on both sides here. today, both the 45th and 44th presidents are out on the trails, stumping for candidates in heated midterm races. president trump will be campaigning for the man he once called a liar, repeatedly. senator ted cruz, while former president obama is hoping to drum up democratic support in nevada for the congressional and governor's races there. also out today, politicians who may have their sights set on 2020 and their surrogates, fanning out across the country in key primary states. joining us now to talk