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tv   Wolf  CNN  October 29, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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as long as he or she accepts medicare patients. and three: these are the only medicare supplement plans endorsed by aarp. learn more about why you should choose an aarp medicare supplement plan. call today for a free guide. i'm wolf blitzer and it's 1:00 p.m. here in washington. two purveyor of hate set to come face-to-face today. two separate courtrooms at this hour. one in florida and in pennsylvania as the suspects in the heinous acts of hate face a judge for the first time. the suspect in the deadly tree of life synagogue shooting on the left of your screen or the right, cesar sayoc was accused of sending pipe bombs to the president's political opponents. life goes on in pittsburgh with
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a heavy heart as the community comes to grips with a truly horrific crime in a synagogue targeted because of their religion. the suspect is expected to make his initial court appearance later today. he faces 29 federal counts in the shooting and that number could rise. two other people wounded are hospitalized in critical condition right now. we are hoping for the best for them. prosecutors plan to pursue the death penally in this case. jessica has been there since saturday at the tree of life synagogue. what are you seeing there today? >> good afternoon to you, wolf. you see the tree of life right here behind us and the memorials that have gone up for the 11 lives lost. this is smack dab in the neighborhood of squirrel hill that we have been talking about, a close-knit community.
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people are bringing flowers and checking in on each other. a lot of that as well. we are learning more about the 11 victims and people with personal relationships with them stopping by. again, trying to begin to take all of this in. it's just overwhelming for a lot of people. everyone trying to join to make sure that love is the message that is getting out from squirrel hill. >> you are getting more information. those wounded in the attack, police officers were wounded as well. >> that's right. we know that two officers remain hospitalized by this morning. two additional people also hospitalize sad hospitalized. of the four, one was in critical condition and one of the officers in critical condition. we have them getting treatment as we speak. of course we are learning more about the 11 victims. all of them really deeply rooted in the community. all of them of course attending
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services on that saturday morning. there was a married couple, the simons, they were married here at tree of in 1956. their neighbor said they were people who often wanted to give back and they were active in the jewish community. another woman, 75-year-old joyce feinberg was a former research specialist at the university of pittsburgh and was a grandmother and a mother. she lit up a room. she was a small person, but her important was big and lit up a room. she was will certainly be missed. she was described as warm and elegant. we are hearing about dr. rich, a local dentist who had been practicing with his wife for years. so many people that are so dearly missed here who were peacefully practicing their religion on saturday when that gunman walked in. >> horrible, horrible situation. our hearts go out to their families and friends. jess jessica, thank you very much. a strong, sobering, and hopeful
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message from the tree of life synagogue's rabbi, jeffrey meyers. listen to this. >> i experienced anti-semitisim my whole life in one form or another. i just never thought it could reach this level. someone who had taken to their own hands and make a decision that they need to murder jews. that concerns me not just as a jew, because it wasn't just an attack on the jewish community, but an attack upon america. this gunman made it clear that people anywhere that wish to worship need to be concerned because this challenged our freedom of worship. we are a tree of life. as i said before to many, you can cutoff branchs from the tree, but tree of life has been in pittsburgh for 154 years.
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we will rebuild and be back stronger and burden of proof ever. i will not let hate close down my building. >> now he has to officiate at the funerals in pittsburgh. joining us from pittsburgh is the director of marketing for the jewish federation of pittsburgh. thank you so much for joining us. our hearts go out to you and everyone else there. you worship, i understand, at the tree of life synagogue. what do you make of the rabbi's message? >> i think he is saying the same thing we are all thinking right now. we are mourning the victims and really trying to come together as a community. pittsburgh has been a really safe community. we will continue to be despite the random act of violence. this event is bringing us together even more. >> the rabbi said that protecting worshippers and being
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welcoming is a big question. what will security look like at the synagogues and the jewish community centers and the schools going forward in the pittsburgh area? >> you know, we have been working very closely on security. the jewish federation of greater pittsburgh hired a director under two years ago. we have been working on the security in the buildings and with the community. something that a lot of people don't realize is that even in the best of situations, sadly, some of the people often first on the scene are the staff of these organizations and the members. the training is really designed to make sure that those people know what they are doing, god forbid there is another situation like this. >> what are do you say to those who may be afraid to go back into the synagogues in pittsburgh? >> i would say the same thing i said a moment ago.
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pittsburgh was one of the safest cities in the united states in terms of our jewish community and will continue to be one of the safest communities. this is a random act of violence. we will be looking at security measures in conjunction with the city of pittsburgh, who has been terrific in their response to this. i think people can really rest assured that this is a safe community and they will be in the places they worship. >> you have a tightly knit jewish community in pittsburgh. how are the folks coping right now? >> we are really still in shock. myself, i'm just having a hard time processing it. i really have seen people come together and really have a better sense of community as a result of this. the jewish federation has a fund for victims of terror. we have seen 1,200 donations come in. people are coming out in support
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not just from the jewish community, but from pittsburgh. >> thank you so much for joining us. once again, our deepest condolences. it's an awful situation. thanks so much. >> appreciate that. thanks for having me. >> after the mass shooting in las vegas and parkland, florida. president trump visited those communities, but some jewish residents in pittsburgh say no thanks, at least not yet. they said the president is not welcome until he denounces the hate speech. our white house correspondent and cnn's political analyst for american urban radio networks. has the white house formally said whether or not the president is heading to pittsburgh? >> they haven't, but president trump said he wants to go. jared kushner and ivanka trump as daughter and son-in-law have urged him to go and said he
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needs to make a show of support for the community. likely we will hear from sarah sanders when he is going to go. they were planning on tomorrow or wednesday. they are trying to figure out the best time for him to go. he is going to go. he said he wanted to go. we heard him denounce this act. this comes behind the walls of the west wing with questions of his behavior and how he should respond appropriately. there are white house aides telling the president this is the time to be presidential and hear those calls, but they are frustrated by this borage of criticism he is receiving and calls from his critics saying he is not responding appropriately to all of this. >> the president is looking for answers. everybody is looking for answers, but look at what the president tweeted as far as responsibility for what's going on. there is great anger in our country caused in part by inaccurate and fraudulent
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reporting of the news. he saided t ed ththe media is u enemy of the people. this is the wrong message to be delivering at a sensitive time, accusing the news media of being the enemy. in the aftermath of this and these bomb attacks and the bombs sent to a news organization, it will be a new discovery today. the president is tweeting once again about this. >> someone who is a target of the president's hate, what i can tell you is that this is reckless and it's not responsible from someone who is stirring a caledron of hate. you see the fumes landing in so many different places. we saw this what happened in pittsburgh a couple of years ago at mother emmanuel church. a sad day when people are gathering in their house of worship. moralistically and lovingly trying to worship their god and
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being shot down because of a code. a dog whistle. the way i understand it, what i'm hearing from my sources is that the president has been in touch with israeli leaders and warned him do not make this a street fight. the president is laying low because he is hearing the calls. at the same time, how do you marry the situation with the president last week saying he is a nationalist? all you have to do is say white nationalist to that. we have seen this before what happened with the bombs. we saw the kroeger in kentucky. a white man shoot and kill two black people and they said white people don't kill white people. a call to action of sorts. now this. it's not going to stop until this president stops these menacing tweets. these tweets are a menace to
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society. >> going to face a federal judge pretty soon. the president was asking what he thought should happen. >> when you have crimes like this, whether it's this one or another one on another group, we have to bring back the death penalty. they have to pay the ultimate price. >> i should point out that the federal death penalty came back in 1988. pennsylvania has a death penalty. >> i'm in the sure what he is speaking about. the changes carry a death sentence. there is no need to bring back something that presently exists. whether the death penalty is a solution is debatable, but the president misses the point that the cases are death penalty-available cases. the conversation you had with april, he misses the point that the tone at the top matters greatly. i spent 15 years in the private
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sector in times of crisis. what we learn side that the tone at the top matters followed by actionable mid-market activity. after the church bombings in 1996 when they passed the church arson protection act, president clinton instituted a task force to report back and make findings to address solutions to this. this is what is needed here, not blame. there is enough blame to go around and tone at the top followed by action so there can be solutioned. >> you know this as well as i do. a lot of the supporters and friends and admirers have gone to them and saying mr. president, don't talk about the enemy of the people. the news media being the enemy of the people. he said the true enemy of the people. he blamed the news media for a
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lot of attention going on right now. he rejects that. he doubles down. i don't know if he realizes that there are nutty people out there when they hear him say the news media is the true enemy of the american people. we have to do something about that. >> those are the questions they are facing. dana bash interviewed the campaign manager asking about the e-mail sent out on the day cnn had to evacuate and she said the media needed a wake up call. brad middle that didn't mean violence. that could say the president had support. what about the people who can't distinguish the difference saying a wake up call and they need to realize how many people support the president and take that as an act of violence needs to be carried out.
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he said there is nothing you can do for people who feel that way. we are aides have appealed to the president and told him that going after the media and attacking the media is not the best response. also in the last two weeks. the president believes this is a winning strategy and thinks it will appeal to his supporters and they feel he is treated unfairly by the media and and they continue to point back to what percentage is negative. you can bet sarah sanders will bring that up today. whether or not that's had to accurate, that's what the white house doesn't feel. they think it's negative. >> for telling the truth, we are fake. >> if you look at causation, you look at the words out of the mouth of the president and the response and you look at the bomber and who he sent the pipe bombs to, three came to cnn. two to analysts and one to the network itself.
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we see the connection between words and actions. if you don't understand that, you miss the point. >> very are very dangerous utterance that the president is continuing to make, doubling down on a very reckless statement as well. i hope that he moves on, but so far he has not. there is much more to come this hourings, but as we go to break, a reminder of the wonderful people we lost this weekend in pittsburgh. let me mention their names as we pay our respects. joyce fineburg. richard got freed. rose mallinger. jerry rabinowitz. david and cecil rosenthal. simon and bernice simon, daniel stein, mel vip pax,
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. federal authorities investigate another suspicious package in atlanta. jeff zucker said it was intercepted in an atlanta post office and there is no imminent energy. two bombs addressed to the new york offices were discovered along with a dozen other devices sent to prominent democrats critical of president trump. the packages intercepted appears to be identical to the others and they believe it was sent by the suspect, cesar sayoc. that would bring the packages to 15. officials say he also had a list
10:22 am
of more than 100 people he intended to send packages to and makes his first appearance at the top of the hour and faceless federal charges and could get up to 48 years in prison, if convicted. outside the federal courthouse in miami where the hearing will take place. give us a preview. >> this is expected to go quickly. he is going to be advised of his rights in the southern district of new york and going to be represented by a local attorney. a guy named james benjamin from a law firm north of here in fort lauderdale. we know the government wants to get sayoc out of here and move him to new york city where five of the packages were address and where the complaint was filed. we also know there is substantial evidence that the government so far has put into the record that would include
10:23 am
sodering equipment in this is van, stamps, papers, printing equipment and a powder, all of which could play into the investigation. we also know authorities say they did find a fingerprint of sayoc on one of the bombs sent to california congresswoman, maxine waters. >> joe, thank you very much. we will get back to you. i want to get to more of the changes facing this suspect and a suspicious package sent to the cnn headquarters in atula ant earlier in the day. joining us now is our justice reporter, evan perez and legal analyst, laura coates. tell us more about what we know about this package sent to the cnn center in atlanta. >> one of the thing that is the president of the network said in the message to employees is that all packages addressed to cnn are being taken and screened at an off-site location before they
10:24 am
get to cnn believes. that's why in this case there was no harm to anyone at cnn. as you reported, there are plenty of other people put in danger with these types of events. mail carriers and people who are handling these packages before they get to cnn. any of them could have been hurt and they are taking this just as seriously as they have. the 14 others or the 15th package tied to cesar sayoc and the fbi is investigating to see whether or not it contains the same device or it does trace back to him as joe johns was pointing out. they were able to connect the devices they found last week to somebody's dna. the dna was found in two of the pipe bombs. his fingerprint was found on at least one of them. this made the police work a lot
10:25 am
easier for them. it turns out that he has a rap sheet a mile long. they were able to match that up with the stuff he had done before. >> he found it with a hit list of about 100 names. he was spending to send out these kinds of improvised explosive devices? >> right. we learned today he had a hit list of about 100 people or more that he was intending to work through. this is why on friday even after he was arrested, one of the things we kept hearing was the concern that there might be additional packages. the last one they believe he sent was on thursday. it takes a few days for them to work through the system. >> the fbi notified the individuals on this hit list out of an abundance of caution. walk us through the procedure he is about to face a federal judge. tell us about that. >> the first half, he has due process the crime is apparent
10:26 am
and the evidence compelling. particularly the fingerprint evidence. have the charges read to you. expect to have more charges be brought now that more packages have been found, but he will plead guilty or not. they will figure out where he needs to stay. will he be released? he will not be? he will remain in florida where five of the packages went. they had jurisdiction over that which is very, very well versed in terrorism. they had the chelsea bombings and the embassy bombings and a lot of experience with terrorism happening in the fdny. the procedural-based one figuring out what charges and they will probably expand and whether he will be tried and changed and florida or new york or anywhere else the packages may have arrived or are going to. >> they are learning more about
10:27 am
the guy, the white supremacy and anti-semitism. we are talking about sayoc, the guy in florida. this was quite a character. >> he was quite a character and made clear where his leanings were. he was very active on social media and had multiple accounts to retweet and send out memes he saw in the right wing media. as you said, for everyone to see when the fbi arrested him on friday, right next to the van where he seemed to have been living, you can see on the van plainly the messages he had, including cnn sucks and all that stuff. >> the charges have nothing to do with him intending to harm anyone. the courts don't care that nothing came of the devices. the fact that he tries is enough to have serious charges transported through the mail. >> thank you very much. the brutality and anti-semitism
10:28 am
that unfolded in pittsburgh around the world are sounding an alarm, but with a growing threat from anti-semitism, we will discuss this and more. danny is standing by live. a political stunner in brazil. the far right candidate who is compared to donald trump wins big at the polls and will be the country's next president. what does it mean for brazil? with less of the sugar you don't. [grunting noise] i'll take that. 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. ensure max protein. in two great flavors.
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pittsburgh is mourning and vowing to come together as a unified front after the deadliest anti-semitic attack in u.s. history. they fountain alarming trend. last year there was a 57% increase in anti-semitic incidents here in the united states including this unforgettable moment. neonazis marching through the streets of charlottesville, virginia chanting jews will not replace us. >> jews will not replace us! jews will not replace us! >> now just one year later, 11 murdered in the sip going in a place of worship. they are making it clear hate has noplace in his synagogue. >> we will drive anti-semitism and the hate of any people back
10:34 am
to the basement on their computer and away from the open discussions and dialogues around the city, around the state, and around this country. >> joining us now to discuss ambassador to the united nations. thanks so much for joining us. it's pretty alarming to think here in the united states, a 57% increase in these incidents in 2017 and the deadliest attack in american history. how do you think we got here? >> good afternoon, wolf. unfortunately anti-semitism is not only in europe,but here in the u.s.y are very happy with the social media, but unfortunately, it's a very effective tool to promote hatred and insight. we saw the results when they entered the synagogue in the middle of the service. we need to take action. they are very important and we
10:35 am
appreciate that, but we should speak about the next step of how to prevent the next massacre and we should do two things. the first of all, we should make sure that you have more security in synagogues. when i walk into a synagogue in london, i see security. it is not the case in the united states. we have no other option but to put more guards and security in synagogues. the second is monitoring the social media of potential terrorists. we do it in israel and we are able to prevent many cases ever people who want to commit a crime. in the u.s., you will find the mechanism to do that and i'm aware of the freedom of speech. it's not freedom of hate. you need to find the mechanism to monitor the plan to kill innocent people. >> i know israel has a lot of experience in dealing with terrorism with violence. i'm told that the prime minister
10:36 am
is putting together a group of israeli experts to come here to the united states to work with the american jewish community to help strengthen security at jewish institutions and synagogues and schools. jewish community centers. tell us about what the prime minister has in mind. >> we're offer support to the jewish community worldwide, but we expect that the authorities will take care of the security of the jewish people. that is the case in europe and that is the case in the united states. we will not replace the authorities and i believe that the authorities with the jewish community need to sit down and give them our experience that we have thou do it. for the u.s. government and jewish community to find a way to promote a better environment for the people who come. >> the israeli prime minister had this message for the people of pittsburgh and i'll quote. after the holocaust, many hope
10:37 am
that anti-semitisim will be relegated to history. these attacks are nothing new in the history of our people, what is new is our ability to fight back against the anti-y is mights. where do you think we go from here? >> now in the jewish tradition, we have a week of schiffa. we will take our time, but a week from today, we have to sit down and see what we are doing practically. it happened in charleston in the church and a few days ago in pittsburgh. we don't want to see in a few months or a year if something like that happens again. monitoring social media is crucial and monitoring the activity. >> it's a dangerous situation. i know you have been in the united states for a while. did you ever think you lds see anything like this here in the united states? >> in 2014, i was the deputy minster of defense and i entered
10:38 am
jerusalem after a similar attack. i never imagined i would come to the u.s. in 2018 and we would see similar pictures of a holocaust survivor being killed in the united states. >> you just heard once again that awful sound at charlottesville when you heard the neonazis declaring jews will not replace us. the timing was depressing for a lot of people that president trump in his response to going on said they were very fine people on both sides. i know you are not going to give advice to the president of the united states and you are a diplomat, but give us your reaction. >> we are not going into your politics. we have enough politics in jerusalem, but we should not allow hatred around us. we heard the chants and
10:39 am
farrakhan was speaking against the jays and the media sometimes. those people should be denews of nouns and should not accept this language. they speak against the jews and the tweet against the jews and at the end they enter and kill jewish people. >> they said that the jews were maybe not semite, but termites. that was clearly an awful, awful statement on his part. >> thank you very much, wolf. >> this just coming in right now. we get word from the federal courthouse in pittsburgh that the suspect in the synagogue massacre entered in a wheelchair and was released from the hospital this morning. the federal judge is currently heading the 29 federal charges. jean casarez is in the courtroom and we will have a live report as soon as she can walk out.
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the synagogue shooting suspect just made his appearance in pittsburgh in the federal courtroom. you just walked outside. tell us what happened. >> yes, this just ended mondays ago. u.s. marshals entered the courtroom and there were three of them. they went through the door where the defendant was to enter. two public defenders were on the defense side. the defendant was wheeled in in a wheelchair. he had civilian clothing on. he had a blue pull over shirt.
10:45 am
it appeared as though i could see his right leg. i saw a white bandaging on that leg. he appeared to be very aware. it was a packed courtroom. all media, from what i could see and tell. he did not look into the gallery at the courtroom, but straight ahead. he was wheeled to the center between the two defense attorneys. he was cuffed at his hands, but had to sign paperwork. they had plastic gloves on their hands undid his handcuffs and he consulted with one of the public defenders before signing the do you means and took a couple of minutes to read, acknowledge, and sign the documents. once that was done. the u.s. marshals recuffed him and that is when the judge entered, sat down. it was the magistrate judge. he began to ask him questions. first question was, are you the
10:46 am
defendant, stating his name. the answer was yes, i am. are you charged in the criminal complain and went through charge 1 through 11 and what it was. 12 through 22, up until 29. have you received a copy of the complain. yes, sir, the defendant said. are you choosing to waive the reading of the complaint. the defense attorney spoke that they would be waiving that. and then asked if he would want to hear the possible penalties that are involved in convicted on all of these counts. there was a consultation and the public defender said we waive the reading of the penalties. the judge said we have to state a date for the preliminary hearing where circumstantial evidence put on to show possible cause that he committed this offense. the date was set to be this thursday at 10:00 in the morning
10:47 am
for the preliminary hearing. he is committed to the custody of the marshal and the public defenders waived any issue on bail. they have waived it. wolf? >> he's going to be in jail for a long, long time. thank you very much. we will take a quick break. much more on all the breaking news after this. i'm dianne feinstein and i approve this message. "look what she's accomplished... she authored the ban on assault weapons... pushed the desert protection act through congress, and steered billions of federal dollars to california projects such as subway construction and wildfire restoration." "she... played an important role in fighting off ...trump's efforts to kill the affordable care act." california news papers endorse dianne feinstein for us senate. california values senator dianne feinstein
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get up to $200 off select xps 13 laptops at (intel chime) the u.s. attorney in western pennsylvania, scott brady, is about to make a statement following the first court appearance by the suspect in the synagogue mass murder. we're going to have live coverage of that. you're looking at live pictures coming in right now. stand by, that's coming in momentarily, we're told.
10:52 am
in the meantime, there's other important news we're following. in brazil, the far-right candidate, jair bolsonaro is declaring victory in the country's election. some of his critics call him the brazilian donald trump, in a cunniountry staggering from corruption scandals and rigsz -- rising crime, he ran on a platform of draining the swamp, but also made racist statements against women and declared he would rather his own son die in an accident than have a gay family member. during the campaign, he also threatened to eliminate or compile hexile his political opponents. president trump tweeted out his congratulations, saying he's already spoken with the president-elect of brazil. joining us, susan glasser, cnn political analyst. it looks like there's a trend going on, not just in brazil, but elsewhere around the world, in europe, especially. >> that's right. another data point to consider is yesterday, there were key regional elections in germany.
10:53 am
once again, chancellor angela merkel's party not only did poorly, it even caused her to announce an early decision to step aside as the leader of her party, has been for 18 years. but most significantly, i think, it marks the rise of the far-right party in germany, known as the afd. it's now represented in all of the regional parliaments around germany for the first time. and again, you see this kind of right-wing populism in germany, of course, in neighboring hungary, for example. the victor orban, the leader of hungary, has forced a liberal university funded by george soros to leave the country. this has all just happened in recent days. >> susan, the u.s. attorney in pennsylvania, in western pennsylvania, scott brady is about to make a statement. we're told he's going to be walking out to the microphones momentarily, following this first hearing, which just took place with a suspect in this mass murder. in fact, there he is, right now. >> good afternoon.
10:54 am
on saturday, october 27th, 2018, my office charged robert bowers with federal murder and assault charges relative to the horrific acts of violence he committed at the tree of life synagogue. today, robert bowers made his first appearance in federal court. the judge advised him of the charges against him. he has detained in jail without bond. the federal magistrate judge scheduled a hearing for thursday, november 1st at 10:00 a.m. at that time, we will have the opportunity to present evidence presenting that robert bowers murdered 11 people who were exercising their religious beliefs and that he shot or injured six others, including four of whom were police officers responding to the shooting. our investigation of these hate crimes continues. under the law, we must present this case to a federal grand jury within 30 days of today. our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the victim's
10:55 am
families and with the community. and rest assured, we have a team of prosecutors working hard to ensure that justice is done. thank you. >> all right. he's now taking questions from reporters. scott brady, the u.s. attorney in western pennsylvania, following this first, this first court appearance by robert bowers, the suspect in the mass murder of 11 jews who were simply practicing their religion saturday morning, shabbat services, when they were gunned down. jean casarez, you were in the courtroom when the charges were leveled. and now we've heard directly from scott brady. no cameras in federal courts, as we know. but this seems to be moving the rapidly. >> it does appear to be rapidly, but also, there are constitutional concerns. and you have to do certain things in a certain amount of time. you know, when i saw him wheeled in, that wheelchair, just a moments ago, not only did he appear very aware to me, his
10:56 am
eyes were open, alert, but he seemed calm. there was nothing nervous about him, as he was wheeled in to this courtroom that obviously was a very new room that he had never been in before. packed with people. u.s. marshals, law enforcement, all over the room. they wheeled him between his two defense attorneys. and almost immediately took his handcuffs off. the reason why, he had to sign some paperwork. and later on, the judge did say to him, i understand that you have signed a financial disclosure document saying the that you need to have an attorney appointed for you. "yes," he responded. the question, is everything that you put down in that form accurate? "yes." and then the public defenders said that there may be others that will actually represent him, but they are here today. >> the -- so he is represented by public defenders, not some lawyer who's simply doing pro
10:57 am
bono work, is that right? >> reporter: that's correct. these two were from the public defender's office. they may not ultimately be who represents him, but they will be public defenders, according to the magistrate judge. >> i want you to stand by, jean. susan glasser is still with us. susan, you've spent a lot of time overseas and have seen anti-semitic incidents in a lot of the countries you've been reporting from. did you ever think we would see something like this here in the united states? >> you've been reporting and others about the dramatic uptick in anti-semitic incidents just over the last year, since 2017. you know, this follows on, basically, over the last decade, you've seen an alarming rise even in western europe, in france, in germany. when we were briefly stationed in jerusalem in late 2016, in some neighborhoods in jerusalem, you could hear french spoken in the streets, it was so common, because so many french jews were concerned about the rise of
10:58 am
anti-semitism in their country, they were moving to israel or buying second homes there. you know, i don't -- we're nothing like that right now, but i think it's one of those moments that causes you to sit back and to say, uh, you know, what is going on that this happened, over the course of the last year. we didn't stop to note it before something as horrific as this mass killing causes us to pay attention to it. >> and in the midst of this, and we're not blaming the president of the united states for what happened in pittsburgh, but in the midst of this, this morning, he starts the tweet that the news media once again is causing all of this, all of this uproar. the true enemy of the people. doesn't he realize, potentially, how dangerous that is? the words he utters, the message he sends to deranged people out there, if the news media is the enemy of the people, well, they've got to do something about this? >> you know, wolf, the president first used this expression "enemy of the people" all the way back in february of 2017. he's clearly been told over and over and over again by his
10:59 am
advisers, by the critics who he does pay attention to on television and on twitter that this is language that we've never seen from an american president before. i lived in russia for four years where stalinism, the actual term by which people were sentenced to the gulags, was to call them enemies of the people. that was the official phrase. so to me, the idea that a president is just ignorantly saying this, i don't think so. i think that president trump is doing this on purpose and it's at its core, a part of the political campaign he's constructed. it's not enough to run against democrats, he's decided that he needs to frame journalists as the enemy. >> yeah. so many people have come to the president's supporters and others and said to him, stop using this phrase "enemy of the people." it's very dangerous, it's very reckless. it could cause a lot of problems. as you know, cnn, even today, we discovered another pipe bomb that was in the mail to cnn headquarters in atlanta. it's an extremely worrisome
11:00 am
development. i hope he stops, even at this late stage. susan, thanks very much. >> thank you, wolf. >> all right. we're standing by for a white house press briefing. we're looking at live pictures right now. we're going to bring that to you live as soon as it gets underway. it's been a long time since we saw and heard from the white house press secretary, sarah sanders. newsroom with brooke baldwin and anderson cooper in pittsburgh starts right now. hi, there. i'm brooke baldwin and you are watching cnn's special live coverage as a string of hate-filled attacks rock this country amid the grief, the devastation for those lost, is a nationwide gut check about what is happening in america. among the questions, how will the white house respond? live pictures there inside that briefing room. the first white house briefing in