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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  October 31, 2018 2:59am-4:01am PDT

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[ laughter ] >> ah, ah, ah. i liked it. he gave out big macs if you were wondering instead of candy to kids at the door. all right. thanks for joining us. a person kplz comes in and has a baby. >> it's our leaders. we need to dial down the temperature. >> there were no american leaders that wanted to come with this toxic president. >> the focus should be on the lives they lived and the indelible marks they left. >> this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "new day," wednesday,
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october 31st. 6:00. i am dana bash -- >> i am jake tapper. >> oh, my gosh. you look so good in that costume. >> i put gray in my hair, but not quite enough because jake is substantially more gray than i am. >> luckily, jake is sleeping off a hangover so he's not hearing this. >> when dana bash i think i am watching myself when she's on tv. >> are you going to do this
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around your neighborhood? >> totally. totally. >> and president trump traveling to eight states in the final stretch to election day. the president heads to florida tonight where he hopes he can stave off a loss in a state that he travels to a lot, and closing argument to voters seems to be filled with divisive rhetoric. he has ordered thousands of troops to the u.s. border to stop what he calls an invasion, and ending birth right citizenship. >> house speaker paul ryan says the president has it wrong, and george conway says he has it wrong, and the editorial board
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of the "wall street journal" is flat out trolling the president saying it puts mr. trump on the wrong side of immigration. some including the rabbi and the tree of life synagogue welcomed president trump, and there were protesting him. abby is live at the white house. >> reporter: good morning, john. we are in the home stretch before the mid-term elections, and president trump is heading to a state that he considers basically a second home for him and he will be campaigning for a
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key supporter of his in the gubernatorial race against andrew gillum. president trump has fixated on this race calling gillum a thief, and andrew gillum is african-american and running for governor in that state but this is all part of what we have been seeing over the last few days, the white house and the president ramping up the attacks in the last few days and ramping up concern about immigration and fears about migrants coming up from central america to the southern border. he has raised the idea of ending birth right citizenship and not everybody in his party including house speaker, paul ryan, is onboard. >> well, obviously you cannot do that. you cannot end birth right citizenship with an executive order, and it's like when obama
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tried changing laws, and i think in this case the 14th amendment is pretty clear. >> a clear test of whether or not this was a political trial balloon will be whether or not president trump raises it as his campaign rally tonight and he can be out on the trail so much the next few days. take a look at the map. he's crisscrossing the country campaigni campaigning for candidates, and more again. there is going to be plenty of opportunities to hear president trump, but this message of fear, immigration, it's not going away. this is the closing argument for president trump, john and alisyn. >> joining us now, senior political analyst, john avalon, and white house reporter for the
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washington post, sunlen kim. cillizza, president trump's rhetoric, and we have talked about what he's trying to do with the fair attacks on the media and scaremongering with immigration, and it has hit a wall wall, a red republican wall, and republican leaders are saying, no, huh-uh. >> it's what we consider establishment leaders with donald trump, but paul ryan is going to be gone from congress in a month, a little more bravery as he walks out the door than he showed sometimes when he was still in the job. what trump was trying to do is motivate his base and say you need to be afraid, and i am going to end it, but if you do
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something like vote against republicans then this nightmare scenario could be yours, and george conway has been a frequent opponent of the president saying that, and what we will hear hear is fear, the other is coming, this is going to change your way of life, it's going to disrupt your value system and the only way to stop that from happen something to elect people like me. it worked in 2016. can it work again? i don't know. there are lots of republicans jumping up and down on the trump band w bandwagon in 2016 and it didn't affect voters. >> going after the media and migrants, you know, call me naive, but these sound sort of
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niche to me. i interviewed a voter panel -- >> good tease. >> yeah, and those were not issues they brought up as to what drives them to the polls. they were much more interested, and these cover the political spectrum, these voters, health care and actually the opioid crisis is what they brought up. >> that's exactly right. the democrats closing argument and opening argument in the mid-term cycle has been health care, health care and health care. i found it interesting to that point, house minority leader, nancy pelosi, look at her statement on her reaction to the president's want to go end birth right citizenship. she basically said that was wrong and pivoted immediately to health care because that's what democrats want to be talking about and they see this as the issue that excites their base the most and that could hand in
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the majority. chris was talking about the republicans who are resistant to the idea. look at the republicans who are in trouble in the suburban more diverse house swing districts. you look at mike kaufman in suburban denver district, and while this may excite the president's base this is going to be a line we are going to be hearing a lot at his 11 rallies over the next several days. these comments are a problem for these vulnerable republicans. >> john avalon, you are the last remaining independent in the world -- >> oh, my. >> i mean that admiringly. but it was written, what's not
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clear is whether we have solved our problem with independent voters, and he's talking about this, he's talking about what he has seen from the president the last few days. you can tell he's not sure this is the closing mess edge that could help republicans. >> it's what the president is all about, and because he narrowly got across the finish line in '16 by playing to the base, he thinks he can do it again. >> this is why i called you a fetishist. >> i appreciate that. i married to a republican for what its worth. this message is not intended to play on swing voters, and this is not a message that resinates among suburban voters, and in fact it's the opposite because
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it's the harsh hyperpartisan fear and base tone, and they would be rather talking about bread and butter issues, and the president is not doing that or trying to do that which is why you have republicans all of a sudden saying hey, there's such a thing as too extreme, enough. >> you disagree with john berman that it's a red wall -- >> he agrees, he just don't know he agrees with me. >> he's a red sox fan, so i'm with him. >> there was an op-ed written about the president ending birth right citizenship, and i think it's interesting that kellyanne conway is the president's chief counselor, and he says birth
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right citizenship sprang from the ashes of the worst supreme court decision in the u.s. that's how strongly he feels about the president floating this idea. >> yeah, i mean, look, i continue to think, we talk about it but i continue to think one of the most underplayed story lines in this white house is the fact that one of the chief advocates of the united states and one of the chief presidential critics are married to one another. george conway is speaking for a lot of republicans, not just strategists who are right, but this is a employ that will not play well in a lot of the districts in california, and other places where they need to
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win, but republicans who view the use of the executive power as problematic as it relates to the separation of powers, and that's what paul ryan talked about on the radio which is, look, we didn't like it when obama used executive power for immigration. there's a fair amount of oh, this is bad, i wish he was not doing this, and then they kind of capitulate. i don't think donald trump will go forward with this and i think it's a political employ, and it's not as if in the past republicans stood up to him and stayed standing up to him. >> i think this is related, and steve staoeufers basically cut off congressman king who hooked up with white nationalists around the world. this is somebody who dabbled in
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the language of supremacy, and steve -- >> he just tweeted recently, like in the past couple of months. >> this is a core part of his politic political identity. >> he said yesterday congressman's steve kings tweets are inappropriate and we must stand up against white supremacy and hate in any form. the guy's who job it is to get republicans elected is drawing a line and saying we as republicans cannot go this far. >> that is remarkable. i mean, clearly they see steve king who has been an outlier in the party, but it's a fact in the past often times when he said these things he has not gotten the major rebook ypwraoum
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people in the republican party, and it's notable that he's step in here. >> he went on a trip and visited with a nazi linked austrian party and said if they were in america they would be republicans, and republicans said that's too much. he had a record of comments like this, and he and the president have been very tied at the tip, and this was too far because it really just gave away the ghost. >> can i ask chris one more question because you accused him of disagreeing with me? chris, very quickly, which party do you think feels more comfortable today with how they are positioned heading into next tuesday? >> oh, democrats overwhelmingly, and they should. i still continue to think you are seeing a split electorate, because of where the senate races are, republicans have
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marginal gains in there, and the republican ceiling in the house, if you look at the districts that were narrowly for trump or clinton, the ceiling is way higher for the republicans. >> do you think john looks more like jake tapper or i look more like dana bash? >> jake has more of a classically handsome look with higher cheek bones. >> he knows where his bread is buttered. >> he was scheduled to be on the next segment. >> i am going as george clooney. >> right, uncanny. >> yeah, you are not the first person to say that. >> stick around for a moment. a lot more to discuss. now to the other top story. people in pittsburgh divided over trump's visit.
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three more victims will be laid to rest today. jean casarez is live in pittsburgh for us with more. hi. >> reporter: the funerals to begin at 10:00 this morning, and these were unique individuals that had a passion for this community and this community adored them. joyce feinberg, 75 years old, she was a former research at the university of pittsburgh. she was a mother, a grandmother. her husband actually passed away several years ago. what they say about mrs. feinberg is she would light up a room when she would come in and everybody that would know she was there. next, melvin wax, 87 years old, and he was an accountant and did many taxes in this community, and she was a brother and a father, and the most important things to him, was his
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grandchildren, his judaism and the pittsburgh pirates. and then a former businessman and real estate agent, and a former youth coach for basketball. he was most recently a greeter at a local restaurant. you can see how important all of these people were. yesterday there were also funerals. dr. jerry, and cecil and david rosenthal. the streets were lined for those brothers during their visitation and during the funeral members of the pittsburgh steelers came to the funeral because the sister of the brothers was married to one of them. and the day did not end before the pittsburgh penguins had a salute for two of the officers that were injured but in attendance, and this community
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stood up for them. john? >> jean kcasarez for us in pittsburgh. >> the funeral for those brothers sat 1,400, and the temple filled 1,400 and it was standing room only. >> they sound like incredible people, and everybody there was lucky to know them. i just wish they were still here. >> you will hear more about them coming up. president trump did visit pittsburgh. there was a great deal of division over the visit and we will talk about what he did and the tone he set and what he does next. stay with us. cal: we saved our money and now, we get to spend it - our way. ♪ valerie: but we worry if we have enough to last. ♪ cal: ellen, our certified financial planner™ professional,
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the president and his family visited pittsburgh to pay respect to the 11 jews murdered in their synagogue, and they visited the tree of life and met with the widow of one of the victims as well as first responders that are still recovering in the hospital, but critics question the timing of president trump's visit because the first funerals were just getting under way. protesters demonstrated, calling out the president's divisive language. we are back with chris cillizza,
3:23 am
john avenalon and sunlen kim. let's talk about whether or not this ended up being a good message for the president, and the optics were fine, and rabbi meyers, we have come to know him on this program and they had very somber expression, and there was not any sound, really, but you could see there were many demonstrators who were calling for the president to talk about unity and not division. what is the upshot? >> in terms of the optics, you are exactly right. the president and his wife, melania, went and paid their respect to the victim, and they went to contribute in the best way they know how, and you can't deny how this store open
3:24 am
political divisions in a town that is very much grieving. our reporters on the ground told us at the same time the president touched down in pittsburgh and was headed over to the synagogue, about 2,000 people gathered in protest, just not far from the location where some of the funerals that happened earlier in the day, and we talked to a lot of people there that were just really upset and the feelings were raw, and pittsburgh's own mayor said please don't come until we have buried all the victims from this, and one of the members -- one of the local officials we talked to, congressman mike doyle who actually represents the squirrel hill neighborhood where the synagogue is located, first he was not contacted by the white house which is notable, but many members of his constituents feel this was not
3:25 am
the time for a political photo shoot. >> yeah, there were no political leaders there to greet, and that's very unusual. you though how he was trying to calibrate -- the difficulty he had calibrating his tone and message all day. >> yes, i was traveling with the president, and soon after the shootings had occurred and he had stops in indiana and illinois throughout the day, he wanted to get his message out and he took this tone that these were horrible acts, that he was horrified by them and anti-semitism is despicable, and sometimes it was jarring standing several feet from him and traveling with him to go from that message and then go and watch him pivot to this campaign tone we have seen so much from him and we will see from him for the next several
3:26 am
days. he told us traveling on air force one that at one point earlier in the day that he was considering canceling the political rally he had planned for in illinois, but it was not long after he made that declaration that he announced to a crowd in indiana he was speaking to a future farmers of america convention, look, i'm not going to cancel and i will go ahead and go ahead because if we cancel that allows the terrorists to win, and it was jarring at times to see him go from the solemn trump to campaign trump. >> jarring is a good word and hypocritical is another word because it's not just going to the events but the words he speaks, and whether or not those are unifying or divisive. >> the president has made the unifying remarks but reverts to
3:27 am
himself at rallies and on twitter, that's the authentic president. one of the reasons they chose, you know, yesterday to do this visit, and i think it was a sincere and solemn visit and he walked with his jewish daughter and son-in-law and that speaks to a connection in the community that is sincere and personal, and rallies begin today and they want to avoid the optics again, because he will double down on what he has chosen, because he's not a youniter, and he is a divider, and it's smaller than in many of the times we are seeing and democrats will respond with bridges and not walls, but this is -- this rally he is going to be on, this is going to be back to the greatest hits arena rock tour, and he's ending in rush limbaugh's hometown. >> yesterday he did take a day off, and yesterday he did not
3:28 am
attack anybody on twitter, and i guess the question is, you know, is that one day and then we won't see it again for 100 years? >> i think, look, first of all to answer your question directly, john is right, you are who you are and we know who donald trump is and he's not the uniter in chief or empathetic in any meaningful way. that said, this is a difficult moment in terms of the balancing the role of impaw thaoeempathy d donald trump. you have these at-logger heads, and it's difficult to figure it out but it's difficult because of who he is, he's just not that guy. when he's giving a talk, you know, making remarks in the immediate aftermath of
3:29 am
pittsburgh you can see him reading from the teleprompter, he generally says the right things. the problem is that that's not it. there's twitter, there's comments he makes to reporters off hand and the campaign rallies and there's that jarring nature there. remember, the campaign rally trump is trump. the last two years or three years have proven that out beyond a shadow of a doubt. >> thank you all very much. great to have you all here this morning. if you want to help the families of the victims go to notorious mob boss, whitey bulger has been killed in his prison cell. what investigators say happened there, next. ♪
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[ neighing ] [ neighing ] [ sigh ] it's bring your own phone, not pony. so i could've taken the bus? yeah. bring your phone. switch your carrier. save hundreds a year with xfinity mobile. call, click or visit a store today. happening now, divers are focusing on the debris in the
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crash in indonesia. the boeing 737 killed all 189 people onboard. ivan watson is live where the search continues. what you have learned? >> reporter: john, first of all i am here at the main port in jakarta where authorities are bringing in debris fished out from the java sea and the belongings of some of the passengers and crew onboard, and we have seen relatives of the victims come here and a very sad scene of one 52-year-old man walked out here and spotted the black sneaker that belonged to his 24-year-old son and was immediately overcome with emotion and had to be escorted away. he later told us that he believes, firmly believes, his son's body must be with the
3:35 am
fuselage of the plane somewhere beneath the ocean. the authorities say they are pretty sure that a ping that they are detecting broadcasting at 3.7 kilohertz is coming from the black box, the flight data recorder and hopefully that can yield some information about why this boeing 737 went down minutes after it took off from jakarta early monday morning. we can show you the i ttineraryf the plane, and it shows you how erratic the altitude and speed of the plane was the last few minutes before it went down, something was terribly wrong. authorities are investigating and they ordered the technical
3:36 am
director of the low budget airline be fired and they announced that man is currently under investigation. >> so mysterious. we need to know answers from what happened there, and thank you for being on the scene. james bulger killed one day after being transferred to a prison in virginia. what happened. >> this was a man that is despised by so many people for so many years, and he created a laundry list of enemies, and whitey bulger, the notorious crime boss, his body found one day after being transferred to the prison there, and "the new york times" are reporting he was beaten to death by two fellow inmates, and he was found in his cell wrapped in blankets, and blood was on the floor, and
3:37 am
whitey was the crime boss of the winter gang in boston, and he was serving two life sentences, and he was one of the fbi's most wanted fugitives for 16 years until his arrest in 2011. he has been described as a sociopathic killer, and upon hearing of his death a family member of one of his victims called it, quote, a happy day, and the question is now who killed him and why. >> he was a monster, pure and simple, obviously, and this should never happen in federal custody, and i grew up in boston, and the lure around whitey bulger, his brother was in the senate, billy bulger, and i was sent to boston and they wanted me to talk to people that knew him -- >> how did that go? >> i have been to a lot of places, and i have been scared a
3:38 am
lot, and i have never been as frightened as when i was going in and out of bars in the daytime asking about whitey bulger. the look i was getting is maybe you should not ask that question but head toward the door, now. >> he was such a folkloric criminal and the idea that it ends this way somehow seems fitting to be honest. steve bannon interviewed again by the special counsel robert mueller's steam. what are they digging for? signs that the special counsel is circling around somebody very, very close politically to the president. you've had quite the career.
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new developments in the russia investigation, former white house strategist, steve bannon, has been interviewed for the third time. joining us now is federal prosecutor and cnn's chief legal analyst, jeffrey toobin. based on our own reporting, what bannon has been asked about is roger stone, and he's a political figure who was an adviser, and he has been involved in republican politics all the way up to the trump campaign and very close at times
3:43 am
to the president. what might robert mueller's team want to know about roger stone? >> i think we know what they want to know, and the question is are they going to build an actual case around it. roger stone in the peak period of the campaign was bragging about what wikileaks or somebody was going to disclose about the clinton campaign, that he apparently knew or claimed to know that the hacked e-mails from the dnc, from john podesta, clinton's former campaign chair, were going to be released and the question is was he an actual intermediary between the trump campaign and the russians. >> what if he did talk to
3:44 am
wikileaks, and what if he did know they were going to release the e-mails about paw tkes trau and others? >> it's one thing to know if a crime is going to take place, and it's another thing to conspire or aid and ebbett the criminals, and first he denies he actually knew. one of the bizarre things about roger is he tends to puff up his sinister knowledge, sinister inside behavior, so how much was puffering and how much he actually knew is one of the key questions of the investigation. >> he said trust me, it will soon be paw -- his time, and #lockherup. so actual information?
3:45 am
>> one of the many bizarre and sometimes hilarious things about roger is unlike most people who exaggerate their innocence, roger often exaggerates his guilt, and now that he is under actual criminal investigation he is dialing back the guilt, but, you know, obviously -- if you look, bannon they have talked to and all of his close associates, and you know, they are concentrating very hard on him. >> roger stone has hired real lawyers to defend him now and has not been contacted by the special counsel, and all of that -- we don't know for sure but it adds up to serious interests, like nuclear level interests in the investigation. >> when mueller's team is going after somebody, they really go after somebody, like paul manafort, indicting him in two
3:46 am
different districts and getting gates to flip against him, and they know how to put pressure on him and so far it has not worked with stone and like roger has a enormous tattoo on his back of richard nixon's face, and he's a guy that admires hanging tough like nixon did and he has been fund-raising about this and talking about it, but we will see. >> here are the nine associates of roger stone that has given testimony as far as we know, and so why wouldn't they have spoken to roger stone? >> because you are not supposed to subpoena a target. one of the rules, one of the procedures of the justice department, it's not a law, is that you don't subpoena the person you are specifically interested in, all of which leads to the conclusion that they are very interested in prosecuting stone but they have not done it yet and they may never. >> fair enough.
3:47 am
>> jeffrey toobin, we love your hallowe halloween cauostume. >> i came as the legal nerd that scares children. we are in the final stretch of the midterms, and the republican incumbent facing a surprising tough re-election bid. there's something about harry, next. this is dell cinema technology
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six days away, and one of the critical gubernatorial races is in wisconsin and that's where republican incumbent scott walker is hoping to win a third term, and he's facing a democrat, but there's really something about harry, and let's get the forecast with harry inton. >> gubernatorial is a long word, doesn't even fit in the teleprompter. >> i noticed that. >> let's jump right in, and let's look at the recent polling that gives you an understanding that walker is in some trouble. what we see is a fairly tight race, and the marice pole has him down by 10.
3:52 am
we are not sure where it's going to end up. right now my forecast indicates sort of splits the baby in two, has tony evers here. >> let's take a look at the national environment. when scott walker won his first term in 2010, barack obama was not very popular, he just had a minus -- >> in wisconsin. >> yes, these are all in wisconsin. he had a minus 7 percentage point net approval rating, and that's good for a republican, then in 2014 when walker was running for re-election, obama was really unpopular in wisconsin, and now take a look at this year, donald trump is
3:53 am
unpopular in the state of wisconsin, so that's one of the main things going on here is the national environment sort of what is overlaying this race is very, very bad for walker and i believe the numbers reflect that in the governor's race. >> what do we need to know about his opponent? >> yes, let's look, tony evers, he's kind of a boring white guy, but maybe you need a boring white guy to meet scott walker in wisconsin, kind of throw the milk on top of the spicing, and what we see here is tony evers is not that unpopular, and each of walker's previous opponents were underwater at this time, so evers is allowing walker to do the tonging and that's not a bad thing because what we see here is walker's own numbers are
3:54 am
underwater. >> they are coming out with a new poll today -- i can't get rid of this. >> this is the best poll in wisconsin, and that's part of the reason why there's uncertainty. if people asked me do i think scott walker is going to lose i would say yes, but the fact they have him up for one point makes me take a step back. >> is scott walker passes for what is spicy in wisconsin? >> there's cheese there. >> there's a lot of yellow -- >> cheese kurd. all i know is the packers lost on sunday and that disappointed me greatly. >> sorry. the house forecast? >> here we bounce around a little bit, and on monday, the day before the election, we will have final numbers from folks like cnn, and i think this number will move but which way i
3:55 am
am not sure. >> you are going to tell us two seconds before the election? >> that's when it matters. it's just beforehand, like a snowstorm, we get more accurate the closer we get. >> we will play three card monte. >> do you know how committed he is to doing the forecast here on "new day"? where did you sleep last night? >> in someone's office. >> you couldn't make it home? >> i wanted to make sure i was here for you two. meanwhile, president trump is making closing arguments ahead of the midterms but facing resistance from some in his own party. what is going on there? more on that ahead.
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argument. >> this is a legitimate conversation. birth right citizenship is being abused. >> to do it as a stunt a week before the election, it's demagoguery not policy. >> it wasn't the right time. democrats and republicans refuse to come here as well. >> imagine that the president did not make a visit at all? >> we are a tree of life and we will rebuild and life will continue in this building. >> this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> good morning and welcome to your "new day." happy halloween, october 31st. we worked hard on our costumes. >> yours is uncanny. jake tapper. >> yeah. >> i am dana bash. i cannot tell the difference between myself


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