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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  October 31, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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picnicked and in 1981 when o'connor is nominated as the first woman by william rehnquist -- i'm sorry, by ronald reagan, rehnquist writes of her "she's a ten strike." she was from milwaukee, the bowling capital. they remained really good friends, even though they never married. >> i love that. stanford, dating, says no, ends up on the supreme court. joan, thank you for that. >> thank you. >> we continue you on. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. we have new details for you from inside the oval office. cnn as learned that president trump blamed his former white house counsel, don mcgahn over the russian investigation.
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let's go to kaitlan collins. don mcgahn left the job two weeks ago. they had this encounter at the white house. what did president trump say? >> reporter: it was one last time that president trump blamed him for the mueller investigation. they were sitting face to face in the oval office, supposed to be this exit meeting that typically would not be a situation like this, a critical situation or meeting like the one that it was, but we are told by sources that president trump brought up the mueller investigation, blamed mcgahn for it, saying it happened on his watch and has now cast this cloud over the presidency, which we know that president trump has said privately multiple times that he believes the russia investigation hangs over this white house and hangs over any of his other accomplishments. they were sitting in this oval office face to face, but this was long after the president announced on twitter much to mcgahn's surprise he was announcing his departure. he always expected to leave the white house but he didn't expect
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the president to tweet about it the way that he did. it was president trump blaming him for the mueller investigation. during that meeting there were some high notes, the president praising him for some things, presumably helping him reshape the courts and getting the two supreme court justices approved, but we're told the president remained fixated on the mueller investigation during that meeting. there have been questions about mcgahn's departure for several weeks now because he was scheduled to leave, but he did leave before his replacement was even ready to start, who still has not officially started yet. that's why emmitt flood was named acting white house counsel, filling that gap. this shows a little more into this tortured relationship that president trump shared can don mcgahn, someone who sat down with the special counsel's office for more than 30 hours to speak with them. >> kaitlan, thank you. we'll have much more on that in just a bit. but first, the president's campaign closing argument with
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election day all of six days away, president trump is about to kick off his eight-state, 11-rally blitz. he is trying to keep republicans in control of congress, endorsing his party's candidates while enflaming party rhetoric, all to get out the vote. and with me, harry hinton, look for this guy especially on tuesday. what a pleasure. >> well, shalom. >> thank you so much. let's start with you and just on the early vote numbers. here's what we have. 20 million vote cast throughout the nation already. for example, it's a huge jump since 2014 in the midterms, you look at montana specifically. just under 20,000 votes then, now 220,000. is that a great sign? >> i would say that the early vote numbers do suggest that turnout is going to be higher, that voters are very enthusiastic. the polls are suggesting that as well. i think we have to be careful into reading too much into the early vote. we have an idea who was vote
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willi -- voting but no idea who they're voting for. >> what about the senate? what's the forecast with the senate? >> so right now the forecast is that republicans will actually gain a seat. right now they're at 51, we think they're going to end up at 52. if you look at the senate map, the democrats' to a majority is getting shut off. say the democrats won all the close state, they would still need to win either north korea, tennessee or texas. if you look at my forecast in those states, you generally see the republican candidate is forecast to win by 5 points or more. if republicans win in all three of them, it's over, they'll retain control. >> what about the house? >> republicans could stain mail
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maintain control but democrats are definitely favored. >> do you have dream of districts and politics and numbers? >> i dream of districts and politics and numbers. i dream of jessica savidge. i'm going to drink the caffeine, the diet soda and everything that's necessary. >> appreciate the enthusiasm. i feel it. >> president trump taking a swipe at the most powerful republican in the house. ryan said president trump could not end birthright citizenship. trump said paul ryan should be focusing on holding the majority rather than giving his opinions on birthright citizenship, something he knows nothing about.
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let's go to angela rye and to tara setmayer. six days to go, tara, is this a good look for the republicans? >> having an argument over what's constitutional and what isn't is probably not a good discussion to have. the idea of an immigration fight a couple days before the election, well, that riles people up. that's why trump has been doing that, that's why fox news has been covering this caravan as some ominous invasion and it's not. however, picking a fight with paul ryan over what's
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constitutional -- >> who has raised millions of dollars for him. >> but paul ryan's leaving. he knows paul ryan is low hanging fruit. he's not popular amongst the base. what it does do is put republicans in tight positions in a tough position of arguing over what president trump is doing is constitutional or not, it probably something most republicans in tight districts do not want to deal with. paul ryan knows more about constitutionality than president trump does. he's the same guy who claims he knows more than the generals. it's an assanine comment. >> he's been critical of a man who has been picking on him for a year and a half. >> and paul ryan has the bravery
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and fortitude. where was this courage when he was running this same exact campaign in 2016? that is the kind of courage we needed then. that is the kind of courage that says partisanship out the window. this is not right. this is inhumane, these are the types of things we should not be talking about or engaging in before the american people. that is the paul ryan who was going to be re-elected speaker. it doesn't matter now. at this point families are separated. and people are afraid what the future holds because we have a president who functions in this manner and paul ryan should have spoken up against this in the 2016 election. >> we just heard kaitlan collins reporting on how don mcgahn in
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his final exit as white house counsel was getting full blame for being the person who, as the president saw it, was the reason why robert mueller was, you know, positioned in charge of the russia investigation. what do you make of that development today? >> well, i mean, it's not surprising. donald trump points the finger at everyone but himself for everything. he's constantly a victim. don mcgahn accomplished a considerable amount for this president. not only did he probably stop president trump from doing god knows what else that was outside of democratic norms and institutions, he got two supreme court justices through, which was pretty much the main reason why don mcgahn stayed around. i've known don mcgahn's wife for a long time, he's been a stalwart in the conservative movement for two decades. so don mcgahn was probably one of the blessings in disguise for
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trump keeping that chaos in the white house together. the fact that he would dress him down at all while he left, that's part of trump's personality. he does it all the time. he doesn't appreciate the people who try to protect him and protect the office of the presidency. i hope that someone, whoever replaces don mcgahn, is able to contain the president moving into the latter half of this term because that's a really important position. and i want to echo angela's criticism of paul ryan, you're 100% right. he's been one of the biggest disappointments to me as a conservative. i was a big fan and had high hopes of him. what he's allowed this president to get away with just so he could pass tax cuts or this and that is partially what has destroyed the republican party. >> we're six days out ahead of the midterms, a lot of celebrities and a-listers coming out and saying get out the vote. michael bloomberg's pact's push to get out there and get the
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women out there voting. >> what matters to you? >> civility. >> kindness. >> dignity. >> freedom of the press. >> do they matter? >> seriously, do they matter to you? >> then vote. >> if you care about immigration. >> children being taken away at the border. >> if gun reform matters. >> climate change. >> health care for young or old matters -- >> then vote. >> angela rye, you see all these incredible women out in this video. is that something that makes young are people, young are women, young are folks in this country say, all right, i'm showing up on tuesday or does it totally backfire because you have hollywood, liberal democrat celebrities, which will further energize republicans to go vote? which is it? >> brooke, i got to tell you i hope that it energizes young people. as soon as i get the answer to what energizes young people, old people -- >> you can sell it to everyone. >> i'm going to like scream it
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from the mountaintops. i hope this is what does it. we keep saying things like people died for your right to vote. we keep saying things like your vote is your power and it's just your first step in engaging in the electoral process and being engaged in the political process. we keep saying if you want things to change, don't sit on your hands, don't sit on your lin behinds, go and vote. this ad moved me enough. now i'm going to post it on my twitter feed. i hope you put these women in your show, brooke. they need to be on there. it's such an incredible showing in this ad. i don't know if it works. i hope it does. >> i hear ya, i hear ya. here's my last thought, we're going to go there. kanye west apparently is done with politics. "my eyes are now wide open and i now realize i've been used to spread messages i don't believe in. i am distancing myself from
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politics and completely focusing on being creative. tara, perhaps he'll be more creative than his 000000 password. >> yeah. kanye has been a mess for quite some time. he's vacillated between positions on a number of things. i felt as though the trump administration was exploiting him in a number of ways. i caught a lot of criticism because i called him a token. i'm sorry, but this is exactly what tokenism looks like. i'm glad that kanye west has opened his eyes and decided he no longer wanted to be one. >> tara and angela, thank you. >> president trump stirring up more vitriol against the migrant caravan making its way toward the u.s., calling them thugs and criminals. he plans to send 5,000 troops to the border. how much will that cost you, the taxpayer? >> and a connecticut candidate
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is getting backlash after depicting his opponent with wads full of cash in this photo. >> and later, a murder mystery here in new york where the bodies of two sisters, both saudi nationals were found duct taped together on the banks of the hudson river. hear what investigators have learned coming up. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely.
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new today a federal grand jury has returned a 44-count indictment against the suspect in the pittsburgh synagogue shootings. his initially faced 29 charges that included hate crimes.
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he is expected back in federal court tomorrow. today, again, was a solemn day in pittsburgh as three more victims from the tree of life synagogue were laid to rest. services were held for joyce fienberg, phone as a caring person who lit up the room with her huge personality. she leaves behind two sons and six grandchildren. irving younger is being remembered as a friend of all in that community. the former squirrel hill little league coach was a greeter at the tree of life synagogue and m members say he felt it was his duty to serve people. and 88-year-old melvin wax was known as being one of the first children through the door at the tree of life. three people, including a police officer, remain hospitalized. as the nation has been having conversation about hate speech and division in this country, voters in connecticut received a campaign mailer that a number of
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people say is overtly anti-semitic. it shows matt lesser, who is jewish, with wide eyes, holding this fist full of cash. he's running for connecticut state senate and his opponent, ed sharma is behind the ad. matt lesser is with me now. representative lesser, thank you so much for coming on. when you first saw these images of yourself, what were you thinking? >> well, first, brooke, thanks for having me on. i had gotten text messages while i was meeting with area teachers alerting me was there was an anti-semitic flyer going around. i thought it was a mistake. i never imagined in a thousand years something like this would happen in our area of connecticut. it was a huge shock when i saw the images of the mailer itself when i got home. i started hearing from
12:21 pm
constituents who were deeply upset. it's not something we thought was part of the american political conversation in 2018. >> cnn has reached out to your opponent to answer why he was doing this. he told "the washington post," "those wishing to display a graph graphic illustration is completely wrong. do you want to protect your wallet or make matt lesser your new state senator? so he says his intention was to attack your tax policies, thus all the fists of cash. do you believe him? >> no, i don't unfortunately. you know, there have been plenty of discussion about fiscal issues in this race, as there is all the time, but the difference in this particular mailer is that he photo shopped my face in a way that evokes unfortunately centuries of depictions targeting the jewish people that
12:22 pm
are really tied to some of the darkest moments of human history. so i don't know what lapse in judgment caused him to do that. i'm disappointed that he missed the opportunity to address his actions head on and really address whatever lapse of judgment led him to cause such pain to so many people across connecticut. >> what would you want to hear him say? >> well, i don't know at this point. i mean, i think he has put out publicly that he stands by i guess -- i just heard a few minutes ago that he may have walked back somewhat and maybe is seeking to apologize now. i think the real question is what can we do right now at a moment that is so fraught in our country where politicians in washington on down have sought to exacerbate differences between groups of people. what can we do to help heal things? i think mr. charamut has done
12:23 pm
connecticut a great disservice. we have to think what we can do to heal those wounds left open. >> apparently he did apologize on facebook and said this was never supposed to be interpreted as anti-semitic. your response to that? >> i don't ever question his intentions. i can tell you what and how my constituents interpreted it and they were horrified. my phone has been ringing off the hook from people all across the district, including from republicans. he's a republican and there are folks who don't agree with me on the time of day but who are deeply hurt and offended by his choice of campaign advertising. i think it did a great disservice to the people of connecticut. >> let me end with the tragedy over the weekend in pittsburgh in squirrel hill. i understand your wife is from this community, is from squirrel
12:24 pm
hill. of course president trump was there yesterday. a lot of folks in the community didn't want him to come at that moment. so the president ultimately tweeted about it and said he and the first lady were treated nicely. the office of the president was shown great respect, we were treated warmly, small protest, making it a bit about him, about him, representative lesser. what do you make of that? >> you know, i think it just shows the tone deafness of this administration, and i think a lot of the tensions in this country right now stem directly from the president and his actions and his decision to divide the american people over and over and over again. and at a time when we should be coming together as a country to heal after the most violent single act of hatred against jewish people in america in our history, instead he seeks to distract and make it about him. and i think that is unfortunate. we need leaders to lead. candidates for office should
12:25 pm
lead. we should be bringing people together. if we put ourselves on the ballot, that's our role in society. nobody who doesn't do that is doing the public a disservice. >> representative lesser, thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up next, cnn digs deep in the profile of the suspected mail bomber. hear how twitter is reacting to accusations it did not act fast enough to shut him down. over 90 years later we continue to build as one of the nation's largest investors in infrastructure. we don't just help power the american dream. we're part of it. this is our era. this is america's energy era. nextera energy
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here are the facts.leading attacks against prop c. the city's chief economist says prop c will "reduce homelessness" by creating affordable housing, expanding mental-health services, and providing clean restrooms and safe shelters with independent oversight, open books, and strict accountability measures to make sure every penny goes to solving our homeless crisis. vote yes on c. endorsed by the democratic party, nancy pelosi, and dianne feinstein.
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. the man who police say mailed pipe bombs to dozens of prominent democrats and to cnn had been planning this for months. the department of justice said the suspepecsuspect's computer targets and addresses and had been there since july. he tweeted more than 240 threats -- 240 -- directed at at least 50 public media, that kind of thing. that's just a sample of this many on your screen. andrew kaczynski, you guys did a deep dive into his history. what did you find? >> we basically found there mind that had been very thoroughly corrupted by so many far right conspiracy theories. there were these, you know, ones
12:31 pm
like chem trails, obama's birth certificate, being a muslim, things we commonly see on the right. but there was also darker stuff. he believes like a lot of things about cnn, that we had fake polls and actually did fake news. now, as i was going to say from my notes, he also seemed to copy the president's rhetoric at times. so on february 17th we might remember of last year, the president called the press the enemy of the american people. now three days later, he actually echos this language in a threat at fox news's chris wallace. >> he did. he did. this is just an example of some of what he said and done and tweeted. this is what we have as far as his social media. twitter responded saying they have suspended his account. we are moving forward in two
12:32 pm
days, one, significantly improving our appeals process to address errors in enforcement decisions and we know we have to take more of the burden off the shoulders of victims of harassment and threats, we must do better and we will do better. do you think they're doing enough? >> the fact that there's really not a way to detect threats already -- i mean, like you said in the intro, 240-plus threats. things like "you're next," "hug your loved ones and your family," tweeting photos of one's family. the fact this couldn't be caught beforehand i think is a little disturbing. >> andrew kaczynski, thank you for going through this. i can't imagine what you guys at
12:33 pm
the kfile see. >> and the president causing immigrants bad thugs. and two sisters from saudi arabia have been found dead, bound together in the hudson river. hear who investigators are talking to ahead. checkout is at 4pm. plenty of time to enjoy your ride. (bicycle bell sound) ♪ ♪ (bicycle bell sound) ♪ ♪ (bicycle bell sound) ♪ ♪ explore more with a guaranteed 4pm checkout at over 1,000 fine hotels and resorts. it's another way we've got your back. ♪ ♪ the platinum card from american express. don't live life without it.
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a political stunt, that's what a number of veterans are calling president trump's
12:38 pm
doubling down on deploying more than 5,000 u.s. troops to the border with mexico, to stop that advancing caravan of undocumented immigrants. officials from both republican and democratic administrations accuse this president of trying to fire up his political base just days from the midterm elections. just a short time ago trump's defense chief, james mattis, when asked at the pentagon took exception to those stunt accusations. >> the support we provide to the secretary of state of homeland security is practical support based on the request from the commissioner of customs and border police. so we don't do stunts in this department. thank you. >> so let's go to cnn military and diplomatic analyst retired rear admiral john kirby. admiral, you heard general mattis say we don't do stunts, but a lot of critics are calling
12:39 pm
this one six days before the midterms. how do you see it? >> i do think that people can be forgiven for thinking that the timing of this is tied to the elections next week and to really revving up president trump's base. i understand where that criticism is coming from. i think where secretary mattis is coming from is the actual process and determining what are the requirement and how we're going to fill the requirements. the department of homeland security is setting what they need and d.o.d. is filling the shopping cart and making that determination. i think he's talking about the process is being done in a genuine, open way and being done fairly. but i understand the criticism in terms of the timing because this caravan is like a month away. the timing is certainly suspicious. >> when you talk timing, you also have to talk cost. we've yet to get a solid number
12:40 pm
on how much sending 5,000 troops to the border will cost. our crew is working on getting that, but looking at previous operations involving troops at the border -- granted this was over a much longer period of time. for example, from '06 to '08, it cost $1.2 billion to have 6,000 troops. my point being whatever it is, it's not cheap. >> it's not going to be cheap, brooke. it's going to be multiple millions of dollars, and it could run over a billion depe depending on how many total troops are going and what capabilities. if you're sending aviation assets, that costs more money. i understand where the pentagon is unable to provide an exact estimate. this is an evolving requirement process. the general is still getting requests they're trying to work through. i understand why they don't have a firm estimate. i do wish they would be a little bit more forthcoming about two
12:41 pm
things. they have to know what the initial costs are going to be. number two, i wish they would be much more specific about what units are going. it hard to gauge the sincerity until the pentagon is more open about what units are going and for what purposes. >> reporter: the preside >> the president refers to the caravan as some very bad thugs and gang members. i ask what evidence does he have? >> brook, i don't know. you and i don't get to see his intelligence assessments. the northern commander did say on camera they are seeing elements inside this caravan that is of a different, more violent nature than they've seen in the past. we've seen it even when i was in public office, you do see some criminals mixing into these caravans. >> but is that the exception or
12:42 pm
is that the norm? >> it's the exception. by and large without question the vast majority of the people in this caravan are simply people seeking a better life, seeking asylum, seeking refuge from gang violence in their home countries. there's no question about that. you have to understand while the president might like to pit those troops as going after those bad guys, what the troops will be doing are not front line defense. they'll be support to custom and border agents on the ground. they're not going to be arresting people. they're not going to be involved in law enforcement activities. they're engineers, provide transportation to get border agents to and fro. they're going to provide logistics like tents. it's backup. it's not going to be the front line. >> thank you. coming up next, these two sisters have been found, their bodies on the banks of the hudson river, both of them from
12:43 pm
saudi arabia. the young women had apparently been found bound together. and there's new reporting on something they had just applied for. (vo) this is not a video game. this is not a screensaver. this is the destruction of a cancer cell by the body's own immune system, thanks to medicine that didn't exist until now. and today can save your life. ♪ ♪ vo: costs are rising.e squeeze. it's hard to keep up. in washington, one party is calling the shots and the middle class isn't being heard. we need a new congress that will cut taxes for the middle class,
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tragic story out of indiana. three children getting on the school bus were killed by a woman driving a pickup truck. a young girl and her twin brothers, 6-year-old twins xavier and mason ingall along with their 6 yeefr-year-old sis were crossing the street to get to their stop when they were hit
12:48 pm
by a car. >> all three of them were really shy. but once you get under that shyness, the two boys were a life spark. they were nonstop, happy, go fast, up high boys. owe l o olivia, my niece, she was the kindest girl you'd ever meet. she treated those boys more like a mother than a sister. she was holding their hands when they were hit and it looked like she tried to shield them a little bit. >> a fourth child, 11-year-old maverick lowe was also hit, was airlifted to a hospital with several broken bones. the driver is charged with three felony counts of reckless homicide and for passing a
12:49 pm
school bus with its arm extended. >> and on the banks of the hudson river, it's turned into an international investigation. new york police say the bodies of two sisters from saudi arabia, ages 16 and 22, were found last week on the upper west side. they were duct taped together at their feet and their waists according to saudi officials. they were in the states with their brother and now the state department is involved. athena jones is here following this one for us. what -- what happened? >> it's an unsettling story and it's a real mystery as to what happened to these two sisters. why were they so far away from home? they had been living in fairfax, virginia, 250 miles away. interesting details are beginning to emerge here. the "new york times" is reporting that their mother received a telephone call from the had applied for asylum. we're talking about, as you you said, the 16-year-old and her 22-year-old sister. their bodies were found on the
12:50 pm
banks of the hudson on the manhattan side, not far from here. the bodies themselves had no obvious signs of trauma. the medical examiner is still trying to determine the cause of death. they're waiting for the forensics report on that. but we should mention that the younger sister, the 16-year-old, had been reported missing back in august. august 24th. so what's really unclear, what was going on in the two months since august. now, police detectives here, nypd, said they made significant progress. let's listen to what the chief of detectives had to say about where they are. >> detectives have been down in virginia, conducted a number of interviews in virginia, including members of the immediate family, as well as others. and those interviews are really unraveling in some way a piece of the puzzle of behind the scenes what was going on in the two young ladies' lives. >> now, interestingly, the new york police are not yet
12:51 pm
commenting on whether they're treating this as a homicide. they're still investigating. of course, the saudi consulate, saudi embassy and state department are involved, watching closely this investigation. >> stay on it for us. athena, thank you very much. the blame game and a new fight, both with his own allies. the president hitting speaker paul ryan. hear why, and what he blamed don mcgahn for in their final encounter in the white house. ♪ ♪ ♪ -whoops -sorry! ♪ ♪
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less than a week until mid terms. wanted to take a moment for a segment we call mighty millennials, highlighting a generation of political candidates and in michigan's congressional district, millennials on both sides of the ticket. both women are running for the office for the first time. 35-year-old haylee stevens, former chief of staff on president obama's auto task force that helped save gm and chrysler. and 37-year-old lena absteen co chaired the trump campaign in michigan in 2016. cnn's forecast predicts the most likely outcome is that stevens will win and flip the district from red to blue. you can check the predictions for your district at already more than 20 million people have cast early ballots in the midterm elections. many of them will check a box for the record number of women running for office this year. and that was the inspiration for my series, "american woman in politics." and i spent the last few months
12:57 pm
traveling across america, talking to so many of these candidates about why they're running. but i also wanted to focus on the female vote which took me to birmingham, alabama, and a woman by the name of marian haslem who takes personal offense if you don't vote. here's why. what did you tell your daughter about the power of voting? >> i told her, you've got to vote, because i made way for you to vote. i was made aware at a tender age that my voice, even though it may be a small cry to someone else, that it made a difference. i owe my kids this, i owe my ancestors this, to say, you know what, you didn't do that in vain. >> i'm an american, because i have earned that right. >> i'm an american woman, because of determination and perseverance. >> i'm gerri haslem, and i'm an
12:58 pm
american woman because i have integrity. >> tell me what these pieces of paper are. >> this is the test that said i was eligible to vote for the next six months. >> this was before the voting rights act of '65. this is dated january 20th, 1964. >> that's right. >> was that the first time you were allowed to vote? >> that's the first time. and this is what i paid to vote. i had to pay a tax. this is a poll tax. i had to pay to vote after i passed the test, because of the color of my skin. >> for 79-year-old marian haslem, the fight for voting rights is something she lived through firsthand. you had to take a test because they were trying to keep you from voting. >> that's right. i'm coming out of a segregated community, a segregated life.
12:59 pm
that was a time when i would say that i would like to vote, and they would say, you know, gal, you won't vote. that's what i was told by the white man. it was shameful. voting was not so much as a right for me as a want for me. it was a big deal to be a voter. >> the first time marian voted in a presidential election was 1964. it's a privilege and a right that this mother made sure to pass along to her children. there's so much of that story. i'm going to get to that in a second. here's a number for you. in the last presidential election, 43% of eligible voters did not vote. so for marian's sake and her entire family, do not be one of them. however which way you want to vote, do not be one of them this time around. and if you want to see more of marian and her daughters and her
1:00 pm
back story and so many of these female candidates who will be on the ballot this year, just go to and let me know what you think. send me a note on twitter and instagram at brooke bcnn. i'm brooke baldwin. "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. just six days until the mid terms. seems like a perfect time for president trump to publicly smack down speaker ryan. "the lead" starts right now. president trump stiff-arming his way through the country in a final midterm end run with the gop majority in danger, and the mueller report on the way, as he tells speaker ryan, hey, butt out, pal. president trump today trying to strike more fear into voters, fear of a migrant invasion. not actually technically an invasion. as some veterans are now accusing him of using troops as a political prop at the border. plus, a suspected murder