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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  November 1, 2018 2:59am-4:01am PDT

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put that on a hat. >> put that on a hat. maybe he is giving in and finally people have suggested he is not critical enough. thank you for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> i'm dave briggs. durkin. this president is stirring up a cauldron of hate. >> they have a lot of rough people in those caravans. they are not angels. >> this idea that we care about the pre-existing conditions is simply not true. >> democrats have tried to say that republicans would take away the pre-existing conditions. that's not true. is it really november? >> november's approval rating, very low.
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6:00 here in new york, a dramatic escalation from the president overnight from just trafficking fear to now critics say peddling racism. the president of the united states promoted a video suggesting democrats want to flood the nation with central american cop killers. they don't. this is just a new low in campaigning. it's sickening. but the intent is clear, the admitted intent, the white house, wants to change the focus from the bomb sent to trump critics to the massacre. the president also admitted something else overnight, something pretty blaring. he told abc, when i can i tell the truth. when i can. when i can, he says.
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perhaps the white house will provide a schedule. the president says he wants to send 15,000 troops to the border with mexico, and he also continues to claim he alone can change the constitution, and there's also evidence that national republicans are becoming uncomfortable. house speaker paul ryan has taken issue with some of the president's claims, and the president's extensive campaign schedule this week does not include two key swing states, arizona and colorado. we have a lot to cover. let's start with abby phillip live at the white house. >> reporter: this is a closing argument designed to shock and it's one that might be one of the most controversial in recent political history. president trump releasing an ad
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demonizing illegal immigrants and democrats are trying to change the issues back to health care, an issue most voters talk about. president trump tweeting the most racially charged political video in decades, accusing democrats to overrun the country with criminals. it's reminiscent of the notorious willy horton ad in 1988 which played directly into white fear and african-american stereotypes. >> despite a life sentence he received ten weekend passes from prison, and he stabbed a man and repeatedly raped his girlfriend. >> reporter: it's said to change
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the argument from family unification to invasion. >> they have to distract. they have to fearmonger. his dog whistle of all dog whistles is immigration. >> president trump makes falls claims about the migrants making their way through mexico. >> there's a lot of rough people in those crowds. there's a lot of young people and young men and they are pushing the women right up into the front. >> the mexican government estimates the caravan has dropped from 7,000 to about 4,500 people, and those that remain are still about 1,000 miles away from the u.s. border. trump admitted last week he doesn't have evidence to support his claim that middle easterners
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are part of the caravan. he plays fast and loose with the facts. >> i always want to fell the truth. when i can, i tell the truth. >> nevertheless, the president pledging to send 15,000 active troops to the border. >> sending ten to 15,000 troops which means we will spend between $150 million so he can have his surprise, his october surprise. >> the president also doubling down on his false claim he can end the constitutional guarantee of birth right citizenship, and citing the obama administration. >> if he can do dhakaca, we can this by executive order. >> you cannot end birth
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citizenship with executive order. >> you have is the president said we guarantee people with pre-existing conditions will be covered, but that's simply not true. >> reporter: sources are telling cnn there are two places the president has been asked not to come, and that's arizona and nevada where there are heated senate races going on and states with high hispanic populations, and meanwhile on the democratic side the democrats are bringing in some of the high profile surrogates, and oprah winfrey, joe biden, and obama. >> great to have our panel. joe, just when you think it can't get any worse, a video
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like this comes out with the president's endorsement. you know, senator jeff flake called it sickening. i don't know what more to say about this. >> i think it answers the andrew gillum question last week, when he said i don't know if the president is a racist but the racists think he is. we now know he is a racist. he is promoting the worst instincts of our culture. the fact of the matter is regrettably a sizeable portion of our population agrees. i think what you are seeing is -- and republicans will get all ginned up saying we are dominating the national conversation, the national conversation has some impact but is not a huge impact on these congressional races. those by and large have been about the economy and health care. for every person that donald trump ginned up with this stuff there's at least one person who
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is saying if i was not going to the polls i am going now. the setup was right. it has an impact in some of the senate races positive for republicans, i regret, but in the house races and in other senate races it's going to have a very positive impact for democrats. >> this is a video and not an ad. there's no money behind this. this was posted on the president's twitter account and because it's just a video the only goal was to provoke and the only goal was to basically get on television and having people fight about this and you can predict the way the fight will go the next day, and people will say it's races and then others will say, oh, my god, the media says it's racist. you look at the numbers in the races right now and there's evidence it's helping with his base in some of these red states, but it is so interesting
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that the president was blocked, don't come to arizona, don't come to nevada. this is not going to help republicans there. >> exactly. i appreciate making the distinction between an ad and web video, but when you have 55 million twitter followers you have a good distribution network as well. there are no accidents when it comes to the web video and what they are trying to talk about and there are no accidents when it comes to the president's schedule. you are going to the most republican senate states and steer clear of nevada and arizona, and he won arizona narrowly, but republicans in both states, i think, are slightly behind going into the final days. when we take a step back i think republicans have struggles this entire cycle to adjust to life without president obama. for eight years they have been able to rally around being
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against president obama and the affordable care act and they don't have that anymore, and they think how do we get base republicans to the polls, and they want to look at the polls. >> roger ailes has died but he was the mastermind willy horton and his accolades are in the white house and here we go again. >> and positive polarization being that play that he infused the republican party with and his own network. lee at water apologized for the willie horton ad as he was dying. the legacy of these sorts of ads and political plays are not good. they bring shame to the candidate and the people that worked on them. i should say this ad, jim acosta
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is reporting about this ad came from where mr. miller used to work, and this ad, it's a web video, no money behind it designed to inflame the base, but it's a new low. sometimes you get tired of saying that. this is an invasion ad, doubling and tripling down on the word that has been so much in the news that the synagogue shooter used and it's about fear and divisiveness and it will not look good in the eyes of history. >> it's a video designed to have people fight about it on tv. period. >> also scare people. >> when people are fighting about it on tv, if he wanted to scare people without the fighting on tv part they would put money behind it and put it on ads during football games, which they have not done. >> and it's just a tweet. this is an american that
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announced talks with the north koreans on twitter. this has much more power than a traditional ad because it's going out immediately to 55 million people which he would not be able to do with an ad. >> self selected people that logged on to the president's twitter and follow the president so they want to know what he says. >> and a few million russian bots. but who is counting? >> the president is sending troops to the border and the president is discussing birth right citizenship every day even though 9 out of 10 constitutional lawyers will tell you he cannot do you a way with it with a pen, that it takes congressional and constitutional action and it's putting republicans in a bind. paul ryan said the president can't do this with an executive
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order. in florida they had to come out with a statement this tweet birth right citizenship is protected by the constitution, so no, donald trump, you can't end it with an executive order. >> i think democrats are going to win seats in the house and i think they are still most likely to win a majority in the house and the president is going to look for somebody to blame and he will go to blaming speaker ryan and republicans for not being with him on these various positions as a reason why, and it will be it's because of the president's unpopularity and other races and seats around the country that republicans are going to suffer, but i think he will look for somebody to blame and i think this issue is something that the president will go to. >> in the short term he's looking for somebody to deploy, and the pentagon said we don't do political stunts, but moving
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5,000 to 15,000 troops to the border, and this is more troops than we have fighting isis in iraq and in afghanistan. >> the number of the migrants is about 5,000, if they even make it to the border, so do you need that level of resources? >> of course not. this is about optics and not just a political stunt. we had a whole debate about the 14th amendment. this is an -- it's why the national guard troops are usually deployed. the president may say it's an emergency and that's how i am doing this. it raises two questions, and can you have an accountability when
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the migrants are 1,000 miles away, and if so how come we did not see anything resembling this following, say, hurricane maria? >> can you autograph that. >> we did not deploy 15,000 troops in 2000 with 1.6 million people were coming over the border. we are near a historic low right now with the illegal border crossings, and you talk about the ratio -- what is the classrooms, one teacher per 25 students. >> yeah, that's the deployment of resources. >> if you look at what is happening with the caravan, those numbers are dwindling every day, and you have the mexican government offering asylum to all of them. this threat, you could have a political argument about whether it was a threat or not but you cannot have a serious argument anymore that this is a threat,
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but he will keep doing this. >> what about joe donnelly and claire mccaskill, they are agreeing with the president. >> their job at this point is to win. if there is anyplace that i would have liked to have been when trump went out and made this comment was sitting in the pentagon insect madison's office when he said, 15,000? yeah. >> coming up i will have a signature voter panel and they talk about this and whether or not they think that this is a crisis and how much immigration and this alleged caravan is playing into their votes so stick around. >> i want to know what they say, but don't give it away. >> i won't. three more victims of the synagogue massacre will be laid to rest as the man that carried out the massacre is back in court to be arraigned on an indictment with new charges. jean casarez is in pittsburgh. >> reporter: so much happening once again in pittsburgh.
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we are down here by the federal courthouse and the defendant will have his araoeupbme rain - arraignment today. late yesterday an indictment was returned with 44 counts. of course you have the original counts that have to do with the intentional obstruction by force of the exercise of religious belief resulting in death, resulting in serious bodily injury, but the additional counts have to do with attempted murder and the victims are listed all by initials. remember, in that synagogue last saturday, there were a lot of people listening to services, three different congregations and there were people injured that survived but may have had guns pointed in their face, thursday charges of attempted murder. while the arraignment is going on the final preparations are being made for funerals today.
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a married couple, sylva and bernice simon are going to be laid to rest together in their funeral. they have been married over 60 years and their wedding announcement from 1956 in the pittsburgh "post-gazette" shows that they were actually married at the tree of life ceremony. it describes the bride as holding a bible with white orchids and white chantilly lace. the other funeral today is a noted dentist from this area. gottfried was only 65 years old. he and his wife were very well known in this community because of their dentistry. they had their own practice but volunteered everywhere when there was a need for dentists. he will be laid to rest this afternoon. >> the more we learn the more we
3:18 am
mourn. jean casarez for us in pittsburgh. coming up in our next hour we will speak with the tree of life synagogue rabbi about how his community is doing and the visit from the president. if you want to help the victims, go to police in irvine, california, are hoping this surveillance video will help them find a vandal that defaced a synagogue with anti-semitic graffiti. the number of hate crimes in that area jumped last year continuing a trend that began in 2015. >> i have a question for you. yeah? what do you do when you can? i will get a bagel, but when the president can, what does he do? he tells the truth. when he can. when he can he tells the truth. he actually said that out loud when the president can, he tells
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the pressure cooker that crisps.
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we have a dramatic new
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addition to the things said out loud file. president trump did an interview with abc's jonathan karl overnight and in it he asked about when it's convenient to tell the truth and you need to listen to this now. >> i do try. i always want to tell the truth. when i can i tell the truth. sometimes it turns out to be when something happens it's different or there's a change, but i always like to be truthful. >> i try. i do it when i can, when it's convenient. he's on a diet that includes some carbs and truth. >> but it's filling. >> i cannot believe that that was said out loud by the president. >> here's what i think is remarkable, an example he gives of when he tells the truth and how good he is at doing something truth based. here's the next one about crowd size. >> you have caravans coming up
3:24 am
that look a lot larger than it's reported. i am pretty good at estimating crowd size and they look a lot bigger than people would think. >> no you are not, mr. president. we are sorry it brings us no pleasure to say you are not good to estimate crowd size. you have been proven wrong. they look a lot better or feel a lot bigger than reported because we have reporters embedded there to figure out the crowd size scientifically and not just when he sees it on the tv screen and thinks, oh, that's big. we are back with our panel. >> john, when i can? is when i can enough for a president of the united states to tell the truth? >> no. the presidency is based on the idea that the president is truthful, honest abe, george washington, these are the american standards we have that presidents try to live up to and that is not treating the truth as an occasional treat they give
3:25 am
themselves or the american people, which is basically how the president is framing this. of course the priceless lack of self awareness of i am very good at estimating crowd size. the core issue is he is basically admitting the truth is optional. and the truth is not truth. the president saying when i get around to it, i try to tell the truth and i make a good best effort. >> the i think it's totally fair when people say the president is full of truth, i mean, just full of truth. it's a serious issue. we have a president who rather than rely on the billions of dollars we spend on intelligence, relies on fox news anchors to make his decisions on national security. think about that for a minute. the one -- you know, the sort of redeeming thing is he has an
3:26 am
innocent quality of telling the truth on occasion, and he did it last year. >> that's the irony. i actually think that was a truthful moment and that was a moment of extraordinary self awareness. >> i think it's a moment of self delusion, and he's telling him that to himself, i try to do it and i am good at crowd size. >> that's ridiculous. the idea that he sometimes tells the truth, he does it when he can is dead on right, and anthony scaramucci was here last week and saying the truth and lies are part of the president's communication strategy. >> good point. he uses dishonesty, abby, and it was interesting to hear the president layout that. >> i think there's a difference between trying to tell the truth and using falsehoods as a weapon. i would argue that those things are not the same thing at all.
3:27 am
if you are using falsehoods as a weapon, that's because you know that you are not telling the truth, that you are intentionally not telling the truth in order to achieve certain goals and you pointed out scaramucci said that when you talked to him last week. he gave another interview in which he called trump an intentional liar, saying he used lies to try and manipulate the media and try to get the public to pay attention to him. that's a different thing, i think, than not necessarily knowing what the facts are or the facts changing underneath your feet in real time, those are not the same things. a couple weeks ago we were talking about the number of jobs that were going to be created by the deal that the u.s. had with saudi arabia on arms sales and the president had gone from saying it was 40,000 to saying it was over a million in a matter of a week. these are real things and choices he is making, and he was being half truthful in the
3:28 am
interview where he was saying, you know, i try, but it's not because he's actually intentidi to tell the truth all the time, and people around the president, his advisors and staff, they believe his exaggerations are innocent but everybody acknowledges he knows often when he is telling the truth to the public. >> abby just convinced me of something. when i guess i -- what i am try, the truth is not a priority, and i think that's crystal clear. thank you, abby, for articulating. i think there's something deeply troubling about a president not committed to the truth. >> yes, of course. >> there's going to be a national and worldwide crisis at some point and the fact that you can't trust the president, the rest of the world, our allies and enemies can't trust or
3:29 am
predict what he is going to say and do is going to come back to haunt this president. >> you can't say it's based on fact. >> leadership requires trust. we have an election a couple days away and one of the president's closing arguments not true, and that's that the democrats don't defend health care. >> speaking as abby was about weaponizing words, and an interview about why he chooses to say vile things about the free press. >> what scares the crap out of me, when you say enemy of the people, enemy of the people -- just one second. god forbid somebody -- you have fervent supporters and they love you and listen to you, but what
3:30 am
if somebody gets shot or shoots one of these reporters? i don't think you are the enemy of the people, do you? >> i don't. but if you gave me false reports i would say that's not good for the country. >> you are the most powerful person in the world, and if you say that word, enemy, there's got to be a party that says i am scared -- >> the only form of fighting back. >> once again, the victimhood, he is entitled to say whatever he wants even if it's dangerous. >> this is the most powerful man in the world and he still feels like a victim, and he says the only recourse he has is to call the press the enemy of the people. the sin is false reports, that what makes you an enemy of the people. >> he also said very quietly in
3:31 am
there they like me more because i do it, they like me more because i lie, and he knows that and that's part of his strategy. >> it's not because he lies it's because he goes after the free press. >> but there's a lie in there and they like it when he goes after hispanics and latinos because it plays on their own ignorance and reinforces this vulnerability and anxiety that a large swath of americans have. >> the troubling part of that is the president's smirk. when jim was saying somebody is going to get hurt, the president had sort of a -- almost a smile on his face. >> i had a hard time reading that facial expression, and for a minute looked pained and then pleased and it was hard to figure out what he was thinking, but it does sound like he is not backing away from the language. >> thank you very much, joe, john and abby. we will speak to andrew gillum. the president had a lot to say
3:32 am
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divers have recovered the flight data recorder from the flight that crashed and killed all those onboard. this is a big development, ivan. >> reporter: it could be a potential break through because it records data streams from the altitude and velocity and the performance of the engines and it could show whether or not a smoke signal went off. it was hard to find and took days to hone in on the pinging of the underwater beacon that
3:37 am
goes off every second and the divers had to battle fast underwater currents and had to dive to depth of more than 100 feet to the seabed with the help of a submersible, and then they had to dig through the seabed to bring it up. it has been handed over to the international safety council, and they say it could take months to download the data and analyze it and hopefully come to some kind of an answer of why the brand-new boeing 737 crashed just 13 minutes after takeoff. meanwhile we just had a fresh delivery of debris, and sorry to say, human remains, some of the 189 passengers and crews brought in and are being identified as we speak going through that difficult and delicate process
3:38 am
of trying to recover and bring closer to some of the grieving loved ones and reunite them with their loved ones. >> the world appreciates the perseverance of the divers. thank you from the scene there. washington post journalist was strangled and dismembered quickly, but where are khashoggi's remains. what is the latest? >> reporter: well, alisyn, after weeks of the drip feed of leaks we have been getting from turkish officials, and according to the investigation they say that this was a premedicated act, something we have heard from turkish officials over the
3:39 am
past few weeks. they say shortly -- almost immediately after khashoggi entered the consulate he was strangled to death and his body was dismembered and destroyed. it's not clear what they mean by destroyed but according to the washington post a senior turkish official is that acid may have been used to tkedispose of khashoggi's body. according to evidence collected from the consulate's garden, they say that this biological evidence supports this theory. we know, alisyn, that forensic experts spent hours inside the consulate at the residence and in the past few days a company was used to use their robotic cameras to inspect the sewers around the consulate also. despite the latest revelations,
3:40 am
we are hearing from turkish officials saying there are still questions unanswered and they are hoping to get the answers from the chief prosecutor of saudi arabia that is here for three days, and they want to know where are the remains and who ordered the killing of khashoggi, and who dispatched the hit team to istanbul and they still do not have the answers. >> thank you very, very much. you might have heard this about elections. >> what? >> it all comes down to turnout. >> i have heard that. >> what exactly does it mean about how you turn out your voters and where does early voting figure into this thing. there's something about harry next. >> i see your early voting and i raise you with your early voting with a voting panel, and suburban woman, what issues are
3:41 am
on their minds. >> come in the legal way and you are more than welcome. >> it's legal to seek asylum. >> i welhope trump changes that. >> we get the pulse of the people, next. on the xps 13.ell cinea get up to $200 off select xps 13 laptops at (intel chime) instead, he's the tallest guy in his office.l basketball player. yeah, eric's had to compromise a lot in life. ah yes, you need travel insurance when you travel.
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let's talk about voter turnout with harry enten. >> if i hear that phrase anymore, it all depends on turnout -- >> isn't that true? >> you know who will win the football game? whoever scores more points. >> very good. let's talk about turnout, in 2014 and 2010 barack obama was very upset because democrats were not turning out in the mid-term elections and you see the republicans gained massively because of turnouts in the mid-terms, so in 2014 they did five points better than you
3:46 am
would have thought, and in 2014 they did six points better. will democrats actually turnout? we can look at the generic ballot, and we can see if there is a massive difference between the two. as it turns out there really isn't. some polls are finding a difference and others aren't. here's the interesting thing. democrats are doing better among likely voters in the generic ballot -- >> how is that possible, how could there be more likely voters than registered? >> there will be fewer voters -- >> oh, the democratic candidates are doing better among likely voters. got you. >> this is a very interesting phenomenon. this probably puts it up there clearer for you. in all the polls if you average
3:47 am
them, the democrats are up by a single point and among likely voters it's tied. >> wow. >> it's close in the swing d districts, but this is a huge difference from 2010 and 2014 where republicans were really gaining versus in the swing district this year where we're not seeing republicans gaining. >> mid-term elections, republicarepubli republicans turn out more -- >> i would point out, when you have a republican president, going back, what you see is that normally speaking republicans do gain but just by a point, which looks exactly like what we see in the swing districts. republicans did get a gain but just a single percentage. >> can you put that last chart up again. 2006, and i will underline it,
3:48 am
2006 was the last democratic mid-term wave year, and even then they didn't have an advantage, it was no difference in terms of turnout. >> exactly, so when we are looking at the house forecast i have pretty decent faith in this, and democrats gained a seat since yesterday, 226 to 209 and democrats right now, as we have been saying all along, look favored to take back the house. >> do you know about early voting? >> yeah, it's indicative of a higher turnout. we don't know how they are turning out. in some states we have party registration. back in arizona there was a special election earlier this year and everybody said republican turnout was so high, but the democrats did better. >> explain cannibalism when it comes to voting? >> when people turn out early, it's just the case that these are the people voting on
3:49 am
election day anyway. >> you ask why is that called cannibalism? >> yeah. >> no eating of humans, just knowledge. police are looking for a man that shot two people overnight. authorities say the gunman was wearing a halloween mask. we have details, next.
3:50 am
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we have breaking news. a man hunt is under way here in new york city. police are looking for a gunman wearing a halloween mask that shot two people multiple times. the suspect was wearing a white halloween mask and jacket, and the two that were shot are in stable condition at the haus. a baggage handler fell asleep on the job and woke up in chicago. the worker was apparently intoxicated when he took a nap in the belly of a 737 and was trapped until the plane landed in chicago, and american says he has been suspended pending an investigation. free trip, all right. that's how i see this.
3:54 am
the comics taking on president trump and the mid-term elections. here are your late night laughs. >> if the midterms, for some reason, don't do so well for republicans i think you are all going to lose a lot of money. i hate to say that. i think you will lose a lot of money. >> i believe that's call extortion. >> i am going to say, really nice economy you got here. i would hate to see something happen to it, i'm just saying i stuffed the dow with oily rags and my son, eric, loves to play with matches. >> trump has been traveling to as many states as possible to campaign and recorded a personal message for every state in the country. we got our hands on some of the out takes here. take a look. >> okay, mr. president, up first is alabama. >> it sounds too much like obama, next. >> how about hawaii. >> hawaii is a beautiful, beautiful country. >> new mexico --
3:55 am
>> there's a new mexico. isn't the old one bad enough. make mexico old again, and put that on a hat. >> according to reports barack obama could have a show. >> that's funny. >> you have watched that this season? >> i heard two future tv stars, john berman, and one alisyn camerota are on the "house of cards." >> emmy. and a tweet designed to induce fear of immigrants ahead of the mid-term elections. what is next with five days remaining?
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it is a disgrace. he is engaging in immigrant bashing and hysteria. >> it works with his base and that's why he's doing it. >> the president has an obligation to make sure the border is secure. >> we are sending 15,000 troops. for what purpose? to keep breastfeeding mothers and shoeless children from being able to seek asylum. >> we will always protect americans with pre-existing conditions. >> the choice is not about the candidates in front of you, it's about america. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to your "new day." president trump this morning ramping up his fear mongering by tweeting out a video suggesting democrats are wanting to help central american killers from coming to america. the president is trying to drive media coverage just


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