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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  November 1, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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in total. thanks for the great reporting. thank you for being there. thank you all for joining us today. we'll see you tomorrow morning. i'm poppy harlow. >> i'm jim sciutto. "at this hour with kate bolduan" starts right now. hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. remember, just five days ago, when the president called for unity after the horrific shooting massacre in pittsburgh. in a different context, he called for the very same just last night. speaking to abc news. >> i'm looking to unify. i always like to unify. we will certainly try. >> to unify. well, this is the opposite of that. a campaign video sent out by the president to his millions of twitter followers. it could be the most racially charged and divisive campaign video in decades, painting
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immigrants as violent criminals. >> i'll kill more. >> the intent, he's clearly trying to divide. the intent, he's clearly trying to scare. is it going to work? that's what remains to be seen. let's go to abby phillip at the white house with much more on this. abby, the president puts out that video, but also just has announced he's going to be speaking about immigration this afternoon. what are you hearing from there? what's going to happen? >> that's right. day by day, the white house is pushing this message on immigration, and today, the president is going to deliver remarks at the white house around 4:00 on immigration. this was not originally on his schedule, and it's now going to happen just minutes before he departs for missouri where he's having a campaign rally. the central issue that we're hearing from our sources is
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asylum. this is something that the president has taken issue with because it is what those central american migrants are seeking as they make their way, hundreds of miles, through mexico to the u.s. southern border. but as you pointed out, this ad has become part of a broader strategy here. it is all about the midterm elections just days away. and according to one other source who spoke to cnn in the last day, this ad is an attempt to move the conversation away from family unification to this issue of invasion that president trump has talked so much about. but as he departs for missouri tonight, it is also worth noting that president trump is working his base. he's working these red states, but there are some places that he simply cannot go. nevada and arizona are two of them, according to our sources. you know, the strategist in those states are saying these are states where there are large populations of hispanic voters who might be turned off by the very same messages that the
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president is pushing in that ad that you played earlier today. the republican candidates in those races have asked the president basically to stay away. kate. >> all right, abby, thanks so much. joining me now to discuss this, and really the state of things, cnn senior political commentator, former republican senator from pennsylvania, rick santorum. and former democratic senator from indiana, evan bayh. thank you both for being here. senator santorum, as abby was just saying, sources are telling cnn that the point of this video, and probably maybe the point of this announcement, whatever his remarks that he's going to make this froonl, is to change the conversation. to change the argument on immigration from family unification to invasion. is that what republicans need right now, to change the conversation five days out from the election? >> well, look. both sides have their take on what this caravan is all about. i mean, you hear people on the left saying oh, these are women and children, and we're trying
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to bring families together. and part of that is true. and and then you have folks on the other side saying these are people, you know, in that group will be some dangerous people, and most of the people in this group are males and there are a whole host of issues that come with that, and look, some people have come into this country illegally like the man depicted on the ad, and who have done horrible things. and there may be people who do that too. so each side putting the spin on it, and that's frankly nothing new when it comes to doing an election. you each have their own perspective. >> nothing new, maybe, that both sides are putting spin on something, senator santorum, but this is new. that campaign video that the president put out is something we haven't seen in decades, in the tone, the tenor, just the racist overtones of it all. are you supportive of that? >> look, i just -- quit doing this, kate. this happens on this network just way too much. that anybody that disagrees on a
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public policy issue is a racist. you can be against illegal border crossings and protecting our border and not be a racist. >> that is 100% true. and come on. you and i have known each other for a long time. don't paint me with broad brush strokes like that. >> but the reality is that man -- >> every time there's a policy discussion, i'm not calling republicans -- i'm not calling republicans racist. >> can i step in here? >> senator bayh, go ahead. >> kate is originally from ft. wayne, indiana. that means by definition she's a good person. let's stipulate that for the record. >> goshen, indiana, but i played volleyball in ft. wayne. senator bayh, you will be okay to continue going. >> well look. i think a couple thoughts, kate. first, when president trump first descending the escalator at trump tower, one of the first things he talked about were allegedly rapists and murders
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coming across from mexico, across the border. so trafficking in this sort of fear and these kind of issues really is nothing new. it's at the foundation of his political career. that's number one. number two, i think we need to separate the politics from the substance. some of us think that we should enforce the laws and enforce the border and we shouldn't have thousands of people in this caravan coming across into the united states, that we should have an orderly process. i happen to believe that, but i don't think we should exploit it cynically and divisively for political gain. i think it's wrong when the right uses s it, it's wrong wh the left uses classditions. we should expex more from our leaders, particularly our president, that a lot of people who traffic in spin and cynical politics. we don't expect our presidents to do that. >> senator bayh, on the issue of -- we can see from how the president has been talking that he seems very focused right now on the senate.
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not as much on the house. if you are a democrat up for re-election in a red state in a tough re-election, something that you have experienced -- something you have experienced yourself, is the president with this, where he wants to take the conversation, is he making these democrats, their lives easier or harder right now? >> well, he's making their lives harder, kate. they're doing this for a reason. it tends to work. we're in a -- there aren't a lot of undecided voters at this particular moment in time, so both sides are trying to motivate their base. the this is a proven base motivator particularly for noneducated white folks in red states. i think that's why they're doing it. it probably will help the republicans gain a seat or two in the united states senate. i don't think it will play nearly as well in the house because the districts that are swing districts in the house, this issue is not that much of a motivator. probably help in the senate. probably not much impact in the house. the reason they're doing it is it's been proven to work.
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>> senator santorum, sources are also telling cnn the point of putting out the video is also -- here is the quote, i tink it was told to one of my colleagues. we're talking about it, this, and not health care. the country is still talking about health care, of course, but ask voters who tell pollsters over and over again that it is the top issue that they care most about in the election. does this actually say more, this focus, on how vulnerable republicans are on the very issue of health care, though? >> yeah, well, look. i think the republicans are vulnerable. they don't need to be. here's the reality. the democrats are running ads on pre-existing conditions. which is one paragraph in a 2,000-page bill. the rest of the bill has been a disaster for america, and that's being ignored by democrats. and frankly, not talked about by republicans. why? because republicans couldn't get their act together and pass a bill that actually would create a better system. you know, i have been working on
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something, and i'm hopeful that if republicans maintain control, they can pass something, but look, they have a huge vulnerability because they did not -- we're not prepared to take control and have a president to be able to pass a bill, and they didn't. now they're paying the price for it. >> senator bayh, you have republicans now running on protecting pre-existing conditions. some who voted for taking away those pre-existing conditions previously. if that's what they're running on and pledging now in these campaign ads, are they in some ways successfully taking away a key issue for democrats? >> that's their hope, kate. and again, in red states, it may work. what happens today, it's kind of ironic. rick is correct, obamacare was not perfect, but one of the good things in it for sure is the prohibition against taking people's health insurance away from them simply because they had cancer or heart disease or some other pre-existing condition. that didn't make them bad people. that meant they had been sick. so that's a good thing, and by voting to repeal obamacare
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without a replacement to protect those people, they were voting to do away with pre-existing conditions. but now, protections for pre-existing conditions, but now, what they're hoping to do is muddy the waters and throw all these ads up there, and the good folks at home don't know who to believe, and in red states, they say, well, i don't know who to believe. i don't like any of them. none of them are telling the truth so i'll vote my own underlying base preference, which in red states tends to be republicans. again, they're trying to muddy the waters enough that that issue won't work, and that's been proven to be effective. >> one point i would like to make is that when republicans did have a chance finally to put forth a bill, it did cover pre-existing conditions. the house passed it, and you know, it went over to the senate. the senate passed -- tried to pass versions of their health care bill. they didn't do it, but kate, in all of those cases, they did indeed cover pre-existing conditions. >> but you do know -- yes, but you know from the evolution of where this has gone from 2008 to
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now, it is noteworthy when you have folks like dana rohrabacher running ads on protecting pre-existing conditions. on the face of it, like, come on. >> there was never a big controversy around pre-existing conditions. most republicans even way back when supported providing protections for that. the reality is they did vote to straight out repeal. it was a political vote. they knew it wasn't going to pass. the president was never going to sign it. so it was a political vote. i think in retrospect, they might have thought more carefully about it instead of doing a straight repeal, but the reality is, democrats know this is not a controversial issue. i don't know of any republican for the last several cycles who is out there saying we shouldn't cover people with pre-existing conditions. they have the opportunity because republicans didn't get their act together and pass a bill to show what they were for. >> yeah. senator santorum, senator bayh, thank you both. i appreciate your time. >> thank you. coming up for us, we have 14,000 troops in afghanistan.
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the president of the united states says he might send even more troops, though, to the u.s./mexico border. details on that ahead. >> plus, president trump says the blue wave is dead. why nancy pelosi -- while nancy pelosi is predicting victory come next week. where do things stand right now? we have brand-new numbers coming in. stay with us. always a catch. like somehow you wind up getting less. but now that i book at, and i get all these great perks. i got to select my room from the floor plan... very nice... i know, i'm good at picking stuff. free wi-fi... laptop by the pool is a bold choice... and the price match guarantee. how do you know all of this? are you like some magical hilton fairy? it's just here on the hilton app. just available to the public, so... book at and get the hilton price match guarantee. if you find a lower rate, we match it and give you 25% off that stay. little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats moderate to severe plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla,75% clearer skin is achievable.
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you know the migrant caravan president trump keeps talking about. estimates were that it grew to about 7600 people. now, it is shrinking as they make their way toward the u.s. border. and the caravan is still more than 800 miles away from that border. regardless, president trump continues to say that it's an immediate crisis and national
8:17 am
emergency. and he wants to send up to 15,000 troops to the u.s./mexico border because of it. >> as far as the caravan is concerned, our military is out. we have about 5,000. we'll go up to 10,000 to 15,000 military personnel on top of border patrol, i.c.e., and everybody else at the border. >> cnn's ryan brown is joining me now from the pentagon. ryan, what are you hearing about this plan? >> well, kate, we're told as of now the u.s. military has identified over 7,000 troops that are going to take part in this mission. that's in addition to the 2,000 national guard troops that were sent earlier in the administration that are already on the border. so that brings you to 9,000, getting close to 10,000 troops working on border security. now, most of these troops are support forces. there's engineers, planners, helicopter crews that can fly
8:18 am
border patrol agents to various spots along the very large border. but again, you're starting to see a very significant increase in the number of troops that will not be dealing with migrants themselves but will be in support, building fencing, vehicle barriers, roads, that kind of thing. but a large contingent, none the less. very similar to the size of u.s. forces, combat forces in places like afghanistan, iraq, and syria. now, we don't know how much this operation is going to be costing. military officials say they don't have a dollar figure yet and they haven't even identified where the funding is going to come from. this is still something that needs to be worked out. now, they can send these troops before they have worked that out, but they're going to need to identify who's going to pay for this and how is it going to be paid for. but the military pushing back very strongly on the ideas that this deployment is some kind of political maneuver, political stunt ahead of the midterms, with secretary of defense jim mattis strongly pushing against this yesterday at the pentagon.
8:19 am
>> the support that we provide to the secretary for homeland security is practical support based on the requests from the commissioner of customs and border police. so we don't do stunts in this department. thank you. >> now, despite those comments, it remains to be seen whether or not the perception of this deployment coming so close to the midterms will be seen as a political maneuver. kate. >> yeah, ryan, thanks so much. joining me right now is retired lieutenant colonel mark hertling who led the first surge in iraq. he served as a commander general of the u.s. army in europe. thanks so much for coming in. >> a pleasure, kate. >> the defense secretary, you heard mattis. he says it's not a political stunt. we don't do stunts. i know you would agree with that and how the pentagon operates. do you agree with when it comes
8:20 am
to what the president is proposing and wants now? >> i agree with secretary mattis in that the pentagon and military forces do not do stunts. that's certainly true. but i think secretary mattis missed an opportunity yesterday to be a little more transparent, to say what the military forces were going to do. you know, this is a request from the department of homeland security. they do that. i was involved in one of these kinds of missions early in my career. so this is all legal. to sustain the conversation that's going on will not be violated. these forces, as ryan brown just talked about, are almost exclusively enablers. what i mean by that is engineers to build things, construction engineers. military policemen to guard things. lodge titians to supply things, and aviators to move people around. there are no trigger pullers in this contingent or at least not the one that's been deployed so far. and what i mean by that is
8:21 am
infantry, armor artillery, the killers, if you will. this is not going to be a guard force on the borderer itself. the is where we get into the conversation, the difference between what fox news and the president are saying, which is hyperbole and scare tactics versus the facts on the ground. these are enablers for the department of homeland security to continue with their mission. that's the important thing to remember. the legal and process driven part by the pentagon is up and up. it's above board. now, is it smart? that's up for debate. will it be expensive? you bet, it will be plent ay expensive and it fact they're still trying to figure out how much tells me it's going to be more than they think. >> or the estimate could come out pretty quick, one would assume. i want to ask you, in the support role, in supporting the job at the border and in a support role, there's nothing wrong with that. >> not at all. >> right, but my question is, so
8:22 am
sending 15,000 people down there, you don't think is a bad thing. >> i didn't say that. i did not say that. i say it's not an illegal thing. is it a good thing? i don't know. there may be intelligence, and this is the important part, kate. there mail may be intelligence saying they're needed here. i have yet to see that. the early deployment orders where you have seen their course of action development that newsweek printed, it says there's a most likely course of action, which says here's what we think is going to happen, and there's a most dangerous course of action, and even the most dangerous course of action is something that military planners do all the time. it usually has a hyperbole and you normally throw that away and go with the most likely course of action, but you prepare for the most dangerous. but the kind of conversations we have been hearing where these caravans have, first of all, they're criminals. they have disease. there's no intelligence to back that up. those are the kind of things that people on fox news are making up, and the president is continuing to spread.
8:23 am
and truthfully, they're lies. they have no intelligence on that because the intelligence community hasn't given them intelligence on that. they don't know what is inside these caravans and they only know as they get cloiser to the border they're going to disperse more and attempt to apply for asylum. >> when you add them together, it's more troops than we're seeing in syria and afghanistan and -- >> i caution using that analogy because it is in terms of numbers, in many of those combat places, but it's apples and oranges in terms of types of troops. they truly are the lodge astitions and the border troops and we can't compare and contrast that. it's unfortunate the way some media are doing that. >> so important to point out the perspective you're offering, general. that's why we bring you on. i appreciate it. thank you. important to hear that. >> coming up for us, president trump claims the so-called blue
8:24 am
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to election day, 2018, and it looks like people still haven't learned the lesson of 2016, which is big and bold predictions really have no place anymore. but they're all over the place. nancy pelosi declaring, quote, we will win the house. donald trump, quite the opposite. here he is speaking to the christian broadcasting network. >> i think the blue wave is dead. frankly. and i think we're doing very well. i think we'll win the senate. i think we'll do well in the house. >> joining me now, the man in charge of getting democrats elected to the house, congressman lujan of new mexico. thanks for coming in. >> good to be with you. >> there's a new "washington post" poll out of likely voters in battleground districts. it's the same poll that tracked these key districts in the final few weeks. it shows the fight for the house is too close to call. dems are plus four, but a margin of error of 3.5%. how confident are you today? >> kate, while i never look at just one poll, i'm confident
8:30 am
that the trends are pointing in our direction. and also, in just five short days, i'm confident democrats will win back the majority of the house of representatives. we built a strategy on our candidates. we're investing in over 80 seats as of today and counting. we built the largest battlefield we have seen in recent memory with the goal of having many paths to secure the majority in the house of representatives. early voting is up across many parts of america and our candidates are doing well -- >> and as we well know, early voting doesn't tell us anything about the way folks are voting. >> i'm encouraged by the increases numbers, though. the more the better, all across america. >> congressman, so you saying you're confident the dems will win back the house, then you don't think nancy pelosi -- you agree with nancy pelosi. you don't think she got out in front of herself. no problem, no trepidation that dems are going to take back the majority? >> i never said this would be
8:31 am
easy, kate. we made sure that we had a strategy that would leave no stone unturned but i have been saying for several weeks based on the trends and the data, the strength of our candidates, many of our military veterans, cia oufrss, fbi agents, keeping our country safe, that they're in a strong position to win back the majority in the u.s. house of representati representatives. >> guaranteed? you're confident. guaranteed though? >> i'm confident. look, there's no guarantee with anything, but when you look at the data, the trends, the strength of our candidates, the lack of recruitment from the national republican campaign committee, each and every one of our incomdants is in a strong position, and we're challenging every republican currently held open seat across america. and we're also challenging republican incumbents, going deep into the map. so again, i'm confident that we will win back the majority in just five short days. as long as the american people show up to vote, again, nothing is guaranteed, but i'm confident in where we are today. >> the final argument from president trump, if there was any question, he seemed to make
8:32 am
it clear overnight with this video that he put out that paints immigrants from central america as violent criminals. he ran on this as well in 2016. and you guys lost. what do you do about it today? >> look, the president this last week suggested that he's going to somehow amend the u.s. constitution by the use of an executive order. one, he can't do that. it's not allowed. it's simply unconstitutional and un-american. and i think the american people are seeing through that. it's why his approach, especially in many of the 14th amendment, is so unpopular across america. and look, the president's charges towards democrats, especially on border security, is simply false. we're working to pass comprehensive immigration reform that also includes investments in border security, that is strong, that is smart, that is fair. and making sure that we're doing everything we can to carry out our oath of keeping people and our country safe. that's what we do, where our candidates are, and i think the american people are seeing through what the president is
8:33 am
doing today. >> you mention birthright citizenship. the president is forcing some democratic candidates in tough races to answer some tough questions on that very issue. democratic senator joe donnelly of indiana, he's in a tough re-election. he was asked about it, about birthright citizenship. he said he's open to looking at legislation that would end that constitutional protection. is that how you want your democratic candidates to be answering that question today? >> well, look, if you're asking me, my position on this, i think that right now that the president cannot and should not amend the 14th amendment. i think that birthright citizenship is something that embraces american values and it's who i am as an individual. but make no mistake, the president is going to try do everything he can to change the conversation. >> what does it say that joe donnelly believes it or feels he has to say it, that he's open to looking at legislation that the president was talking about. >> i respect joe donnelly very much. i think he's a strong u.s.
8:34 am
representative. his constituents support him and respect him, but if you're asking my position, i'm being clear about where i stand on this particular issue. >> congressman lujan, thank you so much. no rest for you coming up in the next few days. i appreciate your time. >> five days. make sure that you're turning out to vote, america. >> thank you. coming up for us, what do oprah, obama, trump, and pence all have in common? i'll help you out. they're all descending on georgia for one of the nation's hottest midterm races. details on that ahead. and i found out that i'ma from the big toe alian. of that sexy italian boot! so this holiday season it's ancestrydna per tutti! order your kit now at
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a man accused of carrying out the deadliest attack on jews in american history just pleaded not guilty. he was back in court this morning. a federal grand jury has indicted him on 44 counts for the horrific tragedy that took place at the tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh on saturday. that synagogue and that pittsburgh community is focused, though, today, their focus today is on the victims. their lives, their legacy, and their loved ones. gathering for a third straight day of funerals, a devoted couple and beloved dentist will be laid to rest today. jean casarez is in pittsburgh. you were in court for how it played out this morning. first, what happened there? >> well, the arraignment. and now the case is bound for district court. but the defendant walked in today. he was not wheeled in in a wheelchair. he had a red prison garb on.
8:40 am
he had shackles on his ankles. he had shackles at his waist. he had handcuffs on. but he walked very well. he had a large bandage on his left arm, thick bandage, white, and it was almost his entire upper arm. he's a very large man. extremely large. and when he got to the defense table to sit between the two defense attorneys, the federal law enforcement actually took a key, an actual key, and undid his handcuffs. he nodded. i looked at him straight on as he walked into that courtroom. and i don't know subjectively what was going on in his mind. i have no idea, but outwardly, objectively, looking at him, i saw a look on his face that the only way i can describe it would be smug. he sat down. his defense attorneys began to speak with him. he was acknowledging what they were saying. he appeared to understand what they were saying. understood, acknowledged.
8:41 am
he went like this to even greet them to begin with. when the proceeding got going, it was the assistant u.s. attorney that stood up, and this is now the arraignment, and began, turned to him and began to read to him the groups of charges. such as the intentional obstruction with force of the exercise of your religious beliefs resulting in death. he listened to every single category of charges. he had his entire face turned, sitting down, looking at the assistant u.s. attorney. the smugness was gone. he just listened. he nodded after every group of charges. then, the male assistant u.s. attorney stood up, faced the defendant who was still sitting, to describe the potential charges. and of course, we know this can be a death penalty case, so that's what was read off. the defendant listened. he acknowledged. he went like this after every single charge that had the
8:42 am
potential of the death penalty. when the assistant u.s. attorney finished and said are you aware of the possible penalties, the nodding changed. and there was a -- like that from the defendant. very strong nod. and then the magistrate judge talked about the length of the striel and the assistant u.s. attorney said it would be three to four weeks in length. also saying that if the attorney general of the united states certifies this as a death penalty case, it will go longer. so now, the case is bound over to the u.s. district court. it is bound for trial. now the discovery will begin, and then we will now have proceedings with u.s. district court judge donetta ambrose. >> jean, at the same time, the legal process now plays out. that process, as you perfectly described, that plays out. also, the focus for that community and the focus for all of us though still remains the victims in this. there are more funerals held
8:43 am
today. three more funerals. you have been there covering it as the days have continued. tell us about these folks today who will be laid to rest and how they will be remembered. >> you know, kate, we first have a married couple. they were both in the synagogue, sylvan and bernice simon. 84 and 86 years old. they'll have their funeral today beginning very, very shortly. they not only were murdered in that synagogue. they were married in that synagogue over 60 years ago. a marriage announcement in the pittsburgh post gazette from 1956 describes the bride as she carried her bible, she had her white orchids, and she had white chantilly lace on her wedding gown. later on today will be a noted dentist in this community, richard gottfried. his funeral will be later on. his wife who is surviving is also a dentist. they had their own dental
8:44 am
practice in this community. they volunteered at dental clinics, wherever dentists were needed, even at tree of life when they needed dental services, they were there for them. those are the three funerals that are attending today. so far different from the federal courthouse, but as you can see, there's a defendant and those court proceedings have to continue. >> thank you so much. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ -whoops -sorry! ♪ ♪ ♪
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star power is turning out for one of the nation's hottest
8:49 am
governor's races. oprah winfrey, former president barack obama both headed to campaign for stacey raberooms who hopes to become the first black female senator in the united states. >> she's trusted by all, and she has a story of upliftment and humanity that i think resonates across communities, and on friday, we're excited to welcome president barack obama back to georgia. having both of their voices added to the mix sends the signal of the kind of georgia i want. >> big names turning out for the republican candidate as well. mike pence will soon be landing in georgia to tump for the current secretary of state of georgia. what is it about georgia right now at this point in the race? senior political prr
8:50 am
. >> star power did not help democrats in 2o 16. is it different when you are talking about oprah and obama and campaigning in 2018. >> i think sure. it's different because in georgia, you have got this candidate in stacy abrams who is keeping it close and basically tied. we didn't really see this in a state like georgia in 2014. michelle obama may have gone down and rallied voters, but you have big star power in oprah and obama. oprah endorsed obama and a lot of the data show she shifted a million votes to his side. that made an impact. this race is going to be about the black turn out and rural turn out on both sides. that's why you are going to see star power for him down there with president pence as well and on the democratic side as well. can you get the rural black voter who is might need you to go to their homes and provide
8:51 am
them a ride to the polling station. this is going to be about logistics. typically you see that the democratic party infrastructure has not been that strong. over the last couple of years, they made an investment for abrams who is registering voters. this will be a barn burner to the very end. >> what do you think at this point? >> a couple of things. is 20 years ago i was a newspaper reporter in marietta, georgia where oprah win free will be campaigning on behalf of stacy abrams. when we talk about the south and the changing demographics and georgia as an example, that's a conversation piece. 20 years ago you wouldn't see oprah winfrey rallying the troops for stacy a drams. certainly in the south as you see from a lot of influx of northerners who moved on from low taxes. the companies moved down there.
8:52 am
you get folks move moving in who don't have social conservative values. that's a changing of the new south. you look at stacy a drbrams anda talks about knife fights. this will be a knife fight because she know how to engage in this fighting as does kemp. the secretary of state of georg georgia. it will be an ugly one to the wire. >> you could see some of that fighting in the final debate. he pulled out of the final debate. he wants to appear with donald trump at the same time. what does that say about where he thinks we need to win. >> i think they both need the base to turn out. the reason brian kemp is in this race in the general election is
8:53 am
because of donald trump. donald trump endorsed him. he needs those folk who is love trump who are emotionally invested in trumpism to show out for him. he likely thinks it's more important to be on stage next to donald trump rather than debating stacy abrams. >> mark? >> same thing. the fact of the matter is, kemp will win whether or not donald trump is able to get his supporters out in georgia. we talk about the changing demographics in the south. we are not quite there yet. this will be interesting to use as a base line to see moving forward how our country is changing. >> great to see you guys. thank you. >> thanks, kate. >> breaking news coming in about a possible replacement for outgoing ambassador, nikki haley. kaitlan collins is in washington with more on this. what are you learning? >> president trump is saying that the current state department spokesman is his top
8:54 am
candidate as the u.s. ambassador to the united nations and could offer her the job as soon as this week. he met with heather at the white house on monday and discussed the position and he met with several others as well. he said that heather is his favorite for the job. if he does offer her the job and she does formally accept, she would leave the state department not only under mike pompeo, but rex tillerson. there could be questions about whether she has the diplomatic experience for this position. typically people who have years of experience are the people to take this job as the u.s. ambassador to the united nations. now, another question it could raise is who is going to be the next white house press secretary. we have long known that people in the white house pushed heather as a possible replacement for sarah sanders to take the job. people in the white house heard
8:55 am
for that position because president trump enjoys watching her in the state department briefings and thinks she is really good on television. she does have a history in that. height yow heather is the top candidate for the job. you getting a sense of how close the president is to making this decision. there have been a few top candidates at this point. >> he's pretty close. he said she is his favorite, but he interviewed several other people. right now it seems this is his favorite. >> all right, now top candidate to be the next u.s. ambassador to the united nations as nikki haley will be leaving soon. coming up, president trump set to speak from the white house. the topic is immigration. details are ahead. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at
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. welcome to inside politics. thank you for sharing your day with us. five days out and fear. the president tweets a racist video as part of a closing focus on illegal immigration. cnn polling shows shifts towards the republican senate candidates in tennessee and florida. the odds of democrats retaking the senate are getting longer. the house is clearly in the


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