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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  November 1, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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. welcome to inside politics. thank you for sharing your day with us. five days out and fear. the president tweets a racist video as part of a closing focus on illegal immigration. cnn polling shows shifts towards the republican senate candidates in tennessee and florida. the odds of democrats retaking the senate are getting longer. the house is clearly in the democrats's reach. dead heat races for governor.
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>> maybe we should impeach gillum as mayor of tallahassee. >> the president again is attempting to use scare tactics, fear mongering. this is a race to the bottom. the kind of politics they are used to. i happen to believe they are sorely under estimating the people of my state. that's not the brand of politics that we want. >> we begin the hour with politics and a president returning to his roots and his reflexes in the final days of a consequential mid-term campaign. for president trump that means illegal immigration as the top issue and to fear, exaggerations, and sometimes outright lies as his tools. we are told the president will speak at the white house about immigration and asylum. he would prefer you focus on immigration, not jobs or the
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strong economy or health care as you vote. >> there is a lot of feeling about the horrors of the illegal immigration problem. people think they are going to come into our country and take over. it's just not going to happen. we are not going to let that happen. the democrats want to let that happen. it's crazy. >> then there is this race-baiting ad. tens of thousands of followers have retweeted or replied to a video shared by the president of the united states on his twitter account. the message is anything but subtle. [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> with me today to share reporting and insights, politico's eliana johnson. phil mattingly and bloomberg and
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cnn's kaitlan collins. immigration is his reflex. why can't you be for strong borders and deploying the troops without race baiting. why? >> this is about enthusiasm. his base is not as enthusiastic about coming out to vote for x senator or x congressman to vote for him and he's trying to recreate the magic that he created with voters that were part of the trump base that carried him to election. he realizes that he needs to give them something. the tax cuts are not popular. they are seen as tax cuts that are given away to the wealthy and he see this is as the one-trick pony and he thinks it can happen if he dials up the rhetoric and does more than what we have gotten used to to get the headlines and the coverage by going a little bit further than the past.
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>> it's the little bit further part. you can say i'm for a strong border. you can say i need to accepted the troops and i don't want to let them in. the democrats want them to come. george soros is paying for it and that illegal immigrant committed a heinous murder and deserves to be prosecuted, but to suggest that democrats want more of them? >> to talk to a strategist this morning, this is part and parcel of the tab light news culture that the president came out of. he takes an issue that people are familiar with and finds a way to push it forward every day with something new. whether it's sending troops down to the border or saying the caravan is bigger than people think. saying we are going to seal off the southern border. whether they are true or not, taking a familiar issue and keeping it in the news day after day because he knows it's politically useful. >> along the same lines, taking
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something with a strand of something that people agree on and that is a problem and blowing it up and turning it into something far more dramatic and not truthful at all. this is a mid-term year and a mid-term year, you need to come out. with the enthusiasm they are facing, they need the base to come out. what gets the rally rolling like nothing else? it's immigration. the tact of getting to that point. everybody is watching and wondering what is going on. he unveiled so many new proposals and everyone thinks his base loves this. it's red meat. i wonder what true conservatives said. what he said to justify his decision or claim that he wants to undo birth right citizenship, justifying it by saying barack
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obama used executive order to do daca, so why can't i do this? one is in the constitution and one is not. they railed against obama for doing daca and they said it was an abuse of power. president trump echoed all of the same lines and now he is trying to justify that to do this. during that interview that you aired, he talked about the wall and say we are building the wall. it's a different wire. we are using barbed wire. people do not see barbed wire as a wall. it's curious to see what the true conservatives think of these policies and if they are real. >> they said no, you can't do that with executive order. send legislation to congress and let them debate. crickets. this ad is racist. my first presidential campaign
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was done by al gore bringing it up as an issue. it was run as a republican ad. george h.w. bush didn't tweet it out. he didn't put the ad out himself. it's the most racist thing. where is the republicans on this? make your case about having a strong border. we agree. don't do this? where are they? >> they are thrilled they are not on capitol hill and they are being chased around with cameras by reporters. >> power, power. they put keeping power ahead of principal and their pride. >> that's a story for the better part of the last 18 months and put power in the ability to get things done that conservatives want ahead of other issues. to that point though, one of the bigger issues is this might work in certain senate races. for house races, the lawmakers who are forced to respond to this and probably will be asked on the campaign trail, i don't know many house republicans who
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are making this a key issue. in certain parts of pennsylvania or southern florida. this is not are inially an ad that helps them. >> you're right. we see evidence where we have polls where some are moving towards republicans. part is the immigration issue and part of that is the president's approval is coming up a little bit. the president thinks it's going to work. our colleague, allison is sitting down with suburban women to ask them about this issue. >> how many by a show of hands feel that the president is trying to gin up fear or gin up this story before the mid-terms? >> fear motivates people. i think that is the basis for anything that he does. >> do you feel there is a real crisis? >> in what? >> at the border. >> is there an issue? yes. is there a crisis? no. how can we pay for their
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education and health care when all of us on this side are paying more and more and more. if somebody loses a job here, shouldn't we be taken care of first? >> the woman at the end, clearly echoing the president's view that the immigrants are taking your resources. they are taking your jobs and health care money and government services and the like. four out of six women raised their hands when she asked is this fear. >> that's how he won his election in 2016. he said fear is a powerful motivator for a number of people and in the bob woodward book, he talked about how fear is true power. he believes that using fear to increase this political advantage is something that will actually work and it works for him and his view in 2016 and he's trying to do the same thing in 2018. >> and a test track for 2020. >> it's not all just a political stunt. president trump cares about
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immigration and not just i can get voters. he does care. he is giving the speech because he has been waiting to give a speech on immigration. it got postponed because of the tragedies over the past week. this is something we does care about. he does think the way people apply for asylum needs to be changed. that's not something he came up with in the last two weeks. it is a political stunt in some ways. a better way is it's a way to get voters to turn out. it's something that president trump cares about and needs to be changed. >> he has a really good job. he is president of the us. you write legislation and send it to capitol hill. sign it today and let it get tested in the courts. propose things and demand your party vote on them and talk about things. we will come back to that in a little bit. this just in. two sources say president trump told advisers the current state
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department healther gnther is h pick. that's a big deal for the president. it's a big job to fill. nikki haley was a star. >> here always liked heather nauert. he likes watching her state department briefings and thinks she did a good job. she always had a relationship with the west wing. when rex tillerson was the secretary of state, she was the spokesman then as well. he grew skeptical as her relationship with president trump deteriorated. tillerson and his confidants thought she was more loyal to the west wing than to him. they referred to her as a spy. she has been clois to pompeo and pompeo is close to trump. she had a good relationship with the president. he briefly considered the
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ambassador if are this job. he was insistent that he wanted it to be a woman. he saw what nikki haley did and he liked the way she had that position and how much power and influence she wielded and she wanted another woman in this position. he has been saying she's his favorite and he is expecting her to be offered the job. not only does she have the diplomatic experience for the job because people usually come with years of diplomatic experience and some don't feel she has that, but who is going to be the next press secretary. she was widely seen by people in the white house as the next to replace sarah sanders. they don't have a heavy lineup of people waiting to take that job. it does create a few problems for people in the west wing if she does get this job. >> we will keep an eye on it. there will be many for the president. cnn polling in two key states five days before the election. the president said is pretty important, but maybe not the most important.
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welcome back. we are near five days out and as you can see, the house map tilting in favor of the democrats. the democrats lead when you look at the rankings. more than enough opportunities in the yellow. maybe it looks gold to you at home. more than enough opportunities for the democrats to gain the 23 seats they need to seize control of the house. on the senate map, it is very different. when you look at the senate map for all this talk, we have the republicans leading in the race and brand-new polls releasing
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right now that show movement towards republicans that are critical in senate control. a new poll for tennessee. marcia blackburn within the margin of error, but a republican lead and a shift from september. momentum towards marcia blackburn. held by bob corker, the democrats need that state if they have any hope of seizing control of the senate. that's tennessee. let's look in florida as well. you can argue here a little bit of momentum towards the republican. bill nelson ahead by two points. that's a statistical dead heat. for rick scott, the governor who wants to come to the u.s. senate. in october it was a-point lead. if you are the scott campaign, you are getting closer and as we get closer to election day. in the final days of the
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campaign, who has momentum. in tennessee, the republicans clearly do. the indiana, perhaps the democrat is in a race that is critical. when you figure out who is controlling the senate, three polls showing a close race. some showing it move towards the democrat and some show the republican. that we will watch until the end. look where we have it. 49 republican and 45 democrats. for the democrats to take control of the senate, if everything stayed the same as we have it on the map and you had these six toss upstates, look at the scenario. the democrats would have to sweep them. if they got to these, 50-50, if marcia blackburn wins, the democrats have to get that. if they have any dream. the momentum clearly going the other way. because that momentum is going the other way. ask the president, is there a big blue wave?
9:20 am
he says no. >> i think the blue wave is dead, frankly. we are doing very well. the numbers reflect it. we will win the senate and i think we will do well in the house. if you go by history, but nobody had an economy like i produced. it's the best it has ever been. we have the greatest country we ever had in this country with jobs and everything else. >> it is the strangest of mid-term years in the sense that me if you talked to somebody who thinks differently. most republicans privately concede the house is gone. yet it's possible, if you look at the numbers, democrats could gain one, two, even three seats. >> i think the chances that republicans gain seats in the senate, there is a better chance than the democrats take the senate. it is strange in that regard. what is the white house messaging going to be if they
9:21 am
lose the house and increasing number of democratic investigations and keep the senate. is it going to be we will confirm more and more judges? what is the defensive messaging from the white house? it's a split. >> the fascinating thing at this moment is the divergence between the house and the senate. that's existent throughout the cycle. the number of seats they had to defend because they are in states that president trump won. the divergence has grown over the course of the last or six days. they are feeling very good and feel like they can pick up a seat or two based on how things are going and republicans on the house side who maybe 10 day ago felt like things it were stabilizing and giving them a shot to keep the majority. the last five or six, everything has reverted back and we have real problems. you have seen that grow over the last couple of days. what the problem is, everyone is trying to use wave as a distributor and because of the maps, there is no such thing as
9:22 am
a wave between the senate and the house. it doesn't exist. that's why you see strategists in both chambers in different places. >> it doesn't seem to matter whether we talk about a presidential race or governor's race. if it's florida, it's always late and close. it's one of the most competitive states. rick scott was the dream candidate for the republicans. he was their best hope. he's in a very tight race. there is a big debate. how close do you get to the president? you have a lot of people who are not fans. he seems to be inching closer to the president's message. >> a vote for nelson puts the radical left in charge. the kind of people who scream in the face of police officers. the kind of people mock an elderly man they disagree with. it's disgusting. you stop schumer and pelosi by stopping bill nelson. >> this comes back, i think, to
9:23 am
a point you made in the earlier segment. after the kavanaugh fight, there was a spike in republican intensity in some places. that fight is in the rear view mirror. that's about a base come out, do not stay home. >> we started to see the numbers. i followed closely because i'm from there. we have seen a huge turn out in early voting. republicans are leading somewhat in early voting and the numbers are way up compared to 2014. both sides are engaged and activated and turning out high levels. it's very interesting to see what's happening in the middle. there is a growing number of independent voters and he kept them at arm's length because he wanted to appeal to the independent voters and have them swing his way. it would be interesting to see after we get the turn out numbers that show both democrats and republicans at high levels. whether or not there is a shift in the independent vote and whether or not it swings one way or the other. that's why we see senator nelson
9:24 am
appeal to independents and gubernatorial candidate andrew gill up appealing to those candidates as well. >> you mentioned the gubernatorial candidate. we showed you the senate race. maybe slight advantage to bill nelson. gillum is 49. the mayor is a democratic candidate. ron desantis, 48. welcome to florida. it's a long night. he thinks he can be a factor here. i'm not saying the president is not invested. he is also using this as a test track for 2020. >> that's right. keep in mind where the president is going. if you look at where he is going, most of them are in states where even though his rating has gone down, he is north of 50%. noert is not that state. where he's going is very strategic when he goes to pensacola. that's strategic. those are base areas.
9:25 am
they are talking about the i-4 corridor and the voters. where the president is being sent to the credit of his political team, if you get republicans out, which he did in 2016 in the panhandle and pensacola in huge numbers in a mid-term year, those votes can make a really big difference. >> he is going to some of these places twice. it's interesting to see where he picked not only over the last week, but two weeks. we had a report in arizona and nevada where they asked him to stay away. that was not it, he was already there. he has gone to three states twice. it shows there are some places where they think he is helpful and some places they don't. they tried to keep him at an arm's length. when the president comes, they don't have an option. >> you don't really have an option. in the last week of the
9:26 am
campaign, both campaigns if you have three, they have a list and a number and they think they need to reach. pensacola, i remember in 2016, one of the first particulars was from a democrat who texted me, we are screwed. 2016 started to see the turn out there. >> the caravan. president trump can't stop talking about it. with only a kite, a house key and a wet hemp string, benjamin franklin captured lightening in a bottle. over 260 years later, with a little resourcefulness, ingenuity, and grit, we're not only capturing energy from the sun and wind, we're storing it. as the nation's leader in energy storage, we're ensuring americans have the energy they need, whenever they need it. this is our era. this is america's energy era. nextera energy.
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the caravan of criminals is about to invade america. surprising the pentagon by saying plans to send 5,000 could triple to 15,000. the president wants you to be scared. >> they got a lot of rough people in those caravans. they are not angels. we are tougher than anybody. we are tougher than any force. we are probably going to have to be. >> a few pesky things we call facts here. mexican authorities say the caravan has about 5,000 to 6,000 people. those who visited with the caravan said many of those walking north are women and children. right now they are roughly 900 miles from the border. they just left the state of oaxaca. it's not right on the
9:32 am
u.s.-mexico border. engine walking from los angeles to portland, oregon. the invasion, if you are inclined to accept that label, is hardly imminent. yet this is how he operates. he likes the crisis mentality. it's about to happen any second and it's bad for you. >> that's the way the president keeps the issues in the news. it's interesting to me that you played a couple of segments ago, some clips from a focus group of women. they said that they do believe the president is exaggerating and scare mongering, and none the less, they don't want this caravan to come into the u.s. they agree with the president on a much more discreet fundamental issue. that's how the president succeeds. they appreciate his show of strength even though they are aware of the strategy he is using. >> that's right. people at home watching this in texas, alabama, wherever, they
9:33 am
believe this. they see the images and they know that the president is prone to exaggeration. we don't like his tweets, about you we like what he is doing. they believe the caravan is making its pay. the president can get away with it. whenever he makes the comments, he is going to send 15,000 troops to the border. you have to fact check. the messaging does get through to his supporters. >> to that point about the president and truth telling. it's clear to anybody, the president has a casual relationship with the truth. he does it on purpose. abc asked the president about this yesterday. do you think you are a truth teller? >> well, i try. i do try. i think you try, too. you say things about me that are notnecessarily correct. i do tell the truth. sometimes there is a change, but i always like to be truthful.
9:34 am
>> let's put that to the test. the president a couple of weeks ago there would be a tax cut and we are going to get it done before the election. not happening. the president said he wants to sign an executive order taking away the right to birth right citizenship. even if you are here illegally and that child is a u.s. citizen. don't talk about it, do it. sign the order. he said republicans will protect preexisting conditions. his administration tried to completely repeal obamacare. attorneys general are suing to take away the protections and the administration passed regulations allowing insurance companies to sell more bare bones plans that don't have those protections. that's not being truthful. >> the president is keeping a lot of fact checkers employed and has been doing that since he first started running for office. he understands that just getting issues in the public debate and the public sphere. we are down to his benefit if
9:35 am
those were the issues he wants to talk about. we go back to the poll that you just released looking at florida voters. if you look at voter who is have immigration as the top issue, there is a huge split. they are most likely to vote for governor scott, the republican. for those who have health care as the top issue, it's like a 70% split. >> there are stars out on the campaign trail. some politicians and some not. oprah is just outside of atlanta campaigning for stacy abrams, the democratic candidate for governor. >> i wasn't asked, i just called stacy up three days ago. yes. i didn't even know her. you know stacy abrams. somebody said i have her cell number. i said give it to me.
9:36 am
i'm going to call her up right now. i called stacy abrams and i said this is oprah. you know what she said? girl, let me pull over to the side of the road. that's a good thing. you shouldn't talk on your cell phone when driving. i told her i wanted to come to georgia and lend my support. she said that would be all right. that would be just fine. i told her, here's why i want to come. because i have been reading about you. i have been reading about you in the atlanta journal and "time" magazine and the "new york times." i have been watching you and i have been seeing how you handle
9:37 am
yourself. i have been watching you in the midst of the onslaught of haters. and vitriol that is thrown against you. i have been watching you and you just keep coming. and not only are you people coming on, you keep standing strong for the values that matter to me and the values that matter to georgians all over this state. i'm here today because stacy abrams cares about the things that matter. she cares about medicaid expansion. keeping families together.
9:38 am
environmental protection for our children. so that they will have clean water and won't be wearing oxygen masks 10 years from now. she cares about common sense gun control. we are not going to take the guns from the people. we know people want to hunt in georgia, but since when have we lost common sense from common sense? common sense gun control. she cares about affordable housing and criminal justice to protect the communities and create jobs. so the reason i am a registered independent is because i believe that everybody should have the right to vote their values and vote your conscious, regardless of the party. i tell you, i have voted
9:39 am
republican and i have voted democrat. each time i have voted, i voted for the people who i felt represented my values. so stacy abrams's values are in alignment with the consciousness of which our democracy has been founded. the very foundation of our democracy is to think about other people. to live our life in service. democracy is not just about our individual rights and concerns. and our individual protections, but rather it lives and thrives in making sure that everybody is lifted by the community. this is not just what i want or what i need or what's going to fill my pocket book, but recognizing that what is good for everybody is good for us.
9:40 am
stacy abrams gets that. she gets that. she understands and she will serve the underserved of the state of georgia. you see, here's the truth. all of us may have been unequal, but we are woke. if you woke just a little bit. you got sense enough to know that everybody is not treated equally. reality is this. reality is, we see injustices big and small all-around us, every single day of our lives. it's easy for a lot of people to feel that you have no power against those injustices, but this is what i'm here to tell you. this land was made for you and me.
9:41 am
that's not just a song, that's the truth. we are not powerless. every single one of us has the same power at the polls. every single one of us has something that, if done in numbers too big to tamper with, cannot be suppressed and cannot be denied. as our civil rights predecessors used to say, we shall not be ruled. every one of us has the same power at the polls. we have the ability to go into a tiny booth or just a little
9:42 am
stand and every one of us, regardless of the color of our skin. it doesn't matter when you are there at the polls. where the god we pray to, it doesn't matter who we choose to love. whether or not we graduated high school or went to college or how much money you have in the bank or whether or not you have a preexisting condition or whether you are elderly or not. whether you are developmentally disabled. doesn't matter at the polls. we are all equal in power. so on november 6th, you here already got it. your job is to go out and let everybody else know how to get it. you make your voice heard on november 6th. we have this incredible opportunity to make history. we have our inalienable right to
9:43 am
vote because the place where we are all equal is, where is it? at the polls! i'm here today because i know you know that. i came to remind you of the power. i'm here because i want you to remind others of the power. i want to make it very clear to all the press. everybody. i'm not here because i'm making a grandstand and i'm thinking about running myself. i don't want to run, okay? i don't want to test any waters. i don't want to go in those waters. i'm here because of stacy abrams. i'm here today i'm here for the
9:44 am
men who were lynched and humiliated and discriminated against and suppress and repressed and oppressed for the right for the equality at the polls and i want you to know that their blood has seeped into my dna and i refuse to let their sacrifices be in vain. i refuse. i'm here today -- don't let nobody turn you around! you can't let their sacrifices be in vain. i'm here today because like a lot of young people, i didn't take voting seriously until around my mid 20s. around my mid 20s, i had the privilege of hearing reverent otis moss jr. who is a preacher.
9:45 am
you know him? preacher in cleveland, ohio. i heard him tell the story of his father. of otis moss sr. who right here in georgia's true county got up in the morning and put on his only suit and his best tie. he walked six miles to the voting poll location he was told to go to in the grange. when he got there after walking six miles in his good suit and tie, they said boy, you are at the wrong place. you're at the wrong place. you need to go to mountville. so he walked another six miles to mountville and when he got there, they said boy, you at the wrong place. you need to go to the rosemont school. and i picture him walking from
9:46 am
dawn to dusk in his suit, his feet tired, getting to the rosemont school and they said boy, you're too late. the polls are closed. he never had a chance to vote. by the time the next election came around, he had died. so when i go to the polls and i cast my ballot, i cast it for a man i never knew. i cast it for otis moss sr. who walked 18 miles one day just for the chance to vote. when i go to the polls, i cast the vote for my grandmother who died in 1963 before the voting rights act of 1965 and never had a chance to vote. i vote for her. and when i stand in the polls, i do what maya angelou said, i
9:47 am
come as 10,000 for all those who pave the way that we might have the right to vote. for anybody here who has an ancestor who didn't have the right to vote and you are choosing not to vote wherever you are in this state or this country, you are dishonoring your family. you are disrespecting and disregarding their legacy. their suffering and their dreams when you don't vote. so, honor your legacy. honor your leg as and honor your right to citizenship in this, which is the greatest country in the world. the right to vote is like the
9:48 am
crown we all get to wear. i used to say baby, your crown has been paid for, so put it on your head and wear it. your crown has been paid for. the right to vote is your crown. this is a tight race here in georgia. there are tight races all over this country that depend on all of us giving honor to our greatest democratic right and privilege. let your vote make a difference. let your vote count and speak for you. if you are a woman, let me talk to the women for a moment. if you are a woman, you need to recognize, it hasn't even been 100 years since we even had the right to vote. since we were considered a piece of property. you couldn't even own a piece of property. i love land so much and i think if i was born at the turn of the
9:49 am
century, i wouldn't even have the right to own the land without your father or your husband saying it was so. you didn't have the right to take care of yourself. you didn't have a voice and now we do. we as women people need to stand united and vote our values. vote your values. vote your conscious. all this noise, all the noise you can't get away from it. you turn on the tv and it's so much noise and crazy talk. all the vitriol in the ads, they are designed to confusion and confound you with fear. that's why they are done. they are designed to confound you with fear. they are not designed for people with discernment. women people, we have discernment. when you know the right thing
9:50 am
and you can feel it, you can feel what is the right thing to do, you can't be influenced by propaganda and fear. now is the time for discernment. and only when we unite as sisters. i don't mean just sistas, i mean sisters. black sisters. brown sisters. white sisters. asian sisters. lgbtq sisters. when we all unite, i know for sure a change is going to come. i'm here today to support a changed maker. she is a woman who dared believe
9:51 am
that she could change the state of georgia. and she is dynamic. she is so inspired and inspiring. she is bold. she's bold. she's bold. and bodacious. she's a georgia warrior woman. ladies and gentlemen, stacy abrams! ♪ >> oprah winfrey. you don't need her last name. stacy abrams, a woman trying to make history. she will be the nation's first female african-american governor if she wins a very, very tight race in the state of georgia. oprah is trying to generate a turn out and we bring it back into the room. she is an independent and here to campaign for a democrat. a lot of republicans wish they had an oprah. in terms of how effective, she
9:52 am
knows the needs. she is in the suburbs. not atlanta proper. she said don't disrespect your family heritage. and sisters. not sistas. sisters. white, brown, black, latina, lgbt. can stacy abrams make history? >> she said stacy abrams needs to win. this is cob cou this is cobb county. the ability to get cobb and decalb as well. pretty decently large minority communities. that's the game. they talked about being in and picking out voters in areas that vote republican. if you want to win in georgia and stacy abrams wants to win, she needs to roll up huge votes. oprah is delivering the message that she is doing it in a big
9:53 am
way by us and i assume any others. >> in 2016, she was able to pull democratic voters into the republican party. with the name recognition, she is an independent. somebody who hasn't associated herself with a political candidate and could be a real boost to this democratic gubernatorial candidate in a race that is extremely close. >> everyone wants an oprah, of course everyone wants an oprah. the next best thing is donald trump trying to do what she's doing. essentially turn out the base. >> the question for me, it's a great point. president trump is the singular star of the republican party. his vice president is there trying to help with the secretary of state. this is not about finding new voters, but turning people out and getting them out. the president is a singular figure. the president has not tried very
9:54 am
hard to reach across to create a broader coalition. he operates within the boundaries of his 2016 coalition. she is trying to deliver a cross over message. she said i have voted republican, but in this case i'm voting for this democrat. who has more appeal. >> that's why she was successful on daytime television. she was able to build that coalition of suburban voters and all different races and backgrounds. we have seen president trump repel a lot of those voters and they are leaving the republican party and voting against president trump's candidates because they don't like the divicive nature and the rallies he does where he calls people names and calls stormy daniels horseface. we have a different message from oprah that is much more inclusive and uplifting and directing it to a number of different women who are gettable in part because they are making that kind of message. >> and fascinating.
9:55 am
this one of many neck and neck races. florida is several in the midwe midwest. we live in washington and focus on the house and the senate. in 2020, be on post 2020 redistricting and possibly if you look at florida and georgia on the question, is it safe to run as a democrat? especially aspiring white politicians say i have to be a republican. will this change that? >> this is an excellent petri dish to see if in an election, they can get the voters to turn out. it's a petri dish for 2020 in terms of what the make up is. big question. is this the realignment that lines up with what where donald trump is? we will see the answer in a couple of days. >> when you come in here, it's oprah. thanks for joining us. be back here at this time tomorrow. don't go anywhere. wolf starts after a quick break. have a great day. ♪ explore more with a guaranteed 4pm checkout
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