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tv   Wolf  CNN  November 2, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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hello, i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. here in washington. up first, the nation's first african-american president campaigning for two candidates, hoping to break down barriers in their states. former president barack obama is on the campaign trail with four days to go until the mid-term elections. president obama is in miami to campaign for andrew gillum in the florida governor's race. gillum to be the state's first african-american governor. the president heads to atlanta to campaign for stacey abrams in
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the georgia race. she could be the first african-american female governor in u.s. history. the president heads to stump for the republican candidates for governor. rand i, what are you hearing from voters about president obama's influence on this governor's race? we are getting an earful. let me set the scene for you in miami. it is a packed house. we talked to so many people who took the day off from work. a lot of people are here to see a former president, maybe more so than andrew gillum who is running for governor. we are talking to folks that the influence barack obama has on the race. many say he can really bring in the young people. even though andrew gillum is doing well with young people and women, barack obama can bring in both of those groups. they say he is the picture of
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class, in their opinion. people need that in this political climate and think he can have a real influence. they are saying he can bring in not only women, but the left leaning independents. those who are sort of on the fence about what to do. they think barack obama is the guy to do that and close the deal there. they also think that he can also bring in some of the republican who is maybe are unhappy with their candidate with the president and the political climate as well and perhaps looking for a change and they hope barack obama can close the deal here in miami for not only andrew gillum, but bill nelson. >> very, very dramatic and consequential elections about to take place. thank you very much. president trump is counting on momentum from his numerous campaign stops to help candidates next week. at his rally in missouri, the president lodged this complain. >> we did have two maniacs stop
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the momentum that was incredible. for seven days, nobody talked about the elections. it stopped a tremendous momentum. more importantly, we have to take care of our people and we don't care about momentum when it comes to a disgrace like what just happened to our country. it did, nevertheless, stop a certain momentum. >> let's bring in our political analyst, david gregory and chief political analyst, deploria borger. maniacs killed 11 innocent people at the pittsburgh synagogue and threatened the lives of public figures with the bombs. that's what he was referred to when he talked about maniacs and the set back in momentum. >> he said, you know, very unfortunate what is going on. now this bomb stuff happens and the momentum greatly slows. you heard him repeat it right there. he seems to be struggling a little bit, don't you think?
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of course we have to take care of our people, but affected me. it couldn't have come at a worse time for me is what he was saying. >> he was looking for scapegoats if the elections on tuesday don't turn out the way he wants. >> nobody is surprised at his insensitivity. we have all been around this long enough. i think it's a window into how rattled the president is about the gyrations in the stock market. he got good economic news and he has been at war with his federal reserve chairman. he is trying to make nice with the chinese to get a trade deal. if he is thinking about himself, he's looking at the prospects of 2020 and the economy and potential recession. that has him worried. so much of what he is doing with the caravan and raising the specter of invasion, which it's not, is to shore up the senate with a hard line message, understanding, which i think he
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does, that the house races are beyond his grasp. he is really toxic in a lot of these. >> paul ryan disagreed with him on birth right citizenship. the president basically said go do your job. he is saying that's your problem. don't blame me when you guys lose the house. i'm working really hard. >> the president wants more than anything, a fight. he had that with kavanaugh. the result of kavanaugh was that kavanaugh went to work and had the fight with democrats and the president liked that. he was seizing on that momentum. since then, i think that fuelled a lot of momentum, but that waned and the president is trying to resurrect that. >> listen to what the president said about stacey abrams, the democratic candidate for governor in georgia. >> she is not qualified to be the governor of georgia. not qualified. georgia is a great state. a great, great state.
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take a look at her past. take a look at her history and what she wants to do and what she has in mind for the state. that state will be in big, big trouble very quickly. >> she is currently the minority leader in the statehouse and has a lot of qualifications. >> of course he is not specific. he didn't call her a name. >> i don't think he even knows who he is talking about. >> it sounds like a generic, insert any name. he is kind of just taking her on because he wants her to lose. he hadn't really mentioned her name a lot before and gillum's either. now he is taking them on directly. >> to be serious about this, i think going back to this point about where the president is rattled, i think he looks at a state like georgia, wolf, i think he looks at florida and he looks at two cannedicates who are both according to a lot of smart republicans, very good
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candidates. both happen to be african-american and happen to be states that are very competitive and both up against republicans very much in the trump image who are not seen as good candidates. if you want to look at trumpism on the ballot, these are two good states to look at. a lot of republicans i talked to say that democrats are in good shape. no wonder he is rattled. >> a former president is in florida and will be in georgia later tonight. the current president will be in florida and georgia as well. this is shaping up as an obama-trump campaign? >> i think obama might like to resurrect himself in terms of helping out. don't forget, when obama was president, the democrats were hollowed out. they lost like 1,000 legislative seats. now i was looking at the numbers and trump won 194 of the 207
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counties that voted for obama in either 2008 or 2012. obama wants to get some of that back for democrats. that's what he's doing now. it could turn into a battle, although obama really does get out the republican base. there is only so much that i think obama can do without starting to rally republicans. >> obama also is that he's never had coat tails and never helped lift up younger people in the party. if you look at stacey abrams in florida, those are younger leaders in the democratic party if they can win state-wide in big battle ground states if they talk about them in different ways. there is no question that president obama would love to be helpful in that regard. i think as gloria says, he can help or hurt. he will drive a lot of republicans away.
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>> how much of these races are really about president trump? >> in the state? everything. if ever there were a mid-term election that was a reverent um on a president, this is it. donald trump wants it to be about donald trump. but he made a choice and his choice is he is going for the senate and not going for the house. you can't do the same thing to win the senate, which is to give the red meat to a republican. you need to be more moderate to win in the suburban districts in the house. his play right now is for the senate because he thinks he doesn't have as good of a shot in the house. >> the republicans are interesting. you can look at an issue like this red tide which has become a very big issue. there are more local issues, yet the leadership models tend to be more national. in the leadership model, if you look at the republican candidates in these states, they are very much in the trump image and in that playbook.
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that's what is kind of being judged here. >> i want to you stand by. we have more to discuss. this is coming into cnn. the united states lifted sanctions on two top turkish government officials in return turkey has dropped sanctions on jeff sessions and the homeland security secretary, kirstin nielsen. they were sanctions in response to detaining an american pastor who was released from house arrest last month. we are watching that story very closely as well. other news we are watching, shots for throwing rocks. president trump firing up his base on immigration, threatening migrants as they near the border with the united states. devoid of a moral foundation. that's how jamal khashoggi's fiance describes how the trump administration is handling the crisis. a positive snapshot of the u.s. economy today.
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trying to drive people to the polls. spreading false information on a refugee caravan. what is true is as many as 15,000 active duty military personnel could be deployed to the border. that's what the president said and the president has extreme views on what the troops should be doing and prepared to do. >> the maximum that we can consider, they are throwing rocks viciously and violently. you saw that three days ago. really hurting the military. we are not going to put up with
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that. they want to throw rocks at our military, the military fights back. i said consider it a rifle. when they throw rocks like they did at the mexico military and police, i say consider it a rifle. >> joining us now, retired four-star general wesley clark with the nato supreme commander. thank you so much for joining us. if these troops are deployed to the border and some illegal immigrants come in and throw rocks at these army or marine corps or other military personnel, should they fire their weapons, shoot to kill? >> absolutely not. in the military, they won't have those rules of engage. they use minimum violence and minimum force. if they are under force, they will defend themselves with
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nonlethal means to the greatest extent possible. when i hear president trump hype this and raise fear and so forth, there are two real issues here. one is he is under cutting the military chain of command, making statements like this about rules of engagement and it's prejudicial to the good order of discipline of the united states armed forces and as the commander in chief of the armed forces, he absolutely shouldn't do it and he knows he shouldn't do it. >> let me interrupt for one second. he's the commander in chief as you correctly pointed out. if he gives that order, fire your weapon if these individuals throw rocks at you, do the troops have to obey that order from the commander in chief? >> no, that order will come down through the chain of command. it's that kind of an order. it will be rules of engagement and i'm quite sure that secretary mattis and the leadership of the army and
10:18 am
marine corps understand civil disobedience training. you don't use maximum force. you use minimum force. you don't attack, you defend. you restore order. he has it all wrong. those kinds of orders will not be transmitted down the chacin f command. >> normally you would call a group of thousands of fleeing migrants, still about 1,000 miles away, a humanitarian crisis. the president calls it an invasion. does calling it an invasion change the rules for the u.s. military and does it justify deploying 15,000 troops to the border? >> i don't think it justifies the deployment of the troops and changing the name and labeling it an invasion. it isn't an invasion. thousands of people come to the borders every year. it's not an invasion.
10:19 am
it doesn't change anything. in reality, it doesn't change anything in the rules of engagement for u.s. law or international law. it's a political stunt. wolf, it's also true by doing this he is abusing the office of the presidency. the president of the united states is looked at not only by americans, but people all over the world for leadership and guidance and common sense. when he plays politics with the poor people and trying to seek safety in the united states of america, it's disgraceful and an abuse of his office of the presidency. we have here a man who is so self centered and so determined to try to fight this election battle that he's using up the stock of american spree and american values in an effort to campaign for his base. it's a sorry spectacle. today in the headlines, there were reports of nigerians who
10:20 am
shoot at people who were demonstrating and president trump as justifying him to kill a bunch of unarmed demonstrators. that's exactly the wrong kind of leadership that we need in the united states. i would call on president trump and i'm sure i'm speaking for many other people here who would say cease work on that. go back and be the president of the united states and let the american people have a chance to vote for what your program is and what you stand for. don't divide this country. uphold the constitution and help pull us together. >> it's not just nigeria, the military are saying the rocks are rifles as the president suggested. it's other militaries and governments all over the world. they are watching very, very closely what the president of the united states is saying and that's giving them encouragement to take very, very dastardly steps. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you, wolf.
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>> the former nato supreme ally commander. the fiance of the mored journalist jamal khashoggi is demanding justice and calls out the trump administration for not doing enough and with only four days to go until the mid-term elections, the trump fear machine is working overtime. will it be enough to hand republicans a victory on tuesday? see a little blood when you brush or floss? you may have gum disease and could be on a journey to much worse. try parodontax toothpaste. it's three times more effective at removing plaque, the main cause of bleeding gums. leave bleeding gums behind with parodontax toothpaste.
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it has been a month to the day since jamal khashoggi disappeared in the consulate building, never to be seen again. his fiance insists there will be no cover up. she write this is. the trump administration has taken a position devoid of moral foundation. some in washington are hoping it will be forgotten with delaying tactics and continue to push the administration to help find justice for jamal. mike pompeo said it will take at least a handful of weeks before the united states imposes sanctions against the saudis. thanks so much for joining us. i want to point out that cnn is reporting that the white house is planning to stick by the saudis and the crown prince mohamed bin salman.
10:27 am
if president trump won't act on this matter, do you believe congress is prepared to do something? >> i'm a member of the helsinki commission whose direct responsibility is for the security of europe. we have areas where we broughten the jurisdiction and turkey is an area where we have jurisdiction. the commission that has bipartisan leaders interested in democracy and the rule of law that will pursue hearings if not in the lame duck with our republican leads in january with our democratic leads. i feel confident that will take place. >> let's see if the democratses are the majority in the house of representatives. we will find out on tuesday or wednesday with late voting. the president has been ginning up fear over immigration, sending thousands of troops to the border with mexico, threatening to eliminate birth right citizenship to restrict
10:28 am
asylum claims. will fear mongering have an impact when people head to vote next week? >> i think it will help get his base out, but it's sad because the president shouldn't engage in fantasy falsehoods and fabrications. that's what he's doing. he cannot by executive order or through legislation change the 14th amendment to the constituti constitution. sending the troops to the border, what a waste. he talked about 15,000 in afghanistan and a cost of $100 million or more that could go to helping people with the opioid problems. just irresponsible use of the government as a vehicle to engage in politics, which in a large way is just to protect the president from the revelations of his indiscretions that we will see from hearings and the mueller investigation if it is
10:29 am
made public, which it needs to be. there is a watergate special on a rival station, but it shows how this is equal to what's going on now. atwater gate, it was the grand jury and the judge in the case that was able to gift information that was collected by the special counsel. that may have to happen again. >> i want you to listen to the president in missouri. >> we did have two maniacs stop the momentum that was incredible. for seven days nobody talked about the elections. it stopped a tremendous momentum. more importantly, we have to take care of our people and we don't care about momentum when it comes to a disgrace that just happened to our country, but it did stop a certain momentum. >> what do you make of the complains about the two maniacs ruining his momentum. the shooter in pittsburgh and the pipe bomber arrested in
10:30 am
florida. >> both of those were irresponsible positions and immoral, unfortunate positions. everything with him is political. he didn't talk about the victims or the anti-semitism. he didn't talk about how he was received. i take both of these things personalliful as an american and as a jew and a person who was queried by the bomb maker in miami for my name and address. the bomb could have been sent later on to me. i don't appreciate the president not having concern about the safety of public officials, even if it's those of us who made comments about him that the maniac didn't like. the president glosses over that and it's my safety and my health and religion and the possibilities of the attack. people when they hate, when
10:31 am
people hate jews, they hate blacks. they hate others. we need to look out for all. we are a family and should be one. >> i didn't know you were on his hit list. have you reported that through the fbi and gone through the law enforcement process and beefing up security? >> the capital police informed new staff in memphis notified me yesterday. we had increased security and it's important that everybody in congress have increased security. there are maniacs out there who have been given license to act, they believe, by conduct and speech that has not been heretofore known to be uttered by a president of the united states of america. >> be careful out there, congressman. thanks so much for joining us. >> you're welcome, wolf. >> tonight at sundown marks the first shabbat service suince a
10:32 am
gunman killed worshippers in pittsburgh. they are saying at a final funeral where rose mallinger is being laid to rest this hour. the synagogue was the center of her life. look at this. this morning the pittsburgh post gazette paid tribute to the victims, marking the front page with the first words of the jewish mourner's prayer beginning with the words in the original -- [speaking foreign language] magnified and sarchthified be your name. this is believed to be the deadliest attack against jews in american history. our deepest condolences to their family and their friends. may all 11 rest in peace and may their memory be a blessing. benjamin franklin captured lightning in a bottle. over 260 years later as the nation's leader in energy storage
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voter turn out is key with four days until the mid-term elections. turn out is typically lower than in years where there is a presidential race. president trump claims he's changing that. >> these are the mid-terms. nobody thought of the mid-terms as being that big of a deal for years. nobody thought of the mid-terms. you hear mid-terms and it's like let's go to sleep. this year we are breaking every single record in attendance for the mid-terms.
10:38 am
they are getting more people than some of presidential elections. >> let's go to our cnn politics reporter. chris is joining us now with a closer look at how mid-terms were a big deal before president trump and they clearly mattered for many, many years. walk us through the voting numbers. >> let's start with just who is voting. now, you see these numbers and these are in the millions. it's important to note, about 36% of the voting age eligible population voted in 2014, the lowest since world war ii. this number is lower, but not as a percentage. you are looking at 36%ish. in the pallial year it's somewhere between 58 and 62 or 63% of people eligible to vote who actually do. 92 million people is not
10:39 am
anything to sneeze at. it was a big deal. compared to a presidential year, not that close. >> what are about mid-terms that stalled presidencies? >> these numbers are important. they are not as big on as presidential years, but they have huge impact. this is bill clinton's first mid-term. house and senate flip and bill clinton brings in a differently set of strategist and moves to the middle third way. triangulation and gets reelected in 1996. 2010, this is an election in which gloria mentioned earlier. you have massive losses at the house, gubernatorial, state senate and state legislative level. that reshapes not just congress, but the lines being drawn in the country. remember after this election, they redrew the entire koiptry's lines. this one mattered more than people thought at the time.
10:40 am
>> i know the early voeing numbers, people had been voting for several days. >> this is a place where that quote you played from trump is born out a little bit. in the purple here, you have got 2018 versus 2014. everywhere you have -- look at this number in texas. you are talking about more than three million early votes. yes, across the vote early voting is higher. that tends to be good for democrats. the thing to remember is early voting, these are people banking votes. these are votes that are already cast before election day. the question is which party turns out better on election day. republicans have been better at election day turn out and democrats better at early voting. early voting is up should benefit democrats. trump was never going to get elected president and look where we are. take it with a grain of salt, but certainly up from 2014. >> good analysis as usual. u.s. stocks are down sharply surprisingly after the jobs
10:41 am
report. we learned the u.s. economy added 250,000 jobs in october. wages rose 3.1% in the month and the unemployment rate remains at a 49-year low. i want to bring back our analyst, gloria borger and david gregory. great news for president trump right now. positive jobs numbers. >> very positive jobs numbers. lots of republicans who want the approximate president to continue to talk about the jobs numbers and tax reform and those kinds of things. that would help them in the house and also in the senate. the president is clearly bragging about it, but the question is, how long will he continue to talk about it? it is really good news for him coming so close to the election. he really ought to be playing it up. >> normally positive jobs numbers like this only a few days before the mid-term elections would be great news for the president of the united states. >> i agree, although i tend to
10:42 am
thank chris is going through some of these big mid-term elections that i usually associate with big issues that are bad issues for the incumbent. health care, bad for obama. war, bad for president bush. a lot of fear and anger tends to be driven out in a mid-term race where you don't have as high of a turn out. i think the economy is strong, but what's hurting that a little bit is some anxiety about the gyrations in the stock market and whether a recession is coming and how long they can stave that off with government policy. i know that is on the president's mind and there was a calculation made by others that if we just run on the economy, we are not going to get the core trump supporters out because they think everything is fine and won't feel the need to vote. he has gone to this extreme.
10:43 am
they called that invaders. he likes to stoke rage. this is what he does. he said it's bob woodward. he likes it. and he understands that fear is what is driving his base out. >> the smart money and the economy is going so well for so long. the fact that you have the president fighting with his federal reserve cleave because it's turbo charmed, we have been in a pull market for so many years that there is fear that the slow down is coming. you never want that to be on your watch. make no mistake and he is thinking of 2020. the economy. >> what's going to happen at g-20 and are they going to get a deal or are there going to be
10:44 am
tariffs? that unsettles a lot of them. >> the deal with souk. i assume they will work out the deal with china as well. >> they are talking but we don't know. >> as americans continue early voting, the homeland security secretary hasn't been a sustained attack on our electoral system. what are the threats on election day? plus, a new fact check of the racist video the president tweeted, including how the convicted migrant that was featured was released by sheriff joe arpaio. makeup now optional. new aveeno® maxglow™ infusion drops with kiwi to lock moisture. and soy to even skin tone.
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with just four days until election day, are the midterms safe from hacking and meddling? here health insurance t here's what the homeland security secretary said earlier today. >> as of today we don't have any information that a foreign government has a sustained effort or plan to hack our election efforts. what we've seen are continued attempts to scan, to access the system. that's kind of like a burglar walking around your house and trying the windows. in some very limited cases, we have seen access but they've been quickly prevented or mitigated. >> our national security expert is with us. what kind of threats are there, samantha? >> really prioritizing these threats is key.
10:50 am
focusing on the president's hurt feelings from the china -- the actual safety of americans is at stake. we know hostile foreign powers have hacked elections in the past and we know russia was as recently as june still trying to interfere in our elections at least in the information domain. and finally, unknow actors can view these elections as high-profile events with a heavy amount of media coverage. they also may have been inspired by the attacks of last week against democrats and the rhetoric since then. >> so these unknown actors, what kind of targets are they looking at? >> they could be looking at even american voters going to the polls. we know where a lot of americans are going to be and had on tuesday. and that, again, makes the physical security of voters really paramount on the day of elections. we know campaigns have been
10:51 am
successfully attacked by foreign countries. russia hacked information andlaand laundered it in the 2016 campaign. and we have reporting that there have been phishing attempts and more. and the reinformation campaign may be where they get the value for their buck. especially when the president tweets misinformation about a topic like immigration or george soros. and election information remains highly vulnerable. >> are we better prepared than we were two years ago, all the hacking that was going on in 2016? >> it's a mixed bag. we have designated infrastructure as critical infrastructure, which means it gets more from the government to identify threats. and we have upgrades to
10:52 am
infrastructure over five years, which manse we're not there yet. we have to impose costs on our potential attackers so they're deterred from attacking in the first play. >> they have to know if they're going to do this to the u.s., the u.s. can do a whole lot worse if they want to. >> exactly. >> we're getting word a judge has just used that thousands of pending voters must be allowed to vote. this is a big deal amid accusations of voter suppression. stand by. plus, where is melania trump? you're going to hear why the first lady is a no-show out there on the campaign trail during these final days. (vo) this is not a video game. this is not a screensaver. this is the destruction of a cancer cell by the body's own immune system, thanks to medicine that didn't exist until now.
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here are the facts.leading attacks against prop c. the city's chief economist says prop c will "reduce homelessness" by creating affordable housing, expanding mental-health services,
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this is just coming in on cnn and a major blow to the republican gubernatorial candidate in georgia. a federal judge has just ruled that more than 3,000 recently naturalized u.s. citizens whose voter registrations were placed on hold must -- repeat -- must be allowed to vote on tuesday. this was part of a lawsuit alleging voter suppression. brian kemp is also the secretary of state in georgia. we'll have full analysis on all this coming up in a few moments.
10:58 am
first later tonight here on cnn, there will be a special report on this, the eve of midterm elections. voter rights are under stauassa in various states across the country. what are you fining out? >> reporter: we're seeing it come to a head in georgia but this is a war that has been brewing for many years. in this hour we will take you to ground zero to the state of kansas where there has been open warfare. >> what we saw in kansas was that one in seven new voters that tried to register were blocked from registering. if he's able to succeed and pass these kind of laws on a nationwide basis, it will have a very suppressive effect on
10:59 am
voting in this country. >> reporter: in 2015 claiming hundreds of noncitizens were on the voter rolls, koback skrounsskroun convinced them to make him the only one. >> in three years, at least 14 people have been found guilty of voter fraud. most were older, many registered republicans, often owning property in two states, like lincoln wilson, one of kobach's first target. >> i thought it was a crank call. he said is this lincoln wilson? yes, it is. he said the secretary of state has filed three felony charges.
11:00 am
>> so learn more about what is happening to the fundamental american right to vote tonight, wolf. >> we certainly will. looking forward to it, kyung. thank you so much for cdoing ths special work. and catch "democracy in peril" tonight at 11 p.m. eastern. "newsroom" with brooke baldwin starts right now. all right, wolf. thank you so much. hi, everyone, i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me on this friday afternoon. let's get to it. four days to go until the nation votes and america's first black president is trying to make history again, specifically for democrats in florida and in georgia. soon former president barack obama will speak for florida's andrew gillum, aiming to make him the state's first african-american governor, as well keeping bill nelson in his