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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  November 8, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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that will be drawing ire from democrats who are already questioning him as acting attorney general, but a lot more from democrats after all this and this company. kate? >> just as he is now settling in as the acting attorney general. appreciate it. thank you all so much for joining me. inside politics with john king starts now. >> thank you for sharing your day with us. new reporting on the special counsel investigation. a request for record about calls and visits by roger stone to trump tower. more mid-term wins for the democrats. two more suburban district s log in republican stands sending democratic women to congress. >> a man opens fire in a southern california nightclub
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including a sheriffs deputy who rushed in to confront the gunman. >> we were just standing on the floor and heard a couple of shots and i told my friends to get down. we went in behind the stage and got out through the kitchen, through the backdoor. she got out and i went in and got some more 52 people to get . we got out and got behind the se and we opened the windows so we could get out. so we were able to get out. we broke the windows. >> we begin the hour there. thousand oaks, california. 12 people are dead after a gunman opened fire. police identified the shooter as a 28 year old, ian david long, a former marine. police believe he took his own
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life after shooting others. last night was college country night. students as young as 18, line dancing and enjoying time with friends. a man dressed in black entered the bar and without saying a word began to fire into the crowd with a hand gun. one young man hit the floor, trapped until they saw a chance to escape. >> when there was a pause in the bullets and the shot sounds, we actually got up and i watched one of my friends throw a stool through the window. a couple more threw stools and we got everyone into pushed as many people out as we could until there was just three or four left. we heard the next round of shots coming. we jumped down to the lower level and we just basically push and moved as many people as we could down as far as away as we could. >> law enforcement was on the scene within minutes. the first officer through the
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door, ron hellis was shot and later died from his wounds at the hospital. when officers entered the bar a second time, they found the suspect dead. parents and loved ones anxiously awaiting news about those inside the bar. police have not released the names of the victims. man fears his son may have run towards the victim and not away. he was able to track his son's phone. >> what happens when you call his cell phone? >> nothing. it just rings and rings. >> do you have one of the tracking apps on your phone to see where his phone is? >> i do. i do. it's there. >> it's at the club? >> it's not moving. it's not moving. that's the problem. >> so you can tell his phone is at the club. >> his phone is at the club, yes.
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>> cnn's nick joining me live from thousand oaks, california. what are we learning about the gunman? >> he is a 28-year-old local man, a united states marine corps veteran. he served in afghanistan for seven months between 2010 and 2011. he was a machine gunner honorably discharged in 2013. he also heard from the sheriff this morning that he had minor brushes with the law. he was apparently the victim in a bar fight in 2015, a couple of minor traffic incidents, but most interestingly in april of this year, deputies were called to his home after an incident. he was reported to be irate and mental health specialists were brought in, but decided not to detain him on mental health grounds. post traumatic stress disorder was a consideration at the time, but he was not taken in to
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custody. we know that last night he drove a car to the bar. we don't know if it was his car. he was dressed in black according to eyewitnesss. he was armed with a glock 45 pistol with an extended magazine. . he shot the security guard outside and people around the door and employees and patrons. he killed 11 people inside the bar plus the 12th. the sergeant who was sent. the sergeant was sitting in his car, his cruiser on the phone with his wife when the call came in. he was at the scene within three minutes. he and a highway patrolman withstand into the premiseses and knew people needed help. that sergeant was shot and died later of his wounds. what we don't know is a motive. we do not know why this man did this. we do know that authorities want to search his house. the last we heard is they were waiting if are a search warrant and we have not confirmed whether they have gone in to try
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to find out why this man killed 12 people here in thousand oaks, california last night. back to you, john. >> horrific details. appreciate the live reporting and the investigation. come back if we learn anything new. now to share expertise and insight, former fbi special agent. you are there at the scene. i listened to the briefing earlier and they are waiting to give us more information about motive and whether they can say why at this bar. what did you learn listening and what are you learning on the scene there? >> there is a multifacetted effort under way with this investigation. the crime scene behind us will take some time to process. obviously we have been learning from official that is the scene inside is very gruesome as we can expect in these situations. we have multiple victims and multiple injuries. that's the forensic investigation part that is ongoing and into the shooter
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himself. this was someone who was known to law enforcement and any agency when an official has to say someone who acted with violence like this was known to law enforcement, that gives us pause. this person was consulted or talked to law enforcement officials about a potential mental health issue and he was not at the level where they would commit him under california law. there are a lot of questions that remain about whether there were missed signals here. you were learning he was in the marine corps so the defense department involved in this investigation as well to try to provide additional details and information about the shooter's back ground and build out the full picture of who this person was. lastly, nick mentioned that the search warrant of the residence which is pending will provide additional clues. they want to know was there a letter or manifesto that may provide insight and anything about social media and his background and associates are
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all part of the lengthy ongoing investigation. >> shimon, we heard the sheriff say they are working with their partners at atf and was the hand gun purchased legally. what are the other big questions? >> the magazine will be a question. there was a reason why the sheriff brought it up. the extended magazine. there needs to be questions asked about that. when did he purchase it and did he purchase it to this incident and did he use it to something else. that can go to motive and planning. i also think as we have been pointing out, this april police went to the home and got a call that he was irate. they called in mental health officials. we need to know about what happened there. why did the mental health officials feel they department neat to detain him? they knew he had a weapon and cannot remove the weapon. this gun appears to be legally purchased. that's what the sheriff said earlier. there will be a lot of questions. as they start going through his
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phones and computers, we will start seeing more and more. there is nothing on his social media. usually we see something early on. our teams haven't found anything yet. we have seen his military background, but nothing that would lend to any motive. nothing yet. >> back at the scene, number one, the community and all of us should pay tribute to the sheriff who ran in because he heard gunshots. they explained they do the drills on active shooters. in terms of the procedures follow and with the off duty officers inside, one shielded her daughter. take us to the best degree on the heroism involved in that. >> you nailed it, john. as far as heroism and this sergeant who is now deceased gave his in the line of duty trying to protect others. we talked about the post columbine won't rally around and
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wait for back up. they go to the sound of the gunfire to stop the threat. that's exactly what happened. we heard the story of the gunfire. the highway patrol was able to drag him out. he did is you to his wounds. this was a text book case going in to protect lives. he lost his in the line of duty. there were off duty officers inside enjoying a night out here in thousand oaks, california. they weren't armed, but using themselves as shields to help other victims. just a story of heroism all around for law enforcement here in southern california. >> the sheriff asked about motive and we don't know yet. he did say based on the informs now and they are going to interview dozens of witnesses. they will put it together. he started shooting randomly. they department think he went in looking for anyone in
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particular. >> they gave a detailed description. he walked in and went to the right. there may be video that they have and they can see his movement. it seemed he was firing at random. we don't know how many shots he fired, but there are a lot of questions. this is going to take time. they would build out a timeline to see what his movement was and who he was in touch with. he was living with his mother. he is a very private guy. a lot of questions as to what did she know and what was his mood the last couple of days. >> they are recreating the crime scene. >> so important. >> appreciate it. before we go to break, a live look at the white house and the flag being flown at half-staff to pay tribute to the victims. we'll be right back. this is not a bed. it's a revolution in sleep. the new sleep number 360 smart beds are on sale now
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. important new cnn reporting in the president's search for a new attorney general and the special counsel'sests to support his findings. they are in the process of writing a final report. this as new questions are raised about mueller's future. with the new acting attorney general's history with criticizing the scope of the special counsel investigation. matthew whitaker was sessions's chief of staff before taking over as acting attorney general. he serve said as a u.s. attorney and was an unsuccessful candidate for senate in 2014. the cnn senior a fails analyst. i want to start with your reporting and it's extensive. as the president is preparing his written answers to give to robert mueller, team trump has been surprised by request for information about roger stone possibly visiting trump tower.
9:17 am
that usually would be significant if it happened because of the allegations he was somehow in touch with wikileaks and julian assange. tell us what you know. >> the surprise here is this request was made as recently as a month ago. we know that roger stone has been a focus of this investigation and part of this investigation that deals with the question of collusion. he had about nine of his associates provide testimony to mueller. the idea of call records and visitor logs that that would be coming about a month ago is a surprise. this could indicate a couple of things. i don't know if we are getting closer to an indictment on roger stone or struggling to bring such a case, but it indicates they are trying to figure out the tiling here that works with a story that they are putting together. a narrative for perhaps an
9:18 am
indictment. >> as the president finishes, i'll use that term, his written answers to mueller's questions, is it cynical, curious, what's the right word to connect the timing to he is working on this now and decides his attorney general has to go? >> they believe this is one of the final pieces before the end of this investigation. all indications are is it is close to wrapping up. this is the take home test. the president is working with his lawyers to provide these written answers to mueller. then they believe once they have that, they can tell mueller, we have given everything you need. time to wrap it up. >> if you are the acting attorney general and it's clear or seems to be that he is not going to be the next attorney general. maybe that's not true. that's the indication we are getting. what are the ethical guidelines. whitaker is in charge of robert mueller. if he said i'm planning to do
9:19 am
this and i need your approval, can he pick up the phone and tip off the white house? >> he certainly could. the attorney general sets the policies about contacts between justice department lawyers and justice department leadership and the white house. >> it's up to him? >> it is literally up to the attorney general and he is now the acting attorney general, today at least. he could change the policy. attorney general sessions as far as i know kept the same policy in place that had been in place from the prior administration as far as contacts between the white house and the justice department. >> the implications of those policies, you are exactly right, but the implication of the policies is don't have those communications when the target or subject of the inquiry is the president of the united states. he has the authority perhaps, but all of the indications are that those policies are in place to avoid that exact situation. >> let's listen to matthew
9:20 am
whiter awhit er a kerr. he was not at the justice department. he's a private citizen on a cnn program as a contributor. listen to his views about the special counsel. >> i see a scenario where jeff sessions is replaced with a recess appointment and that attorney general doesn't fire bob mueller, but reduces the budget so low that the investigation grinds to almost a halt. >> he said and has written other things about he thought the scope was too great and it should be more narrow. restrict it. again, private citizen. he is in charge of bob mueller. you should work with bob mueller. what is he thinking right now? >> he is probably not happy about the loss of rosenstein if he is going to be removed. it's not clear what role rosenstein will have in this
9:21 am
210-day president that whitaker is there as acting attorney general. whitaker would be va advised to keep rosenstein play out this last leg of the investigation. whitaker has to face ethics issues with respect to whether or not he can pass the test of the office of professional responsibility and rules of overseeing the investigation that he has a predetermined point of view. i'm saying there is no way he can oversee this investigation. he is conflict and he shouldn't. >> those rules, what we are talking about is an appearance of conflict. that's what is the big difference between what whitaker's place is and where jeff sessions was. he was part of the campaign that is under investigation. he made comments and was not briefed at the time. i think you can make and prepared to make a strong case. that appearance of conflict is
9:22 am
not enough. >> that's so bad for the investigation. the appearance of impropriety really does matter. if he does what he should do -- >> he wouldn't be rised. >> he should ask for the advice of the justice department to advise him whether he should recuse, but given the public attention and appearance of impropriety, he should recuse himself. there is a legal question as to whether or not his appointment as attorney general is even lawful because he has never been in a senate-confirmed position. >> he was a confirmed u.s. attorney for iowa. he has previous experience. >> in the past, but he went into private sector and came back. >> the way the rule works is either senate confirmed, which he doesn't have, or having served as an official for more than 90 days at above a gs 15 level. he meets that, but i think
9:23 am
carrie's point is correct. there is a succession order. 28 u.s. code 508 says when the person is fired, which is what sessions was, then the rule is the deputy takes over. they end runned this. >> in january it's going to bring a ton of you know what. the democrats will control the house and have hearings. we are in early november and we have the rest of november and all of december and later in january. my question is, if the white house said there will be no hanky panky here, but if you are suspicious of that, you have the approximate period where republicans are still in charge. they want to run rosenstein out of town. they don't care about legitimate oversight. >> the important thing to consider is if mueller is almost finished and prepares a report,
9:24 am
matt whitaker is in charge of important decisions. he wants to charge someone very close to the president. whitaker is in control of whether that decision goes forward. whether they are made public or go to congress. the president puts someone he trusts in charge of the final product. that's not the end of this, the democrats are going to have a say eventually, but it's important to think about. >> when you say writing the report, do we know it's final or an interim report? >> it's only one report. i think mueller is very much on the point that this is not something he wants to -- he doesn't believe should be going on forever. >> here can help decide whether or not certain matters can be referred to other components. a lot of what mueller has done is referred cases to the u.s. attorney's office and those cases were able to continue no
9:25 am
matter what happens to mueller. i wanted to follow-up on the earlier point. my point is a constitutional one. the appointments clause requires that principal officers which the attorney general is requires senate confirmation and that's one of the additional issues. >> can i add one thing to what has been said, the one thing that's important for whitaker to be mindful of. this is a confidential report to the attorney general. that's all mueller is allowed to do. if, however, whitaker denies the right to proceed, that has to be reported to the senate judiciary and intelligence for their determination. he has a chance to blow this thing wide open into public space if he delies what mueller wants to do. >> there is built in protection to check. we will see this play out. this is an interesting moment, to use a neutral term. we go to check in with loved
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[ sigh ] it's bring your own phone, not pony. so i could've taken the bus? yeah. bring your phone. switch your carrier. save hundreds a year with xfinity mobile. call, click or visit a store today. ♪ . some breaking news on the fallout of controversy over the president's decision to fire jeff sessions and elevate matthew whitaker to be the acting attorney general. i will head this to you. matt whitaker has no intention
9:31 am
of recusing himself from the probe of russian interference. according to people close to him, they added and this is significant, they do not believe he would be approving any subpoena of president trump as part of the investigation. joining us to share the reporting and insights, eliana johnson, rachel bait and katherine lucy from the associated press. the significance here is matthew whitaker oversees robert mueller. he has done so for months and said don't worry. i approved everything. bob mueller is doing everything and on the right track. now you have a political ally with no exception of recusing himself. let's start there. the questions have been, to be fair of mr. whitaker, as a private citizen he was sharply critical of the special investigation and if jeff sessions you could crunch the
9:32 am
budget and get in the way. he said mueller, he thought had too broad of a scope and any requests that went into the president's finances are over the limit. the signals coming quickly saying no intention of recusal. what does that tell you? >> if whit ter oversaw this probe and did nothing to clip mueller's wings, this would die down quickly. the question immediately is going to turn to, is he going to do any of the things he previously talked to try to curtail the mueller investigation, whether it is making clear he would stamp out any attempt to issue a subpoena to the president, that's where i think the controversy is going to come in. i think you can see the republican senators make clear they will make it difficult to confirm a permanent replacement and a string of controversies that could eerupt. >> this may be grossly unfair,
9:33 am
but they are criticizing jeff sessions for not understanding in the president's view, the attorney general is supposed to be his political guy and not an independent voice. >> that raises the other question of the relationship between the president and mr. whitaker and what the president might ask him to do. if he is going to put pressure on him or make requests. we don't know that, but it's something to be watching. >> don't we sort of know how the president talked about what he wants to see in an attorney general? the failures he saw, for instance or he thought eric holder was a good attorney general for obama because he was a personal attorney in trump's estimations. we know what his concept of how someone at the justice department should act. they should protect him and be a loyalist. i imagine that's why this guy is in that position. what he is saying is he is suggesting that he is going to carry out what the president wants to see.
9:34 am
>> let me read more of the story. this jumps out. a first day law stay tuned would understand jeff sessions had to recuse himself. he was so active in the campaign and he had a meeting and the big questions were about the campaign, any possible collusion with russia. even though the president was critical, a first day law student would say that's what jeff sessions has to do. they are likely to review whitaker's past work to see if he has financial or personal confli conflicts. they do not require him to recuse, but suggest a course of action. the op ed pieces he has written criticizing mueller or the scope of the investigation. if jeff sessions is fired, he could name someone who could kill mueller. if the office of personal responsibility said you probably should recuse yourself, he can say thanks, but no. >> he is signalling he is not
9:35 am
interested in that. under normal circumstances, we would see congress sort of having emergency hearings. republicans still control the house. we are not hearing anything from house republicans in terms of push back. what has changed with the election is democrats are about to take power in two months. we hear the chairman talking about how they want to know, did the specific pick whitaker and put him at the justice department because he made these statements saying he would reign in the probe? people want to dig bo this more. they will have to answer to congress. i don't know that it matters in terms of formal confirmation. he can stay in this position for 200 something days without being confirmed by the senate. even if they look at his background. it's unclear that the senate republicans who have a wider margin wouldn't confirm him. maybe it doesn't matter. >> the timing is interesting because mueller is trying to
9:36 am
write a report and waiting for the written answers. the democrats don't take charge until january. we have the rest of november and all of december. >> the strategy of naming an acting attorney general who the president knew through a wink and a nod was very loyal to him was a ploy to buy time until the mueller investigation ends. now he has a loyalist there who may clip his wings and hoping mueller closes in 200 days and he has a loyalist there. once he is behind him, he can open a new chapter of his presidency. >> some of this may be unfair to mr. whitaker. they can tell us about how they will approach this. broken ribs and a trip to the hospital for the supreme court justice, ruth bader ginsburg. r. this season you can help. now through december 29th for every o, that's good!™ pizza, soup or side you purchase we'll donate a meal to feeding america®.
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topping our political radar, supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg is in the hospital after fracturing three ribs in a fall last evening. undergoing observation and treatment because of that. she missed kavanaugh's formal ceremony this morning. she served on the high court since 1993. the white house is finalizing limiting the number of asylum seekers joining the united states. they want to have it ready to sign tomorrow before a trip to paris. limiting the number of asylum seekers entering the country before the campaign. we are still counting on the
9:42 am
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>> two more pickups for democrats in house races long represented by republicans. the new democratic majority will have at least 225 seats. there are 11 races still where we have yet to call the votes. where did that go? this is enter. you have to hit that button first. 11 more races where they haven't counted the votes. maybe as many as 35 pickups. many of the pickups across the country as i noted including the two today in georgia and washington state, suburban districts language held by republicans where the president of the united states was a problem for incumbents and republican candidates. listen to a retiring congressman
9:47 am
saying this new democratic map of the house of representatives is the president's fault. >> those members lost because the president's unfactorability in those districts was so sky high, it was impossible to different yourself from him. the president not only doesn't appreciate that, he attacks you for that and he is blind to the fact that it was him that made it so difficult for you to run a race and when you lose that race, he attacks you for losing. it's absolutely so mind blowing and insulting. >> as you might have noticed, there is a lot of raw emotions and finger-pointing among republicans after this. it is just an indisputable fact that republicans lost a lot of ground that for decades have been republican seats. in suburbs that for a long time have been strongholds of republicans. the retiring congressman is not
9:48 am
wrong. the president was a huge drag. he might have been an asset in rural areas, but in the suburbs, the president was a tremendous drag. >> you saw that in the president's closing strategy. he didn't go to these suburbs. he went to more rural, smaller areas in these red states that voted for him as he tried to unseat democrats in those states. they are pushing back and the president go to every house district. what we saw was these two very different americas. the trump support and the democratic support are entirely in different places. it will be interesting to watch if they take a lesson from this. he was saying this was because of donald trump try ing ing to conservatives trying to get closer to trump. there is an obvious flaw and
9:49 am
that's the people who did hug trump, there were a number of republicans who ran an ad saying 10y and trump and he talked about trump and had people calling on his behalf and that didn't work for him. it didn't work for either. they both lost. there was a back and forth going on. both agree with costello there and they will take a lesson from this. >> what is the lesson that somebody like rick scott draws from this and in some ways oh, their senate seats for donald trump coming into the states. sort of clinging to trump. mia love showed me no love. look what happened to me. >> look what happened. rick scott was not done yet. we will see what happens there. you have six years. you have six years to worry about it. you deal with it then. the other thing that is fascinating. the president is getting kicked
9:50 am
by moderate and suburban republicans. the outgoing speaker of the house. paul ryan. this is "new york times" reporting. he thought it was selfish, said josh holmes. recalling the lawmaker's reaction to mr. ryan's announcement. if he wanted to leave, he could leave after the election. that is the big debate. announcing months ago, i'm done. i'm not going to run for reelection. a lot of people said stay as speaker and protect the majority. it is striking to see this coming out of public now and this republican blame game. >> that's when it happens. when a party is in the minority. we see all of this finger-pointing and what's so interesting to me is that the election results are a choose your own story line or choose your own adventure. but the republican losers in the house are congress pointing.
9:51 am
when you look at the overall picture where the party is now becoming the party of suburban, wealthier, white collar, college educated elites and the party accelerated by trump and the trump presidency is now becoming a party of blue collar working class people. it's so different from what the parties were even a decade ago. >> democrats have a lot of black voters obviously. >> right. that and minorities. >> democrats had a good night in the midwest. interesting to watch in '20. in kansas. trump took those states in '16. >> they have to figure out how to convince them we are with them and democrats figure out how to talk about what used to be their biggest base.
9:52 am
autopsies after these things. president trump said there is a long line of people dying to work in his administration. >> this is a hot white house. we are a white house that people want to work with. your company is constantly evolving. and the decisions you make have far reaching implications. the right relationship with a corporate bank who understands your industry and your world can help you make well informed choices and stay ahead of opportunities. pnc brings you the resources of one of the nation's largest banks, and a local approach with a focus on customized insights. so you and your company are ready for today. ever since darrell's family started using gain flings, their laundry smells more amazing than ever. [darrell's wife] uh, honey, isn't that the dog's towel? [dog sfx] hey, mi towel, su towel.
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this is jason kaufman who just learned hads son was among those killed in the shooting last night. >> oh, cody, i love you, son.
9:57 am
i just want to thank my buddy who let me get out this morning to put his face on the news. that this is going to be an absolute heart wrenching time for me and my family. i just want to say thank you to every one of you at ktla 5 and fox 11. i watch you and i love you guys and i want to pray for everybody else that is going to be going through the same situation. there is many more to come. for me, this is the heart i will never get back. i will never get back. my son was on his way to fulfilling his dream of serving the country, yeah. he just turned 22.
9:58 am
he was talking to recruiters and doing his thing that he had to do to become part of the military, in the army. to me, his outgoing love for everybody, his outgoing love for his baseball team. he was a head umpire for the camarillo pony baseball league. there were so many people that he touched. and now they are going to be just as heartbroken as i am. >> [inaudible]. >> he stayed behind. he stayed behind. we don't know anything. they just told us he was pronounced dead on the scene. >> jason, you spoke to us earlier this morning and you said you were here because your wife was at home and she would
9:59 am
not be able to bear the stress of being out here. talk to us about this. >> all the family, she is here. cody's mom is here as well. they have no -- they can't come out. i talked to all of them in morning and i thought it was my honor and my duty to come up and let you guys know that we found him. >> when was your last call to your son? >> he just moved in and was living with them for not even a month. i talked to him last night before he headed out the door. first thing i said was please don't drink and drive. the last thing i said was son, i love you. that was the last thing i said.
10:00 am
his name is cody kaufman. the companionship that i have with my son, the companionship that my son had with his other two brothers. this is absolutely going to crush those two boys. this is not going to be easy for a very long time. he has two brothers and a daughter and a sister on the way. joshua kaufman is 8 years old. dominic kaufman is 6 years old. and chase with his mom, he had another brother. i think he is 8 years old or 9 years old. and my newborn daughter that is not here. here name is aurora. >> where did


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