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tv   CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  November 9, 2018 7:00am-8:00am PST

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looking, they're starting to see he had a lot of problems. a lot of trouble. and we're very much into that, as you know, i funded a lot of money toward mental health for that reason, and we're continuing to do it, and we continue to look at the laws. we want to make sure -- look, it is a problem. it's a disastrous problem. it makes you sick to look at it. but he was a very, very mentally ill person. say it. >> firearms, any part of the mental health conversation? >> he was a war veteran, a marine, in the war. he served time, saw some pretty bad things. and a lot of people say he has the ptsd. that's a tough deal. we're spending, as you know, i have given tremendous funding to the vets for the ptsd and for general health for ptsd. it's a big problem. people come back, that's why it's a horrible thing, they come back, they're never the same.
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>> are you prepared to fly the flag at half mast? >> i don't like abusing any privilege, but when i see something that we should do, i always do that, yeah. i always do that. i believe you should. when it's a worthy situation, i do believe it. >> do you expect matt whitaker to be involved in the russia probe. do you want him to be involved? do you want him to rein in robert mueller? >> what a stupid question that is. what a stupid question. i watch you a lot. you ask a lot of stupid questions. >> executive order on birthright citizenship this week? >> other things have come up. we will be signing it soon. >> was it a political stunt? >> we're signing it. we're doing it. it will probably work its way up to the supreme court. birthright citizenship probably works its way up to the supreme
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court. it will be signed. we wanted a perfect document. because of the election and all of the delays in the election and whatever is going on in broward county, remember the word broward county. >> is there any evidence of fraud in broward county. >> look at the past. after the election, they're finding votes. then you look at her past where she's already been convicted. and now they're finding votes. >> who is her? >> you have this guy who represented hillary clinton and a lot of very shady things. i think what you ought to do is get smart. good luck, folks. i'll see you in europe.
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>> well, that was quite a press availability from the president, as you see him leaving there with the first lady, melania trump, for the trip to paris to commemorate armistice day. a few to tick through here. one, just within hours, a couple days after matt whitaker being appointmented the acting attorney general, the president more than half a dozen times there in those comments notes he does not know matt whitaker, although he went on to say that he is a very, very highly thought of choice. but he went back again and said, i don't know him. was he putting distance between himself and the new sitting attorney general? a lot of headlines there on the president. his comments on the russia investigation, again, calling it a phony hoax. interestingly, tying the recounts in florida and arizona, particularly in florida, somehow to the russian dossier. i imagine because of the involvement of a lawyer who often works for the democratic party. a sitting president, poppy,
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casting doubt on legally required -- legally required recounts in the state of florida. part of which arose from all the controversy in 2000 with the presidential race there. >> jim, near the end, it struck me that a female reporter, we're trying to figure out who it is, asked the president a very important and direct question. do you want whitaker, the acting attorney general now, overseeing the russia probe to rein in mueller? whitaker has talked extensively including on this network about reining it on. what did the president respond. he didn't answer. he insulted her and said what a stupid question. >> it's become a go-to line for the president with questions that he doesn't like. right? he'll even sometimes call them dangerous or violent questions. really without basis there. interesting reaction as well. he did mention daca there and saying he expects that to go to the supreme court where he hopes a better result than he has seen
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so far in the appeals courts. but we have a lot of folks, a lot of smart folks here to help us analyze the multiple headlines in the presidential comments. shimon prokupecz, abby phillip, maeve reston, also april ryan on the phone. if you can hear me, i think we want to give you a chance to respond to the president. i hesitate to repeat this, but the president, and i'm just quoting him directly here, talk about somebody who's a loser. she doesn't know what she's doing. what's your reaction? >> well, jim, first of all, thank you for being kind enough to understand that those words are terrible from a sitting united states president versus someone who has been covering presidents before he came and probably after he leaves. i have been there for 21 years, and i have covered three presidents prior to this. and i have had a great working relationship with all three, from bill clinton to george w. bush to barack hussein obama,
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and now donald john trump. and something is awry. each president understood that reporters, those presidents prior to this, understood that reporters were part of the underpinnings of this nation. the white house correspondents are the first line of questioning american presidents. and yeah, sometimes we ask questions that they did not like, and maybe there was a bit of retaliation or fight back, but guess what. at the end of the day, it was part of the american process. part of what our founding fathers put in place for the accountability of a president of the united states. and this president seems not to lake it, therefore, i'm a loser. and i'm okay with that. you know, the questions that i asked, and let's just go back to the press conference. the one that he had the day after the midterm elections. i as a reporter, a reporter will do, and other reporters in that room did that day. shouted out questions. i had a chance with a pregnant
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pause in the time the president answered a question to the calling on another reporter. i threw out the question about voter suppression that has been rampant during this midterm election. we heard about it in florida. we heard about it in georgia. we heard about it north dakota, we heard about it in texas and in north carolina and other places. the naacp and even reverend jesse jackson had to step in on election day, and today, this president is tweeting about voter fraud when voter suppression is more rampant than voter fraud. so he responded when i asked about voter suppression. and then i took it as he wanted to respond. then when i stood up, he may not have heard my voice or knew it was me. he heard my words, but he may not have known it was me. when i stood up in his response, he tells me to sit down in a condescending ugly manner. he might be reacting to that, but it was a real issue. for 21 years, i have been at that white house, and he's talking about i got a pay raise.
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i'm glad he thinks he knows about my finances, but it's interesting. i'm proud to work for cnn. i have been working in this business for 21 years. they just take note because i'm now at cnn. it was a coincident that i came to cnn when i did. >> april, no one should face that kind of language, and you're damn good at your job. let's just say that for folks listening here. i want to go to shimon prokupecz because you were watching the words closely, i'm sure, and within a day or two of appointing a new acting attorney general, the president, and i went back and counted, was more than half a dozen time, uttered the words i don't know matt whitaker, i don't know matt whitaker. did you see the president putting distance between himself and the new acting attorney general? >> absolutely. that was the goal here, the fact he wants to put distance between them because of the reports and the things that whitaker has said on our air, the op-ed he's written, criticizing mueller, criticizing the investigation. and the idea that, you know, he
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certainly, the optics are not good for this white house, that whitaker was put into this position, given the criticism he's had towards the mueller probe. right? the op-ed, the other things he has said publicly, so the optics are not good. publicly, the president may think that it's all good. but behind the scenes, there are people who have raised issues with the appointment of whitaker as the acting attorney general. but there's also concern over the department of justice. the idea that whitaker is somehow very highly thought of, that he's this very smart man. look, our team here has been talking to people at the department of justice. and they all have raised issues with this. they don't think he's qualified for this job. they do think that he was placed at the white house to be sessions' chief of staff, to spy on the department of justice. to be the president's spy. that has always been a concern for people at the department of justice since he's appointed. everything that we hear the president say about whitaker is
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quite frankly not true. there are concerns about his appointment. there are concerns about his views on the mueller probe. there are concerns about his qualifications to run this agency, to be the top law enforcement official of this country. what qualifies him for that? and certainly, you know, the fact that he's loyal to the president, well, in the president's eyes, that may be enough, but there are people who work at the department of justice, people who work at the fbi, who he now is in charge of that have raised concerns. >> yeah. and you know, shimon, to your point about those concerns and what it may mean for the mueller probe. when the very important question, one of if not the most important question asked in that entire gaggle by our own abby phillip, might you try to rein in mueller. the president wouldn't even answer it, he called her stupid. a president who moments before called for respect in the white house, called african-american reporters stupid, nasty, and loser, referring to april ryan
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and abby phillip. we'll get to abby in a moment. jamie gangel is also here with me on all of this, to put a button on the whitaker stuff. there were so many falsehoods there when it comes to not knowing whitaker. >> i think the gentleman doth protest too much. as jim sciutto said, how many times did he say he doesn't know him? here's the reason it's not credible. there is no more important position in the cabinet to donald trump than attorney general. he didn't pick matt whitaker by accident or because he didn't know him. by tradition generally that position would have gone to rod rosenstein. he went around rod rosenstein and he picked matt whitaker on purpose. and as shimon mentioned, our reporting has said and also "the new york times" has reported that matt whitaker was the eyes and ears of the white house inside the justice department. >> right.
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>> so it just doesn't make sense. >> right. abby phillip, you're joining us now as well. and abby, look. the president responded to your important question saying that it was a stupid question. he actually didn't answer it. and on top of that, abby, it's important to call out and note that the president also threatened to take away more reporter credentials. >> yeah, poppy. you know, in that gaggle, it's usually really loud. a lot of reporters out there screaming questions at the president. i tried to ask him multiple questions during the gaggle. he ignored most of them. one of the questions i tried to ask was whether he was punishing reporters because he didn't like their questions. he refused to answer that, but later on, i did ask him one of what i think is the most pressing questions that a lot of people have about this matt whitaker appointment, which is what's the intention here? does the president want his new acting attorney general to rein in robert mueller? does he want him to step in in a way that jeff sessions did not, which is why the president was so upset with jeff sessions?
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and he said initially, he said, well, that's up to him. then i asked him, do you want him to rein in mueller. he called it a stupid question. but it's really important, the most important question here because there are a lot of really clear questions about whether matt whitaker ought to be doing that given what he said publicly in the past about mueller. >> absolutely fair question. and a question the president should expect to answer there. mave, let's do a little fact checking because the president made quite a point of saying that the special counsel robert mueller is not senate confirmed. we should make clear that is not anywhere in the special counsel law. he does not require senate confirmation for that position, though he does have senate backing and they have extended his term. we should also note as fbi director, he did go through senate confirmation there. why was the president doubling, triple down on that point? >> clearly, he feels like he's under attack with these very hasty moves that he made this week in the justice department. partly because, you know, so
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many voters around the country are watching this and wondering, you know, whether we're seeing, again, another slow motion saturday night massacre. you know, you talk to voters around the country, and they say that the russia investigation doesn't have a direct impact on their lives, but they don't like it when they see the president making what are blatantly political moves to protect him and to put a shield around the white house. and i have to say that his conduct in that brief gaggle, you know, again calling out a female reporter, is exactly what alienated so many college-educated women in the election results that we saw on tuesday night. i mean, this is a -- this is going to be a huge problem for republicans going forward as he continues this kind of conduct. over the last year, talking to women voters all around the country, this is exactly the kind of behavior that they hate,
7:15 am
that they feel is misogynistic and they don't want to see from their president. i think that's an important note going forward as we think about whether or not republicans can hold on to the white house. what is the plan to bring back those college-educated women? and obviously, president trump is not going to do anything to help them with that thus far. >> the plan seems to be to double down on this going to war with the various camps he goes to war with. listen, there's a lot more to digest. please stick around. we're going to be back after this short break.
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still digesting numerous headlines from the president speaking to reporters for 25 minutes before his departure for france with the first lady. we're back with shimon prokupecz, jamie gangel, julie pace. >> you did a good job, jim. >> with a name like this, i better pronounce other people's names right. julie, let me start with you. the president is really going all out on the legally required recounts in the state of florida as well as efforts through the courts and elsewhere to recount in georgia the ongoing one in arizona, all following the law. calling them fraudulent, making a connection based on i don't know what to the russia dossier. but he also claims that all recounts go in the direction of democrats, which is factually
7:21 am
not true. there have been some recounts that have advantaged republican candidates in this cycle. what is happening here with the president? he clearly doesn't like the possibility that he might not -- that republicans might not get this senate pickup in florida. it appears to be part of a broader strategy. >> right. well, it looks like what he's trying to do is undermine the process so that if these recounts, which as you note, are legally mandated, if they go against the republicans, if as more votes are counted, the democrats gain ground and ultimately win in florida in particular, then he will raise doubts about those victories. he will say that they are fraudulent, that the republicans were disadvantaged. but he's wrong because the recount process is mandated by the states. it's known to anybody who wants to go and look at it. it's laid out very clearly. publicly available information. so the state is simply following, and going to be
7:22 am
simply following their law in this case. so the president is really providing people misinformation on this front. this is not something that democrats are leading. certainly the democratic candidates who are behind would want a recount to see if they can pull ahead, but this is an open and transparent process here. >> it follows, poppy, his strategy with the mueller investigation, right? undermine the investigation. confidence, et cetera, on the possibility that he won't like the outcome. >> right. call something a scandal, call something a fraud, words now echoed by rick scott with no evidence. you plant the seed, you do damage by putting something out there with no evidence. jamie, to you, let's take the broad context of what we just saw this week from the president. that off the rails news conference, and then this. is this an angry president? is this a president off his game? >> well, i think that we've heard many times combat is his resting state. he likes this. he picks a fight even when he's
7:23 am
winning. this is his go-to position. i just want to circle back to what happened when abby phillip asked him that question about mueller. i think she asked the best question. >> so do i. >> of that gaggle, and she pushed his button because that's exactly what he's most worried about. you talk about mueller. you talk about how many times did he say matt whitaker, i don't know him. it was not an accident that matt whitaker was put in that job. it's not an accident that he went off on abby. >> good point. can i tick through what actually the doj statute lays out? if it's not the attorney general, then it goes down to the deputy attorney general. if not the deputy attorney general, it goes to the associate dep deputy attorney general. and whitaker is none of them. >> he was nowhere in the normal line of succession.
7:24 am
the person that donald trump was trying to get around is rod rosenstein, who is in charge of the mueller investigation. and republicans i talked to this week said more than anything they felt, and these were just their opinions, that trump wanted information. what is going on in the mueller investigation? what has he not been able to get from rod rosenstein? if you put in matt whitaker, someone who has been reported to be a white house loyalist, then maybe you get that information. >> maybe. jim. >> talu, white house reporter for bloomberg news joining us now. the president's comments on whitaker, distancing himself, it seemed, though also endorsing him, saying he's very, very highly thought of, but saying multiple times i don't know him. there's a "new york times" story out today of discomfort in the white house with the reaction, negative reaction to whitaker. in your reporting, is the president -- is the
7:25 am
administration's backing for whitaker faltering now? >> this is indicative of a very poor vetting process and the haphazard process for choosing the top law enforcement officer in the country. the president obviously was thinking of the mueller probe and thinking about how jeff sessions recused himself, and he told reporters multiple times over the past year that jeff sessions should have told him from the outset he was going to recuse himself. it's unthinkable to imagine that president trump did not think about whether or not whitaker would have to recuse himself and whether or not that discussion ever happened. now we're hearing the president back away and say i barely know the guy and extract himself from this actual process, this vetting process of him choosing the next acting attorney general. it does appear that the president is now realizing the vetting process is taking place after the decision when it's normally supposed to take place before the decision is not shining a positive light on the white house and on this decision
7:26 am
to choose someone who has spoken out so vocally against the mueller probe, who has a number of very controversial comments in his past, things in a normal vetting process in a normal white house would have come out much earlier in the process and probably would have disqualified this candidate. now, the president is trying to back away and sort of leaving whitaker to twist in the wind and say i barely know the guy, and so that if he ends up getting cut loose, the president can say this is not my crony, this is not somebody i knew. this is just happening at the justice department, but this is the president's choice, and it was clear it was made without the necessary vetting, and now there's egg on the face of many people in the white house, and everyone is just sort of trying to scramble and distance themselves from the decision. >> poppy, where else have we heard the president notably distance himself? michael cohen, paul manafort, george papadopoulos. often, that's the prelude to a departure. >> good point. >> certainly something to watch. thanks to all of you. a lot to digest there. a lot of smart folks with us. >> still to come, three
7:27 am
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well, this may seem like a familiar headline, too. three out of control wildfires raging in california this morning. the campfire burning in butte
7:32 am
county up north has forced nearly 40,000 residents to evacuate. some captured their narrow and harrowing escape on social media as they fled. >> all right. then in the south, right down the road from the thousand oaks shooting, you have this going on right now. you're looking at images of the woolsey fire. the blaze has scorched some 10,000 acres, forces thousands of people to evacuate. let's go to nick valencia who joins us in paradise, california. we see some of the flames behind you. any sense of containment right now? >> so far, poppy, zero percent containment at last check. this fire just exploded over the course of the last 24 hours. and just a day ago, here in paradise, california, this entire town was just engulfed in flames. many of the scenes around town is what you see behind me. this used to be a retail store,
7:33 am
a pawnshop next to a used car dealership. it spread so fast. and part of that reason is because it was fueled by strong winds. there's also dry air, low humidity. you couple that, if you know what the weather has been like in california over the course of the last couple months, extremely dry. usually by the end of october is when the rain comes to california. that signals the end of fire season. here we are talking about not just one but multiple fires throughout the state of california. the good news in all of this is that the wind has slowed down. we talked to cal fire earlier this morning. they feel as though they're going to be able to contain this at the edges and work their way back from there. we did check in with law enforcement to see if there's any fatalities so far. no reports of anyone dying as a result of this fire. several people have been injured, and they had to evacuate a hospital as well, but just look behind me. it's so eerie. there's so much smoke in the air. it feels like we're in a different world now, just looking all around us. that fire behind me still smu
7:34 am
smoldering. >> that's someone's home. imagine it happening to your own. nick, thanks very much. we have scott mclean in oak park where the woolsey fire has forced thousands to abandon their homes. we were noting, scott, that this is very close to the location of the shooting in thousand oaks as well. you just feel tragedy circling that area in the last few hours and days. >> yeah, someone described it to me, jim, as a one-two punch for this area. first, you have the shooting and now you have many of these people who are affected by the shooting now having to worry about their homes. this fire moved quickly. keep in mind, this only started yesterday afternoon, and it's already at last count 8,000 acres. in fact, overnight, in a 90-minute period, it doubled. that means that it was expanding at the size of a football field every two seconds, perhaps why is because in california, much of it has gotten less than 5% of its normal rainfall over the
7:35 am
past month. and it's not necessarily the flames that some of these neighborhoods have to worry about. it's the embers in the air. this house seems to be a victim of that. because this is burned out. it started late last night, we're told by the neighbors, and then this house is untouched next door. we spoke to this gentleman not long ago. he said that the fire department was here last night trying to put water on his house. obviously trying to put this out as well. he was also out with his own hose trying to hose down his property to try to keep it safe. when i spoke to him, his house is okay, but he seemed like he was near tears. he said he was just exhauste ed overwhelmed, grateful, all the emotions in one. these wind gusts, you can feel them, every once in a while they really whip up. they're not expected to die down until tomorrow morning. >> that makes it tougher for the firefighters because it's pushing the flames even further. scott, thank you very much for being there and the reporting.
7:36 am
jim. >> still to come in our broadcast, a look at a disturbing facebook post from the california gunman, made just before he went on his rampage that left 12 people, many of them young people, dead. alright, i brought in ensure max protein...
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7:41 am
rang out. we warn you, the video is disturbing. [ gunshots ] >> seems like we have heard sounds like that so often before. many of the survivors waited for breaks in the gunfire like you heard there to make an escape. nick watt joins us from thousand oaks. what more are we learning today about the shooter and his background? >> well, jim, we just heard from the county sheriff's department. they say it's going to be a few days before they're ready to release any more information about the searches that have been conducted on the shooter's vehicle and on his home where he lived with his mother and also here at the club where this tragic shooting happened. now, you mentioned that facebook post. i'm going to read it to you now. he posted this, we believe, shortly before he went on this shooting spree. this is what he wrote. i hope people call me insane, wouldn't that just be a big bowl
7:42 am
of irony. yeah, i'm insane, but the only thing you people do after these shootings is hopes and prayers. or keep you in my thoughts. every time. and wonder why these keep happening. now, we know he was armed with a .45 caliber glock, which was legally purchased, but he had an illegal magazine in there that allowed him to fire more bullets inside the club and create more carnage. now, as for motive, we still do not know. there has been talk about ptsd. he served in afghanistan, but listen. we do not know that that is what led to this in any way whatsoever. we're still waiting for that motive. jim. >> and we should note the vast majority of people with ptsd do not outbreak in violence. in fact, often more at risk of putting their own lives at risk than others. just wanted to note that. nick watt, thanks very much. this week, just think about it, 12 people murdered in california trying to simply
7:43 am
enjoy the night out, have done, listen to their favorite country music. this massacre comes less than two weeks after 11 worshiper were gunned down in a pittsburgh synagogue. what will stop this? listen to this. just moments ago, we heard from a grieving mother of a young man killed in the california mass shooting. >> my son was in las vegas with a lot of his friends, and he came home. he didn't come home last night. and i don't want prayers. i don't want thoughts. i want gun control. and i hope to god nobody else sends me any more prayers. i want gun control. no more guns. >> you know, there are lawmakers in both parties who have been pushing legislation to try to curb the violence. actually getting it passed, signed into law, that's another story. joining me is republican pennsylvania state representative todd stevens, a former federal firearms
7:44 am
prosecutor, the prime sponsor of hb-227, legislation in pennsylvania that would allow family members and law enforcement to ask a judge to temporarily take someone's gun away from them if they are believed to be a risk to themselves or others. thank you for being here. >> thanks so much for having me. fwl we know that mental health was likely a factor here. we know that mental health experts went to the gunman's home in california and cleared him under the 5150 law. do you think that your legislation, if it were to exist, for example, on a federal level, could have curbed this? could have stopped this? >> well, i think certainly, unfortunately, it also requires people to act. california does have a law like the one i'm proposing here for pennsylvania. but you know, obviously, they need to do more training, more education, and make sure that law enforcement and the public are aware that these tools exist. that's what it is, a tool in the toolbox. there are many tools in the toolbox, but we need to insure
7:45 am
that we have all the tools necessary to deal with situations like this, and extreme risk protection orders are just one of those tools. >> you're a republican. and you went to the nra with this legislation. and you asked for their input. and you changed about 20 different things that the nra wanted changed in your legislation. you put forth a new version, and here's what the nra sent out in an e-mail to all of their members. quote, this is what they say it would do. a hearing would be held, firearms would be seized, and constitutional rights suspended with little to no due process. they said this legislation does nothing to improve public safety. is that factual? >> no. it's just absolutely not true. you know, right now, all across the country, people can be involuntarily committed. right here in pennsylvania, you can be involuntarily committed. you will never see a judge. you don't get a lawyer. you don't get even a hearing. you don't get to confront any witnesses or offer any testimony. my bill would in fact give you
7:46 am
all of those due process and constitutional protections. you know, on the back end of an involuntary commitment, you can be removed from your home and held against your will for up to five days away from your family, away from your job, with none of those due process protections, and you lose your gun rights for the rest of your life. under my bill, you get all that due process, and in the end, a judge could temporarily relieve you of your guns for up to a year. >> you said your bill is all but dead. it's not going anywhere. have the last two weeks changed that? >> no, not at all. unfortunately. we only have one session day left next week, so i was able to get the bill out of the house judiciary committee in june, which was a good first step. a good step in the right direction. i was just re-elected and i'll be reintroducing the bill, the first bill that's reintroduced in january, and i'll make it a top priority again to push that legislation, because it's been
7:47 am
shown -- >> oh. i think we lost representative todd stephens there. he's back. we lost you for a moment. before you go, let me ask you this. you just heard that grieving mother who lost her son in this massacre. her son who survived the las vegas shooting. and she echoed what the gunman posted just before this massacre. the gunman wrote, quote, the only thing you people do after these shootings is hopes and prayers. is he right? >> no, we're going to get this done. we're going to get this across the finish line. we're going to save lives in pennsylvania like they're doing in 13 other states. 13 other states have extreme risk protection order laws and pennsylvania is going to join the ranks the next session. and frankly, the rest of the country needs to look at these laws and implement them because they have been shown to save lives in states already, and we need to take a harder look at what we can do to reduce gun violence across the country.
7:48 am
>> that is for sure. todd stephens, i appreciate you being here and letting people know about this. >> thanks for having me. >> still ahead, down to the wire. democratic candidate krysten sinema takes a razor thin lead in the race for senate in arizona. we are doing it. it's a done deal. for $40, t-mobile is offering unlimited, and the awesome iphone xr for every line. wah! so, they get the new iphone xr and the plan for $40 bucks. ah! the new iphone xr! that's bananas! what's with the monkey head, fred? where's your memoji? my kid's been playing with my iphone, little monkey.
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a new leader this morning in the arizona senate race. democratic candidate krysten sinema now leading by a narrow margin, republican martha mcsally. less than 1% is the lead there. >> this would be a democratic pickup. she pulled ahead after nearly
7:53 am
127,000 votes were counted in one of the state's most populated area. they're separated by fewer than 10,000 votes. back with us now, maeve reston. we should note, first, this is not a recount. this is still the count. they're still going through votes. 83%, i mean, two days since tuesday. why is it taking so long in arizona? >> this is -- the reason why sinema pulled into the lead, a slight, narrow lead yesterday, was because a lot of those votes from maricopa county came in. so that gave a much more democratic tilt to the ballots that we have currently counted. this is just a situation where because of the way that the early vote comes in, and because of the number of early vote ballots that are cast, you just have a huge number of votes that are still out there being counted, and it may take some time. this is actually not a situation that is specific to arizona. in california, for example, we still have many house races
7:54 am
where we don't know what the outcome will be because those ballots could be postmarked up until tuesday. so this counting will go on for quite some time. there is a possibility, of course, that mcsally could move back into the lead, but this is so close and tells you so much about how arizona really is the future in terms of the way that demographics are moving and will tell us a lot about whether or not republicans are able to hold on to that seat of retiring senator jeff flake. >> is there anything we need to know about, i don't know, what's unique in arizona as it compares to florida? i don't know, if it were to come to a recount or automatic triggers? >> definitely, arizona does not have the same level of baggage that we're talking about in broward county or palm beach county. but you know, so far, this is
7:55 am
just as far as we know, just a straightforward vote counting that is going on that's taking longer because there are so many ballots outstanding in arizona. but we don't know of any specific voter irregularities yet. and overall, this could really change the balance of how big donald trump's victory was on tuesday night, and that's why he's trying to change the narrative as we saw this morning. >> yeah. >> maeve reston, thank you for being with us on all of the news this morning. hope you get a little rest this weekend. jim, i'll see you back here on monday. to you all, have a great weekend. we have a lot of news ahead. >> the president distancing himself from matt whitaker, one of the many headlines we're following from the trump administration today. please stay with us. in-laws were coming, a little bit of water, it really- it rocked our world. i had no idea the amount of damage that water could do. we called usaa. and they greeted me as they always do.
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hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. president trump on his way to paris right now, but sounding off this morning on a number of things before he left. from the recount in florida, the potential recount in florida, to former first lady michelle obama. the real focus right now is on the man that he's put in place to lead the justice department. acting attorney general matt whitaker facing a ton of criticism and scrutiny at this moment for his past statements about the russia investigation. the investigation he is now in charge of overseeing. listen


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