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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  November 12, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PST

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congressman to mention that pete, of course, suffered the loss of his father in 9/11. they both lost something, and finding that common ground. i don't know if you watched it. i was up with my wife. we watched it. it was touching. it was touching. >> i didn't see it, and i love it. i love that he did that. thank you all for being with us today. we'll see you back here tomorrow. i'm poppy harlow. >> i'm jim sciutto. "at this hour" with kate bolduan starts now. >> hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. in california, the death toll is climbing and the sheer magnitude is nothing short of stunning. at least 31 people have died in several wildfires burning at opposite ends of the state right now. to the north, paradise -- the only way you can say it, is lost. the picturesque town is smoldering in ruins today. the so-called camp fire is now the most destructive in the state's history. want to show you some before and after pictures of the town. you're going to see them. they are just devastating.
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that was a church. again, emphasis on was a church. a kfc no longer after that. more than 110,000 acres have burned. more than 200 people are unaccounted for, and many more are sharing their stories of getting out, the terror, running for their lives in many cases. >> i've never been this scared in my life. >> it's okay, mama. >> oh, god. >> just horrible. in southern california, high winds are expected today. which, of course, could make the fires even more dangerous. today, thousands of homes have already burned. more than 300,000 people have been forced to evacuate. we have crewed on both ends of the state for you this hour. dan simon is where the town of paradise once stood. let's begin with scott mclean in malibu where the threat is very real still. what are you seeing there? >> reporter: hey, kate. we just got some updated numbers
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for you from authorities. this fire has now chewed through 91,000 acres. it's also 20% contained. that's good news at this point. it's continuing to grow, though, as the winds come through. these hot, dry winds come from inland and go offshore. it's not what you want to see. it will be like this until tuesday. this part of malibu, it seems like the worst has come and gone, but look what it's left behind. many houses that look just like this one. absolutely destroyed. and you'll notice, you hear running water. it's because the water has been left on and there's a couple houses in the neighborhood just like that. in the initial stages this weekend, a lot of the gas lines were left on. crews had to go door to door, property to property, to dig up the gas lines and try to shut them off. in many fires you'll notice that you can kind of tell which room was which. in this case, it must have burned so hot that it's really hard to tell what's what. it's hard to see anything recognizable other than the chimney there and the fireplace
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and a couple walls and things like that. over here, you'll notice the neighbor's house looks just like it. same with the house next door and the one on the other side as well. what's amazing is that you'll have a couple houses that were completely wiped out, and then next door, you have a couple more that are completely intact. it's certainly a bizarre sight to see. the big worry is the hot dry winds coming from inland. they're expecting them to be in fact, the red flag warning in effect until tomorrow night. that means conditions are ideal for wildfires to either spread or start up. kate. >> absolutely the last thing they need right now. scott, thank you so much. just devastating where he's standing in malibu. let's go to dan simon in paradeuce whepar paradise where the sun is finally up and what you're seeing is just tragic. >> hi, kate. this is really at a level and scale of destruction we have never seen before in california. it's just unprecedented. this is the most common sight
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you'll see all throughout paradise. you have a neighborhood that's just completely gone. and it's not just homes. it's restaurants. it's all kinds of businesses. it's schools. it's churches. it's retirement centers. pretty much the entire town of paradise is destroyed. and you won't have residents coming back here for many weeks. that's just to go through the rubble. who knows when people will actually be living here again. you talk to police officers and firefighters and everybody says the same thing. nobody has seen anything like this. now, in terms of the numbers we're talking about 113,000 acres. paradise is 31 square miles, and pretty much every square inch of the town has been impacted by this. you have about 52,000 people who have been evacuated. and at least 29 people, kate, have been confirmed de eed dead. you still have dozens and dozens of people still missing so authorities obviously think the death toll is going to go up,
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unfortunately. >> just came through so fast. i really appreciate it. thank you so much. joining me on the phone is rick mullein, the mayor of malibu, california. also an 18-year veteran of the los angeles county fire department. you're looking at a photo from the l.a. times of the mayor surveying a house while he's on the job on friday. the house clearly on fire. the mayor is joining me by the phone. can you hear me? >> yes, i can hear you. can you hear me? >> i can. thank you so much for calling in. how are you holding up right now? >> i'm actually holding up fairly well. i was -- i have been here since thursday when the whole thing kicked off. the first couple days were fairly exciting. i think the photo you're looking at probably is a good indication of the amount of intensity and work that went on in the initial stages. but we have been able to get a little bit of rest and food and water along the way, so we're doing fairly well at this point. it's calmer now all over than it was when the fire came through. so everyone is getting a little bit of a breather, but still a
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lot of people have been on the job for quite a while. so we're doing much better. >> i gsz that is one good thing you can take from it is you have been able to get some rest. but when you were in -- from that photo we're showing and some of the video we're showing our viewers, how can you -- how would you describe what you have seen out there? >> okay, so the photo you're looking at was we were driving by a neighborhood which is one of our neighbor -- that particular neighborhood is kind of like a regular suburban neighborhood where the houses are relatively close together. and the potential for one house catching the whole block or the whole neighborhood is severe. so what we tried to do is keep the fire to the one house and not have it spread to all the other houses. i think the photo you're looking at, i'm peering over the wall. we're trying to keep the fire on this side. when we got there, the flames
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were essentially licking up on the house next door. and we managed to save that house. and that's pretty much what happened for us the first day. we would go from that point, and then as we're rolling up the hoses from that scene, a neighbor came by and said you have to go up that hill right there because that house is starting to catch fire. that whole row could catch fire. we zoomed up to another one and spent quite a bit of time doing the exact same thing at another house on a slanted road where the whole neighborhood could have gone up. but the problem is that you can't -- when you normally would respond to a house on fire, you have all the manpower you need, you have maybe four engines, plenty of people, and you can draw on more. here, it's three guys and everyone else is game on in their own little project. so it takes a lot more manpower and labor. effort for each individual to keep the fire confined to one house, but i think that a lot of those efforts were fairly
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successful. you talk about, you see some of the neighborhoods -- there are some places where a whole street got burned up. a lot of the places, it's one, two houses, and each of those not spreading to the next house is an indication of a lot of effort by people who were there on scene to keep that. because remember, it's not just the house on fire. it's a house on fire with a lot of wind blowing and blowing all of the embers, et cetera, all throughout the neighborhood. so a lot of effort by people to do that. very tragic situation we have here in malibu. you know, a beautiful town. everybody loves it. it's mother nature when she's benign is very gracious, but when she turns angry, she lets everybody know who's in charge. and then everyone is running for their lives. and life is our number one priority. in the city of malibu, we're very successful in nobody getting killed. there were two people who were killed in actually my district
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which is just outside the city of malibu. i went to that spot yesterday to look at it, and i don't know what happened, but i suspect what happened is that the key moment, they panicked and made a decision to leave and they put themselves in essentially an inferno. at exactly the same time that was happening, i was down the street at a prison, a juvenile detention facility, and when i rolled up, it was right when the fire was coming through. the fire front, 35 people, 22 inmates and 13 staff, are getting in vans ready to go, and i made them go back inside because the prison was the safest place to be, and they stayed inside and we stayed with them just outside the prison building. as the largest fire i have ever seen in my life blows through a heavy brush area where the fuel hasn't burned in 50 years, but they were safe. i hear a lot of controversy about this pepperdine thing from everybody about their decision to shelter in place.
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what happened at the prison is what happens when you stick with the plan of sheltering in place. pepperdine is a very defensible spot, and i'm not sure what all the controversy is about there. but sometimes you have to shelter in spots. and i think that instance with the prison, there could have been 35 people who met their deaths, trying to get out in the canyon roads, but unlike that, they stuck with the plan. i told them to get back inside, and they made it out okay. so life is number one priority. we have been successful in dealing with that. now we have to pick up the pieces and it's going to be difficult for everybody. now we move into the part where the city is going to do everything they can with all of the assisting agencies to help everyone put their lives back together. once we do that, we're going to set up a center at the old malibu courthouse in the center of town where people will be able to deal with fema, medicare. >> and there's so much to that, but what you're saying is the most important thing. which is first and foremost, when flames are still flying and
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people are still in danger, the most important thing is protecting life first. this is still a real threat in many places. what is happening right now. the weather could contribute. not yet ready to settle down, could make it even worse. could continue the danger and the threat going forward. that's why a lot of folks are talking about what the president, his first response to this. i know that you have been too busy and probably don't even have the time or patience for politics right now, but when you're talking about the most important thing is to protect life, and that's what you really should be caring about, his first response was to criticize and blame the state for poor forest management. when you heard that or saw that, what did you think? >> you're right what you said, and i don't want to get into politics at all. i have been unaware of all that stuff. we're just focusing on our job at hand.
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it's probably an inappropriate time to bring political issues into this. we're dealing with it, doing the best we can. i'll worry about that stuff later. i want to say i really appreciate, when you're talking about the federal government, they have reached out to help us out. we appreciate that help. the state has reached out also. the county, everybody is working together. we thrive here in malibu because we have good working relationships with every other agency that we interact with, whether it be cal trans or the state or the federal government. so we sincerely appreciate the help we have gotten from everybody. to include all the communities that have sent fire engines down there. i have seen them from as far away as northern california and i really appreciate the help that everyone has given us. and it's a community effort. and this has been a difficult thing. but it's the paradox of living in malibu. it's a beautiful place, and everybody knows the danger, and that's the risk of living here. but malibu is a close community. there are people who are going
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to feel very relieved that their house made it and people who are devastated that their house didn't make it. we're all going to come together because malibu is a team, and team malibu will ride again. we have taken it on the chin, and we have taken some serious damage. and we're going to get through it, and we're going to put the pieces together. there are still parts of -- you know, in the past, in the other big fires like in '93, there was the 101, and it did a certain amount of area, but this started much farther up and came on a much broader front and did much more severe devastation. there are still parts, particularly east of malibu canyon road, that have not burned. and there is -- there are some wind issues coming up. so i know everyone is champing at the bit to get back into their homes. i appreciate that. my intention is to get everyone back in to pick up the pieces as quickly but as safely as possible. >> and obviously, yeah. and safety right now, you don't need another emergency on the
8:14 am
back end of this. mayor, thank you so much. really appreciate your time. thank you. you're welcome. coming up for us, lawsuits and claims of fraud flying around florida right now as officials race to recount ballots in what's becoming nail-biter races. at least one county says it will be impossible to meet the deadline. now what? details ahead wroorb. >> plus, new satellite images show north korea is not playing ball when it comes to its ballistic missile program. stay with us.
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it's been nearly a week since election day, but in florida, it's still anyone's guess who will come out on top. more than one race is too close to call. right now, we're going to show
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you live pictures of volunteers racing to finish recounts for both the senate and governor's races before a thursday deadline. the top election official in palm beach county is already telling cnn it will be impossible to finish in time, to meet that deadline. and there's one person who thinks there shouldn't even be a recount. the man in the white house. this morning, president trump taking to twitter to say the florida election should be called in favor of republicans rick scott and ron desantis and goes on to allege ballots showed up out of nowhere and ballots are missing or forge. the state has not announced any investigation into any issues like that. rosa flores is at the broward county elections office. the site of one of the, let's say, most contentious recounts. where do things stand right now? >> kate, you know, there is a cloud of controversy hovering over florida. and one of the counties under the microscope, of course, is broward county. we have seen lawsuits, protests, barbs, jabs in every direction.
8:20 am
governor rick scott filed three of them yesterday. one of them against broward county, alleging that votes were counted after the saturday noon deadline. then the other two are against broward and palm beach counties, asking that after the recount that law enforcement should impound the voting machines. the democrats also filing their own lawsuit today. they are asking that all of the mail-in ballots that are postmarked november 6th should be counted. this is after a mystery box of 266 ballots were found at the opa-locka processing facility. that name rings a bell, it's because it's the same processing facility that processed the pipe bombs not too long ago that were sent to cnn and critics of president trump. now, they specifically mentioned in that lawsuit that there was an evacuation on october 25th that could have impacted that. now, fueling the fire, of course, is palm beach county,
8:21 am
the supervisor of elections there, saying it is going to be impossible for her to finish the recount on time to meet that thursday deadline. and then the republicans, fueling the fire by alleging fraud. saying that the democrats are trying to steal this race. now, we have asked the secretary of state and the florida department of law enforcement, and they say they have found no fraud. they have found no criminal activity, but of course, we are monitoring all of that. and kate, the deadline here is thursday at 3:00 p.m. all 67 counties in florida are counting these ballots, and there's more than 8 million of them. kate. >> great to see you, rosa. thank you so much. see what happens minute by minute, i guess. how is this all going to shake out? joining me are two men who know a little bit about florida politics. adam smith is here, a political editor for the tampa bay times and florida based democratic
8:22 am
strategist steve schales was the 2010 director for president obama. you told me last week when we spoke that at least when it comes to the senate race, that we could be headed to -- i want to make sure i quote you correctly, lord knows what, never neverland of florida recounts. do you feel any differently today? >> well, it's always lord knows what never neverland in florida elections, but i think it's inevitable, yes, we're headed to a recount in the senate race. we actually have another race which is an agriculture commissioner race nobody is paying attention to outside of florida. that's also a manual recount as well. >> steve, last week, the governor asked the florida department of law enforcement to get involved and investigate any wrongdoing. they did so and they said that the secretary of state said there was nothing to investigate. now, the state attorney general is asking them to investigate any wrongdoing, and still the secretary of state's office who is a republican says there is nothing to investigate. so what is going on here? i mean, could law enforcement
8:23 am
really get involved here? or is this just about messaging? >> i mean, god, i hope not. i mean, after 2000, the state did some things right. one of which was set forth a really clear process for the recounts. and as adam said, it will take a long time. 8.2 million ballots. palm beach county has to count them one election at a time, which is why it's going to take them longer potentially. it's going to be sort of a slow, tedious process. the law is very clear in how it gets done. and you know, if folks have fraud that they know of, they should report it. it should be investigated, but sort of throwing out all these conspiracy theories does nothing but question the legitimacy of the process. >> adam, there seems to be growing consensus among politicos and people who are watching this that mistakes have been made. incompetence may be a problem, particularly in broward county. which has left me kind of wondering why governor rick scott has not or had not removed
8:24 am
these election supervisors from office before now. i was going back and looking. jeb bush did that back in 2003, i think it was, over incompetence. that's how brenda snipes got her job. what's the story there? >> well, i think it's not probably -- it's fair to say it's not maybe incompetence. it's clearly incompetence and it's happened over and over again. that's a question that jeb bush actually appointed her, like you said, but she's been re-elected several times. facing all kinds of criticism. you're absolutely right. rick scott could have removed her from office. now, it certainly would be extremely awkward for him to do it in the middle of this, but he's got to answer that question, and so far, he's not been willing to. >> and adam, even to that point, he was asked on fox news this morning this question. and he didn't have an answer to it. he just says she's been re-elected. and she's elected on the local
8:25 am
level. he did not answer this question, which i find fascinating, adam. >> well, if you know our governor, he's pretty good at not answering questions over and over again, which maybe is a skill, but i think it's hard to say for him to say that this woman is incompetent or worse when he had the authority to get rid of her a while ago. >> steve, the next big deadline, as rosa flores was laying out, is 3:00 on thursday. the machine recount needs to be finished. palm beach county is already saying they think it's impossible to finish by then. so is that how this is all going to play out, which is the understanding is or the law is, if it's not finished and it's not done, then the existing number stands is what they had on election night, if you will. if that is how this plays out, is either side going to accept that answer? we don't have enough time so we can't get it done? >> i think we have to find out,
8:26 am
unfortunately. palm beach county uses a different system which is why it takes longer. the system is certified by the state but it's slower. we'll find out. frankly, once we get to the hand recount, there's about 120,000 vote difference between the lowest race in the recount and the highest race in total votes. that's a lot of ballots to be inspected by hand. so getting this done by saturday is going to be an interesting challenge. >> let's see who's up for the challenge. and the challenge of us keeping track of it all, all along the way. adam, steve, i appreciate it. thanks so much. coming up, they have not officially taken over the house yet, but top democrats are already setting their sights on acting attorney general matt whitaker, threatening to subpoena him if necessary. how both sides are preparing for this upcoming battle. that's next. ing in italian] i just got my ancestrydna results: 74% italian. and i found out that i'm from the big toe of that sexy italian boot!
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8:32 am
integrity of that investigation. that investigation is of utmost importance in making sure that we adhere to the rule of law and that the administration is held accountable. and we will certainly hold hearings on that. our very first witness after january 3rd, we will subpoena mr. -- or we will summon, if necessary, subpoena mr. whitaker. >> democrats pointing to whitaker's past statements critical of the russia investigation as disqualifying. what kind of fight is this setting up to be? joining me now is cnn senior political analyst mark preston and political analyst jackie kucinich. mark, what is this fight over the mueller investigation? or maybe at this point, the mueller report going to look like when democrats eventually take over the house? >> it's going to look entirely different than what we're seeing right now, which was certainly from the house side, we saw devin nunes, who is an allie of
8:33 am
president trump, protected him. we didn't see vigorous oversight. we're going to see from democrats now the likes of adam schiff, who is likely to be the chairman of the committee, a democrat, who is going to be very vigorous. we saw jerry nadler who is going to be very vigorous. richard neal because massachusetts, he's going to be vigorous. what's interesting about these three gentlemen is they have been on capitol hill for a long time and don't expect them to go off on wild-goose chases. >> i love a wild goose chase, just as a hunter. jackie, i interviewed jerry nadler on friday night. he said something else about this that grabbed my attention about the investigation. he said essentially that democrats, they might want to demand that legislation to protect bob mueller be part of negotiations over government funding coming up. listen to him. >> we could insist that that be a condition of passage of the
8:34 am
remaining legislation to fund the government, which has to be done by december 7th. >> you are going to hold it hostage? >> i wouldn't call it holding hostage, but i think the future constitutional government is at stake here. and we must go a long way to make sure that the president is a president, not a king. >> is this going to become a thing, jackie? >> you know, i think senator chuck schumer would stop short of saying they would shut down the government over the mueller probe. but it certainly could be. there are going to be factions in this democratic caucus, particularly the new ones that are coming in, who really do want to take it to the president, both on the mueller investigation and several other areas of oversight. that have not been exercised under a republican congress. it will be up to democratic leadership, though, to be the guide and to have a sense of strategy. so it doesn't look -- i can't remember where i read this, like
8:35 am
a t-shirt cannon situation with subpoenas and indictments. they'll need to have a road map to make this look like something that has an end. >> that is quite a visual. a t-shirt cannon of subpoenas. i will not forget that, jackie. i'll give you attribution since we don't know where where you got it. mark, the "wall street journal" reporting that the president was involved in and knew about the hush payments to the playmate, that has jerry nadler talking about impeachment in a way he had not before the election, and other top democrats, it seems. what's changed? is it just the election or is it this report in the journal? >> well, look, i think they knew all along. certainly, the evident was leading up to that. at what point did he know, i guess is the real big question. we heard, you know, the recording from michael cohen. what has changed now is you have seen the likes of jerry nadler, who has the power now to compel people to actually come in and
8:36 am
testify. democrats didn't have that before. now they do have it. but to jackie's point, too, and i think this is very important. democrats can't go into the next two years of just going out and investigating and trying to take down donald trump. they have to show they can govern as well. and we'll see if that can happen. but that's a big, big chore on nancy pelosi's shoulders. >> absolutely. mark, jackie, great to see you guys. thanks. coming up for us, president trump back in the white house after his trip to paris. a trip marked by a face-off over nationalism and also blaming the weather. so where does that leave the trump doctrine today? that's next. this food truck
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all designed to stack and protect the lids, and the pan surface. farberware neat nest™. stacked & intact™ this morning, we're getting our first look at possible new threats from north korea. commercial satellite images appear to show at least a dozen undisclosed missile sites around the country. this despite promises to dismantle its nuclear program and work toward denuclearization. and this comes just after president trump assured reporters that u.s. sanctions against north korea were working. listen. >> we're in no rush. no hurry. the sanctions are on. >> you're still expecting to meet kim jong-un. >> the sanctions are on. the missiles have stopped. the rockets have stopped. the hostages are home. >> joining me right now, cnn global affairs analyst and senior fellow on the council for
8:42 am
foreign relations, max boot, and former deputy secretary of state under president obama, tony blinken. hidden bases in north korea. analysts saying any missile at these bases coming from these bases could take a nuclear warhead. what does this mean for the progress that president trump says has been made? >> kate, it means that the art of deal is really the art of the steal in north korea's favor. everything that the president told us was happening with his great success in negotiating with north korea is not happening. and the north koreans have talked about dismantling one of their missile sites at the same time in secret they're moving forward apparently with 16 others. the challenge here is this. i'm glad that president trump moved to diplomacy and was seeking to engage north korea. better than the fire and fury we were looking at a year ago, but you actually have to get something for that engagement. thus far, the only person who has gotten anything out of it really is kim jong-un. legitimacy from being able to meet with president trump on the world stage. being able to move forward with his program even when he says
8:43 am
he's not, and then getting the pressure lifted, because when president trump said things are going well, the problem is solved, that gave china and russia and others the green light to going back to business as usual with north korea. and of course, we're also getting divided from our close ally, south korea. this has to be refocused and recentered. the president needs to make clear what's happening is not going well, is not sufficient. we need to put the pressure back on north korea, and see if we can get them to actually engage meaningfully. right now, all of this is to north korea's advantage. >> about this new report, max, i was just thinking, the times was writing today on the existence of these bases is new to the public, maybe, but has long been known by american intelligence agencies. so does that mean that the president is being deceived by north korea or the president had this information from american intelligence agencies and he's not being straight up with the american people. >> i think president trump is deceiving himself. he's launched into this
8:44 am
one-sided love affair where he says he's in love with kim jong-un and pretends the nuclear threat is over, that north korea intends to denuclearize. but if you look at what north korea has said and done, they have never made any suggestion they will seriously denuclearize. they have talked about it as a process that will involve major concessions by the united states. they have never said they're going to unilaterally give up their weapons program as president trump has suggested. we have had leaks before from u.s. intelligence all this summer long about how north korea has continued to build up their missile program and their nuclear program and trump has ignored all that because he wants to pretend this is some kind of great diplomatic success, which is not the case. >> it will be interesting to see what would tip the scale to get him to say that things aren't going well and need to be recentered. not sure we have hit that moment. >> i think he's desperate for a second summit with kim jong-un because he loved the attention from the first summit. so i don't think he's going blow the whistle on north korea before that summit takes place. >> good point. tony, on a different topic, i
8:45 am
could not help but notice you trolling the president of the united states a bit on twitter this weekend. posting pictures of president obama speaking in the rain. getting on marine one in the rain. beyond that, there was a pretty -- it was pretty remarkable when the french president spoke with president trump right in front of him and what he said with him sitting right in front of him. listen to this. >> patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism. nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism by saying our interests first. who cares about the others? we erase what a nation holds dearest, what gives it life, what makes it great and what is essential. it's moral values. >> is there any way that macron said that without knowing full well what he was doing? >> no, that was a direct rebuke of president trump and his america first nationalism. america first once again is
8:46 am
proving to be america alone. we saw that in what macron said, in the powerful images of all these leaders walking together in solidarity in the rain except for vladimir putin and president trump. but kate, the larger story is this. i think president trump really missed the lesson of the couple days in paris. world war i was supposed to be the war that ended all wars. and of course, it didn't. part of the reason it didn't is because after world war i, we retreated. we stayed out of the league of nations. when we had economic problems, we became predictionests. when dictators arrived, we became isolationists. and we wound up with a world war. after world war ii, we got it right. we engaged. we led the international community in building the rules, norms, the institutions that kept the peace for more than seven decades. that's exactly what president trump is moving away from now. and those who forget history, as has been said, are condemned to retweet it. >> i'm left wondering, max, does macron really think this is the
8:47 am
way to get through to president trump? or maybe he wasn't speaking to him at all. >> i suspect president macron has given up getting through to president trump. he tried the buddy-buddy act early on and all it got him was a slap to the face, basically, with trump pulling out of the iran nuclear deal and imposing sanctions, not listening to the europeans, pulling out of the inf treaty. i think macron has probably figured that cozying up to trump is not achieving anything so he's going to tell hard truths in front of trump including the corrosive impact of nationalism, which donald trump embraced only a few weeks ago. >> thanks so much. coming up for us, florida isn't the only state that has races that are too close to call. there's also a race that's not over yet in arizona. republican candidate for senate there is now trailing her democratic opponent. what's taking so long to get that decided? we'll get the details next. should happen every five hundred years, right?
8:48 am
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a race too close to call, votes still being count and we are not talking about florida this time. we are talking about arizona. the senate race there is also too close to call. easy for me to say. democrat kyrsten sinema pulled ahead of martha mcsally. great to see you, david. the president called if are a new election on friday that clearly does not seem to be one of the options. what is happening there? why is it so slow to wrap up? >> i don't understand the call
8:53 am
for a new election. they are still just counting the votes for the election. that doesn't quite make sense. why is it taking so long? so much of arizona votes by mail and absentee and that takes longer than just election day vote. we know there was an issue of matching some of the mail in ballots and the signature on the mail in ballot. there is a deadline of wednesday so that every absentee ballot will have been counted by then. the 32,000 vote lead is significant for sinema, the democrat. she has overtaken martha mcsal in the last couple of days. some of that vote is in maricopa county, the most populous and a sinema stronghold. this is a warning sign for mcsally. there may not be enough outstanding votes for her to take over. we wait for those to be counted. >> and maybe another election.
8:54 am
just kidding. there is a new controversy i want to ask you about. that is headed for a run off. the democrat responding to something that the republican said over the weekend. i want to play for the viewers the democratic candidate's response. >> both comments that we heard that were published yesterday are very disappointing. they were hurtful. they're harmful. they are hurtful to the mississippians who are people of good will and harmful because they tend to reinforce the stereotypes that have held back the state for so long that cost us jobs in this economy. >> what's happening in this race. what impact will it have? >> i'm not sure we know what impact it will have. this is a race that is in a run
8:55 am
off november 27th is the election day. this is deep red mississippi. since we saw a blue wave take place on tuesday, do we see that in some way here in mississippi? they still have a couple of weeks to go here. i'm not sure this will be the defining moment of this race. it seems it's a moment that he is going to incorporate into his campaign as he did this morning. i think that this is still one that leans towards republicans at the moment, kate. >> a week past election day and we have a lot of uncertainty to figure out. no rest for you. sorry, buddy. coming up for us. deadly wildfires are still burning across the state of california. we will have the latest on the fight and what they're dealing with in the devastation there. next.
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