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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  November 12, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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than your customers thought possible. comcast business. beyond fast. welcome to inside politics. i'm john king. thank you for sharing your day with us. california in flame. at least stlon ha31 have died i northern and southern areas of the state. the new abnormal. the president is out of the public eye, but tweetless raing rave reviews of his trip to
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france. he skipped a memorial and ridiculed by the president of france. the senate result will shape the balance of power here in the new congress. >> we want free and fair elections. we want people to participate, but we don't want fraud. we need to know exactly what happened here. >> there is no evidence of fraud. here's what there is evidence of. there is evidence of eight year of rick scott as the governor of florida trying to manipulate the outcome of elections. >> we begin there with the florida recounts and the president's call to stop everything, he said. go back to the election night count. 7:40 in the east. many are missing or forged. an honest vote count is no longer possible. massively infected. that's what the president said. florida monitors said they have
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zero evidence of fraught. our staff has not seen any evidence of activity and the secretary of state's office said yesterday and reiterated today. republicans have complained key county officials are missing reporting deadlines and the republicans that sued to enforce the rules. they want to skip the recounts. senate, governor and state agriculture commissioner. the deadline is thursday. the palm beach election said that's a legal computation. that's the state's governor in court after asking police to impound voting machines and ballots when not in use. the process can't be trusted, he said.
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>> they didn't let in party officials to observe. there was no transparency. they were supposed to tell us how many ballots. 93,000 new ballots showed up after election day. we know that brenda snipes said she took illegal ballots and put them with legal ballots. she admitted that. they continued to try to count after the deadline. >> cnn's ryan noble is on the ground in tallahassee. a lot of finger-pointing and spin. what are the facts? >> when you take a look at the fact that we have 8.5 million votes cast and 67 counties that are under going this massive recount. there is a lot to unpack in the sunshine state. when the president talked about no need for a recount, that flies in the face of the reality of florida law. there is an automatic recount if it's within a half percentage point and that is the case.
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even though these are very small, it is still relatively wide margin in terms of what it takes to win in a recount. 12,000 votes between rick scott against bill nelson. 12,000 votes is a lot to overcome in a recount. there is no precedent of that ever happening in american politics. the closest example is the washington governor's race and that was around 2,000 votes. republicans and democrats are clear-eyed about what is at stake. everyone believes a recount should go forward, but not too many people genuinely believe at the end we will see a different thing than what we saw on election night. democrats are convinced the recount must go forward. every voice should be heard and counted. those results should reflect that. john, a lot of posturing here over the next couple of days. at this point the people of
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florida still don't know who the next senator and governor will be. >> hang in there and do the math. don't listen to the spin. we will be in touch. with me in studio to share the reporting and the insights. let's start with the president. the state law says recount. the state law says recount. the president of the united states says forget the law. great. >> he's off base with that obviously. elections are not held the way they used to be held. it's not all election night anymore. that would be really unfair going back to election nights. ballot s continuing to come in. one that florida has the problems in the ballot counting and it's a huge state and a lot of people vote and they should be able to get this under control.
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these accusations undermines people further and doesn't need to be done as ryan was saying. this is a big difference. the republicans are probably going to still win these races. they are sort of tarnishing themselves and the process. >> that was almost humorous about the president jumping in from a purely self-interested perspective. if there was a fear the democrats were to pull ahead, it seems very unlikely. republicans are ahead and democrats are unlikely to prevail in a recount. there is no need for the president to engage in this sort of rhetoric or behavior, which makes it truly puzzling as to why he is coming in and making these sort of allegations. they only serve to hurt the republican candidates who when we go through this recount, are likely to prevail. ron desantis in the governor's race and rick scott in the
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senate race. >> whether you are a democrat or republican, trump supporter or critic. he is creating lack of trust in institutions. >> he said i know emotions are high and we need to let the process play out. we will deal with the improprieties in due course. trump aside, it seems like they can take the high road and is there a legal reason why they report? is there a procedural reason why they want to get on the record expressing concerns in case they need to card to pull. >> another thing that makes it odd, but everything he has done to strengthen the military. officials are overseas and their ballots will not be counted until this week. when he talks about only
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election day ballots being counted. that would disenfranchise the section. there is a clear contradiction as well. >> think before you tweet. even andrew gillum conceded. then he saw the margins did get closer and the recount start and faced pressure from progressive groups saying wait a minute, let's have a recount. he came within the law. he still said i'm probably going to lose here, but he listens to the complains about is there fraud and crooked activity and said what's going on here? >> if you wonder why the president of the united states, the junior senator of the united states, mr. rubio, the sitting governor of the state of florida are fighting like you know what to stop a vote count, that ought to tell you something.
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>> it sounds like he is sliding towards the -- as opposed to this, still going to lose, but let's finish the process. he is sliding towards that. >> not everything has been kosher in florida. the election commissioner was refusing to say how many ballots is left to count. that is not by the books. gillum is not there and there is a case that not everything has gone according to law in florida. this woman has been censured before. the fact that not all the votes will be or have been counted is incorrect. >> there is a compelling case for incompetence and even arrogance. nobody and again, rick scott said they have seen no evidence of cheating.
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that's the key test. let's sit here. back in 2000, she was a polarizing figure. democrats didn't like her then. telling the president and all of us, calm down. >> this is not a constitutional crisis. it's a close race. i didn't know a recount would make me look good. it's unfortunate, but florida has an electorate that is very close in numbers. and consequently the same counties are in the same spot again. we have laws that will address that. it's a matter of the elected officials administering the laws honoring and correctly. >> i know a polarizing figure, but there is a voice of reason and someone who speaks from experience. she realized she might have done things differently, but everybody calm down. what's wrong with that?
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>> i don't know that i have ever said this, but katherine harris was right. i think you are also seeing this in arizona. by all accounts, the counting was going appropriately in the democratic candidate for senate. this is a new strategy, i think, that is sort of alarming. if something is going on in the election, you need to finish up the balloting. it gets confusing that everybody starts to say hey, there is fraud. that's a really, really bad trend and hopefully we can get past this. >> contrast it. they have been yelling at republicans and said start screaming. even the senate candidate who the republicans said has gone from leading an election night to trailing. they are saying this is how it goes. let's see what happens. this is why i wonder why i that are screaming so loud and why
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are they scream something the average margin. florida is bigger than washington state. it's inconceivable for democrats and republicans could have done that. that 12,000 plus votes could flip. why are republicans screaming fraud and suing. why don't they say we are going to watch and make sure we have observers in the room, but let's watch. >> i worry about the undercount. i think the democrats want to get to a hand recount where they can look at the ballots and see if there are marks. the machine recount is not going to make this up. >> we spent this time talking about the 400 guy in the basement and human error and the same states that always come into play. if you are putting a silver
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lining on it, it's a good reminder before we head into 2020 that some of these is systems need work. a voice of reason is necessary. >> maybe when they get a new governor in january and instead of complaining, maybe the next governor will deal with them. if they need to be sanctioned or called out in public, they will worry about elections before the elections. up next, we go to the california wildfires where one official worries with more than 200 people missing, the death toll could well rise. we're voya. we stay with you to and through retirement. so you'll still be here to help me make smart choices? well, with your finances that is. we had nothing to do with that tie. voya. helping you to and through retirement. at, we can't guarantee you'll good at that water jet thingy... but we can guarantee the best price on this hotel.
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welcome back. in california at least 31 people are dead and 200 missing. in four days, 310 square miles have been burned. that's larger than all five
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boroughs of new york. it forced 300,000 people to evacuate. the camp fire is the most destructive in california history. 29 deaths are in butte county alone. we talked to the sheriff about the death toll. >> i'm very concerned about the number of people we still have unaccounted for. i'm hopeful, given what we have dealt with so far with casualties as a result of this fire. i have concerns that that count will rise. >> concerns that count will rise. officials say the camp fire is 25% contained, but in the path of destruction, one town was decimat decimated. paradise, california. tell us, what are the teams facing there? >> john, it's overwhelming for everybody. even the firefighters will tell you it's beyond belief. nobody expected to see a whole town go up in flame here in
9:19 am
paradise. this subdivision is completely levelled. this is what you see all throughout paradise. we are talking about 31 square miles and every inch of the town has been impacted. it's going to be weeks before residents are allowed back in. that's just to go through the rubble and see if they can find anything to salvage. this community is totally paralyzed. we are talking about 26,000 people. the infrastructure is destroy and we are not just talking about homes, but businesses and restaurants and hotels. you name it. it's just really unbelievable. >> from where you are now, obviously that town has been decimated. where is the fire? >> well, fortunately the fire is in the hills. it's not threatening any populated areas at the moment. crews did an excellent job
9:20 am
building containment lines. they were concerned about the nearby community of chico. the containment number has gone up. it's actually 25%. the good news there is things are looking better on that end and the winds have died down. the bad news is that things remain dry. there is no rain in the forecast so the danger will persist for this community and those close to it. >> it's just incredible watching you stand there and seeing the destruction. thanks for the reporting there. in the south, the woolsey fire. 20% contained. live in malibu, california. what's the biggest concern where you are? >> undoubtedly the wind, john. you can see here in malibu how much damage the wind has done already. it tore through here fast and hot. this house has been reduced to rubble. it's hard to recognize what we are looking for. the house next door is burned
9:21 am
right down to the bottom. same with the house beyond it as well. one person whose house was destroyed not far from here said a lot of people don't realize there is still fire. you don't see active flame. you see smoke, but not much. you can see the fire at night and there are a lot of people who are staying behind in their homes despite the fact that we are in a mandatory evacuation order to try to fight off the flame. some orders have been lifted, but at least in this area, they are still concerned the wind will pick up as it is starting to already. some of the small smoldering areas and the fires will turn into bigger ones. more than 21 million people under a red flag warning. jennifer joins us to lay it out for us. 21 million people. >> that's a lot of people.
9:22 am
the winds will continue to be strong. you step outside and you feel the strong winds, they could pick up at any moment. it's volatile in southern california especially with the main threats being the strong winds and low humidity and the dry air that is fueling the fire. here are the two main fires. the camp fire, 113,000 acres burp and 25% contained. the woolsey fire, 91,000 acres and 21% contained. the strong winds will continue. windy conditions and no rain in the forecast. by the time we get to tuesday evening, the winds should relax a little bit, but it will still be breezy and still enough to spread those fires. the fire alerts right now, basically the red flag warnings just in southern california including los angeles, palm springs, san diego and around san diego, that's where the strongest winds are going to be.
9:23 am
the 25 to 30 miles per hour winds with gusting even more. as you get into the higher elevations into the hills and the ridge stop tops, we are seeing the winds gust to spread the wildfires so rapidly. >> appreciate that. you can help those affected. go to cnn/impact. >> one democrat said yes, celebration, but also time to worry. >> am i worried? i'm always worried. i'm a democrat. we are proverbial bed wetters. it's overreach. that i suit up, there is a chance that's the last time. 300 miles per hour, that's where i feel normal.
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♪ one week after the mid-term election, democrats unveiling a list of priorities for the congress. detailing plans for investigations and subpoenas into everything from robert mueller's russia probe to the campaign finance practices. president trump tweeting this amounts to presidential harassment and suggests no evidence for this, but said it's tanking the markets. listen to the congresswoman on hbo who said with a little bit of spirit, the view is nice up here. >> the funnest thing is to win.
9:29 am
we have our boxing gloves on and will fight for our priorities. >> you are ready to rumble? >> i'm ready. and so is nancy. >> i like to hear him say ready to rumble. >> two months to go before the democrats take control of the house. that's a long time in the age of president trump. eric swalwell said they better be careful and prioritize. don't chase every ball he throws. we have to show the american people there is a purpose behind everything we do and it's not just to get a pound of flesh. it's hard to tell democrats to calm down and prioritize. to the point that two months is a lot of time. are the democrats saying don't rush out of the promise now? we are not quite sure what it's going to look like now. >> that's something a lot of
9:30 am
democrats are talking about. at the same time the president has given a clear way in by firing jeff sessions. in talking about that, they can clearly go in with various different avenues in protecting mueller, especially with the president appointing whitaker as acting ag. that leads to a lot of questions. he is given this opportunity where democrats could have gone wrong and made potential mistakes. he is giving them a clear opening to investigating him even more. >> it's not even the firing of mueller. i think what's interesting to me, you have seen really early messaging of late in the public forum of democrats who you might have thought of as left of center and try to message the voice of reason to the incoming class without doing it in the "new york times." it's jerry nadler and eric
9:31 am
swalwell. >> that's true about sessions, but i question whether whitaker will be the attorney general two months from now. i think swalwell's statement is interesting because donald trump presents so many ripe targets for democrats, there is a temptation to go after everything. we saw in last week's press conference where donald trump went on for 90 minutes and overshadowed nancy pelosi's first press conference that it will be difficult to breakthrough. it's going to be difficult for democrats not only to prioritize, but to make sure the targets of the investigations breakthrough. trump presents a challenge. >> you better be right. you better be right, you better be right. then you have to sell it. democrats know what they are against. president trump. what are they for? this is a letter nancy pelosi just sent. the democrats don't take power
9:32 am
until january. there is a lame duck session of congress that begins quickly. a lot of big questions about spending. can the president get his border wall? can you put an immigration deal like daca on the table? as we travel to washington for the lake duck period, democrats are anything but lame ducks. we have a responsibility to get what we need for the american people. we have to stand our ground when we must. she said there is a period to make a down payment on what we are for part. >> we have that coming in and a good question about the lame duck republicans and where they want to be. do they want to help trump on the border wall or make that statement. >> this goes to the heart of the problem. it's not so much are they going to overinvestigate, but they
9:33 am
have to get it. can they legislate at the same time? can they do both things? to me, that's a question. these people haven't been in power for a while. the staff is not there. some of these people have not run committees before. they need to produce quickly. not just get caught up in the investigation. >> that's part of pelosi's reason. i can stand up to the president and let's listen to kevin mckarth whcarthy who wants to b house republican. listen to him saying the democrats don't seem like they want much. >> i look at what the democrat agenda is. investigating the president and trying to impeach him and abolishing ice. america is too great to be led by such a small vision. >> democrats would counter. what else did you do for your last two years in power? that's part of the challenge. you have progressive democrat
9:34 am
who is said abolish ice and impeach the president. they have to manage that and make it clear the republicans are going to try to poke it. >> for democrats in terms of legislating is that they have so many legislators in both the house and the senate who are looking at 2020 candidacies and they have to view cooperating with the trump administration and whether it behooves them or resist him at any turn. it's a different job than in the majority. both parties are dealing with the split between the people who think they can harness the dissatisfied middle and the people who think the only way to win this is the people who were out for a pound. >> they are pretty happy.
9:35 am
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>> per an update on the arizona senate race. sinema has a lead over martha mcsally. ready for clinton 2020? former strategist said hillary clinton will run for president again.
9:40 am
writing in an editorial said hillary 4.0 won't let two stunning defeats stand in the way of her claim to the white house. this morning on fox news, the conditions however have to be right. >> if she does go it's because no one emerges as a clear front-runner. the party is splintered in lots of ways and she can come in and reenergize the poor of the democratic base and take the nomination and have the biggest rematch in history with probably the biggest voter turn out in history based on that. >> what do you think? no? yes? >> there will be quite a crowd running for president on the democratic side. it won't be a slam dunk. >> the written word and not the spoken word. even if you had a falling out, as they did, you just kept that to yourself.
9:41 am
we live in a new age. we will leave it at that. before we go to break, all the veteran who is served the country. we want to share this. tammy is a democrat. whether you air democrat or republican, she tweets today is my alive day. the anniversary of the day i almost died, but didn't. on this day 14 years ago, an rpg took my legs and partial use of my right arm with it. i was quite literally in pieces. my buddies refused to leave me behind. our thanks to her buddies and senator duckworth for your service. duncan just protected his family
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welcome back. president trump tweeting his own review of his weekend trip to france, bragging he got a lot done on a trip many saw as a
9:46 am
disappointment or worse. much was accomplished with my meetings with world leaders. it's never easy bringing up the fact that the husband has not been treated fairly. it is time that the countries pay the united states for great military protection or protect themselves. trade must be made free and fair. that list of grievances is hardly new. in their view president trump was detached or disinterested. one global expert put it this way. >> it's like it's a nice continent you have here. it would be a shame if something were to happen to it. president trump has given that message before at the nato and g-20 and g-7 summit. >> this was a strange, quick trip. it was meant to honor the victory in world war i and the
9:47 am
president was criticized for not going to a cemetery he was supposed to go to. his friendship with macron has clearly gone downhill. what do we make of this? so what? or is there something transactional. >> the one-time allies are no longer so closely tied anymore. trump is really at the van guard and the forces that are remaking the european continent from victor in h victor in hungary and everyone from trump himself to emmanuel macron in france are gapling with it. there no clear takeaways. it will remain to be seen post trump or after the new nationalist leaders leave the scene in europe. clearly we are sort of at a
9:48 am
tipping point both in the u.s. and in europe. >> to that point, a lot of european leaders think the forces which preexist, most of them were there before president trump. they were inspired in gaining energy. you had the president of france who remember, had dinner with the president at the eiffel tower. it was much more chilly. the body language and from the president of france with the united states president right there, this. >> translator: patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism. nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism by saying our interest first, who cares about the others. >> you get the sense that the first few meetings, they didn't like a lot of things the president said and didn't like his tone on twitter. they are trying to figure out if we can work with him. does he have to do that for his
9:49 am
political audience and can we work business? >> that was a rebuke to president trump with a continental purpose to remind not just the leaders who were weakened in places like germany and england, but the voters and the constituents of europe, you know, to remember the lessons of world war i and also world war ii. to say do you want to be more like what president trump is saying or remember the lessons of world war i. that's macron's purpose. where does this all go? that's the question you have the trade negotiator heading to the u.s. for a week in which he wants them in a weakened position. these summits or gatherings like this can at their best be used to leverage common beliefs. i think the message coming out is those forces that talk about
9:50 am
alliances and nato and unity and democratic valleys are weaken and divided. >> the direction rebuke for the president felt a little jars for two reasons. that's usually the president's job when he has done these trips. he's the one making these comments in front of world leaders that gets the attention. secondly, we saw the president all week really become this combative person, post election and he had the executive action. he took away jim acosta's press credentials. we saw him take a lot of action and take a back seat and let the other world leaders take the front stage. >> he was criticized for not taking a drive when he couldn't have the military helicopter. it would take 2.5 hours each way. it's about 50 miles outside of
9:51 am
paris. if the president wanted to go, he could have gone. it's an hour, not 2.5 hours. i will leave that for people to process. >> a lot of these are about images. these were bad images for trump. he went over there for the substitute of his parade here. world war i's 100th anniversary is a big moment. they will take away the president being scolded for being a nationalist. >> the mood issue. beto o'rourke said he is here to help the country however he can. democrats said head to iowa. run for president. we stay with you to and through retirement. i get that voya is with me through retirement, i'm just surprised it means in my kitchen. so, that means no breakfast? voya. helping you to and through retirement.
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>> beto wants you to know it was pancakes and bacon and eggs to start at the o'rourke house and it was a bitter loss to ted cruz. it was a remarkable journey for which he is grateful. he became a national celebrity tow progressives. his long note to supporters, he is looking forward to a little downtime and a little dad time. for those hoping he keeps running as into iowa into 2020, just know i want to be part of the best way forward for this country. whatever way can i help in whatever form that takes. know that i am honored to have run with you and i want to
9:57 am
continue to honor and be honest to what was powerful about it. the signature is "see you down the road, beto." what road? >> there are so many people urging him. he ran in a tough state. he is super popular and super high name recognition right now. i think he will be drawn into it as are a lot of people. conventional wisdom says that running from a losing race is not the best way to really launch your presidential campaign, but what's he got to lose? >> conventional wisdom said donald trump could never win the presidency. this is a compliment. ted cruz just beat beto o'rourke. don't have any one of his caliber on the national stage. i pray for the soul for anyone who has to run against him in
9:58 am
iowa. he used a fog machine at his concession speech. he ain't done. >> obama was always pretending to eat carbs and on the plane he was eating almonds. beto is doing what anyone in beto's position would be doing. he looked like a nine or-point cushion and watched what beto o'rourke was doing. he concluded what anyone was doing. this guy is preparing. >> some said stay in texas and keep that organization up and running. stay in touch with the people and run there. is that too small? >> based on everything we have heard with beto, he wants more. i think the comment that was perhaps a bit of a troll, we are seeing republicans push his name more and more. they feel like with this progressive person, they can win the middle of america again and have that same 2016 argument that will help them in 2020.
9:59 am
>> and? he puts out a long note. he is having pancakes and it's movie night. what do you do at this moment when you were a national sensation and you lost. that hurts. that hurts. you are thinking could i have done this or that differently? is it your calculation thaw want to join a field of 20, 30, or 40 or i came so close in a big state like texas. stay here? >> i'm sure he took a lot of lessons and became a better candidate. i don't think there is a reason for any democrat to sit out the 2020 race. there will be a lot of improbable candidates and most people when they weigh things will decide to jump in rather than sit it out. >> welcome to debate night in america. all 40 are here tonight. strap in, folks. thanks for joining us. bryanna keilar is starting a new show after us. welcome, neighbor.
10:00 am
>> it's great to be neighbors with you, john. i'm excited to be here. we will be seeing each other every day. >> the man has been drafted. we need a nice slate for bryanna to start. no florida recounts or uncertainty. give her a smooth launch. >> i don't think you got the memo, john, but thank you so much. we are under way right now. >> here we go again. the rhetoric gets hotter as a recount is deciding key races in florida. hell in paradise. hundreds are missing right now as california's worst wildfires ever continue to spread. a trip of tension as an ally calls out the president and backlash after he skips an event on fallen american soldiers. the man critical of robert mueller is in charge of robert mueller. for how long? everyone's worst fears are being realized in california as deadly


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