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tv   CNN Right Now With Brianna Keilar  CNN  November 13, 2018 10:00am-11:01am PST

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she will remember that as long as they serve. >> i can tell you that. thanks for joining us. brianna keilar starts right now. >> thanks, john. i'm brianna keilar live from the washington headquarters and under way right now, homeland finale. why more administration members appear close to the exit. and the red flags raised for the right with new signs the president's mid-term night was worse than originally thought. a boeing jet falls from the sky and now a new report suggests boeing with held key information from pilots. and prison breaks. a golden ak-47 and one of the world's most notorious criminals. the epic trial of el chapo begins. we start with news that is just
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in to cnn on robert mueller's russia investigation. president trump speaking face-to-face with his attorneys. here with me now in this news is correspondent sarah murray. what do we know about the meeting and the questions at issue? >> we know that president trump spent at least part of his day according to a source going over the questions that special counsel robert mueller's team has given him and trying to come up with responses. this is a process started before the mid-term elections. they want to move the ball forward and say according to the source, they struck an agreement and they are going to answer questions about russian collusion, but not obstruction of justice. they are aiming to get the questions back in the next couple of days. of course we have seen this timeline shift on a number of occasions, but we know the special counsel is winding down his probe. it makes sense that you would want to get the ball rolling on responses from the president himself. >> these were the questions they
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expected. >> yes. i think if special counsel robert mueller had his way, they would ask him all kinds of questions and have him for an in-person interview. they agree on something like that. it's worth ♪ing that they have a lot of loose ends to tie up. michael cohen, the president's long time personal attorney also met with the special counsel's team yesterday and met with them before. that raises the question what they are doing after he met with investigators in new york and met with their team. it seems like they are trying to high up loose ends and want to wrap up rather soon. >> to be a fly on the wall is the next best thing. is you so much. president trump getting ready for a possible shake-up in the west wing and beyond. officials say the president is considering replacements for several senior positions.
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they say few positions. jeff, tell us about this potential shake-up. >> the president is not pleased by several people who work for him. several people have been dealing with it for the first day in this trump administration. we believe we are getting a closer bigger staff shake-up, particularly in some of the cabinet agencies. 50 and foremost, the department of homeland security. the president made no bones about the fact that he is not pleased with her performance. she and her allies argue she is trying to explain the law that she alone can't stop border crossings and other things, but he wants her gone. the timing is unclear. that sets into motion a potential set of dominos that also includes the white house chief of staff, john kelly. he is one of the biggest defenders of hers in the white house. there was a shouting match
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between john kelly and john bolton over the performance of the homeland security secretary. it is clearly a sense that there may be movement at some point. not completely out of the ordinary. at halftime of a first term of the administration. there is a sense that there could be a lot of people moving out the resolving doors. >> jeff at the white house, thank you. we could start getting results from the election recount under way in florida. we have live pictures for you. this is from lauder hill, florida in broward county. the recount was triggered by florida law because of extremely close races for governor and senate. in the senate race, rick scott is leading democratic senator, the incumbent bill nelson by about 12,500 votes. in the governor's race, ron desantis is ahead of andrew gillum by 23,600 votes.
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a judge ordered officials to review thousands of provisional ballots that were cast on election day, but rejected because the voter names were not found on the registration list. the judge ordered officials to as you all available documentation to verify the identities and a federal judge ordered a county to count all absentee ballots rejected because of birth district attorney discrepancies. stacey abrams is refusing to concede to kemp who is ahead by 57,800 votes. the day after the mid-terms, president trump bragged about how much he helped republican candidates. the gop performance was not as successful as the president claimed and we have david here to explain that. this is something that must be a red flag for republicans. >> when you look now that arizona has gone blue and called
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for kyrsten sinema, they have picked up two and republicans picked up three. a net gain of one for republicans. if rick scott hangs on, that's another one. republicans max out at two pickups. it was an advantageous map for republicans. keeping the net gains to two would be quite a good thing for the democrats. it could have been worse. the president was acting as if the republican majority got much huger in the senate. >> it's a big deal. you can't overstate what a big deal to be senator sinema. >> the first time a democrat was elected from arizona in 30 years. 1988 was the last time. when you look at how she won, you see warning signs for donald trump in 2020. she actually really narrowed the lead that trump had two years ago among male voters. she won, the democrat, 11% of
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voters in arizona who voted for donald trump in 2016. mcsally only won about 2% of clinton voters. she dug into the trump coalition, including college graduates. she won them by 10 points. they swung 20 points to the democrat. >> we are following the congressman who lost his seat in arizona and blamed john mccain for it. what is stunning to me is this was not something he said. this was an op-ed. >> he wrote and published in the "wall street journal" to blame john mccain on veterans day of all days is when this was published. because of john mccain's no vote on the repeal and replace that republicans had in health care. donald trump used mccain's thumbs down moment many times. it is because of that no vote that we did not succeed in one of our biggest priorities and therefore we are not able to
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explain health care. >> we heard jeff say the homeland security secretary is in danger. what's going on? >> as jeff was noting, it's the domino effect. her relationship with john kelly. if this is an indication that they are also soon headed for the exits. they are rumored from before. that means donald trump is creating an entirely not just new team, but new structure and energy inside the how this presidency will operate in the second half of the first term. >> thank you for breaking it down for us. let's talk about the wildfires we are seeing in california. one is now the deadliest in the state's history. i will be speaking with one man going shelter to shelter looking for his 75-year-old mother. this just in, doctors are closing in on what is causing the polio-like illness killing children. a shocking update on the deadly
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welcome back. just in, the centers for disease control has just released new information on the possible cause of a rare and horrifying polio-like illness paralyzing children across the u.s. now to talk about this disease, it's truly terrifying to parents. is there anything you can tell us to allay some of their fears? >> it's important to remember
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this is a rare illness. let me go over the numbers that the cdc just gave the press in the past hour. they are saying that now there are 90 confirmed cases in the united states and 27 states. 162 possible cases. what we know is that this is -- what they are looking at is a virus. r these are the cdc advisers. they think it's an interro virus. they are everywhere, causing millions of infections a year. for some reason when these children get this virus instead of getting a cough or cold or fever like other people or children do, they welcome paralyzed. they are sick and about to 10 days later, they are paralyzed. it's not known why it affects a small number of children in the pacific way. >> hand washing, is that the normal treatment of trying to prevent viruses? >> that's all you can do. the same thing you can do to prevent any virus.
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hygiene and hand washing and staying away from people who are sick. i have spoken with many, many parents and they did do good hand washing and they did put them in a separate room so the others wouldn't get sick. still their child got the disease. this part is still a mystery. why do some kids get so sick? >> thank you for your report. we are getting news in the florida recount. i want to go torosa flores. what are you hearing about this? >> this was during a press conference that dr. snipes is the supervisor of elections here in broward county. we asked her several questions. there were reporters there. one of the things she mentioned is maybe her job is done here. all of this started with a question about a tweet. a tweet that jeb bush said she
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should step down. dr. snipes responded by saying you know, maybe her job is done. here's a quote from this exchange. she said i think that i have served the purpose that i came here for, which was to provide a credible election product for our voters. she did say she would have to talk to her family about this and she is not making any decisions just yet. she did add that she is confident that the recount will be done on time. >> all of it so dramatic. rosa flores, thank you so much from lauder hill, florida. the death toll in the california wildfire rising now to 44. this is now the worst wildfire in the state's history. sadly, that number is expected to rise. in southern california, forecasters say hurricane-force gusts are going to fuel the
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woolsey fire, hitting canyons and ridge tops. in the north, the camp fire is raging out of control. towns like paradise, california have just been wiped off the map. many people are missing following the wildfires and family members are desperate to find them. they are checking with authorities and looking at hospitals and shelters. my next guest is searching for his 5-year-old mother. tell us the last time you heard from your mom. >> the last time i talked to her was a week ago sunday. we talk every weekend. >> why do you think that she may be having a hard time getting in touch with you and you think you may be able to find her? >> she is 75 years old and lives at home by herself. she doesn't have a car. so i'm very worried that she may not have gotten out. she has neighbors that take care of her. i talked to all of the neighbors
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and they were all either at work or off at an appointment or something like that and not around. she does have some memory loss, perhaps early on set dementia, but she is a smart woman and i'm confident that she's figured out how to get out. >> you think she may have a hard time contacting you is your concern? >> that is my concern. i'm not sure she would remember my cell phone number, but she would remember who i was. i know she would be asking. >> i know as you are struggling to find out what's going on, have you been able to get help from authorities and have you tried to get answers? >> the butte county sheriff set up a hotline to ask for help. we did a well check when this started last thursday and they checked on her house. unfortunately we learned that the house had been destroyed. they have a missing persons
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line. we have an investigator assigned to search for her. the sheriff has been fantastic. all the red cross shelters have been helpful, too. >> you have an individual dedicated to the case which is great. i'm struck by the fact that so many people are in the same position as you. a lot of people are unaccounted for and looking for loved ones. how are you holding up? >> as long as i stay busy and keep her story out there and know we are looking for her, i'm fine. in the evening hours, my wife and i are winding down at the end of the day and sitting around, it shits you. it's hard. my mother has been there for me in everything i have done and the fact that i don't know where she is at and what's going on with her is hard. >> saul, we hope you get answers and hope this can help you get
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answers and we certainly appreciate you talking to us today. >> it's my pleasure. thank you for the time. >> we will be thinking of you and your family. i want to check in with our bill weir in malibu springs. bill, tell us what you are seeing from your windy vantage point. >> reporter: it is very windy and rocky and a high, perfect, front row seat to a war zone really. we showed up about an hour ago and to give you perspective, the fire line was maybe a half mile back in that canyon. it advanced and we have been watching this steady line of helicopters coming in and dropping fire retardant. if you flown in a bumpy airline ride, imagine one of these machines bouncing as they drop into the canyons and try to hit
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the hot spots and they are flying back. on the other side is hidden hills, cherwood country club. thousand oaks, the scene of the tragic shooting at the border line in the distance here. it has been fascinating to watch the coordination of these helicopters as they come in. one chopper is the air traffic controller flies in that direction and directs the big twin rotors that can suck up the retardant and drop it in place. they are using black hawk helicopters now. i was told by those in orange county, they were built for combat and they can carry a dozen men and drop a lot of water or retardant and the county ordered a dozen more to deal with this new normal.
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i met firefighters from orange county and also some from idaho. people have been coming in from texas and seattle to try to give relief to 3200 firefighters. just when you think it's knocked down, one em percan do this again. we will keep tabs on this. right now it's contained, much to the relief of those living in the valley. >> the wind is an enemy. you can see it in the live shot. bill weir in malibu springs. the state of maryland is fighting back arguing that rod rosenstein should be in charge of the mueller probe and not ma matt. the growing ranks of women in congress. nancy pelosi warned of ousting her as speaker on the heels of a pink wave election. i'm alex trebek here to tell you
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[ neighing ] [ sigh ] it's bring your own phone, not pony. so i could've taken the bus? yeah. bring your phone. switch your carrier. save hundreds a year with xfinity mobile. call, click or visit a store today. in federal court, president trump is challenging matt whitaker being the acting attorney general. normally the deputy would take over. rose rosenstein who is not exactly donald trump's best friend. maryland officials think it should be rosenstein and hope a
10:28 am
federal judge agreeless. here with me now is eleanor holmes norton who is a democrat and on the house oversight and government reform committee about to go toe to toe with the trump administration in january. you have matt whitaker who is going to dawk talk to ethics officials that he should recuse himself. what are your hopes and expectations? >> it's very important that he will talk to ethics officials first. seems he is out on ethics grounds alone. you can't have an official who o pined on matters of importance to the united states and put him in charge of those matters. if you want to get into the
10:29 am
court case without getting into the technicalities, consider this. this appoint see has oversight against presidentially a pointed people. he is not presidentially appointed that i can knock him out on those alone. >> that's the paint that maryland is making. if whitaker does stay in this position, do you think that democrats with the new oversight power, they will have come january, should investigate. >> we will be forced to investigate and call him. in fact, he is going to be called by several committees. he would be questioned on his views, his views, for example, that the courts should not even have the ability to find statutes unconstitutional. his views on this administration specifically, on matters that would be before him.
10:30 am
before he had any evidence in his official role. all of that is going to be at least two or three oversight committees and especially my committee, oversight and government reform. >> that's not the only thing that democrats say they want to look at. when we listen to your fellow democrats, they are talking about investigating the president on hostility and hush money payments that were made for his knowledge and input to stormy daniels and karen mcdougal. what should get the first look? what is the most egregious or the biggest priority? >> if you look at what you get the first look, it seems to me frankly it wouldn't even be oversight notion. because there are so many. it would probably be stabilizing the aca, the affordable health
10:31 am
care act. we have to look at that as a matter of oversight. the reason i say that -- >> the for the committee, if the oversight committee were to look at something, what is the priority. >> for the oversight committee were to look at something, we would have to look at what the president means to do with respect to this appointee. we couldn't avoid it. >> to whitaker. >> whitaker would have to come first. i caution and think we understand that we have got to try to legislate at the same time. the reason i mentioned the aca is we saved it. they tried their best to kill it. they even ran on preexisting conditions near the end. why can't we legislate and do oversight at the same time? if all we do is oversight, we will be punished for that. >> true. it might be a thankless job
10:32 am
trying to legislate with a republican senate for sure. >> that's why i mentioned the aca. they were running on aca. let's fix the issue. >> do you think the democrats should file articles of impeachment. do you see a path where it goes in that direction? >> i have been in the house when the house was democratic before and the senate is republican. the first thing i asked is can i get it through the senate or am i making a point for my constituents? why would we go down the impeachment road when we can't get it through the senate and the senate impeaches. they do the real impeaching. we don't indict, as it were. what a thankless, useless waste of energy that would be. >> you are not saying there are not impeachable offenses. >> this is what i'm saying is. let mueller do his job.
10:33 am
when he tells me there are impeachable offenses, i have to consider whether or not the senate is ready to convict. that's what they would have to do. we would only indict. >> congresswoman eleanor holmes norton, appreciate you being here. >> always a pleasure. >> a boeing jet falls from the sky and questions over whether the deadly crash could have been easily avoided. plus, monica lewinsky getting candid in an emotional new interview. why she is speaking out about the clinton scandal. we are getting in new live pictures of a fire that has just erupted in california as 44 are now confirmed dead in the state. you always pay your insurance on time.
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. there are growing fears that israel may once again be on the brink of war with gaza. hundreds of rockets and mortars have been raining down on both sides of the border in the most intense exchange since the war in 2014. there have been casualties on both sides. escalation began after a secret mission failed and ended up in a bloody gun fight. in israel, what do we know about the word of a new ceasefire? >> reporter: there are statements from gaza, brianna , from the joint operations room which is the spokes people for the palestinian militants in gaza saying they reached a
10:39 am
ceasefire brokered between them. just a couple of hours ago. it seems the ceasefire held and this is the longest period without rocket fire and air strike. israel denied knowledge of a ceasefire and yet in looking around, it seems to have held. that brings to an end the most violent 24 hours since theent of the 2014 war. israel said more than 400 rocks fired and one killed in the rocks as well as seven palestinians killed according to the ministry of health in the more than 150 air strikes in gaza over the last 24 hours. the obvious question, will the ceasefire hold? >> we will watch with you. thank you so much from israel. now to turkey where there appears to be new evidence linking the murder of jamal khashoggi to mohamed bin salman. a team sent there can be heard
10:40 am
afterwards saying tell your boss. the times said intelligence officials said the reference is to the crown prince. in istanbul, what can you tell us? >> reporter: brianna , as you mentioned, the reporting from the "new york times" and we have spoke tone three people familiar with the audio recording of the killing of jamal khashoggi that turkish authorities have. in this reporting is ta captured a phone call by one of the 15 members of this hit squad. we know based on his name, they reported on him extensively and he is in a member of the inner circle. he makes a phone call to his superior and he said tell your boss something like the deed is done. they don't mention the crown prince, but as you mention there, intelligence officials in the united states believe that is a reference to the crown prince. something we heard from u.s. officials in the past who said
10:41 am
something like this involved members of the inner circle could not have taken place without his knowledge. not the irrefutable evidence, but many believe this is as close as you get to a smoking gun linking him to the killing. >> thank you. a pilot's group told cnn that boeing with held information about potential hazards on the model of the plain on last month's lion aircraft. the "wall street journal" said boeing was aware of problems with new flight control features that may have played a role when the flight crashed off of indonesia, killing everyone on board. i want to bring in aviation and government regulation corresp d correspondent here with me. this is so sad, the idea that maybe this could have been preventable if more information had been shared. >> that's the allied pilots organization they were not cold
10:42 am
and told about the potentially dangerous feature on the max and max nine. these are high tech aircraft by boeing. this new feature with the flight control system is supposed to help the pilot avoid stalling the plane. in other words, preventing the pilot from raising the nose of the plane too high. what the system does and what the pilots didn't know is that the plane's system could actually automatically push the plane's nose down in such an unexpected drastic way that the pilots can't recover from it. the spokes men for the allied pilot's association who is an american airlines pilot said the plane is safe, but the problem in the danger comes in when the pilots do not know how the system works. boeing is saying they are investigating and that the plane is safe. one last thing. this affects 246 planes worldwide.
10:43 am
45 of them right here in the united states. >> it makes you wonder if that's why the information was not shared. it's important to share that information. thank you so much. it was called a national emergency, an invasion of america's lands. gangsters, terrorists and thugs and maybe a political stunt. up next, the reality check on the caravan. vice president nikki haley? my next guest said the president should dump mike pence in 2020 and make his case after the break. it's time to get out of line with upmc. at upmc, living-donor transplants put you first. so you don't die waiting. upmc does more living-donor liver transplants than any other center in the nation. find out more and get out of line today.
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reality in 2018 is often blurry, especially here in
10:48 am
washington. let's clear some things up on the scary caravan talk we heard ahead of the mid-terms. as voters headed to the polls, the president along with his network were beating the drum on the looming so-called invasion heading to the u.s. in the form of a caravan of migrants coming from south of the border. >> at this very moment, large well organized caravans of migrants are marching towards our southern border. some people call it an invasion. it's like an invasion. >> that's an invasion. i don't care what they say. that's an invasion of our country. >> last week i called up the u.s. military. we are not playing games. you look at what's marching up. that's an invasion. >> when you look at that bridge loaded up with people, that's called an invasion of our country. >> here's what happened. the president billed it as a national emergency so urgent
10:49 am
that he sent thousands of troops to the border to put up razor wire. troops who do not have the authority to detain undocumented immigrants. despite the fact that this caravan was hundreds and hundreds of miles away. still is. the inconvenient fact that there is no evidence that this caravan included gangsters, thugs, criminals or unknown middle easterners as the president claimed, critics called it a political stunt. in the week leading up to the election, fox news mentioned the caravan 733 times. in the week after up until yesterday, fox news mentioned it just 126 times. as for the president in the weeks leading up to the election, he tweeted about immigration in the caravan nearly 25 times. since the election, once. more numbers for you. there are currently 5800 american troops on the border, many of whom will miss with their families while the
10:50 am
president likely dines with his in mar a lago. the caravan is 2800 miles from the border. it seems we have gotten the all clear and the emergency is over and the solution to the invasion all along was not the troops or and now that the midterms have come in gone, we can start looking ahead to 2020. but for president trump, the 2020 tkt seemed like an after thought during his post-election day press conference. you. >> know the democrats are already looking ahead to 2020. do you want to lock down your ticket now? will your vice president be your running mate in 2020? >> well, i haven't asked him. mike, will you be my running mate? stand up and raise your right hand? will you? the answer is yes. >> we have nia malika henderson.
10:51 am
you have one big 2020 suggestion for president trump and it's to ditch that guy that we saw him saying yes to just a few days ago, dump mike pence, put nikki haley on the ticket. why? >> first of all, the fact that donald trump said "will you be on the ticket with me?" doesn't persuade me it's going to happen. >> really? >> donald trump says something one day and he's been known to change his mind. >> yes, he has. >> when the polls closed it looks like a pretty good night for republicans. every day it looks worse and worse. what do you do to fix that, if you want to be re-elected. there were two major problems. you've got the rust belt, delivered donald trump the presidency in 2016, did not go well on tuesday night. and then you've got the suburban women problem, which has been a
10:52 am
problem with donald trump. i don't know how you fix it but one of the ways because, look, dr donald trump is not going to change his character, not going to tone down his rhetoric, he's not going to pivot, not going to try -- triangulate. it's bringing someone in, i would say someone like nikki haley. >> a lot of things are in the realm of possibility when you talk about donald trump. aren't some folks going to miss mike pence if he's gone? >> totally. you think about white evangelicals. one of the reasons they're so on board with this president is because of mike pence. one of the problems with your theory, even though i think it's creative, it's sort of been
10:53 am
tried before. there were discussion about whether or not obama should dump biden and put hillary clinton on the ticket. there were all sorts of focus groups. they decided it was not worth the trouble. donald trump loves the drama. this would be sort of an ongoing reality show about mike pence. >> you can imagine him auditions people, floating the idea. mike's been great but, you know. >> making him sweat a little bit. >> i wonder what you guys are prognosticating as you look ahead. in your op-ed, you list shara brown. give me a couple who you think are good picks to watch for 2020. >> one of the picks i've been saying and people are like really? i think bob casey. he's this kind of bland midwesterner, they need to pick up pennsylvania, michigan,
10:54 am
wisconsin. maybe bland compared to the very nonbland and exciting and controversial and all-over-the-place choice donald trump would be, maybe you go with somebody like casey. >> what do you think? >> i agree we always vote for the opposite of the guy, but i think there's different ways you could be opposite of donald trump. in the 21st century i can't imagine saying i want the more boring candidate. someone different, someone more serious. so i think this will also sound crazy, but again we live in interesting times, i think beto o'rourke would be a better candidate than most of the people running. because it's a change. he's the opposite of trump but it's a generational change. trump is a bridge to the past, i'm a bridge to the future. i think beto o'rourke could win over some of those suburban moms. i think he probably could play pretty well -- who knows what he
10:55 am
even does in texas. >> i'm going with oprah still. nia, matt lewis, appreciate it. thank you so much to both of you. the trial of world renowned escape artist and drug lord el chapo is starting today in new york. it's considered the most high-risk trial the city has seen in decades. ♪ ♪ applebee's bigger bolder grill combos are back. now that's eatin good in the neighborhood. whenshe was pregnant,ter failed, in-laws were coming,
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hi there, i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for joining me on this tuesday afternoon, exactly one week after election day. another major political shake-up could be in the making. i'm not talking congress, but the president's cabinet and the west wing. officials say president trump is highi eyeing potential replacements for several positions, including his own chief of staff, john kelly. the talk is the only ones that feel completely secure with their jobs are the trump family members. jeff zeleny, you have all the goods on these details on any potential shake-ups the president is considering. tell me what you know. >> reporter: good afternoon. what you said is pretty interesting and revealing that most of the people who feel


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