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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  November 17, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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for a low price when you get fast, reliable internet. comcast business. beyond fast. but the saudi crown prince ordered the the killing of jamal khashoggi. plus this. my 3-year-old son keeps asking why can't we just go home? and i don't know what to tell him. >> the stories we're hear rg devastating. this in the aftermath of california's largest wild fire. many of those stories coming from the people working to help the victims. also ahead this hour the u.s. president says he's personally written answers to the robert mueller interview questions and he insists that he isn't
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agitated by the russia probe. live from cnn world headquarterers in atlanta. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and all around the world. cnn newsroom starts right now. ♪ at 501:00 on the east east coast. dam sources say the cia has high confidence he ordered the murder of jamal khashoggi. the last place he was seen before he disappeared. he denied making that call. the saudi embassy says the ci s claims are false but u.s. officials are confident with the report. a source told them that the
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current sanctions may not be enough after this. symbolic prayers were held at a mosque on friday. ben wedeman following beirut, lebanon and it's not only ea flat denial and a dare to make the information public. >> that's what we've heard from the spokeswoman for the saudi embassy. in washington. but really at this point the amount of leaks that have piled up in this case is going to make it a convincing argument that he did not order the murder in the saudi consulate on the second of october. the latest report is interesting
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where they're siting a conversation that the saudi ambassador to washington had with jamal khashoggi which he told him he need remarry, he should go to the consulate in istanbul and he ehad that conversation with him at the request of his brother, crown prince. what's interesting about this is this is a leak that does not involve anonymous turkish officials who were doing this drip, drip of information about the murder. this is coming directly from the united states. it doesn't involve the turks at all. it appears the cia is becoming involved in this slow effort to put pressure on saudi arabia to come clear when it comes to the murder of jamal khashoggi and we
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know for instance president trump is not an enthusiast for taking this process to its logical outcome, whichf ocourse is that the crown prince did indeed order the murder off jamal khashoggi. >> then is there any indication this new information could have new pressure on the crown prince given his position? put his position in jeopardy? >> well, his position certainly on the world stage is in jeopardy. his reputation seriously tarnished. but the question of whether that will in fact impact on the reality that he is the defactor -- defacto leader of saudi arabia is yet to be seen. traditionally saudi arabia is ruled by consensus. the senior princes in the kingdom would come to a
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consensus on who should run the country. now it appears that muhammad has neutralized, so to speak his rivals. his father is very old. it's bleeved he has dementia. so it's hard to say how he will see his power widalled down under the current circumstances. but certainly on the international stage, he's damaged goods. >> live for us in beirut. thank you. let's talk more about this now with cnn global affairs analyst. he's also a vp and distinguished caller at woodrow international center. this assessment from the cia points the finger directly at the saudi crown prince. how significant an impact will this have? >> i think it's going to bring theed a min striegz a
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perverbial -- the administration has been trying to figure out a way to navigate through this. maintain a relationship they believe is critical to all policy. it's armed sales policies. on one hand and how to avoid having to take dramatic and punitive action against saudi arabia. on the other if it were proven that in fact muhammad had knowledge of nis operation what the cia did putting this out. which means it's go eing to be an issue for congress the media and the international community as well. i think they're reaching a point where it's going to have to
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decide how it's going to act. clearly that's -- that didn't pass the wast post test in congress and frankly u.s./saudi relationship is out of control and the administration is going to have to figure out a way to reset it. >> before this reporting turkey had been putting pressure, a great deal of pressure shs given that it holds the cards of the investigation. how does that square with the u.s. president trying to remove the turkish cleric to ease pressure on saudi arabia? >> that report is true. and nbc has reported it out. i doubt frankly. it's one of the dumbest ideas i've ever heard. nothing that ever remotely resembled trading. in an effort to play kate erdogan, one authoritarian in order to get another one off the hook.
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it's a fundamental undermining in american values and interests and i doubt theed a m administr would seriously consider acting to somehow dissuede erdogan who is in a bitter rivalry with saudi arabia for a variety of reasons. >> and context is very important here. does the president take the cia assessment seriously given he has discounted his own intelligence agencies in the past? does that give him wiggle room to get out of this? >> is the president going to take issue with cia and the rest of the intelligence community and try to figure out a way to discount this report or down grade it or trivialize it and some have found a way to let
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muhammad been salman did. i think it's going to be extremely difficult given the fact that the saudis have been lying on this from the very beginning, the most recent saudi report went back to the notion that the killing of jamal cushowing khashoggi, accidental. and the dismemberment of his body was done on the spot without authority. from riyadh. i think this is strange the grounds to the breaking point. i think the world knows it, congress knows it. the question is whether the administration is prepared to act. >> thank you for your time. >> thank you. in the few hour's time the
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u.s. president leaves the white house for california and there set to meet with survivors of the deadly wild fires and said to be joined by the governor of that state and governor elect gavin newsome. california has been ravaged by two fires. the so-called camp fire, that's the state's worst in history and the woolsey fire in the south and the woolsey fire has burned 136,000 acres and at least 12,000 structures have been destroyed. that includes nearly 9800 homes. the fire captain for ventura county says 5600 personnel have been assigned to fight these fires and at least 1,000 names on the list of people missing.
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>> you guys lost your houses snz. >> reporter: for those lucky enoughf to survive the deadliest wild fire in california history a list of those who may not have made it it are gut wrenching. the latest list in just one county is filled with more than 600 names of family members, friends and neighbors. this in addition to pleas posted online and local community boards like this one. >> my clients were very giving people. >> reporter: a care giver and house keeper of her 11 clients in paradise, california, she's heard from all but one, an eltderly woman with no local family. >> she didn't drive and she had a big farm gate. you got to get the key out and the farm gate was big and can cumbersome. >> the woman's house anolittle more than ash.
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how much hope do you have? >> half and half. >> reporter: they warn the number of missing is likely to change as the displaced reconnect and the long search for human remains continueses. >> this is a dynamic list, right? some days there might be more people, some days there might be more. >> reporter: the fire tore through towns at a rate of oone football field per second, leaving little room for escape. teams searching charred neighborhoods and evacuation centers for clues. >> she had burns up her arms and i knew it was her. >> reporter: tears up speaking about the mother he found by chance at a recent evacuee dinner. >> i gave her a hug because i had been looking for her body. >> reporter: in the destroyed town of paradise, california, more than half the police force is now homeless.
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>> my 3-year-old son keeps asking why can't we go home? and i don't know what to tell him. >> reporter: scott mcclain, cnn, paradise, california. >> just doesn't know what to tell him. the story in california is huge. so many homes destroyed, so many lives lost and so many people missing and the other part of the story right now. i it's the smoke, smog. people are breathing this stuff. >> as if they need another hazard to be concerned about. there was a a brief time period where san francisco, sacramento and stockton were the three most polluted cities on the planet. this is out of the noah system research laboratory. look at the fires on the left-hand side of the screen. that's california. look at the smoke that permeates across the u.s.
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that's causing the hazardous air quality. and high particulate matter. that's a toxic mixture of particles and water droplets all released during wild fires and it is highly dangerous to breathe. this is the bay bridge covering oakland to san francisco and shrouded in smoke and the dangerous smog that has plagued this area. of course the fire is about 100 miles to the north and east. i talked about some of the hot spots typically known for smog and very high pollution in the seas, let's say india into northeast china. so beijing to dubai. well, there was a brief min -- moment that saw northern california experiencing worst quality of air than those hot spots of smog in northeast china for instance.
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the air that people are breathing in california right now highly contaminated from the wild fire smog and smoke ensued from the fires. it is such a small particulate matter. a lot to dig deep into our respiratory tract and unfortunately that causes problems for people that have asthma issues and elderly and young children. there's an air quality alert and the good news is that firefighters are mang headway on the contamination or the contained numbers in california. there's silver lining with this forecast as well. this fire season ending rainfall taking shape. we have to be patient. but it is coming and we expect rainfall next week. >> okay. at least the rain is coming. thank you. and if you're watching the story and want to help the people effected in california, you can
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go to for more nevermoration and links. still ahead here on newsroom, it's a take home test with historic implications. the u.s. president says he's answered written questions from the special counsel robert mueller and his lawyers didn't do it. he did it. plus embattled prime minister determined to get her plan through parliament even as her own political fuper hangs in the balance. hey! it's me! your dry skin! i know i can be challenging... but i'm deeper than what you see. i'm craving something we're missing. the ceramides in cerave. cerave contains three essential ceramides, to restore the ones we've lost and help repair my natural barrier. so i can lock in moisture, and keep us protected. we're in this together, so we've got to have each other's backs... and fronts... and arms... and legs. cerave. what your skin craves.
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welcome back. you could say its rar milestone in the russia probe. the u.s. president says he has answered written questions from robert mueller. about possible collusion with russia in the 2016 presidential campaign. president trump said he wrote the answers shs not his attorneys. reports from the white house. after 24 hours of twitter silence about the russia investigation, president trump addressing it out loud today from the oval office. >> there should have never been any mueller investigation. >> reporter: announcing he's finished the writtenancers to special questions from robert mueller and penned them himselves. >> my lawyers don't write answers, i write answers. >> reporter: and despite his lawyer raising concerns about some of the questions, trump
2:20 am
says he hasn't submitted them yet but doesn't have any problems. the president insisting he's not bothered by the russia investigation despite writing in all caps the day before that it is a witch hunt like no other in history and has gone absolutely nuts. >> i like to take everything personally because you do better that way. >> reporter: trump suggesting investigators from the special counsel's office were setting him up to purger himself. >> he said it may have been a good day it was rainy. therefore he told a lie, he purgered himself. >> reporter: coming as the president is weighing shaking up his own staff. with homeland security secretary standing over his shoulder, he said he's not done making changes yet. >> i'm extremely happy with almost all of omy cabinet and you know changes are made because they're always made,
2:21 am
especially after midterms. >> reporter: sources say trump has decided to remove nielsen from her post but there's no replacement yet. now as the president continues to search for more people to bring into his administration while he's considering getting rid of some, we've heard the florida attorney general is scheduled to meet with trump next week. someone whose name has been floated for kirsten nielsen's job at the department of homeland security. while all of this is going on a seniored a m seniored a stragz official saying there are people who are arsznists and people who are firefighters. and i'm quoting now, the president is looking to get rid of the firefighters. the more he does, the faster his administration is going to burn down. cnn, the white house.
2:22 am
>> thank you. and our colleague jim acosta will be reporting from the white house. this is the ruling after white house removed his credentials. he gets to keep his press pass at least until a lawsuit filed by cnn is resolved. trump says the ruling is not a big deal. acosta, on the other hand, welcomed the news. >> i want to say something very brief ely. i want to thank all of my colleagues in the press who supported us this week and i want to thank the judge for the decision he made today and let's go back to work. >> let's get back to work then. leslie, the head of the u.s. and america's program that royal institute of international affairs live in our london bureau. always a pleasure to have you on the show. jim acosta is back in the white house.
2:23 am
but there is now this new promise of rules to govern how reporters engage with officials when asking their kwezs. u.s. president spoke about that in a recent interview. let's listen. >> it's not a big deal. what they said though is that we have to create rules and regulations for conduct. we're going to write them up right now and if he misbehaves shs we'll throw them out or stop the news conference. >> what is it that you're saying? >> they're doing them now. we'll have rules of decorum. >> we edon't know exact lawhat those rules will be. but the white house certainly has the time to write this out. we understand this happened before, this with jim acosta. can the white house arbitrarily create rules to govern the press and if they're deemed unfair, can the press then challenge them? >>f ocourse the press and wider
2:24 am
public inmany different vinyls will challenge them if they think they're fair. much of what we've seen during this presidency is things we've taken for granted or what people are taking as norms haven't been respected and people never really have confronted this. so what we're seeing in this case is a very specific effort to say we will develop clear rules and in an instance where people didn't in the past say they weren't needed because the basics of decorum were, for the most part, respected. >> how does this play into the president's continued war on the media as he describes it becauses as simply not choosing reporters, instead this white house seems to prefer escalating controversy and fighting it out in court. do you see this as a move that plays to his base? >> the strategy is partly
2:25 am
reactive. trump has had clearly throughout his campaign and especially throughout his time in office has had a very negative response to certain parts of the media and we and we all know cnn is one of those. it's a lot of things have been taken to the courts. not only when it comes to the media. you can come back to the very first travel ban. the aclu engaged very heavily and things have worked their way through the courts. it shows that the system at some level is working to insure the integ arty of the office of the presidency despite real challenges and this ruling is on the basis there must be due process. it's not a freedom of speech ruling. it's that it must work its way through the court. >> the midterm elections. want to shift to that. republicans losing or67g county.
2:26 am
orange county has always been seen as regan country. democrats officially losing the governor's race in the state of georgia. it seems this blue wave grew bigger than first expected. >> this has been a fascinating election. i think many of us were talking about it almost immediately. and it's very different from how things look now. that blue wave looks much bigger. one of the biggest -- i think the biggest loss in the house that the republicans have suffered and 38 of 39 seats. quite a significant setback for the republican party and this president will feel that. one very interesting thing is a lot of individuals who voted for president obama then voted for president trump. in this elication they've turned back and voted democrat. that's a very interesting swing population to watch and as we
2:27 am
know a lot of suburban areas voted democrats. the blue wave is much more considerable than we thought several days ago. >> thank you so mitch. live in london. we appreciate it. speaking oof the united kingdom, brexit has new sec reeitary. to shore up her unpopular deal with the eu. plus kim jong-un over seeing the test of a new weapon. a weapon that's also a message. . yup, he's gone noseblind. he thinks it smells fine, but his mom smells this... luckily for all your hard-to-wash fabrics... ...there's febreze fabric refresher. febreze doesn't just mask, it eliminates odors you've... ...gone noseblind to. and try febreze unstopables for fabric. with up to twice the fresh scent power, you'll want to try it... ...again and again and maybe just one more time.
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welcome back to our viewers in the united states and all around the world, you're watching cnn newsroom live from atlanta. the cia has concluded that saudi crown prince muhammad been salman ordered the killing of jamal khashoggi. he denies mang that call and that cia's claims are false. the death toll from the destructive wild fires in california still rising. now bringing the number of of dead to 74 people killed. but that could again rise as more than 1,000 names are on a list of missing people. u.s. president says he answered written questions from the special counsel robert mueller. dealing with possible collusion in the 2016 presidential campaign.
2:32 am
the answers have not been submitd back to mueller yet. president trump insists he answered the question, not his attorneys. an unrelated court filing revealed two references, potential charges against him. they're unknown but wikileaks is a focus of robert mueller's russia investigation. the british prime minister rebuilding her fractured cab 2349 after a disastrous rollout of her brexit plan. it triggered a wave of resignation including robert rob. ms. may brought in the loyalist to replace him but barclay's role is demunnished. going forward the prime minister will handle all negotiations with the eu. a plan that appears stacked against her.
2:33 am
let's go live to discuss nina following the story. and the prime minister pushing on despite these resignations. >> reporter: yes shs she has managed to stave off a second round of resignations but five key pro-brexit members of her cabinet have decided to stay on to see this through, because they believe they can change the wording on one of the most contentious issues and that is the so-called irish back stop to prevent a hardboarder between northern ireland and the republic of ireland which is part of the eu. whether that's likely to be feasible given her third brexit secretary will have an even more diminished roll than the previous one. it's one reason why perhaps a lot of people inside the
2:34 am
conservative party, particularly pro-brexit members who've writn to a special back bench committee saying they would like to see a leadership challenge, they think perhaps this is, to use a margaret thatcher addage, a situation where she will not necessarily listen to them and that raises again a a leadership challenge mounting over the course of the weekend. so far we've not heard that they've been notified enough members of the conservative party have writn on the special commit a to try and mount a no confidence vote. thaw need 15% to write this kmukmu committee to try and mount this no confidence vote. it could be they gain momentum over the course of the weekend and maybe on monday or tuesday that might happen. >> getting to the 50% in the past we've seen the numbers grow over time.
2:35 am
is there a sense the number could continue to grow given the uncertainty and the questions around this brexit plan? >> and in light of that what's quite significant is that he's pivoted from getting a cabinet on board and yesterday she sends out her whips to try and get them to tow the party line to make sure that some of these unruly mps. didn't send in their letters expressing confidence in the prime minister. they met a number of times and now she's take thing message to the people and the members of the conservative party having conversations with the chairman of local constituencies because remember it's not just the conservative members of parliament who are going to have a say, it's going to go eto the members of the broader party as well. and it's not said and done those two parts of the equation would
2:36 am
like to see the same person or crystallize around the same person and the real issue here is that the members of the party and the members of the part a einside the house don't necessarily have an obvious leader here. we did see boris johnson emerge as a potential leader. he's been conspicuously absent. a big social media blitz campaign to try and get the people on her side because she can't get her own mps on her side. might be an even tougher battle for her if shooe's still in position. >> and we've seen her make the media rounds trying to gain support here. we'll keep in touch with you. let's put all this into context with matthew doyle. he was a prime minister for tony blair.
2:37 am
pleasure to have you on the show today. >> thank you for having me. this is the final plan. the final offer from the eu. it is described as resoundingly unpopular. do you see teresa may gaining traction in her efforts? >> i just don't see how, at the moment this plan can get through the house of commons. she just doesn't have the numbers within members of parliament. but she really has no choice other than to pursue this aggressive, resilient strategy that she's pursuing. the problem is at some point the resilience she has been admired for slips into being denial of the reality that there is. but there's also a challenge for her opponents here. there's zero evidence that i can see that a different leader of the conservative party would be able to negotiate a better deal
2:38 am
than this one. so for all the criticism she faces, this is the plan she's got from the european union and she's going to stick with it to the better end. >> i'm curious to ask her whether you were on side leave or stay or remain rather, what is the mood among people given this is the deal the uk is staring down? >> the fact of the matter is on both sides this deal is unsatisfactory. obviously for those that want to remain, this is not where we want to be and equally for people on the main side, there's questions about the lack of clarity around future trade arrangements and those are the only two areas where teresa may could potentially with these cabinet workers do a bit more work and strengthen the language to get out of the back stop position and show confidence of
2:39 am
the future arrangements. but i have to say as we look at this today, parliament is dead locked. there isn't a majority for any of the negotiating positions. the question comes what happens when this deal is voted down and that's why talk of this being a second referendum is increasing. >> the appointment of steven barclay, a loyalist to the prime minister. what does that pick tell you? >> he was picked for two reasons. one because he was a leave supporter in the referendum and he has been a loyal minister who who's risen to the ranks to this a92 position. the reality is these negotiations are always led by downing street rather than the secretary of state. in one sense it's only putting in place what we know to be the reality that given the crunch point we're at, the buck does stop in downing street with
2:40 am
these enegotiations and what teresa may will hope is that by stabilizing her cabinet now shs she has staved off the immediate resignations. she has a real risk of leadership challenge in the conservative party. however, neither of these things are going to assure she wins the vote in parliament. >> this looming possibility of a vote of no confidence and a possible leadership challenge. do you see that possibly gaining traction here? >> it's been interesting that the trickle of letters that have been going in, that is the required process hasn't really transformed into the flood people had been expecting when one of the leading brexit ears came out and made his statement outside parliament. that said i tuhink they will jut get over the line to insthur
2:41 am
vote of no confidence happens. i think she'll be diminished by it but she'll survive. the one thing you have to say about eteresa may is it the incredible resilience she has shown in this position. >> we'll stay in touch with with you. now across france major roadways could be shut down. that's because demonstrators have started protesting across the country. you see men officers, rather people on the streets. this has been happening as we continue to watch it. they're demanding the french president do something to make fuel cheaper. they call themselves yellow vests. motorists are required to keep in their car in case of emergency. still ahead on newsroom the mood at last summer's summit
2:42 am
between the u.s. president and north korea. it was warm but since then it's cooled off a bit.
2:43 am
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[ neighing ] [ sigh ] it's bring your own phone, not pony. so i could've taken the bus? yeah. bring your phone. switch your carrier. save hundreds a year with xfinity mobile. call, click or visit a store today. at the apex summit in papa new guinea the strain in u.s./china relations was on full display in back to back speeches. vice president mike pence issued a blunt warning that washington would not back down and its trade war until beijing quote changes its ways. he also eluded to china's claim to disputed waters in the south china sea. >> china has an honored place in our visions off a free and open endopacific.
2:46 am
if it chooses to respect its neighbor's sovereign ety, embrace free, fair and reciprocal trade, the american people want nothing more. the chinese people and the entire indo-pacific deserve nothing less. >> and china's president spoke for the need of global cooperation and trade. the latest example. the north says it's tested what it calls a quote newly developed ultramodern weapon. the first since north korean leader met with the u.s. president. pyongyang says it will restart its nuclear program if the u.s. doesn't start removing sanctions. >> reporter: north korea state broadcasting kim jong-un has personally super sized tetsing
2:47 am
of what it is calling a new ultramodern weapon. the only evidence, a photo of kim with his commanders but no indication of when or where it was taken. south korean sources say it may have been long range artillery. the worry. not the weapons test itself. sources say it may not be that new but why now for kim? >> it certainly show as return to the militaristic stance of north korea. it's certainly in contrast to his statements of seeking peace. >> reporter: a sign of that peace process. south korean guard poss blown up at the dmz. a confidence building measure. they believe he wants a nuclear deal with president trump in exchange for sanctions being lifted. but kim is under pressure from his own elites not to give away the store to the u.s. >> he has to depend on the military, his security forces to stay in power.
2:48 am
and those security forces and the military were never going to let him make a bad agreement. >> reporter: now a possible concession from the white house trying to find a way to insure there will boo another trump/kim summit. vice president mike pence telling nbc news that a series of nuclear and missile sites must be discussed instead of inicisting north korea provide the information before hand. >> i think it will be imperative that we come away with a plan for identifying all of the weapons in question, identifying all of the development sites. >> reporter: talks have stalled. discan cushion with secretary of state mike pompeo were cancelled earlier this month. a stark difference from the image president trump painted. >> we think it's geeing fine. we're in eno rush. >> reporter: an american man
2:49 am
claimed to be cia. south korea believes it's the same man caught in similar circumstances last year and deported shs according to the associated press. the u.s. is taking it as a good sign that the north koreans are letting this american man go. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. >> thank you. it it was pretty simple. blue for boys, pink for girls but not anymore. one celebrity is using her kids. ways to lose stubborn belly fat. the roasted core wrap. 2, 1... not cool. freezing away fat cells with coolsculpting? now that's cool! coolsculpting safely freezes and removes fat cells with little or no downtime. and no surgery. results and patient experience may vary. some common side effects include temporary numbness, discomfort, and swelling.
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when legendary performer celine dion teamed up for a gender line of clothes many wondered why? >> the first time i brought them to disney i thought they were going to go for the big super heroes. they were looking at princesses and they all wanted to be mini mouse. anden the i said but what about
2:54 am
mickey and then i'm thunking to myself you can know what it's okay. you know why it's okay? because they're talking, they're finding themselves. we may thrust them forward into the fuper but the course will always be theirs to choose. >> reporter: celine wants all kids to find themselves shs not just her on own and she hopes the clothes will help. they' they're gender neutral. >> some may be worried seeing their child put on their heels or their nails. >> celine dion's got three kids and you should not do this, this is wrong. listen, i'm not doing that. let them tell you what thaw feel like. >> reporter: nununu has been around for years. when they couldn't find clothing for their own kids.
2:55 am
>> fashion has the power to shape people minds. we're trying to shape the future off all human beings by saying find your own individualality. >> we bring a new order as a concept. >> into the world. >> you know what, you don't know what they going to become later and a problem of growth and say i'm supposed to be like that shs i'm supposed to say that shs i'm supposed to dress like this becausium rar guy shs i'm a boy. no. no, you don't know. let people be who they are as quick and as soon as possible. >> thank you. and finally the presidential medal of freedom, it is the nation's highest civilian honor. president trump awarded it to seven people. the late supreme court justice
2:56 am
antonin scalia was at the ceremony. another awarded to the late king of rock and roll, elvis presley. the ceo of elvis enterprises accepted the medal and babe ruth's grandson accepted the medal and furangtpist who was the wife of the republican megaa donor, sheldon apps. i'm george howell. for viewers in around the world, state of america is next. ♪ oh, look...
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get started with innovative voice solutions for a low price when you get fast, reliable internet. comcast business. beyond fast. the death toll from california's deadliest wildfires keeps rising. >> there are more than 1,000 names on a list of missing persons. >> it was a raging inferno. it was 50 mile-per-hour winds and blizzard of embers. >> i couldn't breathe. i couldn't see. it was black and red, and i really thought that's how i was going to die. >> it hurt a lot to see that i had no house anymore. >> paradise, we'll always be paradise. when we rebuild it will be paradise down. mohammad bin salman personally ordered


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