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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 22, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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the region, nick? >> mr. president, from our perspective out on the water, sir, we're seeing that there is an abundance of trade happening in the region. >> tell me about the catapult system. on the "gerald ford," they don't use steam, which is the first one i've heard of that doesn't use steam. i know they have some difficulties, which i'm not happy about and they spent a lot of money. i was just curious, the steam system is tried and true for many, many years, as long as we've had aircraft carriers. how do you find seam versus what they're doing on the gerald ford, which is digital, if you can believe it. >> yes, sir. all of our nemitz super carriers have been using steam for decades. we found it pretty reliable. the electromagnetic catapults after benefits in the region.
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>> do you see hostility? you hear a little bit about aggression from a couple of the players. what are you feeling? >> yes, sir. we have safe and independent operations out here throughout the theater. we do feel safe. >> let's start the hour with cnn senior white house correspondent jeff zeleny. he's in south florida where the president is spending his thanksgiving. jeff, happy thanksgiving to you. talking to the president there and listening to part of his phone call, he answered a lot of reporter questions after he put the phone down, doubling down on his controversial decision to support the saudi crown prince. >> reporter: he did, brooke. happy thanksgiving if here in florida. the call started out in a routine way, the president reaching out to armed service members. most commanders in chief do things like that but it quickly turned political, as you heard there. it was meant to be deflect some heat the president was taking for not yet visiting an active
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war zone as his other predecessors have done. but it was the comments he made about saudi arabia, perhaps tripling down from earlier in the week, siding with saudi arabia over his own intelligence community over the brutal murder of jamal khashoggi. listen to what the president said about that. >> the cia doesn't say they did it. they do point out certain things, and in pointing out those things you can conclude that maybe he did or maybe he didn't. that was another part of the false reporting because a lot of you said yesterday that they said he did it. well, they didn't say that. they said he might have done it. that's a big difference. but they're vehemently denying it and we have hundreds of thousands of jobs. do people really want me to give up hundreds of thousands of jobs? and, frankly, if we went by this standard, we wouldn't be able to have anybody as an ally. look at what happens all over the world. >> so the president, brooke, has
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dramatically overstated the economic impact that those arms contract has with the u.s. companies like boeing and lockheed martin . he says billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of jobs. that's overstated, what all analysts would say. what he says defies the intelligence community. we've seen mention with the president's relationship with kim jong un and north korea as well. this will be ongoing. republicans on capitol hill, even some. president's allies, have said the president is wrong about this for siding with the saudi crown prince. the president and the saudi crown prince could meet next week in argentina at the g-20. the president was asked if not saudi arabia, who was responsible? this is what he said. "maybe the world should be held accountable because the world is a very vicious place." so not specifically saying who
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should be held accountable, sawing the world should be held accountable. >> it's reminiscent of his statement the other day. we saw the president on the often with the u.s. military. how else is he spending his thanksgiving? >> reporter: for the last several hours after doing that, he visited some coast guard officials here who are working on this thanksgiving. since then he's been spending time at his golf course here in west palm beach, florida, the trump international golf club. he's playing some golf presumably on a pretty nice day here in florida. it's a little overcast and cloudy. all of his family will gather at the mar-a-lago. they'll have dinner there this evening, meeting with family and donors and friends who are also members of his club. >> jeff zeleny, thank you. let's get some perspective of what some of what jeff was just rath reporter. joining me, bob baer, a senior
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national intelligence analyst. thanks for joining me on this holiday. let me begin with the saudi foreign minister using the report. >> i can't assess it. what we've heard is that the cia report is not what people say it is. >> reporter: that's a pretty extraordinary breach of authority, murdering somebody inside a saudi consulate. >> absolutely, yes. but unfortunately these things -- mistakes like this happen with other governments. >> trump says that this, despite the cia's high confidence that mbs was indeed involved. bob, your reaction to that. >> well, the central intelligence agency says it has a high degree of confidence that mohammed bin salman was behind this assassination. it has intercepts, it has the tapes to the consulate, it's got audio from inside the consulate and on and on. does it have a tape of mohammed
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bin salman giving orders? no. that's a smoking gun that you'd never get in intelligence. but clearly taking the saudi word for it is just silly. of cor of course they're defending the prince. their lives depend on it. what the saudi foreign minister says is completely irrelevant. brooke, there's another part of this disturbing to me. the president supporting the crown prince like this, he's cutting off any opportunity to remove this man who is clearly not capable of holding that position. >> and why do you think he's not? what's in it for him? >> i think, first of all, he staked his policy in the middle east on mohammed bin salman, peace with israel, the war against iran, oil, yemen and the rest of it. if that falls apart, there goes his middle east policy. >> let me also ask you about
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replayed some of the clips from the president's phone call with u.s. military leaders and having to answer these questions in front of their own soldiers and sailors and talking about politics and operational details and judicial issues he's having at home. putting yourself in the shoes and boots of these commanders, how awkward of a situation were they put in? >> well, they were told that traditionally presidents just wish them happy thanksgiving, ask them about their families, whether they're getting enough supplies, whether they get back enough, promises that their deployment, we're going to try to cut them shorter and things like that. in a way it's sort of like coming back and talking to your uncle at thanksgiving who is a little bit -- well, not with it and asking weird questions. asking about the catapults on the carriers, that's a weird question. i think he's trying to talk to
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the troops, have a conversation with them, but none of this is scripted and it comes off very awkward. >> what you're saying is exactly what i've been hearing from retired military folks. lastly, i want to put this picture up on the screen. in is general scott miller, four-star commander in afghanistan. he's photographed carrying this assault weapon. he was walking with local officials, military prn ersonne he has his own security there. in a war zone, why is it a big deal he has this kind of rifle. it's quite rare, bob. can you explain why? >> i've never seen a commander carry i think that's an m-4, ever before in a combat area. what that is signaling is i don't trust the locals. the last time he had a meeting in kandahar, he almost was killed. there was a shoot-out. one of his aides was wounded. so clearly the local troops aren't to be trusted. i don't blame him for carrying
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one. he's worried. he gets in a fire fight, he'd like to have a weapon to shoot back. >> normally it's a .9 millimeter, right? >> it's weird. very weird. disturbing. >> bob, thank you very. coming up next here, james comey's attorneys say he will fight attempts to subpoena him for yet another congressional hearing. we'll talk about what's behind that move from house republicans. and the late senator john mccain's widow cindy getting candid in her first interview since her husband's death. why she says she may never get over president trump's insults of john mccain. >> and cnn is back in florida to see how they are coping on this thanksgiving day. you can do it. we can do this. at fidelity, our online planning tools
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only a short time remaining for the republican control of the house and gop-led house jbt -- judiciary committee is making an 11th move, handing down subpoenas for james comey and loretta lynch. bob goodlatte is requesting private depositions from comey and lynch into the role of the 2016 election. mark marquardt is with me on all of this. we haven't heard anything from loretta lynch commenting have we? >> no. comey did quickly respond this
12:15 pm
morning saying he's more than happy to sit for another round of testimony in front of the committee. his one stipulation was that he doesn't want to do it behind closed doors. he wants to do it out in public. that's what he's tweeting. that's what his lawyer is saying. let's take a look at what the tweet read. it says "happy thanksgiving. got a subpoena from house republicans. i'm still happy to sit in the light and answer all questions but i will resist a closed door thing because i've seen enough of the select of leaking and distortion. let's have a hearing." . they're going to fight in court for the testimony to be public. you hit on the most important thing off the top, that this is about timing, the republicans are well aware they're about to lose control of the house.
12:16 pm
>> what about george papadopoulos, former campaign adviser. talk about how his tweets are coming back to haunt him. >> so this is a 180 turn in terms of his tone. when he was sentenced for lying to the fbi, he only received 14 days and in part that was because the judge believed him, papadopoulos, when he said that he was sorry, that he was contrite and that's why, frankly, he got such a light sentence. he is due to turn himself in to jail on monday, is to spend 14 days at a krcorrectional instite in wisconsin. he's asking for a delay because there's another case in another court dealing with the overall legitimacy of the mule are prel. the special counsel's office see it is differently. in the tweets he said he regrets pleading guilty and striking a deal. he calls it a case of entrapment, talks about the corruption of the investigation. mueller's office is pointing to
12:17 pm
these tweets saying basically it's on you. you struck a deal. the actual quote, "the defendant papadopoulos received what he asked for and holding him to it is not a hardship." >> with me now, former legal analy analyst shann wu. thank you for hanging out with me on this thanksgiving. on papadopoulos, is the biggest ta takeaway that robert mueller may be looking into trump as well? >> oh, yes, they are savvy. i don't know who was advising papadopoulos, given the incredibly light sentence, he should just be quiet and get the thing overwith. it seems very silly for him to
12:18 pm
be mounting this time of attack. his chances are winning are very poor. there are very specific questions he goes through when he pleads guilty, specifically about waiving his right to an appeal, unless the judge imposes an illegal sentence. i don't know if he's thought about this or his new lawyers are advising him. but the worst case snare jcenars as far as we're concerned, you're breaching the plea deal, let's go back to the drawing board and start off with the five-year maximum penalty. that would not be a good outcome. >> what about the outcome of these subpoenas from goodlatte and loretta lynch. the democrats take over in january, so is this just purely political? >> i think it's purely
12:19 pm
political. i greaagree it's their last gas. comey is exactly right. having it behind closed doors allows others to spin it. he has to selectively divulge what he thinks is the truth on it. it's much better to have the whole thing in the light. frankly i wouldn't be surprised if attorney general lynch follows suit on that. >> how would comey fight this? he said, to your point, he wants to have this out there, sit or speak in the light. he's vowing to fight it. his attorney is calling it an abuse of power. how does comey do that? >> he would have to argue there is something invalid about the subpoena itself. really the strategy here is one of delay. if they can tie it up in the courts long enough that the house is taken over by the democrats, that's going to ease the path for him. legally it takes time to sort these arguments out. he can go to the court of appeals, maybe higher. of course it's also a battle of
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>> reporter: we have just now flown over mexico beach and it's gone. i want to show you guys exactly how bad it is, but it's obliterated. it's awful to look at. just as we watch the deterioration around the coastline, it was bad in panama city beach, but i've never seen anything like this. >> i will never forget flying over and meeting all these amazing people who just had lost everything in mexico beach. it's been about five weeks since that category four storm hit the florida panhandle. and today even amidst the destruction, families are coming together, making sure everyone has a hot meal and feel at home. here is martin savidgsavidge.
12:26 pm
>> reporter: there w >> there was a building here, i promise. >> reporter: as michael shows me what used to be his restaurant, it's obvious the pain is still fresh. >> an open kitchen where everybody could see what was going on. >> reporter: it's gone. hal summers was general manager. he's lost his job and his home. both men could have wallowed in self-pity and left town. instead they decided to help the only way they could. they cooked. in a church parking lot amidst of roar of generators and grill, they began feeding first responds are and residents three times a day, seven days a week, for free. they call it camp happy tummies. fueled by donations, it provides
12:27 pm
one of the greatest comforts in dark times, a hot meal. >> this is my planning menu. >> this is your menu right here. is it on parchment paper? >> it is parchment paper. >> reporter: but over the weeks, this tent has come to mean muff more than a meal. >> it's a safe place to cry, to let your feelings out. >> everybody has a feeling that they're all together and we're all in this together. >> reporter: at these tables, they have prayed, mourned the dead and even held a wedding reception. they even baked the wedding cake. crews are making progress cleaning up, power, sewage and water are making a comeback. there is still one staggering figure -- at least 75% of the homes in mexico beach have been
12:28 pm
destroyed. camp happy tummies is closing. food is easier to find. but before them, michael and hal will help prepare one last meal to be distributed around town for thanksgiving. is there a reason to be thankful in mexico beach? >> absolutely. >> reporter: even with all the destruction and everything that's been lost? >> even, even, even. >> we're still here. >> we're have a lot to be thankful for. we have our lives. we can rebuild. it's just going to take time. >> reporter: a month after the hurricane, people have stopped looking for reasons to be sad. instead they're looking for reasons to rejoice. >> there you go. >> reporter: to be grateful. >> it's a beautiful place and it will come back. >> and it's still paradise. >> reporter: and instead of looking back, they're looking forward. in mexico beach, they've come to learn that every day is
12:29 pm
thanksgiving day. martin savidge, cnn, mexico beach, florida. >> marty, thank you. wishing them a happy thanksgiving as well. coming up, president trump says he's thankful for the difference he's made for the country this thanksgiving. we'll have more of this awkward call that he made with the troops that turned political. plus former president obama weighs in on who could beat the president in 2020 and hear the argument he's not buying.
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have an incredible thanksgiving. we're taking good care of you. the budget's now at $716 billion, stephanie, right, so we're getting rid of some of that old equipment. you see what's going in, the best in the world, right. you see a big difference. >> president trump turning a traditional thanksgiving holiday call to u.s. troops into a bit of a political moment. the president today criticized judges, migrants while also talking budgets, trade and china. there's a lot of tradition surrounding the presidential call to our money and women in the military around the world. it's supposed to of course boost troop morale. today's call took a bit of a different path. so with me now, two ladies, political commentator sally cohen, the author of "the opposite of hate," she's joining us from her inlaws' basement and
12:35 pm
allison stewart with her turkey prep under way. it's so good to have you both on. happy thanksgiving. alice, first to you. hearing from former military officials, i talked to a retired admiral last hour saying the fact that the president in calling has to commanders, talking politics, talking judges, talking operational details put them in a really difficult position. and i wanted to ask you was that appropriate? >> no. look, these calls, as you've mentioned, there's clear focus for these calls, to thanks troops, to boost the morale and to remind this country on this day we're all saying thanks to say thanks to our troops and their families that are sacrificing so much on these holidays. those are the purposes of the call. unfortunately this took a little turn and it got to be enough about you, let me tell you about me. it really shouldn't go that way. but hats off to those he talked to. we heard the folks who managed
12:36 pm
to pivot back to the issue at hand. they did a tremendous job of reminding the president and all of those listening in my troops are great, they're proud of the service they're doing, they're committed to the task at hand and keeping the focus where it should be, on our servicemen and women and a special thanks to their families back here who are keeping the home fires burning while they're away. >> sally, how did you see it? >> seconding everything alice said, this is my opportunity to give my thanks to the men and women serving and the sacrifices their families make. i think whether you're red, blue or purple, maybe there are moments where donald trump, you know, blows some policy move, suffers some political defeat. if you're on the opposite side from him, you are happy about that, right? it's a political win or the other side, whatever. but there are these moments where i don't care who you are,
12:37 pm
you want the president to do a good job. you want the president to be president d presidential when he's calling the troops on thanksgiving, i want him, on that moment i want him to be a good president. i want him to do his job and to respectfully, apolitically honor and thank those service members. and it honestly breaks my heart that he can't do it. >> it is important to note also following up on that, he did take time after the call to go and visit those serving there -- >> the coast guard. >> the coast guard and thank them for their service. i want to make sure that doesn't get missed in the conversation. that was good he did go do that. >> and then he went golfing and he's spending the evening with his family. just switching gears to 2020, former president obama sat down with david, axelrod and he had
12:38 pm
conversation about who could go up against trump in 2020. here he was. >> people say, you know, we can't have another candidate of color, we can't have a woman because -- >> well, that kind of stuff i don't buy. generalizations that we draw about, well, a woman's not going to win this time, oh, this is an ideal time for a woman. oo you've had one black guy so you can't have another black guy. >> i'm not subscribing to that theory but you know why it comes up -- >> because i'm a black guy. >> right. >> i know you and i know, sally, you'll agree with the president and say of course the democrats should put a woman forward or a person of color, but none of those descriptions match those
12:39 pm
of joe biden. >> he's not saying, i'm not saying someone shouldn't one if they're not a person of color or a woman. we should elect the best candidate. the independent dea that that c shouldn't be a person of color -- a lot has been m misinterpreted about trump's victory and pushed the democrats back to this very fearful position of thinking the only way to win elections in this country is to win working class white people in particular, especially in the rust belt. and that is demographically today and certainly looking two years and more down the road not necessarily the case. and the fact is data has shown over and offer again, this includes in barack obama's victories, that assembling a coalition of high turnout of voters of color, plus young voters and progressive white
12:40 pm
voters, you could win the country. for those voters, it doesn't matter if it's a candidate of color or a woman or that is extra motivating. i think what's true is that what we should learn from donald trump east candidacy is that the ideology matters less and less. he's all over the place ideologically but votes are like that he stands for something. what democrats need to do is nominate someone who stands for someone as opposed to someone who has their evening are in the wind and is saying something that is practical or popular as opposed to principled. >> i think an important point he made and i agree with him, these presidential races are not about race and gender. they are about rules and geography. it's important for republicans and democrats, specifically democrats, the rules of presidential colleges are electoral victories, not popular votes. hill hull won the popular vote butch she didn't win by the electoral college. they need to understand that. and geography.
12:41 pm
you have to go to the right places. president trump was smart and wise to go to pennsylvania, ohio, michigan and wisconsin. and going to the right states. so those were important things that need to play into it. what obama did better than a lot of folks is connecting with the people. that is something you just cannot buy. but you have to have all those factors in line. his ability to connect with people was a huge factor in his victory. >> sure. before the let the two of you go here, sally, i know you wand te to talk about this in particular. do you remember there was a "saturday night live" sketch from a couple of novembers ago, i made my team pull the clip. let me just remind you all of this. i am thankful that our governor is not going to let those refugees in here. >> oh, my god. >> why is it that your friends keep antagonizing the police? >> excuse me?
12:42 pm
>> she's a guest in our house. ♪ hello, it's me i was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet ♪ >> i love this so much. i hope it made everyone laugh as as well. we have family members who we do not see eye to eye on things. shy of singing adele, sally kohn, what is your suggestion? >> if you've got the voice, start there. based on the book i wrote about how you have constructive conversations across political divides, i put a bunch of tips on my feed, another specific, scientific, psychology proven of how you have these
12:43 pm
conversations. the gist is if you want to do it, you have a choice. if you see this as an opportunity to engage people on the issues that you'd like, that you love them and you'd like to see them move on, then how you do it is almost as important as what you say. in particular, not screaming the anyone. nobody has ever been hated into changing their mind. it begins with a lot of listening, compassion, validating where people are at. not agreeing with them but hearing where they're at and understanding it and having a real conversation where you listen to them just as much or more as they listen to you. >> the key word you just used, we're losing sight of in this country of divisiveness, just shut up and listen to somebodyc. just listen. ladies, thank you very much. a quick programming note.
12:44 pm
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thousands of families leaving everything behind, their homes, their clothes, everything, as the flames in california destroyed their communities. but today, even if for an hour, many of them are sitting down for a thanksgiving meal thanks to a team of volunteers and celebrity chef jose andres. he was talking me about firefighter who is have been busy rescuing people who are there now volunteering serving food. >> reporter: i know. it's ridiculous. listen, this fire started a couple of weeks ago and it's still not over. we had some rain last night and we're told that that rain actually helped damp i don't know down some of those spot fires. but there's more rain tonight. there could be mud slides. this is not over. this is a little bit of respite for the people of this area. nearly 14,000 homes destroyed. and also been a respite for these firefighters.
12:50 pm
look, these guys are serving up thanksgiving dinner for the people of northern california who have lost so much. i'm going to now come over here. we're going to chat to captain john capen who has been out here at this incident 15 days, john? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: how's it been? >> we've done a lot of hard work. it's been arduous at times. it's been a long we make a career of this. this is our job and we deal with it. we manage. >> and you have been doing this for 25 years. how does this fire compare to all of the other fires you seen during that 25 years? >> so the level of destruction on this fire is unpres doesnced would say. i have never seen anything as
12:51 pm
destructive. i'm pretty sure this is the most destructive fire on record. >> how do you -- you know, for this this is a job. we try to maximize on our training. >> and i'm glad. thank you. thanks to you as well for all of your service. as you said, a moment of rest here. back to you. >> best hive shlive shot of the. thank all of the firefighters for all they are doing why she
12:52 pm
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12:57 pm
speaking out. she did not for being captured during the vietnam war. this is what she told the bbc. it hurt the family too. he, you know, everyone -- and he hurt the other men that served with don as well. it wasn't just about him. it was all of the other people. i'm the wife. that's my per og ftive. i don't have. >> at one point joking that her husband probably would have thought that his funeral lasted way too long. also mccain, the mother saying she was so proud of her mother's fiery speech even though she didn't know what she would say ahead of time.
12:58 pm
>> i think he is questioning himself right now. i think maybe the things that have occurred with this election may be taken back to basics. i'm hoping that it is very humbling to lose. i hope he learns from it. our country needs leader, not a negative nancy. >> many thought cindy mccain should take the seat. did you ever talk about that? >> did you ever think about it? >> i have been approached from a bunch of different directions. my job right now is to make sure my family is okay.
12:59 pm
>> she just posted this message on instagram and let me read what she wrote. today is your favorite holiday. happy thanksgiving. to everyone else who this holiday is hard for you have not alone. i'm thinking of all of you. thank you for spending part of your thanksgiving day with me. i'm off to spend time with my family this year as we sit around the table and as we are thankful for those we love we are also mindful of those we lost. here now is anthony and a
1:00 pm
marathon of his amazing show, parts unknown, a remarkable man and remarkable