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tv   CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  November 23, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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good morning. i'm jim sciutto. we begin this morning with a terrifying scene out of alabama. panic breaking out as gunshots fly inside a shopping mall packed full with black friday shoppers. >> let's go! let's go! >> everybody out! out now! >> let's go! >> it all started with a physical fight. a 21-year-old gunman opening fire, shooting an 18-year-old man. the gunman tried to run from the scene but was shot and killed by a police officer.
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sadly, in the midst of all this, a 12-year-old girl was hit by a stray bullet. just a harrowing between there. what more have you learned? >> yeah, jim. it really is. and especially this was a fight. this wasn't someone who walked into the mall and started shooting shoot ing inchris. they re-opened at 6:00 this morning. people have been inside doing their black friday shopping. i want to update you on how those victims are doing. that 12-year-old girl was shot one time. she is in stable condition. she underwent surgery this morning. she is expected to be okay physically of course. the 18-year-old who the gunman shot police say twice in the stomach area is still in serious condition. he was taken by ambulance to the
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nearest hospital. of course it is also under investigation. they're not sure who shot the little girl at that point, where that gunshot came from. they're trying to look into this now. but i want you to listen to what some of the people who were there described as the chaos and the fear. >> i heard one and then bang, bang. and then right after that people started screaming and going crazy just to get away from it. cops ran by us with their gunning drawn. >> i heard six to seven gunshots. right upstairs where it sounun d it was. we sat there for five to ten minutes all freaking out and they opened the escape route doors and we escaped. >> reporter: now, of course it was black friday so you have a heavier law enforcement presence during those times because there are so many shoppers. the night before, it starts so
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much earlier these days. there were so many police officers there is why this was sort of stuffed out so quickly. but they are still looking into this, jim. the officer is on administrative leave, which is typical in these officer-involved shooting. and a near by county is investigating the shooting itself. >> diane, thanks for covering the story for us. to mar-a-lago now where the political grievances for the president pile up like leftovers. the president was still attacking the federal courts out west that make up the so-called 9th judicial circuit. he claims they are presented highly trained security professionals from doing their jobs. kaitlyn, quite a week here. it appears that the president has found a new favorite target, at least for the time being for his attacks.
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this time the 9th circuit again. >> yeah, jim. the president has a bone to pick with the 9th circuit court, and he's not going to let anything get in the way of that argument. even a call yesterday thanking military members for their service on the thanksgiving holiday. president trump is insisting these that judges don't know anything about border security and they are hampering his agenda. and the president is insisting on twitter today, just a few minutes ago that republicans and democrats need to come together and pass a security package that includes funding for his security wall. he's tweeting about that criminal justice reform, urging the senate majority leader to bring it to the floor, even though mcconnell has said he doesn't think they will have time for it during the lame duck period. president trump just said yesterday he would be willing to shut down the government during that spending fight if he does not get the money for his border wall. whether he follows through on that is an open question.
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we know he has been frustrated since that spending package passed that did not have the money for his wall. president trump doesn't have any public events on his schedule, but it is 75 degrees here and he just arrived at the trump golf course a few minutes ago. i will leave it up to you to decide what he will be spending his morning do. >> that's a tough quiz. thanks. i'll think about it these next couple of hours. i'm joined by cnn contributor and cnn legal analyst. if i could begin with you. one thing for the president to criticize a court decision, but he's accusing an entire circuit, court of appeals, of endangering national security here in effect and going after the legitimacy of those courts. is that something you want to see the u.s. president doing? >> it's sort of like festivus
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this week. look, among conservatives, even conservatives that do not like president trump, the 9th circuit has always been a thorn on their side, and they have always believed and previous politicians, although not presidents, have, you know said -- looked at the -- if you want to go on the side of liberals, that's where you take it. you take it to the 9th circuit. but this president does everything -- everything he does is unprecedented. and, you know, it is an awkward thing that we have become used to in the past two years. >> jennifer, from your perspective, is it more than awkward because beyond attacking the courts, you know, the president with his reporting we
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learned this week was attempting to weaponize the department of justice in effect to go after his political opponents and was told by his own white house counsel that that could be an impeachable offense. i'm referring to the story that he wanted to get the justice department to investigate hillary clinton and james comey. you are a federal prosecutor, spent a lot of time in the courts. what effect did this have on the functions of the court system, which is meant to be independent of the politics of this country. >> well, you are exactly right, jim. it doesn't have an impact as far as the day-to-day functioning of the courts, but these attacks on our institutions are very damaging in the long-term. what the president is trying to do is get the public to think that the judiciary is not independent, that it is political, that these decisions are against him and are not in fact based on the law, which is exactly the opposite of what's going on here, and our constitution is set up with a series of checks and balances for the very reason that we don't want one of those branches to be predominant above the
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others. we don't want the president to be a dictator or an autocrat. the judiciary is one of those and has been more effective at checking what the president is doing and ensuring that there is nothing unconstitutional going on or in this particular case with this latest ruling on the asylum matter to make sure that there is nothing that violates a lawful act of congress going on. long-term this could be severe damage, which is why the president should just litigate in court as the administration always does and should not comment beyond what's going on in the actual courtroom. >> another institution that the president has gone against is the military. you saw him accusing him of being a clinton person, in effect. yesterday you saw the president with troops on what was meant to
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be a thank the troops call on thanksgiving bring up a whole host of political issues and put those military officers in a different position. he brought up the 9th circuit. he brought up the border wall. he brought up trade deals in effect pressuring them to some degree to comment on domestic political issues. is that a proper thing for the u.s. president to be doing? >> well, no. i mean, one of the wonderful things about our military is it always has been a political. it has something that has been a point of pride since the founding of our country. jennifer is right. the president takes pot shots at our institutions to undermine what already are sort of wavering trust on these larger big decision makers in our lives. and he knows that and he understands that and he uses that to his advantage with people that are unhappy with
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these institutions. this unhappiness with institutions did not start with him. but he certainly likes to put a fire under that. and, you know, we need those expertise, right? they're very important to the infrastructure and the foundation of our republic. but, you know, there is a move afoot, and i would argue within both parties to not trust them. i don't think that's a particularly very good thing. >> i just wonder why there wasn't republicans challenging the president on that. the president claims to protect the troops like no president in the past. of course republicans will often say that. no shortage of comments about kneeling during the national anthem. but when you had a president here put serving active military in war zones in that political space, which is a space that they do not want to occupy and by regulation should not, why
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didn't we hear more -- i don't want to say outrage, the most used word in the political discourse today, but putback? >> i can't really speculate except to say that of course they have been behind him on many of the inappropriate things that he's done during his first two years. one area where we are seeing a little bit of pushback is with the khasoggi murder. the motion that we will never know is contrary to how we decide cases in this country. of course, in some areas they will push. maybe they will just let him continue to do this nonsense with the troops. >> on that the president talked about the cia having feelings certain ways regarding khasoggi. thanks very much. wish you and your families a very happy thanksgiving holiday.
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>> thank you. >> same here. overseas, turkey lashing out. the foreign minister calling out president trump for not acting against saudi arabia saying that the president has turned a blind eye to that murder. plus, grab those black friday deals now because next year they might not be here at all. and firefighters getting help from the rain now in california. the devastating campfire 95% contained. but more rain today could actually be trouble. let's begin. yes or no? do you want the same tools and seamless experience across web and tablet? do you want $4.95 commissions for stocks, $0.50 options contracts? $1.50 futures contracts? what about a dedicated service team of trading specialists? did you say yes? good, then it's time for power e*trade. the platform, price and service that gives you the edge you need. looks like we have a couple seconds left. let's do some card twirling twirling cards
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excedrin extra strength. sglrchlts this morning turkey's foreign minister is accusing the president of, quote, turning a blind eye to the cia's high confidence assessment that found the crown prints ordered the murder of jamal khashoggi. president trump has continued to cast doubt on the cia's findings
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while arguing that saudi money is too important to use. we will discuss now. congressman, thanks for taking the time during these holidays. >> yep. >> so first question, you heard the turkish foreign minister's comments there, president trump turning a blind eye to khashoggi's murder. fair statement? >> no. i don't think so. look, i said from the very beginning i wish the president would have done a far different statement. i agree with the outcome, but not the words, not the statement. ultimately, yes, there was a killed journalist. that's very bad. that needs to be called out. it should have been a page and a half saying how terrible that is. that's not enough to totally realign our objectives and foreign policies in the middle east. he did miss the opportunity to use our force of words for good. that's where i think we missed
6:18 am
that. now, to the turkish foreign minister to say we're turn ago blind eye to these abuses is rich coming from turkey because they have a lot of journalists in prison every day. >> fair point. but isn't a false choice between holding saudi arabia accountable for this murder and the leader, which is the cia believes ordered this murder and abandoning the relationship. the u.s. has long alliances, different moments with a whole host of allies. they held them to account for things without completely abandoning the relationship. it strikes me that's a false choice. >> yeah. i don't think it has to be one or the other. either you abandon -- but when you look at it, look at what really happened here. i mean, again, the egregious nature of it. the fact it was on turkish territory, the fact of the brutality of it is what's getting all this attention.
6:19 am
but keep in mind, moscow, for instance, vladimir putin kills journalists, killed two citizens and empowers him to skill 500,000 syrians. same with iran. yes, this is terrible. but if you look that the side of the argument, you see who on the far right and on the left is pushing for people that are realigning our interests are people that wanted to do this before this happened. they're just using this. >> but it's not an adversary like russia, and it is an ally that committed this murder on the soil of another u.s. ally, a nato partner. this is a guy going into the saudi consulate in istanbul.
6:20 am
he's getting marriage documents, and he comes up dead. isn't that different? >> well, yeah. it's different. and like i said, i wish the statement would have been far different because while there is a lot of human rights issues around the world and issues that we don't like and things that make us cringe, obviously the united states can't intervene a sin like that happens. so what we can do, though, is use the force of our words to basically say this is what we stand for. while in this case, it may not rise to the level of massive change of foreign policy, we hold these truths of freedom and human dignity to be something we value. i think we really missed that opportunity to use our force of words for a page and a half of that statement to say how terrible it was and say why we're not doing anything. >> you probably saw some of the president's call with deployed u.s. forces yet. as a veteran yourself, pilot who served in war zones, as the
6:21 am
president was there making transparently political points with those troops about the border wall, about trade deals, even about the 9th circuit, is that something that the u.s. president, the commander in chief, is that a position he should put those forces in? >> no. i think a call to the troops on thanksgiving should be thanks for all you do. i'm not outraged about him talking about the border because that is a mission the president ordered. like if you don't agree with the fight in the after stan began, the president is still going to talk to you about that fight. but there are other things we went where i think he shouldn't. he missed an opportunity to be like, thanks for what you do. we're thankful for you and then be done with that call. >> yeah. it could be a pretty simple call there. but let me ask you about the deployment of u.s. forces here domestically at the southern border. more than 5,000 troops.
6:22 am
to supplement nearly 20,000 custom and border control officers, most of whom who are armed from migrants who the president has accused of being full of criminals, et cetera, is that a necessary use of active u.s. military, or do you suspect that the military is being used to some degree here to political effect? >> i think it's -- to the extent of any kind of political effect, this is a political issue with real consequences, so it depends how you define that. i don't think he's deploying the military for the sole purpose of winning an election because we did not do that great in november. i think it is a legitimate use for the military. whether it is guard or a surge of active troops, defending the u.s. border i think is a very important role of the federal government. >> what's the real threat from these migrants? you got 20,000 agents.
6:23 am
do you need 5,000 active military to defend against this caravan? >> yeah. >> is that really a clear and present danger in your view? >> no. well, see, i don't think the question is is this a clear and present danger. are we defending against an invasion? i don't use those terms. but as a guy that has worked the bord border, it is not secure. i can tell you that. and the use of the military because they have skill sets that can augment the border patrol to do what they do within their law enforcement capacity i think is okay. and president obama did it. president bush did it. yeah, president trump is much more controversial on these issues, but now he's doing it. i don't see this as an end of the world kind of thing. i think it is a legitimate use of the military in a situation like this. >> you are still in the reserves, right? you still got to do your time every year? >> yeah. >> this is a burden that many
6:24 am
americans share, and i think that a lot of folks don't realize, that you are still getting called back even when you wear a suit and tie most days. >> take care, jim. the other big holiday after thanksgiving, black friday. big crowds. but could the president's trade war with china bring bigger price tags down the road? over the last 24 hours, you finished preparing him for college. in 24 hours, you'll send him off thinking you've done everything for his well being.
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bargain hunters are hitting the sales today. there they are, storming in. and many didn't wait for stores to open. industry experts say online sales could hit yet another record high. alison, what are you seeing out there? does it look like one of those crazy black fridays? >> reporter: it is a little calm here at this store. i am at a best buy. it opened about an hour and a half ago, but more than 100 people who waited out in 12 degree weather streamed in. they had smiles on their faces, lists in their hands. many of them shopping for tvs. they went really, really fast. one woman walking up to me so exciting saying i got the last tv. what else are they buying? they are buying drones. also, hp laptops, they are going quickly as well. and then those game consoles, that is another thing people are buying.
6:30 am
they're buying the big game this year that everybody wants, call of duty black ops, but they didn't wait to just shop in the store. as you were mentioning before, jim, online shopping has already gotten off to a really strong start. just thanksgiving day yesterday, an estimated $3.7 billion is estimated to have been spent. today black friday, people are going online. an estimated $6 billion is expected to be spent. and cyber monday expected to be shelled out. that's only online shopping. so people are feeling good. consumers are feeling confident. unemployment is low and people are willing to dig deep and buy for the holidays. >> i saw your shopping cart, by the way. it looks pretty full. get back to it and let us know what your best deal is. >> reporter: one of the gifts in there is for you. >> thank you. i will take it. black friday shopping is almost as traditional as turkey. but the future could be in
6:31 am
jeopardy if president's trump trade war in china goes on much longer. joining us cnn analyst. he is also the author of a new book. here is the cover right there. let me start with you. just because folks at home hear about trade war with china and tariffs. probably haven't seen it in places yet. i understand this season retailers have eaten much of that 10% tariff hike hit. but if the president raises that to 25%, it would be harder, i imagine, for retailers to hide that from consumers. >> yeah, absolutely. i think that the administration was being pretty strategic as well in terms of what it is putting tariffs on. it is trying to hold off on that consumer facing stuff that would raise prices on yourics phones and other electronics. if we see more tariffs in
6:32 am
january, that's where the rubber hits the road because then i think you are going to start to see prices going up. i am seeing ceos saying we can't eat anymore. we will be interesting to see what happens this week with trade talks between the president and china. i think you may see a short-term deal, but the larger conflict between china, which i think is more like a cold war, not just a trade war, is going to continue to brew. >> you heard that from jack. the trade war is 10, 25 years in the making. what do you think of that because the president said i apply the pressure now. i force china to the table. but china has their own domestic political concerns. they do not want to be seen adds ba backing down to the u.s. is it realistic for the trump administration to hope they could come away with a deal or in the near term soon after that. >> you are exactly right, jim, that is a lot of this is saving
6:33 am
face. they don't want to be seen as backing down to the united states and certainly not backing down to donald trump. so, you know, i don't know. i'm pessimistic they will find some kind of deal in the next couple of weeks. i would love to see it, but i think it is going to take longer than that. this is not the economic fight of our lifetime, really. it is about whether the united states or china will be the next economic super power. i want it to be the united states. but, look, the other point is that china does engage in a lot of abusive trade behavior. it is really difficult for american businesses to do business and sell their products over in china because of their extreme policies. even though i had trade wars and tariffs are going to raise the prices that we pay for products when we go to walmart and buy goods and services, if there was a time to pick a fight with china, it is now when our
6:34 am
economy is pretty healthy. >> and china is engaged in outright theft. that's a real cost to the economy. i want to ask you both before i let you put on your economic crystal ball here. you have a lot of talk about the stock market. it is declining on concerns about shrinking growth. you know, you have interest rates rising and oil prices falling. signs of perhaps trouble ahead. what does this add up to you in the coming several months, years? are the chances of a recession rising? >> yeah. i have always thought that the chances of a recession in 2019 or 2020 are actually pretty high. if you look to historically, recovery cycles tend to last about a decade. it is natural that this should happen. if you look at what's been keeping the markets up it's been tech stocks.
6:35 am
those are not in trouble off increased regulations, that u.s.-china trade war. the defense department saying to allies we want you to stop working with these companies. >> your prediction? >> well, i'm not going to contradict by best buddy in the world who said the other day -- >> i thought it was me! >> you're up there. but, look, larry -- by the way, for people who didn't see it. he said i look as far in the future as i can see, and i don't see a recession. >> he also has a political motivation there. but, look, i'm pretty bullish on the economy. i love buying stocks like this. every time there is a dip like this, i think it is a good time to get into the market. the economy is slowing down. we will get close to the 2.5% growth. but no recession. i don't see it. i think as the tax cuts continue to kick in and these
6:36 am
deregulation policies, america will be a great place to do business and i think we will see 3% growth in the next few years. >> ron and steven, we'll mark ta date, november 23rd, 9:35 and we'll come back to you in six months time. very happy thanksgiving to you and your families. thanks for taking this time. well, president trump is looking to replace chief of staff john kelly. he might not be looking that far. forget college football. today is all about golf. tiger woods and phil mickelson show their big 18-hole show town. the only place to see it is bleacher report live or pay-per-view. ♪
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6:41 am
heather as she marched against a white national rally last year. now a group of white south african farmers say they have been energized by the alt right in the u.s. and by president trump's rhetoric. they believe they are in danger, and the con tr country is headi towards a race war. here's cnn's david mckenzie. >> the unite the right rally in charlottesville, virginia. even if its bloody aftermath, a young woman killed by a neo-nazi, president trump refused to pick sides. >> what about the alt left? do they have any semblance of guilt? >> reporter: facing mounting criticism, the president would eventually condemn hate groups, but not before his initial
6:42 am
comments were echoed by white supremacists globally. >> restrain themselves in the face of such antagonism i really don't know. >> reporter: that's an audio message from a south african sent from charlottesville back home to his followers. his places him at the scene surrounded by nazi flags. he's in the corner wearing a hard hat. >> the time is now for you to arise. >> reporter: and he took to the alt right media for support. >> help us to continue to fight the good fight. >> reporter: a constant theme. >> we represent the white people of south africa who are presently being told that they can expect to see a genoside. >> for his group, the warning is more than just rhetoric. on a remote farm in south africa, they are preparing for
6:43 am
an all out race war. >> reporter: what does it feel to have your family here hiding in the bushes? >> it is really disturbing, but if you are prepared for it, it's not that bad. >> reporter: it's a drill, of course. here ketsup replaces real blood. but make no mistake, he is deadly serious about his founder's doomsday prophesy. >> there is a sense among certain sectors of historically white societies, they they are being diluted on other peoples terms. >> i think naziism and all of these horrible things from the past. why is being diluted one of them? >> the societies are in democratic terms being diluted.
6:44 am
>> reporter: like the canary in the coal mine. >> a lot of oxygen comes from support in the u.s. >> yeah. terrific oxygen. >> reporter: oxygen in the form of an inaccurate tweet from the u.s. president. >> there it was. a tweet from left field. i asked secretary of state mike pompeo to closesy study the large-scale killing of farmers. >> it is not about facts or data. once trump put out that tweet, attention was drawn to this theory of white south african farmers under attack in a way that had never happened before. >> reporter: a south african myth connecting white supremacists worldwide and
6:45 am
increasingly in the mainstream. david mackenzie, cnn, south africa. we often ask if presidential tweets matter. there is an example of where they do. could president trump's next chief of staff be as close as the vice president's office? (horn honking) okay, okay, okay... (clatter) ( ♪ ) feeling unsure? oh... (nervous yelp) what if you had some help? introducing the new 2019 ford edge with the confidence of ford co-pilot360 (tm) technology. the most available driver assist technology in its class. ( ♪ ) the new 2019 ford edge.
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6:49 am
>> president trump is holding interviews for top level cabinet positions. this morning, cnn has learned a top contender for the spot is nick ayers pictured there.
6:50 am
he served as vice president's chief of staff but is well liked by trump as well. joining me with the latest, jeremy diamond. nick aiers. i know some in the white house he makes uncomfortable, if that's the right word. there was some opposition there. how did he earn the president's trust? >> yeah, that's right. nick ayers is the vice president's chief of staff currently but he's also a 36-year-old ambitious political operative who has really had this meteoric rise in republican politics. it began at age 19 when he started on sonny perdue's campaign. and he quickly rose to become the head of the republican governors association. ran a 2012 republican presidential campaign, but his real rise in the trump world began when he started working for now vice president mike pence. it really started when he became pence's chief of staff last year, and that's when he earned the president's trust.
6:51 am
the vice president and the president used to have these weekly lunches. it used to be a time for both of them to get to know each other, to forge a bond that would be helpful to both the vice president and the president. but when nick ayers came in as the vice president's chief of staff, the president waived him and incoming chief of staff at that time john kelly to join both of them for these lunches. that's how, according to two sources close to the president, nick ayers came to form this really close bond with the president. and it's how the president came to know and like him. and now, a little over a year after that point, it now seems nick could potentially be the president's next white house chief of staff. >> it's quite an exchange, the retired four-star marine general for quite a young replacement, but these things happen in the second half of presidential terms. why hasn't the president then made this move yet? what's holding him back? >> we know despite the fact the president's catch line as a
6:52 am
reality star is "you're fired" the president doesn't like to fire people personally. he has hesitated on whether or not to fire the white house chief of staff john kelly who is typically the person who does firing for the president. but we also know that ayers has earned his fair share of detractors. one of those key detractors, we're told, according to multiple sources, is kellyanne conway, the combative spin master for the president. what we're told is that last year, when nick ayers was coming in as the vice president's chief of staff, she opposed that. she denied all of this in a statement, telling them i'm pro-john kelly and pro-nick ayers. as somebody who deals routinely with the president and vice presidents, i have an excellent working relationship with their excellent chief of staff. as i know, neither of those jobs is available. we know the bad blood has continued according to our sources and now the question is whether nick ayers' allies in
6:53 am
the white house, jared kushner and ivanka trump, will be enough for him to get this job. >> you don't want kellyanne conway as an enemy inside the white house. jeremy, thanks very much. rain is helping firefighters get the upper hand finally against that horrible wildfire in northern california. but they have another problem for fire crews and people have already lost everything. we'll have a live update from the fire zone in california next. if you're waiting patiently for a liver transplant, it could cost you your life. it's time to get out of line with upmc. at upmc, living-donor transplants put you first.
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contained. but the danger far from over. almost 1 million people, can you believe it, under flash flood watch now as heavy rains expected through today. initially, it might sound like a good thing for the fires, but it brings a slew of other things including flooding, mudslides and the flow of all that debris. they said it makes the ground really unstable for firefighters. more danger for them. cnn national correspondent ryan young is in paradise, california, sort of ground zero for this fire following these conditions. what are you seeing there now, ryan? >> reporter: just the utter devastation everywhere. something that catches your eye. you think of thanksgiving and all the families that were able to be together, and you thing about how these families were ripped apart based on this fire. it looks like a moonscape. the rain has been constent and steady for the last day or so, which has been good, but if you look at the trees nchg that's
6:59 am
what they're worried about, some of the larger trees falling over and creating more problems. you thing about the efforts they have, i'll pan back to the fire scene. they're going through some of these building piece by piece to see if they can find human remains with cadaver dog dogs. you know how difficult that is. you see the devastation, how some of this water is starting to compact parts of the homes here. so you understand the difficulties they have. we were actually talking to some national guard members who were keeping guard around the area to see what they're dealing with. they say look, it's not only cold but windy at this point. they have been looking up to make sure the trees don't fall on them as they have been blocking some of the roads because people have been trying to get in. when you consider this has been one of the deadliest fires ever, you understand the toll it takes. talking to some people last night at the hotel, they said they never imagined they would have to be an hour and a half away from home knowing everything they ever had was lost, not sure if they're going to rebuild. when you talk to them on thanksgiving and the idea their
7:00 am
families have been separated based upon this fire, you understand the pain they're dealing with. but then when you get here, the idea that there's nothing left, the whole town is gone. that's something that sticks in your heart. you understand how hard it is. as electricity crews go by, as they're trying to get some of the lines out of the streets to make sure no one is hurt as they come back in to reassess the whole situation. >> i'm seeing the rain still falling on you, ryan. thanks for continuing to cover the story. good friday morning to you. i'm jim sciutto. poppy is off today. president trump may be willing to dismiss intelligence findings that implicate the saudi crown prince in the brutal murder of jamal khashoggi, but this morning, there are new indications that congress will not. the incoming chairman of the house intelligence committee, democratic congressman adam schiff, he is saying this this morning. telling "the washington post" that he plans to investigate what exactly the cia learned about


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