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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  November 24, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PST

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me. i really don't have much on him. he always drops the pbig pictur, the trump card. to have a day like today, i never thought we'll go to this extra hole. >> phil not only takes home the truck load of cash but also an italian belt buckle for a trophy. ironically, it was more tiger woods' size, not phil's. i'm sure he is laughing all the way to the bank, fred. >> thanks so much, vince. all right, our "newsroom" starts right now. hello, again, everyone, thanks for being with me. a major development on the u.s./mexico border. "the washington post" just confirmed the trump administration and mexico's incoming new government have struck a deal on a new border policy. it would force asylum seekers to
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wait in mexico. cnn's white house reporter sarah westwood joining me right now. we've been hearing about the possibility now for weeks. we know the secretary of state met with the incoming foreign minister in houston. are they in the final stages? >> well, it looks like the mexican government has agreed, at least in the short term, that would allow migrants seeking asylum onin the united states t wait on the mexican side of the border. obviously this would be a significant change which allowed some migrants to wait in the u.s. while their claims are working their way through the court system. we know the president has been focused on asylum in recent weeks. he unveiled an attempted executive action that would require migrants who want the asylum to present themselves at legal ports of entry and would
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deny them the ability to request asylum in they were caught entering illegally. any migrants on u.s. soil, they're eligible for asylum. the president has railed against so-called catch and release policies in the past. the fact that migrants who want asylum are able to wait in the united states, sometimes for years. while they're waiting, he's called for catch and detain policies. keeping them in detention. this goes a step further, preventing migrants from coming even into the united states. as we saw with this recent attempt, it's not clear the trump administration can make these kinds of sweeping changes without the help of congress. >> all right, sarah westwood, thank you so much.
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let's talk about this more with cnn political analyst jillian zellinger. good to see both of you. >> thanks for having me. >> what does this potentially say about the relationship s between trump and the incoming mexican government? >> it's a really interesting twist if that's what -- mexico's been resistance to helping the united states solve the border issue that's been such a politically contentious issue by keeping people trying to apply for asylum in mexico. the fact the government potentially is agreeing suggests there is some breakthrough here. either because the trump administration is sending troops to the border.
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or for some reason. we'll have to see. at this point, this is something mexico's resisted. seems to be agreeing to now. whether that prestages any cooperati cooperation, unclear at this point. there are issues if you're going to have thousands of people waiting on mexico's side of the border. >> julian what is the incentive? for mexico particularly, what's in it for that country? >> oh, this also comes at the same time the nafta negotiations were finishing up. i don't know if there's any connections economically for mexico and the deal. also might be a way to relieve some of the pressure coming from the administration administration on mexico to deal with this. but there are big costs. it's going to be very costly financially in terms of human
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capital for mexico. there's going to be a lot of outcry. the towns are some of the most violent towns where these asylum to seekers will be waiting. i don't know if it's a smooth deal or complete at this point. >> mexico may, you know, be in a position where it would ask the u.n. for money to help pay for, you know, holding on to people, asylum seekers. but then you've got to get past that hump. why would the unsee this as a smart plant and want to dole out millions in order to help mexico build some sort of infrastructure or have a plan to house, to help all these asylum seeker. >> don't forget the relationship between trump and the u.n. the question is, can you treat these people safely?
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are there humanitarian concerns? are they in more danger there? are the contentious centers more of a concern? given all the scrutiny and backlash to the conditions there. so that's going to be the conditions that the u.s. officials would weigh in trying to assess this claim. also what kind of proposal is mexico going to present to the united nations? so this is really going to involve or require the united states, next ka government, to come up with what exactly are we going to do here. or why would they need international assistance? maybe in this case, this will be a new chapter. >> right. so julian, every nation would want to be incentivized. usually in the form of dollars. if mexico is not just going to
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rely on money from the u.n., does it also mean there has to be some sort of money from the u.s. if it's the u.s. and mexico who struck this deal or are k e negotia negotiating? >> theoretically, there might be money from the u.s. but president trump has been not willing to provide that kind of consensus. congress has been stifled of any kind of deal with administration and even resistance to funding the law. it's unlikely they're going to be enthused about this. where is the money coming from is i guess one of the big questions. remember, president trump offers to enter into this details like with north korea where there's this big announcement and the details are where things fall apart. so that's what we need to find out. there's big costs here and those are real and we need answers to how this will be financed.
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>> if there is u.s. money involved here, congress, you know, potentially has to play a role. what do you suppose the negotiationings are like right now? what is the trump administration saying to voters of this transition of congress now about whether this will ever come to fruition. >> he's got only a number of days because the federal funding bill is going to expire on december 7th. that would be something he's trying to work out with republican leaders. it seems like that might be a little quick given we don't know the details. but if he's going down the line, i really doubt the democrats leading the house where all these funding measures start are going to agree to give money here. there's going to be some horse trading.
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and that's going to change the way border security ends up looking. it's not going to be exactly what president trump has been selling. but there's going to be even that much more pushback from the democratic party if they're in charge especially if he's asking for more money to flow to the border. we don't know the details of. i think members are going to want to see those at least in more clarity before they start writing checking for it. >> it also acts as a potential deterrent because asylum seekers would want to know how long they have to stay in mexico before they could ever -- their cases ever go to a u.s. court. all right, good to see you both. straight ahead, a violent protest in paris over rising gas prices. many now calling for french president macron to step down. we're live on the scene where
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retailmenot. yours for the saving. paris and other parts of france are seeing rising protests over gas prices. police using tear gas and water cannons fought protesters along the famous champs elysees. also over french president macron's policies. the price is $5.50 a gallon. authorities say two people have died so far in the unrest that began last week. we're expecting a update from french officials. we'll monitor that for you. cnn's jim bittermann is live in paris. what is happening now, jim?
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>> well, after hours of protests which began about so:00 this morning. basically calm return but not the kind of calm after black friday. normally this street would be teeming with shoppers and all sorts of people out prior to the christmas holidays. in fact, tonight, there's nobody here. the police have cleared off the avenue. they came through with a major assault a little while ago. dozens of police vehicles and policeman who swept down the avenue. in fact, about 20 people have been arrested here in paris. we're going to get an update from the interior minister. a number of people were injured, including four police officers. a police vehicle was burned. protesters attacked the various
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sites along here on the champs elysees. they've now dispersed. there are still handfuls of people here and there. one of the problems with this protest, at least as far as the government is concerned, is that there's no official leader. no leadership to it. basically been organized around facebook and social media. as a consequence, there's no one for the government to negotiate with and no one to say when the protest is officially over. the violence here along the champs elysees has finished. >> has there been a response from macron since he's been singled out by a number of people who say they don't like his environmental policies? >> well, not so far. we're expecting something on tuesday. he said before this began today, he said friday that he was going to mention something about changing his environmental policies on tuesday.
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he also may at the same time say something about the attacks on gasoline. that's been one of the reasons this protest began in the first place. the fact is, it's become generalized now to people upset about the high cost of living, rising cost of living. they're on fixed incomes, pensions, not making up for the increased cost of living, so a lot of different issues here that brought everybody out today. wouldn't explain the violence. i think a lot of people that were part of this movement may be dissuaded by the dine violen they saw today. we'll have to see where it goes from here and whether or not what the president says on tuesday is going to ameliorate the situation here. >> jim bittermann in paris. police say the suspect in a mall shooting on thanksgiving night is still on the loose and the man they thought was the gunman likely did not fire the
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shots that wounded two people.
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sign up online and get a $300 pre-paid card. comcast business. beyond fast. ingenious space- neat nest™ by fasaving design. so you can go from this... to this. farberware neat nest™. stacked & intact™ right now, a manhunt is back on in alabama after a stunning admission from a local police department. hoover police admitting the man they killed during a mall shooting thanksgiving night likely was not responsible for two other people being shot. so chaos broke out in one of the
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busiest shopping nights there. police say an altercation escalated into a shooting that left two people hospitalized. the police officer shot and killed an armed man police originally believed was responsible for the shooting. now police say bradford was not the man who actually fired the shots and the search is on for the actual gunman. cnn's tasha ten joining me now. >> we tried to ask them questions. they're saying they're deferring to the alabama law enforcement agency that's taken over. they say they can't investigate this because it involved one of the officers. the armed shooting working as mall security. the initial report was the men got into a fight that resulted in a 21-year-old shooting an unarmed 18-year-old and that victim was taken to the
10:24 am
hospital. hoover police issued a statement saying the 21-year-old may have been involved in some aspect of the altercation but likely did not fire the rounds that injured the 18-year-old victim. police say he did brandish his weapon. that's when the officer shot and killed him. if bradford is not the one who shot the 18-year-old, there's someone out there who did. with at least one gunman still at large who could be responsible for the 18 year shooting victim. she was also taken to the hospital. we knew that bradford had enlisted in the army but a spokesperson said bradford did not serve because he never finished advanced training. it's not clear if he fired any of the shots. though they say somehow bradford was involved. hoover police would only confirm
10:25 am
the officer is on administrative leave now. straight ahead, president trump says u.s. troops along the u.s./mexico border can use force, lethal, if needed, to protect themselves. the new guidelines handed down as migrants make their way closer to the southern border next. today, 97% of employers agree that skills like teamwork, attention to detail, and customer service are critical to business success. like the ones we teach here, every day.
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public money to take care of the migrants who continue to arrive in the border city. he's calling the situation a humanitarian crisis and is asking the united nations to step in. thousands fleeing violent and poverty are in tijuana hoping to get asylum in the u.s. president trump this week threatened to shut down the whole border if safety issues arrive. president trump is granting new authority to use for u.s. troops deployed at the border to protect border personnel. that including the use of lethal force if necessary. troops can use force for crowd control and to detain migrants. joining me right now, former army commanding general for europe and the 7th, lieutenant kirtling, good to see you.
10:31 am
the report of a deal on a new border policy which would force asylum seekers to wait in mexico while their claims move through the courts. >> that's certainly going to create more complexity. as you just reported, the mayor is not happy about providing public services for a great deal for quite a few people. that's something that actually will i think tamp down this current situation because they can at least continue to apply for asylum and justice those facilities in mexico to submit their paperwork. how long that will take will then become the key issue. how long will the various -- they be forced to provide humanitarian assistance. >> we're told the incoming foreign policy of mexico worked on, along with the health and
10:32 am
human services director with the u.s., worked on this deal and that potentially there may be this arrangement. we don't know if it's going to happen, whether they will stay in mexico while being processed in the u.s. meantime, we're hearing about other, you know, incremental changes that are a little bit more definitive. the president approving a memorandum allowing u.s. troops to use healthlethal force if necessary. >> i don't anticipate military personnel coming into direct contact with migrants. >> so what do you think about this potential change? >> there were quite a few other things mattis said. at one point he said most of the military fores don't have weapons there. they're certainly allowed to use any kind of force proportional
10:33 am
to any kind of threat they perceive. as secretary mattis said most of those forces aren't going to come in contact with any of the asylum seekers. they're there to support homeland security and the border patrol. i think the president has been attempting to paint this word picture where most americans think there's going to be a line of u.s. forces and bayonets at the ready manning the border to ensure no one comes in. the majority of forces down there, the vast majority, are folks like engineers and aviation crews and supply personnel. very few of those forces are infantry soldiers or combat soldiers that would in fact counter measures because there's no anticipation -- >> this memorandum is really ineffective in terms of
10:34 am
approval? it's not even necessary, wouldn't even be, you know, an instrument to use? >> i would say that yes. i'm not a lawyer. but this is an attempt to squash some of the conversation that's been going on about posse comitatus, the rule that doesn't allow these operations in the u.s. there have been exceptions to this in the past. there are other laws called the insurgency act. where soldiers can be used if it's a defensive threat to the border or a security threat to the nation. that's not the case. again, these are migrants, that the border patrol can certainly deal with. i think this is more the president doing marketing to try to gin up fears. the border patrol can handle this. department of homeland security
10:35 am
can handle this. the soldiers deployed there have been provided support. they're not at the front lines facing these asylum seekers. having been a commander of these kinds of forces before, they are drilling the rules of engagement. to ensure each soldier now, what he or she is supposed to do. as for secretary mattis, there's not going to be confrontations between soldiers and asylum seekers. the fight is on. a fired fbi director, james comey, says he will resist a subpoena from house republicans to testify privately next month on capitol hill. the legal challenges next. i wanna keep doing what i love, that's the retirement plan. with my annuity, i know there is a guarantee. it's for my family, its for my self,
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president trump is spending some of this holiday weekend interviewing potential candidates. he has hinted at replacing his chief of staff john kelly. nick airs is a wealthy republican political consultant. cnn white house reporter jeremy diamond has the back story on airs. >> reporter: it was weekly lunches with the president and the vice president that has gotten nick airs, the vits president's chief of staff, put him now in a position to be
10:41 am
considered to replace john kelly as the white house chief of staff. nick airs began attending these weekly lunches when he came in as the vice president's chief of staff. two sources close to the president tell me that is how the president came to know and like nick airs and why he's now considering him for this top post. nick airs in his meteoric rise at just 36 years old to be considered for this position, he's earned himself his fair share of enemies. they call him arrogant and criticize his wealth. $12 million net worth according to his disclosures. one of his antagonists we are told is kellyanne conway who we are told advised against airs. she disputed this, saying she had zero beef with nick airs.
10:42 am
both of them are close friends. but nonetheless, we're told kellyanne conway sought to prevent him becoming the vice president's chief of staff. airs has forged some key alliances. most noticeably the president's daughter and son-in-law have become key allies. lewandowski, the president's first campaign manager, also advising the president on the outside. what allies say he could be a perfect chief of staff heading into the 2020 re-election campaign because of a background as a political strategist. the coming year will bring a number of challenges including divided development as well as potential conclusions of the mueller investigation being released in the coming months. >> all right. and now to another battle in washington, james comey is fighting a subpoena to testify
10:43 am
behind closed doors. saying comey will only testify in the hearing is public. in an apparent parting shot. the house judiciary committee sent subpoenas to comey and former attorney general loretta lyn lynch. avery freeman joining us. and richard herman joining us from new orleans. good to see you both. happy thanksgiving weekend. richard, you first, so comey sent this tweet in a response to the subpoena, quote, i'm still happy to sit in the light and answer all questions but i will resist a closed door thing because i've seen enough of their selective leaking and distorti distortion. let's have a hearing and invite everyone to see. can he force a public hearing? here are the conditions? >> fred, what's going to happen
10:44 am
here is this is a partisan spineless political hack. who does this with 30 days left before he resigned and is out of office and democrats tack over the house. this complete fiasco gets in the garbage where it belongs. comey has testified before everybody. before everybody. these republicans still believe there was bias with the department of justice to swing the election to trump. it was comey who a week before the vote handed it over to trump, destroying hillary clinton's chances. >> can we say i'll testify before only on these grounds, private? >> he can make a motion and the motion would be decided in 30, 40 days and it's going to be in january, it's over. a waste of time. >> that's partially right. instead of the political
10:45 am
analysis, legally, here's what the rules say. there's nothing on the two of them on december 3rd, the house judiciary committee has about a week. that takes it to middle december. if they both contempt of congress, guess what, it goes to 435 members of the house and that will be around the 20th of december and guess what, you're going to see santa appearing before this committee. it will never happen. it will never happen. >> what's the exercise all about? >> it's an exercise -- >> okay, avery, what's this av exercise all about? >> it's an exercise in futility. why on earth didn't -- they waited two years. whether it's behind closed doors or otherwise. there's no physical possibility that anything can happy. this is going to make our legal top ten cases. the number one case for going
10:46 am
absolutely nowhere. >> richard what if there is no adjustment? it's going to be a private, you know, meeting? they've been subpoenaed. there's the date. and if james comey and loretta lynch are no shows, than what? >> then they'll be -- potentially, fred, it's all hypothetical now so potentially they could do so many pro tem proceedings which will take 30 days to respond. >> what will that gain? >> nothing. the whole thing is a farce. the hypocrisy, the word of the trump administration, hypocrisy, it's like a legal issue -- i'm talking. >> go ahead. >> it's this, they're upset at the way the department of justice handled the hillary clinton e-mail scandal with the private server -- >> why do you have to -- it's
10:47 am
not going -- >> his daughter, his son-in-law using a private server. >> this is a distraction? >> instead of getting excited about it, there's no time to get the issues done. it's a farce. >> you're both in agreement, is that right, you're both saying it is fruitless, will go anywhere and it's a side show? >> no. that's the best way -- they hope to get a private hearing with comey so they can misinterpret what he said and use it to their benefit. never going to happen. i don't agree with anything avery said, just make that clear, nothing. >> i agree with everything i said. >> nothing. >> all right. and then avery, what potentially could be gained from this? i mean, all jokes aside, if this is a real serious matter and
10:48 am
they really want this to happen, we do seal real merit in having this even private session, what will be gained from that? >> if a proceeding of that nature will occur, and a private setting would not be beneficial because it's going to be little bits and pieces to leak. if the full house votes, contempt of congress, then another step of going to the new york attorney who is supposed to take it to the court. but we're in january, it is all out, never going to happen. >> the issue was bias. was there bias by the department of justice, the fbi, in the handling of hillary clinton's e-mail server. the inspector general, independent body, did a full investigation here and said yes, comey did some bad things but you know what, zero bias, no bias, it's already been
10:49 am
determined. >> that's right, that's right. >> it's over with. they want it to get comey in a private setting to misinterpret what they said, to throw off the investigation. that was the attempt here. it's not going to happen. >> richard, avery, good to see you both. thank you. this, cnn exclusive. the facebook cia zuckerberg defends the social network after reports it didn't ask quickly enough to counter russian election meddling.
10:50 am
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democratic leader nancy pelosi hitting back at president trump today. she calls his transgender military ban, quote, a cruel and arbitrary decision designed to humiliate transgender americans who have stepped forward to serve our country. this comes as the president tries again to bypass the federal court of appeals. the white house has asked the u.s. supreme court to immediately hear a challenge to trump's controversial policy that bars most transgender individuals from military service. the president first announced that policy back in 2017. district courts across the country have blocked it from going into effect. pressure on facebook cease ceo is mounting as problems pile up for the social network. recently, the company has come under fire following reports that it tried to ignore and conceal russian interference on its platform.
10:55 am
now smark zuckerberg is opening up about his future at the company in an exclusive interview with cnn's laurie segall. >> there are a lot of questions about sheryl sandberg's role in the latest controversy. can you definitively say she'll stay in the same role? >> yeah, look, she's a really important part of this company and is leading a lot of the efforts to address a lot of the biggest issues that we have, and she's been an important partner for me for ten years, and, you know, i'm really proud of the work we've done together, and i hope that we work together for decades more to come. >> are you going to make any changes, not even looking at this crisis, but a lot of different ones over the last years, any changes in your top leadership? >> if you look at the management team at the end of 2018, you know, it's quite different from what it was at the beginning of the year. on the product and engineering side, i completely restructured things. i think we're leaving this year with a much stronger team in place. >> but you are ceo and chairman of facebook.
10:56 am
that's an extraordinary amount of power give than you rule a kingdom of 2 billion people digitally. shouldn't yourchecked? >> yes. i think ultimately the issues we're working on here, you know, things like preventing interference in elections from other countries, finding the balance between giving people a voice and keeping people safe, these are not issues that any one company can address, right? so when i talk about addressing these, you know, i always talk about how we need to partner with governments around the world, other companies and nonprofits and other sectors, so, yes, i don't think fundamentally that we're going to be able to address all these issues by ourselves. >> so you are not stepping down as chairman. >> that's not the plan. >> would anything change that? >> i mean, eventually over time, i'm not going to be doing this
10:57 am
forever, but i certainly am not currently thinking that that makes sense. >> this idea of transparency is important, and we keep hearing it, but then you have reports coming out that say something otherwise. so how do you ensure that you do win back public trust? i think this is an incredibly pivotal point for company and for you as a leader because it certainly seems over the last year we haven't stopped hearing about, you know, one thing after the next that shows otherwise that the company hasn't been as transparent. >> yeah. well, look, there's always going to be issues. if you're serving a community of more than 2 billion people, there's going to be someone who is posting something that is problematic, that gets through the systems that we have in place no matter how advanced the systems are. and i think by and large a lot of the criticism around the bigge biggest issues has been fair, but i do think that if we're going to be real, there is this bigger picture as well which is
10:58 am
that we have a different world view than some of the folks who are covering this. >> but if we've given the world a voice, look at what's happened in the last year. you've had elections in the last year, elections manipulated, hate speech that's gone viral and turned offline. it seems like this mission has been accomplished in many ways and there's a whole new set of problems that perhaps you guys didn't foresee. and now we're in a very complicated place where there's not an easy solution. >> yeah. these are complex issues that you can't fix, you manage them on an ongoing basis. but look, do you think that the world is better with everyone having a voice and having the ability to express their opinion and being able to connect to who they want? i don't think we're going back to a world where there were just a handful of gate keeper who is got to control what ideas get expressed. i'm trying to make it so we're not. that's why making it so we're building these independence governance mechanisms and things
10:59 am
like that are really important, and that's work i really care about. but i think that the world will keep on moving in this direction. more people will keep on getting a voice. i think that that's good. and i think there are certainly going to be issues that we need to work through over time, but i think that while we are doing that, we can't lose sight of all of the really positive things that are happening here as well. even if you just think about the economic impact of what we're doing, you know, we serve 80 million small businesses around the world. about half of them have told us that they're hiring people because of using our tools and that without facebook and the tools that we provide, that their business would be significantly smaller and they wouldn't be hiring as many people as they are. >> all right. laurie segall, thank you so much. we've got so much more straight ahead in the "newsroom" and it all starts right now. hello again, everyone, and thank you so much for being with
11:00 am
me on this saturday. i'm fredricka whitfield. a major development on the u.s.-mexico border, "the washington post" confirming the trump administration and mexico's incoming government has struck a deal on a new border policy. it would force asylum seekers to wait in mexico while their claims moved through the u.s. courts. cnn's white house reporter sara west wstwowood joining me with n this. are these the final stages of this plan? >> reporter: well, fred, it l k looks that way, and the president seems to be making progress on his efforts to kush asylum seeking in the u.s. this deal comes after his administration has been putting pressure on mexico for weeks now to do more to help the u.s. with its illegal immigration problem. the deal would turn mexico into a waiting room of sorts as migrants who want to request assaylum in the united states would be required to wait


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