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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  November 26, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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mars is more of a political question versus a technological one. i hope we see it in my life. i wish elon all the best. >> great to see you. thanks so much. >> thank you, kate. >> thank you so much for joining me. tuesday politics with john king starts right now. >> major economic news. general motors will close four plants in the united states and slash their workforce by 15%. george papadopoulos reports to federal prison today and associate of long time adviser roger stone is refusing a plea deal offered by the special council, robert mueller.
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>> new committee assignments and a hopeful could lose a perch she used to make her national name. >> can you think of any laws that give the government the power to make decisions about the male body. >> i'm not thinking of any right now, senator. >> back to that later, but we begin with breaking news and new worries about the economy as americans think about their christmas shopping list. general motors is shutting down four plants in the united states and two in michigan and one in ohio and one outside of baltimore. another in canada. that means over 3700 manufacturing jobs will be gone by the end of next year. the restructure in the front office could be deeper. 8,000 white collar jobs outside the united states. the cost saving measures are pumping outrageousness from the biggest auto union in the
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country. they call it callus and accuses gm leaders for putting profits above families. take us through this announcement. >> this is a big blow are in the company and president trump's plan to bring manufacturing jobs back to the u.s. the move to shutter five plants, four in the u.s., is more evidence of what every auto analyst has been saying. international production of smaller cars will go abroad because that's where the growth and consumers are. trump and republican policies have not done anything to change that fundamentally. what is most striking is that it takes a part of trump country, especially in ohio. about 1600 people will lose their jobs. across the country, average people will feel this. 37,000 manufacturing jobs will be lost and the auto union here has a lot to say about it.
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it is the largest auto union basically saying that general motors's decision to shut production will harm workers and not go unchallenged. a union official called in decision callus to reduce or cease operations in american plants while operating and opening or increasing production in mexico and china plants for sales to american consumers is in its implementation profoundly damaging to our american workforce. look, this move to put it into context will result in $6 billion in free cash flow for the company. part of that savings is from these cost reductions, but what's interesting is part comes from reducing investment which is a remarkable part of this announcement. the tax cuts were supposed to boost and you see a major u.s. company cut. john? >> live in new york. the union's reaction is one
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thing. i bet we hear from the president on this one. sharing their reporting with the associated press. the "wall street journal." eric, let me start with you. you have experience on the auto industry. how much is the trend and how much of this is, as you know, the gm company complained about the president's tariffs. the company wants to get ahead of the hybrid market or how much is other issues? >> it's a combination of things. americans are buying bigger vehicles and the smaller vehicles are not profitable when they are made in number. they have been moving them overseas a number of years. they are not just cresting. ford as well takes steps to ensure a smoother landing into the next slow down compared to bankrupt bankruptcies. >> if you listen here, i'm
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really fascinated by what the president will say here. i want to go back a year ago. the president is in michigan and the republicans are thinking they are going to get their tax cut through and it causes more jobs and the president making a huge prediction about general motors. >> general motors announced they are adding or keeping 900 jobs right here no michigan. that will be over the next 12 months. that's just the beginning. that's peanuts. we will have a lot more. >> it shows you the risk any time a president comments on one announcement or one unemployment report. this is ohio, michigan. this is trump country. >> what we saw in the mid-terms was weakness in michigan and wisconsin. some of the states that made up his coalition that rely on these jobs.
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what we will have to look for as this unfolds is, is there a blow back for making these promises? >> this is something that both parties do. you can go back to 2012 and this was an argument that the campaign made in osama bin laden is dead and detroit is alive. this was an argument that we could have seen that they are indeed troubled. the bailouts and the promises from the trump administration for both parties just extended a bill coming due and now we are seeing that bill come due. >> all of the big automakers go in next year. this may not be the end of this. >> there in lies the problem for
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the president. this is pressure from congress and the gm. to president trump himself. we have a statement out from congressman tim ryan who represents the ohio district and they suffered the loss of these 1600 jobs in that area. he pointed to the fact that president trump visited his district a little bit over a year ago and said the comments may have been more of the steal industry and said these jobs are coming back. congressman ryan said you owe us an explanation as to what happened and why the jobs would return. >> to that point, go back to 1979, gm was the largest private employer in the united states of america. 600,000 jobs. it has about $100,000. how much is this conversation about the impact of globalism and you put on an auto factory today and you don't need as many people. who will get -- i assume the engineers will be fine.
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the unemployment rate is lower when the auto industry crashed with the financial crash, that was bad. >> who will be stung is the factory workers. yes, the output is just as strong as it ever has been. automation. you think about a place like ohio, they will find a gm job. especially without a college degree. lower retail and lower paying jobs that sting the whole community. >> there is a story in broader manufacturing. you go down to nonunion states like south carolina and alabama and tennessee, there have been foreign car companies to expand there. it's not the manufacturing jobs that for going, but all of the other industries that surround it. in south carolina where the plant is, there are all kinds of follow on industries that have grown in that region that
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created new jobs. there was a positive story here and it was a mistake for trump to try to look at the big three for that. >> it speaks to his big policies benefiting the tax cut and the tariffs? >> watch this one play out and look for the president's reaction here. it won't be too long. a conspiracy theorist in the special council's office said he will not sign a plea deal. i am not for colds. i am not for just treating my symptoms... (ah-choo) i am for shortening colds when i'm sick. with zicam. zicam is completely different. unlike most other cold medicines... ...zicam is clinically proven to shorten colds. i am a zifan for zicam. oral or nasal. today's senior living communities have never been better, with amazing amenities like movie theaters, exercise rooms
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faulty memory, not dishonesty. he said i don't know. the back and forth plea negotiations come with an important reminder. the special council doesn't tolerate people who lie to him. the trump campaign aid expected to report to jail. george papadopoulos said he will surrender and serve 14 day for lying to the special counsel. help us here. you talked to jerome corsi and said i won't take this deal. put him into context for those who may not understand he is central to the deal. >> jerome corsi is the stone that roger stone hired him to do research. jerome corsi said the reason roger stone talked about the podesta e-mails is because of what i did for him. it was their business dealings and that's the research you
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provided. he felt like he may have heads up about the podesta e-mails coming out. now corsi has been in there for interviews and the grand jury and handed over documents and his computer. he acknowledges that his brain became mush along the way. some of the things he said didn't match up with the e-mails and he was not with holding things with the specificity the office wanted, but he said i was not willfully lying and he was incensed that they offered had him this plea deal under seal. he felt like he couldn't agree. i said what happens next? he said i don't know. >> i don't know. as we noted, george papadopoulos is reporting to prison today. it's only 14 days, but corsi is looking at that.
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the president was tweeting about badgering witnesses. somebody is talking to the president. the president is getting that from somebody. the president tweeting this today. when mueller does his final report, will he cover all his conflicts of interest and recommending action with the crimes on the other side? what happened to podesta? you can read the rest of it there. this is the president lashing out in a rambling way. why? >> they are the mueller report comes out, this is going to be part of it. the interesting thing is the president again saying no collusion and with the corsi news, did he have advanced knowledge of these e-mails that are coming out via wikileaks. this is facing roger stone, of course his closest friend for
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sometime. stone publicly said over and over again that he didn't have advanced knowledge and his contacts with julian assange and intermediary and they were innocuous as with gucifer 2. does mueller know more? he may. that's what we have to figure out. what will does he know about roger stone and does that add to the questions about collusion. >> he do know from team mueller. >> for roger stone's part, he sent me another lengthy statement, but i will give you the highlights. he and jerome corsi never talked about the podesta e-mails, but only business dealings. he said his tweets were about that at the time. he had no advanced knowledge until they were released by wikileaks. >> his tweets don't necessarily back that up. we will see. everywhere has an opinion. we are all waiting.
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we assume robert mueller realizes that election lull is over and this is likely to -- this is alan dershowitz who strongly defended the president on constitutional authority. i don't think he has any inside information, but he thinks what is about to happen will be bad for the president. >> i think the report is going to be devastating to the president and i know the team is working on a response to the report. at some point, when the report is made public and that's a very hard question, considering the new attorney general who has the authority to decide when and under what circumstance to make it public. that's with the response alongside. that's his guess. they will be devastating. the last part. when will it be made public?
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if matthew whitaker has a say in that, he has said nothing publicly at all. >> don't forget he made past statements before he was in his current position. discouraging the mueller probe. that is causing a lot of consternation and we are heading into a shut down fight and a lot of focus is on the border wall issue that the president demanded for so long. don't count out the possibility that democrats insisting on the special counsel will be a major wrinkle for the negotiations. >> the other thing is that there is no requirement that this be made public deciding the special counsel that said anything needs to be made public to the american people. you think about the time and investment. >> you think that would be part of the law. the president said he wants the migrants gone or he will close the border for good. xfinity mobile is a new wireless network
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and ask how you get xfinity mobile included with your internet. plus, get $200 back when you when you buy a new smartphone. xfinity mobile. it's simple. easy. awesome. click, call or visit a store today. president trump today threatening to permanently close the southern u.s. border after tensions reached a new high over the weekend. two journalists said about 500 migrants overwhelmed blockades near the port of entry and rushed towards the u.s. side. customs said that number was closer to 1,000. thrds on the u.s. side fired
9:25 am
tear gas. dozens were arrested on both sides. an agent said the majority of the migrants trying to get across were not peaceful asylum seekers. >> what are i saw on the border yesterday was not people walking up to agents and asking to claim asylum. as a matter of fact one of the groups i watched, one of the groups that were arrested, they passed 10 or 15 border patrol units and numerous uniform personnel as they were chanting and waving a honduran flag. if they were asylum seekers, they would walk up and surrendered and that did not take place. >> that's important to know there were families with children present as you can see from the images, but the president said most of them were in his view, bad actors and he wants them gone. the president saying mexico should move the criminals back to their countries.
9:26 am
do it by plane and bus and any way you want, but they are not coming to the usa. we will close the border permanently if need be. congress, fund the wall! >> in tijuana, mexico, what's it like? still tense? >> no. everybody is on alert, but things have calmed down quite a bit this is one of the border cro crossings that was closed. it was shut when several hundred protesters came up from the area where they were protesting and demonstrating pushed towards the border. they pushed past mexican police and up towards the border in several locations.
9:27 am
they went over part of the wall into u.s. territory, but agents were able to use pepper bullets or like paint balls and tear gas to repel them. it was tense on this side for the tijuana government as well. thousands use these border crossings every day. to go to work and school and it causes a disruption on both sides. >> to that point, this is a problem. is it a crisis as the president portrays? does it reach the level where you are permanently shut down the border?
9:28 am
no u.s. president is going to shut down the border. are they trying to rush into a country of 300 million plus. is that a crisis or a problem? >> a bigger problem than the critics claimed. there was this sense that well, the president was making a big deal out of it and it's easy to dismiss. innocent is it a crisis that really don't seem to be doing and they wanted to keep the group from. >> there are thousands of people
9:29 am
back locked at the border. there a lot of people who are asylum seekers and there is a process for that. you see with the photos while it's not clear who the people were, there were some mothers and children caught up in this. the president could face criticism over that. with children rethinking how they did that. >> does it help or hurt or do we know the answer and the president wantings billions for his wall. the president knows he has a month left of full republican control thaw would think he has more leverage in that fight now than come january. does the fact that some of these members tried to storm into the president and help the president make the mistake? >> perhaps it could with republican allies.
9:30 am
in terms of the votes and the house and the senate. they are hearing democrats in the house saying they would not accept going to the level that the president wants to go. ed the president agree and have a bridge that decides somehow. will the democrats demand something in exchange like something with the dreamers and the president himself tried to do. he discussed as a possibility and faced a revolt from the right. we get back to the same politics going forward. she's on the ballot in 2020. she watched the democrats pick up a couple of house states. she is on the ballot and you are trying to figure out what do i do today.
9:31 am
she tries to strike a balance. >> we would prefer that we keep it open so let's work really hard to make sure we are addressing the asylum seekers before they come over the border. that's the intent of the president to divert any issues before they happened. safety of our nation comes first. this is a much tougher issue and how much do you give the president? do you agree with the administration or stop asylum, president. >> we want reported that the trump administration and the new mexico government agreed that they would remain in mexico while the flame are going through the process. that's a lot of resistance and we will see how it works out. going back to the point, look,
9:32 am
when republicans were solidly in control of the congress back then, the president did not get the border wall funding that he demanded and with democrats emboldened in the house and they won control of the chamber, they will not be in the mood to give the president. >> unless he is willing to give a lot. the president's reaction to the journalist's murder is not sitting well with a growing list of republican who is want him to call out the saudi crown prince. . some may disagree. (scream) no! others won't believe it. no! no! and some just won't have the words. (laugh) join t-mobile and get the samsung galaxy s9 free. we look forward to your reactions. (scream) ♪ bum-bum-bum-bum-bum
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cnn calling the race for utah. mia love conceding and mcadams won by about 700 votes. only one race undecided and that's new mexico's second congressional district. the council holding an emergency meeting near crimea. they accuse russia of firing on and seizing three ships on sunday and even ramming a vessel that you can see here. the government said six sailors were injured. nikki haley condemning the actions at the security council. >> we strongly support ukraine's sovereignty within its internationally recognized borders extending to the territorial waters. we express deep concern over the incident which represent a dangerous escalation and violation of international law. >> russia said the ships have
9:38 am
crossed into russian waters. susan collins is joining a growing list of republican who is promised to address president trump over saudi arabia. it's a grave mistake to ignore the assessment that the saudi prince ordered the killing of jamal khashoggi. that echoes similar calls from other republicans. pa. >> i disagree with the president's assessment. >> i think we need to look into this further. if there are indicators that the prince was involved in this murder, we need to consider further action. >> mbs contributed to murdering somebody a brought and it is not strength to mumble past that. strength telling the truth even when it's hard. >> come back to that in a second. let's start with mia love who was a rising star in the republican party and now will be former congresswoman in a few weeks and all the more notable
9:39 am
because of the president mocking her the day after the election saying he got no love from mia love. >> kicking someone when they are down. she had to distance herself from the president when she was running. it was a tricky district. he is not as popular in utah as other places. the news speaks to the difficulty the president had since the election. steady drip, drip, drip. democratic gains in the house. >> it speaks to the scope. the democrats picking up a seat outside of salt lake. >> this is the suburbs shifting away as the rural districts shifted hea eed towards the rep party. mia love ran in 2012. it's a democratic district relatively speaking. she won it in 2016, but i think this is a huge problem. orange county went blue after being the center of the republican party. so it's a new republican party
9:40 am
that is not so reliant, but not a party that can win elections. that's something republicans haven't been able to grapple with. >> can they see ben mcadams and conservative not to worry about 2020. he will be a top target and signed the letter saying he will not support nancy pelosi for the leadership. there will be a key vote coming forward. he will be the person to watch pretty closely. >> heading into an entering period. we will see if the president studies the results. up next, president trump heads south to help an embattled republican keep her senate seat.
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♪ president trump back on the campaign trail on the eve of this mid-term contest.
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he will go for cindy hyde smith against the democrat, mike espy. both agree hyde smith is leading, but democrats are hoping her words and actions will protelepel espy to an upse. the final day of the final campaign. tell us what's happening. >> first of all, the temperature has taken a nose dive. you talk about the president coming in for cindy hyde smith. mike espy is taking a personal approach. he will show up at the upscale mall at jackson to shake hands and talk to voters. this is more like cindy hyde territory here. it only goes to show he knows and the campaign knows in order to win in this state he can't rely on a heavily enerinized democratic turn out.
9:46 am
he hope that is the republicans that the republican candidate made hurricaned off republican voters. it is the public hanging comment that energized so many democrats. of african-american voters make up 33 to 36% of voter registration in the state. a significant number. you may have turned up some republican support. then you had the holiday. the thanksgiving holiday will be five days since when people go to the polls. the campaign shut down completely. i can't remember is you a significant vote after such a significant holiday. the commercials ran and they are starting from scratch. turn out is key, as you know. >> it will be a fascinating day. appreciate you being on the ground as we head into the final campaign of the mid-term. the president going twice to republican base areas of the
9:47 am
state. am i wrong? the president wants to make this a referendum on him, not on her. >> 100%. they win if it's about him and not about her. this is a fascinating race to watch as his questions about her on rules of racial issues and confederacy came to light and she has not provided clear answers. they know it's a hard state to win and you have seen the outside state to win. the republicans spent 1 million or so for the democrats. maybe they can pull an upset, but it's very, very unlikely. that would be huge. >> this is just since the november 6th. you are right. 1.2 million by the democrats. here's a simpling of the ads. mike espy saying think about everything she said and the republicans going after him saying way too liberal for
9:48 am
mississippi. >> we worked hard to overcome the stereotypes that hurt our economy and cost us jobs. her words should not reflect mississippi's values either. cindy hyde smith is so embarrassing she would be a disaster. >>. >> the liberals have their candidates, funneling tens of thousands into his campaign because he is one more vote to stop president trump's agenda. >> two words haunt them. doug jones. they lost the alabama seat. >> how mike espy framed this around her comments and saying it could devastate us. the message is it could drive away businesses in this state and with the stereotype that is the state worked hard to overcome and an argument that resonated in other areas when the culture issues came up. we mentioned the alabama race, but back to a few years ago when the state had the big
9:49 am
controversy which is the law that would have allowed to o businesses to discriminate. we saw the corporate backlashes a and. >> you will hear from trump today at his rallies. how this affects his agenda and his plan for the next two years. you will hear a repeat from the rallies. if you like what i'm doing on judges and taxes and any of these things, we can't afford it. >> we need a border wall. i need your vote. >> he will say things about her, but largely about his agenda and his message and how to keep it going. >> two problems for democrats and they don't have much in mississippi. maybe the one of the thing for democrats in the country and the second is trump's visit here.
9:50 am
it's an off cycle run off election. anything can happen. you need them to get out the vote and that's the bulk of the party. you can't have the most popular guy in the party coming to the state at the last minute. that's a big turn out for republicans. >> if you count the votes tomorrow, espy in the suburban areas and we talked about moderate republicans defacting to the democrats. another important point is the trade off. you pay for that. stacey abrams and beto o'rourke and just as miss hyde smith's comments may energize them, in rural county after rural county, these democrats performed worse than president obama. something else to watch in mississippi. >> one reason why is barack obama will not be going back to
9:51 am
mississippi. it could drive up the black vote and turn off rural voters and espy needs to cross over. that's why it will be so hard for him to win. >> the republicans pick up two. tomorrow night we will be counting the votes. up next, a rising star could lose one of her big platforms.
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9:55 am
do you believe in hindsight that those techniques were immoral? >> senator, what i believe
9:56 am
sitting here today is that i support the higher moral standard we decided to hold ourselves to. >> can you please answer the question. have you had a conversation with anyone in that firm. it's a really specific question. >> i would like to know the person you are thinking of. >> i think you are thinking of someone and you don't want to tell us. >> two examples of how the most junior democrat likes to stir things up. kamala harris could get caught up in a numbers crunch. the democrats lost senate seats and they need to make room for the new republicans. t"the washington post" said if seniority is the standard, that could cost harris that seat on the judiciary committee. harris is a rising star to many progressives and former campaign aid run it is the liberal group demand justice has this warning. whatever options they need to
9:57 am
consider, removing harris should not be one of them. the backlash would be intense. so, how do they save her seat or do other members of the committee like cory booker or amy klobuchar say yes? >> they wouldn't be too disappointed, but that's a good one for chuck schumer. senator harris went in anticipating she could lose her seat and told him she wants to stay on the committee. she is interested in the issues and it's become such a platform for her during the major confirmation hearings. there is a number of ways democratic leaders could save her seat. one is begging mitch mcconnell to add a new seat that doesn't seem likely for now. >> he wants to help them. >> that are doesn't seem to be
9:58 am
an option, but democrats are crossing their fingers. another option that may be more likely is to lure the senior members to another committee such as a senate finance committee that has two vacancies. a lot of democrats really like the work on the committee. it's going to be hard for chuck assumer to convince one of them to leave. >> all these democrats position themselves for 2020 and how they position themselves against each other trying to one up each other and trying to promote themselves and voting one way and driving the rest of the conversation to the left. there are democrat after democrat considering running for president and she is one of them. her losing that spot could be important especially with a supreme court vacancy. >> criminal justice reform. the bis is already mad at him and all these judges getting
9:59 am
through. >> this is a negotiation they are going to have to figure out. the things he can handout and try to work on that. i would say that as well. you have seen with harris and the other democrats saying outside of washington trying to raise their profiles as well. she spends time in iowa and the mid-terms are doing that. there are opportunities as well. >> she was just helping other candidates win the mid-terms. does she stay or go? >> she probably goes, but she is probably okay for the presidential run. this is a small speed bump. it is so much more important in iowa and new hampshire which is happening. >> she stumbled on the kavanaugh hearings by making questions about his contacts with the mueller investigation that didn't come to light. >> she got a lot of buzz from it.
10:00 am
we want to welcome a brand-new number to the inside politics family. blake carroll washington. our congrats to shannon and emmanuel. look at that baby. when that kid is ready, i'll step aside. brianna keilar starts right now. >> i'm brianna keilar live from the washington headquarters. under way right now, it's the biggest story impacting the world and not only does the president not believe it, but he tried to buries y it. thousands of jobs are cut in the rust belt and a racially charged run off and throwing in a presidential visit to the tension in mississippi. a dangerous new standoff may be putting russia and ukraine on the brink of war. we start with the latest in the


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