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tv   CNN Right Now With Brianna Keilar  CNN  November 30, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PST

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this moment he does understand. if he was seen as being too close, that might be a problem. >> we will watch that play out. >> sheer hap he is happy there is no photo. >> up early at 8:00 a.m. eastern. brianna keilar starts right now. >> i'm brianna keilar live from washington headquarters. we start with breaking news. an earthquake near anchorage, alaska triggered a tsunami warning. i want to bring in allison for us. tell us about the magnitude of this and where the tsunami warning is. >> the magnitude is increased back to 7.0. this often happens when you get earthquakes. you get data from a lot of places and the numbers will go up and down in the first 20 minutes after the quake happened. if you read anywhere you had a 6.6 or 7.2, they are all
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referring to the same quake. it is adjusted to a 7.0. 40.9 kilometers deep. in terms of earthquakes, anything under 70 kilometers is shallow. the main concern with shallow earthquakes is a tsunami threat. this is where the area of the earthquake occurred. we had at least one aftershock. this is what you are looking at. that aftershock was a 5.8 a little bit south of anchorage alaska. the inlets and peninsulas that take place here. what we know is there is a localized tsunami warning that has been issued for the cook inlet and the southern peninsula around this region. we don't have a widespread warning. when you get large earthquakes, they will issue them up and down the pacific ocean. we do not have that in this case. this is a localized tsunami threat for this particular area.
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let's take a look at what we are talking about. you can see the areas in orange where they have the tsunami warning. it does not extend throughout much of the rest of alaska. it's just that localized region. we don't have actual tsunami observations that came in, but those take time. they will monitor those over the next several hours. often times they come from 5 to 40 minute intervals. it does take time with those. this was a 7.0 earthquake near anchorage, alaska. we had one aftershock so far. there is a tsunami warning for localized areas of the cook inlet and peninsula. we will let you know if we get more up to date information. >> if you would, stand by with me. i want to listen in to live
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coverage from alaska. this is our cnn affiliate there, k tv a. >> no power in wasilla. his family lives out in wasilla. >> this is preliminary still. this comes in from the national weather service. 7.2 earthquake recorded 10 miles northeast of anchorage, alaska. the reason it did feel so strong is it was so close to us here in anchorage. tsunami warning in effect for the cook inlet. you want to get inland. it is not expected to spread too far away from there, but still it's right here. you want to get in. that's the take away here. 7.2 earthquake. a lot of videos. we will keep getting more as we go.
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>> there is only one radio station in town here so please be safe out there and hug your loved ones and give you updates as we welcome available. those are windows and windows blown out. computers flying and cameras toppling over. absolute destruction. over a 7.0 earthquake. hopefully you are safe wherever you are. if you are on kodiak island, get inland. i'm sure you will see a lot of people facebook living from around the anchorage area. we are waiting for the okay to go back in the building. there was a little bit of an aftershock.
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the panelling came tumbling down. it's not good to be standing close to the building here. no aftershocks at the moment. man, have not felt an earthquake like that ever. we are hearing no power in wasilla. >> 7.2 earthquake which is preliminary. this comes in and the reason it did feel so close to us. tsunami warning in effect. if you are anywhere near the cook inlet, you want to get inland. it's not expected to spread too far away. 7.2 earthquake. working out the details.
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we will keep getting more. as john showed you -- >> we are looking at the local affiliate, k tv a. allison is monitoring this from the whetheather center. it is normal for the numbers to be adjusted. 7.2 and down south of 7 and now it's back at a 7.0 quake. either way as you look at the damage, windows blown out. this is a major earthquake. >> yeah, the main focus should not be the number. it is likely going to continue to fluctuate. the main concern is to get to higher ground. again, this is where the earthquake was just outside of anchorage. a lot of folks there could feel it because it was literally near the city. we had at least one aftershock take place. the yellow that you see here on this screen, these are people that live in the area that have
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reported and they felt very strong shaking. we have seen the damage taking place not just from the main quake, but the aftershock. this orange you are seeing is the tsunami warning we are talking about. it mainly affects the cook inlet. in these areas, get to higher ground. they can come in fast and sometimes come in the waves after them. sometimes the intervals can be from 5 to 40 minutes. if it's only five, up don't have long before the next wave will come in. the main focus for the region is to get to higher ground. if you are in a building that is structurally compromised, get out of the building as well. even if it's minor areas of damage, you don't know what's underneath the structure. with every subsequent
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aftershock, that building will be more compromised. it's better to err on the side of caution and get to higher ground and get to a safe place. >> yeah. check on your neighbors if you can. windows blown out and connectivity issues. stand by because we will continue to monitor the 7.0 earthquake happening near anchorage, alaska with a tsunami warning for part of the anchorage area. we will bring back details as we get them. breaking right now, the russia investigation drama playing out in washington and new york. president trump is far away in argentina attending the g-20 summit. the action back home impacting his moves on the world stage. he planned a planned meeting with russia president, vladimir putin. saying it's because of the michael cohen case. michelle kosinski is live in
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buenos aires. these are managed situations, but he met briefly with the saudi crown prince. >> right. that was one of the questions. what kind of interaction would not just he, but other world leaders have with the crown prince. they have so recently been implicated by the intelligence committee in the murder of jamal khashoggi. here's the video we have of president trump meeting briefly on the sideline of a leader's meeting. they exchanged pleasantries with all the world leaders. president trump said they didn't have at any discussion in this brief, but they still might, moving forward.
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that video is of them slapping hands and laughing and smiling. they have that piece of video for you. so many are reacting to that now. there was an intersection between the french president and mbs as the crown prince is referred to. here's putin and the crown prince now. big hand shake and big smiles and hey, how are you doing? earlier the french president was saying he was delivering a stern warning to the crown prince. it was later reported you could hear the crown prince saying i'm not worried and macron said i am worried. it looked like a serious conversation. trump's interaction lies in between those. he hinted that they may have a discussion at some point. how that will go is one of the,
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we will have to see what the question is. >> with the president, thank you so much. i want to bring in our legal analyst and chief political analyst, gloria borger. this is fascinating optics and did he mean to meet with the crown prince? if we can replay that, they are exchanging pleasantries. the only person who looks pleasant is steve mnuchin. >> w you wonder if a way, she seems stern as well as does the president's facial expression. they are aware of what it means to be seen here with crown prince mohammad bin salman. >> i think they are. >> i think as you point out, mnuchin seems to be the only one enjoying himself with a smile on his face. trump seems to be talking to
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ivanka and kind of avoiding direct contact and face-to-face contact with mbs. we are not seeing the whole thing play out. i'm sure it was pretty uncomfortable. >> it's pretty outrageous to see mnuchin there smiling and laughing and sort of yucking it up and ivanka trump. >> one of his reflexes is to smile. he may be a nervous smiler. it's not okay. you need to be cognizant of what you are projecting. >> i get your point, but this this issage interesting conference. they know there are cameras right there. there is an intelligence assessment that the president and the administration kept from congress. they are not allowing the intelligence community to brief members of congress as to what the cia's assessment is as to his potential role in the killing of jamal khashoggi.
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this meeting should have been prevented or the other should have been aware of how they would handle his presence. >> should have been avoided completely. >> sure. talk about this hand shake we see between the crown prince and vladimir putin. we saw this and it reminded me of the hand shake we saw after nasa had the mars expedition. it was a celebration and they had a crazy hand shake. this is almost like that. putin is saying you're my guy. this was one step short of a bear hug. it was completely for show on putin's part.
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>> with president trump and the administration handled the jamal khashoggi incident and how they are surrounding to the incident. they go to this and you see the hand shake and just the thuggery of these. >> why is he welcome given jamal khashoggi is executed in the consulate of saudi arabia in another country? really, all the world leaders should be embarrassed that he is welcome there until where his body is publicly. >> what consumed the president in his trip. and the spotlight is turning to
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his children.
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we are following breaking news. a major earthquake in the anchora anchorag anchorage,alaska area. there is a tsunami warning for part of the anchorage area. let's listen to our local affiliate. >> the pictures you see from the good friday earthquake. look at that. hugs from texas, prayers from north carolina. we appreciate you guys tuning in. pretty quiet here at the station. we do have -- >> they are closing campus today and nonessential personnel should go home. do not go to campus if you are
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already there. again, we are hearing on the overpass in minnesota. that is out here at the international airport. the northbound off-ramp. i will show you the picture. >> that was international. >> yeah. >> that's minnesota international. hopefully no one is hurt. that was the question in minnesota. >> right now, this is a preliminary 7.0 five miles outside of anchorage. >> i want to bring in brian. we are watching what is extraordinary local coverage, a camera outside of k tv a as they are talking to the reporters. the media stations are all down. that's how significant this is.
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>> that's right. context for the viewers and all the local stations have been knocked off the airwaves by the earthquake. that happened about 50 or 55 minutes ago. as a result only these were seen from the local stations are the facebook live streams. power is out in parts of anchorage, but thankfully via cell phone towers and some of these pictures are starting to come out via facebook and other social media tools. all the local tv stations are down. that's always a problem in the emergencies because viewers tune in to see what happened. in alaska, the sun was not up yet. the sun is just now coming up. now we know power is out across parts of the city. that increases the problems in responding to this. >> let's listen in, brian.
10:22 am
we are working on getting the audio up so we can hear this. let's keep chatting while we do that. let's listen back in now to the local affiliate, k tv a. >> people are coming into work and i don't know necessarily why they are coming in. it is destroyed. our studio and newsroom is flooded. the ceiling is caved in and there is debris everywhere. it is very difficult to breathe inside. >> if you are in the building, you should just get out. it's one of the points where if it's a higher building, it gets more compromised and there is a lot of structural engineering and a lot of chemicals. as john said, my voice is scratchy from evacuating. we grabbed a couple of things and ran out in that short period of time and got soaking wet and got stuff in our lungs.
10:23 am
it's one of the situations where you just want to be safe. even the road is backed up with traffic and trying to get to family. that's one of the situations where it's hard to get information, but right now, once again, what we do know, five miles north of anchorage, 7.0 earthquake and multiple roads are shut down and reports of fire. just do everything you can to be safe and take it slow. >> sydney is here and saying that -- what it was? the aftershocks? i'm checking out what folks are saying. >> lots of reports of aftershocks. turn your gas and water off. that's one of the things right away. if you can, turn the gas off if you know how to do it.
10:24 am
absolutely turn that off. a lot of the pipes are hard put in place. the copper pipe. your house starts shaking. if you can shut it off, do so. >> exciting panelling. no glass from the structures like this. >> a 7.0 quake that knocked the local stations off and there is
10:25 am
a tsunami warning. if you are in those areas, you want to get to higher ground. we have a lot more breaking news on this and trump in argentina in the cohen case. we will be back in just a moment. in-laws were coming, a little bit of water, it really- it rocked our world. i had no idea the amount of damage that water could do. we called usaa. and they greeted me as they always do. sergeant baker, how are you? they were on it. it was unbelievable. having insurance is something everyone needs, but having usaa- now that's a privilege. we're the baker's and we're usaa members for life. usaa. get your insurance quote today.
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anchorage, alaska where it is about 9:30 a.m. local there. there is an earthquake of 7.0. this is a major earthquake. we are getting some of our first pictures of some of the damage that we have seen here. you can see food strewn about in this eating establishment. we have also seen reports and video from the local tv station. you see windows blown out. the glass blown out of these windows. this is major. i want to bring in allison. you have been monitoring this from the moment that we first got word that this happened. we are also looking at pictures hereof a school.
10:31 am
>> we had five large aftershocks. the highest one was a 5.8 that impacted downtown. you have some buildings that sustained more damage from the aftershock than they did from the initial quake. part of that is again, when you have an earthquake, that will compromise a lot of buildings. any aftershocks after that likely to do more damage. all of those red dots, those are the ones you see that are the aftershocks. in terms of the overall scale, the main is going forward. this localized threat. this is the cook inlet and peninsula. right around where the 7.0 was. if you live in those areas or know people who do, get to higher ground. sometimes they can be intervals as much as 40 minutes. you don't want to take a chance. you are seeing damage on the
10:32 am
screen from some of these earthquakes and aftershocks. the aftershocks are likely to continue. more damage is possible. especially one of the reporters saying turn your gas off if you know how. turn your water off if thank you know how. one other thing to mention. they put out that they expect this to be a yellow pager. 35% chance you are going to have impacts. most is likely to be the damage to buildings or roads. we had word there is issues for people getting to the airport as well. >> we're saw a second of an off-ramp that looked damaged. there was concern from the local reporters for the safety of a motorist. we are going to continue to monitor that. stay with us. i want to bring in nick watt who is monitoring this from the west
10:33 am
coast. you are monitoring this. what can you tell us? >> as allison said, there could be more damage create and we still don't know the extent of the damage from the original quake just before 8:30 in the morning alaska time and the subsequent aftershocks going up to 5.8. the actual first major earthquake was about five miles northwest of anchorage at a depth of about 25 miles. we have seen on social media, a number of pictures of penta ant lights swinging. people are still assessing them. we heard from the department of transportation. they had reports of damage in anchorage and surrounding areas. they have crews out trying to assess the damage. we heard from the school district and people are advised to pick their kids up and they are assessing the damage to the buildings. we heard from one person who was a witness. it's difficult getting information out. near the tv stations, they were
10:34 am
knocked off the air and phone lines damaged. we heard from one person who said i could tell this was bigger than anything i had been in before. it wasn't going to stop. in 1964, there was a devastating bigger quake in alaska that killed over 100 people. this man was in a multistory downtown building. he said it was a big jolt and it volted back and forth. early estimates is there is damage, but the extent we just do not know. >> there is new video coming in and we have video inside buildings there in the anchorage area and we are going to continue to monitor this as they have suffered a 7.0 earthquake
10:35 am
with a lot of concerns about damage. we are getting new information in and we have a lot of folks assessing and we will be talking to people on the ground. we'll be right back. ♪ the kenya tea development agency is an organization that is owned by tea farmers. every week we sell this tea, we get paid in multiple accounts. we were looking for a bank to provide a safe and efficient technology platform to pay our farmers. citi was the only one that was able to ensure that this was done seamlessly. and today, at the touch of a button,
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news out of alaska. there has been a major earthquake. 7.0 and reports of a lot of damage. this is the early stages. folks are still trying to assess what's going on there. we are talking about windows blown out. there are highways that are closed. damage to roads. we have seen what looked like an on ramp to a highway that just crumbled. we are talking about serious damage here. i want to tell folks who might be listening to cnn on satellite, if you are in the cook inlet area, there is a tsunami warning for those areas. you want to head to higher ground and check in with your neighbors about that as well. i want to bring in blair who is coming to us from wasilla, alaska. she was heading to anchorage, alaska. you were there from wisconsin to train for the iditerod for the
10:41 am
dog race and you were trying to head to anchorage. you are in wasilla. tell us about what you are seeing. describe the scene around you. >> we just left the only gas station that's open where the woman who runs it is contemplating turning on the american off switch. everyone is fueling up on gas to drive to high ground. my husband and i are driving east. we are driving north -- east. we turned a couple of times. we are close to the coast. we are getting conflict iing an we are going to keep driving unless we hear otherwise from an official source. >> the official warnings are that the cook inland has a tsunami warning. this is a limited tsunami warning and it is in effect.
10:42 am
blair, what is the damage like? they have gas leaks and the power is out in this entire town. >> what's the damage like? >> people are concerned about gas leaks, i should say. we are on the road and it's a lot of stop and go traffic to get to high ground. but we are getting reports about on ramps and crumbling sinkholes and a lot of mountainous areas around here and people are trying to figure out how to get out safely. >> you can tell us what it was like when you went through the earthquake. also just be clear. are you there waiting for gas? i want to make sure you are in a
10:43 am
safe place. >> i am. my husband is driving and we just filled up on gas with a full tank and we are leaving the gas station. we were able to get through the line. so i am safe right now. we are on the road driving. >> tell us about going through the earthquake. >> we were in a hotel room. i'm on my way to anchorage for the iditerod meeting. i grew up in california and felt earthquakes before, but this was next level. the bed started shaking and everything was shaking so dramatically. my husband crawled across the room and threw himself on top of me and we crawled to at this time bathroom and waited it out in the doorway. waited through the aftershocks. people were running down the halls and banging on the doors to evacuate. all the power was out and it was so dark here.
10:44 am
you really couldn't get light from outside the window either. >> all of this happening in the dark there in anchorage. blair, as you were on the phone there, as you were driving trying to get to a safer place, we want to listen to the local affiliate out of anchorage describing the damage in the area. >> the things that are all over there the blaglass doors are broken. if you were just tuning in, 7.0 magnitude earthquake. the reason this was so big is it was five miles north of anchorage. close to the center. 7.0 magnitude, a big one. you can hear alarms going off. 25 miles deep. this came on and within seconds, the newsroom looked like that. things were falling and there
10:45 am
was dust in there. every time you were breathing it, it hurt. i assumed it was happening everywhere. all the sheet rock and all the walls shaking and all of that just solid stuff becoming dust from that hard shaking. it was quite incredible. you show around the building what it looks like inside. we are doing our best to give you any information we can. i try to tweet and facebook from my phone, but it's not going. it's not making it through. there is too much band width being used. we are just staying on and letting you know saying 7.0, 5 miles an hour and also to let you know what's going on. everyone in town is off the air, but my brother is a producer in miami. he sent me a picture. cnn is running with this stuff.
10:46 am
>> all right, so that just shows you how chaotic it is in anchorage. the local affiliate broadcasting with the technology they have in their pockets. not even aware that it's going out on cnn. we have been dipping into local coverage and hearing the sirens and the alarms. we have been talking to people who are there in anchorage describing the damage that you can see here from the 7.0 earthquake near anchorage. i want to get in a quick break and we'll be right back.
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breaking news out of
10:51 am
anchorage alaska. new video of the earthquake damage. you can see why the anchorage police department is saying is there is major infrastructure damage there. this is one of the roads in the area. this happened this morning. can you see it's dark there. it was still dark there at around 8:30 a.m. when this happened. you can see a road there just buckling with a car in the middle of it. this is the concern of emergency responders there. i want to get to pete peterson, an anchorage resident. pete, you were in bed when this happened and this woke you up. tell me about what happened. >> well, you know, we do get earthquakes regularly here in anchorage, so it's not uncommon
10:52 am
to get a little shaker sometimes in the evening or the morning. but this one was a big jolt. it started immediately with a big jolt, and i could tell, you know, instantly that this was going to be a pretty big shaker. >> so what damage are you seeing -- is there any damage to your building? is there any damage that you can see? >> i haven't -- i went outside and looked around. i didn't see any physical damage to the building. so, you know, structurally as far as i can tell it looks fine. pretty much anything that was sitting on top of anything else has been shook down to the floor. so did have a little broken glass, a couple of prints that had fallen from the wall. >> and have you been able to get in touch with family or friends? what's the connectivity there as far as phones go?
10:53 am
>> well, my cell phone does work. my land line does not. i don't have power right now. there are areas of anchorage i've heard that do have power, but here on the east side right now, we don't have power. i was able to get a phone call through to my sister who lives in eagle river, about 15 miles or so north of here. i talked to her and she's without power as well but she and her husband are doing fine. then i got a text message off to my brother to let him know. he lives in iowa. he just texted me back a few minutes ago saying that he was glad everything wasn't worse. >> and hopefully he's hearing you here on cnn and he can hear that you are doing quite fine. there is concern of course about a lot of other people in the anchorage area. we're seeing pictures of a buckled highway. pete, i don't know how old you are so you let me know if you
10:54 am
went through the 1964 quake or even just what the concern is. you said you're used to earthquakes. i know that's the case being on the west coast. there are little earthquakes you go through and then there are the occasional big ones like this that are so awful. what will be the concerns do you think historically there in anchorage when you think about the damage that this city has experienced before? >> well, the earthquake in '64 and i want living here back then, i moved here in 1981, but the quake shook so long and so violently in '64 that the soil underneath parts of anchorage turned to liquid. so i don't believe we have anywhere near the type of shaking this time that would cause that type of damage. >> well, and thank goodness. we're seeing some video coming in from schools. we're seeing some of the damage
10:55 am
that you describe there. we just were speaking with peter mehegan -- pete peterson. in his house, he's fared pretty well but anything that was on shelves, pictures have fallen to the ground. 7.0 earthquake happening near anchorage, alaska. major infrastructure damage according to the anchorage police department. we'll continue to follow this and be back in just a moment. (roger) being a good father
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this is cnn breaking news. you are watching cnn with me on this friday afternoon, i'm brooke baldwin. let's dive into this breaking news. the 7.0 earthquake near anchorage, alaska, has triggered a tsunami warning. roads, highways, bridges totally collapsed. a lot of damage if this quake. ainge range emergency officials are alerting people to shelter in place. 2 p.m. on the east coast, 10 a.m. a a.m. anchorage time. high school kids under desks as glass shatters all away them.


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