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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 30, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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this is cnn breaking news. you are watching cnn with me on this friday afternoon, i'm brooke baldwin. let's dive into this breaking news. the 7.0 earthquake near anchorage, alaska, has triggered a tsunami warning. roads, highways, bridges totally collapsed. a lot of damage if this quake. ainge range emergency officials are alerting people to shelter in place. 2 p.m. on the east coast, 10 a.m. a a.m. anchorage time. high school kids under desks as glass shatters all away them.
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they have closed all schools there. our affiliate, ktva, who has been live on facebook, is reporting several road closures and at least one report of an overpass that has possibly collapsed. here is our affiliate ktva. >> not much but quite a bit. this is the graphics department office where we have flooding, batteries all over the place. >> so many were able to stick on the wall there. man, it is just absolute destruction. this is doug's desk right here. this is where the gentleman holding the cell fen wophone wo. >> let's head this way toward master control. >> i'm going to take you down toward the main studio right now. if you're just joining us, it happened around 8:30.
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we are "day break," doing some cut-ins and different things. >> looks like master control is all right. >> you see jeremy there, that's going out over broadcast television. we had deejay spencer lee and fish and game on. we break that you and give content for the evening news. that's what we were doing about 8:30. 7.0 magnitude earthquake and it was, what, about five miles north of anchorage, 25 miles deep so pretty shallow and just caused mass destruction. overpasses at minnesota international and the bridge. going to show off here. >> this is our production control room. as you can see, jeremy is live
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right now through our station, but this is what we're sort of looking at, a lot of our stuff, our monitors have fall i don't know. a lot of lights have fallen. >> and this is dangerous, too. eric almost hit his head on that because he's a tall guy. >> be careful where you're walking about with this debris. >> and this light fixture is hanging on by a thread. >> i'd like to show where i was when this happened. because this is a pretty impressive example of what you're looking at, about why it's important to get under shelt a shelter. so this is the room i was in when this happened. i don't know how well you guys can see but this is our tape room. >> the first iditarod is in here. we got some really cool classic footage in the archives here. >> i was sitting over there at
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that computer and luckily got out of the building before that happened. imagine if you were trying to hide or take shelter against a wall, against the wall with the tapes. this is why you don't do that. this can fall on you, it can hurt you. don't stand and you doorway. get under something sturdy. >> it used to be the graph, department. the entire table is flipped over back here. or maybe it's just a mess to begin with. >> it is not. let's go downstairs. >> a lot of people were asking is everybody okay. i believe everybody got out of the building okay. we didn't get our big rush of people coming into work quite yet. some people who are usually in at this time weren't in yet, which was kind of a surprise to me. we should show off augie hebert,
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the studio is named after him. >> the whole building shakes and foundation, especially around wall seams sort of just rips. here you can see these studs where we had the studs come in, they got shook loose. >> oh, yeah, look at that. >> right here's another good shot of what happens to the seams around dry wall where it sort of just shakes and sheers. >> all right. so all of our -- all the different tv stations in anchorage have been knocked off the air. credit to ktva, they have been up and live on facebook. michael west is with me now, the alaska state seismologist. i have it was a 7.0 magnitude quake, eight aftershocks. tell me what you have. >> we located this five to ten miles north of anchorage. it is about 30 miles below the
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surface. that's different than what some of your viewers might be thinking of. we're not expecting a singular big fault lune ripping across the surface of the earth. however, because it's deep, it was felt quite widely. >> how wide, michael? how far spread? >> we got reports from about 400 miles away, credible reports of feeling the earthquake. it was much stronger near the epicenter. >> how often do you guys get earthquake earthquakes in alaska? >> well, earthquakes of a small magnitude, every 12 hours or so. but of this magnitude, this is a significant event.
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>> and can you tell us about the kanai area? >> there's a lot of different inlets and bays that can focus and channel water. it's my understanding that as of now, noaa has cancelled their tsunami warning. >> got it. got it. s that good news for folks in that area. michael west, thank you so much, the alaska state seismologist. nick watt, as we were looking at the damage, broadening out between edit-based, shattered and flooded newsroom, you see these pictures of highways and bridges damaged. don't have nick watt. brian stelter, i'm going to switch on over to you. you heard michael saying how widespread this is. it is unique in that you have earthquakes all the time but as severe in such a populated area
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in anchorage is quite newsworthy and people could feel it as far as 400 miles. >> also in anchorage suburbs like wasilla and areas like that. a lot of reports of damage within people's homes, glasses shattered, things off shelves, same things at stores. because of the time of day of this earthquake, about 8:30, remember the way the world works, it was still dark there. the sun had not come up there in anchorage. sun up was around 9:30. so it was dark and it made it scarier for residence. some people posting on facebook saying they are having to clean up glass in their homes and check for damage.
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no reports of fatalities and injuries yet. hopefully that will remain the case. it's only been an hour and a half but so far no reports of fatalities. i think what's most scary from these images are these highways and roads that have buckled. that's the case in anchorage and up near wasilla, numerous reports of damage being reported. >> you see this car stuck after the road is totally buckled. >> we heard from the anchorage police department it is widespread. they say there is major infrastructure damage, many homes and buildings are damaged. there was a tweet from sarah palin that just came in a little while ago. she said "our family is in tact, house is not." sm she is from wasilla.
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there are people fanned out across the city try toing assess the city and find out how damaged it is. so far no reports of injuries or fatalities coming out of anchorage, but it is difficult to get that information. we have just heard that the tsunami warning that was in place for the cook inlet, that has just been lifted. they say there is now no threat of a destructive tsunami. >> nick, thank you.
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kristen, i understand you are home with your 19-year-old. are you okay? >> i am. >> what did it feel like? >> i have been here 19 years and that was the most violent earthquake i've ever felt. >> describe it. when you say violent, what did that feel like? >> it shook like i have never felt anything shake before. it just didn't stop. it kept going and got louder and louder and things just fell of where, off my dressers and my cabinets, things off the wall. very violent feeling. >> and your husband, how is he doing? >> he is on his way home. they had to close one of the
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main bridges. the bridge over the river has been damaged. and then one of the bridges in peters creek, this side heading into anchorage, has collapsed and blocked the road and there are sinkholes on the highway as well. >> so it may be a minute, krist kristin, until you see your sweet husband come home. when we talk about the 7.0 magnitude quake, you say it's the most violent quake you felt in three-plus decades. we have eight reported aftershocks. what have those felt like? how severe? >> they're not real severe. you can hear things rattling. when i was on hold with you, i felt two of them. you get a little scared because you don't know how beg it's going to be. >> what does it sound lock? ncht like anything and
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everything is rattled. it's hard describe. my piano moved away from the wall. there's another after shock right there. i have a it's horrible. it's absolutely horrible. >> and your piano, a foot and a half off the wall. what about the actual quake itself? how long from start to finish did it last? >> you know, i was terrified. i couldn't tell you. it felt like forever. i would say it was probably 15 seconds but it may have been longer. we have a ranch house and my son was at the other end. he couldn't hear me screaming for him so i waited until it stopped and then i ran to the other end of the the house to find him and he was okay. and it was dark. we had lost all power and it was stel dark out.
11:14 am
so we turned on our cell phone flashlights and used that but we have our power back now. >> that is a good thing. hang tight. i know the directive is to shelleder in place. thank you for hopping on phone with me and explaining to those of us who have never felt it what it feels like in. >> coming up, special coverage of the earthquake in alaska next. ♪ introducing the new capital one savor card. earn 4% cash back on dining and 4% on entertainment. now when you go out, you cash in. what's in your wallet?
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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >> if you're just tuning in to us here at cnn, there's been a 7.0 magnitude earthquake right around the anchorage, alaska area. the seismologist said it's been felt around 400 miles away. we have no reports of injuries, no reports of fatalities but lots of reports of damage in and around the anchorage area. i just talked to one woman who said this was the most violent earthquake she had ever felt. let's go now to the press secretary over at the white house, who just tweeted out the white house's acknowledgement of this earthquake. sarah sanders posting this: the president has been briefed on the earthquake near anchorage, alaska and is monitoring damage
11:20 am
reports. we are praying for the safety of all alaskans. at least the tsunami warning has been lifted. let's focus on earthquake. tell me more about what you know and the damage. >> the good news is we had the tsunami warnings that no longer exist. the bad news is we continue to get after shocks. some of them are large after shocks. the last one was 9.7. where you see the yellow, those people felt strong shaking. and the orange indicates very strong if not severe shaking. one of the other concerns for this area is what's called liquifaction. most of it has to do with the oil composition. that is where anchorage is located. a little further up from that, you have high areas, but even in
11:21 am
downtown, a lot of these coastal regions are at a significant area where we have the potential for that liquifaction to take place. no flights are leaving out of the anchorage airport as of now. in terms of some planes coming in, they are still there in that area, they may reroute them. there is a ground stop. if you have any travel plans there today, please check with your carrier to make sure that may still be taking place. again, we talked about some of the impacts here from this particular earthquake. again, it was a 7.0 depth of about 40 kilometers. that's about 25 miles give or take. this again is the areathatfelt it. it goes pretty far out for those
11:22 am
people that felt strong, if not very strong shaking. we are in what's considered the yell yellow major damage area. >> i want to hone in on the anchorage area. fiphillip peterson was in downtn anchorage when it hit this morning. are you doing okay? >> yeah, i'm fine. a little shook up but i'm feeling better now. >> understandable. where were you and what did it feel like? >> i worked in an office building downtown. it's a kind of a mid-rise, 12-story building. when it started shaking, you can kind of right away tell that it was not a small earthquake. you know, i jumped under my desk and just started -- my heart was
11:23 am
beating out of my chest. this is one of the first real earthquakes since i moved up here. >> for people who never felt it, can you describe it for me? >> it felt like everything is shaking. it lasts about 45 seconds but it feels like a half hour. it's shaking, shaking, shaking and then it starts to roll a little bit. and when you're in a high rise building, it's kind of swaying as well. >> oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh. >> and there was a 9 point aftershock, a 7.5 aftershock. are you still in your building or have you left? >> no, we evacuated the office and i returned home and i'm sheltered down there now. >> reporter: did you get a chance as you were leaving to look around and see how bad the damage is in the downtown anchorage area? >> yeah.
11:24 am
i tried to take a look around, i was curious. our building took quite a bit of damage as far as like ceiling tiles and everything but structurally i couldn't tell you how it is. driving through downtown, there was no fires that i could visibly see and there was not any collapsed buildings or anything like that. i did see collapsed overpasses on my drive home, which i think people have seen pictures of. that looks pretty intense. but other than that, cracks from some of the roadways. >> philip peterson, glad you're home safe. i know it's still early but so far no reports of any injuries in the anchorage area . thank you, take care. police say there is major infrastructure damage across the
11:25 am
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11:30 am
earthquake felt like. we talked about the local tv stations and, rene, seeing people running for cover, how frightening. >> reporter: i know the faa, they are trying to assess the damage at that airport. they don't have a full picture but we know the air traffic control tower had to be evacuated. as you mentioned, brooke, flights that are bound for this airport are actually placed on a ground stop if they haven't taken off as yet. and flights already in the air are being diverted. that is the latest as far as the situation there at the airport. again, the faa says this is all
11:31 am
preliminary. obviously they're working on getting a better sense as far as what is the condition of the runways, what's the condition of the taxi ways. all that information is unknown at this point. but operations pretty much coming to a standstill at point because, first off, the air traffic control tower had to be evacuated as they try to figure everything out. it's that, as you mentioned, you're looking at images there, infrastructure that is also damaged. roadways. that is still being assessed as well. we've reached out to the u.s. department of transportation to see what their assessment is at this hour. of course they will be in charge of assessing what sort of equipment and needs will need to be moved into that area because obviously roadways, that's the artery to get people from point a to point b. that is what we know, brooke.
11:32 am
large part they are still assessing. no one has a big picture view except for the images we're getting in now. >> rene, thank you. we'll stay in close contact with you. gabrielle black is on the phone with me. gabby black, if you're with me, are you okay first and foremost? >> yes, ma'am, i am. >> so you're all right. i think i'd be shaken up. feeling this whole thing myself, talking to a woman a second ago who said she's felt earthquakes in alaska for 37 years, this is the worst she's ever felt. what did it feel like for you? >> i can completely agree. i've been in alaska my whole life and it was absolutely terrifying. the beginning, we're taking orders and we feel this -- you hear it, you feel it, we're
11:33 am
looking around thinking it won't be that big, it's going to pass. and things get worse. things start falling. and so immediately i, you know, pushed everything that's under the counter out, ran in there and all my co-workers were yelling get under the tables, in case there were people that weren't from alaska. if they didn't know what to do, get under the table and be safe. i'm still shaking. you can probably hear it in my voice. >> i can. >> i'm just scared it's going to happen again, but it was absolutely terrifying. >> wow. you're taking orders. you work at middle way cafe. it was breakfast time. >> yes, ma'am. >> how many people were around you and what was everyone else's reaction once it started? >> so people around me, there
11:34 am
was probably about 15 customers in the restaurant or in the cafe and i was working with about maybe five people up front and then there was definitely about seven people in the kitchen. and i was taking an order from a man when it happened. he was ordering breakfast and it started shaking. of course we all look at each other kind of thinking what do we do, is this serious? and when you started pefeeling that shaking and you seen the lights swing and coffee grounds and glass breaking and things shattering is when you immediately drop to your knees and try to find the most safest area to go in. thankfully for us we have really good counters to go underneath. but at that point you're just under there holding your neck hoping that it would stop and
11:35 am
hoping that everyone you love is okay and saying your prayers. like i said, get under the table in case anyone from out of state was and you aware of what to do. >> deep breaths, deep breaths. gabby black, we're glad you're okay and your customers. we know you're feeling the aftershocks. we've counted nine, one was as bad as a 5. this is the worst earthquake of their lives for many who have lived in alaska their whole lives. we'll get a look inside a home next.
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from alaska. this is inside a courtroom. this comes from our affiliate ktva. let's listen. >> oh, my god. >> it's okay.
11:41 am
>> you're okay. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> it's okay. >> oh my god is right. you can hear the breathing there. this is inside of a courtroom. now we have video from inside someone's home. >> claire? >> oh. so you just get a sense of what this was like for these people, their dogs, their children, all who endured this 7.0 magnitude quake and all the aftershaocks.
11:42 am
we've clocked nine so far. nick watt is with me now on the conditions of hospitals and roads. what do you have? >> reporter: we're beginning to get information. we just heard from the transportation department up there and apparently in downtown there is a road damaged due to a sinkhole. the road near the airplaort is closed because of a partial collapsed road. another area is closed due to a rock slide. another highway shut down near palmer, alaska. that's nearly 30 miles away from the epicenter. we've heard from the two main hospitals in anchorage. both of them are reporting isolated damage, water leaks, some cracks in walls and in floors, but those two emergency
11:43 am
rooms are still open. no report of any damage from there. we've also heard from a seismology here from cal tech in southern california, she said the average magnitude of these aftershocks is going to be 5.8. we've seen one i believe at 5.8. we've had about eight so far. she also said these aftershocks can go on for month, even perhaps years after an event like that. as we mentioned before, the tsunami warning has been lifted. that is good news because that 1964 earthquake they had in alaska killed they estimate 139 people. a lot of people were killed there by a tsunami in alaska and down here in the oregonian coast. those crews from the police department and transportation department are still assessing the damage. they're saying there's damage to downtown alaska to the roads and
11:44 am
at the airport and 20 miles away from the epicenter. >> got it. more on the special coverage out of alaska in a second. first i want to make a correction. last hour cnn reported that president trump met with the saudi crown prince, and while the two men did meet, mbs was not in the video we showed. we'll be right back. unstopables in-wash scent booster ♪ downy unstopables i'm just an average guy. do i really need it? all of us leave final expenses: funeral costs, medical bills, and other debts. in fact, the average funeral alone is between $8,000 and $9,000.
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>> we'll come back to you next hour. thank you so much. we are also -- allison mentioned the international airport in ankara, diverting flights.
11:53 am
we're getting control tower audio. we'll play that for you as we see more and more images of see more and more images of widespread infrastructure damage in the anchorage, alaska area. breaking news after this. you get a free 50" samsung 4k tv. seriously, no! [announcer]seriously! t-mobile is giving you a free 50" tv. you gotta be kidding me. this deal won't last long. so get your free samsung tv at t-mobile store today. woooo!! pop pop pop!! [ horn honking ] critics are raving, "green book is hugely entertaining." what experience do you have? [ grunting ] public relations. audiences are cheering and giving it an a+. i don't think i've ever met anyone with your appetite. [ laughing ] hi, my name is sam davis and i'm going to tell you about exciting plans available to anyone with
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you are watching cnn on this friday afternoon. we have beakireaking news out o anchorage, alaska. around 8:30 in the morning, local time in aanchorage, there was a 7.0 magnitude earthquake. folks felt it as far as 400 miles away. all the people we've been
11:58 am
talking to last hour, they said of all the earthquakes they've felt in their lifetime in alaska, this was the worst, most violent quake they've ever felt. the silver lining is we're getting more and more photos of damage, tv stations, roadways, courses, is that there are no reports of fatalities and no reports of any injuries. we've been talking to more and more people reporting out of the airport, ted stevens international airport in anchorage, there was a full ground stop. no one was coming in and flights that thought they were coming in are being diverted. the aingenchorage school distri has closed all schools and the message is to anchor in place. earlier this morning, julie, how
11:59 am
are you doing? >> i'm doing well, thank you. >> so 7.0 earthquake. i know you all feel these but i'm hearing this is the worst. how did it feel? >> i'm actually a new resident of anchorage. i moved here about four months ago, so i've only felt one earthquake prior to this one in anchorage. it was a shake but it felt nothing look this one. it did freak me out quite a bit. i was in my house at the time, and i did get some damage in the house. a dresser fell over, tv's on the ground, lots of things are broken, the glass. but i have not actually returned home yet to assess what else has happened. >> where did you move from? >> i moved from colorado springs. >> got you. so it's your second, it sounds like, earthquake in alaska. for people who have never felt it, can you describe what it
12:00 pm
sounds like and how violent the shaking is? >> it kind of sounds like a train is really close to the house and is running at full force towards the house. after you hear the sound, you start to feel the shake. i actually had just got out of the shower. it actually like dropped me to my knees. i couldn't stand anymore or try to get downstairs because of the shaking going on. so it's a very interesting feeling, and during when it's happening, you don't know how long it's going to happen. it feels like an eternity in the moment, but it was definitely quite a jolt. >> it's the jolt and then we've clocked 15 after shocks is what our meteorologist just told us. last question, i hear you're a teacher and as you just described, you were still at home. but i hear you talked to some of the other teacher friends. how are they doing? how are the kids doing in this classroom? >>