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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  December 30, 2018 3:00am-4:00am PST

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i am proud to shut down the government for border security, chuck. i will at that time mantle. i will be the one to shut it down. i'm not going to blame for you. >> trump is growing increasingly frustrated for his fail tour to get funding for his campaign promise. >> the chances for a border wall is shrunking by the day, upon the hour. >> we don't need to be on the hill whatever, fighting on when are they going to open the government back up. >> he is calling the cops on me because i'm take ago phone call
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at the doubletree hotel. >> this is a case of breathing wall black. >> i'm a person and i deserve respect and fair treatment. >> quickly after a fair investigation they fired the two individuals. >> announcer: this is "new day weekend" with victor blackwell and christi paul. happy new day to you. so glad to have you with us here. you are waking up to day nine of a partial government shutdown. president trump appears at the point here to be setting -- set i should say on blame democrats fully for this. >> in the tweets yesterday, the president blamed democrats for the shut down despite saying earlier this month he would proudly own any shutdown. >> i will shut down the government. >> okay, absolutely.
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>> and i am proud. and i it he will you what. >> i disagree. >> i'm proud to shut country the border security. i will take the mantle and i will be one that will shut it down. i'm not going to blame you for it. >> they have no votes scheduled on reopening the government. jessica dean joins us now. it appears the president is independence, at least primary, in the optics of the moment. he not calling anyone in from the other party to discuss opening up the government. >> yeah, good morning to both of you guys. that's right. he is really focused, right now, on tweeting. you guys just saw all of the tweets just from yesterday and over the past several days we have seen a litany of tweets from president trump. that has been his primary mode of communication throughout the government shutdown and certainly within the last several days, he has been back here in washington. he has been at the oval office but we haven't heard him on tv. we have really heard him from twitter and one in particular he keeps coming back to border security immigration and the
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linchpin in nch shthis showdown the budget. i want to read to you one of them. he tweeted the following. as you can imagine that illicited some strong responses from democrats and one in particular, representative and democrat ted lew of california tweeting yesterday, even #folks would concede that he is making stuff up again in january. #january is coming. that is representative ted di, u, a democrat of california tweeting that. the president referring to the death of an 8-year-old guatemalan boy and girl who were
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in u.s. custody at the time of their deaths and certainly so many people with a lot of questions how that happened. now, we know president trump wants $5 billion for his wall. that is a number he has come back to over and over again. it is unclear if he'll take less and that is what he was asked while in iraq with troops this weekend. he wouldn't directly answer if he'll take a little bit less. we know he cancelled his new year's eve plans like christmas. he was expected to be at his home in mar-a-lago in southern florida. he decided to stay here in washington and he tweeted again yesterday that he was waiting for the democrats to come on over, except we also heard from mick mulvaney, the acting chief of staff there, he said that pelosi and schumer have not been invited to the white house. so this stalemate is probably
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continuing for probably a while. >> jessica dean, thank you for the update. joining me is commentator writer and editor siraj hasmi and let me start with you here, siraj. the president attempting to use the deaths of children to sell his wall. in this risk reward calculation that we don't even know if the president when sending out this tweet actually performed, does such a salacious claim, is the output worth it? >> he is probably solidifying, if anything, the message for his base. he not moving the democrats any closer to the negotiating table by trying to reopen the government for getting funding for his border wall. the democrats, specifically,
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nancy pelosi, has no incentive to try to come to the negotiating table with president trump or the white house because she is simply waiting for that speakership and having a majority in the house. so we might as well wait until the end of the week what is actually going to happen. he probably will not get those $5 billion for funding for the border wall but there is definitely plenty of blame to go around, specifically with the deaths of these two migrant children. if there is evidence that comes forward that customs and border protection mistreated these two children or a number of other children, then you can pin the blame on the trump administration but you cannot ignore the number of senate republicans who did not back mitchell mcconnell's nuclear option to basically vote for this continuing resolution and funding for the border wall. but you also have to remember that a border wall wouldn't deter any undocumented immigrants from coming to the country or going to a port of entry to claim asylum, at the
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very least. >> the president here says if there is was a wall, he said, if we had a wall, they wouldn't even try. there is no evidence to support that. in fact, there is probably evidence to refute that. let me do more fact checking with you. the president blames, quote, democrats and their pathetic immigration policies. these policies have been if place for years as the white house, each chamber of commerce has changed hands. the ownership of the party, at the very least, misleading there. impens beyond his base, is this resonating with anyone? >> it seems unlikely. i mean, i think one thing we have to remember is we are not very long from the 2018 midterm lexs which republicans made explicitly about this issue, about the wall, about immigration, about the crisis at the border, the caravans that were coml and the american people spoke in response with that handing republicans a
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historic loss at the ballot box. the idea that we don't know how these politics will play isn't quite there, right? we do know where the country is on this issue right now. we have seen polling that says the majority of the country does not believe there is necessary to build a border wall but beyond that when we speak to the specific issue of who is to blame, who is responsible for the death of migrant children in our federal custody or at our border, first and foremost, right? the president controls the country right now, right? it's the trump administration, it's not the pelosi administration or the obama administration or the clinton administration. president trump, the buck stops with him. currently, they control both houses, the senate and the house. they have full control of the federal government you, just a few more days but beyond that a administration has benefited from and talked about its chaos theories and denied asylum seekers, right? that there is a belief that the president benefits from this
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upheaval at the border. you can't on the one hand take political benefits of people believing there is a crisis and not taking responsibility when things happen like this. >> siraj, the president tweeting, let's put it up. let's listen to the acting chief of staff mick mulvaney on friday. >> have you invited him to the white house, nancy pelosi and chum sh chuck schumer? >> no i i thought it was more appropriate to go down the hill so that is where we went. the last discussion [ inaudible ] >> we are here and we know where to find us. you guys have done this for your own salaries. you don't make an offer, they make another oovffer' another offer. >> the president says come on over but he has not invite them. is it plausible they come
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without an invitation? >> there is no plan for nancy pelosi and chuck schumer to come to the white house. they will wait to shift the power for the democrats and have more leverage to negotiate. they are probably going to win on that end because time is ticking right now. basically, the trump white house, they know that, you know, there are certain elements that are going to happen. the democrats will have subpoena power in the house and there is a lot of questions that they are going to want to ask and they are probably doigoing to try to give them in the ballpark between 1. 8 and 5 billion to reopen the government. >> can there be a deal without the president in the room? the last time he met with pelosi and schumer was 19 days ago and we saw that on television.
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consider what happened before we hit this shutdown that vice president pence was saying the president was on board with the continuing resolution to fund the government through february and then change at the last minute, does he not have to be in the room as part of these discussions? >> with most presidents, it might be possible to make a deal without the president being in the room. with this president, it seems really unlikely. we heard democrats say we are not engaging with an offer unless the president publicly supports what the deal might be. there is an understanding this is a president who does change his mind. he does say one thing and do another. he does strike a deal and turn it around and undo it. he might be watching cnn and decide he doesn't like the coverage of the deal that is struck and all of a sudden pull out of it. it does seem remarkably that a deal may be struck without the president's explicit endorsement of that deal. there are hundreds of thousands of people whose livelihoods are
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imperiled by this. federal government employees gone through the holidays not knowing when they will get the paychecks and contractors who may never see checks they were counting on as we approach a new month. rents are due two days from now. a lot of folks out this isn't politics to them or a game. they are trying to figure out what is going to happen. >> we have politicians on the air as they are going to miss one paycheck. it's difficult for people living paycheck-to-paycheck. >> thank you. >> lindsey graham and former virginia government and terry mcauliffe join jake tapper on "state of the union" this morning at 9:00 a.m. and noon eastern. he wanted to make a phone call and he ended up without a hotel room. there is new fallout this morning from a portland incident provoking national outrage.
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a new "time" report that says russians were pressuring paul manafort to repay his debt while campaign chairman. on the hunt for football fans during the college playoff games. coy wire has more. ♪ looking to lose weight this year? try fda-approved alli®. for every 5 lbs you lose, alli® can help you lose two to three more by preventing about 25% of the fat you eat from being absorbed. for the only fda-approved otc weight loss aid, try alli®.
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a hundred orders come in, but then you realize i've got a hundred orders i have to ship out. shipstation streamlined that wh the order data, the weights of , everything is seamlessly put into shipstation, so when we print the shipping ll everything's pretty much done. it's so much easier so now, we're ready, bring on t. shipstation. the number one ch of online sellers. go to and get two months free. welcome back. authorities are investigating a scary incident last night. this happened in baltimore. here is what the scene looked like after a southwest airlines jet bridge collapsed. this was at baltimore-washington international airport. the jet bridge is what you use to walk on to and off of commercial flights. >> the flight had just landed. medical personnel were helping a passenger off that plane when the malfunction happened. authorities blamed a partial equipment failure there. now hospital officials say all six people injured have
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nonlife-threatening injuries. doctors fear an american physician might have come into contact with ebola while in africa. the doctors at the university of nebraska medical center say they are keeping an unidentified doctor under observation. >> the patient has no symptoms right now but hospital officials said they will continue to closely monitor the person the next couple of weeks. remember, ebola prompted a nationwide scare in 2014 after doctors confirmed four cases in the united states. this morning, two oregon men don't have a job any more after an incident that sparked national outrage. >> the two men cornered a black guest at a portland, oregon double-tree hotel and asked him to leave. why? cnn's miguel marquez has the story. >> reporter: this is basically a case of breathing while black. white people calling the police on black people for either a mall offense or infraction or no offense at all. in this case, jermaine massey
3:18 am
checked into a hotel on december 22nd, a doubletree hotel, part of the hoilt chain of hotels in portland, oregon. he had gone to a sqert. he was coming back to his room. his mother had texted so he wanted to make a phone call. he wanted to do it in the lobby because it seemed fairly urgent. the lobby was busy so he went to a is a alloweded area of the lobby and made the phone call and he was confronted by a security guard and he hung up on his mother and used the video on his sfoncell phone. >> he can calling the cops on me because i'm taking a phone call at the doubletree hotel. say hi, earl. call them. i'm waiting. why are they coming? >> escorting you off the property. >> reporter: because what? i'm staying here. >> not any more. >> reporter: how am i loitering in an area that is public? >> you're standing here. >> this area is off limits at a certain time?
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>> only if you're a guest. >> i am a guest. >> you didn't tell me that. >> i said i'm a guest. i told you that. >> he asked why do you think this sort of thing keeps asking across the country? >> it's hurf hurtful and humiliating and i don't understand why it seems to always be a problem. i'm a person at the end of the day and i reserve respect and fair treatment and i did not receive that on saturday. i think is there a lot of perceptions about black males in particular that we are threats and we are harmful and we are just fearful individuals, and, you know, that bias, it impacts these situations, and it's harmful to us as a people. >> reporter: so far as doubletree and hilton hotels, the parent company hilton has issued a statement apologizing
3:20 am
for the incident saying they do not condone discrimination in any way and clearly after a quick investigation, they fired the two individuals. cnn has reached out to those two individuals. one couldn't be gotten ahold of. the other did not get back to us. but even the mayor of portland ted wheeler say all of this is part of the systemic nature of discrimination against african-americans in america that happens way too often. mr. massey and his lawyers are thankful for what hilton has said and done in response to this. they would like more. they want to see something in writing from them about the policy that led that security guard to confront mr. massey in that way in a public space. the hopes is that it will never happen again. back to you. >> miguel, thank you. up next, "time" magazine says a former russian spy was pressuring paul manafort to repay his debt to oligarch as man april forty was then president trump's campaign
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a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! time" magazine is reporting there is an alleged tie between a trump -- top trump campaign figure and a russian ex-spy. here are the key players. paul manafort and victor boyarkin and oleg deripaska.
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they say manafort was in debt to deripaska. manafort is scheduled to receive his first sentence in february. in the meantime boyarkin and deripaska have been questioned. 2019 could be an important year for robert mueller's rusch investigati -- russia investigation. so far, four people have been sent to prison, one person convicted at trial, seven have pleaded guilty, 36 people or entities have been charged. as more information comes to light, robert mueller is also under scrutiny. here is cnn's gloria borger.
3:26 am
>> reporter: robert mueller is the leader of the rusch investigation en'his team have become a political pinata after squeezing indictments and jail time ian plea deals from former trump advisers, including the president's exfixture, now singing and facing prison and his ex-campaign chair now dieted and accused of lying. >> they should have never been any mueller investigation because there was never anything done wrong. there was no collusion. there never has been. >> reporter: it's been a frame job since one of his lawyers. >> they are a group of 13 highly partisan democrats that make up the mueller team, excluding him, are trying very, very hard to frame him. >> reporter: an angry president fired his attorney general and hired someone more to his liking on the investigation. now delights in calling mueller a conflicted prosecutor gone rogue. ♪ >> reporter: it's hard to remember that at the start -- >> i think he is the right guy
3:27 am
at the right time. >> reporter: mueller was a bipartisan favorite. >> he would have been on anybody's top five list in the country to have taken on this kind of a responsibility. >> reporter: the resume is long. at 74, he has been involved for decades in some of the justice department's most celebrated cases. mobster john gotti. noriega and the pan am 103 bombing in lockerbie, scotland, in 2018 a case that still remains personal. >> i will never forget the visit i made to lockerbie in which i saw the small wooden warehouse in which were stored the effects of your loved ones. a white sneaker. a syracuse sweatshirt. christmas presents. and photographs. >> he has been effectively the same bob mueller in every place he has ever worked, whether that
3:28 am
was the u.s. attorney's office in san francisco in the 1970s, whether that was the george h.w. bush administration in the 1980s, whether that was the d.c. homicide prosecutor's office in the 1990s or the fbi in the 2000s. he is hard driving. he is tenacious. he is incredibly thorough and has have a very strong sense of right or wrong. >> reporter: a registered republican but it's hard to tell. >> four and a half years of whatever 2,000 meetings, i didn't hear him say anything. >> reporter: really? in washington? >> yeah. i know that sounds weird. he might have said that guy is a jerk. i didn't see it as a partisan issue. >> reporter: how would you describe his politics? >> not. >> reporter: as there are none? >> he is apolitical. he is nonpartisan. he is -- i think has become quite clear -- a pretty "law & order" guy but he doesn't speak of things in political terms.
3:29 am
>> ladies and gentlemen, president of the united states. >> reporter: which is partly why president bush picked him to run the fbi in 2001. >> fbi must remain independent of politics and uncompromising in its mission. >> reporter: mueller arrived at the fbi just seven days before 9/11. he served most of his term under bush and when president obama asked him to stay for two more years, is required an act of congress. the senate approved 100-0. his m.o.? a by the books guy even after hours. >> people told me after the christmas, we are going to the director's house, a guy who never really interacts bus. at the end of the party he would flick the lights. it's on the invitation it's 7:00 to 9:00. 9:03, the flickering of the lights is a signal. >> reporter: the father of two daughters and married to a former teacher, there was much
3:30 am
talk about family at work. a literally buttoned up and buttoned down boss. >> i remember telling him, doctor, you wear a white buttoned down every day. can you wear something else? >> i asked him years after he was director what is the deal with the white shirts you were at the fbi? he said, "i understood i was leading the fbi through a wrenching period of change. i wanted to warp twear the whit shirt because i wanted the other fbi agents to know that this was still the agency that they had signed up to join." >> reporter: his dress code as unforgiving as his work ethic. >> he was in the office tbetwee 6:00 and 6:30 every morning and flop his briefcase opposite my desk on a chair and not shoot the breeze. immediately, what is happening? what is going on? >> there is not a lot of back and forth. very quickly you're going to go through the details of the case.
3:31 am
>> reporter: would you assume he is managing the special counsel investigation the same way? >> heck yes. i wouldn't assume it. it's not like a professional choice. that is his dna. what is going on today? what you got? what you got? i don't want to hear a lot of noise. what are the facts and what is your judgment? next. let's move on. i never saw a security -- never. >> reporter: ever? >> never, ever. >> reporter: mueller grew up in the wealthy philip suburbs and a classmate of john kerry. then to princeton. the combat death of college friend david hackett in vietnam inspired mueller to join the marines. >> he was wounded in impated and shot through the leg. he received a bronze star with valor, purple heart and was right back in the fight a couple of weeks later. >> in some sense you feel you have been given a second leash on life and you want to make the most of it to contribute in some
3:32 am
way. >> reporter: after graduating the university of virginia law school, mueller soon found his way to the department of justice and remained there for most of the next four decades. >> my colleagues here at the department of justice passed -- >> reporter: two short breaks to give private practice a try. >> bob mueller has been notoriously unhappy every time he has tried to be in private practice. he just can't defend guilty people. he'll meet with a client and they will explain his problem and he'll say, well, it sounds like you should go to jail then. you know? >> reporter: he'll tell his client? >> sounds like you're guilty. bob mueller is someone who sees the world in very black and white terms. >> we will have more on special counsel robert mueller just ahead. his history with former fbi director james comey and the confrontation that occurred in a washington hospital. part two of gloria borger's report is coming up next. also, the late edition --
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we cover commercial vehicles, too. i think there's something wrong with your sink. it's no secret that u.s. president donald trump is not a fan of special counsel robert mueller nor a fan of former fbi director james comey who he fired. >> as gloria borger explains mueller and comey's relationship goes back several years. >> reporter: by 2004, mueller was running the fbi when his phone rang, it was james comey, then deputy attorney general. it was the first time mueller and comey would find themselves in a very controversial legal drama. >> i was very upset. i was angry. >> reporter: comey was worried the bush administration was determined to keep a warranty warrantless eavesdropping program that they thought was illegal. but ashcroft was in the hospital
3:37 am
recovering from surgery, leaving comey in charge. >> i was concerned that given how ill i knew the attorney general was that it might be an effort to ask him to overrule me when he was in no condition to do that. i called director mueller who had been a great help to me over that week and told him what was happening. he told me, "i'll meet you at the hospital right now. >> reporter: they had to race emergency officials to ashcroft's bedside. >> i was allowed not to be removed from the room in any circumstances. >> reporter: in the end he backed bob mueller. >> he enlisted bob mueller because he knew bob mueller had nonpartisan reputation in washington. >> reporter: that was then. now trump compares mueller to joe mccarthy, and a trump ally warns there is trouble ahead. >> i think the report is going
3:38 am
to be devastating to the president. >> reporter: after months of haggling, team trump has provided written answers to mueller's answers on tow collusion and convinced trump's problems will be more political than legal. >> eventually the decision here is going to be impeachment -- not impeachment. members are going to be conformed a lot by their constituents so our jury as should be is the american people. >> reporter: now that jury awaits mueller, who is already letting his work speak for itself. as his office wrote to the court recently, senior government leaders should be held to the highest standards. >> bob mueller believes in american institutions, so i think he wants to set the institutions up to make the best decisions that they can. >> reporter: lately, we have been getting a glimpse into mueller's world through his detailed court filings but he also know is there a lot to be learned. gloria borger, cnn, washington.
3:39 am
newspapers across the country may have been victims of a cyberattack this weekend. here is what happens. several papers including the "l.a. times" had trouble getting their saturday editions out at least on time because of the printer malfunction. at one point customer service lines were completely on the fritz. >> tribune publishing said it found it on their malware on friday. they have gotten little information beyond that. they say the origin attack originated outside the united states but a spokesperson from tribune publishing says that was not it. the tax overhaul officially goes into effect on tuesday. our tax expert will tell you what can you do to capitalize on the changes of the law in the year ahead. ♪
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so we are just two days away from a knew year which means a new round of tax it. in 2019 i think has a lot of us confused because we don't know what to expect because of the president's tax overhaul. we don't want you to panic. new tax rates don't go into effect until january 21st so a lot of changes will not hit you until 2019 until that return next year. >> what changes can you make and what can you do now to get ready? joining susus now is a financia planner, chris burns. good morning to you. it's already the 30th. one more day of this year. people can do the next 24, 36 hours to better set up their return as they mail it in at the begin of the year? >> very little they can do the next day or two. one thing a lot of people don't realize they have until next april to make contributions to a lot of accounts that have a huge impact still on this year. you can make contributions to an
3:44 am
individual retirement account up until april of next year. and it's for your 2018 tax year. i tell you what, the tax law changed so many things. a lot of people will be surprised by what they get back. they may get more money than expected but some folks are going to owe money they didn't expect, so the ability to be able to actually take money next year and still make contributions to a plan that would lower their tax liability this year is a huge benefit with that flexibility. >> so i just want to make sure we are understanding you correctly. let's say somebody does their taxes early in january and find out they are going to owe they can offset that saying i have until april of 2019 to make -- you said to give to your ira if you've got one, but what about other donations to i don't have set you know you already owe and that can be changed? >> yeah. you have until april of next year to make specifically for individual retirement accounts. your 401(k) is stuck by the end
3:45 am
of the year. if you haven't contributed it to by now you're pretty much done. your iras you can put money into until april of next year. and hsas, health savings accounts, both of those could give you a tax deduction for your 2018 taxes. so a lot of people are going to be surprised. it's like one of my favorite traditions growing up was the stocking on christmas morning? my dad liked to slip in like socks and underwear sometimes in there. it was always a surprise, right? you never knew what you were going to get. people are going to put their 1099s or w2s in and might be shocked what comes back with a tax change. take a deep breath and know you have the flexibility to make contributions the in exfew months and offset any tax liability you didn't expect. >> let's talk about charitable donations. i read you told our producers to bunch donations. what does that mean? >> one of the biggest problems or concerns about this tax change was how it would impact charities. it takes away the incentive for
3:46 am
a lot of people to give. because a lot of folks that have itemized in the past because of the doubling of the standard deduction are not going to itemize any more so they are not getting a special tax break for those dollars to charity. one thing you can do is bundling your donations. okay. bundling is not always a good thing. i have a december birthday. sometimes people bundled my birthday and christmas presents? parents? come on, parents. >> i'm with you. it happened to me too. i know. >> you understand, right? bundling your donations is great. here is how this works. let's say you were going to give $10,000 to churches and charities and take it and put it in a savings account instead this year and take the standard deduction because it's higher. next year you have that whole donation from this year, you double your donation next year. so now you have a much bigger donation and you add on top of that things like the state and local tax deductions which could be up to $10,000 as well. now you might have a larger
3:47 am
overall deduction than the standard deduction. you have to change your strategy and maybe every other year with your giving but double up every other year. >> all right. >> chris burns, we always learn when you're on the show. >> thanks so much for having me. >> thank you. happy new year. so you might be say am i making any financial resolutions for new year? must i do so? "the washington post" personal finance columnist michelle is with us next hour and help you to help yourself. tweet us your financial goal and she will give you a few pieces of savvy advice in the coming hour. >> was that just your twitter page? is that yours? >> you know what? it is. because i was reading that and i thought that is what i tweeted out last night. thank you to our producer. making it easy. all right. >> in the buildup to the new year's celebration, queen elizabeth, our british executive producer, always works a royal into the show. >> just for you!
3:48 am
>> released her year in the honors list and it includes four divers involved in a story that we covered extensively here on cnn. the british divers who helped rescue the youth soccer team trapped deep inside a cave in thailand, a mission that it took 17 days. >> they are among nearly 1,200 people recognized by the queen for achievement and service. it includes noland and monty python star. >> she is the glamorous american actress who married a british prince. >> meghan markle, the duchess of sussex is a favorite target of any media at the end of the day. >> london correspondent max foster looks at why she is coming under such intense scrutiny in the press. >> reporter: just seven months after her fairy tale marriage to prince harry and a celebratory
3:49 am
reflection in britain. >> there has been almost shockingly turnaround. stories in the press and duchess at war. an a few months she has moved from the nation's heroine to someone who is being discussed in ways almost to make her seem as if she is a nation's villain. >> reporter: sources close to the couple say they saw it coming. the narrative they say speaks to female stereotyping in the media more than it does to the reality of royal family dynamics. sad and predictable are two words either used for the coverage. >> in the past you've seen a lot of criticism of people who marry into the royal family and we saw it particularly with diana and diana, she suffered badly. the press criticized her and criticized her weight and they criticized what she did and they
3:50 am
criticized her fashion. >> reporter: elements of the reporting are undeniably true. the sussex are moving out of the palace they came with the duke and duchess of cambridge in london and rumors that added to the rift. other stories are completely made up according to sources. an article suggested that meghan is a vegan when she said she was roast ago chicken when her husband harry proposed. >> i think race is a factor in this. i think there is a lot of commentators and many part of the british press that are saying, right, we are going to try to box her into that. there is always a gender discount against her so there is already the classic stereotype is she is a strong woman and a strident woman and bossy woman and she is a difficult woman and being a woman of color on top of that is another layer stereotypical that has a disadvantage. she is an angry woman and she
3:51 am
doesn't fit in and she doesn't understand how we do things. >> reporter: traditionally, british royals don't respond to negative media coverage and they can't speak on their behalf so many personal attacks on the duchess about her behavior, for example, have gone unanswered. the duchess doesn't read all of the articles. i'm told by sources here that kensington palace she is fa more focused on selecting charities she is going to support going forward. she is renovating a new home and she is having a baby in the spring. the british monarchy is an ancient institution and the feeling behind palace walls is that this new latest storm is going to pass. max foster, cnn, kensington palace, london. >> max, thank you so much. obvious advice. never drink and drive. here is the thing. one state that is making a change just in time for new year's eve to make sure that you don't get behind the wheel after
3:52 am
having too many. what is the only thing that could upstage the biggest college game of the year? >> look what one fan, they felt fear. a bald eagle coming in hot! we have the bird in play. the game highlights coming up. happy new day, everyone.
3:53 am
3:54 am
3:55 am
alabama and clemson playing for the national championship. >> yeah. >> never heard that before? >> best teams all year playing for the title again. >> this is the third time in
3:56 am
four years the tigers and tide going for all of the marbles and both teams obliterated their opponents in the semifinals. yeah, these guys playing on another level. alabama were favored by 14, the most ever in a college football playoff history and they showed why barreling out to a 28-0 lead over oklahoma in the blink of an idea. here is one of the scores early. oklahoma would not come closer than 11. the tide's defense taunt iing oklahoma. heisman winner kyler murray was sacked five times. bama cruising into their fourth straight title game. 35-34 chances. where are you heading, buddy? >> yes, sir.
3:57 am
>> that game is next weekend. clemson and notre dame the first undefeated to ever meet in a playoff semifinals. clemson is young and full of energy like their head coach dabo swinney. justin ross had two touchdowns on the day. their true freshman quarterback trevor lawrence just turned 29 19 but looking like he could play in the pros right now. look at him put a pint glass through the shot glass on this. higgins with the catch of the day and somehow hauls it in and keeps his feet inbounds. 14 points in less than 2:00 to end the half. clemson never looking back. running away 30-3 win. irish is now 0-6 in bcs or new year's bowl games since '01 and they have been beaten by more than 14 in all of those as well. so exciting for notre dame fans came after the national anthem. a bald eagle named clark didn't go to his handler but instead landing right on a fan in the
3:58 am
stands! not just one of them. but two. that one is albert armas. he said, afterwards, he was scared, quote. >> his wife missed the whole thing! she was in the restroom! you never forget who his favorite nfl team is. >> i have goose bumps. it was so cool. unbelievable. the eagle landed on me. i'm a big philadelphia eagle fan! >> look at that smile. who is this guy? to have nerves of steel like that, you have to deal with two bald uglies every day and live with class! not like that. that was incredible! >> oh, clark. clark, the eagle. >> you serious, clark? >> like he was posing for that photo. >> national lampoon vacation line in there somewhere. you know it.
3:59 am
>> there are others, yes. thank you, coy. listen. don't miss cnn's special coverage, new year's eve. anderson cooper and andy cohen. you never know what is going to happen. live from times square starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern. >> we are still a way away from new year's eve but not too soon to start planning. >> cnn's allison chinchar has your new year's eve forecast. i know if you're planning to go out in new york, take your umbrella. will they even allow umbrellas? i don't know if they do around times square. >> i don't know. that is a good question. they are certainly going to need it. it's not the only city, too. you've got a lot of other cities that are going to be dealing with rain. it all comes from this low pressure system that is developing down into the gulf of mexico. today it begins to slide into the southeast bringing rain, unfortunately, to a region that doesn't need to see it. then on monday it really begins to surge off towards the midwest, the mid-atlantic and ooevenlt into the northeast.
4:00 am
that means cities like boston are going to be dealing with rain but also new york city. so if you have plans to go to new york city or really any of the cities that are expecting rain, do be sure to remember your umbrella, the rain coat, rain boots and all of that stuff. the good news it is going to be mild. certainly much warmer than it was last year in new york. the temperatures oddly enough are going to be getting warmer throughout the night. so that is a good thing. this will actually be the first time it may actually rain during the ball drop since the early '90s. so keep that in mind. it's been a while so check to see if you are allowed to bring things like umbrella but rain boot and rain coat is absolutely allowed. atlanta thunderstorms in the forecast. if you plan to go out to the peach drop, same thing. see if you can bring the rain gear with you because both of those cities, in addition to knoxville and philadelphia and boston looking at rain in the forecast. >> allison chinchar, thanks so much.


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